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Polls Show Trump, the Least Popular President Ever, Is Plunging Even Lower

Things aren't looking up for President Donald Trump.

There's the growing investigation into his administration's connections to Russia, the country the intelligence community assesses hacked the election to get the Republican billionaire elected. There's the flailing attempt from the GOP, led by Trump, to gut Obamacare and replace it with a new health care system that the Congressional Budget Office has determined would leave tens of millions more Americans without coverage. There's his press secretary resigning over the president's latest hire and constant reports of infighting in the White House.

And the American people seem to be tired of the constant whirlwind of controversy that Trump has created. The latest polls of his approval rating have pretty much uniformly brought bad news for the president. Gallup pegged his approval at just 37 percent Friday, while 58 percent of Americans disapproved. That's not quite the all-time low for Trump in the Gallup tracking poll—he sunk to just 35 percent in late March when the GOP's first health care plan flopped before the House could even vote—but it's getting close and earlier this month the president had briefly risen back to 40 percent.


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Pac-Man hunts down "veiled Muslim women," claims Turkish government


>Ministry officials have declared that Pac-Man, rather than avoiding the coloured ghosts chasing him through the levels, is “a game of collecting veiled Muslim women. The Muslim women are figured as the virgins to be attacked.”

>The latest development has come from the Turkish Ministry of Youth and Sports, which earlier this month launched a website claiming that video games “play a significant role in the spread of Islamophobia.” The website urges visitors to stop playing such games, and report them to the ministry

>there are some legitimate complaints; as Vocativ reports, the game Muslim Massacre: The Game of Modern Religious Genocide sees players attempt to kill all Muslims seen on screen, ending with the prophet Muhammad as the final boss.


>On the government-run website, 19 games are already listed as containing content that is potentially Islamophobic. Several games in the Call of Duty franchise—which have sold over 250 million copies in total, making it one of the most popular franchises of all time—are blacklisted by the ministry.

>Another game that is listed as offensive is Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock

>Among the other listed games are Resident Evil—where a copy of a book identified by the website as the Quran is left on the floor during a library scene—and Tekken Tag Tournament 2

>A panel at the 2016 Game Developers Conference in San Francisco found that Muslims are often depicted as the villains in modern videogames



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Crabs scuttle for freedom at airport baggage claim

A traveler arriving at a Bahamas airport discovered something highly unusual at baggage claim – loose crabs making a break for freedom on and around the belt.

A video captured in the baggage claim area at Lynden Pindling International Airport shows dozens of crabs running loose among the luggage on the belt, while some of their crustacean cohorts climb down and scuttle across the floor.

The video shows some people working to corral the crabs into the cooler they apparently escaped from.

"We were arriving at LPIA in Nassau, Bahamas when I noticed the crabs had broken free of the box they were in and attempted to make their getaway," the filmer wrote.


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Crab pot maker's White House visit with Trump "positive thing for Crisfield"


Eddie Heath kept it quiet about his Monday invitation to the White House.

Most Crisfield residents didn’t know the local crab pot manufacturer was headed to meet President Trump until someone shared the news on social media over the weekend.

“When I saw that on Facebook, I got so excited,” said Tillie Doyle, owner of Tull & Price Real Estate. “As a matter of fact, I got a little teary.”

Even the workers at Eddie Heath’s Crab Pots knew little about their boss heading to the event showcasing American-made products and manufacturing as a kickoff to Made in America Week, and they were a little surprised.

“I didn’t figure Eddie would go,” said employee Greg Nelson on Monday. “He don’t like a lot of hoopla like that.”

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Jewish Science teacher gets 7 years for buying negro boys’ nude photos

A sicko Bronx High School of Science teacher who bought nude photos from teenage boys was sentenced Thursday to seven years in federal prison.

Jon Cruz, 34, learned his fate in Manhattan Federal Court, where he pleaded guilty on Sept. 23 to one count of receiving child pornography.

"Some of these communications displayed sexually explicit images of his genitals," Cruz admitted during his plea, in reference to one underage victim.

Cruz trolled for boys on social media and young users of the chat app KIK would give him obscene images of themselves in exchange for money.


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Why you never should hire indians: Fecal traces found in drinks sold by UK’s top three coffee chains

Traces of fecal bacteria have been found in drinks sold by Britain’s three major coffee chains, a BBC investigation has found.

It found that ice drinks from Starbucks, Caffe Nero, and Costa all had traces of the fecal-derived pathogen.

Seven out of 10 samples from Costa, which has been voted the nation’s favorite coffee shop for the third year in a row, were found to contain the bacteria.

Three out of 10 samples from Starbucks and Caffe Nero were found to contain the bacteria, known as fecal coliform.

Tony Lewis of the Chartered Institute of Environmental Health said the results are “concerning.”

“These should not be present at any level – never mind the significant numbers found,” he said.

Lewis warned that such “opportunistic pathogens” are the cause of “human disease.”

All three chains said they are now investigating the issue.

Costa, where customers can choose their iced drink from a range of six different flavors, said it had updated its ice-producing guidelines and sought out new equipment.

Starbucks said it is conducting its own investigation into the allegations, adding that it takes hygiene “extremely seriously.”

Likewise, Caffe Nero, another award-winning and multinational coffee chain, said it is “thoroughly” investigating the claims and that it will act upon the findings.

The news follows a similar scandal earlier this year in which human waste was detected inside Coca-Cola cans arriving in Northern Ireland from Germany.

The contamination was traced to the Lisburn Coca-Cola plant and is thought to have been caused by illegal immigrants hiding inside the vehicles transporting the empty cans.


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Trump Jr. Met Russian Accused of Laundering $1.4 Billion

An accused Russian money launderer representing a Kremlin-friendly oligarch has been reportedly identified as the eighth person at a meeting with Donald Trump Jr. last June.

Irakly Kaveladze was a guest of Russian lawyer Natalia Veselnitskaya when she visited Trump and other campaign members in Trump Tower last year, Trump’s lawyer told CNN. The meeting was proposed by billionaire Russian real-estate developer Aras Agalarov. The billionaire is friendly with President Donald Trump, having hosted his Miss Universe 2013 pageant in Moscow and discussed real-estate deals with Trump.

The June 9, 2016 meeting was originally characterized by Trump Jr. as "primarily…about the adoption of Russian children." It was then revealed to have aso been about Agalarov providing “damaging information” on Hillary Clinton from the Kremlin. Joining Trump in the meeting were his brother-in-law, Jared Kushner, and campaign chairman Paul Manafort


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WANTED: Indian Hank Hill Farting Propane With A Crab Hat And A Bee Buzzing Around Him

WANTED: 8chan board-tans for new artwork

Meta Thread



So /n/, how do we incorporate our fetishes ideals into a single character? I was thinking a pajeet trying to sell a propane tank with a crab nearby or on him, and a bee buzzing around his head. Like pic related. Rough draft. Thoughts? I'm sure we could sneak krillcen in there somewhere as well.

Meta thread but given chodemonkey wants board tans, we should be able to make something worthwhile and have this thread up for a little bit.

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Trump's DOJ gears up for crackdown on marijuana

The Trump administration is readying for a crackdown on marijuana users under Attorney General Jeff Sessions


President Trump’s Task Force on Crime Reduction and Public Safety, led by Sessions, is expected to release a report next week that criminal justice reform advocates fear will link marijuana to violent crime and recommend tougher sentences for those caught growing, selling and smoking the plant.

Sessions sent a memo in April updating the U.S. Attorney’s Offices and Department of Justice Department (DOJ) component heads on the work of the task force, which he said would be accomplished through various subcommittees. In the memo, Sessions said he has asked for initial recommendations no later than July 27.


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Thousands of tiny red crabs wash ashore on Catalina Island — are Southern California beaches next?

A trip to Catalina Island this week became a lesson in marine biology, with tiny red crabs washing ashore in the thousands and dozens of kids working tirelessly to try to save them by returning them to the sea.

Micah Stovall, of Huntington Beach, took a quick vacation to Catalina with family in town from Tennessee when they noticed the small creatures along the shore and in the shallow waters at the main beach in Avalon.

Stovall knew right away what they were: small crabs that look like tiny lobsters or crawfish. He had ventured with his family two years ago to Balboa Island in Newport Beach when hundreds of thousands of them blanketed the shore.

The Pleuroncodes planipes, also known as pelagic red crabs or tuna crabs, are about one to three inches long. They are usually found off Baja, but warm water in the past few years has pushed them up to Southern California in large numbers, especially along the Orange County coastline. Before then, the crabs hadn’t been seen in the area for decades.

While El Nino was credited for the invasion the past few years, the water has returned to normal, colder temperatures this year. But a south swell in recent days has helped push warm water to the coastline, in many areas boosting water temperatures near 70 degrees.

Their sudden appearance can be a headache for maintenance workers as they try to scoop up the mostly dead creatures that leave a strong stench when they wash ashore and bake in the sun for too long.


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Crew of Six Crab Fishermen Confirmed Dead

Seattle-based crab boat found on Bering Sea bottom; lost since February with crew of 6

A survey ship used sonar to find the Destination in some 250 feet of water at the bottom of the Bering Sea, off the coast of Alaska.


>Federal research vessels have located the Destination, the Seattle-based crab boat that went missing Feb. 11 along with six crew, on the bottom of the Bering Sea off the coast of Alaska.

>Crew members were heading out to fish for snow crab when their boat went down on a cold day off St. George Island in the Pribilofs.

>The sunken vessel was found northwest of St. George resting on its port side. It was identified through underwater sonar surveys conducted by two National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration research ships, according to a joint Thursday release from the Coast Guard and NOAA.

>The first survey, conducted April 30 and May 1 by a Kodiak-based ship that does fisheries research, found what appeared to be the Destination. A second sonar survey used for charting the sea bottom was conducted July 8 and 9 by the Ketchikan-based Fairweather. That operation determined the sea-bottom wreck was the Destination.

>“The confirmation is based on the characteristics of the vessel — the length, the beam, the shape of the pilothouse and the fact that there were crab pots on board,” said Jonathan Shannon, a NOAA spokesman, said Thursday.

>Later this month, the Coast Guard icebreaker Healy will head to the site and use a remotely operated vehicle with a camera to investigate the wreck.

>Coast Guard divers, able to descend to depths of 150 feet, also may assist, according to Alanna Miller, a spokesman for the Marine Board of Investigation, which beginning Aug. 8 will hold hearings in Seattle about the vessel’s demise.

>Images collected this month will be presented during the Seattle hearings.

>“The Marine Board appreciates NOAA’s help in locating the wreckage of the FV Destination” said Cmdr. Scott Muller, chairman of the Marine Board that will look into the causes of the accident. “The vessel location is an instrumental piece of our investigation.”

>The Destination had a veteran crew aboard, and carried gear on deck when it disappeared early on a Saturday morning.

>No May Day radio calls were picked up from the crew. But a signal from an Emergency Position-Indicating Radio Beacon was set off. Searchers in February were able to find buoys, a life ring and other debris.

>The results of the February search helped to pinpoint the area where the survey ships, during their summer research season, should focus the sonar.

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Propane tanks detonated after explosion at Milwaukee DPW garage



Propane tanks had to be detonated Tuesday night after two men were critically injured in an explosion at a municipal facility on the city's southwest side, an official said.

"I was in the shop working, and all of a sudden 'boom.' You could feel it hit your chest. I come out here, and there was just debris floating around out there," said Casey Balciunes, who heard the blast. 

First responders were called to the Department of Public Works' Lincoln Avenue Garage, on the 3900 block of West Lincoln Avenue, just before 1 p.m.

Milwaukee's deputy fire chief at the scene said he believed the two injured men were contractors and not municipal employees. He said the explosion occurred as they were filling a natural gas van with fuel.

The area within a 300-yard radius of the facility was evacuated about 4:30 p.m. because more propane tanks were found in the van, and there were fears of a secondary explosion, WISN 12 News reporter Terry Sater said. A hazmat team was called in.

The Milwaukee Fire Department and Milwaukee Police Department bomb squad detonated the tanks before 11 p.m. The atmosphere was going to be tested before people would be allowed back in.

Another witness said the men were injured by shrapnel and were bleeding profusely.

They were taken to a nearby hospital for treatment.

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India is rolling out trains with solar-powered coaches

India’s massive diesel-guzzling railway network is getting serious about its experiments with solar.

On July 14, Indian Railways rolled out its first train with rooftop solar panels that power the lights, fans, and information display systems inside passenger coaches. Although the train will still be pulled by a diesel-powered locomotive, a set of 16 solar panels atop each coach will replace the diesel generators that typically power these appliances. The railways estimate that a train with six solar-powered coaches could save around 21,000 litres of diesel every year, worth around Rs12 lakh.

In 2014, Indian Railways consumed 2.6 billion litres of diesel, accounting for around 70% to the network’s total fuel bill of Rs28,592 crore.

The first of these trains will be pressed into service on the suburban railway network of New Delhi, one of the world’s most polluted cities, before two dozen more coaches are fitted with similar rooftop solar systems. Retrofitting each coach with these system, including an inverter to optimise power generation and battery for storing surplus power, costs around Rs9 lakh.


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India Shuts Down World’s Biggest Coal Mines,goes solar

Things are not looking good for the coal industry.

In the latest blow to this fossil fuel, the world biggest coal company is closing a total of 37 mines. It seems that the rise of solar power is playing a major role in the decline of coal. The company, Coal India, produces 82 percent of India’s coal, according to The Independent. The closings account for nine percent of Coal India’s sites.

The Indian government has recently shifted from coal to cleaner, renewable sources, most notably solar power. Just last week, the government announced that it has abandoned plans for building another coal power station with Chimanbhai Sapariya. T,he country’s energy minister noted that “Our focus is now on renewable energy. The government will encourage solar power.” The prices of solar power continue to plummet as technology and government incentives work to make renewable energy more attractive.


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Once in a blue lobster:New Hampshire man catches rare blue lobster,donates it to science

Portsmouth Herald,

July 19, 2017

PORTSMOUTH, N.H. (AP) — A New Hampshire lobsterman has joined an elite club after catching a rare blue lobster.

The Portsmouth Herald reports Greg Ward initially thought he had snagged an albino lobster when he examined his catch off the coast Monday where New Hampshire borders Maine. The Rye lobsterman quickly realized his hard-shell lobster was a unique blue and cream color.

The oft-cited odds of catching a blue lobster are 1 in 2 million. But no one knows for sure.

Ward says the lobster is unlike anything he’s ever seen.

He gave the rare crustacean to the Seacoast Science Center in Rye to study and put on display.

Center aquarist Rob Royer says Ward’s blue lobster will go on display in the “exotic” lobster tank once it acclimates to the water.


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King of the Hill Does a Good Job Illustrating Bipolar Disorder


I love adult cartoons. Many of them use humor and super human scenarios to make profound points about real life situations and institutions. Shows like the Simpsons and South Park are known for making cutting edge social commentary, but I stumbled upon a great episode of King of the Hill recently that illuminated Bipolar Disorder and brought attention to mental health issues. King of the Hill has been in reruns since 2010. The episode, ‘Just Another Manic Kahn-Day,’ has a story line about the main character Hank’s neighbor who is bipolar. It aired in King of the Hill’s final season in syndication an indication that as the show aged it took on more serious issues as plot lines. The episode does a pretty good job of illuminating the various issues associated with Bipolar Disorder. It is not perfect and lacks some nuance, but might be a good way to expose friends and family of people who have been diagnosed as Bipolar to the mental illness.

In the episode, Hank’s neighbor is left at home for a weekend while his wife and daughter take vacation. Like many people who suffer with a mental illness, Kahn decides to stop taking his medication. Apparently he does not like taking his meds and his wife usually makes him take them. Off his medication, Kahn slips into a manic episode which changes his behavior and turns him into a super friendly, helpful and motivated neighbor. Usually he does not get along with his neighbors, but befriends them in his charismatic manic state and begins taking on projects, some of which he completes with them.

Kahn is highly motivated while manic. He takes on and completes several projects, learns how to paint and paints a portrait of himself, draws elaborate plans for and begins to build a robot grill, completes a puzzle, writes a book and tries to solve various conspiracy theories. I can relate to this illustration of mania. While manic in Miami, I worked tireless hours for the Obama campaign, wrote four albums and tons of songs, ran a start up record label, wrote for Hypervocal, threw parties and more. Like Kahn, my mind raced. I had ideas pop into my head all of the time- some of them wild and very difficult to actually pull off. My thinking was not focused or clear. In the episode, Kahn is jittery, speaks quickly and can not stay focused on one project at a time. While they skip over the anger that is often associated with mania and other dangerous behavior that bipolar people participate in while manic, for a cartoon they do a good job of painting a picture of what it is like to be manic.

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Personal use king crab fishery in Juneau area to open for 5 days


It’s been six years since it was legal to haul a pot full of red or blue king crab up out of Juneau area waters and take them home for a crab dinner.

The Department of Fish and Game said in a Friday news release that the summer personal use red and blue king crab fishery will open for five days: Thursday, July 27, through Monday, July 31. The order is for Section 11-A, which includes Gastineau Channel, Stephens Passage and part of Lynn Canal.

The agency is opening the fishery at a reduced harvest level. It will allow each household to take only two male crab total for those five days. The daily limit is also two males per household permit.

Corey Mahar is thinking about going crabbing.

“Well yeah, it’s fun getting out in the water no matter what,” Mahar said. “But anytime you can bring something as amazing as king crab home, I mean it’s a delicacy – especially since we don’t get it as often now.”

Mahar said he was a little boy on the water with his family last time he caught king crab about 15 years ago. He remembers good times bringing the boat back in and cooking crab right away.

“Cleaning the boat off while you’re cooking the crab up and have the butter and garlic melted up,” Mahar recalled. “Crack that open, some scissors and go to town.”

Mike Wiley is more disappointed in the two-crab restriction.

“Yeah, it’s a pretty pathetic bag limit,” Wiley said.

Wiley said he’ll probably go crabbing further north in a different management area because the reduced Juneau area harvest isn’t worth the effort.

“Well not if you’re just going to fish one area and two crab is all you’re going to get for the whole season,” Wiley explained. “I’d rather get one per day in a different area.”

Corey Mahar is excited for the chance to relive some childhood memories.

“Looking over the side and seeing that red pot coming up, there’s no other feeling like that,” Mahar said nostalgically.

But, he too hopes that sometime soon managers will say it’s OK to get more than just two crabs.

If you’re going crabbing next week, Fish and Game said you need to pick up a summer king crab permit from their office on Douglas Island. You’ll also need a resident sport fishing license if you’re 18 or older.

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Capitalism Saved The Bees, /leftypol/ on suicide watch

A decade after colony collapse disorder began, pollination entrepreneurs have staved off the beepocalypse.


>You've heard the story: Honeybees are disappearing. Beginning in 2006, beekeepers began reporting mysteriously large losses to their honeybee hives over the winter. The bees weren't just dying—they were abandoning their hives altogether. The strange phenomenon, dubbed colony collapse disorder, soon became widespread. Ever since, beekeepers have reported higher-than-normal honeybee deaths, raising concerns about a coming silent spring.

>A threat to honeybees should certainly raise concerns. They pollinate a wide variety of important food crops—about a third of what we eat—and add about $15 billion in annual value to the economy, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture. And beekeepers are still reporting above-average bee deaths. In 2016, U.S. beekeepers lost 44 percent of their colonies over the previous year, the second-highest annual loss reported in the past decade.

>But here's what you might not have heard. Despite the increased mortality rates, there has been no downward trend in the total number of honeybee colonies in the United States over the past 10 years. Indeed, there are more honeybee colonies in the country today than when colony collapse disorder began.

>The chief reason commercial beekeeping exists is to help plants have sex. Some crops, such as corn and wheat, can rely on the wind to transfer pollen from stamen to pistil. But others, including a variety of fruits and nuts, need assistance. And since farmers can't always depend solely on bats, birds, and other wild pollinators to get the job done, they turn to honeybees for help with artificial insemination. Unleashed by the thousands, the bees improve the quality and quantity of the farms' yields; in return, the plants provide nectar, which the bees use to produce honey.

>Honeybees are essentially livestock. Their owners breed them, rear them, and provide proper nutrition and veterinary care to them. Unlike bumblebees and wasps, honeybees are not native to North America; the primary commercial species, the European honeybee, is thought to have been introduced by English settlers in the 17th century.

>Commercial beekeepers are migratory. They truck their hives across the country in tractor trailers on a journey to "follow the bloom," stacking their hives on semis and moving at night while the bees are at rest. Most travel to California in the early spring to pollinate almonds. After that, they take their own routes. Some go to Oregon and Washington for apples, pears, and cherries; others to the apple orchards of New York. Some pollinate fruits and vegetables in Florida in the early spring, followed by blueberries in Maine.

>Some observers claim that this annual migration is contributing to colony collapse. As the food writer Michael Pollan put it in The New York Times in 2007, "the lifestyle of the modern honeybee leaves the insects so stressed out and their immune systems so compromised that, much like livestock on factory farms, they've become vulnerable to whatever new infectious agent happens to come along." But it is precisely this modern-livestock lifestyle and the active markets for pollination services that have allowed non-native honeybees to flourish on our continent. They are the reason honeybee populations have remained steady even in the face of disease and other afflictions.

There's a whole three pages to this article I ain't posting the rest. If I can educate myself on Bison, you can educate yourself on bees. BEEEES.

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Antifa chase Jews out of Berlin in the name of fighting Nazis

Proving once again that SJWs are immune to both irony and nuance, several months of riot and attacks by Berlin Antifa has forced a Jewish bookstore to shut down.

The bookstore was guilty of two crimes against Social Justice: it was owned by Jews, and it hosted a book club event where people discussed the works of Julius Evola.



>Neukölln – Topics, an Israeli owned concept bookstore and quasi-coffeeshop in the heart of Berlin’s most rapidly gentrifying hipster hoods, is shutting down after enduring months of abuse, calls for boycott and violent threats from Antifa and radical left wing activists.

>The Israeli owners of the shop – who pride themselves on “selling books and trying to get everyone addicted to not very good coffee” – have been called “Nazis” and “fascist sympathizers” for planning to host a literary event where the works of obscure Italian philosopher, Julius Evola, popular with the American alt-right, were to be discussed.

>The event – an intellectual discussion about Evola’s extreme worldviews, his influence on fascism and the limits of free speech – was supposed to take place at Topics in March. But a massive online shitstorm, laced with wild accusations of collaborating with Nazis and even responsibility for an arson attempt at next door cafe K-Fetisch, led to its cancellation.

>That did not stop the attacks however – and neither did the owner’s explanations that they are leftists themselves and grandchildren of Holocaust survivors. After long months of abuse which have caused them considerable financial difficulties, they have decided to close down. You can read their farewell post here.



> A Few month ago, We have been attacked by so called Justice Warriors for an academic event we planned to orginize about a Fascist Mystic, Artist and propoganda pusher from the mid 20th century.

>This individial (long dead) was mentioned in a new york times articles a few weeks before, because he was the influance of the radical right ideologies of the Trump campaigners in the US.

> I am still shocked at how much like a religious orthodoxy our accusers behaved. how without the tiniest proof we were sentenced- not just of a petty crime— but a sin.

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Trump’s announced retreat from Syria will mark a major turning point in US-Russian relations.

July 22, 2017

Many Americans voted for Donald Trump because he vowed to end the foreign conflicts in which the US had become entangled. So far, they have been disappointed. But this week a light flashed at the end of the tunnel.

President Trump, according to numerous reliable Washington sources, has decided to end US arms supplies and logistics support to Syria’s jihadist rebels that have fuelled the bloody six-year conflict. Washington, and its allies Britain and France, have persistently denied arming Syria’s jihadist rebels fighting to bring down the Russian and Iranian-backed government of President Bashar Assad.

Former President George W. Bush actively considered invading Syria around 2008 in collusion with Israel. But the Israelis then pointed out that there were no Western-friendly groups to replace Assad, only extreme militant Sunni Muslim groups. Even the usually reckless Bush called off the invasion of Syria.

By contrast, Barack Obama gave a green light to the CIA to arm, train and logistically support anti-Assad jihadist rebels in Syria. Arms poured in from Lebanon and, later, Turkey, paid for by Saudi Arabia and the Gulf emirates. Small numbers of US, British and French advisors went to Syria to teach the jihadists how to use mortars, explosives, and anti-tank weapons. The media’s claim that the fighting in Syria was due to a spontaneous popular uprising was false. The repressive Assad government was widely unpopular but the uprising was another CIA ‘color-style’ operation.

The object of this operation was to overthrow President Assad and his Shiite-leaning regime, which was supported by Iran, a bogeyman to all the US-backed feudal Arab oil monarchies. Syria was also to be punished because it refused Washington’s demands to sever ties with Iran and accept US tutelage.

Then US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton championed the covert war against Syria, arranging massive shipments of arms and munitions to the rebels from Kadaffi-era arms stores in Libya, and from Egypt, Croatia, likely Serbia, Bulgaria and Azerbaijan. Once again, the Gulf Arabs paid the bill.

Two of Syria’s greatest and oldest cities, Damascus and Aleppo, have been pounded into ruins. Jihadist massacres and Russian and American air strikes have ravaged once beautiful, relatively prosperous Syria. Its ancient Christian peoples are fleeing for their lives before US and Saudi takfiri religious fanatics.

Just when it appeared the jihadists were closing in on Damascus, limited but effective Russian military intervention abruptly changed the course of the war. The Syrian Army was able to regain the military initiative and push back the jihadists. Intermixed with so-called ‘takfiri’ rebels are some 3,000 ISIS jihadists who were originally armed and equipped by US advisors but have now run amok. They are under fierce western air attack in Syria and Iraq and are splintering.

Russia and the US have been inching toward a major war over Syria. In fact, US intervention has been far more extensive than generally believed, as this writer has been reporting for the past five years. Turkish media linked to the government in Ankara has just revealed that the US has at least ten small military bases in northern Syria being used to support rebel jihadist forces.

Meanwhile, the US is now relying almost entirely on Kurdish militias, know in Syria as YPG, to attack ISIS and act in US interests. This has outraged Turkey, which regards YPG as part of the hated Kurdish independence movement, PKK, against which Turkey has fought for two decades. During the 1980’s, I covered the Turkish-PKK conflict in eastern Anatolia.

If YPG/PKK emerges victorious from the Syrian conflict, Kurdish demands for an independent state in south eastern Turkey will intensify, threatening the breakup of the Turkish state. Kurds make up some 20% of Turkey’s population of 80 million.

For this very important reason, Turkey has been pulling away from US-run NATO, and warming relations with Moscow. Turkey has NATO’s second largest armed forces and key airbases that cover the Mideast.

Trump’s announced retreat from Syria – if it turns out to be real – will mark a major turning point in US-Russian relations. It could well avoid a clash between Russia and the US, both nuclear powers. The US has no real business in Syria and no strategic interests

America’s powerful neocons, who have been pressing for war against Russia, will be furious. Expect the media war against Trump to intensify. So too claims that Trump colluded with Moscow to get elected.


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Down woman returns home to find thousands of bees in house

A woman recovering from a "horror movie" moment with a swarm of bees has issued some smart advice for householders.

Away for the weekend, she returned to her Newtownards home to find thousands of bees had taken over.

The woman, who does not wish to be named, was stunned to find her home swamped by the bees, who poured down her chimney into her living room - even setting the burglar alarm off.

She and her family were alerted to the problem when a neighbour who investigated the alarm contacted them on holiday.

"It was like something from a horror movie," she told the Newtownards Chronicle.

"There were thousands of them all over the living room. And the problem was they're a protected species so we had to get an expert in to deal with them.


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Wisconsin Juggalo sentenced for amputating woman’s pinky during ritual to honor Insane Clown Posse f

A Wisconsin man has been sentenced to three-and-a-half years in prison for amputating a woman’s finger with a machete and then drinking her blood during a ritual to honor a fellow fan of the Insane Clown Posse hip-hop duo.

Jonathan Schrap, 24, was sentenced in a Brown County court Friday on one count of second-degree reckless injury.

“Where do you go with this? How can this happen? How can this even happen in Green Bay?” Judge John Zakowski said, according to WBAY-TV.

Schrap, the victim, and a group of friends gathered at his home on Aug. 27, 2016, to commemorate the death of an Insane Clown Posse fan — or Juggalo — who died last year, according to a complaint.


R: 1 / I: 0 / P: 2 [R] [G] [-]

Houston midstream company to sell propane business, acquires Gulf system


Houston-based American Midstream Partners LP (NYSE: AMID) has agreed to sell its propane marketing and services business to the Netherlands-based SHV Energy NV for $170 million in cash.

The deal is expected to close in the third quarter and will simplify American Midstream’s business profile, the company said July 24. American Midstream relocated its headquarters to Houston last year.

Proceeds from the sale will be used to fund American Midstream’s growth in the Gulf of Mexico, Permian Basin and East Texas regions. That includes funding the recent acquisition of a Gulf of Mexico system.

In June, American Midstream acquired the Viosca Knoll system from Houston-basedGenesis Energy LP for about $32 million. Viosca Knoll serves producing fields in deep-water regions of the Gulf that connect to several major delivery pipelines, including American Midstream’s High Point and Destin pipelines. The company initially funded the purchase with borrowings from its senior secured credit facility, which will be repaid once the propane deal closes.

R: 78 / I: 19 / P: 2 [R] [G] [-]

Heinz unveils ‘Chicago Dog Sauce’ to get around city’s ‘no-ketchup’ rule

Heinz unveils ‘Chicago Dog Sauce’ to get around city’s ‘no-ketchup’ rule


>CHICAGO — Heinz unveiled a “new” sauce on Monday to get around Chicago’s strict “no ketchup on hotdogs” rule.

>Heinz’s new “Chicago Dog Sauce” is made with delicious red ripe tomatoes and a special blend of spices and flavorings. Sounds a lot like ketchup, doesn’t it? That’s because it is ketchup.

>Chicago Dog Sauce is available for a limited time at the suggested retail price of $5 plus shipping & handling at chicagodogsauce.com.

R: 40 / I: 4 / P: 2 [R] [G] [-]

Trump ignores Facist roaches assaulting commie burgers

The violence erupted on Tuesday shortly after President Donald Trump welcomed Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan to the Oval Office. In the midst of dueling pro- and anti-Erdogan protests outside the Turkish Ambassador’s residence, video captured by VOA shows a group of men in dark suits breaking through the line of police separating the two groups and rushing the anti-Erdogan protesters, some of whom carried flags in Kurdish colors and signs in support of jailed Kurdish political leader Selahattin Demirtas.

In Turkish, the VOA video identifies Erdogan’s security guards as participating in the fight, which was confirmed by the DC Metropolitan Police and the State Department. Some of the security guards were armed, which Metropolitan Police Chief Peter Newsham said made breaking up the fight “dicey.”

The State Department condemned the violence on Wednesday, saying that “violence is never an appropriate response to free speech, and we support the rights of people everywhere to free expression and peaceful protest.” They added that they are “communicating our concern to the Turkish government in the strongest possible terms.”

The DC Police issued a statement saying that, in conjunction with the Secret Service and the State Department, they intend to pursue charges against those involved. In a subsequent press conference, Newsham noted that diplomatic immunity could be an issue, but that it “won’t prevent us from doing what we need to do.”


R: 3 / I: 0 / P: 2 [R] [G] [-]

Britain to allow gay men and sex workers to donate blood


Britain will allow gay men and sex workers to give blood three months after the last time they had sexual intercourse, the National Health Service announced.

Gay men previously had to wait one year since the last time they had sex to donate blood, while sex workers were completely banned. The changes were made as part of a policy shift to be more inclusive of the LGBT community and sex workers after improvements have been made in blood-testing.

"This Government is committed to building an inclusive society that works for everyone, no matter what their gender or sexuality and today we're taking the next step forward," said Education Secretary Justine Greening, according to the Independent.

R: 14 / I: 3 / P: 2 [R] [G] [-]

Jake Paul > Pewdiepie


*dabs* *dabs* *dabs* *dabs* *dabs* *dabs* *dabs* *dabs* *dabs* *dabs* *dabs* *dabs* *dabs* *dabs* *dabs* *dabs* *dabs* *dabs* *dabs* *dabs* *dabs* *dabs* *dabs* *dabs* *dabs* *dabs* *dabs* *dabs* *dabs* *dabs* *dabs* *dabs* *dabs* *dabs* *dabs* *dabs* *dabs* *dabs* *dabs* *dabs* *dabs* *dabs* *dabs* *dabs* *dabs* *dabs* *dabs* *dabs* *dabs* *dabs* *dabs* *dabs* *dabs* *dabs* *dabs* *dabs* *dabs* *dabs* *dabs* *dabs* *dabs* *dabs* *dabs* *dabs* *dabs* *dabs* *dabs* *dabs* *dabs* *dabs* *dabs* *dabs* *dabs* *dabs* *dabs* *dabs* *dabs* *dabs* *dabs* *dabs* *dabs* *dabs* *dabs* *dabs* *dabs* *dabs* *dabs* *dabs* *dabs* *dabs* *dabs* *dabs* *dabs* *dabs* *dabs* *dabs* *dabs* *dabs* *dabs* *dabs* *dabs* *dabs* *dabs* *dabs* *dabs* *dabs* *dabs* *dabs*

R: 7 / I: 1 / P: 2 [R] [G] [-]

Two New Studies Confirm Common Insecticide Weakens Honeybee Hives

Two new studies confirm the danger of neonicotinoid insecticides.

>After years of back and forth speculation and conflicting studies from countries around the world, it seems fair to say neonicotinoids insecticides are causing dramatic weakening of honeybee hives. The “neonics” are a class of pesticide that has previously been linked to declines in bee populations.

Neonics were developed in 1991 and commercial use began in the mid-1990s. Around 2006, commercial beekeepers began reporting what is now known as colony collapse disorder — where entire colonies of bees die off with no obvious cause. The disorder has been reported in commercial colonies all over the world. Several studies have implicated neonics, which are used to kill insects harmful to crops. Two new studies seem to confirm the danger of the class of insecticides.

The first study involved researchers in Hungary, Britain, and Germany planting fields of rapeseed, which is commonly used as a cooking oil. Some of the fields were sown with seeds treated with neonicotinoids while others were planted with untreated seeds. The teams studied the bees from spring 2015 until the following spring.

Bayer and Syngenta, biotech corporations involved in the production of neonics, called the study “simplistic” and “inconsistent.”


R: 35 / I: 5 / P: 2 [R] [G] [-]

Indian Village Names Itself after Trump in Hopes of Receiving Free Toilets

Over 60% of the Indian population does not have access to toilets and still defecates in the open. That’s at least 780 million people. In the Indian village Marora, only 20 to 40 of the roughly 160 homes have toilets. In order to improve this unfortunate situation, the toilet-building charity Sulabh International decided to try and bring attention to the issue – by renaming the village to Trump Sulabh Village.

In return, Sulabh International promised to build free toilets and sanitation and hoped that the curiosity of being called Trump village would bring donations and more help to the village. "Such a step might spur rich people, companies and other donors to come forward and donate money," said the founder of the charity, Bindeshwar Pathak. The name change was to be purely symbolic and nothing official.

The villagers happily agreed, despite not quite knowing who President Trump is, because of the village’s need for toilets, as well as roads and a community hall.


R: 51 / I: 11 / P: 3 [R] [G] [-]

Fags helping fags:Eminem: Elton John got me off drugs

Eminem, while struggling with drug addiction and celebrity, found solace in an unexpected confidant, he revealed this week. The controversial rapper is "friends", it seems, with Sir Elton John.

"Me and him have had similar lives and stuff," Eminem explained in an interview with the Detroit Metro Times. "We became friends and I talk to him about things, career-wise."

Em and El didn't always seem so sympathetic, however. The artists' first meeting, at the 2001 Grammy awards, was spoiled by allegations of Eminem's homophobia. But flash forward eight years and Eminem calls Elton the musician he most looks to for support. "I talk to Elton a lot."

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The friendship became particularly important after the release of Eminem's last album, Encore, and the rapper's subsequent battle with drugs. Addicted to painkillers and after a near-fatal methadone overdose, Eminem rang up the man with the silly glasses – who had himself attended rehab in 1990.

"When I first wanted to get sober, I called [Elton] and spoke to him about it," Eminem said. "He's somebody who's in the business and can identify and relate to the lifestyle and how hectic things can be. He understands … the pressure and any other reasons that you want to come up with for doing drugs."

"I reached out to him and told him, 'Look, I'm going through a problem and I need your advice.'"

Elton's advice seems to have worked as Eminem now says he has been clean for a year.


R: 77 / I: 14 / P: 3 [R] [G] [-]

CRAWLLLIIINNNGGG INNN MYYY SKIIINNNNNNN: Linkin Park's Chester Bennington Hangs Himself - He's Dead!

12:32 PM PT – Law enforcement sources say Bennington was home alone at the time of the suicide. We're told his family was out of town and he was found upstairs by an employee.Linkin Park singer Chester Bennington has committed suicide.

Law enforcement sources tell us the singer hanged himself at a private residence in Palos Verdes Estates in L.A. County. His body was discovered Thursday just before 9 AM.

Chester was married with 6 children from 2 wives.

The singer struggled with drugs and alcohol for years. He had said in the past he had considered committing suicide because he had been abused (aka assraped) as a child by an older male.

Chester was very close with Chris Cornell, who himself committed suicide by hanging in May. Today would have been Cornell's 53rd birthday. Chester wrote an open letter to Chris on the day of Chris' suicide.

Cornell's wife, Vicky, tweeted out a message following the news of Chester's death, saying, "Just when I thought my heart couldn't break any more … I love you T."

The band has had a string of hits over the years, including "Faint," "In the End" and "Crawling." Linkin Park crossed music genres, collaborating with Jay-Z.

The band's album, "Meteora," was one of the biggest alternative albums in music history.

Bennington was 41.



R: 38 / I: 4 / P: 3 [R] [G] [-]

Reporter who broke the story of the Chicago Dyke March rounding up Jews is demoted for doing her job

The message is clear: Tell the truth about SJW fuckery, or disagree with their Muslim masters, and you'll lose your job.

>Award-Winning Journalist Who Broke Story of Jewish Women Barred From Chicago ‘Dyke March’ Removed From Reporting Duties



>Gretchen Rachel Hammond — whose June 24 story caused a national storm after she detailed how three women flying Jewish Pride flags embossed with the Star of David were instructed to leave the gathering by organizers from the Dyke March Collective — confirmed to The Algemeiner on Monday that while she was still employed by the paper, she was not presently engaged in its reporting and writing operations.

>“At this time, I have not been fired from Windy City Times, but I have been transferred to working full time for the sales department,” Hammond explained in an emailed statement. “The reasoning is an internal matter and I have been instructed not to comment about it even to close friends. Given my present situation, I must comply with this instruction.”

>The Algemeiner approached Hammond after a reader pointed out that her role at the Windy City Times had been abruptly switched. The reader said in an email that Hammond’s reporting had been blamed by the march organizers for the ensuing controversy, and went on to express “disgust” and “outrage” that Hammond had “been bullied and attacked” by individuals associated with the march, sometimes in an “antisemitic” manner.

>In her initial report on the march, Hammond quoted a member of the Dyke March Collective explaining that the Jewish women had been removed because their flags “made people feel unsafe” and that the event was “anti-Zionist” and “pro-Palestinian.” On June 28 — in her last article for the paper — Hammond conducted an extensive interview with Dyke March Collective activist Alexis Martinez, who was given ample space to present her argument that the march was “anti-Zionist,” and not “antisemitic.”

>During the interview, Martinez accused the Windy City Times of having “failed in its journalistic mission” for allegedly not contacting her before the paper revealed the removal of the Jewish women marchers.

R: 12 / I: 2 / P: 3 [R] [G] [-]

As Trump vows to bring back coal, Texan coal plant lays off 70 workers

Donald Trump's plan to bring back coal appeared to take a hit when a Texan power plant revealed it was making around 70 workers redundant because the fossil fuel not making money.

The US President said he had "ended the war on coal" last month as he vowed to dismantle "job-killing" Environmental Protection Agency regulations and put miners back to work.

He has outlined plans to shift the US away from renewable energy through proposed budget cuts after controversially withdrawing from the landmark Paris agreement on climate change on 1 June.


R: 40 / I: 6 / P: 3 [R] [G] [-]

Toronto man builds park stairs for $550, irking city after $65,000 estimate

A Toronto man who spent $550 building a set of stairs in his community park says he has no regrets, despite the city’s insistence that he should have waited for a $65,000 city project to handle the problem.


>Retired mechanic Adi Astl says he took it upon himself to build the stairs after several neighbours fell down the steep path to a community garden in Tom Riley Park, in Etobicoke, Ont. Astl says his neighbours chipped in on the project, which only ended up costing $550 – a far cry from the $65,000-$150,000 price tag the city had estimated for the job.

>“I thought they were talking about an escalator,” Astl told CTV News Channel on Wednesday.

>Astl says he hired a homeless person to help him and built the eight steps in a matter of hours.

>Astl’s wife, Gail Rutherford, says the stairs have already been a big help to people who routinely take that route through the park. “I’ve seen so many people fall over that rocky path that was there to begin with,” she said. “It’s a huge improvement over what was there.”

>Astl says members of his gardening group have been thanking him for taking care of the project, especially after one of them broke her wrist falling down the slope last year.

>“To me, the safety of people is more important than money,” Astl said. “So if the city is not willing to do it, I have to do it myself.”

>City bylaw officers have taped off the stairs while officials make a decision on what to do with it. However, Astl has not been charged with any sort of violation.

>Mayor John Tory acknowledged that the city estimate sounds “completely out of whack with reality” on Wednesday. However, he says that still doesn’t justify allowing private citizens to bypass city bylaws to build public structures themselves.

>“I think everyone will understand that it will be more than $550,” he said on Wednesday. “We just can’t have people decide to go out to Home Depot and build a staircase in a park because that’s what they would like to have.”

>Tory also cited safety and accessibility issues in terms of the staircase’s design. City inspectors have said the stairs are unsafe because the railing is unsafe, the incline is uneven and there is no foundation.

>The mayor says his staff have been asked to revisit the project and come up with a more realistic estimate, as the last one was based on projects in other parks.

>Area resident Dana Beamon told CTV Toronto she’s happy to have the stairs there, whether or not they are up to city standards.

>“We have far too much bureaucracy,” she said. “We don’t have enough self-initiative in our city, so I’m impressed.”

R: 10 / I: 2 / P: 3 [R] [G] [-]

I have left symbolic droppings': Girl repeatedly defecates on the floor and sink of a prestigious sc


A student at a prominent same-sex high school in Victoria has defecated on the floors  and sinks of the school's bathrooms in protest at the 's***' teachers.

The student was protesting over one male teacher at Mac.Robertson Girls High School in particular, who she says would decline to teach the class and instead wear headphones and watch his device.

She claims he would tell the class to 'read the textbook' or do a practice exam instead of teaching, leaving the young girl to learn on her own at home.

The random defecation at the Albert Park school began in February, and on Monday the girl posted an open letter around the school, explaining herself.

The teachers are s*, so I have left symbolic droppings of what the education is like at this school. Cr,' she wrote. 

Other students echoed her concerns to News Corp, noting their academic performance was a positive reflection on the students, not the teachers.

R: 33 / I: 8 / P: 3 [R] [G] [-]

Study Finds Fast Food Litteraly Has Trace Amounts of Feces

All fast food lovers of the world, beware. Next time you get a craving for fast food you might want to reconsider.

BBC’s Watchdog show has shocking news for all, especially fast food restaurant-goers as they found traces of faecal matter or poop in the ice of randomly-selected branches of leading fast food restaurant giants KFC, Burger King and McDonald’s.

Investigators of the show checked for coliforms in the drinking water and ice at three branches of McDonald’s, six samples from Burger King, and seven branches of KFC.

Safe practice dictates that there should be zero levels of bacteria in drinking water. But gross and disgusting as this may seem- four of the samples of ice from Burger King and five from KFC were discovered to contain ‘significant’ levels of coliforms. An expert said the shocking revelations is ‘extremely worrying.’

The concerned restaurants quickly responded to the findings of Watchdog. KFC shut down the ice machines in question in order to have its own inspection. It also said that it had reinforced the importance of adhering to strict procedures to all employees.

KFC spokesman said: “We are awaiting the results of independent testing of the ice that will confirm they are back up to the standards we expect. To reassure customers, we have also inspected and cleaned the ice machines in all other restaurants across the UK.”

Burger King, for its part, promised to emphasize standards and training procedures for employees.

Lastly, McDonald’s shared that they would be ‘happy to work with relevant industry bodies on ensuring a standard for ice contamination.’



R: 72 / I: 12 / P: 3 [R] [G] [-]

Trump gets new toy

“A little advice, Mr. President, a good rule to live by: If you’re going to go after a woman’s appearance, first make sure you’re not a fat old man with orange face paint pretending to be a blond at the age of 71.”

“Morning Joe is in a twitter feud with the Real Housewife of Pennsylvania Avenue,” Maher said at the top of tonight’s Real Time With Bill Maher on HBO. Quoting the president’s low-bar tweet about MSNBC’s Mika Brzezinski (“She was bleeding badly from a face-lift”), Maher said, “That slapping sound you heard yesterday was the entire country going…”, then did a forehead slap.


R: 23 / I: 9 / P: 3 [R] [G] [-]

The door has closed on the James Webb Space Telescope (JWST).

James Webb: Swallowing the biggest space telescope


>The successor to Hubble has been locked tight inside a giant chamber where it will undergo a series of tests to simulate conditions off Earth.

>Engineers must first pump out all the air, and then chill down the telescope to fantastically low temperatures.

>In about 30 days' time, they should be ready to start the checks that ensure JWST's spectacular mirrors can focus light properly.

>"The operational temperature on orbit is about 30 kelvins - 30 degrees above absolute zero; but we're going to test JWST to slightly lower," explains Juli Lander, a US space agency (Nasa) engineer on the project.

>"We're going to see if we can push on the hardware and the instruments a bit to give us a little margin on orbit," she told BBC News.

>JWST is on track to be launched on a European Ariane rocket in just over a year from now. It will carry technologies capable of peering even deeper into space than Hubble - to detect the light coming from the very first stars to shine in the Universe.

>The development phase it has now entered at the Johnson Space Center in Texas is its final thermal-vacuum test; and this will confirm Webb does not have "a Hubble problem".

>If you remember when the veteran space telescope first went into orbit in 1990, it had difficulty focussing images of the sky because its monolithic primary mirror was ever so slightly misshapen. Visiting astronauts had to fit corrective optics to the observatory - to, in effect, give Hubble a set of spectacles.

>JWST is designed in such a way that the same mistake cannot be repeated - but the systems that should guarantee its perfect vision must first be demonstrated in the extreme conditions they will experience in space

>Lander explains: "One of the lessons from Hubble was if you have one big mirror then you could have a problem. Whereas on JWST, we have 18 separate mirror segments and each mirror has motors on the back that we can then align to make all the mirror segments perfectly in focus."

>Fibre optics will feed light to different parts of the telescope to see how the mirrors bounce the signal into Webb's four instruments.

>An important goal of the coming weeks is to calibrate all of the optical systems - to have a benchmark against which engineers can begin to understand and troubleshoot any anomalies that might occur when Webb is stationed at its observing position some 1.5 million km from Earth.

>Once it fully gets going, the Johnson testing regime should last about a month. It will then take another month for the telescope to be brought back up to ambient conditions, to allow the door of the 17m-high chamber - built originally to run the rule over Apollo hardware - to be opened.

R: 50 / I: 13 / P: 3 [R] [G] [-]

Globalist John McCain Diagnosed With Malignant Brain Tumor

U.S. Sen. John McCain revealed Wednesday evening that he has a brain tumor.

The announcement follows a procedure to remove a blood clot from above his left eye at the Mayo Clinic Hospital in Phoenix last Friday, where a pathology report revealed the glioblastoma, a malignant brain tumor.

Treatment options may include a combination of chemotherapy and radiation.

A statement from McCain said that the senator’s doctors say he is recovering from his surgery, but it is unclear when the 80-year-old Republican would return to the Senate.

"Further consultations with Senator McCain's Mayo Clinic care team will indicate when he will return to the United States Senate," the statement read.

Because glioblastomas can grow rapidly, the most common symptoms are usually caused by increased pressure in the brain. These symptoms can include headache, nausea, vomiting, and drowsiness.

Depending on the location of the tumor, patients can develop a variety of other symptoms such as weakness on one side of the body, memory and/or speech difficulties, and visual changes, according to the American Brain Tumor Association website.



R: 4 / I: 1 / P: 3 [R] [G] [-]

U.S. Tightening of Stance on Foreign Deals a Blow to China

A secretive panel that reviews foreign companies seeking to invest in America is taking a harder look at future deals.


The Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States, or CFIUS, has objected to at least nine acquisitions of U.S. companies by foreign buyers so far this year according to people familiar with the matter. That’s a historically high number that bodes poorly for China's overseas buying spree.

Chinese companies and investors eyeing U.S. assets could face more roadblocks as a result, at a time when the Chinese government is also restricting the flow of capital out of China following a bonanza of Chinese overseas deals. There have been 87 announced acquisitions of U.S. companies by Chinese firms so far in 2017, the highest on record and up from 77 deals in the corresponding period in 2016.

CFIUS's more conservative stance toward deals coincides with growing political and economic tensions between the United States and China. On Wednesday the two countries failed to agree on major new steps to reduce the U.S. trade deficit with China.

Since the start of the year, CFIUS has sent letters to companies involved in at least nine deals to say they would be blocked based on measures they have proposed to address potential national security risks, the people familiar said.

Many of these deals are in the technology sector, the sources said. A rise in cyber security threats and rapid advances in technology makes it more difficult to establish whether a deal poses any threat, lawyers who represent companies before CFIUS said. An initial objection by the watchdog does not necessarily kill the deal immediately. Some companies this year have chosen to keep their CFIUS filings alive by proposing new mitigation measures, while others have pulled their applications and canceled their deals, the people said. They asked not be identified because iteractions between CFIUS and the companies are confidential.

>"CFIUS decisions are highly sensitive and we are not going to comment on rumors of their outcome," a White House spokeswoman said.

A spokesman at the Treasury Department declined to comment. Treasury leads CFIUS with Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin serving as chairman.

Most of the deals that CFIUS has sought to block this year have not been announced. Among the companies that have disclosed they have withdrawn their CFIUS applications and canceled their deals are U.S. electronics maker Inseego Corp, which tried to sell its MiFi mobile hotspot business to Chinese smartphone maker TCL Industries Holdings, and Texas oil producer ExL Petroleum Management LLC, which sought to sell its assets to Russian billionaire Mikhail Fridman's L1 Energy. CFIUS is on track to review a record-setting 250 to 300 transactions in 2017, according to Anne Salladin, a CFIUS expert with the law firm Stroock and Stroock and Lavan LLP - up sharply from 147 deals in 2014.

R: 6 / I: 1 / P: 3 [R] [G] [-]

Trump Administration Cracking Down On Voter Fraud: Protecting The Ballot Box Is Key Goal

President Trump has repeatedly claimed that millions of people vote illegally in American elections, and he hopes the White House’s commission on electoral integrity — which held its inaugural meeting Wednesday — eventually finds what the president described as the “full truth.”

The 12-person commission is headed by Vice President Mike Pence and Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach serves as its vice-chair. Like Trump, Kobach has previously brought up the issue of non-citizen voting. However, Pence said repeatedly throughout Wednesday’s meeting that the commission “has no preconceived notions or preordained results.”

The vice president described the members of the commission as “fact-finders.” One of the inaugural moves by the commission has been to request that all 50 states and the District of Columbia provide the federal government information about registered voters, including what elections they have voted in and whether they have been convicted of a crime.

Over 30 states have said they intend to comply with the request, according to Pence.

Several states, however, continue to refuse to comply with the commission’s request. President Trump remarked, “What are they worried about? There’s something. There always is.”

Many of the states that have refused the request for information have cited privacy concerns as the reason behind their refusal.

The administration’s focus on voter fraud has typically rested on the idea of illegal immigrants going to the ballot box. White House senior adviser Stephen Miller said in a February television appearance, “We know for a fact, you have massive numbers of non-citizens registered to vote in this country.”

The commission won’t only focus on non-citizen voting. Kobach and the commission agreed to have staff look into elections decided by close margins, automatic voter registration, resources for prosecuting election crimes, what databases states are using to check their voter rolls, whether U.S. Attorney offices are sharing conviction information, and how online registration or not having registration at all are working for states that use these methods.

The commission will identify threats to voting integrity and then deliver recommendations to the president, and will have four more meetings in the next nine months. “We have no choice. If we want to make America great again, we have to protect the integrity of the vote and our voters,” Trump said. “I look forward to the findings and recommendations your report will produce, and I share your report as soon as I can and as soon as possible with the American people so the full truth will be known and exposed, if necessary, in the light of day.”



R: 37 / I: 5 / P: 3 [R] [G] [-]

Good! ICE Adding Officers in Uncooperative Jurisdictions to Arrest Released Criminal Aliens

U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) executives are reallocating resources to increase enforcement efforts in “uncooperative jurisdictions” where criminal aliens are released back onto the streets by local jail officials.

Acting ICE Director Thomas D. Homan said he is going to deploy more officers and agents to “sanctuary cities” to arrest illegal criminals, the Washington Examiner reported. In an interview with the Examiner, praised the focus on law enforcement from President Donald Trump saying, “What this president has done is taken the handcuffs off of law enforcement officers who are charged with enforcing immigration laws.”

He said the president’s focus resulted in a 70 percent drop of border apprehensions, leaving immigration officers to place more emphasis on interior enforcement against criminal aliens. He said his focus is now on finding criminal aliens locked up in jails, illegally working jobs, and those on the run from law enforcement.

The Examiner reported that a “key target” is the 300-plus sanctuary cities and counties that refuse to cooperate with ICE officials on detainer requests. Director Homan blasted these jurisdictions saying “In the America I grew up in, cities didn’t shield people who violated the law.” Amen!

ICE officials clarified the director’s comments and said they are not planning an operation involving the sanctuary cities. “As Director Homan stated, uncooperative jurisdictions have a higher rate of criminal alien releases than in places that honor ICE detainers,” an ICE official told Breitbart Texas on condition of anonymity. “As a result, ICE is forced to focus additional resources to conduct at-large arrests in the field in these non-cooperative areas.”

The official said it is less about the political battle of sanctuary cities and more about applying law enforcement resources to address higher numbers of criminal aliens released from jail.

“I’m going to arrest him and anybody else with him because there is no population off the table any more. So if you really want to tap down the fear in the immigrant community, I would think the counties would want me in their jails,” he explained. “We’re going to enforce the laws on the books without apology, we’ll continue to prioritize what we do. But it’s not OK to violate the laws of this country anymore, you’re going to be held accountable.” THANK YOU AND GOD BLESS AMERICA!



R: 7 / I: 0 / P: 3 [R] [G] [-]

Poland's Most Powerful Politician Says No More Migrants

As the migrant crisis intensifies all across Europe, many politicians have refused to acknowledge the increase in crime that accompanies mass migration.

From Sweden’s Prime Minister, Stefan Löfven, to Germany’s Angela Merkel, it seems that the vast majority of European politicians are pandering to the onslaught of migrants, opening up their borders to everyone and anyone, while simultaneously betraying their very own people.

One European politician, however, has taken a firm stance against mass immigration.

Poland’s former Prime Minister, Jarosław Kaczyński, recently gave an impassioned speech at a party convention 60 miles south of Warsaw, firmly exclaiming that Poland has a right to refuse any and all refugees for the sake of protecting and preserving its own people.

Mr. Kaczyński, a longtime critic of the European Union, is often cited as Poland’s most powerful politician, due to his position as head of the Law and Justice party, abbreviated as PiS.

PiS is Poland’s equivalent to the United States’ far right – they’re a right-wing populist, national-conservative, Christian democrat party, which advocates for the prioritization of Poland’s citizens before anyone else. Some have compared them to the “Alt-right,” a group which advocates for European-only migrants, in order to preserve Western culture, while others have said that they’re merely concerned with self-preservation.

“We have not exploited the countries from which these refugees are coming,” Mr. Kaczyński said at a party convention in Przysucha. “We have a full moral right to say no!” the ex-Prime Minister proclaimed, to which the crowd erupted in applause.

Some of the more left-leaning parties have criticized the former Prime Minister for being overly callous, claiming that he’s ignoring the masses of impoverished and uneducated asylum-seekers reigning from North Africa and the Middle East. They accuse him of taking the European Union’s funds, without following its orders.

Mr. Kaczyński, however, disagrees – while he is thankful for the EU’s funding, he believes that Poland must prioritize its own people above all else. “The fact that we appreciate [the funds that the EU gives us],” he said, “does not mean that we have lost the right to various assessments, including those regarding the historical context.”

While there are certain many Poles that disagree with the far-right leader, an overwhelming majority of Poland’s citizens have chosen to side with the former Prime Minister.

Until now, many Americans have worried that Europe has surrendered to the masses of Islamic refugees fleeing their war-torn home countries, but with The Czech Republic and Poland taking a firm stance against “refugees,” many believe that Europe now has a fighting chance to survive.



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/newsplus/ is dying

It's all Going south for /newplus/

It's dying, Jimbo has not paid his lady boys any money for their "services" in a while and despite having many advantages newpus is going down

Goldwater.com, the jewish site which is jim's blog is being devastated also.

The user base is down to 77 as of July 20

The Goldwater Endorses Maxine Waters for President


The rumors are swirling. Maxine Waters, the illustrious Representative from California may be considering a run for the presidency. She's already laid out some conditions. She's only going to run if, and only if, Millenials want her to. Sounds like a solid platform. …


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More money out of Africa each yr in the form of debt to porky, than goes into Africa in aid

The Conspiracy Against Africa

Africa is a mess and it’s not going to get better any time soon. That’s the awful truth that’s so hard to face—or to state publicly—for those of us who have had a long, intimate relationship with the continent. Mine has lasted for almost forty-five years. But from the very start, my experiences in Africa began conflicting with my hopes, indicating trouble afoot, foretelling that our utopian dreams were going to lead to crushing disappointments. Of course, we should have known what the entire twentieth century taught: that all utopian dreams fail, not least those wrapped in progressive rhetoric. Still, the reality in so much of Africa has been infinitely more appalling than anything we might have feared.


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Socialist Corporate Welfare Wreckage: Solar, Wind Industries Dying As Subsidies Dry Up

See if you can work out what these recent stories from around the world have in common:

This one (from PV Tech): https://archive.fo/q0Qxd

Up to 100 solar PV firms in Japan could face bankruptcy this year, with more than double the number of firms going bust in the first half of this year than the same period in 2016.

While the market overall has rapidly expanded from the launch of the feed-in tariff (FiT) in July 2012, Teikoku Databank acknowledged that there has been a slowdown in deployment in the past couple of years as the government successively made cuts of 10% or more on an annual basis to the premium prices paid for solar energy fed into the grid.

This one (from Power): https://archive.fo/p6Fj9

Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy officials told employees of a wind turbine manufacturing plant in Tillsonburg, Ontario the plant would shut down by 2018.

The company blamed changes in the global wind market, including competition and cost pressures, for the closure.

CBC noted that Siemens received a $673 million contract with the Ontario government for 140 wind turbines in 2014, though the next year Ontario Energy Minister Glenn Thibeault cancelled future renewable energy contracts to lower electricity costs, with the province subsequently announcing it would not need more wind turbines for at least another decade.

And this one (from Motor1 News): https://archive.fo/1dgQ8

Following Hong Kong’s decision to reduce incentives for electric vehicles, sales of Tesla vehicles in the country plummeted. The local government slashed a tax break for electric vehicles on April 1, which resulted in no Model S or Model X deliveries during the whole month. Data from Hong Kong's Transportation Department also reveals only five privately owned electric vehicles were sold in May.

While this collapse might seem like an insignificant local phenomenon, it actually affects the global sales of the company. During Q1, Tesla registered record sales of more than 25,000 units globally, but in the next three months deliveries fell to just over 22,000 as a result of Hong Kong’s slump. Also, the collapse reveals once again how sensitive the automaker’s performance can be to government incentive programs.

Yes. That’s right. Slowly, like a leech starved of blood, the renewable energy industry is withering away and dying. It can only survive through government enforced subsidies or bribe-incentives. Once those dry up, so does its trade.

Without taxpayer handouts (corporate welfare), these industries are insolvent.


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US, Canada and Mexico Ready To Renegotiate NAFTA (Before Trump Takes An Axe To It)

US, Mexican and Canadian trade officials plan to hold seven rounds of talks at three-week intervals in a bid to wrap up the renegotiation of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) rapidly, Mexican sources familiar with the situation said.

If successful, such a tight schedule could allow talks to finish by early next year, lowering the risk that the process could be politicized by Mexico's July 2018 presidential election.

The two Mexican officials, who asked not to be identified because of the sensitivity of the issue, said the three nations had agreed on the seven round time timetable with three-week intervals.

One of the Mexican officials said the aim was to conclude the NAFTA talks before the election campaign was in full swing.

Negotiations to upgrade the accord that underpins over a trillion dollars of trilateral trade between the United States, Mexico and Canada are due to begin from Aug. 16 at a pace that was described as "very aggressive" by one of the Mexican officials.

A well-placed Canadian source familiar with discussions said the United States had proposed the schedule, but could not confirm whether an agreement had been reached on the timetable.

U.S. administration officials said Mexico had asked for the negotiations to be completed by the end of the year before the Mexican presidential election heats up.

U.S. President Donald Trump's trade czar, Robert Lighthizer, has said he hopes the negotiations could be wrapped up by the end of the year, while noting, however, that he was not prepared to set a deadline for the talks.

Lighthizer, the U.S. Trade Representative and by U.S. rules the chief NAFTA negotiator, said in June that completing the negotiations by the year end was a "very, very quick time frame and we're not going to have a bad agreement to save time."

Trump has pushed for a renegotiation of NAFTA, threatening to dump it if he cannot rework the accord to the benefit of the United States. He argues it has fueled a trade deficit with Mexico and cost thousands of U.S. jobs.



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You Won't Believe This Stupid, Blatantly Anti-capitalist, New Legislation Against Cash And Bitcoin

This one is almost too ridiculous to believe.

Recently a new bill was introduced on the floor of the US Senate entitled, pleasantly,

“Combating Money Laundering, Terrorist Financing, and Counterfeiting Act of 2017.”

You can probably already guess its contents: Cash is evil. Bitcoin is evil.

Now they’ve gone so far to include prepaid mobile phones, retail gift vouchers, or even electronic coupons. Evil, evil, and evil.

These people are certifiably insane.

Among the bill’s sweeping provisions, the government aims to greatly extend its authority to seize your assets through “Civil Asset Forfeiture”.

Civil Asset Forfeiture rules allow the government to take whatever they want from you, without a trial or any due process.

This new bill adds a laundry list of offenses for which they can legally seize your assets… all of which pertain to money laundering and other financial crimes.

Here’s the thing, though: they’ve also vastly expanded on the definition of such ‘financial crimes’, including failure to fill out a form if you happen to be transporting more than $10,000 worth of ‘monetary instruments’.

Have too much cash? You’d better tell the government.

If not, they’re authorizing themselves in this bill to seize not just the money you didn’t report, but ALL of your assets and bank accounts.

They even go so far as to specifically name “safety deposit boxes” among the various assets that they can seize if you don’t fill out the form.

This is unbelievable on so many levels.

It’s crazy to begin with that these people are so consumed by the fact that someone has $10,000 in cash.

But it’s even crazier that they’re threatening to take EVERYTHING that you own merely for not filling out a piece of paper, without any due process whatsoever.

Oh, and on top of civil asset forfeiture penalties, there are also criminal penalties. So this bill aims to double the criminal penalty to TEN years in prison.

And if that weren’t enough, this bill also gives them with new authority to engage in surveillance and wiretapping (including phone, email, etc.) if they have even a hint of suspicion that you might be transporting excess ‘monetary instruments’.

Usually wiretapping authority is reserved for major crimes like kidnapping, human trafficking, felony fraud, etc.

The bill also attempts to drop a major bomb on Bitcoin by including it in the list of monetary instruments that must be reported when entering or leaving the US.



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United Nations Proudly Flaunts Plans For White Genocide On Their Own Website

The UN plans to replace USA, the UK, all of Europe, the Republic of Korea, Russia and Japan populations with MUSLIM migrants ASAP! THEY’RE NOT EVEN HIDING IT ANYMORE!

The United Nations has a solution for the problem of the declining birthrates and aging populations. The issue will be fixed by an influx of Muslim refugees.

First, they take virtually all disposable income from people through taxation.

Second, they kill the economy and drive up housing and education expenses, forcing responsible people to delay marriage and reduce birthrates.

Third, they subsidize the reproduction of irresponsible people.

Fourth, import illiterate immigrants and pay them to reproduce in America.

Fifth, promote class divisions and pit the poor against anyone that opposes them.

Finally, they wait for the majority to become a class of people who rely on government for their very survival and we fix the rules to secure ourselves as the permanent ruling class.



United Nations projections indicate that over the next 50 years, the populations of virtually all countries of Europe as well as Japan will face population decline and population ageing. The new challenges of declining and ageing populations will require comprehensive reassessments of many established policies and programmes, including those relating to international migration.

Focusing on these two striking and critical population trends, the report considers replacement migration for eight low-fertility countries (France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Republic of Korea, Russian Federation, United Kingdom and United States) and two regions (Europe and the European Union). Replacement migration refers to the international migration that a country would need to offset population decline and population ageing resulting from low fertility and mortality rates.

The United Nations now needs to be declared an enemy of America, immediately removed and sanctioned from all Western nations and allies! If the US military cared about it's fellow citizens, they would immediately carpet bomb the UN.



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Good! Trump Ends CIA Program Funding Islamic Terrorists In Syria

Today President Trump officially decided to end the Obama and CIA program which armed ‘moderate’ rebels in Syria who inevitably joined ISIS or unleashed terror on native Syrians, according to a new report.

The United States support for rebels fighting against Syrian President Bashar Assad was an establishment backed and controversial policy which consisted of rhino conservatives like Senators John McCain and Lindsey Graham and was forced into action by former President Obama in the country as recently as last fall.

Former President Barack Obama began the weapons shipments in 2013 and a GOP-led Congress at the time eased restrictions on the program in 2016 in order to please their globalist financiers.

The two United Nations voices of Russia and Turkey, a NATO ally, have both accused the United States of backing terrorist groups. In fact many of groups which were armed ended up as splinter cells of either Al Qaeda or the Islamic State, fighting against Americans and Coalition Forces with the very weapons the United States gave them.

"Officials said the phasing out of the secret program reflects Trump's interest in finding ways to work with Russia, which saw the anti-Assad program as an assault on its interests," according to the Washington Post, which first reported the move. "The shuttering of the program is also an acknowledgment of Washington's limited leverage and desire to remove Assad from power."

Russia has on countless occasions denounced United States support for the rebel groups involved in the civil war, accusing the U.S. of invoking a "hostile act" against the sovereign nation of Syria.

Along with countless bombing campaigns by Israel, the United States under the Obama Administration was accused also of trying to block a joint effort with Russia to eliminate the Islamic State.

In fact, Israel has admitted to giving direct funding, food, fuel and medical supplies to the rebels to keep Isis and Iranian-allied forces in neighboring civil war at bay away from the Israeli border.

"Overall, it appears that the Authorization Act has been adopted by the outgoing Obama administration to create problems for the incoming Trump administration and complicate its relations on the international stage, as well as to force it to adopt an anti-Russia policy," Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said in December. "We hope the new administration will be more sagacious."

President Trump's decision to end the clearly joint intelligence agency subversion of Syria will likely irritate the lawmakers who voted for the 2016 defense bill, the very elected officials like McCain and Graham that Trump supporters adamantly despise.



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US Military Establishment Study Admits The American Empire Is Collapsing

US Military Establishment Study Admits The American Empire Is Collapsing

BEST BE PREPARED: >>>/truthexpo/3



A new study conducted by members of the U.S. military establishment has concluded that the U.S.-led international global order established after World War II is “fraying” and may even be “collapsing” as the U.S. continues to lose its position of “primacy” in world affairs.


“In brief, the sta­tus quo that was hatched and nurtured by U.S. strategists after World War II and has for decades been the principal ‘beat’ for DoD is not merely fraying but may, in fact, be collapsing,” the report states.

The report, published in June by the U.S. Army War College’s Strategic Studies Institute, evaluated the Department of Defense’s (DOD) approach to risk assessment at all levels of Pentagon policy planning. The study was supported and sponsored by the U.S. Army’s Strategic Plans and Policy Directorate; the Joint Staff, J5 (Strategy and Policy Branch); the Office of the Deputy Secretary of Defense for Strategy and Force Develop­ment; and the Army Study Program Management Office.

Imperial hubris

As explained by Nathan Freier, the project director and principal author of the report, the U.S. and its defense establishment “are stumbling through a period of hypercompetition.” From Freier’s point of view, the current era is marred with furious battles for positional advantage at a number of levels, whether national, transnational, or extra-national. Freier explains that America’s failure to cope is the result of “hubris,” which is reminiscent of Imperial Hubris, a book by Michael Scheuer, the former head of the CIA’s bin Laden unit. Imperial Hubris also warned the U.S. about the very controversial and hubristic reasons it was losing the war on terror (hubris means “exaggerated pride or self-confidence,” according to Merriam-Webster).

Technically, the report does not officially represent the Pentagon, though it does represent the “collective wisdom” of those consulted – including a number of Pentagon officials and prominent think tanks such as the American Enterprise Institute, the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS), the RAND Corporation, and the Institute for the Study of War.

Nevertheless, the report involved consultation with key agencies across the DoD and the Armed Forces and encouraged the U.S. government to invest more heavily in surveillance, better propaganda through “strategic manipulation” of public opinion, and a “wider and more flexible” U.S. military. The report states:

“While as a rule, U.S. leaders of both political parties have consistently committed to the maintenance of U.S. military superiority over all potential state rivals, the post-primacy reality demands a wider and more flexible military force that can generate ad­vantage and options across the broadest possible range of military demands. To U.S. political leadership, maintenance of military advantage preserves maximum freedom of action… Finally, it allows U.S. decision-makers the opportunity to dictate or hold significant sway over outcomes in international disputes in the shadow of significant U.S. military capability and the implied promise of unac­ceptable consequences in the event that capability is unleashed.”

The year-long study concluded that the DoD should discard its outdated risk conventions and change how it describes, identifies, assesses, and communicates strategic-level and risk-based choices. As investigative journalist Nafeez Ahmed observed, these are the very strategies that have led to the U.S.’ declining power in the first place. Further enacting these failed strategies will only exacerbate the problem and demonstrates America’s refusal to go down without a fight.

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Immigrant Blackie Cop Who Randomly Executed White Yoga Instructor Chick is Avoiding Investigators

Mohamed Mohamed Noor

>Age 31

<Current Address:

>2400 Elliot Ave #320

>Minneapolis, MN 55404-3983

<Email Address:

>[email protected]

The Minneapolis police officer who fatally shot a woman who called 911 for help has refused to be interviewed by authorities, according to the Minnesota Department of Public Safety.

Officer Mohamed Noor shot 40-year-old Justine Ruszczyk, who also went by her fiancee's last name of Damond, in the abdomen as she stood in the alley behind her home and told the Bureau of Criminal Apprehension that we will not consent to an interview about the incident.

The BCA is conducting the investigation into the shooting at the request of the MPD.

"Officer Noor has declined to be interviewed by BCA agents at this time. Officer Noor's attorney did not provide clarification on when, if ever, an interview would be possible," said the statement.

But Officer Matthew Harrity, the other officer who was in the squad car when Noor opened fire, has been interviewed.

According to the MDPS statement, Noor and Harrity were nearing the location of the eventual shooting when "Officer Harrity indicated that he was startled by a loud sound near the squad. Immediately afterward Ruszczyk approached the driver's side window of the squad. Harrity indicated that Officer Noor discharged his weapon, striking Ruszczyk through the open driver's side window."

The MDPS statement did not indicate whether Harrity gave a rationale for the shooting.

It went on to say that the two officers saw an "18-25 year old white male" bicycling near the scene prior to the shooting, who had stopped to watch the officers provide medical assistance to Ruszczyk. The BCA said it would like to speak to that person as part of its investigation, but that it had no further scheduled interviews to conduct at this time.

Both Noor and Harrity are on paid administrative leave.

Few details have been released about the fatal shooting, other than that she was unarmed and both officers did not have their body cameras on.

The shooting has inspired protests in Minneapolis and Ruszczyk's family has asked for more transparency and immediate action.

"My mom is dead because the police officer shot her for reasons I don't know and I demand answers," said her stepson, Zac Damond. "And if anybody can help just call the police and demand answers."

It has also gained attention in Ruszczyk's native Australia.

"This particular case is so bizarre. People are gripped by the story," said Andy Ruzgar of 5AA Radio in South Australia, reported the Minneapolis Star Tribune.



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Teenage Girl Protects Herself And Home From Burgler With Her Father's Gun

The 17-year-old girl, who used one of her father’s gun to stop a home intrusion Monday morning, told Breitbart News she was able to handle herself confidently because the gun gave her “the upper hand.”

Breitbart News reported that Kimber Wood was home alone when her boyfriend called and alerted her that a burglary suspect might be headed right for her. Kimber called her dad, asked if she could use a gun, then grabbed one and put it under her pillow after he said yes.

Soon, the suspect was in the house, and Kimber pointed the gun in his face and told him to get out. KHQ reported that Kimber ran outside and “fired one shot into the ground” as the suspect fled.

On July 19, Breitbart News talked to Kimber about this event and asked her if she felt confident once she had the gun in her hand. She said, “I knew how to use the gun, and it gave me a peace of mind that I had the upper hand and I was going to be safe.”

Kimber explained that she grew up shooting with her family and learning how to use firearms:

From about the age of six of seven, I was always out in our backyard with my grandpa, my dad, my brother — our family — target practicing. I’d sit there and watch and learn how they prepared themselves and how they used the guns. When I got to the age where my father thought I could use one myself, I tried it and I knew it was something that I needed to keep learning about. I knew guns could be dangerous things, but if I knew how to use one, I would be okay. So weekends we’d go out and shoot, come back and have lunch, then go back out and shoot some more.

Kimber’s dad, Lenny, added, “She was raised around guns, and from the time that she could understand, I drilled into them muzzle control, gun safety, every gun’s loaded, just like every parent across this country ought to do for their child.”



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Highrise: How This CIA Malware Spies And Steals User Data Using SMS

RELATED: >>>/realnews/2003

The latest WikiLeaks Vault 7 leak deals with an Android malware that doesn’t need the internet to talk to the CIA servers and spy on the users. Named Highrise, this malware acts as an SMS proxy to send stolen data. Highrise works on Android version 4.0-4.3; it’s installed under the name TideCheck.

Last week, we wrote about the CIA’s implants BothanSpy and Gyrfalcon, which stole SSH credentials from Windows and Linux machines. The next addition to these ongoing WikiLeaks Vault 7 leaks is an Android malware named Highrise.

What sets Highrise apart from most of the previously leaked tools is its ability to steal data from a user’s smartphone and transmit it to the CIA host without the need of the internet. The Highrise malware does this by the means of SMS proxy.

What is Highrise malware? What are its capabilities?

According to the user guide leaked by WikiLeaks, the version 2.0 release of Highrise malware took place on Dec. 16th, 2013, and it was ported to Android 4.0-4.3, i.e., Android Ice Cream Sandwich and Jelly Bean. If CIA is still using this tool to spy on suspects, it will make perfect sense for them to have ported Highrise to newer versions.

The brief overview of Highrise Android malware calls it an Android application which is designed for mobile devices and acts as a redirector function for SMS. Precisely, Highrise is an SMS proxy that allows CIA to listen to the targets by maintaining a greater separation.

Some of the highlight features of Highrise malware are:

1. Proxy “incoming” SMS messages received by HighRise host to an internet server

2. Send “outgoing” SMS messages via the route of HighRise host

3. Establish a channel between the HighRise field operator and server

4. TLS/SSL secure communications

The manual for v2.0 mentions that the newer versions of Android (Android 4.0 and newer) don’t allow applications to register the handset events immediately after the installation. So, the Highrise malware app must be manually run once.

In the list of apps, Highrise is listed as TideCheck app. To activate it manually, as mentioned above, one must tap on it to start and enter the password in the prompt. The password is ‘inshallah.’

After the configuration, Highrise can be used to send short messages from the Highrise host to the CIA server. It keeps running in the background and starts when a person’s phone is powered on.



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5 New CIA Malware Unveiled By WikiLeaks: HTTPBrowser, NfLog, Regin, HammerLoss, Gamker

RELATED: >>>/realnews/2003

As a part of the ongoing CIA Vault 7 series, WikiLeaks has published some new documents. The leaks share details regarding CIA’s partnership with Raytheon Blackbird Technologies, which helped CIA with insights into the malware development. The documents also briefly describe 5 CIA-Raytheon malware and their attack vectors.

Since early 2017, whistleblower website WikiLeaks has been publishing secret CIA documents and the malware used by them to take control of all sort of electronic devices. In the ongoing Vault 7 series, WikiLeaks has recently published documents from CIA contractor Raytheon Blackbird Technologies.

The leaked documents were submitted to the CIA between 21st Nov 2014 and 11th Sep 2015. The documents submitted by Raytheon contained proof-of-concept assessments for malware attack vectors.

It should be noted that Raytheon acted as a technology scout for CIA’s Remote Development Branch (RDB). The scout made recommendations to the CIA teams for further research and malware development.

So, without further delay, let’s tell you about the 5 CIA-Raytheon malware described in the leaked documents:

1. HTTPBrowser RAT

The first document gives an introduction to a new variant of the HTTPBrowser Remote Access Tool (RAT). The malware’s dropper has a zip file that contains 3 files. This RAT captures keystrokes and writes it to a file. It continuously talks to the C&C (command and control) server in clear text communications.

2. NfLog

NfLog RAT is also known as IsSpace. This new malware variant is deployed using the leaked Hacking Team Adobe Flash exploit which uses CVE 2015-5122. For C&C communications, NfLog also uses the Google App Engine. By using UAC bypass technique, it attempts UAC bypass and privilege escalation on Windows operating system.

3. Reign

Reign is a sophisticated malware sample that has been in use as early as 2008, with its new iteration appearing in 2013. What makes Reign special is its modular architecture that grants flexibility to the attackers. It also features the capability to hide itself from detection. The attack via Reign is carried out in 5 stages, with the last granting functionalities like file system access, networking, event logging, port loading, rootkit functions, etc.

4. HammerToss

HammerToss is probably a Russian-sponsored malware. It leverages compromised websites, GitHub, Twitter accounts, and cloud storage for taking care of the C&C functions. Written in C#, HammerToss uses a dedicated program to create new Twitter accounts and use them to execute commands and get the data uploaded by the victim.

5. Gamker

Gamker is an information stealing Trojan that uses the process of self-code injection to make sure that nothing is written to disk. Gamker is also able to gain some obfuscation characteristics by using Assembly language instruction in hooking routine.



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How Ironic: Israel Opposed Cease-fire Deal Reached by US and Russia in Southern Syria

BACKGROUND INFO: >>>/truthexpo/2 (https://archive.fo/eO0u6)

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu told reporters after his meeting with French President Emmanuel Macron on Sunday that Israel opposes the cease-fire agreement in southern Syria that the United States and Russia reached because it perpetuates the Iranian presence in the country.

The prime minister noted that in his meeting with Macron, he made it clear to the French president that Israel was totally opposed to the cease-fire plan.

A senior Israeli official who asked not to be named due to the diplomatic sensitivity of the matter said Israel is aware of Iranian intensions to substantially expand its presence in Syria. Iran is not only interested in sending advisers to Syria, the official said, but also in dispatching extensive military forces including the establishment of an airbase for Iranian aircraft and a naval base.

"This already changes the picture in the region from what it has been up to now," the senior official said.

Netanyahu discussed the cease-fire deal with U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson by phone Sunday night.

By openly voicing his opposition to one of the most significant moves the United States and Russia have made in Syria in recent months, Netanyahu made public a major disagreement between Israel and the two great powers that had until now been kept under wraps and expressed only through quiet diplomatic channels.

U.S. President Donald Trump and his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin agreed on the cease-fire on the sidelines of the G20 summit in Hamburg last week. In a tweet published shortly after the truce came into effect last week, Trump tweeted: "We negotiated a ceasefire in parts of Syria which will save lives. Now it is time to move forward in working constructively with Russia!"

The U.S.-Russian deal included establishing de-escalation zones, otherwise known as safe zones, along Syria’s borders with both Jordan and Israel. Over the past month, Israel had held talks on this agreement with senior American officials, including Brett McGurk, America’s special envoy for the battle against ISIS, and Michael Ratney, the special envoy for Syria, both of whom visited Israel several times.



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Medical BOMBSHELL: (((Chemotherapy))) found to actually spread cancer

New research conducted at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine of Yeshiva University has found that chemotherapy spreads cancer throughout the body, causing a sharp increase in cancer cells circulating throughout the body (including the lungs).

Led by Dr. George Karagiannis, the research focused on chemotherapy treatment of breast cancer, but further studies plan to see how chemotherapy might also spread cancers of other tissues, too. The research was published in Science Translational Medicine and is entitled Neoadjuvant chemotherapy induces breast cancer metastasis through a TMEM-mediated mechanism.

A summary of the study reports that “the authors discovered that several types of chemotherapy can increase the amounts of TMEM complexes and circulating tumor cells in the bloodstream.” It concludes that “chemotherapy, despite decreasing tumor size, increases the risk of metastatic dissemination.”


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Commiefornia Struggles to Implement Unconstitutional New Gun-Control Measures

California has faced a number of setbacks in implementing the state's latest gun-control measures, causing a number of deadlines to be pushed back and leaving some measures in legal limbo.

After passing laws that expand the definition of "assault weapon" and make it illegal to possess gun magazines capable of holding more than 10 rounds of ammunition, the state is facing myriad problems in trying to enforce the new laws. The first trouble came when the California Department of Justice (DOJ) attempted to draft their plan to register all of the rifles in California which have "bullet button" reloading devices and other rifles that would fall under the state's expanded assault weapons ban. On June 26, the Office of Administrative Law (OAL) determined that the DOJ had improperly sought to avoid the public comment period on the plan. That caused the deadline for registration to be pushed back six months.

Then, on June 29, a federal judge issued a preliminary injunction blocking the enforcement of the state's gun magazine confiscation plan.

"The regulation is neither presumptively legal nor longstanding," U.S. District Judge Roger T. Benitez said in his ruling. "The statute hits close to the core of the Second Amendment and is more than a slight burden. When the simple test of Heller is applied, a test that persons of common intelligence can understand, the statute is adjudged an unconstitutional abridgment."

Another troubled part of California's new gun-control regime is a plan to require all ammunition sales be done through specially licensed dealers. By July 1 those who wanted to apply for the license to sell ammunition were supposed to be able to apply online, and the DOJ was supposed to have an online database of licensed dealers up and running. Neither the online license application portal nor the seller database were up and the regulations governing the licensing process were just made public on Monday. That means the process will likely take several more months to complete despite the fact that it will be illegal to purchase ammunition from anyone without the currently nonexistent ammunition dealer license on January 1, 2018.

Gun rights groups, which have labeled the new gun-control measures passed in 2016 the "Gunpocalypse," have challenged the various new regulations. The California Rifle and Pistol Association, with backing from the National Rifle Association, filed the suit against the magazine confiscation plan that resulted in the Benitez ruling. The Firearms Policy Coalition has filed a suit against the DOJ over their refusal to publicly release their proposed assault-weapons regulations.

Brandon Combs, president of the Firearms Policy Coalition, said the main problem facing the state's efforts to flesh out their new gun-control measures is how complicated they are.

"California governor Jerry Brown, Gavin Newsom, and the state's legislature have created a system of gun-control laws that are so complicated and so full of problems that the attorney general and thousands of DOJ lawyers can't figure out how to make them work without illegally creating new regulations," Combs told the Free Beacon. "I think that a number of things are contributing to the delays, including the fact that DOJ doesn't really want people to exercise their right to keep and bear arms. They don't prioritize civil rights, especially ones they don't like."

"I think that California's gun-control laws have finally become so complicated that we're now in probably a two- to three-year period of the state trying to figure out how to clean up the mess it made and make the laws enforceable," he said. "These delays are really just a symptom of how insanely overbroad and complicated the system has become."

He said that the reason the laws have become so complicated is to hide the true intentions of California legislators.

"Really, all of this is just layering lipstick on the gun-control pig," Combs said. "It's not that difficult to ban guns or people, but they are trying to do it in a way that makes it look like they are not. So, delays like this is what you get when gun-control proponents can't help but be dishonest about the laws they're passing."

"I don't see this as a catastrophe," Amanda Wilcox, legislative chair of the Brady Campaign's California chapter, told the Trace. "It's a setback, but I take the long-term view. The important thing is that people can't buy [firearms]."



R: 30 / I: 4 / P: 4 [R] [G] [-]

Diet Soda Could Double the Risk of Diabetes, Study Finds

Two fizzy drinks a day could double the risk of diabetes - even if they are diet versions - a Swedish study has found.

Research by the Karolinska Institute on 2,800 adults found that those who consumed at least two 200ml servings of soft drinks daily were 2.4 times as likely to suffer from a form of type 2 diabetes.

Many fizzy drinks are sold in 330ml cans, meaning that one and a half cans would be enough to double the risk.

Those who drank a litre of such drinks saw a 10-fold rise in their chance of suffering from the condition.

The increased risks were the same regardless of whether the drinks were sugary or artificially sweetened, the research published in the European Journal of Endocrinology found.

Researchers said the sugary drinks may have induced insulin resistance, triggering the cases of diabetes.

The artificial sweeteners in the diet drinks may stimulate and distort appetite, they said, increasing food intake, and encouraging a sweet tooth. Such sweeteners might also affect microbes in the gut leading to glucose intolerance.

The research was a retrospective study, which relied on participants to recall their diet habits.

Josefin Edwall Löfvenborg, lead author, said soft drinks might influence glucose metabolism and insulin sensitivity, leading to the increased risk of latent auto-immune diabetes, a form of type 2 diabetes.

“In this study we were surprised by the increased risk in developing autoimmune diabetes by drinking soft drinks,” he said. We next plan on investigating what could counter this risk.”



R: 9 / I: 1 / P: 5 [R] [G] [-]

US congress to make boycotting Israel a felony

A group of 43 senators — 29 Republicans and 14 Democrats — wants to implement a law that would make it a felony for Americans to support the international boycott against Israel, which was launched in protest of that country’s decades-old occupation of Palestine.

LAST NIGHT, THE ACLU posted a letter it sent to all members of the Senate urging them to oppose this bill. It is no small thing for the ACLU to insert itself into this controversy. One of the most traumatic events in the organization’s history was when it lost large numbers of donors and supporters in the late 1970s after it defended the free speech rights of neo-Nazis to march through Skokie, Illinois, a town with a large community of Holocaust survivors.


R: 25 / I: 6 / P: 5 [R] [G] [-]

Researchers use CRISPR to store a movie in living bacteria

Forget iTunes or your old zipper case of DVDs. How about storing movies in a Petri dish of E. coli?



>Researchers at Harvard Medical School and the Wyss Institute for Biologically Inspired Engineering have stored a short video in the DNA of bacteria and then retrieved it. It’s the first time a video has been recorded into living cells, and the development could have environmental applications.

>“DNA is a great place to store information. Biology uses it quite effectively,” said Seth Shipman, a postdoctoral fellow at Harvard Medical School and first author of the study. “It’s compact, and it’s incredibly stable.”

>Shipman and his colleagues encoded Eadweard Muybridge’s “Sallie Gardner at a Gallop,” otherwise known as “The Horse in Motion,” one of the earliest series of moving images ever created.

>To get the DNA stored into the bacterial genome, researchers used the CRISPR-Cas system, a powerful gene-editing tool. The researchers chopped up each frame into single-colored pixels. They then created DNA codes that corresponded to each color and strung several codes together.

>Each bacterium took in snippets of the video and stored it in their DNA. Taken together, the researchers were able to put the pieces back and play the video.

>With this work, Shipman said they eventually want to create “molecular recorders,” which are living cells that could sense things in the environment, like toxins or heavy metals, and record and store that information within their DNA.

snibbity snap.

R: 62 / I: 8 / P: 5 [R] [G] [-]

Kid Rock's Senate Run Is Spooking the Democrat Establishment, "Coming of a Second Donald Trump"

U.S. Sen. Elizabeth Warren is sounding the alarm with her Democratic base, warning a Senate run by Detroit bad boy Kid Rock could be the second coming of Donald Trump.

The “Wasting Time” and “All Summer Long” rap rocker-turned-country singer tweeted on Wednesday that he’s running for U.S. Senate in Michigan. Although it’s been largely dismissed so far as a publicity stunt, Warren isn’t taking any chances with the longshot Republican.

“I know a lot of people are thinking: this is some sort of joke, right?” Warren wrote in an email blast with the subject line “Senator Kid Rock (R-MI).”

“Well,” she said, “maybe this is all a joke — but we all thought Donald Trump was joking when he rode down the escalator at Trump Tower and announced his campaign, too.

“And sure, maybe this is just a marketing gimmick for a new album or tour — but we all thought Donald Trump was just promoting his reality TV show, too,” she added.

The Bay State senior senator then links to a fundraising page where donations are split between Michigan Democratic U.S. Sen. Debbie Stabenow and Warren’s own 2018 re-election campaign.

A Warren campaign spokeswoman did not return repeated inquiries about how much the fundraising appeal has hauled in or the strategy behind it.

Republican state Rep. Geoff Diehl, who will officially challenge Warren next month, blasted the email as proof that Warren is more concerned about crafting a bid for the White House.

“She uses any and every issue, whether it’s a celebrity Republican or it’s Hillary Clinton, to try to scare her support base into giving her more money so that she can reach that main goal I believe of running for president … not of focusing on the concerns of her constituents in Massachusetts,” said Diehl.

Rock, 46, whose real name is Robert James Ritchie, insisted in a blog post last night that “it’s not a hoax” and that he plans to be a “voice for tax paying, hardworking AMERICANS and letting politicians like her (Stabenow) know that We the People are sick and tired of their bullshit!”



R: 27 / I: 4 / P: 5 [R] [G] [-]

Chinese Billionaire Warns America: China Has Over 20,000 Spies Who Are Ready To Destroy The US

"And these spies don’t just consist of Chinese immigrants. According to Guo, many of them are treasonous Americans who have sold their country out for a paycheck, and they can be ruthless."

RELATED: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2r4Dncu3nZo

Since the 1980’s, the US has caught and imprisoned over a dozen people who were spying on American government agencies and corporations. So we catch Chinese spies once every few years. With that kind of frequency, you’d probably assume that China doesn’t have that many intelligence assets in America at any given time. Based on those numbers, a safe estimate would be in the hundreds, or perhaps thousands.

But it turns out that those estimates would be incredible low. According to Guo Wengui, a billionaire investor who has fled China and moved to New York since becoming a major critic of the Chinese regime, there are probably 25,000 spies in America who are working for Beijing.

Those numbers are derived from what he claims, are his close ties to multiple Chinese intelligence agencies. That may sound far fetched to most Americans, but in China the public and private sectors are closely aligned. They’re practically the same entity. So we should take his warnings very seriously, which were brought up in a recent interview with The Freebeacon.

Guo said that Chinese intelligence operations in the United States sharply increased after the 2012 Communist Party Congress that brought current leader Xi Jinping to power.

“Before 2012, cumulatively China had around 10,000 to 20,000 agents working in the United States,” he said. “These agents had been sent to work in the United States over a 50 year period of time, and they were working in a defensive mode.”

According to the businessman, defensive intelligence was mainly focused on learning about the United States. The operations then shifted in 2012 to “offensive” spying, he said.

“By offensive [operations], I mean to be ready to destroy the U.S. in ways they can,” Guo said.

And these spies don’t just consist of Chinese immigrants. According to Guo, many of them are treasonous Americans who have sold their country out for a paycheck, and they can be ruthless.

China’s budget for intelligence gathering before 2012 was around $600 million annually.

Around 2012, a decision was made by Chinese leaders to dispatch another 5,000 spies to the United States. “Some of them were sent as students, some as businessmen, and some as immigrants, but all together, 5,000,” Guo said.

“In addition to that, they developed between 15,000 to 18,000 other spies, and these are not directly sent but these are developed within the United States.”

The recruited agents are not limited to Asians and Chinese-Americans but include all ethnic groups, including Hispanics, Blacks, and Caucasians.

“And now the budget is between $3 billion to $4 billion annually, and this is information up to one month ago,” he said.

Guo said American counterintelligence agencies face several problems, mainly a lack of knowledge about Chinese intelligence agencies.

“You don’t know which organizations in China are responsible for sending these spies, how they are managed, and to what purpose,” he said. “And the U.S. adopts a very legalistic perspective to look at the question of spying. Yet, for China their methods are not what the United States understands.”

“These spies, when they come to the United States, they could sleep around, they could put poison in your glass of wine to kill you; completely unscrupulous,” he said.

As for their goals, Guo claims that the spies are mainly here to steal military technologies. But they’re also here to “buy” high level government officials, as well as political and corporate elites who can give China favorable business deals. And most what’s most frightening, is that these spies have implanted malicious software in our most critical infrastructure systems, and have thoroughly infiltrated our government’s major weapons suppliers.

Which raises an important question. How did our government let this happen? Isn’t the all powerful NSA surveillance grid capable of catching these people?

Apparently not. It appears that we’ve traded our freedom for security, but somewhere along the line we didn’t receive any security. While our government was busy funding and training the terrorists that would later inspire the acceptance of widespread government surveillance and the destruction of our civil liberties, they overlooked the flood of Chinese spies who have infiltrated every level of our society.



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Global Currency Reserve at Risk

Global Currency Reserve at Risk



Within the US borders, the population remains largely ignorant of the true significance of the global currency reserve concept. It is of paramount importance, yet almost never discussed in the financial press. The public within the United States simply assumes the country operates with the USDollar as its currency, with near blindness to its global role in trade and banking. The end of an era is coming, as the change will be powerful in its effect. The shock wave could hit this year in some form, in a manner to highlight its importance.


The term is tossed around in common manner, often without an explanation of what it means. A strict meaning is followed by a practical meaning. The USDollar serves as global currency reserve, insofar as the USTreasury Bond is the standard for bank reserve core asset usage. Numerous countries have a core foundation to their national banking system. They maintain core assets and ratios. It is not gold bullion, but rather the USGovt debt. It is the USTBond denominated in USDollars. Of course, such practice is upside down and lunatic. Debt operating as core assets in the global banking system is utterly reckless, insane, and bound to force a systemic breakdown. Such is the heresy and risk from the banker cabal.

The practical side of global currency reserve system is that trade payments are standardized as being executed in USDollar terms. A crude oil shipment, a grain shipment, a container vessel shipment, they are paid in USD terms, often with short-term USTreasury Bills. Also, international contracts like for consulting services or for installation of IT systems typically are written for payment in USD terms. As a result, the nations set to pay for a shipment or contract maintain huge USTreasury stores in their banking systems, ready to complete the trade payments.


The King Dollar and its court of financial terror is destined to lose its privileged perch. The abuse to maintain the global USDollar financial system is universal and profound. It all engenders tremendous resentment and backlash in the form of resistance, together with concerted movements toward the non-USD platforms. The movements are emerging from the East. When the global reserve currency status is lost, the American public will face severe problems never before encountered. They will be very confused. They will be lied to in a big way. Consider the import price inflation, the supply chain shortages, and the civil disorder. Running the USEconomy and USGovt on an international credit card, without ever paying the bill, has a certain limited duration. When the reserve status ends, the privilege ends, and the shock begins.

R: 2 / I: 0 / P: 5 [R] [G] [-]

Abuse of Authority: Obama Regime Hacked Supreme Court Justice John Roberts

A Federal Judge has revealed that the Obama administration hacked Chief Justice of the Supreme Court John Roberts as part of a surveillance program on Donald Trump.

Tapes released by Judge G. Murray Snow, show that Justice Roberts was under surveillance by the Deep State under Obama’s orders, overseen by CIA director John Brennan and director of national intelligence James Clapper.

Bigleaguepolitics.com reports: https://archive.fo/ytldg

The existence of this surveillance program has been corroborated by Wikileaks’ “Vault 7” release and by the public comments of former CIA and NSA contractor Dennis Montgomery, who says he worked on the program for Brennan and Clapper.

The existence of this surveillance program has been corroborated by Wikileaks’ “Vault 7” release and by the public comments of former CIA and NSA contractor Dennis Montgomery, who says he worked on the program for Brennan and Clapper.

Montgomery has gone public with his claims exposing how the program was used to spy on President Donald Trump when he was a private citizen. Montgomery has gained immunity and desperately wants House Intelligence Chairman Rep. Devin Nunes or other lawmakers to call him to testify about what he knows.

On the explosive tapes, Blixseth walks Arpaio and Zullo through the details of the program on a computer screen. At one point, the three begin pulling up specific names of targeted individuals.

“You know who that guy is? That’s the head of the FISA court they hacked into, Reggie Walton,” Blixseth tells the investigators.

“John Roberts, the chief justice of the Supreme Court, was hacked,” Blixseth tells Arpaio and Zullo.


Insiders have always been skeptical of Roberts’ motives for siding with President Obama on the 2012 Obamacare case. While there’s still no available evidence that Roberts was blackmailed, the allegation that he was “hacked” by Obama officials provides some more context into the justice’s controversial career.

As Big League Politics reported, former FBI director James Comey seized and buried volumes of information that demonstrated this wide-ranging government surveillance operation targeting Donald Trump before he became president.

Larry Klayman, attorney for former NSA and CIA contractor and whistleblower Dennis Montgomery, delivered to the FBI 47 hard drives and data amounting to more than 600 million pages of documentation on the surveillance scheme. Then-FBI director James Comey’s general counsel James Baker took the data into his possession, according to multiple sources. But despite possessing Montgomery’s bombshell whistleblower revelations, Comey never acted on or publicized the information.

Additionally, Comey’s former firm Lockheed Martin granted entry to Montgomery to one of its facilities to help him work on the alleged mass surveillance program, which was allegedly overseen by Obama administration officials John Brennan and James Clapper and specifically targeted Trump.

“This guy showed me 900 million phone calls. And I see myself in there. I see people I know. I see Donald Trump in there a zillion times, and Bloomberg is in there,” Blixseth said on the tape, referring to information that Montgomery allegedly showed him.



R: 13 / I: 2 / P: 5 [R] [G] [-]

Turkish education ministry reveals new curriculum: Evolution out, ‘jihad’ in

The final version of Turkey’s national school curriculum has left evolution out and added the concept of “jihad” as part of Islamic law in books, Education Minister İsmet Yılmaz said on July 18.

The new curriculum will be put into execution for first, fifth, and ninth graders starting from this year, and it will extend to other classes in the 2018-2019 academic year. Accordingly, a total of 176 class curricula have been renewed.

“Jihad is an element in our religion; it is in our religion… The duty of the Education Ministry is to teach every concept deservedly, in a correct way. It is also our job to correct things that are wrongly perceived, seen or taught,” Yılmaz announced at a press meeting in the Turkish capital Ankara.

“In this manner, in the lessons on Islamic law and basic religion sciences, there will be [the concept of] jihad. But what is this jihad? What our Prophet [Muhammad] says is that while returning from a war, we are going from a small jihad to a big jihad. What is this big jihad? It is to serve our society, to increase welfare, to ensure peace in society, to serve the society’s needs. The easiest thing is to wage war, to fight. The skill is the difficult one, which is to ensure peace and tranquility,” he said.


R: 17 / I: 3 / P: 5 [R] [G] [-]

Sharia Law: Muslim Cop Shoots Australian Woman As CBS Calls For Gun Control Against Citizens

RELATED: >>>/realnews/1015

CBS is pushing gun control in response to the questionable shooting of an Australian woman by a Somalian migrant cop, despite gun control advocates constantly claiming only cops should carry guns.

Additionally, the mainstream media doesn’t seem too motivated to report on the story given it wasn’t a white cop shooting a Muslim – nor is there much reporting on the possibility the shooting was Sharia-inspired or part of a criminal cover-up.

If the roles were reversed, there’d be 10 times as much coverage.

In a report published Tuesday morning, CBS began blaming “America’s notorious culture of gun violence” in the second sentence of the article, and even quoted an anti-gun academic in the third sentence.

It appears the only way the mainstream media can take advantage of this shooting is to push gun control, despite the inherent contradiction that it was a government-trained cop who shot the lady.

“Only police should have guns,” said countless gun control advocates throughout the years.

The shooting certainly doesn’t fit into the mainstream media’s agenda to whitewash crimes committed by Muslim migrants and to paint all white Westerners as omnipresent oppressors.

And it’s funny how CBS was quick to blame America’s so-called “culture of gun violence” despite later admitting “authorities have released no details on what prompted Saturday’s shooting.”

We don’t even know if the cop, 31-year-old Mohamed Noor, embraced American culture in any capacity. He may have been a stalwart supporter of Sharia Law for all we know.



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10 Ways to Prep When You’re Completely Broke

If you feel like prepping is a waste of money or if you think you don’t have the money to plan for future events, think again. Even if you’re broke, thrifty prepping techniques can help you make connections, earn more money, and have just the right item on hand in an emergency. Here’s 10 tips for prepping when you’re broke:

1. Get on a budget and designate a set amount for addressing future concerns. Start small, setting aside $10 a week and go from there. Pick up cheap but valuable preparedness items that you could use or trade. Here’s a list of ten affordable and crucial items that won’t break your budget. Make a list and prioritize what is most important to you.


2. Turn off the TV and don’t be conned into buying frivolous things you don’t need. (Hell, why not cancle cable altogether to save money?) Challenge yourself. Learn not to rely on much. Make do with little. If a bad situation arises, you’ll know how to live lean and rely on yourself, first and foremost.

3. Be of value to your neighbors, friends, and family by learning a skill or trade. Read a book. Take a class. This skill could come in handy during a survival situation or during any season of life. More importantly, this skill will connect you with people and make you more valuable to others during any circumstance.

4. Buy and resell items online, through a local resale shop, or at a garage sale. A small amount of money can multiply quickly if you know what to buy, when to sell it, where to sell it, and who to sell it to. People who are in the middle of moving will sell things cheap. You can consign at a local resale shop and make profit on the side from the items you bring in. The chances are good that there is an online Facebook buy/sell group in your area. This is great place to catch a bargain and negotiate for a good deal on necessary survival tools, items that could go up in value, or things you can resell and turn a profit on.

5. Go through dumpsters and salvage valuable items that people are throwing away. You’ll be amazed at what people and businesses are pitching. Watch for businesses that are having Going Out of Business sales. Hit up a supermarket at the right time and you may get your hands on some food items that are still good to eat.

6. Go to the dollar store and pick up cheap items that will be of higher value in a survival situation. Lighters, matches, gauze, duct tape, candles, band aids, toilet paper, and canned food are cheap, easy to store, and their value goes up tremendously in a crisis scenario. Likewise, vinegar, salt, soap, and baking soda will all be important for cleaning, preserving food, and keeping infections at bay.

7. Stock up on seeds and plan ways to grow food year round. Seeds are inexpensive and can yield abundance with the right nutrients, water, and sun. Ideally, plant a fruit tree that produces food yearly with little effort.

8. Give what little you have to people who are really in need. Small acts of kindness go a long way. You never know when you might need the same hand-up in a survival situation. Be careful not to waste what you give on those who are only out to take. Not all sob stories are genuine.

9. Hit up a flea market and pick up some hand tools that will be essential when power tools and fuel-driven equipment become obsolete. Think like the Amish. Dig a root cellar in the ground in case you need to keep food in a cool location when the fridge stops running.

10. Pick up an extra box of ammo when you’re in a sporting goods store and stash it back in a secure location. Buying a lot of ammo at once is expensive, but if you buy an extra box occasionally with the loose cash in your pocket, you’ll soon have a valuable stash of ammo ready for an emergency situation. Ammo holds value and is easy to resell. Alternatively, befriend someone who loves to reload ammo. If you’re broke, you won’t have the money you need to buy all the reloading equipment, but if you know someone who has all the tools, ask to reload with them. You’ll cut down on the cost of ammunition and can even resell ammo at gun shows.



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Trump Calls For Congress To Cancle Recess, Pass Full Obamacare Repeal

Just pass a full repeal already!

President Trump told GOP senators at the White House on Wednesday that they should cancel their August recess and not leave town until acting to repeal ObamaCare.

"We shouldn't leave town until this is complete," he said during a lunch at the White House. "We should hammer this out and get it done."

Trump also said that repeal isn't enough, and that Republicans should also replace ObamaCare with new legislation.

"We can repeal, but we should repeal and replace,” he said.

"Frankly I don’t think we should leave town unless we have a health insurance plan, unless we can give people great health care," he continued. "Because we’re close. We’re very close.’’

The president challenged the GOP senators, saying that anyone who votes against beginning debate on the legislation is saying “you are fine with ObamaCare."

Trump’s opening remarks at the luncheon were open to the press and quickly broadcast on cable television.

The president took a scolding tone at times during his remarks, urging GOP lawmakers to keep their campaign promises.

“Any senator who votes against debate says you are fine with ObamaCare,” Trump said, criticizing GOP lawmakers who have said they would do just that.

“I’ve been here six months,” he continued. “I’m ready to act, pen in hand, believe me. I’m sitting in that office. I have pen in hand. You never had that before.”



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Alleged Venezuelan 'Protesters' Set 40 Tons of Subsidized Food on Fire... WTF?

RELATED: >>>/realnews/349

Some 40,000 families will be affected by the act of sabotage.

Two alleged starving Venezuelan 'protesters' attacked a state-owned storehouse Thursday, setting fire to the building and destroying food reserves kept there.

Anzoategui’s state governor, Nelson Moreno reported that around 7 p.m. the two men armed with Molotov cocktails, scaled the institution's fence and attempted to burn the facility to the ground.

About 40 tons of food that would have been distributed through the Mercal subsidized food market and subsidized government programs were consumed by the flames.

Officials said the destruction of the warehouse was a strategic move by the "opposition groups", given its strategic location between the cities of Barcelona, Puerto la Cruz and Lecherias.

Consequently, 40,000 families will be affected by the fire, which also serves 399 Local Supply and Production Committees, CLAP, 278 schools, 31 comprehensive diagnostic centers, three penitentiaries, a geriatric center, as well as 52 nutrition houses.

Governor Moreno reassured families that firemen were able to salvage over half of the goods kept in the collection center. These will be distributed by the Local Committees of Supply and Production.

The violent incident follows the pattern of violent acts promoted since April by 'opposition groups' across the country in order to 'destabilize the government' of Dictator Nicolas Maduro.

One thing is for sure: if the government didn't take control of essential goods like food, and put many retail establishments of the country out of business, then this would never had happened in the first place. The least the government could do is protect the food supply if they want to take control of it!



R: 66 / I: 10 / P: 5 [R] [G] [-]

Why You Shouldn’t Try To Escape America To Avoid the Coming Collapse

Why You Shouldn’t Try To Escape America To Avoid the Coming Collapse

BE PREPARED! >>>/truthexpo/3




With the signs of economic collapse, political turmoil and social chaos becoming more apparent to almost everyone, many people are asking, “Should I leave my home country” and try to escape to some other nation?

As someone who has lived in Taiwan and Ecuador — and traveled throughout much of the world — my answer is now “no.” You can’t escape the global chaos that’s coming, and it’s far more important to live in a place where you fit in and aren’t considered the “foreigner.”

This is different from what I believed a decade ago. What I’ve realized since then is that the globalist agenda knows no bounds and has infiltrated every nation on the planet. You’re far better off, in my view, to stay in a place where you have an infrastructure of social contacts and where you don’t stick out as the foreigner.

Cities will become death traps

It’s also important to get out of the cities, which I’ve called “death traps.” The cities will be the front lines of social chaos once the government food stamp program (SNAP) is unable to provide free food for almost 50 million people. Some cities will likely be abandoned by law enforcement and allowed to descend into chaos. These cities may include Baltimore, Philadelphia, Los Angeles, Chicago, Houston, St. Louis, Miami and Detroit.

You are far safer in rural California (or rural Oregon, rural Idaho, rural Kentucky or rural Ohio) than in any foreign country where you are easily recognizable as the foreigner, in my opinion.

After living in many places around the world, I’ve chosen Texas as my country. In Texas, I can grow food, own some land, defend myself with firearms, pay lower taxes, run a business with relatively little government interference and afford the cost of living. If you’re considering Texas, my only warning is don’t come to Texas unless you believe in liberty. Big Government socialists are not welcome in Texas, so if that’s your political belief system, please stay in Collapsifornia. If you don’t own guns and gold, in other words, you probably won’t fit in. If you hate God, America, the Constitution and the Founding Fathers, you aren’t compatible with Texas culture anyway.

Watch my video to learn more — note the firearm I always wear on my hip — and stay informed about accelerating collapse conditions at Collapse.news and Bugout.news.


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It's the EU Who Are Very Protectionist, Not The US

The US president, who has come under fire for his 'America first' policy, accused the EU of being "very protectionist".

Hitting out at the EU, Donald Trump said: "We have things that we can hardly sell to the EU.

"They are very protectionist, and we are not.”

Mr Trump’s administration is at breaking point with the EU and is ready to sever ties with the bloc over financial market regulation amid ongoing tensions with Germany.

President Trump announced earlier this month that he would pull the United States out of a landmark international agreement to fight climate change.

He is reportedly ready to punish the EU and its economic powerhouse Germany by issuing tariffs on dozens of product if the bloc refuses to open its market to US hormone-fed meat.

The Trump administration is also threatening China with punitive trade measures on steel.

He branded steel dumping from China and other nations as a “big problem" that is "destroying" the steel industry in the US.

Mr Trump said: “They're dumping steel and destroying our steel industry, they've been doing it for decades, and I'm stopping it. It'll stop.”

He is seeking to act on a campaign pledge to help revive US manufacturing. His administration's decision on steel tariffs and quotas could be unveiled in the coming weeks.



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Capitalist Boom: Russia-China Trade Surges 26% in First Half of 2017

Trade between Moscow and Beijing has increased significantly in the first six months of the year, according to the Chinese customs administration.

Through June, trade between Russia and China was worth $39.78 billion. Russian exports increased 29.3 percent to $20.34 billion, while Chinese exports to Russia were up 22.2 percent to $19.44 billion.

In 2016, trade between Moscow and Beijing grew only 2.2 percent to $69.52 billion. The countries have set a goal to boost trade to $200 billion by 2020.

In July, the Russian Direct Investment Fund and the China Development Bank (CDB) agreed to establish a Russian-Chinese investment fund worth 68 billion yuan ($10 billion). It was created to make settlements in ruble and yuan easier.

Both Moscow and Beijing have repeatedly talked about the importance of payments in local currencies for bilateral trade.

The agreement was signed at a meeting between Russian President Vladimir Putin and Chinese President Xi Jinping, while he was in Russia on an official visit.

The countries are also jointly building the Power of Siberia gas pipeline, and a liquefied natural gas (LNG) facility on the Yamal Peninsula in the Russian Arctic. Over the past year, Russia has overtaken Saudi Arabia as China’s top oil supplier.

China is building a new transport corridor to Europe as part of the Belt and Road Initiative (also known as the New Silk Road), which goes through Kazakhstan and Russia to Europe.



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JUSTICE PREVAILS! Another Large Pedo Bust Leads To Arrest of MSM Reporter Ben McCormack

Ben McCormack, a popular reporter from A Current Affair, has been linked to a pedophile ring and arrested.

International Law Enforcement was deep into an investigation of a child sex trafficking network when they were lead to investigating a specific suspected child rapist in Western Australia.

What was netted from that investigation uncovered phone records, computer files and other information about the ring, which allegedly included school teachers and Mr. McCormack.

The information was then shared with police across the country, and led to the arrest of a West Australian Catholic primary school teacher.

In early February the investigation into the child rapist lead to 35 additional charges against him. It's unclear if he cooperated with authorities to bring down a larger network.

Mr. McCormack, 42, was arrested in Sydney, Australia, and is now charged with two counts of using a carriage service for child pornography material.

Police in New South Wales allege McCormack engaged in explicit conversations with and about underage children with another adult male and discussed the purchase and sale of child pornography.

Mr. McCormack was released on bail and was later admitted to a private hospital by his attorneys for “rehabilitation”.

He is now scheduled for preliminary hearings on the Fourth of July.



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Haiti Official, Who Exposed The Clinton Foundation, Found Dead In Miami

Klaus Eberwein, a former Haitian government official who was expected to expose the extent of Clinton Foundation corruption and malpractice next week, has been found dead in Miami. He was 50.

Eberwein was due to appear next Tuesday before the Haitian Senate Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission where he was widely expected to testify that the Clinton Foundation misappropriated Haiti earthquake donations from international donors.

According to Miami-Dade’s medical examiner records supervisor, the official cause of death is “gunshot to the head“. Eberwein’s death has been registered as “suicide.” (Of-course!!!)

Eberwein, who had acknowledged his life was in danger, was a fierce critic of the Clinton Foundation’s activities in the Caribbean island, where he served as director general of the government’s economic development agency, Fonds d’assistance économique et social, for three years.

According to Eberwein, a paltry 0.6% of donations granted by international donors to the Clinton Foundation with the express purpose of directly assisting Haitians actually ended up in the hands of Haitian organizations. A further 9.6% ended up with the Haitian government. The remaining 89.8% – or $5.4 billion – was funneled to non-Haitian organizations.

“The Clinton Foundation, they are criminals, they are thieves, they are liars, they are a disgrace,” Eberwein said at a protest outside the Clinton Foundation headquarters in Manhattan last year.

The former director general of Haiti, who also served as an advisor to Haitian President Michel Martelly, was also a partner in a popular pizza restaurant in Haiti, Muncheez, and even has a pizza — the Klaus Special — named after him.

According to the Haiti Libre newspaper, Eberwein was said to be in “good spirits“, with plans for the future. His close friends and business partners are shocked by the idea he may have committed suicide.

“It’s really shocking,” said Muncheez’s owner Gilbert Bailly. “We grew up together; he was like family.”

Bailly said he last spoke to Eberwein two weeks ago and he was in good spirits. They were excited about future business plans and were working on opening a Muncheez restaurant in Sunrise, he said.

The Haitian government issued an official notice thanking Eberwein for his service and mourning his untimely death.



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WikiLeaks Reveals How The CIA Can Infect Air-gapped Computers

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WikiLeaks has published online more top-secret documents it has obtained from the CIA describing the agency's hacking tools. This time the dossier details software codenamed Brutal Kangaroo that agents can use to infect targets' air-gapped computers with malware.

The documents, originally written on May 11, 2015 and revised on February 23 the following year, outline the Brutal Kangaroo project, which use compromised Windows PCs to spread malware to non-networked machines via USB sticks. The suite, which supersedes previous toolkits dubbed EZCheese and Emotional Simian, is the kind of cyber-weapon American intelligence may well have used to spread the Stuxnet nasty.

According to the user guide [PDF], the software consists of four specific applications. Shattered Assurance is the server-side code that forms the basis of the attack system and infects USBG drives plugged into an infected computer with the Drifting Deadline malware.

Once an infected thumb drive is plugged into a target computer that is set up to autorun its contents and is using Windows 7 as an operating system and running .Net 4.5, Drifting Deadline deploys Shadow malware onto the system.

Shadow is a much older piece of code – the user manual [PDF] is dated August 31, 2012 – that has client and server versions and is highly configurable for specific targets. The operator can set it up to collect system data of up to 10 per cent of the system's memory, watermark all data it collects, and store it on an encrypted partition on the infected computer's hard drive.

Once the infection has been achieved, Shadow will look for other connected systems and infect those too. It can be set up to put the exfiltrated data onto any new thumb drives that are installed in the system, or send it as a burst if it detects an open internet connection.

The final app in Brutal Kangaroo is Broken Promise, which is a tool used to examine the purloined data easily and quickly. Taken together, the Brutal Kangaroo suite could be very useful for defeating air-gapped machines and is certainly more feasible than more esoteric methods.


A Brutal Kangaroo infection requires several steps: First, attackers have to infect an Internet-connected computer operated by the target organization. When a user at that organization inserts a thumb drive into the infected machine, the USB stick becomes infected as well. Finally, this compromised flash drive infects the ultimate target when it is used on a closed network or air-gapped machine.

According to WikiLeaks, infected thumb drives use one of two Microsoft Windows vulnerabilities to execute malware: Older versions of Brutal Kangaroo leverage an exploit called EzCheese, while newer iterations use a "similar, but yet known vulnerability." The tool suite's components consist of various components including Drifting Deadline, a thumbdrive infection tool; Shattered Assurance, a server tool responsible for automated infection of USB drives), Broken Promise, a post processor that evaluates collected information; and Shadow, the main persistence mechanism.


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Take Notice America: Without Proper Food Storage, What Good Are Your Guns During A Crisis?

Take Notice America: Without Proper Food Storage, What Good Are Your Guns During A Crisis?



Americans have 350 million guns and 10 billion bullets. What do you honestly believe will happen when 120 million Americans cannot afford to eat? How many days would you be willing to let your children go without food? How many millions of your neighbors, friends and families will have to die before the Uber Rich learn to not steal from the poor?

How many millions will have to starve to death before Wall Street hears our voices?

In 1929 there were 123 million Americans. Three million starved to death. The Uber Rich made no fundamental reforms to the banking system to avoid another collapse. If anything, our government has become even more greedy and corrupt.

Fortunately for the elite, most people do not understand money. Let me explain a home mortgage as a fraud. Suppose a young couple applies for a home loan. If approved for a $350,000 loan, the banker gives the couple a checking account credit for that amount. Did he loan them Mrs Jones’ savings? No. He created money out of thin air and charged them interest. By adding to the money supply, he just devalued the purchasing power of our wages and pensions. The banker worked for a few minutes and made more money from that home than did the electrician, the plumber or even the foreman.

The Bank of England hath the benefit of interest on money it created out of nothing. William Paterson 1694, First Governor of the Bank of England.

America is nothing like it was in the 1930s. We have added 200 million people. Millions of Jews came in the 1930s and millions more after the war. But I doubt that Jews will be starving to death. The Democrats changed immigration laws in the 1960s to allow a lot more non-white immigration. We are no longer a racially cohesive society. In fact liberalism has been based on Identity politics for several decades. The non-whites were told by Jewish liberals in the media, the Foundations, the universities and the schools that they were poor because white people are rich.

Whites do not own the media and Hollywood that demonizes them.

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Good! Trump's Border Wall Work Begins in Texas

Work on the first section of the Trump border wall was started on federally-owned land in South Texas, according to a media report.

Anonymous federal officials closely associated with the project confirm that discreet planning has been in-progress for over six months, and construction could commence in January of 2018 on a nearly three mile stretch of barrier that would run through the Santa Ana Wildlife Refuge near McAllen, Texas, which was a hotbed of illegal crossings during the Obama administration.

“The structure would consist of a concrete base, which would serve as a levee, and be topped with a fence made of steel bollards, similar to a levee wall built almost a decade ago near Hidalgo, Texas,” writes the Texas Observer. “The proposed plans call for building a road south of the wall and clearing refuge land on either side of the wall for surveillance, cameras and light towers.”

Leftists are already gearing up to fight its construction by claiming the wall will supposedly “destroy the refuge,” an argument which places the health and welfare of plants and birds above those of American citizens who are the victims of criminal illegal immigrants on a daily basis.

“We’re going to come up with a plan and do everything we can to stop it,” Congressman Filemon Vela (D-TX) told the Observer. “The Rio Grande Valley isn’t rural Texas anymore. It’s a metropolis of 1.2 million people on this side of the river and 2 million on the other side. These refuges are sacred from an environmental standpoint. There’s so little protected land left and we need to do whatever we can to save it.”

The House Appropriations Committee approved $1.6 billion to be allocated for border wall construction earlier this week – a decision that was met with praise from President Trump.

“Big WIN today for building the wall,” he tweeted. “It will secure the border & save lives. Now the full House & Senate must act!”

Details regarding the exact locations of initial border wall construction will be released in a report in the coming days.

Prototypes for the “big, beautiful wall” are set to be completed for consideration by the end of September in San Diego (https://archive.fo/D1bBQ), acting deputy commissioner of Customs and Border Protection (CBP), Ronald Vitiello, said in a press conference in June, and could include an array of features including solar panels, one-way mirrored plexiglass designed to enhance CBP’s surveillance capabilities, nuclear waste disposal, and/or camouflaging materials.



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PATHETIC! Monthly Federal Spending Tops $400,000,000,000 for First Time In Republican Control

Real monthly federal spending topped $400 billion for the first time in June, when the Treasury spent a record $428,894,000,000, according to the Monthly Treasury Statement released today.

Prior to June, the record for federal spending in a single month was held by March 2017, when the Treasury spent approximately $392,816,000,000.

In August 2012, the Treasury spent $392,408,410,000 in constant 2017 dollars

As the Treasury was spending a record $428,894,000,000 in June it was taking in approximately $338,660,000,000 in taxes—thus, running a deficit for the month of $90,233,000,000.

So far in fiscal 2017 (which began on Oct. 1, 2016 and will end on Sept. 30, 2017), the Treasury has brought in $2,507,820,000,000 in taxes and spent $3,030,903,000,000 — running a deficit of $523,082,000,000.

Last year in June, the federal government spent $323,320,000,000—or $328,303,590,000 in constant 2017 dollars. The record $428,894,000,000 that the federal government spent this June is $100,590,410,000 more (in constant 2017 dollars) than last June’s spending.

The dramatic increase in spending from last June to this June was driven by increases in spending by the Departments of Education, Housing and Urban Development and Health and Human Services. It was also helped by the fact that the first day of July fell on a Saturday rather than a business day.



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Would You Sell Out Your Privacy Rights To Silicon Valley For Free Income?

The idea of a universal basic income — monthly cash payments from the government to every individual, working or not, with no strings attached — is gaining traction, thanks in part to endorsements from Silicon Valley leftists.

Some see it as a way to compensate for the traditional jobs with benefits that will be wiped out by robotics, artificial intelligence, self-driving vehicles, globalization and the gig economy. Others see it as a way to reduce income inequality or to create a more efficient, less stigmatizing safety net than our current mishmash of welfare benefits.

“I think ultimately we will have to have some kind of universal basic income, I don’t think we are going to have a choice,” Tesla CEO Elon Musk said at the World Government Summit in Dubai in February.

In a commencement speech at Harvard University in May, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg said, “We should explore ideas like universal basic income to give everyone a cushion to try new things.”

But what kind of "new things" is Zuckerberg referring to?

What if "new things" were to include having to purchase all the latest "smart" spy tech for your homes? Drive automated driverless cars? Consume much less energy? Change your current lifestyle around a bit? Perhaps a mandate to join Facebook and refrain from "politically incorrect" speech? Would you accept the offer then? Well, better start thinking about it, while the elites are thinking about it as well.

Read the rest of the ideas from the rich Silicon Valley elitists here:



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Venezuela 'Protesters' Burn Down Supreme Court, Despite Supreme Court Ruling Against Dictatorship

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So-called "protesters" in Venezuela set fire to the headquarters of the nation’s Supreme Court Monday as part of the ongoing effort to "bring down the government of socialist dictator Nicolas Maduro" or so the media claims.

What is wrong with this picture?

The incident comes after the Supreme Court voted to reject a motion blocking Maduro from rewriting the country’s constitution, despite recent polls showing that up to 85 percent of Venezuelans oppose the reforms.

Maduro’s plan includes the creation of a ‘constituent assembly,’ which opponents fear could undermine future elections and increase his executive authority.

The country’s chief prosecutor Luisa Ortega questioned the legitimacy of the reforms before the courts despite her status as a former ally of Maduro. However, the court rejected the motion, describing it as inadmissible, with Ortega describing the court as “Venezuela’s greatest obstacle to peace.”

So, why would these "protesters" as the mainstream media describes as "anti-government protesters" burn down the Supreme Court when it ruled against the government?

By adding a little common sense, it seems that this event was staged by the Socialist dictatorship in order to blame their political foes, the disgruntled (yet for the most part peaceful) people of Venezuela while being able to commit retribution against the Supreme Court (which got in the way of their despotism).



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Venezuelans Overwhelmingly Rebuke Socialist Dictator in Referendum, But Dictatorship Won't Reform

(((Venezuela, the Globalist Model)))

RELATED: >>>/realnews/349

Millions of Venezuelans from around the world voted against the socialist government’s plans to rewrite the country’s constitution on Sunday, as the country’s humanitarian crisis deepens.

98 percent of the 7.2 million Venezuelans from around the world who voted in the non-binding referendum rejected dictator Nicolás Maduro’s plan to create a ‘constituent assembly,’ which critics fear will further cement the government’s authoritarian grip on power.

The plan, which is referred to in Venezuela as the constituyente, would repeal the power of lawmakers and replace them with local leaders handpicked by the regime. The vote, organized by the country’s opposition, asked three “Yes” or “No” questions:

Do you reject Maduro’s Constituent Assembly, a process seeking to establish a new Constitution scheduled to be held July 30?

Do you demand Venezuela’s security forces support the opposition-controlled National Assembly legislature and the country’s 1999 Constitution?

Do you support that Venezuela’s public institutions should be restored in accordance with the Constitution and whether the South American country should hold presidential elections before Maduro’s term ends in early 2019?

Announcing the results, Cecilia Garcia Arocha, rector of the Central University of Venezuela, confirmed that 98 percent of participants had voted ‘yes’ on all three questions. She also pointed out that the number of polling stations, at 2,030, was much lower than in regular elections, possibly affecting turnout which was approximately 37 percent. Five percent of overall turnout came from Venezuelans voting abroad, many of whom have fled the country.

Opposition leaders hailed the result as a victory for democracy and called on Maduro to scrap the plan altogether.

However, Dictator Maduro has downplayed the significance of the vote, describing it as “meaningless” and refuses to reform.



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Good! Czech Republic Plans To Combat Terrorism By Arming Its Citizens

In an amazing display of Nationalism and Patriotic defense, the lower house of the Czech Parliament voted to and gun owners’ rights into the Constitution, arguing it protects citizens from Islamist terrorists.

Back in December, the ultra-strict European Commission of the EU passed harsh gun laws in response to a growing terror threat. Yes, the EU response to Islamic invasion was to disarm its own citizens.

However the Czech Republic was one of three countries who viciously opposed the changes, and it is now about to make it legal for citizens to use firearms to protect the security of the country.

A draft at the top of the new Czech bill reads, “This constitutional bill is in reaction to the recent increase of security threats, especially the danger of violent acts such as isolated terrorist attack, active attackers, or other violent hybrid threats.”

Some critics say that the changes will never take effect as European Union directives overrule the proposed legislation.

“Putting it in the constitution is, therefore, nonsense,” Jan Farský, the deputy mayor of Chovanec, told Hospodarske Noviny.

With great support, the bill passed the Lower House by a large majority. It is now slated to go through the Upper House before President Milos Zeman can sign it into law.

After a series of terror attacks across Europe, Zeman strongly supports the right to bear arms for his people and many suggest the Hungarian-Czech-Poland revolution will become the resistance to the European Union and eventually fight to break away.

The European Union is furious with the Czech Republic even taking legal action against the rising fire of Nationalism which is brewing from within the proud nation. This can only end well for the sovereign nation as their once proud and strong heritage fights for independence from the cultural Marxism which is destroying Europe.



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"Christcucks" Huh? Thief Enters Church and Demands Money, Gets Shot In Torso Instead

Police in Dothan, Alabama, say a suspect entered a church Sunday night and demanded money–but received a bullet “in the upper torso” instead.

The suspect was pronounced dead early Monday morning.

According to the Dothan Eagle, Dothan Police Chief Steve Parrish described a scene where “two church employees” were in Crossroads Baptist Church at the time the suspect, Steffon Parreese Valentez Tolver, approached. A third church employee “had left the premises to run an errand, and arrived back after [Tolver] had entered into the church.”

Parrish says Tolver allegedly entered through the back door of the church and robbed one of the three people of $50. He was demanding money from a second individual when he was shot with a “personal handgun.” Tolver fled the scene, only to collapse outside the building. He was pronounced dead just before 1:20 a.m. Monday morning.

In April 2010, Tolver was arrested and “charged with robbing a person in the parking lot of an apartment complex near South Edgewood Street.” The investigation revealed he used a “toy gun” in the robbery. During trial for the 2010 robbery, Tolver’s attorney revealed that his client also had charges stemming from a crime committed at age 12.



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eaweed shown to reduce 99% methane from cattle

News that a slight dietary change could dramatically reduce the amount of environmentally harmful methane gas released by cattle has been given an enthusiastic welcome by Irish farmers.

Researchers at James Cook University in Queensland, Australia, found the addition of less than 2 per cent dried seaweed to a cow’s diet could reduce their methane emissions by as much as 99 per cent.

The study builds on the experience of a Canadian farmer who discovered in 2012 that cattle eating wind-blown seaweed were not just more healthy than others, but enjoyed a longer mating cycle. Researchers Rob Kinley and Alan Fredeen subsequently confirmed the results as well as finding seaweeds and similar plants reduced methane emissions.

This was further substantiated by the Australian study, which was led by Prof of Aquaculture Rocky De Nys in collaboration with the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation.

Agriculture and transport are the largest contributors to Ireland’s climate change emissions and there have long been suggestions that the population should eat fewer burgers and steaks in an effort to reduce cattle numbers and protect the environment.

The gas is released via burps and flatulence by the estimated 1.5 billion cows as a byproduct of their biology. Cows, with the help of stomach bacteria, digest their food through a process called enteric fermentation, which allows them to live on a cellulose-heavy diet of grass.


The end result of their digestive habits is the daily leakage of some 200 to 500 litres of methane, which is about 25-times more harmful to the atmosphere than carbon dioxide over a 100-year time span.

The Irish Farmers’ Association gave a broad welcome to the study saying the research provides the opportunity to continue to build on Ireland’s “sustainable grass-based model of food production”.

The association’s environment chairman, Thomas Cooney, called on Irish researchers “to immediately investigate the potential for this research in an Irish agriculture context, and in the context of the opportunity that may exist for indigenous seaweed production”.


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Pot Belly Toy Manufacturing Perverts Are Spying On Your Children With Smart Toys

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The FBI has warned parents that manufacturers of smart toys could be using them to spy on children without permission.

According to the FBI’s Internet Crime Complaint Center, children’s toys that are connected to the internet are capable of secretly filming video, recording audio, and recognising speech – all of which could be monitored by unknown persons working for the toy manufacturer.

“These toys typically contain sensors, microphones, cameras, data storage components, and other multimedia capabilities — including speech recognition and GPS options. These features could put the privacy and safety of children at risk due to the large amount of personal information that may be unwittingly disclosed,” wrote the FBI.

News.com.au reports: https://archive.fo/pNQ2k

The Federal Bureau of Investigation says such toys could contain parts or capabilities such as microphones, cameras, GPS, data storage and speech recognition that could disclose personal information.

Normal conversation with a toy or in the surrounding environment could disclose a child’s name, school, likes and dislikes and activities, the FBI said.

Smart toys and entertainment devices are gaining popularity for incorporating technologies that learn and tailor their behaviours based on user interactions.

In February, Germany banned sales and ownership of a talking doll named Cayla made by US company Genesis Toys, citing the risk of hacking associated with the toy.

The country’s Federal Network Agency recommended that parents who had bought the doll for their children destroy it.



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4 Tools to Protect Your Information From The Google Deep State

4 Tools to Protect Your Information From The Google Deep State

More security tips >>>/truthexpo/4 (https://archive.fo/lVGpv)



With information becoming more connected each and every day, many US citizens have raised concerns over privacy.

Privacy activists have attacked phone companies in particular for giving away personal user information to the NSA with zero permission.

The worst offender by far, however, isn’t Verizon or AT&T, but rather an internet search engine conglomerate known as Alphabet Inc.

Founded in 2015, the American multinational conglomerate Alphabet Inc. was created as a parent company of Google and several former Google subsidiaries. Alphabet Inc. made a whopping $90.27 billion in 2016, and has over $160 billion in total assets.

If you aren’t scared yet, you should be. This multinational conglomerate owns 12 separate companies, each of which has an incredible stranglehold in their areas of expertise.

From Calico, a longevity research company, to Deep Mind, their AI research program, it’s astonishing they haven’t been broken up by the government for violating anti-trust laws.

Worst of all, however, is Google – which has a monopoly on the internet ad market, on the internet video market, and on the internet search engine market. The IT folk at Google are experts at integrating anything and everything, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that Google has been watching you since Day 1.

Every video you’ve watched on YouTube, every Google ad you’ve clicked, every search you’ve made, and every text you’ve sent from an Android phone, Google has recorded somewhere in the bowels of their underground multi-petabyte databases.

Despite Google’s massive violations of your privacy, the government likely won’t stop them anytime soon, as they’re an integral component of the Deep State.

This means it’s on us to protect our own information, and while it’s certainly an extra burden to bear, it beats having your every move online tracked and recorded.

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The world’s second largest primary silver mine, Tahoe Resources Escobal Mine, was forced to shut down operations in Guatemala by a ruling from the country’s Supreme Court. This was due to a provisional decision by the Guatemalan Supreme court in respect of a request by CALAS, an anti-mining group, for an order to temporarily suspend the license to operate the Escobal Mine until there is a full hearing. (picture courtesy of Tahoe Resources)

While this story has been out for a few days, I believe there is a great deal of misinformation on the Mainstream and Alternative media about the current situation and future outcome of Tahoe’s flagship Escobal Mine. Some analysis suggests that this is just a small speed-bump for Tahoe, so when they are able to address disputed regulatory issues, production and profits will shortly return once again.

However, there also seems to be a another side to the story that could cause more problems for Tahoe with a much longer suspension time than the company is publicly stating. For example, the following was published in the article… Tahoe Resources forced to halt Escobal mine in Guatemala:

While Tahoe is preparing for a three-month mine suspension, Haywood analysts project no production from the mine for the remainder of 2017.

Here we can see that the company (Tahoe) is very optimistic that production at Escobal will start back in three months, while Haywood analysts forecast operations won’t likely resume this year. So, who should we believe, or which forecast is more correct? Before we get into the details, let’s first look at the impact of suspending the 2nd largest primary silver mine in the world on the market.

A Shutdown Of The Escobal Mine, Ranked #2 In The World, Would Remove 21 Million Oz Of Supply

According to the 2017 World Silver Survey, Tahoe Resources Escobal Mine ranked #2, behind Fresnillo PLC’s Saucito Mine in primary silver production in 2016. Here are the top five producing primary silver mines in 2016 (Moz – million ounces):

1. Saucito (Mexico) = 21.9 Moz

2. Escobal (Guatemala) = 21.2 Moz

3. Dukat (Russia) = 19.8 Moz

4. Cannington (Australia) = 18.2 Moz

5. Uchucchacua (Peru) = 16.2 Moz

R: 3 / I: 0 / P: 6 [R] [G] [-]

Company SOLD consumer loan applications to anyone willing to pay for the leads

FTC Halts Operation That Unlawfully Shared and Sold Consumers’ Sensitive Data

Lead generation firm earned millions by falsely promising to match consumers with low-rate loans

he operators of a lead generation business have agreed to settle charges brought by the Federal Trade Commission that the company misled consumers into filling out loan applications and sold those applications – including consumers’ sensitive data – to virtually anyone willing to pay for the leads.

In its complaint, the FTC alleges that Blue Global Media, LLC and its CEO Christopher Kay operated dozens of websites that enticed consumers to complete loan applications that the defendants then sold as “leads” to a variety of entities without regard for how the information would be used or whether it would remain secure.

The websites, which operated under such names as 100dayloans.com, 1hour-advance.com, cashmojo.com and clickloans.net, offered services to consumers seeking a variety of loans, including payday and auto loans. The company claimed it would search a network of 100 or more lenders, and connect each loan applicant to the lender that would offer them the best terms. The FTC charged that, in reality, the defendants:

sold very few of the loan applications to lenders;

did not match applications based on loan rates or terms; and

sold the loan applications to the first buyer willing to pay for them.


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9/11 survivors urge Theresa May to release Saudi terror report she suppressed

Survivors of the 9/11 attacks have written to Prime Minister Theresa May – urging her to make public a British government report into the extent of Saudi Arabia’s funding of Islamist extremism in the UK.

The report into the significance of the financing of Islamic extremists in Britain by Saudi Arabia and other nations was commissioned by Ms May’s predecessor, David Cameron, as part of a deal to obtain political support for a parliamentary vote on UK airstrikes on Syria.

Last week, British Home Secretary Amber Rudd said the report was not being published “because of the volume of personal information it contains and for national security reasons”. Green Party co-leader Caroline Lucas suggested the refusal to make public the report was linked to a reluctance to criticise the kingdom, with which Britain has long had close strategic and economic ties.


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Mental illness sufferer's fight for right to die in Canada

When Adam Maier-Clayton died last week at the age of 27, he had been waging a controversial fight, arguing that those like him with untreatable mental illnesses should have the right to physician-assisted deaths.

He never received that medical assistance and died by suicide last Thursday. But he hoped to change Canada's laws which currently don't allow physicians to assist with deaths for those with mental illness.

Now, it has come to light that a case quietly made its way up to Alberta's Court of Appeal last year, in which a woman with the same illness as Maier-Clayton was able to access the kind of death he had long wanted.

The woman was identified in court documents only as "E.F." She too had somatic symptom disorder, or conversion disorder, a psychiatric condition that causes extreme physical pain with no clear cause.

Somatoform disorders are caused by the process in which a person's mental distress manifests as physical symptoms. The mildest forms include stress headaches, or neck and shoulder muscle tension that ease when the stress diminishes.

But in some patients, the patient's psychological problems may be much more complex and their physical symptoms become severe, disabling and long-lasting.

In the case of E.F., court documents show the 58-year-old woman told the court she was "suffering intolerable pain and physical discomfort," and "that her symptoms were irremediable."

She said she suffered from muscle spasms, digestive problems, immobility and periods of insomnia. She said she was exhausted from her suffering, as well as depressed and fully mentally competent yet unable over eight years to find any effective treatment.

Despite objections from the attorneys general of Alberta and B.C., who argued E.F.'s condition did not meet the criteria of being terminal, the Court of Appeal sided with E.F. and allowed a doctor to help her die by suicide.

Dr. Ellen Wiebe, a former family physician in B.C. who has become a vocal and prominent advocate of medically assisted death, says she met with E.F. and knows how she suffered.

"The case of E.F. is so important because she was the only case where someone received an assisted death for…mainly a purely psychiatric condition," Wiebe told CTV News.

"And she really deserved it because her suffering had been so terrible for so many years. She had been through every treatment that smart people could figure out and she didn't get better – and she wasn't going to get better."


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What People Fear The Most In A Societal Collapse Is Very Real

There are a lot of reasons why people prep for disasters, but there’s one reason that’s far more popular than the others. What people fear most when they think about what would happen if society collapsed, isn’t hunger, disease, or exposure. They fear what other people might do to them when the chips are down.They worry that members of their community might hurt or kill them to survive.

And though most preppers won’t admit it, I think most of us fear what we might be capable of in a bad situation. We don’t have to find out if we have enough food stocked up in our pantries.

However, it should be noted that there is an alternate view on what most people will do if society collapses. For historians who study disasters and social collapse, there is hope that people won’t automatically turn into savages if the grid goes down. A writer for Slate recently interviewed several experts on this topic, and here’s what they had to say:

Over the years, academic researchers have gone back and forth on the question. “This whole area of work really got going in the Cold War when defense planners wanted to model post-[nuclear] attack scenarios,” Knowles wrote. The Disaster Research Center at Ohio State University (which has since moved to the University of Delaware) “did the work over years to model community response, and they pushed back strongly on the idea of social collapse—they found instead too much of the opposite—people converge on a disaster scene!”

And there are countless examples of people being altruistic and coming together during disasters; perhaps even more so than examples of people turning on each other.

In a 1961 paper (unpublished until 1996), sociologist Charles Fritz laid out the case for this “contrary perspective” that disasters and other majorly stressful events don’t necessarily result in social breakdown and trauma.

Fritz, who had begun his observations of disasters while stationed in Britain during the Blitz, reported that during that time he saw “a nation of gloriously happy people, enjoying life to the fullest, exhibiting a sense of gaiety and love of life that was truly remarkable,” with Britons reaching beyond class distinctions, sharing supplies, and talking to people they had never spoken with before.

Marshaling sociological and historical evidence, Fritz recounts example after example of people pulling together in the middle of tragedy: black and white police and militia members uniting to maintain order during the yellow fever epidemic in Memphis in 1878; enemies forgetting old quarrels during the German bombing of Krakow in World War II; community members reporting strengthened personal relationships with neighbors after the White County, Arkansas, tornado of 1952.

This shouldn’t come as a surprise. If humans didn’t have an inclination towards supporting each other, then we wouldn’t have a sophisticated society to begin with.

However, I think we all know that there is a dark side to our species as well, and many of the examples provided by the author don’t reflect that. It is true that we are a social species whose members would rather work together to build a society, but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t disasters which could easily bring out the worst in us.

The best example that comes to my mind, is the Siege of Leningrad during World War Two. For more than two years, the city was encircled by German forces who cut off all supplies to the city. This lead to the deaths of more than a million civilians, mainly due to starvation. And during that time there were thousands of people who were arrested for murdering others for their ration cards, or killing strangers and family members before cannibalizing them. And in most cases, these people were found to have no criminal records when they were caught.

Point being, there are disasters that will drive ordinary people to commit heinous crimes, and there’s a big difference between those incidents, and the disasters that don’t lead to massive crime waves.

But on the rare occasion that a disaster disrupts the flow of goods and energy for months or years at a time, a significant percentage of the population will turn on their neighbors to survive.



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Good! Bill Allocates $1.6 Billion for Trump’s Border Wall

The House Appropriations Committee on Tuesday released a bill allocating $1.6 billion to begin construction of a physical barrier along the U.S. border with Mexico, one of President Trump’s central campaign promises.

The bill funding the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) for fiscal year 2018 also negates one of Trump’s central promises, that Mexico would pay for the construction of the wall.

“Keeping Americans safe by protecting our homeland is a top priority. This funding bill provides the resources to begin building a wall along our southern border, enhance our existing border security infrastructure, hire more border patrol agents, and fund detention operations,” said House Appropriations Homeland Security Subcommittee Chairman John Carter.

Earlier in the day, DHS spokesman David Lapan said that the requested funding would be crucial to moving the project beyond current repairs, replacements and prototype projects.

“On the DHS side it’s clear that we’ve gotten a direction to secure the southern border, that a wall and barrier is part of that process along with people and technology and that funding from Congress is required for us to move forward on that,” he said.

Conservative lawmakers in recent days had begun warning that they would pull their votes from a budget and spending plan that failed to fund the wall.

House Freedom Caucus Chairman Rep. Mark Meadows (R-N.C.) went so far as to tell Breitbart News that Trump would not sign a spending measure if a wall were not funded, though the White House has not commented on the matter.

The bill's accompanying report, to be released next week, will specify where the segments of the wall are to be built and their associated funding.

In total, the bill allocates $13.8 billion to customs and border protection. That includes the $1.6 billion for the wall, $100 million to hire 500 more Border Patrol agents, $131 million for new border technology, $106 million for aircraft and sensors and $109 million for "non-intrusive inspection equipment."

It also adds $619.7 million to Immigration and Customs Enforcement over current levels, bringing total funding for ICE to $7 billion.



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90,000-strong Child Porn Ring Busted On ‘Dark Web’, Owner Sentenced 30 Years

Police in Frankfurt swooped on suspected pedophiles after busting a massive child pornography website on the ‘dark web’. The site had almost 90,000 users who swapped graphic images of children and arranged meetings to abuse them.


The forum, known as ‘Elysium,’ had existed on the internet’s darkside since the end of 2016.

Frankfurt public prosecutor's and Germany’s BKA Federal Police said they arrested several people connected to the forum, including the sites suspected operator, a 39-year-old man living in Frankfurt.

The unidentified man was arrested on June 12 when police raided his apartment seizing the server used to host the site.

Elysium had more than 87,000 users worldwide who utilised the platform to disseminate horrifying pornographic images of children as well as arranging appointments to abuse children.

"Among the child pornographic images and video files exchanged by the members of the platform were recordings of the most serious sexual abuse of children, including toddlers and depictions of sexual violence against children," prosecutors said in a statement, as cited by Reuters.

Authorities have not divulged how many suspects have been arrested. More details will be made available in a press conference Friday.

This latest bust comes just two months after nearly 900 members of a global ‘dark web’ pedophile ring spanning Europe and the Americas were arrested following a two-year investigation by the FBI and Europol.

The website's founder was handed a 30-year jail sentence.



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Texas Judge Smacks Down Pinko Commie Meathead Professor: Campus Carry Doesn’t Hurt Free Speech

Three University of Texas at Austin professors filed a lawsuit claiming that letting people carry firearms on their campus would have a chilling effect on speech. Last week, District Judge Lee Yeakel dismissed the suit claiming the professors could present "no concrete evidence to substantiate their fears" and that their fears rest on "mere conjecture." Although it's certainly refreshing to see professors using First Amendment justifications with such vigor, it's even better that Yeakel dismissed their ludicrous arguments and protected campus carry.

In 2015, the Texas legislature strengthened their commitment to gun rights at public universities. Senate Bill 11, which came into effect in August 2016, permitted campus concealed carry in campus buildings within reasonable guidelines. Those guidelines vary from school to school. At UT Austin, guns must stay out of sight, and individuals professors can choose to make "gun-free zones" in their offices, provided they post their rules clearly.

Professors Jennifer Lynn Glass (sociology), Lisa Moore (English), and Mia Carter (English) banded together and filed a lawsuit that sought to overturn the new law. One professor argued that the "possibility of the presence of concealed weapons in a classroom impedes my and other professors' ability to create a daring, intellectually active, mutually supportive, and engaged community of thinkers." Their reasoning centered around the idea that students will be unable to speak freely––a First Amendment argument––in an environment where other students are armed.

But this logic posits that students will pull guns on each other when they hear ideas they disagree with––an unlikely outcome. Even for controversial topics like abortion and, ironically, gun rights, it would be beyond the scope of reason to expect that a classroom conversation would become so heated that a student's life would be threatened.



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John Podesta Helps Convicted Pedophile Dennis Hastert Get Out Of Prison

Former Hillary Clinton campaign chair John Podesta has pulled some strings to get convicted pedophile and former U.S. House Speaker Dennis Hastert released from prison early.

Hastert was released this week from federal prison after only serving 13 months of a sentence handed to him for bribing a former student he sexually abused in high school.

USA Today reports: https://archive.fo/ChAWe

Hastert, 75, pleaded guilty to illegal structuring of bank withdrawals as part of an effort to circumvent federal banking laws as he went about paying off someone identified in court as “Individual A” for abuse that occurred more than 30 years ago during his years as a teacher and coach in Yorkville, Ill.

The former speaker served about 13 months of a 15-month sentence, according to federal prison records, and now faces two years of supervised release and lawsuits from former students who say they were victims of Hastert.

The ex-speaker is now under the supervision of a residential re-entry management field office based in Chicago, Bureau of Prisons records show.

Hastert told prosecutors he paid Individual A about half of a $3.5 million off-the-books agreement to keep quiet about the abuse. Individual A sued Hastert, seeking payment for the remaining $1.8 million he says Hastert still owes him.

The statutes of limitation long expired for the sex abuse, but prosecutors said they identified at least five individuals sexually abused by Hastert during his years as an educator before he launched his political career in the early 1980s.

Before Judge Thomas Durkin handed down the sentence, Hastert acknowledged he abused Individual A and other boys in his charge.

“I want to apologize to the boys I mistreated when I was a coach,” he said. “They looked (up) at me and I took advantage of them.”



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Mysterious Hacker Leaks Emails Of Top US State Department Expert On Russia

Coming at a "sensitive" moment for US-Russian hacking diplomatic relations, on Friday Foreign Policy reported that emails belonging to a senior US State Department intelligence official involved in Russian affairs have been leaked by a hacker known as "Johnnie Walker." The official, whose work is focused on Russian domestic affairs and who was described to FT as “probably the top intelligence guy in the entire U.S. government on Russia [who] knows more than anybody about what’s going on there,” is said to have been particularly interested in Russian media and government reshuffling.

The emails which were sourced from a hacked nongovernmental account over a two-year period, were sent to “an unknown number of recipients" and while the leaks were first released on July 10, they did not gain widespread attention until Friday when both FP and Newsweek commented on the hack.

In a letter announcing the alleged hacking, Johnnie Walker said that the leak would provide evidence for establishing what was called “agenda formation in many countries worldwide, especially where the situation is insecure.” The sender also claimed that the US State Department official was in contact with various intelligence agencies, including the CIA, as well as “mainstream media, NGOs, and international funds.”

Although the alleged hacking victim holds “a senior position in the State Department’s Bureau of Intelligence and Research” and while name was disclosed in the leaked emails, Foreign Policy outlet did not disclose the name, citing a request from the state department, which has so far neither confirmed nor denied the hack. The leaked correspondence was released online on Pastebin although its authenticity remains unclear for now. The description to the three archives available for download also adds the name of the alleged agent.

As part of his introduction to the leaked emails, the mysterious hacker says that “perhaps you know that the U.S. State Department has a direct bearing on the agenda formation not only at home but throughout the world. Now you can make sure it’s true." Below is the preface that "Johnnie Walker" posted on the pastebin:

Perhaps you know that the U.S. State Department has a direct bearing on the agenda formation not only at home but throughout the world.

Now you can make sure it's true. Let me show you the correspondence between the Deputy Chief of Staff for Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance Agency Robert P. Otto and his colleagues, CIA officers and other intelligence agencies, as well as representatives of mainstream media, NGOs, international funds and think tanks.

With the respect for privacy I've deleted his correspondence with his wife and relatives. The rest of emails will give evidence of who is responsible for different information campaigns, the so-called mythmaking and essentially engaged in the promotion of "American values" throughout the world.


In retrospect, it appears that the email contents are relatively innocuous: as the Redditor notes:

Reading through some of the messages, it seems they are mostly discussions between various neocon academics and forwarding of articles. Most of these people rather than experts seem to be groupthinkers endlessly building up the walls of their own echo chamber.

Found a couple of things that are interesting. A Russian scholar "Valery Solovei" is sending Robert Otto a monthly report on Russia. Also, Otto and his buddies HATE John Kerry and continually refer to him as an idiot!

With the Trump administration neck-deep in Russia-hacking drama, we expect that this story, which somehow failed to make last week's news cycle will be among the main topics in the days ahead, with questions (and predetermined answers) over the identity (and nationality) of Johnnie Walker among the most discussed items.



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Amazon Products Spying On Consumers, Giving All Consumer Data Away To Third Party Companies

RELATED: >>>/realnews/1313 (https://archive.fo/SrUqC)

Smart people have begun boycotting Amazon tech for a few years ago. This new revelation may have other sheeple doing the same.

According to the Information, Amazon is considering opening up access to private transcript data from its Alexa devices to third-party developers, raising concerns of privacy for users.

Amazon’s Echo system was one of the first mass-marketed home assistants available, giving it a head start over other devices such as Google Home. However, while Amazon currently does not allow developers access to everything users say, Google Home does; with Apple moving into the market as well, Amazon cannot afford to lose the lead it gained early on.

At the moment, developers making apps that will use Alexa are only permitted to see non-identifying information, such as location data, how often users talk to their devices, and how many times a specific “skill” is used. If full transcripts were visible to developers, the greater amount of data could be put to use in order to improve and fine-tune their applications.

Skill developer Ahmed Bouzid, an ex-product head for the Alexa team, said that the current access only gives developers “7o percent of what they need to know.” However, according to the Information, some teams already have full access to all the data that Alexa gathers; it is unclear who is exempt from the standard limitations or why.

If Amazon were to go ahead with handing over full transcripts, it would certainly cause unease with users aware of the potential breach of privacy. Not only could developers see exactly what they have been saying or searching for, but anyone malevolent enough to hack their systems could do as well. Last year, then Director of National Intelligence James Clapper warned that not only would such developments “pose challenges to our cyber defenses and operational tradecraft but also create new opportunities for our own intelligence collectors.”

Amazon’s previous actions don’t seem to bode well for those worried about their privacy. In April, Amazon’s newly launched Echo Look contained a “Style Check” feature, that would let strangers judge your outfits by uploading photos of them to internet, causing some to remark on the creepiness of such an application.



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Polack beauty found hanged at Brit school after being 'bullied for being Polish

A 16-year-old girl found hanged in school toilets was taunted for being Polish, an inquest has heard.

Dagmara Przybysz, who was a pupil at Pool Academy in Redruth, Cornwall, was found in toilets near the maths department in May 2016.

Dagmara's mother said in a statement that her daughter had been called names, and had overheard racist comments such as "stupid Pole".

The teenager, who had lived in Britain with her family for nine years, had also told her boyfriend that she had been told to "go back to your own country".


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Yet Another Clinton Body Bag: Peter W. Smith Killed After Investigating Clinton Emails

Republican donor and operative from Chicago's North Shore who said he had tried to obtain Hillary Clinton's missing emails from Russian hackers alledgedly "killed himself" in a Minnesota hotel room days after talking to The Wall Street Journal about his efforts, public records show.

The financier from suburban Lake Forest gave an interview to the Journal about his quest, and it began publishing stories about his efforts in late June. The Journal also reported it had seen emails written by Smith showing his team considered retired Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn, then a top adviser to Republican Donald Trump's campaign, an ally.

At the time, the newspaper reported Smith's May 14 death came about 10 days after he granted the interview. Mystery shrouded how and where he had died, but the lead propagandist on the stories said on a podcast "he had no reason to believe the death was the result of foul play" and that "Smith likely had died of natural causes."

However, the Chicago Tribune obtained a Minnesota state death record filed in Olmsted County saying Smith committed suicide in a hotel near the Mayo Clinic at 1:17 p.m. on Sunday, May 14. He was found with a bag over his head with a source of helium attached.

This is yet another victim to add to the long list of recent whistleblowers and investigators who have suddenly "killed themselves" while investigating the Clinton crime family.



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China Extracts Natural Gas Hydrates in South Sea, Paving Way For Global Energy Revolution

Video embed is updated news related to this last article!

China claims to have successfully collected samples of natural gas hydrates (NGH) or combustible ice in the South China Sea.

Combustible ice is being touted by international scientists as an ideal replacement for oil and natural gas.

Successful extraction of it from the Shenhu area is a massive breakthrough that could pave way for a global energy revolution, said Chinese Minister of Land and Resources Jiang Daming, as reported in Shangai Daily.

It took around two decades of research and exploration for China to successfully mine flammable or combustible ice offshore for the first time.

China finally tasted success in mining flammable ice offshore after spending about two decades of research and exploration on the commodity.

Chinese state-run Xinhau news agency had reported in the past that the country discovered flammable ice in the South China Sea in 2007.

In late March, China had commenced trial mining of NGH in the Shenhu sea, in an area that is 320kms away from Zhuhai City in Guangdong province in the southeast direction.

The first extraction of combustible ice was done at a depth of 1,266m last week.

Director of the trial mining commanding headquarters Qiu Haijun has been quoted in several media publications, as saying: "Many countries along the Maritime Silk Road have a demand for combustible ice mining.

"With the advanced technology we could help resolve the energy resource problem and boost economic development and exchanges between countries.”

The pilot production project owned by the China Geological Survey (CGS) under the Ministry of Land and Resources had chosen China National Petroleum Corporation (CNPC) is a partner.

Japan has also been attempting to exploit its natural gas hydrate resources like China. In mid April, the East Asian country revealed its plans to undertake a production test to extract methane gas from methane hydrate deposits discovered offshore along its central coast.



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Another Major Tesla Crash Due To Autopilot Results In Cover-up

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Yesterday an accident in Minnesota involving Tesla Autopilot resulted in a Tesla Model S rolling upside down over a road and ending up facing the sky in a marsh.

Since the accident, the driver of the Tesla Model S, David Clark, has blamed Tesla’s Autopilot, according to the local Sheriff’s Department.

Clark now states that his view of the accident is no longer to blame on Tesla after calming down since the accident and talking to the other passengers, after he was threatened (or bribed) by Tesla.

Originally the Kandiyohi County Sheriff’s Office was directly blaming the Autopilot for the crash but an updated news release has clarified that they were reporting on the information obtained from the driver.

The newly updated report states the following, “Clark stated that when he engaged the autopilot feature that the vehicle suddenly accelerated causing the car to leave the roadway and overturn.”

Kandiyohi County Sheriffs say that Clark said that he was “shook up” after the crash and didn’t intend to blame Autopilot.

Deputy Quin Pomplun of the Sheriff's Department responded to Clark’s initial email saying that he was under the impression that Clark was first blaming the Autopilot after the crash, but now the Sheriff's Department will be adding his new explanation to the report.

Tesla drivers have been quick to blame the Autopilot for crashes since Tesla introduced the feature.

This is yet another reason never to step into an automated vehicle.



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Comcast using self-driving cars to justify abolishing net neutrality

Yesterday, Comcast filed its comments in favor of the FCC’s plan to eliminate the 2015 net neutrality rules. While much of the document was devoted to arguments we’ve heard before — Comcast believes the current rules are anti-competitive and hurt investment, but generally supports the principles of net neutrality — one statement stood out.

Buried in the 161-page document was this quirky assertion (emphasis ours):

At the same time, the Commission also should bear in mind that a more flexible approach to prioritization may be warranted and may be beneficial to the public… And paid prioritization may have other compelling applications in telemedicine. Likewise, for autonomous vehicles that may require instantaneous data transmission, black letter prohibitions on paid prioritization may actually stifle innovation instead of encouraging it.

In other words, Comcast is arguing for paid prioritization and internet fast lanes to enable self-driving cars to communicate better with other vehicles and their surrounding environment, thus making them a safer and more efficient mode of transportation. Sounds reasonable enough. After all, autonomous vehicles are the next gold rush, an industry that could be worth an estimated $7 trillion. The only problem is that autonomous and connected cars don’t use wireless broadband to communicate. To be sure, all cars of the future will need to communicate wirelessly, but what Comcast won’t acknowledge is that they won’t need the internet to do it.


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Ravens are so smart it’s actually kind of disconcerting, new study finds

Ravens can solve puzzles, trick other animals into helping them out, and communicate with each other at a level even apes can’t match. And now we know they can hatch plans. These aren’t dastardly plans to overthrow humans in a battle for control of the Earth (we hope)—they’re plans to get better food for themselves. It’s like the marshmallow test—more on that in a minute—but for birds that have more self control than most children.

This latest revelation comes courtesy of two cognitive scientists at Lund University in Sweden who literally put ravens to test. They published their findings on Friday in the journal Science. Up until now, we knew that ravens had some ability to plan ahead for their own food needs because they hide caches of food to dig up later. Then again, squirrels store food in the ground for later and they’re, well, not the smartest. They forget about 75 percent of their nuts, planting millions of trees in the process. They’re accidental environmentalists. And if moronic squirrels can be biologically programmed to cache food for later, maybe ravens aren’t as smart as we thought.


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Good! Trump Administration May Bail on DACA Amnesty for Anchor Babies

Facing the threat of a lawsuit from Texas and nine other states, the Trump administration indicated Wednesday that it may decline to defend DACA in court, a move that would likely result in the end of the program that granted amnesty to illegal immigrants brought to the U.S. when they were children.

Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly went up to Capitol Hill on Wednesday afternoon to address members of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus, telling them, according to reports, that although he personally supports the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program, he can’t promise that the administration will defend it if challenged.

Several members of Congress pressured Kelly in the meeting, and he responded by suggesting they work to pass a law.

Sen. Bob Menendez of New Jersey, a Cuban-American and a Democrat, told reporters after the meeting: "It's not a pretty picture."

At issue is the 2012 memorandum signed by President Barack Obama that allowed people brought to the U.S. illegally as children to apply for two-year work permits, and to be granted a reprieve from deportation. Anyone under 30 years of age who came to the U.S. illegally before the age of 16 and before June of 2007 is eligible.

The program was referred to by critics as a blanket amnesty, as it has effectively legalized more than 750,000 people who have been granted DACA status. These people have been able to live and work in the U.S. as though they were legal residents.

The Pew Research Center has estimated that another one million people already in the U.S. may qualify for DACA.

The policy led to a surge at the border in 2014 and 2015, with many families and unaccompanied minors flowing into Texas, Arizona, and New Mexico.

"Logically, it really was the signal that if you get your kids here, we'll let you stay," Ira Mehlman of the Federation for American Immigration Reform told LifeZette.

At the end of June, Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton, along with nine other state attorneys general, sent a letter to the Trump administration, threatening to sue if the administration did not, by Sept. 5, 2017, rescind the memo that created DACA.

"If, by September 5, 2017, the executive branch agrees to rescind the June 15, 2012, DACA memorandum and not to renew or issue any new DACA or Expanded DACA permits in the future, then the plaintiffs that successfully challenged [Deferred Action for Parents of Americans] and Expanded DACA will voluntarily dismiss their lawsuit currently pending in the Southern District of Texas," he wrote. "Otherwise, the complaint in that case will be amended to challenge both the DACA program and the remaining Expanded DACA permits."



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Good! Unconstitutional California Gun Control Law Halted By Federal Court

July 1 was the day that law-abiding Californians almost became criminals without leaving their homes or lifting a finger.

That’s when Proposition 63’s ban on the possession of high-capacity magazines, those that hold more than 10 rounds of ammunition, was scheduled to go into effect.

To be clear, this law did not ban the sale or purchase of magazines with a capacity of more than 10 rounds, which has been illegal in California since 2000. Proposition 63 made it a crime simply to possess the magazines, which were legal when they were purchased and “grandfathered” as legal under the 2000 law.

Effective July 1, Proposition 63 required the owner of high-capacity magazines in California to sell them to a licensed dealer, move them out of state, turn them over to law enforcement, or become a criminal. The penalty? Up to $100 per magazine and a year in the county jail.

That was too much for a U.S. District Court in San Diego. Judge Roger Benitez agreed with the plaintiffs in a lawsuit challenging the magazine ban that they would suffer irrevocable harm unless the enforcement of the law was halted while the lawsuit went forward. He issued a preliminary injunction just days before the law was to take effect.

Judge Benitez said the law was likely unconstitutional because the Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms encompasses the right of an individual to use “whatever common magazine size he or she judges best suits the situation.” The court also agreed with the plaintiffs that confiscation of the magazines violated the Fifth Amendment’s prohibition on the taking of property for public use without just compensation.

California gun owners have little choice but to rely on the federal courts to restore their rights when state or local authorities erase them. Nearly all states have a version of the Second Amendment in their state constitutions, but California does not.

That makes it easier for a local government, the state Legislature, or even the voters to pass an unconstitutional law that infringes the rights of gun owners, knowing that it will take years for a challenge to the law to reach the U.S. Supreme Court.

In 2008, the Supreme Court ruled 5-4 in District of Columbia v. Heller that the Second Amendment protects an individual’s right to keep and bear arms, and in 2010 the court held in McDonald v. Chicago that this right also applies to the states. But since then the justices have turned away case after case regarding regulation of firearms. Last month, the Supreme Court declined to hear the appeal of Edward Peruta, a San Diego man who was denied a permit to carry a concealed weapon because the county sheriff did not consider personal self-defense to be “good cause.”

Eventually, the Supreme Court will have to draw the boundaries of state regulation of firearms. California’s law criminalizing the possession of legally purchased property is the first thing that should be declared out of bounds.



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Mad Scientists Launch Geoengineering Experiment That May Cause Global Famine, Mass Starvation


Climate change “mad scientists” from Harvard have been given the green light to pursue a geoengineering experiment that will expel aerosols into the atmosphere to block out the sun in a deranged effort to halt so-called “global warming.”

The initial experiment is small, but if it is deemed a success, it could be scaled up with billions of dollars in government funding and end up being a planetary-scale experiment to play God with the atmosphere.

Gee, what could possibly go wrong? As I point out in this video, if a large volcano happens to blow at the same time, the massive amount of particulate matter ejected into the atmosphere by the eruption would cause global dimming. That result, combined with the Harvard “mad scientist” aerosol sun blocking effort, could lead to global food crop failures and FAMINE. Mass starvation, anyone? Meanwhile, the Yellowstone supervolcano has just experienced more than 1,000 small earthquakes, causing many people to wonder when it’s going to blow. (If it does blow, food crops will fail globally for 1-2 years, eliminating at least 90% of the current human population, by the way.)

In an effort to halt so-called “climate change” in other words, mad scientists are willing to put the entire human population at risk of a catastrophic global famine. Apparently, they’ve never heard about the Law of Unintended Consequences, sometimes dubbed “Murphy’s Law” in the sciences. It dictates that if something can go wrong, it will go wrong.

Now if only they could just genetically engineer crops to produce food without photosynthesis… hmmm…



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Germany Confiscating Homes to Use for Invaders

Germany Confiscating Homes to Use for Migrants

"A massive attack on the property rights"

Authorities in Hamburg, the second-largest city in Germany, have begun confiscating private dwellings to ease a housing shortage — one that has been acutely exacerbated by Chancellor Angela Merkel's decision to allow more than two million migrants into the country in recent years.

City officials have been seizing commercial properties and converting them into migrant shelters since late 2015, when Merkel opened German borders to hundreds of thousands of migrants from Africa, Asia and the Middle East. Now, however, the city is expropriating residential property units owned by private citizens.

In an unprecedented move, Hamburg authorities recently confiscated six residential units in the Hamm district near the city center. The units, which are owned by a private landlord, are in need of repair and have been vacant since 2012. A trustee appointed by the city is now renovating the properties and will rent them — against the will of the owner — to tenants chosen by the city. District spokeswoman Sorina Weiland said that all renovation costs will be billed to the owner of the properties.

The expropriation is authorized by the Hamburg Housing Protection Act (Hamburger Wohnraumschutzgesetz), a 1982 law that was updated by the city's Socialist government in May 2013 to enable the city to seize any residential property unit that has been vacant for more than four months.

The forced lease, the first of its kind in Germany, is said to be aimed at pressuring the owners of other vacant residences in the city to make them available for rent. Of the 700,000 rental units in Hamburg, somewhere between 1,000 and 5,000 (less than one percent) are believed to be vacant, according an estimate by the Hamburg Senate.

Socialists and Greens in Hamburg recently established a "hotline" where local residents can report vacant properties. Activists have also created a website — Leerstandsmelder (Vacancy Detector) — to identify unoccupied real estate in Hamburg and other German cities.

It remains unclear why the landlord in Hamm left his apartments vacant for more than five years. Some have posited that, given the location of the properties, the renovation costs may have been too high and probably would not have been offset by the rental income.

Others are blaming city officials for not approving more building permits to allow for the construction of new residential units. A study conducted in 2012 — well before the migrant crisis reached epic proportions — forecast that by 2017, Hamburg would have a deficit of at least 50,000 rental properties.

In 2016, however, only 2,433 new residential units came onto the market, while only 2,290 new building permits were approved, according to statistics provided by the City of Hamburg. These numbers were up slightly from 2,192 new units and 2,041 new permit approvals in 2015.

In 2012, Hamburg's Socialist government presented a plan to build 6,000 new residential units per year. The plan never materialized, however, because prospective builders were constricted by government-imposed rental caps which would have made it impossible for them to even recover their construction costs.

Since then, the city has turned to seizing private property to resolve its self-inflicted housing crisis.

On October 1, 2015, the Hamburg Parliament (Hamburgische Bürgerschaft) approved a new law that allows the city to seize vacant commercial real estate (office buildings and land) and use it to house migrants.

City officials said the measure was necessary because, at the time, more than 400 new migrants were arriving in Hamburg each day and all the existing refugee shelters were full. They said that because the owners of vacant real estate refused to make their property available to the city on a voluntary basis, the city should be given the right to take it by force.

The measure was applauded by those on the left of the political spectrum. "We are doing everything we can to ensure that the refugees are not homeless during the coming winter," said Senator Till Steffen of the Green Party. "For this reason, we need to use vacant commercial properties."


R: 2 / I: 1 / P: 8 [R] [G] [-]

Vatican Church Overrun With Pedophiles

The Vatican has come under heavy fire recently as top officials keep getting exposed as pedophiles and sexual deviants, in one of the most scandalous years of the church’s history.

With the news of a top Cardinal being arrested for sexual assault and taking part in a drug-filled gay orgy, and with news that Pope Francis is willing to forgive pedophile priests if they rape children rather than send them to jail – the public may be about to lose its patience with the most powerful Church in the world.

Infowars.com reports: https://archive.fo/ljRE6

Evidence emerging from the Vatican in recent days strongly suggests Pope Francis is transforming the Catholic Church into a socialist political organization that embraces the LGBT agenda, in complete rejection of the traditional pro-family religious orientation of his predecessor, Pope Benedict XVI.

Last week, Pope Francis fired the Vatican’s top theologian, Cardinal Gerhard Ludwig Mueller, the head of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, who had a reputation as a staunch defender of the traditional family.

Pope Francis replaced Cardinal Mueller with the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith’s second-in-command, the more liberal Archbishop Luis Francisco Ladaria Ferrer.

Then, on Thursday, July 5, the Daily Mail in London reported Vatican police had broken up a gay orgy occurring in the Vatican-owned apartment belonging to the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith.

Ironically, this was also the Vatican department Pope Francis had assigned to investigate the Catholic Church’s pedophile sex scandal involving priests in the United States as well as various other countries around the world.

The apartment was apparently the residence of the male secretary to Cardinal Francesco Coccopalmerio, one of Pope Francis’ key advisors, and the president of the Pontifical Council for Legislative Texts, another key part of the Roman Curia responsible for administering the activities of the Catholic Church worldwide.

Neither development surprised reporter George Neumayr, whose recent book, The Political Pope: How Pope Francis is Delighting the Liberal Left and Abandoning Conservatives, predicted Pope Francis will accelerate the transformation of the Catholic Church into a leftist political organization after former Pope Benedict XVI dies.

“Pope Francis inherited Cardinal Muller from his predecessor and was itching to sack him,” Neumayr explained to Infowars.com in an email.

“Pope Francis was annoyed by Muller’s opposition to the relativism of this pontificate, particularly Muller’s resistance to the pope’s plan to relax the Church’s teaching on adultery,” Neumayr continued.

“Muller also opposed the pope’s policy of distributing Communion to divorced-and-remarried Catholics,” Neumayr added.

Neumayr interpreted the move as Pope Francis distancing himself from the more conservative, traditional papacy of Pope Benedict XVI.

“By dropping Muller, Pope Francis is trying to free himself for once and all from the conservative restraints of Pope Benedict XVI, whose opposition to the ‘dictatorship of relativism’ Pope Francis always disliked,” Neumayr explained.

“Appropriately, Pope Francis has replaced Muller with a fellow Jesuit, the Spanish archbishop Luis Ladaria Ferrer, who appears willing to serve as a rubber stamp for the pope’s liberalism,” Neumayr concluded.



R: 93 / I: 9 / P: 8 [R] [G] [-]

Canadian Dictatorship To Kidnap Children To Force Sex Changes Against Parent's Will

In one of the most disgusting tyrannical acts seen within the 21st Century, the Canadian government has decided they can legally seize children from families who refuse to accept genital mutilation against their children thanks to new legislation passed by the Ontario province.

Bill 89, “Supporting Children, Youth and Families Act, 2017,” was approved on June 1 by a vote of 63 to 23.

The Minister of Children and Youth Services, Michael Coteau, who introduced the bill, said earlier this year that a parent’s failure to recognize and support a child’s gender self-identification is a form of child abuse, and a child in these circumstances should be removed from the situation and placed into government concentration.

“I would consider that a form of abuse, when a child identifies one way and a caregiver is saying no, you need to do this differently,” the despot Coteau said.

The new bill replaces the Child and Family Services Act, or Bill 28, which governed child protection, foster care and adoption services.

The former law stated that the parent of a child in care has the right “to direct the child’s education and religious upbringing.” The new law has removed that consideration, saying parents must comply to genital mutilation against their children.



R: 69 / I: 11 / P: 8 [R] [G] [-]

Greenland record cold in July -33C

Greenland just set the record for coldest July temperature ever reported in the Northern Hemisphere at -33C. Climate experts immediately responded to the record cold by saying Greenland is melting faster than expected at -33C. Almost all of Greenland’s surface is gaining ice.In fact, Greenland has gained a near record amount of ice this year, and the ice is melting very slowly. Climate science is not a science. It is a criminal venture intended to extort money from the public. Whatever they are doing, has nothing to do with science.


R: 3 / I: 0 / P: 8 [R] [G] [-]

Clinton Campaign ‘Killed’ Bloomberg Story Linking Bill’s $500k Moscow Speech...

Clinton Campaign ‘Killed’ Bloomberg Story Linking Bill’s $500k Moscow Speech To Russia-Friendly Stance

RELATED: >>>/totalnews/129

A leaked email from Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign previously published by Wikileaks may take on new significance because it relates to key issues brought up in media reports about Donald Trump Jr. and a meeting with a Russian lawyer.

The email in question was purportedly sent by Jesse Lehrich, a Clinton campaign foreign policy spokesman and member of the campaign’s rapid response communications team.

In the correspondence, which has not yet received news media attention and remains searchable in the WikiLeaks archive, Lehrich writes that the campaign “killed a Bloomberg story” attempting to link Clinton’s opposition to the anti-Russia legislation known as the Magnitsky Act to a speech that Bill Clinton delivered in Moscow for $500,000.

The May 21, 2015 message, titled, “May 21st Nightly Press Traffic Summary,” was purportedly sent by Lehrich to the campaign’s “HRCRapid” Google group, and was captured by the leaking of campaign chairman John Podesta’s Gmail account emails.

Lehrich’s list of press actions carried out by the campaign included this:

With the help of the research team, we killed a Bloomberg story trying to link HRC’s opposition to the Magnitsky bill to a $500,000 speech that WJC gave in Moscow.

Based on Peter Schweizer’s bestselling book Clinton Cash, the New York Times in April 2015 reported on Clinton’s $500,000 speech in Moscow and its possible ties to a deal in which the Russians gradually assumed control of the Uranium One mining company.

The newspaper reported “the sale gave the Russians control of one-fifth of all uranium production capacity in the United States.”

The newspaper further reported:

Clinton received $500,000 for a Moscow speech from a Russian investment bank with links to the Kremlin that was promoting Uranium One stock.

The Magnitsky Act, strongly opposed by Russian President Vladimir Putin, is intended to sanction Russian officials accused of involvement in the 2009 death of Russian lawyer Sergei Magnitsky, an anti-corruption whistleblower who died in prison, allegedly after being beaten.

As Foreign Policy magazine noted, the Obama administration – with Clinton as secretary of state – initially balked in 2010 when Sen. Ben Cardin (D-MD) introduced the Magnitsky bill, fearing the legislation could harm the much touted “reset” attempt between the U.S. and Moscow.

Clinton helped lead the charge against the bill, the magazine reported. “The administration, starting with Hillary Clinton and then John Kerry, did everything they could do to stop the Magnitsky act,” said American hedge fund manager Bill Browder, who was instrumental in lobbying Congress in favor of the bill.

In a piece titled, “Hillary Clinton forgets her part in a disastrous Russia policy,” Washington Post columnist Jennifer Rubin referred to Clinton’s tenure as secretary of state, asking, “Why did the State Department try to block the Magnitsky Act for so long?”

In 2012, the bill was passed when powerful lawmakers demanded the Magnitsky Act be grouped with the administration’s legislative push to repeal the Jackson-Vanik Amendment, a move that would ease U.S.-Russia trade relations because the law denied Moscow the ability to trade normally with the U.S.

On June 20, 2012, Clinton wrote an oped in the Wall Street Journal titled “Trade With Russia Is a Win-Win,” in which she sought to explain that retaining Jackson-Vanik “only fuels more anti-American sentiment in Russia.”



R: 39 / I: 3 / P: 8 [R] [G] [-]

Cell Phones Expose Consumers To Radiation Levels Higher Than Manufacturers Claim, Says French Govt

(Washington, DC) Under court order, the National Frequency Agency (ANFR) of France has just disclosed that most cell phones exceed government radiation limits when tested the way they are used, next to the body. Manufacturers are not required to test phones in shirt or pants pockets. French government tests on hundreds of cell phones reveal that in 2015, 9 out of 10 phones exceed the manufacturer’s reported radiation test levels when re-tested in positions where the phone is in contact with the body. The government had refused to disclose these test results until the court order.

On June 1, 2017, ANFR posted the details of the make, model and test results for each phone that was tested, after months of legal action by French physician Dr. Marc Arazi. Arazi’s request for the information was initially denied. Popular brands such as Apple, Motorola, Samsung and Nokia were among the cell phone models tested. When tested in contact with the body, some phones have test results as high as triple the manufacturer’s previously reported radiation levels.

“As a physician, I am deeply concerned about what this means for our health and especially the health of our children. People have a right to know that when cell phones are tested in ways people commonly use phones – such as in direct contact with their body – the values exceed current regulatory limits. This is a first victory for transparency in this industry scandal,” commented Arazi.


R: 45 / I: 9 / P: 8 [R] [G] [-]

What The Deep State Has Planned For America Is Horrific: Why They Are America's No. 1 Enemy

"America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves." Abraham Lincoln once said in 1838 addressing his Lyceum address.

Whether you agree with Abraham Lincoln and his policies as president or not is irrelevant at this point. Truer words have never been spoken.

Before we get into the agenda of the Deep State it is important for people to know what the "Deep State" really is, and why people call it that. The Deep State (loosely synonymous with a shadow government, or an unelected bureaucracy that controls the government secretly) is in contrast to the public structures which appear to be directing individual nation states. The deep state is an intensely secretive, informal, fluid network of deep politicians and intelligence officials who conspire to amplify their influence over national governments through a variety of deep state milieux. The phrase "deep state" derives from the Turkish "derin devlet", which emerged after the 1996 Susurluk incident dramatically unmasking the Turkish deep state. Americans has been using the term "Deep State" to describe the those within the US government behind the conspiracy to out their nationalist President Donald Trump.

We all know the Deep State hates Donald Trump, but why is that exactly? What has Donald Trump done to become such a target? If you have been paying attention for the last 30 years you likely understand exactly why the Deep State feels Donald Trump may be a threat to their agenda.

For many years, especially noticed after the 9/11 false flag attack on the World Trade Centers, there have been trending actions by the Deep State to subjugate American citizens and later to destabilize the country. One of the major precedents waking people up to such a covert goal was the passage of the US Patriot Act, which if you recall had nothing to do with patriotism at all. It allowed law enforcement to take actions previously deemed unlawful or illegal, such as spying on law abiding citizens without a warrant needed.

Fast forward and we see many more steps taken by the Deep State in attempt to subjugate the American people, such as: imbedding internet-connected spyware in all new electronic consumer products, pushing gun confiscation/disarmament against US citizens, trying to outlaw the use of cash and implement a "cashless society", giving incentives to corporations through trade agreements to outsource American jobs which has created mass poverty in America, the government takeover of our educational systems, our media and our healthcare. The push to micromanage our energy consumption and tax our "carbon footprints", the push to make vaccines with known carcinogens and toxic adjuvants mandatory under threat of prosecution, the push to derail our right to freedom of speech by banning "hate speech", attempts to censor and ban alternative media and talk radio. The push to deliberately destabilize our country with illegal immigration and flood America with radicalized Muslims. The list of tyranny the Deep State has been pushing for goes on and on and on. And it has continued throughout today.

So what has been made clear? The biggest threat to America is not Russia, is not China, is not India, is not Israel… the biggest threat to America is from enemies within! It is these domestic enemies who want to subjugate and enslave We The People, the American citizens! The Deep State is the No. 1 threat to us and our national sovereignty.



R: 1 / I: 0 / P: 8 [R] [G] [-]

Alisyn Camerota (CNN Propaganda Mouthpeice) Quites Twitter Because of Trolling

Dear Twitter (attn: trolls),

It's over. I'm breaking up with you.

I know, it's sad. We've been together a long time. Remember my first tweet in May 2009? "Happy Mother's Day!" My God, listen to how hopeful I sounded.

Back then, I believed your promises – that you'd help me connect with people, that you'd be an agent for good in the world, that you'd get my messages out, that you'd help build a community. Back then, you'd surprise me with flower emojis and thoughtful comments. Back then, it was still thrilling to check in with you every day to see how many new followers you'd brought me. Those were the days.

But something's happened to you. You're a shadow of your former self, the one I was first attracted to. It's no fun to be with you anymore. You've become mean and verbally abusive. In fact, you gross me out. You're a cesspool of spleen-venting from people who think it's acceptable to insult other people in public and anonymously.

I don't mean to be harsh. Occasionally, you do let a nice, thoughtful person sneak through with a positive comment or constructive criticism. And I want you to know how much those messages have meant to me. It's wonderful to get compliments – and you've certainly given me folders full. I've also appreciated the respectful disagreement from kind followers who have opened my eyes to angles and insights I hadn't considered. For years, these comments made all the negativity worth it – especially coming from those users who stood up for me and fought the trolls on my behalf. God bless them. But I feel bad having others fight my fights. Like me, I'm sure they're busy with jobs and children to raise and don't have time for the hate.

Of course, some of this is my fault. I've been leading you on. I've made you think I like you more than I really do. The truth is, I haven't cared about you for a long time – in fact, I've been avoiding you. I go weeks at a time without reading you, leaving you to prattle on thinking you have my attention – or worse, stew in your own nasty juices, yelling in all caps, imagining that I'm listening. But I'm not. I checked out long ago, when you became a buzzkill and a bore.

I don't like thinking of people using you, typing away with nothing but a keyboard and a chip on their shoulder, but that's the company you're keeping. You're hanging out with people who find satisfaction spewing vitriol, people who spread racism, misogyny, and anti-Semitism. Perhaps it's worse than I know. Maybe you're struggling with addiction: addiction to outrage. It's a powerful drug. I wish I could help you kick it. I feel its pull sometimes too. But I don't want to be sucked in. All I can do is save myself from the bitter dark places where you like to dwell.

So, I'm done. I'm moving on. I'm looking for something else, something real and lasting. Something that involves actual people, not nearly 48 million bots. I prefer my real friends over fake humanoids run by computers and true trolls filled with genuine venom. Call me old fashioned, but I like hearing viewers' real thoughts, not the ones special interest groups pay them to tweet. And to the tens of thousands of folks who took time to follow me, I trust we'll find a kinder place to reconnect.

So listen, Twitter, maybe sometime in the distant future, we can be friends again. Maybe you'll become more thoughtful, and I'll be excited to see your icon on my screen again. But I'm not hopeful. Until then, I'm logging off, killing my account. And know this – I won't miss you for a second.


cnn.com /2017/ 07/ 11/ opinions/ dear-twitter-were-done-camerota-opinion/index.html

R: 6 / I: 2 / P: 8 [R] [G] [-]

Robot Security Guard Commits Suicide in Public Fountain

The Knightscope security robot has pros and cons. It’s a good deal for any place that wants something patrolling an area on the cheap. It’ll roll around malls or parking lots, with rental prices starting at $7 per hour — 25 cents less than the federal minimum wage. Uber uses it to patrol certain parking lots.

On the downside, it’s has been knocked over by a drunk man. Before that, it knocked down and ran over a 16-month-old boy.The Knightscope security robot was supposed to patrol the Georgetown Waterfront, a ritzy shopping-and-office complex along the Washington Harbour in D.C. But the pressure was too much for the rolling robot, which can turn, beep, and whistle in order to maintain order. It rolled into fountain and drowned itself on Monday.


R: 65 / I: 11 / P: 8 [R] [G] [-]

Six Months In, Trump Is Historically Unpopular

On Thursday, President Trump will officially have been in office for six months, and his term so far has included a few victories (the nomination and confirmation of Neil Gorsuch to the U.S. Supreme Court), plenty of frustrations (court battles over his travel ban, delays in efforts to overhaul health care) and lots of controversy (accusations that members of his campaign colluded with Russia to interfere with the 2016 election). Put all those wins and losses together, and it adds up to this: Barring a sudden turnaround this week, Trump will conclude his first six months in office as the most unpopular president, at that point in his first term, since modern polling began.

Trump’s approval rating as of last Thursday, 175 days into his presidency, was 39 percent, according to the FiveThirtyEight Trump approval tracker. Combined with a disapproval rating of 55 percent, Trump’s net approval rating (approval minus disapproval) was -16 percentage points.


R: 22 / I: 3 / P: 8 [R] [G] [-]

Trump To Let Obamacare Collapse (No Bailouts) As Cuckservative RINOs Won't Repeal Or Do Anything

President Trump said Tuesday that he will go nuclear on Obamacare, letting the teetering law collapse of its own weight and then waiting for recalcitrant Democrats to come begging for a workable replacement.

On Tuesday he told reporters during an impromptu photo-op at the White House that 'I've been saying for a very long time, "Let Obamacare fail and then everybody is going to have to come together and fix it, and come up with a new plan, and a plan that is really good for the people with much lower premiums, much lower costs, much better protection".'

'I think we're probably in that position where we'll let Obamacare fail,' Trump added. 'We're not going to own it. I'm not going to own it. I can tell you the Republicans are not going to own it.'


These liars in Congress several times to repeal Obamacare when Obama was president.

Last night the GOP Senate failed to pass a repeal and replace option for Obamacare.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell’s new proposal for a straight repeal of Obamacare appears to already be dead on arrival.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell then moved toward a full repeal of Obamacare, leaving Congress two years to create a replacement – it’s dead.

Turncoats Susan Collins and Shelly Moore Capito announced they will not vote for a repeal only bill.

Bloomberg reports: https://archive.fo/19qn2

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell’s new proposal to simply repeal Obamacare appears to be dead less than 24 hours after he dropped his replacement plan for lack of support among fellow RINOs.

"GOP Senators Susan Collins, Shelley Moore Capito and Lisa Murkowski said Tuesday they’ll oppose a repeal of the Affordable Care Act. McConnell said late Monday the Senate would vote on a repeal with a two-year delay to give Congress time to agree on a replacement, but he could afford to lose no more than two Republican votes to advance the measure.

Repealing the law now and then hoping for a replacement “would create great anxiety for individuals who rely on the ACA,” Collins of Maine told reporters in Washington. “I believe it would cause the insurance markets to go into turmoil.” She said she would oppose bringing a repeal bill up for debate."

President Trump fired off a tweet Monday night telling Republican to ‘just REPEAL failing ObamaCare now and work on a new healthcare plan that will start from a clean slate.’

Republicans should just REPEAL failing ObamaCare now & work on a new Healthcare Plan that will start from a clean slate. Dems will join in!

— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) July 18, 2017


R: 28 / I: 4 / P: 8 [R] [G] [-]

Research Team Slams Global Warming Data In New Report: "Not Reality... Totally Inconsistent With Cre

As world leaders, namely in the European Union, attack President Trump for pulling out of the Paris Climate Agreement which would have saddled Americans with billions upon billions of dollars in debt and economic losses, a new bombshell report that analyzed Global Average Surface Temperature (GAST) data produced by NASA, the NOAA and HADLEY proves the President was right on target with his refusal to be a part of the new initiative.

According to the report, which has been peer reviewed by administrators, scientists and researchers from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), The Massachusetts Institute of Technology (M.I.T.), and several of America’s leading universities, the data is completely bunk:

In this research report, the most important surface data adjustment issues are identified and past changes in the previously reported historical data are quantified. It was found that each new version of GAST has nearly always exhibited a steeper warming linear trend over its entire history. And, it was nearly always accomplished by systematically removing the previously existing cyclical temperature pattern. This was true for all three entities providing GAST data measurement, NOAA, NASA and Hadley CRU.

As a result, this research sought to validate the current estimates of GAST using the best available relevant data. This included the best documented and understood data sets from the U.S. and elsewhere as well as global data from satellites that provide far more extensive global coverage and are not contaminated by bad siting and urbanization impacts. Satellite data integrity also benefits from having cross checks with Balloon data.

The conclusive findings of this research are that the three GAST data sets are not a valid representation of reality. In fact, the magnitude of their historical data adjustments, that removed their cyclical temperature patterns, are totally inconsistent with published and credible U.S. and other temperature data. Thus, it is impossible to conclude from the three published GAST data sets that recent years have been the warmest ever –despite current claims of record setting warming.

Finally, since GAST data set validity is a necessary condition for EPA’s GHG/CO2 Endangerment Finding, it too is invalidated by these research findings. (Full Abstract Report)

Of course, this won’t stop global climate normalcy deniers from saying it’s all one big conspiracy to destroy the earth. They’ll naturally argue that data adjustments to the temperatures need to be made for a variety of reasons, which is something the report doesn’t dispute. What it does show, however, is that these “adjustments” always prove to be to the upside. Always warmer, never cooler:

While the notion that some “adjustments” to historical data might need to be made is not challenged, logically it would be expected that such historical temperature data adjustments would sometimes raise these temperatures, and sometimes lower them. This situation would mean that the impact of such adjustments on the temperature trend line slope is uncertain. However, each new version of GAST has nearly always exhibited a steeper warming linear trend over its entire history.

In short: The evidence has been falsified.

Karl Denninger sums it up succinctly:

It is therefore quite-clear that the data has been intentionally tampered with.

Since this has formed the basis for plans to steal literal trillions of dollars and has already resulted in the forced extraction of hundreds of billions in aggregate for motorists and industry this quite-clearly constitutes the largest economic fraud ever perpetrated in the world.

I call for the indictment and prosecution of every person and organization involved, asset-stripping all of them to their literal underwear.

The real data looks something like this:


(Via ZeroHedge.com)

And the establishment, along with their fanatical global warming myrmidons, continue to push the need for massive, costly initiatives to reduce green house gases and global temperatures to “normal” levels.

The problem, of course, is that there is no global warming according to the above referenced report.

Moreover, none of those supporting the Paris Climate Agreement and other initiatives have any idea what these behemoth regulations will actually do to curb climate change, as evidenced by the following video of Miami Beach Mayor Philip Levine, who despite his best efforts, can’t seem to figure out exactly how these agreements actually lower temperatures and help Americans:


R: 66 / I: 4 / P: 9 [R] [G] [-]

17 Things You Must Do Before the Deep State Brings Down America

17 Things You Must Do Before the Deep State Brings Down America

BE PREPARED: >>>/truthexpo/3



In Part One of this series, I identified the top 5 false flag possibilities that the Deep State has as an option to bring down America. The Deep State is a wounded animal. The Independent media has been relentless in its exposure of the serial criminality of many of its members. They are going to lash out. The result will likely be a civil war or World War III, or both. Are you prepared? Only a fool has stopped prepping. Some of my advertisers are excellent sources for prepping, which is I why I chose them to advertise. Some of the 17 things, I do not have a professional relationship with the providers of the service or product and you will have to seek them out.

Here are 17 things you must do, including recommendations for obtaining products and services, before the Civil War/World War III begins:

1. Create a Fake-Identity

It may be necessary to become invisible in the event you think you believe that your name could be on a (Red) list because roundups will usually occur in dire situations. Therefore, the creation of a pseudo-identity could become very important.

2. It Takes Money to Prepare

I have committed much effort, time and resources illustrating how a coming economic collapse is unavoidable and how the elite have conspired to steal as many of your assets as possible prior to the collapse. There are some common sense things one can do which could increase the chances of surviving a major societal meltdown resulting from an economic collapse. If you have any doubts as to what is coming, I strongly encourage you to read what I have written about on this topic over the past several months. Ray Charles could see that our economy will not be around much longer in its present form. Your can read these stories here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here and here.

If you have read the articles at the above links, you should have concluded that it is the height of stupidity to leave your life savings in an institution that is planning to steal from you. You need to divert your cash, other than the ability to pay basic bills, in preparation for what is coming.

Getting your money out of the bank has become an art form and you need to be careful. In a future article, I will be revealing steps you can take in order secure your money from the institutions that are presently holding you hostage. I cannot promise you that you will be able to retrieve all of your assets. However, I can promise you that if you do not act, you will lose everything and you will lack needed supplies to weather what is coming.

I would strongly suggest that you keep your gas tank filled and you have plenty of cash, food and ammunition on hand. It is better to be safe than sorry.

3. Making a List and Check It Twice

Buy a good prepper book. Holly Deyo is an excellent source for this information (www.standdeyo.com). In the interim, procure your food, water, guns, ammo and home security adjustments. If you do not have a big dog, consider obtaining a pair. These animals will be your companion, home security system and ally if someone attempts to breach your home with bad intent. Of course, you will have to store dog food as well.

Sit down and construct a list of what you will make a complete list after reading a good prepper book.

Make all of your purchases in cash! You do not want to let the wrong people know what you are up to.

R: 3 / I: 1 / P: 9 [R] [G] [-]

$5 billion in US student loans may be dismissed because the lender lost the paperwork

If the lender can't prove it owns the loan, the borrower may not have to repay.Chip Somodevilla/Getty)

Billions of dollars in student loans may be wiped out for tens of thousands of borrowers in the US because a lender didn't keep track of the paperwork verifying ownership of the loans, according to The New York Times.

The National Collegiate Student Loan Trusts, which holds 800,000 private loans and is one of the country's largest owners of private student loans, is at the center of the legal dispute, The Times reports.

Borrowers are failing to repay more than $5 billion of the $12 billion in private student loans held by National Collegiate, sending the loans into default. The organization has brought more than 800 lawsuits against borrowers this year alone in pursuit of repayment — and National Collegiate usually wins because borrowers either choose to settle or don't show up in court, according to The Times.


R: 20 / I: 1 / P: 9 [R] [G] [-]

How The EPA Sought to Avoid ALL Responsibility For the Toxic Gold King Mine Spill

How The EPA Sought to Avoid ALL Responsibility For the Toxic Gold King Mine Spill

RELATED: >>>/realnews/9 (https://archive.fo/H2q26)



Two years in August, a crew working for the Environmental Protection Agency unexplainably removed the rock and rubble “plug” holding back millions of gallons of toxic water at the long-abandoned Gold King Mine in Colorado.

That irresponsible action led to a massive 3 million-plus gallon spill of acid mine drainage and, the EPA says, 550 tons of metals, into the Animas River. But the agency, which has historically been quick to pounce on private-sector companies and individuals deemed to have violated even minor environmental rules and regulations, has thus far taken zero responsibility for an action the agency was directly responsible for.

As noted by Robert Gordon, senior research fellow at The Heritage Foundation specializing in environmental issues, writing in The Daily Signal, “had the EPA actually been doing what it claims it did, the disaster never would have happened.”

But since the agency seems much more interested in protecting its reputation as a fierce, unflinching and unwavering defender of the environment, officials there have decided to push a false narrative about what happened.

Gordon writes that the EPA has told the public its work crew was merely attempting to remove backfill that had blocked access to a tunnel in the mine, adding they never disrupted the debris and rock plug that had gathered at the mine’s opening — a plug that held back a toxic yellow-orange mix of acid mine drainage.

“The EPA claims its crew planned to wait for experts who would address the plug,” he wrote. “It says its team was just further cleaning up the site when, through some inexplicable bad luck, the plug eroded, causing a blowout that turned the Animas River bright orange.”

It was just an accident that could have happened to anyone, the agency — under Mr. Environment himself, Barack Obama — wanted us to believe.

But in truth, Gordon points out, the EPA is hiding the fact that its crew never stopped excavating the tunnel opening and had no intentions of doing so until it the plug was completely cleared.

“The EPA began removing the plug as it had planned, even though it anticipated acid mine drainage would flow out and that the drainage could be pressurized,” Gordon said, adding that the mine crew’s actions were like poking a balloon with a pin, just to let a little air escape.

“At best, the EPA’s actions were incredibly reckless,” he wrote.

R: 34 / I: 2 / P: 9 [R] [G] [-]

UPDATE! Modern Soviet Union Threatens To Invade Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland Using NATO Force!

RELATED: >>548030

Recently three sovereign nations have stood up to despotism under the EU, unelected bureaucrats who have been trying to strip those nations of their rights to protect their borders and citizens from Islamic terrorist invaders.

The unelected bureaucrats in Brussels have threatened to take legal action against these three sovereign nations, read here: https://archive.fo/ch5au

The communist despots are very angry at the Czech Republic, Hungary and Poland for standing their ground and refusing to co-operate with deliberately destabilization. These three countries are the last free beacons of hope for Europe, and the despots want these three nations to collapse in third world rubble like the rest of their subjugated vassal states.

Now, the EU has OFFICIALLY DECLARED WAR by threatening to use NATO force against the Czech Republic, Hungary and Poland if they do not comply, see here: >>>/pol/10118299 (https://archive.fo/EMTTF)

Their intention to sabotage their border security and forcefully relocate hundreds of thousands of Syrian "refugees" into their country, an act of WAR.

Looks like the despots within the EU are willing to start a war within Europe if they can't subjugate all the nations for their globalist communist agenda.



R: 9 / I: 0 / P: 9 [R] [G] [-]

Good! Donald Trump’s Aides Develop Plans to Halve Legal Immigration

Donald Trump’s administration is developing plans to significantly cut legal immigration into the United States, fulfilling one of his major campaign promises, a report from Politico has revealed.

According to the report, Trump plans to support a bill prepared by Sen. Tom Cotton (R-AR) and Sen. David Perdue (R-GA) later this summer that proposes a 50 percent cut in legal immigration until 2027 to help raise Americans’ productivity.

“Senator Cotton knows that being more deliberate about who we let into our country will raise working-class wages, which is why an overwhelming majority of Americans support it,” Caroline Rabbitt, a spokeswoman for Cotton, told the outlet. “He and Senator Perdue are working with President Trump to fix our immigration system so that instead of undercutting American workers, it will support them and their livelihoods.”

The senators have also been working closely with White House aide Stephen Miller, known for his firm pro-American stance on immigration. While working as a staff member for Attorney General Jeff Sessions when he was Senator for Alabama, Miller was credited with helping to defeat a bipartisan 2013 immigration-expansion plan dubbed the “Gang of Eight” bill.

“In order to be eligible for citizenship, you’ll have to demonstrate you are self-sufficient and you don’t receive welfare,” a senior administration official from the White House told Politico. “You’re going to reduce low-skilled immigration substantially, which will protect American workers and recent immigrants.”

Promises to curb immigration, both legal and illegal, were an integral part of Trump’s campaign, with Trump proposing a pause on legal immigration for “one, maybe two years,” in response to 50 years of continuously rising levels.

During his first speech to Congress in February, Trump said he favored a “merit-based” immigration system, such as the Canadian and Australian points-based systems. The merit-based policies prioritize highly productive immigrants over so-called “chain migration” of extended families. Trump said:

Switching away from this current system of lower-skilled immigration, and instead adopting a merit-based system, we will have so many more benefits. It will save countless dollars, raise workers’ wages, and help struggling families — including immigrant families — enter the middle class.



R: 13 / I: 2 / P: 9 [R] [G] [-]

Post Obamanation Disaster! Illegal Immigrant, Previously Deported 7 Times, Kills Father of Three

An illegal immigrant, who has been removed from the United States seven times, had consumed '12 beers and was driving at 100mph' when he crashed his van and killed a father-of-three.

Nemias Garcia-Velasco, 32, who is from Mexico, was going over 100mph when he lost control of his 2001 Dodge Ram work van and crashed, killing 58-year-old Silvano Torres.

Prosecutor Ryan Lindberg said Garcia-Velasco was driving down Interstate 80 around 1pm on Wednesday when the incident occurred.

Garcia-Velasco told officers that he had consumed 12 beers the previous evening into the morning of the crash, according to the Omaha World-Herald.

During Garcia-Velasco's hearing, Lindberg also said the man had been removed from the US a total of seven times.

After two deportation hearings, in 2009 and 2011, Garcia-Velasco was forced out of the country and the five other times were considered 'voluntary returns'.

Lindberg also added that Garcia-Velasco had also been convicted of having false citizenship papers prior to the crash, just a day after the Fourth of July holiday.

Garcia-Velasco's blood-alcohol level was .243 when it was checked at a hospital after the crash, according to the Herald.

At the time, Torres was riding unrestrained in the cargo area of the van. He was pronounced dead at the fiery scene.

Another passenger, Jesus I. Gonzalez, 16, was treated at the hospital and released the day of the crash.



R: 32 / I: 4 / P: 9 [R] [G] [-]

Al-Qaeda Officially Removed From US Terror Watch List, Added As Ally

RELATED: >>>/truthexpo/2

U.S. and Canadian authorities have officially removed al-Qaeda from their terror watch lists, as authorities now recognize the terrorist organization as an ally of the United States.

Since the Syrian branch of al-Qaeda changed its name to Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham (HTS), both the U.S. and Canada can now donate money and weapons to the terrorists and use them to spread terror throughout the Middle East.

Veteranstoday.com reports: https://archive.fo/Tk9zy

It turns out that getting off the U.S.’ and Canada’s terror watchlist is as simple as changing your name. While the terror watchlist in the U.S. has long been both secretive and controversial – as “reasonable suspicion” is enough to label any individual a “terrorist” – terrorist groups tied to al-Qaeda have found that getting off the watchlist only requires minor rebranding, reported Mint Press News.

The terror group, formerly known as Jabhat al-Nusra or the al-Nusra Front, has operated as al-Qaeda’s branch in Syria long after Daesh (ISIS) renounced its allegiance to the group in 2014. It was first placed on the U.S. and Canadian terror watchlists in 2012.

Simply by changing its name to Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham (HTS), the group is no longer on terror watchlists in the U.S. or Canada, allowing citizens of those countries to donate money to the group, travel to fight with them and disseminate the group’s propaganda without incident.

In response, Nicole Thompson of the U.S. State Department told CBC News last Monday that while “we believe these actions are an al-Qaeda play to bring as much of the Syrian opposition under its operational control as possible, […] we are still studying the issue carefully.”

But the State Department is likely hesitant to label HTS a terror group, even despite the group’s link to al-Qaeda, as the U.S. government has directly funded and armed the Zenki brigade, a group that joined forces with al-Nusra under the HTS banner, with sophisticated weaponry, said MPN.

CBC reported, “For the U.S. to designate HTS now would mean acknowledging that it supplied sophisticated weapons, including TOW anti-tank missiles, to ‘terrorists,’ and draw attention to the fact that the U.S. continues to arm Islamist militias in Syria.”

This is just the latest attempt by al-Nusra to rebrand itself as a “moderate” group, as it has used its commitment to being “anti-ISIS” and “anti-Assad” in order to convince the U.S. and its allies to arm them. Al-Nusra has been described by mainstream media as a “moderate opposition” group fighting against the embattled government of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.

MPN reported on the rebranding of the terrorist group:

The U.S. government has accepted the rebranding of al-Nusra in recent years. The U.S. effort to do so began in earnest when former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper stated in 2015 that “moderate rebels” were “anyone who is not affiliated with ISIS [Daesh, ISIL].”

Since then, al-Nusra’s top commanders have asserted that they have received U.S.-made weapons, such as TOW missiles and tanks, directly from foreign governments supported by the U.S. In a 2016interview with the newspaper Koelner Stadt-Anzeiger, al-Nusra unit commander Abu Al Ezz stated that when al-Nusra was “besieged, we had officers from Turkey, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Israel and America here…Experts in the use of satellites, rockets, reconnaissance and thermal security cameras.”

With al-Nusra now officially removed from Western terror watchlists, foreign governments that oppose the Assad government are free to fund and arm al-Qaeda.




R: 12 / I: 2 / P: 9 [R] [G] [-]

How US Taxpayers Are Subsidizing a Child Rape Epidemic at the UN

The United Nations, heavily subsidized by U.S. taxpayers’ dollars, has faced a widespread child sexual abuse problem for years and reacted with little more than silence.

On February 28, UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres confirmed that UN peacekeepers and civilian staff faced 145 allegations of sexual exploitation and abuse impacting on 311 victims in 2016 alone. There are nearly 40 cases so far in 2017. Many of the victims, by the UN’s own admission, are children.

As one 11-year-old child put it, “I didn’t have breasts yet, but he still raped me.” It is the one indefensible act. Child rape.

Even the UN recognises that these numbers, while huge, are likely to be the tip of the iceberg and represent only the crimes that have been reported, involving mainly just one part of the UN: Peacekeeping.

These numbers are a small proportion of the sex and child rape crimes committed by UN staff and peacekeepers over at least the last two decades. Neither the sex scandals of the UN in the Bosnian War dramatized in the 2010 film Whistleblower nor the long-running “Food for Sex” scandals of the early 2000s. are covered in these figures.

What is worse, decision makers have known this for years but have failed to crack down.

A Save the Children report over a decade ago found abuse at all age levels “from 8 to 18,” though the victims older than twelve were identified as being “regularly involved in ‘selling sex.’” The Save report went on to say that, among the children interviewed, “all of the respondents clearly stated that they felt that the scale of the problem affected over half of the girls in their locations.”

The outbreak of such heinous activity at the UN highlights just how vulnerable the victims are. Faced with legal safeguards in the United States and Western countries, evil men have found that it is easy to gain access to children in developing countries. People in power know this, so much so that since 1999 authorities have warned that problem of paedophiles in the aid world is on a level with sex tourism.

As Western countries have cracked down on paedophilia, many predatory paedophiles have targeted the developing world to find child victims. An easy way to gain access to children in the developing world is to join a children’s charity. It is disgusting, but logical once you are told.

UN officials know this, yet have failed to act decisively.

Of the accusations the UN lists on its own website, and of those that involve rape of a child, which the UN has investigated and shown to be “substantiated,” do you know how many have been reported back to authorities for prosecution?

None. Not a single one.

The UN uses legal and sovereign immunity claims to prevent prosecution. The UN chooses not to waive immunity and therefore uses this legal fiction to protect child rapists rather than the children.

Read the rest:



R: 10 / I: 0 / P: 9 [R] [G] [-]

Good! BMW To Add 1,000 Jobs in South Carolina!

Donald Trump promised to Make America Great Again and now everyone is starting to feel the excitement! And business is starting to get much more confident. After 8 years of Obama, we almost forgot what it means to grow and expand based on increasing optimism about the United States!

That looks like it’s all in our past now.

Breaking news out today is that BMW is making a huge investment in South Carolina to expand its plant there and add a HUGE 1,000 new jobs! WOW!


Here are more details, from the USA Today:

German luxury automaker BMW plans to invest $600 million and add 1,000 workers through 2021 at its sprawling plant in Spartanburg, S.C. to prepare for production of X models, including the redesigned X3 revealed Monday.

The investments solidify the future of the company’s largest plant globally, which produced an all-time record 411,000 units in 2016 after 23 years in operation. The plant, which now has more than 9,000 employees, exported about 70% of the vehicles it made last year.



R: 27 / I: 7 / P: 9 [R] [G] [-]

California Abandons Economic Suicide Plan to Provide Universal Health Care...

California Abandons Economic Suicide Plan to Provide Universal Health Care, Finding Out It Would Wreck Their Economy

After halting a suicidal plan to provide endless, no-cost “universal” health care to everyone — including undocumented non-citizens — Collapsifornia lawmakers are now receiving death threats from voters who are incredibly angry that the “gubment” won’t give them more free stuff. Those voters have essentially decided to start issuing death threats to certain California lawmakers who refuse to spend the state into fiscal oblivion.

This is what the mindless, economically illiterate political Left has come to: “Give us more free stuff or we’ll kill you!”

At the same time, of course, any legislation that attempts to rein in spending and make health care costs more sustainable in the long term is said to be “killing people” with health care cuts. So any lawmaker who wants to avoid a nationwide debt collapse is accused of being a mass murderer, because only more free money from the government can “save lives” according to the delusional Left. Even though MORE spending will lead to economic oblivion, LESS spending is now condemned as being equivalent to genocide.

Then again, the delusional establishment Right is also still stuck in the paradigm of Big Pharma drugs and surgery, having no clue that you can’t make America healthy by making Big Pharma rich. But that’s another story for another day…



R: 21 / I: 7 / P: 9 [R] [G] [-]

Good! Mitch McConnell & Donald Trump Change Plans: FULL OBAMACARE REPEAL

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell bowed to pressure tonight from conservatives — and President Trump — to bring up a straight repeal of most of the Affordable Care Act as the next step now that the Senate health care bill appears to be dead. It will be based on the repeal bill Congress passed in 2015, which then-President Barack Obama vetoed.

His statement: "Regretfully, it is now apparent that the effort to repeal and immediately replace the failure of Obamacare will not be successful. So, in the coming days, the Senate will vote to take up … a repeal of Obamacare with a two-year delay to provide for a stable transition period to a patient-centered health care system that gives Americans access to quality, affordable health care."

It's highly unlikely to succeed, but conservative groups won't consider the GOP's health care promises to be fulfilled until Republicans have at least tried a straight repeal vote. It will put enormous pressure on the RINO cuckservatives (who like playing pretend conservatives). But as conservatives will remind them, most of them already voted for straight repeal in 2015 — and it will be hard to explain why they wouldn't do it again.

Follow all Obamacare collapse news here: >>>/realnews/588

President Trump used his first executive order as President to repeal his his predecessor’s socialist health care mandate, ordering federal agencies to ease the “regulatory burdens” of ObamaCare – a move that could be aimed at rolling back the law’s so-called individual mandate, read here: archive.is/HtQQD



R: 0 / I: 0 / P: 9 [R] [G] [-]

‘Plan C’ on Obamacare, Repeal Now and Replace Later, Has Collapsed

With their bill to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act in tatters, Senate leaders on Tuesday pushed to vote on a different measure that would repeal major parts of President Barack Obama’s health law without a replacement — but that plan appeared also to collapse.

Senators Susan Collins of Maine, Shelley Moore Capito of West Virginia and Lisa Murkowski of Alaska, all Republicans, immediately declared they could not vote to repeal the Affordable Care Act without a replacement — enough to doom the effort before it could get any momentum.

“I did not come to Washington to hurt people,” Ms. Capito said in a statement. “I cannot vote to repeal Obamacare without a replacement plan that addresses my concerns and the needs of West Virginians.”

Senator Rob Portman of Ohio hinted strongly that he too would oppose it.

The collapse of the Senate Republican health bill — and the failing struggle to find yet another alternative — highlighted a harsh reality for Senate Republicans: While Republican senators freely assailed the health law while Mr. Obama occupied the White House, they have so far not been able to come up with a workable plan to unwind it that would keep both moderate Republicans and conservatives on board.


R: 46 / I: 6 / P: 9 [R] [G] [-]

BUSTED! Pope Francis Is A False Prophet: "Relationships With Jesus Are Dangerous And Harmful"

RELATED: >>>/realnews/516 (https://archive.fo/abrGC)

Pope Francis has been caught on camera attempting to steer his flock away from Jesus Christ, warning that “having a personal relationship with Jesus is dangerous and very harmful“.

Breaking with centuries of Christian tradition, Pope Francis told a crowd of 33,000 Catholics in Rome that “a personal, direct, immediate relationship with Jesus Christ” must be avoided at all costs, raising fears he is an illegitimate pope with a sinister agenda.


The speech, which took place on June 25, is merely the latest eyebrow-raising announcement by the liberal Pope.

Last week Pope Francis told the Italian newspaper La Repubblica that the United States of America has “a distorted vision of the world” and Americans must be ruled by a world government, as soon as possible, “for their own good.”

The week before he also called for “a one world government” and “political authority”, arguing that the creation of the one world government is needed to combat major issues such as “climate change.”

Speaking with Ecuador’s El Universo newspaper, the Pope said that the United Nations doesnt have enough power and must be granted full governmental control “for the good of humanity.”

The globalization movement cannot be underestimated. It is the process of transitioning the world into a global government and eroding the rights of the individual. World religious leaders, led by the increasingly anti-Christian Pope Francis, are playing their part in this great deception.

David Rockefeller famously said that a “global crisis” would have to occur before the people of the world would be willing to accept a New World Order. Sure enough, when the world economy suffered a dramatic crash in 2008, world leaders again proclaimed the need for a New World Order with global financial control.

As demonstrated by Pope Francis, climate change and the global warming hoax is now the global elite’s preferred method of scaremongering, as they attempt to shepherd humanity closer to unified totalitarian rule.

Pope Francis is determined to steer his flock away from Jesus. The pontiff who held Islamic prayers in the Vatican, and later warned his followers not to enter into a personal relationship with Jesus, is an imposter with a sinister agenda.

The jesuit Pope is a key player in the plan to usher in a New World Order, determined to mislead his flock while catering to the global cabal.



R: 303 / I: 51 / P: 9 [R] [G] [-]

School Ditches Liberal Common Core Then Soars To #1 In English Language Arts

The federally mandated, nationally standardized education program Common Core has many parents and teachers concerned. For starters, it imposes rigorous testing onto students, forcing curriculums to be molded around exams, not necessarily around learning or the development of critical thinking. Additionally, Common Core is part of a system developed by corporations and aims to prepare children for the life of being an employee, not a change-maker.

The program is causing friction around the nation, and a slow-burn rebellion of sorts is underway. In 2015, 4th grader Sydney Smoot made national headlines when she eloquently ripped standardized testing at a school board meeting.

So what happens to a school and the students therein when Common Core is abandoned altogether?

Mason Classical Academy (MCA), a charter school in Naples, Florida has been applauded for its testing results in English Language Arts after the school ditched Common Core.


R: 9 / I: 0 / P: 9 [R] [G] [-]

Good! FEC Shoots Down Democrat's Plan to Target Online Conservative Media

The Federal Election Commission (FEC) has declined a proposal by Democrat Commissioner Ellen Weintraub to undertake new rulemaking regarding alleged foreign influence in the 2016 election to target conservative media including the Drudge Report and Breitbart News, stating it “cannot support proposals that would burden the free speech rights of American citizens based on incomplete information about foreign activities in the 2016 election.”

The FEC has declined to consider new rulemaking over alleged foreign influence in the 2016 presidential election that could target conservative media including InfoWars and Breitbart News. In a statement released by Vice Chair Caroline Hunter and Commissioners Lee Goodman and Matthew Petersen, the members state they “cannot support proposals that would burden the free speech rights of American citizens based on incomplete information about foreign activities in the 2016 election.”

They further describe Weintraub’s proposal as one that would “‘blunt’ the Supreme Court’s decision in Citizen’s United.” In the opinion of three members who wrote the statement, there is no information currently showing that the FEC’s existing rules that prohibit foreign involvement in U.S. elections are “inadequate to detect, enforce, and punish violations.”

The statement was released by the three Republicans serving as FEC commissioners. Weintraub and Democrat Steven Walther are the other two current members, meaning there is at least a 3-2 majority in the Republicans favor on this issue.

The FEC commissioners acknowledge in their statement that a number of government agencies are currently investigating alleged foreign interference, and address the FEC’s role, specifically noting the importance of not taking a position of political bias:

"The Federal Election Commission should cooperate with these other agencies while maintaining necessary confidentiality and decorum in our own processes. We must resist any efforts to politicize or compromise the integrity of this agency’s enforcement process or the investigations of other agencies, for the subject matter at issue implicates profoundly important national security and foreign policy interests of the United States."



R: 27 / I: 3 / P: 10 [R] [G] [-]

Deliberate Destabilization In Germany: Chechen Sharia 'Police' Terrorize Berlin

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Threats of violence against "errant" women are viewed as "acts of patriotism."

"They have come to Germany because they wanted to live in Germany, but they keep trying to turn it into Chechnya with its medieval ways." — Social worker interviewed by Meduza.

"Everyone's attention is fixed on the Syrians, but the Chechens are the most dangerous group. We are not paying sufficient attention to this." — Police in Frankfurt (Oder).

A hundred Islamists are now openly enforcing Sharia law on the streets of Berlin, according to local police who are investigating a recent string of violent assaults in the German capital.

The self-appointed morality police involve Salafists from Chechnya, a predominantly Sunni Muslim region in Russia. The vigilantes are using threats of violence to discourage Chechen migrants from integrating into German society; they are also promoting the establishment of a parallel Islamic legal system in Germany. German authorities appear unable to stop them.

The Sharia patrol came to public light in May 2017, when Chechen Salafists released a video warning other Chechens in Germany that those who fail to comply with Islamic law and adat, a traditional Chechen code of behavior, will be killed. The video's existence was reported by Meduza, a Russian-language independent media organization based in Latvia. The video, which circulated through WhatsApp, an online messaging service, showed a hooded man aiming a pistol at the camera. Speaking in Chechen, he declared:

"Muslim brothers and sisters. Here, in Europe, certain Chechen women and men who look like women do unspeakable things. You know it; I know it; everybody knows it. This is why we hereby declare: For now, there are about 80 of us. More people are willing to join. Those who have lost their national identity, who flirt with men of other ethnic groups and marry them, Chechen women who have chosen the wrong path and those creatures who call themselves Chechen men — given half a chance, we will set all of them straight. Having sworn on the Koran, we go out onto the streets. This is our declaration of intent; do not say that you were not warned; do not say that you did not know. May Allah grant us peace and set our feet on the path towards justice."

According to Meduza, the declaration was read by a representative of a Berlin-based gang of about one hundred members, headed by former henchmen of Dzhokhar Dudayev, the late Chechen separatist leader. All Berliners of Chechen origin who were interviewed by Meduza said they were aware of the gang's existence.

The video surfaced after nude images of a 20-year-old Chechen woman who lives in Berlin were sent en masse from her stolen cellphone to every person on her contact list. Within an hour, the woman's uncle demanded to speak with her parents. According to Meduza, they agreed to "resolve the issue" within the family by sending the woman back to Chechnya, where she would be killed to restore the family's honor. German police intervened just hours before the woman was to board a plane bound for Russia.

After the woman was placed in protective police custody, her circumstance went from being a family issue to a communal one. According to Meduza, it is now the duty of any Chechen man, regardless of his ties to her or her family, to find and punish her. "It is none of their business, but it is an unwritten code of conduct," said the woman, who has since cut her hair and now wears colored contact lenses in an effort to hide her identity. She said that she intends to change her name and undergo plastic surgery. "If you don't change your name and your face, they will hunt you down and kill you," she said. Although the woman graduated from a German high school, she hardly ever leaves her apartment because it is too dangerous. "I don't want to be Chechen anymore," she said.

According to Meduza, at least half of the population of single Chechen girls in Germany have enough compromising information on their cellphones to be considered guilty of violating adat:

"Associating with men of other nationalities, smoking, drinking alcohol, visiting hookah lounges, discotheques or even public swimming pools can cause communal wrath. A single photograph in a public WhatsApp chat can outcast an entire family and the rest of the community would be obliged to cease all communication with them. With everyone under suspicion and everyone responsible for one another, Chechen girls say they are sometimes approached by strangers in the street who chastise them for their appearance, including for wearing bright lipstick. The theft of a cellphone and the subsequent posting of compromising material is a hard blow; the dishonored person has no one to turn to and the one who posted the victim's photos does not risk anything."



R: 69 / I: 14 / P: 10 [R] [G] [-]

Reality: fact checked with friends at /pol/

There are people born into money and corruption that must continue that corruption to preserve their way of life and often to keep themselves alive.

Not all of them are jews. Jews are always connected with and overrepresented in all degeneracy.

Banking and usury are perpetual scams that are fatal to every nation. Bureaucracy is fatal to every government. Slow poisons that get flipped and the power is transferred during massive wars. History research will always tell you how and most of the truth but almost never the why and the psychology of the times.

Scientific and Academic community is the same network and it is compromised. Genes and their 3D manifestations are known to code everything in the organism. Environment can only activate or repress genes that already exist within the organism. There is no proof to the contrary.

By the above fact secret research must be ongoing that bends and breaks some or most laws about ethics and sanctity of human life. BioWarfare will only get more powerful as both public and secret research establishes better methods of control over DNA.

Apparently weak enemies may be secretly your allies. Fear can motivate people to work against their own interests if they see it as the least worst option to do so. Never underestimate your enemy. Never underestimate your self. Always plan while you act and act while you plan.

Minds and Ideas are powerful. If the self styled "elites" really believed the masses were brainless cattle that pose no threat in the modern age of advanced technology then there would not be so much PSYOP in everything and everywhere in every type of media and every physical object that is sold and advertised. Nothing is eternal. Nothing is indestructible. No one is perfect. Everyone is capable of a task they dedicate themselves to.

Money is not the final goal. Wealth and power are tools. Tools can never replace life and heritage. Blood, known as genes and DNA, is everything. Traditions can change to fit the times. Family history and genetic legacy must be maintained.

No one has ever been defeated if they did not submit. Ideas that are repressed but have arisen in minds independently are never completely destroyed. Memes will change and reinfect. A few men with passionate ideas can overcome many men who are just following orders.

Nationalism is the only conclusion the initiated can come to and develop. Everything else is a lie and temporary. Protect your bIood. Strengthen your mind and your body. Your people need you at your best.


R: 6 / I: 2 / P: 10 [R] [G] [-]

JUSTICE RETURNS! 412 Michigan Muslims Arrested For $1.3 Billion Dollar Fraudulent Scheme

The state of Michigan is quickly turning into a Sharia swamp, thanks to the reckless immigration policies of Obama over the past 8 years. Not only are portions of Michigan being transformed into a “mini Baghdad,” but the state is also being overrun with rampant illegal activity, where the Muslim populace is constantly being busted in welfare fraud and disgusting mutilation practices on little girls. Now thanks to the hordes of Muslims taking over the state, Michigan can add another “accomplishment” on their list, as the Justice Department is dubbing what just went down in this state the “largest scam in United States history.”


Muslims continually prove that they have little intentions into assimilating into western civilization or adhering to our nation’s laws after arriving to America from their third world countries. Our generosity to these savages is frequently repaid by insolence, as many Muslims are constantly busted at the center of welfare fraud rings, as they seek to scam the very country who has given them so much. In yet another case of blatant disregard for for our nation’s laws, a group of Muslim doctors in Detroit have just been busted as the masterminds behind a $1.3 billion dollar fraudulent scheme, leading to the arrests of 412 people overnight, in the “largest scam” that the United States Department of Justice has ever seen.

The scam involves a scheme where Muslim doctors will write massive quantities of prescriptions for opioids. These drugs never land in the hands of patients however, as the Muslims will them make fraudulent claims to Medicaid and pocket the money. Additionally, the drugs often wind of on the streets as part of a huge back-alley drug operation. The U.S. Justice Department is calling this prescription drug and health care fraud scheme the largest operation of its kind in American history, naming several Michigan Muslim doctors responsible for orchestrating this huge criminal enterprise to rip off Medicare.

“Officials have made 412 arrests nationwide, including 56 doctors and targeting 200 clinics. The Justice Department said those arrested are responsible for $1.3 billion in fraudulent transactions.

Federal officials said a group of Michigan doctors was responsible for a major chunk of the scheme.

One of the clinics hit in the sting operations is in Farmington. Federal officials said the opioid epidemic is part of it, but the medical office and a number of others were set up specifically as a criminal enterprise to rip off Medicare.

Federal officers raided the Fisher Building Wednesday, and U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions said their work accounted for 10 percent of the scam’s value."



R: 224 / I: 28 / P: 10 [R] [G] [-]

Well Well, Say It Ain't So! Droves Of College Graduates Moving Back Home Because Insolvent Debt

America’s twenty-something college graduates are moving back in with their parents in staggering numbers because they cannot otherwise afford the high payments on their student loans.

Almost half of America’s recent college graduates admit that they moved in with their parents for some period of time after getting their diplomas. Also, 26 percent of America’s current college students say their next big step in life after graduation will likely be to return home to their teenage bedrooms — or perhaps a room in the basement.

The data comes from a new survey by the brokerage firm TD Ameritrade, according to USA Today.

Graduates with student loan debt often feel forced to put off buying homes, getting married and saving for retirement because of their monthly loan payments.

Members of America’s millennial generation say they don’t think they’ll be rid of their student loans until they reach the age of 35, according to the TD Ameritrade survey.

The students and recent graduates who participated in the survey range in age from 20 to 26.

A majority said they would feel embarrassed if they were still living at home at age 28. However, about 40 percent said they have no problem sponging off mom and dad until they are well into their thirties.



R: 70 / I: 14 / P: 10 [R] [G] [-]

Ancient Biblical 'Nephilim' Unearthed in China

Archaeologists have discovered a collection of 5,000-year old graves in China that contain remarkably tall skeletons, a description strongly reminiscent of the Biblical Nephilim who are believed to also play a significant role in the Final Battle on Mount Zion at the End of Days.


Throughout Eastern China in the Jiaojia village, archaeologists have been excavating the ruins of houses, graves, and sacrificial pits, unearthing more than 200 graves. The evidence of their discovery leads the experts to believe that the males in the village averaged a height of six feet, three inches.

That would be considered tall even by today’s standards when the average Chinese male stands at five feet, six inches. But considering the rapid growth of human height since this period, the inhabitants of Jiaojia 5,000 years ago would have been absolutely colossal by comparison

The skeletons found in China are consistent with the giants found in the Biblical narrative who were remarkably tall but still able to breed with human women. This is precisely the role Nephilim played in the beginning of the Bible preceding the story of the flood in the time of Noah. The text implies an unnatural sexual relationship between the Nephilim and human women.

>The Nephilim were in the earth in those days, and also after that, when the sons of God came in unto the daughters of men, and they bore children to them; the same were the mighty men that were of old, the men of renown. Genesis 6:4

According to the text, Nephilim survived the flood and later reappeared in the Land of Israel. When the spies were sent to scout out the land, they were met by Nephilim who were so large that they deeply intimidated the Children of Israel.

>And there we saw the Nephilim, the sons of Anak, who come of the Nephilim; and we were in our own sight as grasshoppers, and so we were in their sight.’ Numbers 13:33

In addition to the Biblical references to this giant race of men, they figure prominently in later Jewish traditions. Rabbi Yosef Berger, rabbi of the Tomb of King David on Mount Zion, explained that the Nephilim are not human though their history and their fate are intertwined with those of men.

“The Nephilim were angels that God was forced to send to Earth as a punishment, “Rabbi Berger explained. “Some of them mixed with men, and those are the ones we read about in the Bible.”

Rabbi Berger related a teaching from Rabbi Elijah ben Solomon Zalman, the preeminent Lithuanian Torah scholar from the 18th century known as the Vilna Gaon. The Vilna Gaon connected Nephilim with the final days of the Messiah.



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JUSTICE PREVAILS! Three Major Pedo Arrests: US Army General, Ohio Mayor & TV Actor

It is said that pedophiles include “pillars of the community” — government officials, judges, police, lawyers, doctors, teachers, priests, ministers and rabbis.

While some find that hard to believe, here are three recent cases proving the claim to be true.

(1) The 2-Star General

Army Times reports that on April 14, 2017, retired U.S. Army 2-star Maj. Gen. James Grazioplene was charged with 6 counts of rape of a minor on multiple occasions between 1983 and 1989.

Grazioplene, of Gainesville, Virginia, entered the Army in March 1972 as an armor officer. He was director of force development in the Pentagon’s Joint Warfighting Capabilities Assessment, before retiring in January 2005. As a retiree, Grazioplene is still subject to the Uniform Code of Military Justice.

The military offered no other details on the case, nor did they say why Grazioplene is only charged now, decades after the alleged rapes.

The criminal investigation remains open. If convicted, Grazioplene faces life imprisonment and the loss of his pension.

(2) The Mayor

In April 2017, Richard Keenan, 66, a Democrat and former mayor of Hubbard, Ohio (2010-2011), was sentenced to at least 10 years in prison for raping a girl over a 3-year period, beginning when she was four.

Keenan had pleaded guilty to 8 counts of rape, 4 counts of attempted rape and 8 counts of gross sexual imposition, all involving the same child. A rape conviction carries a sentence of life in prison, but prosecutors agreed to a plea agreement of life in prison with parole eligibility after 10 years.

The (Youngstown) Vindicator reports that Keenan’s wife, Diana, heard about the sex assaults from the child. She then confronted her husband, who admitted, “I did it.”

(3) The Actor

Radar Online reports, July 12, 2017, that Toby Willis, 47, the dad of TLC cable TV’s The Willis Family reality show, has been sentenced to two 25-year sentences and two 40-year sentences, after pleading guilty to four counts of child rape, including victim(s) as young as three. His sentences will run concurrently.

Willis, a father of 12, has been under investigation since 2016, when the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation suspected his involvement in the abuse of a young girl. Upon further investigation, three other sexual abuse cases were discovered. His victims were between ages 3 and 13 at the time of abuse.

A frightened Willis fled his home, yet was captured later that year in Kentucky, where he had hitchhiked in an attempt to escape the law. Willis’ TLC reality family show was cancelled in 2016, weeks before his arrest.



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Globalist False Prophet Pope Francis: America Needs To Be Ruled By World Govt "For Our Own Good"

Pope Francis told the Italian newspaper La Repubblica that the United States of America has “a distorted vision of the world” and Americans must be ruled by a world government, as soon as possible, “for their own good.”

The Pope made the observation in an interview with La Repubblica reporter Eugenio Scalfari.

“Last Thursday, I got a call from Pope Francis,” Scalfari reported. “It was about noon, and I was at the newspaper when my phone rang.”

He said Pope Francis had been watching Putin and Trump at the G20 and had become agitated. The Pope demanded to see him at four that afternoon, according to a Google translation of the Italian report.

“Pope Francis told me to be very concerned about the meeting of the G20,” Scalfari wrote.

As translated into English by Agence France Presse, which picked up the story, the Pope said “I am afraid there are very dangerous alliances between powers who have a distorted view of the world: America and Russia, China and North Korea, Russia and Assad in the war in Syria.”

“The danger concerns immigration,” the Pope continued to La Repubblica. “Our main and unfortunately growing problem in the world today is that of the poor, the weak, the excluded, which includes migrants.”

“This is why the G20 worries me: It mainly hits immigrants,” Pope Francis said, according to AFP.

Pope Francis’s idea that Americans would be better off under a world government doesn’t stop there. The radical leftist pontiff also went on record stating that Europe should become one country under one government.

In the same interview, according to La Repubblica, Pope Francis said that Europe must take on a “federal structure,” resembling feudal times when the peasants were ruled by unimpeachable monarchs.

“I also thought many times to this problem and came to the conclusion that, not only but also for this reason, Europe must take as soon as possible a federal structure,” the Pope said, according to the Google translation of the La Repubblica article.



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CIA Malware Can Steal SSH Credentials, Session Traffic

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WikiLeaks dumped today the documentation of two CIA hacking tools codenamed BothanSpy and Gyrfalcon, both designed to steal SSH credentials from Windows and Linux systems, respectively.

Both tools are "implants," a term the CIA uses to describe malware payloads. Once installed through various means on a target's computer, these two implants hook into SSH-related processes and steal credentials or session traffic, where possible.

The first — BothanSpy — was designed for Windows computers. According to a 12-page manual dated in March 2015, the malware will hook into the process of Xshell, a Windows SSH client.

BothanSpy will use this access to steal user credentials for all active SSH sessions. This data can be sent right away to a remote server, or stored on disk in an encrypted file.

The second — Gyrfalcon — is an implant for Linux systems. According to a 27-page manual dated in November 2013, this malware can target distros such as RHEL, Ubuntu, Suse, Debian, and CentOS.

Gryfalcon works by targeting the OpenSSH client, from where it can extract user credentials for active SSH sessions and full or partial OpenSSH session traffic. The stolen data is saved locally into an encrypted file, and is exfiltrated at a later date.

CIA operatives need root privileges to install Gryfalcon, but the tool itself can operate from a regular account.

Today's dump is part of a larger series called Vault 7 ( https://wikileaks.org/vault7/ ) contains documents WikiLeaks claims were stolen from the CIA by hackers and insiders. You can follow the rest of our WikiLeaks Vault 7 coverage here. Below is a list of the most notable WikiLeaks "Vault 7" dumps:

Weeping Angel - tool to hack Samsung smart TVs

Fine Dining - a collection of fake, malware-laced apps

Grasshopper - a builder for Windows malware

DarkSeaSkies - tools for hacking iPhones and Macs

Scribble - beaconing system for Office documents

Archimedes - a tool for performing MitM attacks

AfterMidnight and Assassin - malware frameworks for Windows

Athena - a malware framework co-developed with a US company

Pandemic - a tool for replacing legitimate files with malware

CherryBlossom - a tool for hacking SOHO WiFi routers

Brutal Kangaroo - a tool for hacking air-gapped networks

ELSA - malware for geo-tracking Windows users

OutlawCountry - CIA tool for hacking Linux systemso



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CIA’s Hacking Tool For Linux Computers Revealed

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Another day, another CIA hacking tool reveal. Wikileaks has published fresh documents that deal with the CIA’s hacking and spying on Linux machines using a malware strain called OutlawCountry. This tool consists of a kernel module that creates invisible netfilter table for creating new rules with iptables command. This way the operator is able to modify and redirect the network traffic.

Following the CIA’s Brutal Kangaroo malware which hacked offline and air-gapped computers using USB drives, WikiLeaks has leaked another CIA hacking and spying tool called OutlawCountry. Interestingly, unlike the previous tools, OutlawCountry targets Linux machines.

This new malware strain’s details have been leaked in the form of a user manual, which describes that OutlawCountry tool consists of a kernel module for Linux 2.6, using which CIA can modify the network traffic and redirect it for ex- and infiltration purposes.

The OutlawCountry’s prerequisites for operation are a compatible 64-bit CentOS/RHEL 6.x operating system, shell access and root access to the target, the target must have a “nat” netfilter table.



OutlawCountry is described in documents dated June 4, 2015 as a kernel module for Linux 2.6 that allows CIA operators to redirect outbound traffic to a server they control by creating an hidden netfilter or iptables table. Netfilter is a packet-filtering framework within the Linux kernel's networking stack.

OutlawCountry creates a hidden netfilter table with an "obscure name", which the operator can use to create new rules that override existing netfilter rules. The new rules can only be seen by an admin if the table name is known, which, according to the documents, is 'dpxvke8h18'.

The malware is designed for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.x and CentOS 6.x systems with the 6.4-bit 2.6.32 version of the Linux kernel. However, the operator needs to have already compromised the target to load a malicious module and must have gained root privileges to operate the malware.

WikiLeaks notes that an "operator will have to rely on the available CIA exploits and backdoors to inject the kernel module into a target operating system".



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New Report Just Dropped A Bomb On Key Climate Change Data

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A new peer-reviewed bombshell study concludes that three key global temperature data sets used in recent climate change models have been "adjusted" in such a way as to not be "a valid representation of reality."

The study, titled "On the Validity of NOAA, NASA and Hadley CRU Global Average Surface Temperature Data & The Validity of EPA's CO2 Endangerment Finding," was published in June and written by James P. Wallace III, Joseph S. D’Aleo and Craig Idso. It was reviewed and approved by Drs. Alan Carlin, Harold H. Doiron, Theodore R. Eck, Richard A. Keen, Anthony R. Lupo, Thomas P. Sheahan, and George T. Wolff.


The scientists determined that the EPA's conclusions based off of all three GAST data sets were "invalidated," one of the authors claiming that "[n]early all of the warming" shown in the data sets are accounted for by the "adjustments" made by scientists to past temperatures.

"The conclusive findings of this research are that the three GAST data sets are not a valid representation of reality," the scientists state in the abstract. "In fact, the magnitude of their historical data adjustments, that removed their cyclical temperature patterns, are totally inconsistent with published and credible U.S. and other temperature data. Thus, it is impossible to conclude from the three published GAST data sets that recent years have been the warmest ever — despite current claims of record setting warming."

The researchers explain in the abstract that they set out to "test the hypothesis that Global Average Surface Temperature (GAST) data, produced by NOAA, NASA, and HADLEY, are sufficiently credible estimates of global average temperatures such that they can be relied upon for climate modeling and policy analysis purposes."

The authors underscore that the validity all three GAST data sets are essential to the EPA's GHG/CO2 Endangerment Finding. If they are not a "valid representation of reality," then the EPA's conclusions are invalid.

In this research report, the most important surface data adjustment issues are identified and past changes in the previously reported historical data are quantified. It was found that each new version of GAST has nearly always exhibited a steeper warming linear trend over its entire history. And, it was nearly always accomplished by systematically removing the previously existing cyclical temperature pattern. This was true for all three entities providing GAST data measurement, NOAA, NASA and Hadley CRU.

As a result, this research sought to validate the current estimates of GAST using the best available relevant data. This included the best documented and understood data sets from the U.S. and elsewhere as well as global data from satellites that provide far more extensive global coverage and are not contaminated by bad siting and urbanization impacts. Satellite data integrity also benefits from having cross checks with Balloon data.

After checking the GAST data against all of the relevant data sets, the researchers concluded that they were "not a valid representation of reality."



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BANG! Anon Twitter Account Leaks 28,000+ of Hillary Clinton's Private Emails Online

Download: https://mega.nz/#F!N2YjFCzQ!dP66-Chxpr7jM-KCho04Dw

An anonymous source allegedly contacted President Trump and his administration as well as a few media outlets today to dump what he claims is 28,000 BRAND NEW Hillary Clinton emails.

For those that remember the Clinton Campaign claimed they handed over all of her emails during the Congressional Investigation, although since then it appears more and more unreleased data is being dumped to the public.

The source, only going by the name ‘The White Rabbit’, sent the following email to the press:

“First, I must remain anonymous for now. I would like to forward links to files that were sent to President Trump this morning & may be a big smoking Gun re: DNC hack/Russia, etc.”

“I am not the originator of these files and cannot vouch for their authenticity, just passing them along. They can be found here:”


We are looking to see if the emails in pdf form were released in a prior document dump. We are still analyzing.



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Alibaba Founder: Too Much War and Wall Street Did NOT Make America Great

Alibaba founder Jack Ma thinks America went wrong over the past 30 years by focusing too much on war and Wall Street. Speaking at the World Economic Forum on Wednesday, Ma was asked about globalisation and the reaction to it represented by the election of Donald Trump as US president.

He responded that back when Thomas Friedman published "The World Is Flat" in 2005, globalisation looked like "a perfect strategy" for the US: "We just want the IP, the technology, and the brand, and we'll leave the other jobs" to other countries like Mexico and China, he said.

"American international companies made millions and millions of dollars from globalisation," Ma said.

As an example of just how much was available, Ma said, "When I graduated from university I tried to buy a beeper, and it cost me $250. My pay at the time was $10 a month as a teacher. And the cost of making that beeper is only $8 a chip."

"IBM, Microsoft," he added, "the profit they made was larger than the top four banks in China put together … But where did the money go?"

US soldiers during a firefight with Taliban forces in Barawala Kalay Valley in Afghanistan's Kunar province in 2011. Pfc. Cameron Boyd / Wikimedia, CC

Ma said that 30 years ago the American companies that people in China heard about were Ford and Boeing. Today the companies that people in China talk about are in Silicon Valley and on Wall Street.

At the same time, the US spent a lot of money on foreign conflicts. "In the past 30 years, America had 13 wars spending $14.2 trillion … no matter how good your strategy is you're supposed to spend money on your own people," Ma said. "The money goes to Wall Street. Then what happened? Year 2008. The financial crisis wiped out $19.2 trillion in US income … What if the money was spent on the Midwest of the United States, developing industry there?"

"It is not that the other countries steal jobs from you guys — that is your strategy. You did not distribute the money in the proper way."

Elsewhere during his talk, Ma said his favourite film was "Forrest Gump" because he saw something of Alibaba in Gump's shrimp boat. Ma quoted Gump as saying "Nobody makes money catching whales — people make money catching shrimps."

"That's how we make money" at Alibaba, he said.



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Deliberate Destabilization: Swedish Authorities Now Admit Large Areas UNDER ISLAMIST RULE

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Living under the world’s only “feminist government” is becoming increasingly dangerous, especially for women. Large parts of the country, including its capital Stockholm, are effectively ruled by radical Muslims.

A new report provides disturbing insights regarding changes in the fabric of Swedish society that have followed an unprecedented influx of Muslim refugees and migrants.

The report is partly written by SVT, the Swedish state media, and concludes that at least 150,000 women in Sweden have experienced genital mutilation. This brutal procedure can involve partial or complete removal of the clitoris (i.e., clitoridectomy, clitorectomy or infibulation) plus excision of the labia as well. All too often, this operation is performed in less-than-sterile conditions and, just as frequently, without anesthesia.

Authorities are astonished by the high number of women and young girls who have been subjected to FGM. A report from 2015 concluded that “only” 38,000 women had experienced genital mutilation. This sharp increase most likely results from the determination of Swedish politicians to comply with the UN’s Refugee Convention and EU regulations on refugee quotas.

Sweden has a population of 10 million (five million women and girls).

Swedish tolerance and openness has been up for international debate since American President Donald J. Trump used the country as an example of how refugees and migration from Islamic countries corrodes the rule of law and contributes to the formation of Middle Eastern enclaves, even in strong civil societies like those of Northern Europe.

Big areas of Sweden are now under de facto Islamic rule. Stockholm, Sweden’s capital, is almost completely surrounded by areas (commonly called “no-go zones”) that are veritably ruled by Muslim gangs and Islamic sharia police. “There is lawlessness in parts of the Stockholm region now,” a nervous police chief, Lars Alvarsjø, said. “There are some areas where we seem to lose control.”

Lawless areas in Sweden are growing in size and number every year. From 2015 to 2017 they increased from 15 to 23. According to the Swedish authorities, “religious police have taken the role as law enforcement” in many areas now.

Lars Alversjø says that “the legal system, which is a pillar in every democratic society, is collapsing in Sweden.” Per Magnus Ranstorp, a researcher of terrorism and radicalization at the Swedish National Defense College, elaborates: “In the worst areas extremists have taken over. The whole sense of justice and peace are threatened by the fact that the police is breaking down and it’s only getting worse. Sweden is in a disastrous situation.”

In areas under Islamic rule within Sweden, human rights are rapidly deteriorating, especially for women. Female genital mutilation is just one horrific example of a general change in the Swedish society following the arrival of large numbers of Muslims refugees or migrants.

“In many areas, self-appointed sharia police threaten and harass women to follow Islamic law, Sharia. Threats and harassment can be the consequence if you are not married, if your legs are not covered or if you drink a glass of alcohol on your balcony. Neighbors, strangers, even children and adolescents, threaten women to follow Sharia. If the women do not comply, the sharia police increase their intimidations. A woman tells how a group of men climbed into her apartment by using the drainage pipe and confronted her in her own home because she refused to comply to their demands.”



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Good! House Passes Kate’s Law, As Part of Illegal Immigrant Crackdown

House Republicans took action Thursday to crack down on illegal immigrants and the cities that shelter them.

One bill passed by the House would deny federal grants to sanctuary cities and another, Kate’s Law, would increase the penalties for deported aliens who try to return to the United States.

Kate's Law, which would increase the penalties for deported aliens who try to return to the United States and caught, passed with a vote of 257 to 157, with one Republican voting no and 24 Democrats voting yes.

Kate's Law is named for Kate Steinle, a San Francisco woman killed by an illegal immigrant who was in the U.S. despite multiple deportations. The two-year anniversary of her death is on Saturday.

President Trump called the bill's passage "good news" in a tweet, adding "House just passed #KatesLaw. Hopefully Senate will follow."

>Good news, House just passed #KatesLaw. Hopefully Senate will follow.

— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) June 29, 2017

“He should not have been here, and she should not have died,” House Speaker Paul Ryan said Thursday, in a final push for Kate’s Law, an earlier version of which was blocked in the Senate last year.

“Our job here is to make sure that those professionals have the tools that they need and the resources that they need to carry out their work and to protect our communities. That is what these measures are all about,” added Ryan.

The other bill, which would deny federal grants to sanctuary cities, passed with a vote of 228-195 with 3 Democrats voting yes and 7 Republicans voting no.

The brutal murder of Steinle catapulted the issue of illegal criminal aliens into the national spotlight. Alleged shooter Juan Francisco Lopez-Sanchez had been deported five times and had seven felony convictions.



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The Jewish Cabal is Using Socialism and Cultural Marxism to Consolidate World Power

The Jewish Cabal is Using Socialism and Cultural Marxism to Consolidate World Power



The book,”None Dare Call It Conspiracy”details the overreaching “conspiracy” of elites pushing socialism and Cultural Marxism onto the masses while accumulating even greater centralized control over nations and their citizens. Feminists and social justice warriors are nothing more than the financed low-level soldiers in a vice to destroy the family unit and control human behavior while top-down pressure is being applied by forces who are above the law.

“There are no accidents in politics.” — Joseph P. Kennedy

History had a long line of power-hungry rulers and despots. We still have them, but they wear suits and ties and speak of “equality” and “human rights,” mere covers for them to increase their power by using various -isms to centralize governments that can then be commandeered by the puppets they insert.

Socialism is their favorite tool to increase government power because a socialist state requires massive centralization. When something is centralized and top heavy, it’s easy to control if you can put your man at its head.

What exactly is socialism? It’s 1% or less of individuals at the top controlling the wealth and distributing rations to the bottom 99%. It is nothing more than an operating system for a small group to take control over a nation’s resources while the sheep follow along, thinking they will have a better standard of living because of it.

The idea that socialism is a share-the-wealth program is strictly a confidence game to get the people to surrender their freedom to an all-powerful collectivist government. While the Insiders tell us we are building a paradise on earth, we are actually constructing a jail for ourselves.


…the policies of the government today, whether Republican or Democratic, are closer to the 1932 platform of the Communist Party than they are to either of their own party platforms in that critical year.


Every proposal by our political leaders… carries us further leftward to centralized government. This is not because socialism is inevitable. Is is no more inevitable than Pharaohism. Is it largely the result of clever planning and patient gradualism.


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Even Some Scientists Are Staying Away From "The Internet of Things" ... And For Good Reasons!

Dr. Herbert Lin, one of the nation’s pre-eminent thinkers on cybersecurity policy, shuns the internet-connected devices that fill some American homes.

He’ll have nothing to do with “smart” refrigerators, hands-free home speakers he can call by name, intelligent thermostats and the like.

“People say to me, ‘How can you have a doctorate in physics from MIT and not trust in technology?’ And I look at them and say, ‘How can I have a doctorate in physics from MIT and trust technology?’ ” Lin said.

Part of what he distrusts is the “internet of things,” and the ease with which hackers can penetrate “smart” devices with digital worms and shanghai them into massive robotic networks to launch crippling digital attacks or generate ever greater quantities of spam.

It is a mistrust based on mathematics. Internet-enabled devices are exploding in number. Gartner, a research giant in technology, says the devices will climb from 6.4 billion at the end of last year to 25 billion by 2020. Such growth sharply augments the power of hidden robotic networks, or botnets.

Now, an unseen battle unfolds. Weaponized digital worms are entering the scene and infecting masses of devices that obediently await instructions from a remote master to spring to action, possibly a new botnet attack.

The threat from botnets is so serious that FBI Director James Comey brought them up at a Senate hearing last week, saying the “zombie armies” created from internet devices can do tremendous harm.

“Last month, the FBI – working with our partners, with the Spanish national police – took down a botnet called the Kelihos botnet and locked up the Russian hacker behind that botnet,” Comey said. “He’s now in jail in Spain, and the good people’s computers who had been lashed to that zombie army have now been freed from it.”

Further botnet attacks are inevitable.

“The next one could be just seconds or minutes from happening again,” said J. Kevin Reid, a former FBI agent who leads the national security portfolio at KeyLogic, a Morgantown, West Virginia, firm that offers consulting services to the federal intelligence community.

Many consumers don’t realize that internet-enabled devices are unregulated and insecure – simpleton digital recruits in potential malicious armies.

Even new dolls for children can be forced into rogue botnets, Reid said.

“People would be like, ‘What? My child’s toy?’ Well, toys are pretty fancy nowadays,” Reid said. “They are going after camcorders and [newer] DVD players and other things with this particular intrusion technique.”

In practical terms, that means hackers who control botnets can extort businesses, threatening to overwhelm targets with traffic unless they pay. They can also amplify the power of those sending spam.