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File: 2cb2e8e1e0d199d⋯.jpg (38.05 KB, 770x415, 154:83, Rapefugee.jpg)


Rape is Part of their Culture

A German judge has acquitted a Turkish man of rape, despite the fact that he forced a woman to have sex with him, and left her incapacitated. The judge argued that in "the mentality of the Turkish cultural circle," what the woman "had experienced as rape" might be considered merely "wild sex." The judge refused to convict the rapist, because "no intention is demonstrable."

According to the German daily newspaper Märkische Allgemeine (forgive the weak translation from Google Translate), the judge told the woman, "I believe Mrs. G. every word," but added that "her tormentor probably did not know what he was doing to her." On the night of August 18, 2016, the 23-year-old Turkish man sold drugs to the young woman and they consumed speed together.

He asked her to "go to bed with her" and she refused. According to the report, she had said he was "not her type." But the drug dealer forced himself on her. Here's how the paper described the encounter:

The young drug trader then complimented his customer, dragged her by the arm, threw her on the bed and pulled her out. He shoved his shoulders firmly against the metal bars at the head of his bed, his head jammed between two of them. The woman cried "stop" and resisted by scratching the accused at the back. But at some point she gave up and let her go as she put it. Several times he had entered her, the whole ordeal ended after four hours, when he got a call and suddenly had to leave, so that she too could go.

She refused, cried "stop" after he had grabbed her, and then finally she gave up. To most people, that sounds like rape. Indeed, the German paper reported that the Turkish man "carried on the sexual intercourse for hours on end so badly" that the girl could "not run properly for the next two weeks."

"On the one hand, the magistrate's court believed the victim, and on the other hand, the accused, according to which the wild sex was amicable," the Märkische Allgemeine reported. Amicable? When the girl could not even run properly "for the next two weeks"?!

According to the report, the decisive question was "Could it be that the defenPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

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>EU speed is much more like adderal than meth.

What are you on about euro-trash?

cafiend pills?



It might be illegal to publish the names of Judges in germany.


>western countries now rewrite their own laws to adopt to foreign cultures

we are truly living in interesting times. You apparently can claim you are turk and get away with rape



How long before faggots claim to be trans-turks and start raping everyone in the street?



>Miss your heroin and you're totally fucked.

I read that there's a big difference between smoking and injecting heroin. Who knows how addictive shooting up caffeine or nicotine (if that's even possible) would be.

File: 16a3924926a86f5⋯.jpg (86.42 KB, 499x366, 499:366, liberal-logic-101-3361.jpg)


Students at Western Kentucky University (WKU) think black students should have free tuition as a means of providing reparations for past wrongs like slavery, Campus Reform reports.

>In a vote on Tuesday, the Western Kentucky University student government passed a resolution, 19-10, that advocates the recognition of slavery as a “debt that will never be paid” and offer free tuition to black students as compensation.

The resolution also seeks the creation of a special task force to investigate the possibility of amending the admissions system so that it is weighted geographically — which, theoretically, would make acceptance at WKU easier for black students.

Andre Ambam, who fought for the resolution, told the WKU Herald that racial inequality is the basis of economic inequality — the chief reason for blacks not attending college.

“If you really care about diversity, if you really care about inclusion, if you really care about making this campus safe and accessible to everybody, having the student government’s support of reparation for black students would be amazing,” Ambam said.

“This is something that I think is more importantly about sending a clear message than it is about actually trying to strive for the institution to actually give out free tuition to everybody,” noted Brian Anderson, the resolution’s co-author.

Some of the student senators tried to dissuade their peers from supporting the resolution by arguing that offering free tuition for some entails demanding more tuition from others; contending that someone, either through direct fees or indirect taxes will have to subsidize those attending the university free of charge. They further observed that historical injustice for some cannot be rectified by creating contemporary injustice for others.

“It will disadvantage other people from getting the same education,” Student senator William Hurst said. “I am not discounting that there is an obvious disadvantage to African-American students, but this resolution wouldPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

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>when its against whites/about gibs, race is a thing while in other contexts its totally a "spook"



What are you going on about now?



>Recognize slavery as a “debt that will never be paid.

Yes, yes, you must pay forever, even though none of your ancestors had slaves and most of your ancestors were living in europe during slavery.



Oh go fuck your self. The average Black person is waaay more racist. Racism is about hate. Period. Telling a race joke doesn't make one racist. White people don't go around saying how much we hate Blacks, but Black people sure as fuck do every day of every week. We Whites are in fact the most compassionate, caring people on the planet and we bend over backwards to accomodate you all. Blacks are the real modern racists. Shit you people are the second most influential group in N. America in all aspects of our society. Disadvantaged my ass. If you want more respect in society, then stop being racists and using slavery as your excuse.


>be africa

>blame all your faults at the white devil

>even 70 years after colonialisation you only did marginally improve your development

>meanwhile China became a global powerhouse only 30 years after communism

they will never advance and they will never improve, not in africa and not in any other country in the world

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Trump Delivers Bizarre Weekly Address Praising Jews and Israel

His latest "600D Chess" Move

What a bizarre video this is. At first you might think you are watching a hostage video but this is actually the President’s weekly address. Very poor production quality for something coming from the White House.

Trump opens the video by praising the Jews and talking about Passover. This is the Jewish holiday that celebrates murder. He goes on to falsely claim that Jews have been unfairly persecuted throughout history and that they have brought light to the world. Total lies to anybody who knows anything about history. Jews have only brought darkness and death into the world.

The address was nothing but kikery and cuckery. The fact that he leads his address talking about Jews, Passover and Israel is either a cry for help or a slap in the face to his political base. Take your pick. It is also worth noting that his delivery in this video is very robotic and low energy. He looks like someone who has a gun pointed at him while he reads off the teleprompter. This is far different than many of his previous addresses where he seems to be acting like his normal self.

It’s clear that Trump is no longer the man he once was. The Jewish media establishment went from non stop Trump bashing to accepting him as President over night. All it took was for him to order a barrage of cruise missile strikes against a Syrian military base. We must not get discouraged by this development. Attaching our political agenda to Trump was the only pragmatic political move for us. We all knew about his Jewish connections but with Trump there was at least a chance things could get moved in a proper direction. There was zero chance with every other candidate.


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Oh come the fuck on, he's president for a reason. He's there to fulfill an agenda. Yeah, Trump is secretly a nazi planning another holocaust. Do you people not think?



actually, it could be a clone.



You already had this thread on /pol/ on the 15th, Jew boy. Nobody believed you then. No one believes you now. How desperate do shills have to be to repost week old content?



>Oy vey, we already discussed this a thousand times!

Nice try, Imkikey. The thread on /pol/ was shut down and Trump realists who posted in it were banned.



>Nobody believes you

This is Trump's weekly address. Are you suggesting that we shouldn't believe anything he says?

File: 2aebd9a6e56d3c4⋯.jpg (36.13 KB, 678x381, 226:127, Trump Throws Campaign Aide….jpg)


Defiant President Trump has had a member of his own campaign team thrown in jail for belonging to the elite pedophile ring that has infiltrated politics nationwide.

Tim Nolan, the former chair of the Trump campaign for Campbell County, Kentucky, has been arrested and charged with “felony human trafficking of a minor, felony inducing a minor to engage in sex, and a third count of giving alcohol to a minor,” according to the indictment filed in Boone County, KY.

According to the The River City News (https://archive.fo/gzTAj), who obtained the indictment on Friday, Nolan has been charged with “human trafficking (a class B felony), first degree unlawful transaction with a minor (a class C felony), and third degree unlawful transaction with a minor (a class A misdemeanor).

The alleged crimes were committed in 2016, while he was chair of the Campbell County arm of the Trump campaign.

But Trump has declared that children are more important than partisan politics, and insisted Nolan be thrown in jail and prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

No mercy

Trump knows pedophiles politicians value their filth over party politics. The enjoyment of murdering and raping children completely overrides any political differences they have.

At the end of the day, a pedophile politician is a compromised being working for the global elite – not a functioning member of the Republican Party.

Nolan is a former county district judge and current member of the Board of Education for Campbell County.

But connections and friends in high places count for nothing with President Trump when it comes to draining the swamp of pedophiles.

No matter which side of the aisle you are from, you are going down.

Weeks after formPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

2 posts omitted. Click reply to view.



If they were legal, who gives a shit?


That's right! Nobody's above the law in Trump's America. Except hildawg


There is no elite pedo ring.

These old politicians have become even more corrupt as they get older

no morals at all from the get go



keep denying it, maybe it will become your reality.

the truth, however, keeps festering.


And nothing of value was lost.

File: 5565eaeb3f4f9fb⋯.jpg (114.74 KB, 1060x600, 53:30, NetanyahuMattis.jpg)


Netanyahu welcomes the more aggressive foreign policy stance taken by President Trump

during a meeting with Israeli Deputy Defense Secretary James 'Mad Mutt' Mattis in Jerusalem.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Friday welcomed the more aggressive foreign policy stance taken by President Trump, and said that change from President Obama's position is greatly "appreciated" by Israel.

"We sense a great change in the direction of American policy," Netanyahu said in a joint press appearance with Defense Secretary James Mattis.

"We noted the very clear and forthright words, Mr. Secretary, that you had to say about Iran," Netanyahu said. "This follows very strong and forthright words on the part of President Trump, and very forthright deeds against the use of chemical weapons by Iran's proxy, Syria."

"This has been appreciated around the world and in our region," Netanyahu said. "I think this is welcome change, a strategic change of American leadership and American policy."

Trump's decision to bomb Syrian assets after Syria used chemical weapons against its own people was seen by Republicans and even many Democrats a long-over due step, and one that enforced President Obama's "red line" that he never enforced himself.

Mattis warned in a separate appearance on Friday that there is "no doubt" Syria still has chemical weapons.



File: 729606445d41d85⋯.jpg (53.99 KB, 640x480, 4:3, a67e5bfac2f2a155d069c574b5….jpg)



Emma Morano, Last Person Born in 1899, Dies.

>Emma Morano, the last surviving person hailing from the 1800s, died this weekend. She took our human link to simpler times with her.

>The Italian was born in a kingdom but died in a republic. Yet she never lived more than 20 miles from her place of birth. Time makes immigrants of us all if we live long enough.

>She entered and exited a world with inhabitants innocent of a Soviet Union, not recognizing Pluto as a planet, or knowing anything called Eastern Airlines. In fact, the Wright Brothers’ first flight, Charles Lindbergh’s crossing of the Atlantic, and Neil Armstrong’s walk on the moon all lay in the future in 1899. No radio stations, televisions, computers, or internet marked her earliest days of existence.

42 posts and 3 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.



They mean time made her a stranger in her own country because it changed so much in the time she was alive.



>The jew made her a stranger in her own country

Now it makes sense.



File: e1a314e1a999b6a⋯.gif (117.31 KB, 550x371, 550:371, watfrog.gif)


>The Italian was born in a kingdom but died in a republic. Yet she never lived more than 20 miles from her place of birth. Time makes immigrants of us all if we live long enough.


>She took our human link to simpler times with her.

Yes goyim, the simpler times before we subverted all your cultures and threw you into rabid zionist servitude.

>Time makes immigrants of us all if we live long enough.

Yes goyim, see? We are all immigrants, goyim, so you must open all borders.


Yes goyim, you need "democracy" and "liberty". How else will you fight ours wars if you don't serve all our financial needs with your daily servitude?

File: f7882e199192510⋯.jpg (242.41 KB, 1194x1200, 199:200, C9GOP2rUwAA2lmX.jpg)


RELATED: >>>/n/532727 (https://archive.fo/awccv)

ISIS have used chemical weapons for the second time in two days, as the jihadist forces try to push back Iraqi government forces’ advance in Mosul.

The chemical attack took place in a recently-liberated area of Mosul, and provides more damning evidence against the official narrative concerning the Syrian gas attack pushed by Western mainstream media.

Contrary to what the White House and mainstream media claim, there is no proof the Syrian attack was carried out by Assad’s government forces.

The fact that ISIS possesses, and has a history of using, chemical weapons in Iraq and Syria, is consistently suppressed by mainstream media.

It’s all part of the establishment’s one-eyed drive towards regime change in Syria.

If the American people are told that rebel groups including ISIS use chemical weapons in the region, then the establishment won’t be able to deploy the “Assad has chemical weapons and must be toppled” narrative that has been pushed with increasing fervor recently.

The two chemical attacks by ISIS in the last two days prove that Assad and Putin were right – the jihadi rebels in Syria, attempting to overthrow the sovereign government, were responsible for the attack.

Not Assad, who was in a position of strength, driving the rebels out of his country.

Media Blackout

Notice the difference in the media reaction after this chemical attack and the Syrian gas attack? The mainstream media are almost silent. The majority won’t report on this atrocity because it doesn’t suit their narrative.

For those still not in the know, ISIS is backed by Saudi AraPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

32 posts and 6 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.


This shit is so fucking retarded. I really have no idea how people live in the real world.





Hello Shareblue.



Yes, commies have a lot of stuff in news threads, 8ch becoming RT-lite


Jews did 9/11. Never forget.

File: 9060b49eb398650⋯.jpg (94.91 KB, 800x420, 40:21, CIA-TV.jpg)


RELATED: >>535936

In their latest revelation, Wikileaks has released a user guide describing the working of the Weeping Angel tool designed by CIA and MI5 to compromise Samsung smart TVs. The malware is capable of recording audio from the built-in microphone which can be remotely extracted by the CIA.

The whistleblower website Wikileaks has published another set of hacking tools belonging to the American intelligence agency CIA. The latest revelation includes a user guide for CIA’s “Weeping Angel” tool. It was a part of the first lot of CIA hacking tools released by Wikileaks in March.

Weeping Angel is derived from another tool called “Extending” which belongs to UK’s intelligence agency MI5/BTSS, according to Wikileaks.

Extending takes control of Samsung F Series Smart TV. The highly detailed user guide describes it as an implant “designed to record audio from the built-in microphone and egress or store the data.”

According to the user guide, the malware can be deployed on a TV via a USB stick after configuring it on a Linux system. It is possible to transfer the recorded audio files through the USB stick or by setting up a WiFi hotspot near the TV. Also, a Live Liston Tool, running on a Windows OS, can be used to listen to audio exfiltration in real-time.

Wikileaks mentioned that the two agencies, CIA and MI5/BTSS made collaborative efforts to create Weeping Angel during their Joint Development Workshops. According to a CNET report, these workshops were held sometime around June 2014.

It’s already known that physical access is required for the malware to be deployed. The firmware updates made in 2014 prevents the TVs from being hacked over the internet.

CIA was able to compromise firmware versions 1111, 1112, and 1116. They managed to implement a “Fake Off” mode to deceive users into believing that the TV is turned off while they secretly record conversations. HoPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

7 posts and 2 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.



They could do that much earlier than that.



Step 1. Buy TV

Step 2. Open TV

Step 3. Look for microphone

Step 4. Remove microphone



Remove speakers, too.




That sounds pretty crazy but I believe it.



You'll come around. Even the 400 budget sets are "smart" now.

Are you going to get all your sets at Goodwill and Craigslist?

You strike me as the kind of person who doesn't need anything besides Windows 98 it's fine as it is.

Just don't connect it to the internet.

File: 6985f734d44b337⋯.png (88.19 KB, 458x217, 458:217, ban-all-assault-trucks.png)


Sponsored by >>>/crazynews/

One of Sweden’s biggest newspapers has called for new regulations on motor vehicles in Stockholm after Friday’s massacre involving a terrorist who stole a delivery truck and drove it over the bodies of innocent victims on the city’s busy sidewalks.

While there have been many morbid jokes about the need to “ban assault trucks” as jihadists have chosen vehicular people-slaughter as their favored method for mass murder, Eva Franchell of Aftonbladet has penned an article that brings the meme to life, and highlights the depths to which the socialist-globalist Swedish establishment are willing to force their society in dhimmitude to the Islamic invasion.

“Cars have turned into deadly weapons. They have been easy to steal and then nothing has been able to stop their advance,” she writes in Swedish. “In Nice, Berlin, Jerusalem, London and Stockholm they have been used as effective murder machines for terrorists who wanted to kill many people.”

“If people in the future will be protected, cars must simply removed from the collection sites and city centers.”

“It is not reasonable that a big truck can be driven right into Stockholm’s popular walking street on a Friday afternoon just before Easter,” she continues. “Politicians have been good at protecting themselves, but now they must also ensure citizens’ needs for secure environments.”

Nowhere in her piece does Ms. Franchell discuss Europe’s unfolding open borders disaster and its direct correlation to an escalation in terrorist attacks on European soil – she blames inanimate objects instead.

She also failed to mention the jihad component involved in each of the incidents she cites.

She made no mention of the fact that Friday’s killer was an illegal alien from Uzbekistan with ties to terrorist organizations who had been evading deportation after his application for asylum was rejected last year.Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

20 posts and 6 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.



Milk is a symbol of white supremacy you shitlord.



Circulate pictures of the children killed in Nice and Sweden, and of the woman in London and any other similar ones.

Link them together with a hashtag such as #protectourchildren2017

Once they are spread enough, add slogans to them.

"These mass murderers were let in to your countries. Did you let it happen?"

Someone should come up with something more subtle.


File: 79f05ad54605978⋯.jpg (93.03 KB, 640x479, 640:479, south-africa-dairy-farm-mi….jpg)


It's hard for me to imagine that some people actually believe this!




File: 8bf7d059cd4f506⋯.jpg (32.57 KB, 318x405, 106:135, [worried laughter].jpg)


I dunno whether I should be laughing or worried.

File: 83b460948f9c3a5⋯.jpg (26.6 KB, 558x286, 279:143, C974ehjXYAEcmJj.jpg)


RELATED: >>>/realnews/2003

Today, April 21st 2017, WikiLeaks publishes the User Guide for CIA's "Weeping Angel" tool - an implant designed for Samsung F Series Smart Televisions. Based on the "Extending" tool from MI5/BTSS, the implant is designed to record audio from the built-in microphone and egress or store the data.

The classification marks of the User Guide document hint that is was originally written by the MI5/BTSS and later shared with the CIA. Both agencies collaborated on the further development of the malware and coordinated their work in Joint Development Workshops.

WIKILEAKS: https://archive.fo/aW5Ej#selection-1153.0-1153.13

Files here:


WikiLeaks released what it claims is the 31-page user guide for a CIA device code-named “Weeping Angel.” It can turn some Samsung TVs into surveillance tools with an implant for recording audio from a TV’s built-in microphone.

Posted online Friday, the release is the latest dump of classified documents stolen from U.S. government agencies. Those thefts include thousands of pages taken by Chelsea Manning and Edward Snowden.

CBS News has learned the CIA and the FBI believe the recent theft at the CIA was an inside job. Investigators say the materials were stolen from a highly secure section of the intelligence agency where it takes two people to access information.

But even that security measure was apparently not enough to stop the leaks.

CBS: https://Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

1 post omitted. Click reply to view.



Sage denied.

This is real news.


Covering up the camera with black electrical tape is easy… the hard part is locating and removing the mic. Any video tutorials on this yet?



>real news

Fuck off, killcen. Saging shit news.



>The implant is configured on a Linux PC, and then deployed onto the TV using a USB

stick. Audio files can then be extracted using a USB stick or setting up a Wi-Fi hotspot

with-in range of the TV.

Not exactly mass surveillance then.



Sage denied. Better get used to reading news when you visit a fucking news board faggot.

Your lucky I was too busy to post more news today, I would have liked to post more but I got some work that needs to get done.

File: fb169c8daf50818⋯.jpg (116.4 KB, 900x500, 9:5, 561ac009c46188e8598b4628.jpg)


After realizing that the US Congress’s move to allow the filing of charges against the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for its supposed role in the “terrorist” attack on New York in 2001 could be Washington DC’s way of putting the House of Saud on notice — that it, too, is not exempt from its two-faced foreign policy, and could be a future target for a regime change once it ceases to be a willing subject to systematic extortion, like what’s being done with Japan for decades right after the Second World War, the House of Saud continues to engage Russia for a possible common ground.

Russia is responding positively to the Saudi initiative, and already the two are defying the pressure from the latter’s long-time “ally.”

Russia continues to develop relations with Saudi Arabia, Washington’s longstanding ally in the Middle East. In addition to the ongoing cooperation in the energy sphere, the two countries are expected to launch lucrative investment projects and probably start working together in the defense sector.

Russia continues to compete with Washington on the US’ traditional “playground” in the Middle East.

On April 6, the Russian Foreign Ministry made an important statement on the Palestinian-Israeli settlement, recognizing East Jerusalem as the capital of the future Palestinian state and West Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.

Commenting on the issue, Israeli political analyst Avigdor Eskin told Sputnik that Russia has surpassed the US by recognizing West Jerusalem as Israel’s capital.

“The current statement regarding the recognition of West Jerusalem as the capital of Israel reflects a warm and friendly atmosphere [between Russia and Israel]. This is highly appreciated,” the Israeli political analyst underscored.

“Russia is much closer to the region and has a deeper understanding of the situation. If Trump remains ‘under siege’ and doesn’t prevail for the rest of his term, we might expect a stronger Russian influence,” Eskin predicted.

But that is not all.Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

17 posts and 3 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.


The first act of a guilty criminal is to attempt to avoid responsibility. Trumps a brilliant tactician on higher par than goddamn Sun Tsu.



This is a good thing.

The Saudis (sworn enemies of Iran) are negotiating with Russia (allies of Iran)

Jaw jaw is better than war war.



i wish we would kill all the saudis. i think most people dont even realize how much better off the muslim world would be without fucking saudi rats.

itll never happen though. well be groveling at their feet for oil before we do anything outright to them. they have FAR too much power. especially for what amounts to a bunch of barbarian mountain tribesmen who won the lottery by finding oil in the middle of fucking nowhere



Uh, Venezuela has cheap oil. Only reason we're buddies with Saudi is because they're friends with Israel, the real power behind the throne.


news bumparoo

File: 69e4f33e9fd6e2f⋯.jpg (27.17 KB, 590x230, 59:23, Stock Up Now.jpg)


A government watchdog agency has filed a federal Freedom of Information Act lawsuit against the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives seeking records related to a proposed rule change that would ban certain types of AR-15 ammunition.

The ATF backed off its February 2015 proposal to revise regulatory rules by reclassifying the so-called “green tip” ammunition for the AR-15, which is manufactured as both a rifle and a handgun. These rules of enforcement fall under the Gun Control Act of 1968.

If reclassified as proposed in February 2015, the green-tip rounds would be considered “armor piercing” and, therefore, illegal.

In March 2015, more than 200 members of Congress wrote to former ATF director Todd Jones expressing “serious concern” that the proposal might violate the Second Amendment by restricting ammunition that had been primarily used for target shooting, hunting and other “sporting purposes.”

President Trump campaigned on a strong platform of gun rights. To date, the ATF has shown no interest in renewing the push to ban the .223 “green-tip” ammo.

But the watchdog agency Judicial Watch is taking no prisoners, filing a lawsuit against the ATF and claiming that it can’t be trusted to not renew its crusade against the AR-15 weapon so popular among Americans.

“It doesn’t seem to be as front burner as it has been during the previous administration, but that doesn’t mean it has gone away,” said Jill Farrell, public affairs director for Judicial Watch. “There is a big anti-gun movement that is still afoot, and they would like to see this ammo, and frankly more, banned. So the AR-15 has been the lightning rod between the left and the right for some time. It’s very popular, which makes it a good boogie man.”

But Cherie Duvall-Jones, social media program manager for the ATF, told WND in an email Thursday that the ATF decided not to proceed with finalizing the proposed framework in 2015 and at this time has no plans to resurrect it.

“In 2015, APost too long. Click here to view the full text.


bumping rational news


>agency doesn't do a thing, still gets sued for it




>conspiracy to commit a crime against free people shouldn't be punished

Go back to your cuck shed


File: 5ce990077eec24b⋯.jpg (43.76 KB, 625x626, 625:626, IMG_7241.JPG)



l e g i t

File: b4b6dabe13741e5⋯.jpg (45.08 KB, 575x762, 575:762, WikiLeaks Posts Clinton Em….jpg)


RELATED: >>>/realnews/2024

WikiLeaks twitter account posted an unclassified email to Hillary Clinton from her foreign policy advisor, Jake Sullivan, dated February 2012 saying, "AQ is on our side in Syria."

The other part of the email published by WikiLeaks reads: https://archive.fo/IJYHT

UNCLASSIFIED U.S. Department of State Case No. F-2014-20439 Doc No. C05789138 Date: 10/30/2015 AL-ZAWAHIRI URGES MUSLIM SUPPORT FOR OPPOSITION (U) Al-Qaida leader al-Zawahiri called on Muslims in Turkey and the Middle East to aid rebel forces in their fight against supporters of Syrian President Asad in an interne video recording. Al-Zawahiri also urged the Syrian people not to rely on the AL, Turkey, or the United States for assistance.euters)

Read the full chain of unclassified emails in that document published by Wikileaks here: https://archive.fo/IJYHT

The news follows revelations by WikiLeaks last year that Hillary Clinton admitted in private emails that Qatar and Saudi Arabia – two of her mega-donors – provide financial and logistical support to ISIS.

In the extraordinary email, sent to John Podesta in 2014, Clinton mentioned that Saudi Arabia and Qatar are both giving financial and logistical support to the Islamic State and other extremist Sunni groups.

She conveniently fails to mention that these two terror-funding states are both mega-donors to the Clinton Foundation. Qatar has given between $1 million and $5 million to the Clinton Foundation and Saudi Arabia has donated upwards of $25 million dollars to the Foundation.

Nowhere in the email – sent, of course, through the notorious unsecured server – does Clinton address the staggering hypocrisy of continuing to provide Saudi Arabia with multiple billions in weapons, arms, aircraft, and other support in full knowledge of Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

12 posts omitted. Click reply to view.



File: b33010cd06e9b4b⋯.jpg (265.85 KB, 640x360, 16:9, 1428066114482-1.jpg)


>killary is connected to islamic terrorist groups

Is there anyone that is surprised by this?



Hmm so muslims arent scum.

Its white americans fuckin shit up again with pawns like with viets n latinos



>white amerifats connected to islamic terror


File: 67a04873035a9a7⋯.jpg (101.86 KB, 705x375, 47:25, 1051787340.jpg)


The White Helmets in Syria is rather a propaganda organization than a humanitarian one, German activist Joachim Guilliard said in an interview with Sputnik Germany. He also called to lift sanctions against Damascus, instead of providing millions to the White Helmets.

"They worked [in Aleppo] in close cooperation with al-Nusra Front militants. After the militants were defeated in Aleppo the White Helmets left the city," he said.

Recently, the White Helmets have once again been in the media spotlight following the reported chemical attack in Idlib on April 4. The organization published footage showing its members rescuing those affected by the alleged chemical attack.

The Swedish NGO Doctors for Human Rights (SWEDHR) has accused the White Helmets of falsifying information about their work in Syria, including on the situation in Idlib. According to the activists, the White Helmets staged their so-called "rescue" attempts shown in their videos for purposes of propaganda.

Commenting on the findings on the Swedish activists, Guilliard underscored that despite the fact that when it comes to videos and relations with media the White Helmets are very professional, an analysis shows that their materials are often falsified.


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Who are they - most I've heard about them is that they are actors in the staged chemical weapons photo-ops.


A Swede calling this shit out? Must be raining in hell right now.



Kek doodle


File: 3ff3b7490d83844⋯.png (948.26 KB, 1009x1905, 1009:1905, White hemits.png)


Old news anon. They are a group funded by ISIS to stage terrorist attacks and get funds from various governments as a humanaterian group front. Gruops like these is how the US(CIA), EU, Saudi Arabia and ((((Isreal)))) fund (((ISIS))) without getting internaitonal backash. It was relesed moths ago in a Wikileaks release and it was confirmed by footage of various faked attacks. For those who don't know, (((ISIS))) is the 'rebels' in Syria and its another way they take in money.


File: 6ccae27695165ad⋯.jpg (114.64 KB, 761x502, 761:502, Syria.jpg)

File: 0ba3b655b59f10a⋯.jpeg (32.24 KB, 960x960, 1:1, b4e08542344aa28136a3cc17f….jpeg)


An Oregon man died "peacefully" after a friend falsely told him that President Trump had been impeached.

Michael Garland Elliot died on April 6, according to his obituary in The Oregonian, and the final words he heard were that the president had been impeached.

Elliot's "ex-wife and best friend" Teresa Elliot shared the false news to bring him comfort in his final moments, according to the obit.

"Mike ran out of family long ago and is survived by his ex-wife and best friend, Teresa Elliott," the obituary read. "Though their marriage ran aground, their friendship only grew stronger and hers was the last voice Mike heard. And the last thing she said to him was 'Donald Trump has been impeached.' Upon hearing that he took his final, gentle breath, his earthly work concluded," reads the obituary.


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Holy shit.

This is the most pathetic thing I've ever read.

Surely his ex wife was choking on the other guy's dick as she said this to him?


File: b29e1f24f64c26a⋯.jpg (39.34 KB, 760x458, 380:229, 1425954769711.jpg)

>Elliot's "ex-wife and best friend"




Have YOU ever tried to rest on an uncomfortable truth? The wrinkles in the uncomfortable truth will wreck your shit every time. I NEED the GODLY support that I can only get when I lay comfortably on a comfortable lie. I dare say it's my best friend.




File: dc9ae29bfd0417a⋯.png (272.29 KB, 600x660, 10:11, the man who was cucked to ….png)

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