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What is the flu(I'm thinkin' astral parasite or elemental imbalance), and what can I do to get rid of this shit.

File: 1464995457203.jpg (410.47 KB, 879x879, 1:1, Fringe Girl.jpg)


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File: bd7433f707be1f9⋯.jpg (121.5 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, Whereistheproofs.jpg)


Lets be honest here, those books are droplets in the ocean of knowledge, real Hermetics like the Rosicrucians wouldn't share their know on the internet.

What is a good/easy way to find a group in real life, and how do I know its not using me for political gain?

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>No need to get sassy with me.

It was a joke, anon



I know.

Pity these irl meetup/connect imageboard threads never amount to anything.



>Pity these irl meetup/connect imageboard threads never amount to anything.

Aussies have been doing a /fringe/ meetup for months.




there is no easy way and you can't know for sure

File: 1471299826272-0.png (588.19 KB, 750x1334, 375:667, image.png)

File: 1471299826273-1.png (765.01 KB, 750x1334, 375:667, image.png)

File: 1471299826273-2.png (555.63 KB, 750x1334, 375:667, image.png)

File: 1471299826273-3.png (723.33 KB, 750x1334, 375:667, image.png)



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File: 0562f910e848a8e⋯.png (1.24 MB, 988x988, 1:1, Screen Shot 2017-01-17 at ….png)

File: d110e9a79888444⋯.png (589.43 KB, 658x657, 658:657, Screen Shot 2017-01-17 at ….png)

File: 8e6730ca3cea989⋯.png (768.79 KB, 621x619, 621:619, Screen Shot 2017-01-17 at ….png)

File: 9bb7e2246767667⋯.png (847.97 KB, 736x736, 1:1, Screen Shot 2017-01-17 at ….png)


Yeah , .

Please , all of you , match to help save China , that is to say , also match to avoid War with China , because we need to war with esrar India , to end over 2,017 years of needless esrar addiction , and esrar abuses , .


Esrar India is even lazy enough to leave their nuclear facilities next to their gangster area of Bombay / Mumbai , .

true actual monotheism divinity guide you all always , through written prayer , and through pure faith , always , .



my apologies with the Australian Mix Wheel , there are people still not adjusting their Sheng Xiao Wheels to start as the proper Greek Astrological Wheel Starts with Aries , going counter clockwise , .



Anon, can you suggest more astrology books? At most I've used The Only Way To Learn Astrology by March and McEvers and some smaller texts.


File: 60419c0f379d959⋯.png (181.88 KB, 1282x894, 641:447, Screen Shot 2017-01-17 at ….png)


If you want to learn more about the Sheng Xiao , then you will have to ask China , and other Asian nations , to translate Sheng Xiao texts acceptable for The United States Of America national English speaking citizens , which is the beginning of The North American Market , .

Spanish translations will be done later , as this is a direct request for English from Asia , which has multiple languages , and Sages , which have taught about the Sheng Xiao , and are all still currently at war against Esrar Asia , and Esrar India as the source of the esrar terrorism , .

For now , we can leave you with help avoiding astrological discomforts for you and your friends , in as many lives as this information prevails with you , .



The Australian Sheng Xiao Wheel is another example of Asia reaching out to the true United Kingdom , so learning the animals is helpful to bridge more gaps between the Western and Eastern portions of the globe , which of course are currently astrologically centered at Greenwich Mean Time , ( GMT ) , and Europe still does calculate independently in the areas with safe enough regions for mathematical study defended against esrar and other forms of terrorism , .

Good luck astrology students , and remember that the best astrologer is always monotheism divinity , alone , as best astrologer , .


File: 3e22900c0a2a350⋯.png (29.94 KB, 631x204, 631:204, Screen Shot 2017-01-17 at ….png)

File: 17abe6d5fda4630⋯.png (32.24 KB, 634x237, 634:237, Screen Shot 2017-01-17 at ….png)


added the definitions for stagnation and swelter to help people understand more , in case of ingorants or liars , .

Fire does not need to trust actual poison of any kind , and Earth does not need to trust unsafe smoke , which does include the combustion of esrar , because that is a smoke , so Earth has to start helping move esrar back into the illegal intoxicant area of the law , as a sedative ( the smoke of esrar is a knockout gas ) , because esrar itself is a sedative that needs to be controlled by the Drug Enforcement Administration and The Federal Government , along with the same rationality for the other nations , .

File: f29034f5da5f943⋯.png (209.07 KB, 934x730, 467:365, jhgh67u67.png)


Electric Anatomy - Daily Cultivation Thread

""What's to be Covered?""

It's my intention to create a brief(hahahaha) informative series of write-ups in order to detail the experiences, systems and knowledge required for cultivation of your awareness(The basics to general occultism). To cultivate oneself is to wash, perfect and refine the core of awareness which is within our body. This is a daily task that develops and progresses slowly. We learn to focus the mind, strengthen the breath and develop the body. Cultivation is putting yourself into unnatural, manmade conditions with focused and engineered exercises in order to develop and push your natural potential. We strive to go against heavens law through understanding of the universal principles. Through this, great trial and results come about. Declare yourself as God and prove it.

It is up to you to take these words and learn through your own life experiences. I'll share the methods and exercises which I've found most efficient. Be patient, diligent and balanced in all that you do as understanding and results come with time. Reality is as it seems so don't let the simple and basic ideas be overshadowed and neglected. Each new season and year you will gain perspective which shows a new layer to life.

Know that I'm handing you a loaded gun. If the pendulum swings you'll end up strangling yourself with your own power. The only difference between a saint and demon is the separation you give it. It's up to you to figure out how to fix yourself and to adjust it to your own gender, body, race and other varying factors. Some of you are more in body and need the mental aids while the others are up in the clouds and need a dose of reality. The only other help you'll get is for the time when I'm answering questions, otherwise you're on your own. You need to fix your own problems and figure life out by yourself. Even I don't have the whole picture yet(that's why I've held off on giving this out for so long). But if you're dedicated and feel that cultivation and becoming an immortal is your own path then you'll find great value in these words. As long as you keep the golden rule of balance and patience in mind then you'll be fine. There's always a nice sPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

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An update to reverse naval breathing.

After hearing the idea of continuous tension I decided to try it and found it's a more optimal and advanced method.

After you've warmed yourself up and have awareness of the lower half, keep the tension or hold around your hip, naval and diaphragm areas even when exhaling. Feel as if you're compressing and expanding while keeping the entire ball/area tensed. This version takes much more strength and endurance so I recommend starting with lighter tension until you've worked up the correct breathing.



Keep training.


How can I purify my thoughts?

Ever since I tripped on a psychedelic recently I realized how immersed I was within my passions and other people's passions (like movies, music, etc) which isn't really recommended. I thought I was creating something great, but I felt the pendulum swing or whatever.

How can I stop my thoughts from being overwhelmed by these things which once were in my favor but now seem to cloud me like a shadow? Should I block my thoughts, breath, meditate and stop indulging in such things which might not be good for me? Or should I replace it by reading other, more important and pure things?

The problem is that I identifyied myself too much with these things the result being that many of my thoughts are not my own sometimes, and before I had a positive picture of it all, but since then my subconscious showed me all of the negative, and it is hard to handle.

Not sure if this is too hard to understand, any tips?


I havent read most of these posts, I will soon, but thought I'd ask this first.



Practice some sort of thought control meditation. Nothing you mentioned is wrong or nad, but it seems that you were not living in harmony with your higher self. Try to figure out why you do what you do, and if you don't like the why's then change the what's.

Although I say that nothing is wrong with being obsessed with what you mentioned, those are all forms of mind control. I don't know the source, some say it's jews, I'm not so sure. But it's not suprising you are experiencing dissonance; psychedelics can result in a temporary awakening to the mind matrix.




Love turns to hate as seasons follow fate.

Allow yourself to be. Do what you do and enjoy what you enjoy. Restriction creates stagnation. Instead replace, but only so much. Be balanced to be in both worlds.

Life is a cycle of time you might think. This cycle reflects our body and breath. Within both are vulnerabilities or ares which we've yet learned to control. As you grow more in touch with the trinity, you start to notice unfavourable or uneeded areas. Through knowing, you shine a light and have the chance to reprogram. Your inner darkness will take any form no matter where you are or what you shift around in your life. Target it at the source or the mind/body. Track your cycles, track the body, mind and breath. This process is done in small steps.



What if I no longer enjoy doing those things which are now causing me pain? Like posting music videos on social media and such? Things that maybe were never all that good to me in the first place, and aren't of any importance but became a splinter in my mind? Wouldn't simply removing and stop indulging in it and go on with my actual life be a better solution?

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>A Woman Was Killed by a Superbug Resistant to All 26 American Antibiotics

Yesterday morning, I published a story about the silent spread of resistance against the antibiotic of last resort, colistin—a major step toward the emergence of a superbug resistant to all antibiotics. While reporting this story, I interviewed Alex Kallen, an epidemiologist at the CDC, and I asked if anyone had found such a superbug yet. “Funny you should ask,” he said.

Funny—by which we all mean scary—because yesterday afternoon, the CDC also released a report about a Nevada woman who died after an infection resistant to 26 antibiotics, which is to say all available antibiotics in the U.S. The woman, who was in her 70s, had been previously hospitalized in India after fracturing her leg, eventually which led to an infection in her hip. There was nothing to treat her infection—not colistin, not other last-line antibiotics. Scientists later tested the bacteria that killed her, and found it was somewhat susceptible to fosfomycin, but that antibiotic is not approved in the U.S. to treat her type of infection.

The woman was isolated so that her superbug would not infect other patients in the hospital. And subsequent samples from other patients near her in the hospital have not turned it up. If this superbug is somehow gone from the hospital and gone from the U.S., that would be great news. But even if so, other pan-resistant superbugs are likely to emerge.

Here’s why: The most worrisome kind of colistin resistance is caused by a single gene called mcr-1. The bacteria that killed this woman did not have mcr-1; it’s still unclear how they became resistant. Other cases of colistin resistance have emerged before though. What makes mcr-1 special is that sits on a loop of free-floating DNA called a plasmid, which bacteria of different species can pass back and forth. And there are many plasmids out there with genes that confer resistance to this or that class of antibiotics.

Where might bacteria go to hang out and swap plasmids? Well your gut is a big bag of bacteria. One day, you might pick up some bacteria with a plasmid carrying resistance to colistin. YearPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

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fear mongering, same thing that happened with ebola. nothing will happen.


Maybe you will fit in better over at /pol/…

When it's an apocalyptic scenario and they call me to start performing blessings on zombified children with my holy pee then we will truly see.

Pee is vaccine, do you see?








>shitskin infection attempts to invade the US

/pol/ is always right. kill them all


>not using your mind to heal your material body

File: 6823e02e45188c1⋯.jpg (64.73 KB, 573x432, 191:144, L1qi46.jpg)


This is a general thread for discussing news which potentially is connected to esoteric or magical phenomena. Considering memes and influential people also qualify as magical, there is a lot to discuss. Just keep it contemporary.

Pic unrelated I just like the quote.

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You imply someone with such a lack of understanding is worth understanding.

Asclepius believes that an inaccurate metaphor cannot be used to convey accurate knowledge; as if imperfection can have no relationship with perfection. In doing so he conveys an elitist attitude that all imperfect metaphors should be thrown away so that the perfect information is not sullied with being compared to imperfection. In doing so he would remove all the ladders for imperfect beings to acquire and eventually understand perfect knowledge. This is a display of apathy for the weakness of people with less-than-perfect understandings of the universe even when said people want to understand the perfect aspects of the universe.

Only a perfect being could make use of a book with only perfect information, because only a perfect being would be capable of understanding the perfect information without extra help along the way. That is why the metaphors are necessary -for connecting the perfect information people do not understand with the imperfect information people do understand.

In Asclepius's mind, truth is perfection, metaphors are an imperfect "farce", and perfection cannot be related to imperfection or else the perfection is not truly perfect but instead a farce, in the view of Asclepius. Thus, Asclepius believes that the relationship between truth and metaphors is a lie when in fact accurate truths require inaccurate metaphors in order to be understood accurately.

That, or Asclepius is fucking with him and knew all of this and was acting as if he did not in order to get Hermes to think about all this. In which case, Hermes should consider gaining some better friends.




where does this come from?

sounds like an interesting read



As I learn and evolve, I become more and more conscious of how ignorance is bliss, and that maybe the best way to live life is to admit we don't know anything, and trying to know such things might not be worth the hassle.

That living life is better than learning about all levels life, the universe, the future, etc.. That experiencing life and all the blessed things that come with it is better than indulging in a virtual assumption world of mysticism, tales, prophecies or what have you.

That maybe those things could be the cause of our problems, and not solution we want. Maybe. Ironically for me, it took all these things, plus some really bad but enlightening experiences to realize how good life in this planet is, as it is, to most of us and how most people take it for granted and have no idea how lucky they are.

Of course we would all prefer a world without suffering and restrictions and injustice, but as individuals we might be able to conquer all of that in this beautiful world and enjoy life. With a clean mind, a pure mind without corrupt thoughts and beliefs.

I'd say if you like religion, the idea of God, mysticism, etc.. Learn Buddhism and go on from there with your own life.

Because all of this judgemental, punishment, angry gods, hell, etc…

Might just be polluting our minds, which makes it harder to enjoy life.

This is based on my experience so far, you can correct me if you think I'm wrong and if you think the spiritual path is more important than this earthly life, but how can we really know?

Live the present, experience life, create happiness, help and love others. Living simply or even in ignorance might be better than living by someone elses thoughts, don't you agree?



You mean >>89561 ?

I wrote it to represent the current state of this thread, where Epic Wynn tries to critique the Kybalion by pointing out its flaws. Or apparently, anyways.

Asclepius is Epic Wynn and >>89557 / >>89559 .



Ignorance isn't bliss in my opinion. Before I gained the knowledge I now possess I couldn't control my thoughts properly and let emotions control my behaviour. Now I control my thoughts and don't let emotions rule over me and I haven't enjoyed my life this much before.

File: 6cbf6752e9b912b⋯.jpg (60.84 KB, 457x550, 457:550, Hermeticist GF.jpg)


All I want is a Hermeticist GF!


>tfw came across this randomly on the internet while searching for something else

Please someone be my hermetic girl?

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I came.



>I use the example of a bunch of retarded chads to excuse my own shitty behavior as a slut

Meanwhile I'm cultivating virtue erry day and striving to master my reality and I don't do any of that shit. Yet you don't strive to emulate me?



Since when have politicians represented men at their peak? They are almost on the same levels as actors; which are on the same level as prostitutes. Totally unworthy of respect.



3 treasures?

as in 3 holes?




File: 31c61cb9b3d06a6⋯.gif (54.59 KB, 600x579, 200:193, eastern star.gif)


>Order of the eastern star.

>Traditionally the female deity Astarte was represented by a pentagram/

>Order of the eastern star is an all female lodge.

>Astarte represented the divine feminine.

Is there a connection here? Forgive my ignorance if I'm incorrect. Also, general masonic education thread.

6 posts omitted. Click reply to view.


>so much retardation in one thread.

This place has really gone to shit over the years.





They were once good folk, but they failed to keep the Ma'at and instead turned it into a faggy gentleman's club, which naturally allowed the Jews to worm their way in.


/pol/yps get out

this is a /leftypol/ board now



OES isn't all feminine, it's mixed. And the five pointed star is emblematic of the Five Graces, as it was originally a Christian-only group.

File: b78ef0aae0e1fdb⋯.jpg (330.1 KB, 800x600, 4:3, wj.jpg)


Let's talk a little about magical physical accomplishments you've made. Things mundanes can see, in other words.

Can you actually heat up a room with your mental concentration? If so, did you measure the change in temperate with a thermometer? How many degrees did you manage to make the room temperature rise? How big is your room?

Did you have another person in the room with you when you did it? What did he/she say about it?

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Thank you


Nice fucking res

Is it an IPC screen?



Oops IPS*









Can someone give me a hand with the first excercise? I can't feel anything on my belly button, but when I'm relaxed like this I can sort of force myself to feel some "spasms" that really make my right arm and legs twitch, and even warm up my thighs. Not sure it's anything PSI related.

I can't make myself feel anything on my abdomen though, and my visual imagination is kinda shitty so it lacks clarity and I can't really "see" the ball.



Like the book says, psi experiences are different to each of us and it also changes as we practice. No right or wrong answers, just keep working on it, it's highly experimental. Don't force yourself to feel anything in particular, just relax and focus. For me, it all clicked when I started to visualize my body as an energy system, not a physical one; I start all my psi exercises with chakra meditation.



>On my belly button

While you can actually just focus anywhere, the text says it should be a bit above your belly button instead of right on it.

If that still doesn't work try it elsewhere.

File: 67817b2f7d69c5c⋯.png (28.58 KB, 512x512, 1:1, star.png)


I've been seeing this symbol around in random locations almost once a day now for the past month or two.

The main connections seem to be the ogdoad, creation, chaos, and freedom. One helpful anon said it represented the 4 creative forces in the universe. the primeval waters, darkness, air and eternity. I'd like to have more info though, so please post anything you think could be helpful.

5 posts and 2 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.



I'm not too enthusiastic about performing random meditations without any info. Could you please elaborate on the second link?


File: f419451d6ec9156⋯.jpg (41.17 KB, 400x403, 400:403, g090318-1.jpg)

File: 3898e49f2360f4f⋯.png (8.43 KB, 225x225, 1:1, images.png)

File: 49adcc60ad23fe4⋯.jpg (56.05 KB, 450x600, 3:4, md008-german-1914-star-of-….jpg)


the star can be regarded as the natural extension of the corners. it's a very malleable geometric form



it's from joy of satan, and an alternative to the drunvalo melchizedek merkaba meditation. supposedly this one is the proper form.



Makes sense, I appreciate the images; they correlate very closely with what I have been sketching lately.


Good to know, thanks for the information.

I feel I have enough leads to go on now & the thread has served its purpose, you've been very helpful, but if there is are any additional connections I would love to hear about them still. Thanks again.




Sounds good to me!

File: 105dc0248e7c45f⋯.png (376.91 KB, 728x1044, 182:261, 0BD8NdG.png)


Listen guys I have one major flaw that undermines me and makes me almost useless at magick. I feel massive, overwhelming, lack of desire. I never want to do any magick. I want to want to do various things, but I can't work up any kind enthusiasm for anything, and I approach everything with the most cynical and depressed mindset imaginable. For destructive magick it's incredibly powerful but for anything constructive it's not. I don't understand how to generate the "dead man's wish" kind of desire to do anything or even approach to that. I need to perform some very extreme level healing on myself because I know with certainty NOBODY is ever going to heal me, no medicine is ever going to have even the slightest effect on me (I am basically immune to medicines, all medicines do nothing for me no matter how supposedly powerful they are), and it's all up to me to heal myself. Nobody is even going to heal me slightly. If I want to live a life worth living, even if that life is just sitting peacefully and observing my surroundings, or whatever; I need to be doing it from a body that doesn't plague me with constant suffering, constant feelings of not getting enough air, etc.

If anyone can tell me which chapters in which books are relevant to what I'm asking about that might help and even better would be examples of bone-mending, shape-shifting, and desire-generation that you've performed yourselves or have a good story about.

I'm going to kill myself in one year if I continue to feel this shit in my body every single day like I have for the last 9 years.

33 posts omitted. Click reply to view.


File: 01cbc35ecea01e8⋯.jpg (2.93 MB, 2583x1942, 2583:1942, Wizard 011.jpg)

File: d55acafe95076b8⋯.jpg (349.99 KB, 1600x1509, 1600:1509, Wizard 066.jpg)


I can only give my own perspective, but when I get in a funk like that, I usually find it's a matter of forgiveness. There's something I blame myself for, or something I'm blaming someone else for, and I can't seem to generate quality positive emotions until I make a conscious effort to forgive myself / the other party.

Just my two cents.


Wow, what the fuck is all this talk about suicide and shit?

Conquer your fucking lives, conquer pain, conquer every adversity and come out a much greater, stronger and powerful person.

Tell me what your problems are, maybe we can help. Know that you are blessed to be here and alive, no matter how sick you think this plane of existence is. Realize that for all we know this could all be a test, and if your life is hard, the more reason you have to endure it, break free from beliefs that aren't serving you no good and believe you will be greatly rewarded in the end for overcoming all adversity and becoming a better person on all levels.

And above all, learn to enjoy life, even if you haven't learned how to love yourself, there's plenty of good things around to be glad and live for. Be that Nature, food, entertainment, what have you. Experience life, instead of dwelling on the negativity of the mind.

What do you think is going to happen if you throw away your life? What makes you think that death is better?

You don't know what comes after…

Forgive all, specially yourself, and renounce from whatever you think is wrong and doing you no good, but learn to enjoy life. If you feel you have nothing to lose, then you're free to do everything you want.



You clearly have no idea what suicidal ideation is like. You can't just go "ok if I have nothing to live for then I have nothing to lose." You have no energy or desire to do anything except die. Being alive is painful and the only solution is to kill yourself. I have tried to "conquer" my life again and again and again and it is failure after failure after failure. Nothing makes me happy. The ability to leave my body and create heat and all that crazy magick shit that people dream of? It just makes me think "ok cool" and that's it. No desire to do it again. No desire to practice. My only desire is to die.

Even if this is an objectively good life compared to most. Even if I will pay greatly in my next life. Even if this is the one life in which I can finally ascend. I just want to die. Nothing makes it worth living in it's current state. Everything is either a distraction or reminds me of the constant depression I feel. Life is hell. No amount of affirmations or self love can fix it. I have tried. It's just hell. I've tried so many times to force myself to love myself, and it doesn't work. I always feel empty. Even just trying to enjoy life I am plagued with constant apathy or depression. There is no future worth living for, and there is no past worth being happy for. There's just the now, where I can either distract myself or end it. And I'm coming close to the latter.



To elaborate a bit more: You just have no energy for anything. I could probably do many things to fix my life, but I have no energy to. It's a physical drowsiness. I feel it weigh down my arms and legs. Often times I can't even move. And even if I could do the things that would help me, why bother? Everything has failed me so far, or further brought me depression. There is no reason to do anything helpful. And because of that, you get stuck in a loop where you can't help yourself. And so you drown. Even happiness just feels empty, or I feel guilty for really being happy. Or it fades and I'm back to not desiring to get back to it. Fake enjoyment of life is where I have been at for years, and it has not helped. It feels wrong to help yourself. I actively want to be sad. All I do is fantasize about killing myself. It feels right. And it's all I have that feels right. Because it's something I can control in my life.

File: c2f67486d3e5d9d⋯.png (53.66 KB, 237x316, 3:4, 88th Psychics Division.png)


We need a thread on the subject of discovering new senses, new abilities, new experiences, etc. basically "the unknown"… stuff so mind-blowing because you've never EVER experienced it before. Akin to a blind man having sight for first time, you know?

What is the way to expand our mental horizons and perceive new colours, experience with new senses besides the 5 we are most familiar with, and so on?

Some of Atkinson's books mention a 6th and 7th sense that are somewhat more dormant or ignored in people.

These things maybe are not so practical for solving every day life issues and getting your shit together as a wizard but at sometime when we need to expand our horizons it becomes of greater interest.

For anyone who wants to quickly start to experience this, check out this page: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Impossible_color

It talks about how to see "impossible color", colors you've never ever seen before.

Anything related to this general topic I want to know. When I talk about new senses btw I do not mean the mental/astral senses that correspond with the 5 physical ones, I'm well familiar with those, as is anyone doing Initiation Into Hermetics (IIH). I am more interested in stuff that is so alien to our experience, you have as much trouble explaining it to someone, as you would trying to explain sight to a blind man.

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>AI can't even have experiences / phenomena so

What do you mean by AI? See this is a point that many people say "AI" when they in fact mean silicon artifaced intelligence. It's definitely possible to create intelligence that can experience by using DNA and creating a biological intelligence.



I mean AI in the sense of Artificial Intelligence.

It is by definition artificial.

If the intelligence started to actually live and to experience, regardless of what its medium is, how can it be an "AI" any longer? It's now just an intelligence.

I am aware that artificial means man-made, but when how are humans not artificial, since we create ourselves through sexual reproduction?

Doesn't artificial, in "AI", imply simulation? Implying that it is fake, not a real intelligence?



artificial, meaning "fabricated"


well anyone have anything to contribute?



Does synesthesia count? That's tangentially related.

File: 088c5f966ef4693⋯.jpg (978.09 KB, 2000x679, 2000:679, deaff57e63be0e9d024d9d8dec….jpg)


I dream of one day being able to imagine things so well, I'll be able to just slip my consciousness into another world at will; do you think it can be done?

I'm not talking about lucid dreams here, no, I'm talking about being awake and aware but overriding every single one of your senses with ones originated from your mind, be it seeing, smelling, touching, tasting, anything, really. On one hand, I don't see why it wouldn't be possible, on the other, I believe it'd take years and years and years of practice before you could really say you are able to live "from within".


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I am actively doing exactly that OP and have been working on it for years. I'm getting there. Some odd things I would never have expected to have made a huge difference also have been helping me get over some plateaus I seemed stuck at.



think they'd be common issues?

elaborate, if you'd like


File: 1a6c4f04d5868b2⋯.png (18.17 KB, 350x350, 1:1, 1451619908750.png)


Jesus you people are everywhere forcing your maladaptive daydreaming meme on everyone, it's called ADD and you can be addicted to anything.

I think if you try not to get addicted and let your subconscious go wild, you can get some worth while experiences going.

If you think daydreaming is a unproductive timesink go look at any mundanes day sitting, watching tv/playing games all day.

Atleast one can use some mana.



this desu, i daydream too much. it's abuse of dopamine, like masturbation. gotta cut that shit out.




I never dissuaded him from doing it.

Just pointed out what I thought he ought to know.

It can be unhealthy, I've gone without lunch one time too many to know that.

The key to proficiency, in my opinion, is to blend lies with truth – mix the reality that you know and understand with what you want to experience.

If you don't know what a bird's feathers feel like, you can only make vague guesses which might just be correct. The more you know the better.

Practice obviously helps.

You knew all of this already.

What I think you should focus on instead is how to make use of it. I've been able to do this nearly perfectly for over a decade now, but I still haven't figured out how to apply it to help myself.


Not yet.

File: 2fb7064423c45fd⋯.pdf (373.43 KB, tmp_28753-2fb7064423c45fd1….pdf)


The more I read, the more still I want to read. Occultism is such a huge, complicated subject. Unfortunately, changes in my life are giving me less and less time to go over and figure out so much stuff using the methods I've been using thus far. I've been going through Franz Bardon's books along with the Bardon Companion, the Corpus Hermeticum, Personal Magnetism by Theron Q. Dumont, and some other stuff here and there.

I feel so much pressure though right now to speed this all up. It's just taking too damn long.

Does anyone here have suggestions on how I can simplify all this? Especially when it comes to Franz Bardon, a lot of his stuff requires lengthy preparation, and much of what he wrote doesn't make sense without the Bardon Companion to help clarify too.

Should I just give up these imperfect books for now and create a tulpa servant to help me study better and use abilities like psychometry so I can read books without use of my physical eyes?

What do I do to free myself from the burden of literally reading through thousand and thousands of pages of text and getting all the information I need to develop myself magickally without the inefficiency?

I gotta live my life and help the people, can't keep studying only, gotta be more efficient. I need to simplify things too, can't rely on making a fucking wand and getting fluid condensers prepared and all this other stuff, right now.

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Magick is being able to control body, and mind. What you learn from books should not be centered on theory. If you center your study on application you will save a lot of time and you will get what you want out of it. It will not feel like a bore. You can not apply magical theory, because it is based on the application



Still the idea is a compelling one and worth trying. It somewhat makes sense.

Good or interesting ideas can come from questionable sources. In fact, most interesting ideas come from the strangest places.

It's usually the shitty ideas that come from the "authority" sources lol.




what were archons





Those deities are archons???



bumping for that Theron Q. Dumont book.

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