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Remember journalists' screw ups. Because your trust should be earned.


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File: 1430844880430.jpg (45.39 KB, 553x415, 553:415, a_numbers.jpg)

26f774 No.4




Altered game scores casting doubts on all reviewers’ sincerity

Previous comment threads archive

None so far


Originally published as three infographs

November 1, 2014 — is.gd/gggamespot

November 1, 2014 — is.gd/ggsimcity

November 15, 2014 — is.gd/ggnumber

Republished as article on May 5th 2015, merging the three infographs and adding an introduction paragraph.

f827ba No.424

Although it has already been added to this article, it should be added to the page about Giant Bomb as well:

For Giant Bomb general info (since it's empty), it was created after Jeff Gerstmann was fired from Gamespot after he gave Kane & Lynch a negative review while the site had a huge advertising campaign.

846a37 No.541

I like how Futures Publishing claimed that they gave Driv3r a 9/10 because Atari promised them that glitches would be fixed before releasing the game.

381c56 No.544

Nathan Grayson's page should have added that he was on the end credits of DepQuest.

Confirmation could be had from his own twitlonger explaining it, but I dont have the link. I do have this:


381c56 No.546


Came back with the links. Here they are:

Nathan Grayson is mentioned in the end credits of Depression Quest, as Quinn herself acknowledged:


To which Nathan confirmed he had access to an early build and gave her feedback on it (enough to have him featured on a "special thanks list):


b58d7e No.636


Keep in mind that Zoe Quinn implied tjat Grayson was a beta tester on the game:




Grayson denies that he was a beta tested for DQ (see the twitlonger post you linked to) but then again he has a motivation to minimize his involvement in the game's production.

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