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Asatru Essentials: >>13 Rules: https://8ch.net/asatru/rules.html

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What is Asatru?

Long before Christianity came to northern Europe, the people there – our ancestors – had their own form of spirituality that influenced every aspect of their culture. One expression of this European spirituality was Asatru. It was practiced in the lands that are today Scandinavia, England, Germany, France, the Netherlands, and other countries as well. Asatru is the original, or native, religion for the peoples who lived in these regions. Nevertheless, Asatru is more than just a religion in the narrow sense of the word. It is our way of being in the world; some of us call it the “Germanic Folkway” to underline this larger concept.

What does the word “Asatru” mean?

It means, roughly, “belief in the Gods” or “those true to the Gods” in Old Norse, the language of ancient Scandinavia in which so much of our source material was written. (A more literal translation would be “gaining experience of the ancestral sovereign gods.”) Asatru is a name given to the religion of the Norsemen, but we use this term to include the spiritual worldview of all the Germanic peoples, not just the Scandinavians.

When did Asatru start?

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Vote for your video of the week:


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New Varg video, heathens

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About judeo-christian LARPers


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

What makes the White Germanic Genocide possible to begin with?


Primitive Pagan Barbarians?



File: 07088dfe49002b5⋯.jpg (37.24 KB, 629x678, 629:678, 1498070164871.jpg)

Wotan1 (Unreleased Burzum)


Unused & Altered Burzum Guitar Riffs (Unreleased Burzum)



YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

About Health


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

A Test of Character

File: 50b0aa32c67c2f7⋯.jpg (71.63 KB, 500x500, 1:1, othala retro.jpg)


Are synthwave/retrowave aesthetics and asatru compatible with each other? Could we use this recent popcultural trend (which happens to be especially popular among the european youth) to gain more followers? Why or why not

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What this anon said

there is nothing inherently anti nature about futurism or sythwave or space travel or any of that shit. Humans do what is in OUR nature, which is to develop technology. the only downside to this is the gradual degradation of the spirit and degeneration of society because an overabundance of unneeded genes.

National socialism was the answer to this because it stemmed both the flow of lesser genes in society while continually advancing technology forwards, and look at the results they made.

"Nature" is the entire cosmos and all the laws that follow it, that includes mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology, anatomy and all that crap. What do you think Hermetics and Alchemy are about? Those are some of the earliest instances of organized Aryan science, and it was essentially a nature worship religion as well, only it focused on chemical properties and physics and worshiped that aspect as the true way of understanding god.

All the pagan religions and philosophies were based on observations of nature; our faith should only be strengthened by the discovering of more of its properties and mechanisms.





There is not "compatability" question implicit to this pairing. What made the simple folk songs of the ancient heathens "compatible" with their practices? Nothing. Musical taste is a damned subjective thing and any magics woven through it as personal as the one voice who sings them.

Rather, and strangely, it is Christianity who probably has the most wise response to this behavior! (Hey, even a broken clock is right twice a day!) Christians have fought witht he spectre of "youth culture" invading their theology now for quite a few years. "Extreme" trends which tried to tie skater culture and heavy metal culture with Christianity tried to propagate their memes through those chosen mediums.

The problem for them was that people grow intellectually with time and move on from the boring ruins of what once made their blood to pump, their bodies grow older and cannot climb the same hills no matter how willing the heart may be. And if you tie the concept of what is sacred into these mostly frivolous matters then it too has a tendency to be lost with time.

Spirituality is not a fad. The edifying, nourishing stream of all the animate universe is not of your favorite music. While animist religions do not make the same types of distinctions between the natural world and the "supernatural" world as monotheists do, that does not mean everything you enjoy is inherently holy!

Learn to set aside that which is holy! This is the point of vestments and altars, music set aside specifically for solemn practices, and sacred ground; to demark and set aside these things as something special to train the broad and wandering attentions of the human mind into a single, sacred focus for a time.

If you are going to participate in a religion, and I do mean ANY religion at all, you are going to have to accept that "nothing is sacred" is a lie at some point and act accordingly. Self discipline is not fun, but a measure of it in every day is as essential as a measure of frivolous fun is! And the two, by definition, need to be separated.Post too long. Click here to view the full text.



I agree with you anon but im conflicted because i had a liberal youth before discovering my roots and a have an issue with rap music, i enjoy it far too much. is that music reconcilable with this belief system?


File: ec3011d6cf907a4⋯.jpg (81.17 KB, 500x533, 500:533, example.jpg)

File: 2a6442e41930d2a⋯.jpg (49.98 KB, 520x385, 104:77, another example.jpg)

synthwave aesthetics? that's pretty much just 80's style rending on whatever was used back then, probably CAD

asatru was working with precision designs for a long time

File: 1415392326367.jpg (167.77 KB, 1024x683, 1024:683, 94963640.jpg)


Does Asatru cover Slavic beliefs?
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File: 374e9d86a74fa6e⋯.jpg (1.53 MB, 2560x1920, 4:3, Wolf Kolovrat.jpg)

Picked up this Kolovrat at my state fair. Was like 5 bucks though lolz



I love this pic. It reminds me of Polands flag.



so we're all norse? That's even more cool, I always wanted Poland to be germanic, lol


File: b655c19e9926678⋯.jpg (322.57 KB, 900x600, 3:2, baltikum west baltid eas….jpg)


If you had watched Varg's video on this you'd knew that nationality is utterly and comp-fucking-letely meaningless compared to race. The underlying population subset is always what counts, not some piece of paper saying you're serbian/french/irish/polish/swedish/german or whatever.

Also if you had actually studied the norse you'd know that they colonized the entire baltic sea coast including eastern Germania (what you erroneously call Poland)

The ancient inhabitants of cape arkona and the eastern germanic gods they worshipped and whom they performed sacrifice rites to were norse-derived aswell

File: 882b6218fa2d321⋯.jpg (61.35 KB, 600x454, 300:227, Elsa__Anna_and_Olaf_on_sof….jpg)


ITT let us collect greenpilled documentaries on the norse faith aswell as various associated/peripheral topics.

I'll start with this one here:

Secrets of the Viking Sword

>The Vikings were among the fiercest warriors of all time. Yet only a select few carried the ultimate weapon of their era: the feared Ulfberht sword. Fashioned using a process that would remain unknown to the Vikings' rivals for centuries, the Ulfberht was a revolutionary high-tech tool as well as a work of art.

>Considered one of the greatest swords ever made, it remains a fearsome weapon more than a millennium after it last saw battle. But how did Viking sword makers design and build the Ulfberht, and what was its role in history? Now, NOVA uses cutting edge science and old-fashioned detective work to reconstruct the Ulfberht and finally unravel the Secrets of the Viking Sword.==


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YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

The Håga mound (Hågahögen) or King Björn's barrow is a large Nordic Bronze Age burial mound near Uppsala, Sweden. It is one of the most magnificent remains from the Nordic Bronze Age and contained a lot of gold and bronze items. It contains a man who was cremated on a pyre, just like Patroclus in Homer's Iliad.

This video looks at the amazing golden sword and gilt golds buttons and brooches from the barrow and compares them to the wider Indo-European pagan custom of burial mounds for great men. You might say a man buried with so much gold was a Golden One….

The Trundholm sun chariot in the thumbnail and the video was not found in the barrow, it was found in Denmark and is from roughly the same period.


File: 38e403ccf880f6c⋯.jpg (21.53 KB, 326x350, 163:175, 5030.item.jpg)



File: 203724b557ffa70⋯.jpg (57.86 KB, 800x450, 16:9, Storm-Over-Europe-Series-1….jpg)

>Storm Over Europe: Series 1 - The Wandering Tribes

This docu kino deals with the mass migration of Germanic tribes at the very beginning of European history. In 120 BC the Cimbrians and Teutons emerged from Denmark and waged war on the Roman Empire to the south, with conspicuous success. In the fifth century the Goths, Franks and Vandals joined the bloodthirsty Huns, bringing about the final collapse of the Empire.



File: e734d021dc30b4c⋯.jpg (50.79 KB, 450x270, 5:3, Landscape-Mysteries-Screen….jpg)

For show five of BBC's Landscape Mysteries, THE TOWER PEOPLE OF SHETLAND, Aubrey travels to the most northerly territory in the British Isles , to Shetland , in a search for clues to the identity of the ancient pagans who lived in the Broch Towers there.



File: 6f4ebf9683ab965⋯.jpg (46.62 KB, 425x556, 425:556, Viking-Women-Series-1-Cove….jpg)

Currently downloading dis, will report on whether it's kino or nawt later on

File: 61db6c2462eebfa⋯.jpg (52.67 KB, 1375x461, 1375:461, image.jpg)


I just got my 23andMe results back. I thought I was 25% Eastern European (I knew about one Ukrainian great grandparent and one from either Poland or Ukraine) with the rest being Western European, but apparently I'm a pretty even split between Eastern and Western European. 0% Ashkenazi, not even a trace. Am I white enough for Asatru? Is it reserved only for Northwestern Europeans?

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File: 07f3da7768ae3bc⋯.png (85.58 KB, 1152x746, 576:373, specmode.png)

File: ff69d8fcfc4d677⋯.png (74.85 KB, 1144x686, 572:343, consmode.png)

File: f5c92ae7a234a67⋯.png (79.4 KB, 1132x746, 566:373, normmode.png)


File: b8dfdfc8df4f8a8⋯.png (385.56 KB, 1118x936, 43:36, holy FUCK.png)

Post ur K36 results fellow heathen fuckers



File: 155fc550989a2da⋯.jpg (210.09 KB, 959x836, 959:836, aspect ratio fixed.jpg)


Why do you do this knowing full well these companies will falsify results while using the data to ruin you and your people? You are not anonymous, you leave a trail of blood like freshly hunted game in flight.


File: 43226ebae5d0a5f⋯.jpg (59.05 KB, 326x402, 163:201, lol-varghurt.jpg)

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


How do I use /asatru/ ideas to become a happy-go-lucky pagan? I heard this song and it really cheered me up, and I realized I can be cheerful and full of joy by choice.

I don't want magic powers or tulpa sluts, I want to read some pagan/asatru/greco-roman literature that will help me develop a very optimistic, cheerful and silly, almost childlike mentality…

I believe in reincarnation and in God.


"Wise in measure should each man be,

but ne'er let him wax too wise:

who looks not forward to learn his fate

unburdened heart will bear."

-Havamal stanza 56

Don't be too smart

File: 1466457449696.jpg (7.85 MB, 5312x2988, 16:9, 20160618_140956.jpg)


Im new to Asatru and was wondering how you lot were planning to celebrate the solstice. I gather Baldur is of some particular significance on this day.

Pic is the view from a mountain trail I found recently

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File: 1466571937962.gif (674.75 KB, 400x400, 1:1, 1458582184586.gif)


>gender studies major




Utah here….. So, not quite.



Have you people anything planned?


Planning on making an offering to Ingui this evening. Then I'm enjoying a barbecue with m8s on Saturday (Midsummer)


File: 302cdba6fb5f2a1⋯.gif (1.97 MB, 500x230, 50:23, 687474703a2f2f33382e6d6564….gif)

>Packed up a big bag full of all sorts of camping stuff, basically like backpacking but amateur

>Walk like 10 miles to a big forest from my house

>Get there, make a fire, be comfy, roast some soup over the fire

>Sunbath naked

>Made a liferune out of sticks and offered it

>Returned the contents of my offering bowl at my altar to the earth at the life rune

>Got out a ton of my blankets I packed, listened to the Silmarillion audiobook and dozed off at around 3 pm

>Wake up at around 3 am, still listening to silmarillion, chilling

>Restart fire, cook some more soup with crackers

>Go home

Pretty comfy

File: e0d09b7533b9b06⋯.jpg (40.88 KB, 800x445, 160:89, ahnenerbe-800x445.jpg)


In the 1930s, Himmler and the SS founded the Ahnenerbe or Ancestral Heritage Society, a research arm of the SS that sent expeditions across Europe and the world to investigate Aryan origins. This was an actual attempt, on the part of Heinrich Himmler and the SS, to generate a body of research and evidence that could recapture our Aryan heritage which was lost first to Imperial Roman occupation and then by Christianity. For the first time in human history, there was an attempt to re-discover true Aryan origins and to clarify Germanic prehistory. No one nation has put such an effort before or since to re-discover and document our prehistoric past. If this was Himmler’s only true contribution to history, then he should be considered a hero of our people. Although his main concern was validating Germanic Aryan origins, his research has shown that the Aryan race has roots far beyond just Celtic, Slavic or Germanic implications, but shows that the Aryan race demonstrates unity of language, ethnicity and culture going back to a greater antiquity.


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>we wuz kangs, white edition

Those "whites" are still in China. They're muslims, have an average IQ of 85, and their only contribution is to steal and rape until the Han get sick of them and put them to the firing squad. Nothing to be too proud of.


File: b4a0801ecb5a07c⋯.jpg (102.24 KB, 800x445, 160:89, ancient-heads-800x445.jpg)

Ancient Origins of the Aryan Germanic Race

The never-ending saga of human evolution is both provocative and profound, and nothing is more mysterious than the origin of the white European population of the world. Contrary to popular belief, its history and legacy date back to a remote and forgotten antiquity. We are a species with amnesia, not knowing where we came from, without the memory of past and glorious epoch of mankind which we are only know rediscovering.

We know from today’s statistics, those of white European descent comprise only 8% of the world’s population. We are one of the world’s tiniest minorities next only to the Jews, small primitive tribesmen and Australian aboriginies. Historically, however, this small percentage of the world’s population has been the main force of civilization, technology and advancement in both the ancient and modern world. We also have generally exerted the most power and influence than any other race or group of nations. Out of all the races of mankind none has been more problematic, more controversial, and more indebted to by the world for its gift of Western Civilization.

Ancient Caucasians gave birth to a lost global civilization to which we owe our culture and civilization of today. We can still see the monuments this lost civilization has left behind to us, and hear the stories of the great white gods who built them and the great Atlantean heroes who came to the world in its greatest hour of need. There is tremendous evidence that in incredibly distant times, in regions now known to be non-Caucasian, fair-skinned, blond or red-haired people were both the founders and champions of civilization. For centuries, there have been reports of ancient Caucasoid peoples thriving in remote corners of the world who later vanished mysteriously from history. These accounts speak of white, red-haired giants and yellow-haired barbarians in countries now almost exclusively populated by non-Caucasian peoples. In time, modern archaeologists found traces of their millennia-old corpses preserved in desert sands or frigid glaciers, even viable samples of their DNA would eventually be discovered.

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.



I hope you dont mean uighurs and huis with that who are definitly asiatic. I saw once some asshat posting blonde afghanis calling them uighurs.

Whatever pale eurasian people lived there, they have been assimilated by hans and turks long ago except maybe for the few thousand shiite tajiks of xingjhang who are not in a position to get uppity and also fairly distant relatives.


File: ee873603d3638c0⋯.webm (6.01 MB, 426x240, 71:40, TochariansAndTheFarEast.webm)


File: 50bd70243c1f83f⋯.jpg (95.02 KB, 676x828, 169:207, elle the germanic qt.jpg)

The Ahnenerbe discovered ancient Germanics

Every manifestation of human culture, ever product of art, science and technical skill, which we see before our eyes to-day, is almost, exclusively the product of the Aryan creative power. All that we admire in the world today, its science and its art, its technical developments and discoveries, are the products of the creative activities of a few peoples, and it may be true that their first beginnings must be attributed to one race. The existence of civilization is wholly dependent on such peoples. Should they perish, all that makes this earth beautiful will descend with them into the grave.”


File: 1425829097788.jpg (87.83 KB, 500x642, 250:321, ice-giants.jpg)


Nominate the video you want to see featured in the sticky thread each week, and then vote for the videos posted by you or other users.


1) Only one video per user can be added to the thread each week, and only from Monday to Friday. (A nominated video doesn't count as a vote. See below)

2) Each user has 3 votes per week that they can cast on videos posted in the thread. Users can cast a vote on their own nominated video, which would leave them with 2 votes. A user can't vote for one video multiple times. Voting takes place on the weekend. (Don't worry about time zones, just follow your local time zone.)

3) Videos posted must be /asatru/ related, pro-European or folkish.

To cast a vote; just post a link to the video post number in the thread, and say whether it's your first/second/third vote.

The votes are counted the following Monday. If 2 or more videos have the same number of votes; the board owner/volunteer decides the winner.

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Mfw just found out the other day that theodiskfolk is also getting censored in this fashion, exact same symptoms and everything

Fucking joogle kikes seriously


File: a14d424b3539c7a⋯.jpg (76.62 KB, 609x453, 203:151, pagan westbaltid woman.jpg)



I do wonder though whether or not this could be reliably circumvented via direct RSS subscription to a channel's feed of if the IP block produces an error/cannot parse message aswell like it does with 4kDL…

I wanted to try this out anyways but first i'd have to set up a completely separate rss reader/folder for this since i'm subbed to like 200+ channels heh


File: 7a5faebbac80b67⋯.gif (5.96 KB, 153x129, 51:43, 34.gif)

*or if the IP block produces

Thanks a lot ghostbumper permavirgin for us not being able to delete our posts on here now heh


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Go up fam

File: 1413908217768.jpg (48.97 KB, 700x700, 1:1, question thread.jpg)


Ask your Asatru related questions in this thread.

This is also a /meta/ support thread for this board.
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What the heck is this asatru. Can I get a tldr?

Namely how is it perceived to contradict Abrahamic religions.

What's the story of creation. Is there not a singular source of everything?

I believe that all the religions are true in one way or another; ie Perennial Philosophy

why can't we all just get a long



smh tbh fam >>2



> Gautr/Gaut/Godut/God will be there for he is the King of Hæfonnm and must save the life of his wife from the pool. Maybe this was Cedar's plan from the beginning? Woten only knows.

Do you mind explaining this anon? Who is Gaut? Why must he save his wife from the pool? Who is Cedar?




>why can't we all just get a long

Ask Abraham



>I believe that all the religions are true in one way or another; ie Perennial Philosophy

That is only possible with religions that aren't literal and even then you're dealing with myhology being different with different ethnic groups.

So. No.

File: 810342de21d4faf⋯.jpg (2.65 MB, 3000x1484, 750:371, ^64DD7347E22F23D7AD62B3368….jpg)


I will update this thread with more infographics the more I make them. Save them and use them against Christians.

24 posts and 16 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.


File: 596e5f0c3d9cc30⋯.jpg (20.71 KB, 400x323, 400:323, 1495045842482.jpg)


>still waiting for an explanation why monotheism is inherently anti-pagan so therefore Babylonians were wrong about everything, shill



> zoroastrianism is the aryan religion flipped upside down - gods are demons and demons are gods. Zoroastrianism is a monotheistic butchering of the pagan aryan religion, it is heretical.

how is this not exactly what i just said idiot


how do you get to decide what is and isnt heresy? only fucking jews, muslims and christcucks have concepts of "heresy"


File: 7d5ac814be97fc8⋯.png (2.09 MB, 3000x1953, 1000:651, ^CEA845F5BBA39C9E749ACBF7D….png)



whatever who cares this is a stupid argument I just want to post infographics





So what the fuck is Kek, a neutral entity?

He obviously has been helpful so far.

File: 35bf602b5c6f65e⋯.jpg (24.17 KB, 650x487, 650:487, zz953eclipse-650x487[1].jpg)


It is time to say something many of you on this board will not like to hear. Like the Christians who dismember their canon at every turn to force it into agreeing with whatever bias they find convenient to them at any given time, so too has a faction of those who have come to our folkway used the gods and iconography of European paganism to "legitimize" your fetish with National Socialism.

Your beliefs are yours to have, no man, least of all I, can take them from you. But I am ashamed of how little you know about what Hitler was doing.

The swastika is a symbol that goes back thousands of years. It came with those who would come to be our European ancestors in the great migration. It was a symbol of the sun, a fertility symbol. Do you possess the reason to understand what this means? TO a people for whom life was brief and who could expect a full half of their children to die in their first decade, for whom infertility could realistically mean the end of a village and the blood-chalice of our lineage which holds the spirit of our beloved dead, for whom an infertile season could be an apocalypse…fertility was as holy a concept as anything could possibly be. And the sun was the keystone to its bounty. How equally holy, then, was the swastika! A symbol of deepest, most profound hope in a world which mankind had far less control of than we moderns do, and even we are often at the mercy of natural forces beyond our control.

Hitler's swastika, however, is something entirely different. His was a minimalist interpretation of the Sonnenrad, a symbol which was likely derived from hellenists or romans, and too is a derivative of the great migration that seeded all of the European lineages. What differs is in its usage. Hitlers swastika is askew and its color is not merely an aesthetic choice. It is black as damnedest night.

Hitler used runic technology, the very same which holy Odin sacrificed himself to himself for, which cost the Allfather his eye. The most primordial expression of self-existence which screamed into reality almost in pure defiance of the dreaded void of ginnungagap, runes are the fabric of reality itself! And most perversely, Hitler corrupted the effects and symbology of herPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

6 posts and 2 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.


File: d74295f3d4fdfa8⋯.jpg (147.41 KB, 600x384, 25:16, greattit002[1].jpg)


Naw i meant urs heh


Go back to reddit you supreme faggot, I googled some of your shit and its source is a book written by an autist who converted to Catholicism


File: c24d3962ecc25e5⋯.jpg (140.32 KB, 600x830, 60:83, Ewiges_Deutschland_Zeitsch….jpg)

File: 25da3b54c7fe098⋯.jpg (56.27 KB, 400x619, 400:619, Freilichttheater_1928-6.jpg)

File: f7d814ba5a731c6⋯.jpg (107.03 KB, 739x564, 739:564, goldbrakteaten aus Nieders….jpg)


Most scholars of Indo-European religion do not really believe, but they are still capable of valuable insights. Alasdair MacIntyre has been recommended to me several times now. He writes mostly about the history of moral philosophy and, like Nietzsche and Machiavelli, helps uncover parts of the ancient moral scheme while commenting on it more or less appropriately. His book After Virtue contains a chapter on The Virtues of Heroic Societies that is particularly interesting. He presents moral history as starting from a pristine pagan beginning and steadily degenerating into today's circumstances, inventing human rights, utilitarianism and analytic philosophy on the path toward doom. The reason why he believes in Aristotelianism, which has historically given rise to a version of Catholicism, is because he has not repudiated the Platonic-Socratic aberration that developed in the Hellenic world during the wider adoption of literacy and for which Socrates was rightfully executed.

You can read his book here: https://epistemh.pbworks.com/f/4.+Macintyre.pdf


File: 72001ed419952ae⋯.jpg (79.67 KB, 200x190, 20:19, Motif_S.E.C.C._swastika_in….jpg)

The mound builders from the Mississippian culture used a black swastika in a positive sense to indicate the power of the underworld. The inversion of symbols is a common way to indicate otherworldliness, it has nothing to do with a good-evil dichotomy. That is why the swastika appears in both orientations without either being inauspicious and there is also the potnia theron motif in art and heraldry where a central figure is flanked by two animals looking in opposite directions, both inward. In the context of the national colours, where white and red are the priestly and martial colours, the black swastika indicates the cultivators of the soil in continuation of the ancient Indo-European trichotomy. The Ynglinga saga says of Lord Odin himself: "When sitting among his friends his countenance was so beautiful and dignified, that the spirits of all were exhilarated by it, but when he was in war he appeared dreadful to his foes. This arose from his being able to change his skin and form in any way he liked." In the same way, Hitler is cursed by the Jews and their confederates but dearly loved by his people. May the Gods keep his blessed soul.

File: 1456623036542.png (197.51 KB, 300x300, 1:1, 3-asatru.png)


I was wondering if we could get a dedicated PDF thread going, and have it as either a Sticky, or referred to in the in Master Sticky: >>2 so that it can be quickly and efficiently found by newbies.

We can also have a system where if you want to share a pdf, you start your own Mega account and just share your secure link. Then others can download your pdf to their computer and then upload it to their Mega account, and you can download their pdfs to your computer and then upload them to your Mega accounts.

That way, we can have multiple mirrors of our pdf collections in the event that SHTF, and do so in a secure fashion that is void of open usernames and passwords, and direct sharing of Mega accounts that can be exploited by hacker trolls.

Here's the current collection:


134 posts and 54 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.
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>cuckchan filth frog on sacred art

Gas yourself for editing beautiful art with garbage faggot frog.


File: 3b13aa1fa2663fe⋯.jpg (144.72 KB, 638x960, 319:480, 3b13aa1fa2663fe38acb5b65ec….jpg)

File: 7f07c788ba5b1a4⋯.gif (1.8 MB, 500x279, 500:279, 1496859920905.gif)

File: 772dd7dacc279ad⋯.jpg (38.99 KB, 720x514, 360:257, 12553045_738066559661572_2….jpg)


File: 7d100835384e9f8⋯.jpg (19.16 KB, 300x428, 75:107, 1461931622938.jpg)


What about: "A practical Heathen's guide to Asatru" by M. Lafayllve

and "Asatru: A Native European Spirituality" by Stephen A. McNallen?


File: 4de620017a3c3cb⋯.jpg (683.63 KB, 1271x1420, 1271:1420, Spot the difference.JPG)



I had in the past decided to keep your mental instability/illness hushed and to not make a deal of your mysterious disappearance which was almost surely linked to it…

But, on the other hand, not particularly surprised that you fell into the semitic trap for our misfits, urbanites, the weak and the defective… That you, unable to stand tall, hobbled into that first-leftism and decry all tall-standing. That a man self-admittedly hallucinating and out of control of his own mind started to see rabbis speaking to him.

Bolwerk will be missed at the hand of †††christianity†††, the same as those childhood friends of mine whom I've lost to (((college))) and various other lies. Just remember that with the effort of undoing wrongs and mending fences there is always a place for kinsmen in the innangard.

File: c3ac6902e09b4f3⋯.jpg (99.41 KB, 342x344, 171:172, Wotan.jpg)


What is Odin to you?

7 posts and 1 image reply omitted. Click reply to view.


Truest friend and father of mankind. Not master, yet a teacher of the mastery of humanity's capabilities. The relinquishment of his eye to Mimir shows us that we must seek out knowledge and power via self-sacrifice. Our measures against the cruelties of the Wyrd and the manic machinations of Loki is the true key to joining the undying Einherjar, in Valhalla. The stronger and wiser we are, the higher regards he holds us in. We push, he pulls.



Zeus that speaks German.



The manifestation of wisdom itself. Not only the wisdom we humans have now, but also the primordial wisdom that allowed humans to evolve the way we did.



A distant, powerful entity who had the might to slay Ymir and use whatever he was to forge the multiverse.

A wise and powerful sorcerer who understood the value of being a sacrifice of himself, to himself.

A terrible entity whom you would have to be either blind fucking stupid to call on, or blatantly suicidal.

A uniter of the inangard and the utangard in all things.

A god who should be the center of no one's religious life, him nor any other, but who's work laid the foundations for true spiritual work with the local spirits in your life, and your access to urd as handed down since Ask and Embla.



>Odin forged the mulriverse

For someone so fond of Odin you sure know very little

>Call on

I want fringetards "durr I am de god begause gybblon" to leave

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