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File: 2634c84391d1347⋯.jpg (79.46 KB, 640x480, 4:3, rsz_gettyimages-630737026-….jpg)


oung Migrants Wreak New Year’s Eve Havoc in Bavarian City

Police in Augsburg say that migrants were responsible for several incidents on New Year’s Eve including a stabbing that left one man injured. Several other incidents involving fireworks used as weapons also led to several victims being injured, and a firework that was shot at a police vehicle caused an accident costing 50,000 euros’ worth of damage, reports Augsburger Allgemeine.

Fireworks were also employed by several migrants to attack and cause damage to property. Police say that three Syrian migrants deliberately targetted revellers with fireworks at the main intersection at Königsplatz in the city centre.

Emergency service workers were also targetted. In one case, a fireman attempting to aid a man who was hit in the eye with a firework was also shot at with fireworks. Police spokesman Friedhelm Bechtel said he was “sad and stunned” that those celebrating would turn on their fellow man on New Year’s Eve and that they would attack emergency services who were trying to help those injured.

Sexual assault, which was rampant during the 2015 New Year’s celebrations across Germany, and specifically in Cologne, also occurred in Augsburg.

The New Year’s Eve celebrations in Cologne went off without any major incident due to the heavily increased police presence this year, but not everyone was pleased with police tactics. Left-wing activists have accused police of “racial profiling” because the authorities specifically controlled North African migrants, who were largely responsible for the attacks last year.




Clearly this was white cishet males.






bump bcnxd



Just like last year! Hooray for tolerance!

Congratulations Germany, you've started a brand new multiculturally enriched new years eve tradition!






File: d90d7247e03a1a5⋯.jpg (206.2 KB, 640x720, 8:9, 1453057667746.jpg)

>2015 new years in Cologne

>Lots of rapes and violence

>2016 new years in Cologne after the police target immigrants

>Little to no rape or violence

What an incredible coincidence that nobody could have predicted!


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You only think that because you haven't been shot yet shitskin ;)



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Poor germans! Said no one ever. At least film the good stuff and upload them like last time when multi teenagers doing that german gurl .


Anti-propane fag bump.


Who could have possibly seen this coming?





"Fellow man"

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