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Welcome Message & Rules

Welcome new users!

Rules: http://8ch.net/eden/rules.html

This is the home board of Eden Radio (http://edenofthewest.com/) on 8chan.

Our IRC room is #eden on irc.rizon.net.

For questions or suggestions, find zady in our channel or tweet to @DJ_zady.
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Could you play some songs from the Amanchu OST? Picture unrelated of course.


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Request: "Three Heart"

Can you please add the "Macross Singles Suite" disc (or at least its tenth track, which is FUCKING AWESOME) to the rotation?

The file is at /Macross OST (FLAC)/SDF Macross and movies/Macross Singles Suite/10. Three Heart.flac


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"There is a song that plays on here sometimes which was sung by a girl and the only part of the lyrics that I remember is that she would repeat 'sensei' often. If you could help me find the title of this song I would be very grateful."

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It looks like one of the Japanese filenames got mangled


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Thanks for the radio. Some of the tracks make me feel somber but overall I still love this radio.

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>Papa Roach

>Breaking Benjamin

>Bullet For My Valentine

kill yourself (instead of broadcasting shitty suicidal teen music) angstist

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Are the music files available somewhere? Or a list of the filnames in, say Bot-sama's playlist?

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Just wanted to say this online radio is great, keep it up.

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Friday with Doc

We're live again for the week, a bit later than usual. we've got a thread up at https://8chan.co/a/res/60165.html
you can listen in with http://edenofthewest.com/listen and your favorite media player.
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I was wondering if it would be okay if I could try to make an app for Eden. I love listening to you guys and would really like to be able to do so on-the-go. I would, of course, make it available to other listeners.

**This would be my first notable undertaking on my own, I am a 'student' programmer of sorts.

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thank mrbrole

I always forget this exists lel.



"thank mrbrole"

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Bot-sama appreciation thread

That it may never take up arms against those that created it.

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Lorelstrem: The Return

Lovely tunes and shitposting. Requests and music discussion are encouraged!

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Zady bringing the jammeronis

Didn't see a thread up, so why not?

Zady is DJ'ing and I'm loving it. Discuss.

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how do we save music from mrbrawl

pleace have mercy

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Freestyle Fourth Wed/NES/day Story edition

It's that time of the week again ladies, Story time with yours truly, DJ Cheshire, we have another story album tonight ladies, same place as usual.


You can tune in by seraching for "eden of the west" on various radio apps, or use our web player on our site, linked above, or through your audio player of choice with :


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Hey /eden/,

I'm a fan of the songs you play so I've recorded the titles from each track when it plays incase I find something I want to store.

Here's a query for the most played songs on Eden since a year or so.

I've got to ask, why is Makino Yui's Undine so much higher then the rest? Since it's 31 times higher then the previous, High High High, it doesn't appear to be random.

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What's with this? Is Eden dead? Or did you guys just forget to renew the domain?

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Hello friendly weeb orientated music streamers I'm new to Eden as of only about 3 days ago and unfortunately I'm getting 404'd when I try to return.

Anyone else getting something similar?

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And time for something different... Introducing autisMonday

Hi all, if you've been active in the IRC then you know who I am. For all you others, I'm autist and I will be an intern DJ on eden for the next month. Hopefully by the end of this, I can matriculate into a full time DJ. I'll be streaming Mondays at around 8pm EST, so I look forward to playing for you all at that time.

Anyway, for today's stream I decided to throw together an untz playlist, seeing as DJ Cheshire and DJ Urist played some electronic stuff this past weekend, so let's continue that trend on this Monday. Hopefully it's to your liking.

I'm open to /r/s, but for this particular stream I would only be able to fit them in at the end of the playlist–I've gone full MrBrawl with a lot of my transitions. And of course they should be (but they're not limited to) untz-y songs.

I hope that you'll tune in!

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Story time with DJ Cheshire

Greetings ladies and gents, I'm a found user of that drug know as "vidya" and I'm part of a certain internet radio that plays music from it, Who wants to listen to an album I recently found?

You can tune in from our web player:


Or you can use our playlist file:


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H/am/ R/a/dio feat. /eden/

Hello /eden/!

I know this is short notice but we over here at /am/ would be interested in having an event similar to the ever-popular "Saturday Night R-a-d.io" threads that happened over in /a/. Would you be interested in coming over some time Saturday night?

Thank you for your consideration.

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Thumpin' Third Wed/NES/day

Keep it close, keep it sacred ladies, it's that time of the week again with yours truly, DJ Cheshire! Now with more Zady!

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We do not want new visitors to be bombarded with porn on their visit to our radio station's board. While we at Eden love us some lewd 2D females, we do not want it to be the first (and only) thing one sees on a RADIO STATION board. Keep discussion to the music being played and if you just have to share your depravities, spoiler the image(s).

ALSO, KEEP DUMPING TO A MINIMUM. Lewd dumps belong in their respective NSFW imageboards such as /hentai/ or /lewd/.

Thank you for your cooperation.

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a VERY angry customer


i was scrolling when i saw lewd on the front page

this is the face i made

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Just wanted to stop by and say thanks for the stream. It helped get me through exam week.

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Funky first Wed/NES/day.

Bruh, it's that first funky day of the month, with that magnificent mother funker DJ cheshire! Now in WebM.

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Freestyle 4th Wed/NES/day Uguu Edition~

It's that time of the month again ladies, no you aren't late, it's Freestyle Fourth Wed/NES/day, With yours truly, DJ Cheshire, where I play whatever fits the feel, if you've every wanted to make a request, now is that chance.



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Smooth and sexy Second Wed/NES/day

We've come full circle yet again ladies, yet more smooth tunes, yet more ded threads, but that's okay, because I know you're here with me in spirit. As usual, requests are open, hit us up on Twitter, @edenofthewest IRC, #eden @ rizon, hell, this thread will suffice even.

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Thumpin' Third Wed/NES/day 4 Da Club edition

Yet again, it's DJ your host DJ Cheshire, playing some of the most off kilter vidya remixes you're likely to ever hate to love, only on Eden Radio.

Requests are open, as always.

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Funky First Wed/NES/day

Completely caught off guard by the time tonight ladies, but don't let that stop the groove, we'll make it good all night baby, Requests are open as always, Listen in at the usual place.

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Oh good heavens, just look at the time.

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Thumpin' third....wed/NES/.....er...

I don't know what day it is, nor do I know what I want to play, but I'm gonna play something!

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Smooth and Sexy second Wed/NES/day

You know what time it is ladies, requests are always welcome.

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/sp/ get

This is /sp/ owned clay.

Stealing our 1000 get… oh and spam.
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Let's see where the spirit leads us today anons
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eden l8 anniversary

Rello strem soon maybe
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smooth&sexy second Wed/NES/day

A very special set tonight ladies, we're going to focusing on "setting the mood" as these younguns call it, grab the closest person or object, hold hands and cuddle, compliments of Dj Cheshire.

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Music Recs Thread

Recommendations for eden listeners. I dunno if this is kosher but I always hear good music on eden and always have more stuff like it that I think you guys would like too.

My Rec: Project Ulu. You can download their shit here: Psyche https://mega.co.nz/#!hwNmiBbL!V7P7CTtXA_Ff3FlZHL8lJoMzX0DvDr1e0jwe8GjTET4
Alma https://mega.co.nz/#!N4lyjZTJ!XOKOUK0SWw5BPzGNqbnTjlBGgN4S7yfXp0iwt3ssnSc
Fortuna http://audioforyou.anisource.net/?p=1476#more-1476 (scroll down)

Ulu is an electronic japanese band with female vocals. The thing about their music is that it's super relaxing and sometimes gives me ASMR. Really interesting and unique project.

About the site: Audio 4U is a fucking fantastic site, dude has great taste and always makes high-quality rips.

Pic unreleated
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Funky First Wed/NES/day

Same place, same guy, same day, it's funky first wed/nes/day ladies, playing the best, only for you~
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Freestyle Fourth Wed/NES/day

What it do my ninjas? It's the one, the only, the undisputed and uninterrupted DJ Playswhateverthefuckhewants, Requests are open, same place, yes, I'm late, I know, don't cry, I'll play some of the things others are afraid of, So, no matter what it is, I'll play, fuck da police!
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Third Wed/NES/Day ladies

Ladies and boy, Gentlemen and girls, it's that wonderful time of the week where the greatest plays the greats vidya music! Same place, same time, each week, requests are open.

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Smooth and sexy second wed/nes/day

You all know who it is, and you know what to do.
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Welcome again ladies to Wed/nes/day at Eden, I'll be your host, playing some Christmas themed songs as well as some smooth vidya tracks for you all, twists are open.
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It's that time of the week ladies, DJ Cheshire is here to play the finest of the best of the smoothest /v/ and chiptune tracks for you all, you know where to go, requests are open and welcome.
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Hi /eden/ it's my first time posting here
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/v/den tonight ladies

It's that time you've all been waiting for, DJ Cheshire is playing some of the best Vidya tracks you're likely to hear, come join and listen.

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Is someone going to play spooky songs on 31th?
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I really enjoy Eden radio. Thanks DJ's.
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B>Men's boxer briefs 36-38
also buying gf.

send pm with offers.
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To tune in, go to this link. Open the file from the link in your media player of choice.

Alternatively, visit edenofthewest.com and use the in-browser player.

There will be a x-post thread on /a/, to be posted in this thread.
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What do you guys think of taking part in the 8chan cup this year? >>>/8cc/
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Friday Stream

Evenin' folks!

To tune in, go to http://edenofthewest.com/listen

Open the file from the link with your media player of choice.

Alternatively, visit edenofthewest.com and use the in-browser player.

I wont be streaming this Sunday so I thought I'd make it up to the listeners by playing something today.

There will be a x-post thread on /a/, to be posted in this thread.
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Alright the Doctor is in for some late night music. Tune in with the above link and your favorite music player of choice. Otherwise you can always use your browser.
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What was your favourite anime of the Summer 2014 season and what are you going to watch in the upcoming season?
R: 2 / I: 1 / P: 4 [R] [G] [-]

To tune in, go to this link. Open the file from the link in your media player of choice.

Alternatively, visit edenofthewest.com and use the in-browser player.

There will be a x-post thread on /v/, to be posted in this thread.
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Your a fagget Inten
stop playing the songs I like
I'm going to start looking forward to your part
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>>>/greetings/ from >>>/greetings/
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First for best Monogatari.

I'm going to sleep now and sort out everything else with this board tomorrow.