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Krautchan bunker
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File: 1411579292989.jpg (951.72 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, no-game-no-life-warbeast-i….jpg)


Welcome new users!

Rules: http://8ch.net/eden/rules.html

This is the home board of Eden Radio (http://edenofthewest.com/) on 8chan.

Our IRC room is #eden on irc.rizon.net.

For questions or suggestions, find zady in our channel or tweet to @DJ_zady.
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File: 1444643772608.gif (1.21 MB, 280x280, 1:1, 1440608134203.gif)

Just wanted to tell you this: you need some Ohtsuki Kenji and Kinniku Shoujo Tai on the radio.



File: ba8a2e0de0fb25b⋯.jpg (46.85 KB, 373x377, 373:377, 1487712124409.jpg)


BotMK <3

File: 204fb2ccfc44906⋯.png (207.44 KB, 373x478, 373:478, makino2.png)


Could you play some songs from the Amanchu OST? Picture unrelated of course.


File: 5cc3481f87f6f82⋯.jpg (86.27 KB, 1614x1389, 538:463, back.jpg)


Can you please add the "Macross Singles Suite" disc (or at least its tenth track, which is FUCKING AWESOME) to the rotation?

The file is at /Macross OST (FLAC)/SDF Macross and movies/Macross Singles Suite/10. Three Heart.flac


File: 1452257227719.jpg (14.24 KB, 480x480, 1:1, 1441573073313.jpg)


"There is a song that plays on here sometimes which was sung by a girl and the only part of the lyrics that I remember is that she would repeat 'sensei' often. If you could help me find the title of this song I would be very grateful."

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File: 1455471434808.jpg (208.05 KB, 538x785, 538:785, 1417945599579.jpg)


Me again. I used to lurk on the channel using Kiwi IRC as a listener|?, but it says I'm banned when I try to open it up now.

>You are banned from #eden. Cannot join channel (+b)

Do you have any good resources on learning how to IRC? I just realized how much I miss you guys.

Anyway, um…

>.tags Toshihiko Sahashi - Apologine - Bleecker St

That should be "Apologize", right?



Apologize lines up with my library so yeah, Apologize - Bleecker St.

For IRC resources I don't have any myself. a lot of us use the non-web clients like Hexchat or mirc but Hexchat is what I use personally.

As for the ban issue you can message me on twitter or find me in another irc channel (I usually lurk around larger channels like #doki #commie-subs and #vita) and send me a direct message and I'll see if I can help out.



Thanks for the quick response, Doc!

Kiwi seems to be working now, but I'll keep that in mind. I'll be sure to look into hexchat too.


while we're on this subject, does anyone have a link to this acoustic cover of cruel angel's thesis. It's sung by a male, used to have it saved on my phone and lost it.


Not sure if this is the right place to ask, and i can't quite recall if i heard this song on r/a/dio or eden of the west, but it's not like i'll lose anything.

I'm searching for a song played by (a duo?) two brazilian musicians, it was rather chill, mostly vocals and guitar. Memories are fuzzy so i don't remember more details unfortunately.

File: a6c31b6e37c0a32⋯.png (146.93 KB, 945x341, 945:341, Screenshot_2016-11-03_20-1….png)


It looks like one of the Japanese filenames got mangled



File: adfafd53cece2ae⋯.png (590.88 KB, 1720x974, 860:487, Screenshot_2016-11-03_20-1….png)


Just for reference, my browser IS capable of displaying Japanese characters properly


File: 883cd6a96b9eb85⋯.png (9.17 KB, 266x124, 133:62, Screenshot_2016-11-03_20-2….png)

…and the one after it seemed to have no title (even after reloading the page) (it was a cool song, too)

File: 8cbf5e8fae3252a⋯.jpg (44.53 KB, 300x300, 1:1, sad elephant.jpg)


Thanks for the radio. Some of the tracks make me feel somber but overall I still love this radio.

File: 1471813701142.jpg (112.64 KB, 381x500, 381:500, 9a3.jpg)


>Papa Roach

>Breaking Benjamin

>Bullet For My Valentine

kill yourself (instead of broadcasting shitty suicidal teen music) angstist

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File: 1471814439700.png (66.18 KB, 152x153, 152:153, maker.PNG)

Maybe it's just the Irony Hour


What the hell is going on? This music is awful. I'm getting flashbacks of middle school goths. So edgy.



this music emos used to listen in my high school

stop it


File: 1471814944041.jpg (90.04 KB, 321x460, 321:460, 236.jpg)


Who do we have to beg to make this stop? It's killing my buzz so hard. The angst is just dripping off these tunes.


Maybe do I need twee pop?

File: ac16a6cf926092c⋯.jpg (44.15 KB, 400x450, 8:9, 1473614737355.jpg)


Are the music files available somewhere? Or a list of the filnames in, say Bot-sama's playlist?


We don't have a user accessible file-list. We do have the last ten list and a fave system for IRC users though.


Ah I see. Would it be too much to ask that the file-list be generated once. I don't know how you guys set up your system so I'm unsure how hard or easy this would be.

File: dcc7b7ba5acd63e⋯.jpg (20.01 KB, 334x177, 334:177, 1446416226130.jpg)


Just wanted to say this online radio is great, keep it up.


+1 This radio is the best chill radio out there. Props to the guys keeping it.


My bookmarks are now full of music that I need to lookup and download eventually. Thanks

File: 1413614717941.jpg (284.49 KB, 850x920, 85:92, 1338063283592.jpg)


We're live again for the week, a bit later than usual. we've got a thread up at https://8chan.co/a/res/60165.html
you can listen in with http://edenofthewest.com/listen and your favorite media player.
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It's Friday and I'm watching the threads. I swear I'm only a bit late.


File: 1460240870772.gif (319.66 KB, 450x253, 450:253, 1366535876833.gif)

>usually listen to j-core before I go to bed

>for a change, decide to switch to Eden to listen to some smooth tunes

>get j-core anyway

Thanks Doc





For some reason the audio kept cutting out or skipping for some reason. Hopefully it was just a temporary odd problem.



Experienced the same.

File: cdf1f6b44d3e5d2⋯.png (1.02 MB, 1200x1600, 3:4, __if_choujigen_game_neptun….png)


I was wondering if it would be okay if I could try to make an app for Eden. I love listening to you guys and would really like to be able to do so on-the-go. I would, of course, make it available to other listeners.

**This would be my first notable undertaking on my own, I am a 'student' programmer of sorts.


File: f5fd2e477594fae⋯.jpg (136.34 KB, 676x1000, 169:250, 89.jpg)


Thank you for the offer.

I'll bring this up with the rest of the staff and get back to you on this soon (probably a few days but before the end of the week).

While we don't have a dedicated app currently, we are included in apps such as Anime Radio.


I tried to design the new radio player in the website to be as mobile-friendly as possible. Are you not able to listen via the html5 radio player?



Aye, but that won't run in the background while I use other apps. My phone also has issues with html5, but that's not your fault/problem.

File: 1421471154820.png (7.19 KB, 284x284, 1:1, (´・ω・`).png)


I always forget this exists lel.



"thank mrbrole"

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Less pretentious chatter, more Mayumi Kojima - Poltergeist.




I can think of a lot of witty things to say, but instead I'll just call you a faggot. Nothing else really needs to be said.


File: 1471826862466.gif (1.71 MB, 640x360, 16:9, 1348787906699.gif)

>popped up on the random board bar

>chill tunes

thanks guys





File: 1439500711621.gif (660.79 KB, 300x170, 30:17, 1417980976219.gif)


That it may never take up arms against those that created it.


File: 1456027902015.png (290.94 KB, 750x366, 125:61, 1453621101943.png)

All hail Bot-sama


I hate bot sama


File: 1459253887575.png (197.59 KB, 693x369, 77:41, 1447559216575.png)



Wanna fite mate

I'll ruff you up sometin fierce

Swer on me mum


File: 1462668557408.jpg (156.84 KB, 884x902, 442:451, 1415211233056.jpg)


Autist >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Bot-sama

File: 1437251066598.gif (860.57 KB, 500x207, 500:207, CHEEeEeEEeEEN.gif)


Lovely tunes and shitposting. Requests and music discussion are encouraged!

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File: 1439083324702.png (70.04 KB, 226x226, 1:1, oppai.png)


File: 1440291010380.gif (66.69 KB, 230x230, 1:1, [HONKING INTENSIFIES].gif)

I return





Loving it, Lawrell.




you can call me knuckles

unlike Sonic I don't chuckle

the blood of my ancestors flow inside of me

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