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Obedience Will Bring Pleasure


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File: 8657a6e877d3d45⋯.jpeg (11.12 KB, 300x168, 25:14, hypno.jpeg)


Please post more often.

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will comply

File: 1411538944819.jpg (12.05 KB, 720x480, 3:2, Real-hypnosis-stories.jpg)


Follow the rules, and the literally Hitler mod (me) won't remove your posts/ban you. We promise.

Feel free to post anything hypnosis, mind control, or anything related to those, here.

1) No real life Child Porn please. For the time being, hentai, such as lolicon and shota are okay.

2) Copyrighted content is currently allowed. Torrents, download links, gifs, videos, photos, etc. are all allowed here.

3) No limits to hypnosis content here. Just try to keep it all under a thread (unless the thread sags, then you may make a new one). This means keep gay hypnosis in the gay thread, pregnant hypnosis in the pregnant thread, and so on. I don't want to be bothered with "Users are posting X art in my Y thread" or anything like that.

It's not a banable offense here, unless someone is actively trying to do so, but I hope the users will follow this rule.

4) No leaking or posting personal information of other people. You can post information of yourself, but no one else. Even for your own, keep it down to a minimum. Who knows what someone could do with it?

5)If you're going to list the names of the files please use Oekaki or alter the names with n33t speak or some other method
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Also, friendly reminder, please report any rule breaking post. It's easy!

File: 3d5d9552877dc44⋯.jpg (566.52 KB, 1200x798, 200:133, 1427383405325-0.jpg)


Last thread is autosaging. A new series of files has been released. So, I think this calls for a new thread.

Old thread: >>24009

>Bambi Bimbodoll Conditiong


>Bambi Training Loops



>Bambi Fuckdoll Brainwash


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You like yourself shibby? That's a surprise!



Anyone who likes things you're not into is automatically the same one person? Go see a shrink because that's honestly an insane paranoid delusion.



Who the fuck is Shibby and why are 10 year old fucktards continuously bringing irrelevant shit like that up?



Word. This thread is about Bambi, so fuck of with your pathetic shabby whore!


I will share you this: Was driving with a friend and she notices some deer on the side of the road and says: Look, bambi there. I felt funny for a moment after hearing the word bambi. I guess this is working

File: 0d662251a41dc5f⋯.gif (1.57 MB, 450x253, 450:253, Alpha.gif)


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This thread needs major attension


Anyone has Horse Cock from Jenny Demilo?



Can someone reupload this?



it has been uploaded to another room

File: 944c21b5092e2d5⋯.jpg (308.67 KB, 722x454, 361:227, Monster_succubus_nightmare….jpg)


Since the hack the old one is down. I decided to make a new one.

Anyone have Recission?

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File: bebcff17d9a82a1⋯.jpg (60.35 KB, 1000x757, 1000:757, Help-wanted-sign.jpg)

Hey guys, new member here.

So, I've been trying random erotic hypnosis files for… a year now, give or take. I'll try one several days before giving up if it has no effect at all, shuffling through files and dommes, hoping I'll find that magical one that actually takes me under… but so far, I've had no luck.

What are techniques you guys use to go under?

What are the most powerful files you have or know of?

I'm into pretty much anything (I guess if I had to single kinks out, getted dommed, objectified, turned into a doll, statue, mannequin or whatever, basically helplessness and bondage, herm/futa is fine, etc.) so honestly just hit me with your recommendations. I'm starting to be pretty desperate here.



Shit shit shit I meant to make a new thread not reply to this one.


File: 2402eb77ffb4dd0⋯.jpg (13.14 KB, 480x360, 4:3, haha.jpg)



everyone point and laugh



I am pointing my cock and laughing….wondering if the laughing might induce a HFO?

File: 1525d54057e0082⋯.png (391.59 KB, 528x524, 132:131, Untitled1.png)


Anyone ever come across a Youtube hypnotist by the name of Paradigm Hypnosis or Rosella the Hypnotist? She doesn't go for erotic, but the rest of what she does – she has a nice balance of soothing, controlling, and just enough creepiness to drop your guard – does a fine job of trancing, and her voice is dominating enough to get me off on top of that.

Unfortunately, there are a few problems with her. She's inactive, she's got awful production values – she's used Final Fantasy music instead of subliminals or binaurals – and even putting aside the odd scripting decisions she makes at times, she's clearly too insane to trust with any kind of deep control.

Are there other tists who use the same style as her?


She had a tough ride in a cult. Won't say more.

Seemed genuinely nice enough but she comes and goes and has understandable trust issues.

She has studied hypnosis proper so she knows what she's doing but yeah, you pretty much summed it up.





besides being a black magick satanist witch tell us more about her

File: fea2cd83520fa51⋯.png (15.62 KB, 218x231, 218:231, 1.png)


I'm looking for some hypno that go into some explicit detail as something like orgasmic giggles's stuff.

Anyone have some suggestions? No sissy shit.

Any that include anal would be great though.

HFO come very easy to me when I can visualise clearly what the hypnotist is describing, when they are too vague it turns me off.

The other stuff that has worked for me are the classics, like Jackpot 2 where the tittyfucking was quite visual and that file where she takes you to a trailer park then the girl fucks you a few different way, which I can't actually remember the filename of.



Bambi Cockslut part from first training includes a orgasmic giggle and hfo.


stop with all the sissy stuf …



babmi posters are the dark souls posters of erotic hypnosis

File: 1458699972493.jpg (29.94 KB, 300x168, 25:14, download.jpg)


Instead of trading, lets share what we have. Post your giga in here, accept everyone who invites you. Share the hypno.

Giga: darkstar170

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Giga is: BigFriend

Would appreciate a few shares, I'm looking to get into hypno but most of the stuff on this board is on temp links or locked behind Giga accounts.



I hope people still use giga



Add me, got some stuff I haven't seen elsewhere!



File: 7e595acd468278d⋯.jpg (31.81 KB, 700x467, 700:467, Hypnotized-Girls-ways.jpg)


I share valuable/newer content. I only share with those who do the same.

File: 28caeda096fe0a8⋯.jpg (46.97 KB, 500x608, 125:152, 58534e274cffac52d7baad1536….jpg)


Mind Doll thread has become a place for fags trying to get a hold of random files and posting shit not pertaining to Mind Dolls. Hopefully this can be a place of discussion as well as answering questions.

Go to Mind Doll thread for more info, search Talmadge Harper on pornbay if you want it (needs account).

Disclaimer, this program is a bit of a time investment (file says 3-5 months in general). If you are trash at hypnosis like I was/am, it might be fucking rough.

Anyway there's a whole layer to it people aren't taking advantage of. Not only do you create summonable tulpa you can fuck, but you also get to experience virtual worlds akin to being on the best acid you could buy.

Once I get the hang of things and have free time I'll be posting my own custom world files, might even take requests… But that might be a while off idk.

Mind Doll success stories very welcome; if you are on the fence about trying it research tulpamancy and Art of the Mind Doll on Talmadge Harper's website harperhealing hopefully it'll convince you.

27 posts and 1 image reply omitted. Click reply to view.



If you are talking about the Ultra Depth files, I listened to Ultra Depth Silhouette of Dawn due to a suggestion on the other mind doll thread.

They all work the same, however. Some people prefer the one with the female voice, I didn't try it so I couldn't tell you. Personally, I'd stick to the 3.0 ones, as they are the newer versions and are supposedly more effective.

If you find one works better than another, it can't hurt to use that one instead. The point is to get into theta, it doesn't matter how.


File: 42e399366716381⋯.jpg (123.4 KB, 676x1183, 4:7, babiru__by_duster132-d8iot….jpg)

Thread has been dormant these past few days, so I will discuss a topic that interests me. That is training your mind dolls to reach and tap into your subconscious.

It is known that most tulpa can recall their host's blurriest memories (even things that didn't register in their mind) as if they were reading it off a sheet of paper, as soon as they were created.

Mind Dolls, in my experience, require a certain "specialization" to be able to do this. I have trained a mind doll of mine to basically read my memories and become more deep rooted that the other mind dolls through constant trancing with him. He is the first "male" (he's a huge robot with a brain floating in a jar for a head) I have summoned, I felt like it was necessary since he will essentially be representing my mind for this experiment. I find him very useful for tests and work, reliving memories, and even doing the whole body switching thing tulpamancers do.

I haven't listened to a certain Pink Floyd song in a while, and had grown a bit numb (haha get it) to it, but he did something very intriguing. He asked me to switch right before I skipped it for something different. After he did it I thought I was tripping. It was like I was listening to it for the first time, reliving every positive feeling I've ever had with that song. Now every time I listen to it again I feel those intense feelings once again. It's like nostalgia+.

That was my experience though, a simple experiment that turned prosperous.

Oh, and pic is just a giant robot. My md doesn't look that scary. Like, er… Baymax from Big Hero Six mixed with this thing. With a weird cyborg brain in a jar for a head lol.



Do you have an "endgame" in mind for this experience?



Yes. I want to be able to bring the virtual world to the real world just like I bring mind dolls to the real world from the virtual world.

I imagine conjuring items only I can interact with and experience, that have no consequence in the real world.

An example might be conjuring an endless bag of my favorite foods I can eat forever without ruining my physique or a console that can create virtual works for me so I don't have to listen to the same stuff.

Of course, it would take a while to do, as I have to bridge aspects and abilities instead of people out objects, but one day I might get the hang of it. I just want to be a wizard, bro…



The program itself revolves around Carmen or can you come up with any Mind Doll you want without having to create or edit any files? If that's possible, are there any specific files that I need to listen to?

File: df823c598a45c56⋯.jpg (15.15 KB, 199x300, 199:300, 300x300CAY7C8NS-199x300.jpg)


Anyone have it yet and able to upload or comment on whether its worth buying? Most of her files are mindblowing, but i wasn't so keen on 'slave state'.





Listened to Strike recently, not as good as the originals.

File: 1424313764688.jpg (253.62 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, Bimbo-bimbo-boing-boing-bo….jpg)


Love is Making you Over

Bimbo Love Stroking Your Mind Away

Bimbo Love Two Titnosis


Love is Bimbotizing

Succubus Love

Love is Making you Over 2

Good Girl for Love
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Any chance for reup?




Does anyone have any of the Harlequin files, please?


Anyone know where to find torrents for all you need is love part 3? I cant find it anymore :(



File: 6fb92bfdfccb152⋯.jpg (119.18 KB, 788x1200, 197:300, 5275142a20bf6a242483247020….jpg)


Real talk time. Why is almost every thread just a request for files? Where are the discussions on hypnosis this board should be for?

Some of you might say "But tumblr and Reddit have tons of discussions about hypnosis we just need a place to share our files so they don't get DMCA'd."

But that's overlooking the fact that those sites are overrun with SJWs. Even here I see people spouting the propaganda we created years ago, that hypnosis can't make you do anything you don't want to, that hypnosis is just guided meditation, that it's only as powerful as you let it be.

This is 8chan. I think we should be able to have a real conversation here, maybe gather some like-minds and get back to what our community should be doing which is pushing the bleeding edge of research.

So here's what I'm going to do. I've got years of experience and I'm willing to share it with you. Ask a question about hypnosis and I'll answer it to the best of my ability. If anyone else wants to jump in and answer questions then by all means do so. Hopefully we can get some real conversations going and Make /Hypno/ Great Again.

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> wide usage wouldn't have a negative effect ?

That's something I've been considering. Some stuff that I could put in the files is off the table because of this.

> If we start to attract more people into the community, more hate will come

Why do you say this? (Also a big reason for the files to be self-contained, if people want more/other/different, let them find it on their own.)

> How so ?

I'm not trying to make ongoing all-sense hallucinations with their own apparent sentience, as tulpas are.

> Most of the effort in the Mind Doll Program is training your ability to trance.

That's only the first hill in that program. The worlds are another hill, then the tulpas.

> some social pressure (from your mate) to continue

At level 2 and beyond, yes, but levels 0 and 1 can be used alone. I'm trying to make them "minimally intrusive" so you'll have very little reason to abandon the program. Keeping with it is simply convenient. Of course, if you're doing with the whole thing starting from level 0 with your mate, you might help each other along, since it's something to do together. :-)

> ways you can influence that

Currently, I'm leaning towards leaving most of that to individual judgment: you think of sharing the files with people that you think would be helped by using them as you were helped.

> The game itself is irrelevant. […] even a "Oh, this doesn't interest me" can be interpreted as an aggression.

Thanks, that gives me a lot to think about.

> same as Talmadge Harpers Ultra Depth script ?

It's essentially my take on the concept, yes.

> The way he formulates it is having blackouts, which is, to me at least, clearer on thPost too long. Click here to view the full text.



> How so ?

Having a bigger group means having bigger extremes, the vocal ones.

>Since I'm not trying to put "trance dreams" into conscious memory, I think my project has easier goals.

Good point.

>This is a means to push people towards rational thought by using linguistic influence.

I speak three languages fluently and only speak from my own experience, but I only feel the linguistic influence when I'm actively thinking and talking in a specific language. When learning a language, you start out by translating everything you say from your primary language. I still do this to a certain extent even though I have left the country of my primary language a few years ago. So as long as you translate instead of thinking directly in the new language, you won't feel the benefits of lobjan, and the best way to start thinking in another language is by interacting with others in that language, regularly, and over a prolonged period of time. That is why I think you underestimate the amount of energy needed to get the theoretical benefits from lobjan.



>volunteering to be a mod

send me a reddit pm. add the numbers nine four three six to my name.


> Make /Hypno/ Great Again

> let's make secret club house forum

> reddit



we'd disagree to using reddit

File: 1470851497221.gif (3.62 MB, 500x249, 500:249, ALS01486.gif)


Looking for two vids and an MP3 by Alexandra Snow: "Throbbing Cock Trance", "Therapist to Mistress: That Cock is Mine", and "Dissociative State".

My giga is CptSweatpants, but only until mid Oct. I will close my account before they require payment. (Looks like giga has already disabled the news function.)

23 posts omitted. Click reply to view.



she has good tits and a moredate attractiveness, but the fact that she fails to properly get into character when making her videos is simply retarded, making soft-femdom / mommy dom clips with the same humilliation and verbal aggresiveness as regular domination videos is real proof that she's really a one trick pony


You can find some of her files floating around on porn sites

Bump for any of her stuff




Bump for TIT-ilating Trance



Do You have any of Her Full Video's? Especially the one's with Men in it?

File: d3bcd492ef44b62⋯.png (388.07 KB, 1952x1312, 61:41, Screen Shot 2017-07-22 at ….png)


I have almost all of the dump she released before, except Speakeasy and HandsUnfree.

What I have is at h++ps://mega.nz/#F!8sIQxbSB!j5A__6aO9E6m_ayjhzbyYA.

tl;dr: I'm looking for Speakeasy and HandsUnfree.




Thank you!



Anyone has her modification therapy?


Anyone has S_cum Manifesto?

File: a473cfd73f57f95⋯.jpg (224.59 KB, 1080x1349, 1080:1349, 13707369_1470099763015543_….jpg)


Does anyone have files like this? Basically triggers about your cock growing larger, etc. Something along the lines of Ava Longhard's 'Massive Cock Masturbation Experience.'

Here's 'Massive Cock Masturbation Experience', by the way: https://ufile.io/640ea1

20 posts and 1 image reply omitted. Click reply to view.



I know I tried this file, free on youtube, and defenetely got 3 cm in girth and 1 cm in length in about 3 weeks. Then I stopped listening to it.



are these file real working? can you re upload all?



Can you reupload?



Here you go, I'll also post some of the files that the other Anon posted





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