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/hebe/ - Plantaginaceae

Chionohebe, Derwentia, Detzneria, Parahebe, Heliohebe and Leonohebe


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Horticulture and the goddess of youth

cdd80d No.132422

First of all, due to excessive abuse in the past, this board will remain text only for the foreseeable future. I simply have no wish to delete endless CP.

This board is to discuss horticulture of the hebe-genus. For more information see Wikipedia:


The greek goddess of youth, Hebe, and to some extent, Greek mythology, is also on-topic.


99bada No.132431

change your board name before you post this rules

cdd80d No.132433


>change your board name before you post this rules


3e0db0 No.132455

this can't be happening. /hebe/ come back

573a5e No.132467


5f29eb No.132477

based jim

cdd80d No.132479


For the record, I'm not Jim.

63f8b0 No.132483


You seem's to be.

8a3448 No.132518

Hello. I have recently taken over a nasty board myself. Plz to explain how you delete all the shitposts in it at the same time?

e58136 No.132519


Unfortunately, I have only one advice for you: with a lot of patience and the [D+] for "everything by this IP".

e58136 No.132520



IIRC, it took a better part of a day to clean up /hebe/ of all the spam.

45a534 No.132524



e58136 No.132533


I'm glad you're amused.

cf4c73 No.132545

Lol, how did you get this Chans most popular board of 2015? Too funny.. Good luck with this.

61aa7c No.132551


Yeah what a faggot retard nigger

19bff3 No.132553


Well "/hebe/" is terrible name for a board about horticulture. You seem to underestimate the last board that used this name

1)CP Spambots about have bookmarked this adress and they will try post here every day forever. . It will be years before Hotwheels can implement a working solution. An imageboard without images loses it's purpose.

2)Hebeophiles expecting old content will be here

3)People actually intrested in horticulture will avoid this place thinking of it as a "pedo playground".

How about "/plants/", "/veggies/" or "/plantae/" instead?

If instead you are just keping this board name for a secret different purpose nevermind what I said.

c2218d No.132558


1) They don't post every day anymore. And I have the patience of an immortal.

2) That's their problem.

3) That's actually a problem, but the only real one.

You seem to be under the misconception that your opinion matters. This is my board and I'll do what I want with it.

c2218d No.132559


Thank you and have a nice 8chan experience.

c2218d No.132560


I asked politely.

That's a concept that seems to be entirely alien to most of the people on 8chan.

33abcb No.132562


what the fuck is this horse shit and where is my cp

fa46b6 No.132564

Hebes need plenty of nutrients to grow strong and healthy. Image posts, for example.

c2218d No.132573


Unfortunately, I don't have the time to uproot all the CP that'll sprout then.

c2218d No.132582


Some jokers try to "report" the new on-content policy. That doesn't work. This policy change is final.

720e90 No.132603

Well, look at this. We knew it was ending when it did. Now, you took one of the most popular boards, and turned it into this. It's laughable, really.

4caca1 No.132606

Some more spam deleted; I really need to visit more often.

4caca1 No.132607


And what would you have instead? A spam infested CP haven?

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