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The Amazing Randy Taylor's Christmas Special: Part 2

File: 1444942204404.jpg (249.17 KB, 1200x817, 1200:817, howdy partner.jpg)


Welcome to /roze/, Rose's Other Den

(You know, the one not under her bedcover)

/roze/ is a board based around the existence and accomplishments of internet personality and Youtube/chan celebrity Rosemary Gotto A.K.A. "randytaylor69" or "Roze". /roze/ was created to be a healthy and safe board for Rose and her followers with a clean history. Here, freedom of speech and freedom of expression is allowed. Rosebuds (fans of Rose) are permitted to discuss any subject and OC/fanart is encouraged.

Board Log: https://8ch.net/log.php?board=roze

Board Settings: https://8ch.net/settings.php?board=roze

Board Banners: https://banners.8ch.net/list/roze

Why choose /roze/ over other Roseposting boards?: https://8ch.net/roze/why.html

Board Guidelines:

1.] No doxing

2.] No spamming or thread derailing

3.] Spoiler any porn/gore

"I don't understand… why? What's the attraction?"

Click the links below or lurk.

If you still don't understand, perhaps you weren't meant to.

Official Youtube accounts:



Rose archives:

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Delete yourself

File: bba0be5c23ebd74⋯.jpg (93.6 KB, 1080x1080, 1:1, 1488767488799.jpg)


reminds me of rose

specially the nose


nose is a bit too pointy

eyes are too continental


Name of subbie?


More of the pretender, please.

File: a41599166c1cbbc⋯.jpg (84.12 KB, 858x551, 858:551, 31st July 2012.jpg)


Is there any actual evidence that anyone is hoarding lost content?

I see pictures like this which show like 8 GB of content —which is more than the 4.5 GB of content in the Rar file — with a person saying they have all the lost Rose content but won't share it, but this person could've easily put a bunch of stuff that's not related to Rose in those folders to make it look like they have a lot more Rose content than they do. In fact I think stuff like this must be fake, because I don't think there's 3.5gb worth of lost content.

So is there any solid evidence that someone out there has stuff that they're withholding?

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Are you trying to see I'm the scammer or the scamee?

I'm sure there must be some way to escrow this kind of thing.


>paying money

>for random videos

>of a girl you'll never meet

>which is potentially a scam

Well good luck.



Oh believe me I'm aware of how depressing it is.

Although I guess on some level it's not that much different than paying for porn. Porn feeds your sexual fantasies, Rose feeds your relationship fantasies.



Does it satisfy it? Does it work?



I'd pay for exclusive Rose content, who gives a fuck? People pay for celebrities's stuff all the time. Think of Elvis's guitar or whatever the fuck. The problem here is that everyone is broke. Also, there is the trust issue, which I suppose is further complicated by both parties wishing to remain anonymous.

File: 4ffdac6e9f2654b⋯.jpg (175.82 KB, 519x800, 519:800, ll.jpg)


I'm trying to figure out why it is that rose provokes this kind of obsession. In my case, I obsess about her about 5% of the time, which comes in phases.

What I do: I watch her vids, try to find out info about her (not to contact her but to know her better). I don't fantasize about anything romantic with her, but rather I imagine what it would feel like to be her.

What it does to me: it soothes me, takes me in a happy place mentally.

What I see in her:

- carefree ; she takes nothing seriously, doesn't seem burdened by anything, just has fun exploring (with books, travelling, the internet, etc. she is not brain-dead in front of a stupid TV show) doing what she likes

- blessed with a strange beauty, grace, eternal youth, but doesn't seem to care or even be aware of it (her narcissistic selfies kind of ruin that though)

=> She gives me the same kind of nostalgia as reminding myself of my childhood and how I was blessed without realising it does. She reeks of this innocence that I have long lost. I think that this is what I pick up and like in her. What the early teen years could have been without frustration, insecurity and worrying about the future (kind of what her tastes in music are about). The archetype of what is most precious in childhood. She seems to have managed to keep it in adulthood, and I guess I'm trying to vicariously have some of that too.

Can you relate to that fellow rosebuds? If not, what are the reasons you think you obsess?

Also, I think her name aligns nicely with the archetypal thing (rose = freshness, beauty, something ephemeral and fading (youth/innocence), anagram of "eros", white rose = England).

And her boyish appearance too. She is physically in this kind of undefined state. It wouldn't be the same if her name was Vanessa and if she had sexy voluptuous forms ; even her body seems unburdened by the necessities of growing up and reproducing.

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i suppose i did, but the main problem was that i've never really done anything in my life. i never traveled, i never accomplished much, i tried to get better at times but there wasn't much to improve on. always been on the sidelines looking in.

i guess it could be worse.

>What helped me i particular was work, especially manual labour. At first it sucked big time and I would go home exhausted every day, but it gave me at least some sense of achievement for having done my best physically. As a bonus it got me in shape.

thanks, i've looked into it in the past but it never panned out. everyone seems to want someone with lots of experience and those types of jobs are getting harder to find anyways.

i'll still try tho thanks for the advice.



>Based on her travel blogs and Formspring replies, she seems to be a borderline sociopath, so probably a pretty horrible one.

There's 2 sides to this and i relate a little bit to them so firstly the short one, that is that when traveling hostels are literally 95% fresh off the assembly line boring insecure uninteresting students so that's that and i have to excuse her mildly but i can't indulge the irony that she falls into that category herself as seen by her obsession with cliche bollocks like "wat r u studying XD" and judging on those grounds. The second though i believe is much more of an inner fear and rejection issue which has always plagued Rose, i believe she insists on "being interesting" by her own standards and ruthless cynical attacks on everyone is a deflection from a self loathing she shares for herself, it's essentially a mental trick to distance yourself from a reality that you are in fact a part of thus the implied separation is shallow in nature and based entirely in subjectivity "this guy doesn't share my interests therefore he sucks (cue reassurance of arrogant static self defined standard to reaffirm ego comfort)". It was in my experience precisely the people like rose who i met who are actually the boring ones, they don't DO anything which is why they're forever torn in this place of depending on social interaction for stimulation whilst hating themselves for it and turning it into an insults colosseum on the others to feed the inherent need for "individuality" by self asserting implications of superiority through knocking others. My travels were fundamentally different from hers for this reason, i was traveling with a hobby/passion/interest and never for a second had to bother with obligatory interactions because i'd go riding all day and meet people in a more genuine environment through that so the hostels were just a bed to me and didn't manage to suck me into the social tide aspect at all.



aside from her being easily annoyed by predictable strangers i think its much harder to be 'lone rider' for a female, that's why there is a lot of frigidity in her actions



It's also why i believe her self esteem made her go with literally the first feasible guy came along to make a unison echo chamber a viability, shame she didn't meet me first.



What would you do if she met you first? Would you be able to put up with her bullshit?

File: 1470694399186-0.jpg (204.54 KB, 750x500, 3:2, roze.jpg)

File: 1470694399186-1.jpg (173.27 KB, 500x750, 2:3, 041.jpg)

File: 1470694399186-2.jpg (210.74 KB, 750x500, 3:2, 046.jpg)

File: 1470694399186-3.jpg (191.56 KB, 750x500, 3:2, 050.jpg)

File: 1470694399186-4.jpg (223.92 KB, 750x500, 3:2, 052.jpg)


I've been doing some searching for photos of Rose at concerts. I'm now tired of doing the stalking thing, and I will go to bed ; but first let me share my findings with you felllow rosebuds.

If you have any more, please feel free to share.

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nice work


Jesus christ we're fucking wierdos



Facebook is a cia/fbi endorsed search tool that relies on the volunteered information of it's users, don't feel bad for using it's search functions to accumulate public data. If you search for photos of people on it it's surprisingly good.


File: 20a5e4cfd415bd0⋯.jpg (81.02 KB, 960x638, 480:319, fatmork.jpg)


>Jesus christ we're fucking wierdos

I is not before e in that word but ye. Pic related mark's getting fat from the degenerate hedonistic leftist lifestyle.



>tfw beard genetics even shittier than Mark's

suicide is still an option for me thankfully

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



She'd be a fool not to take this opportunity to revitalize her channel and make internet $$$ and patreonbux.

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YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.





u could make it look like a never posted vid :P



Why the hell not. I appreciate the effort.



Lol, all that and you go for blond rose.

File: 1458931107781.jpeg (70.31 KB, 750x428, 375:214, image.jpeg)


Has anyone ever noticed that on Rose's casette_tape livejournal, that she's a member of a pro-anorexia group – "ed_progresspics"?

I find this extremely interesting. I haven't searched any information regarding it yet, but maybe there are pictures available. It would be very interesting if Rose's "period away from school" she mentioned in her Q&A turned out to be some kind of inpatient treatment.

Sorry if this is old news. Just idle theorizing.




Roze confirmed 1/4 Mexican?


>Rose's "period away from school" she mentioned in her Q&A

Do you have a link with that specific phrase? The only related things I can find are this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bNAnkoYeF1s

and this line from her travel blog:


i remember reading this play with my weird fat english home tutor, mrs fisher. i think she'd fished a lot in her time because, as i mentioned, she was fat. 'rotund'. she said "i thought you would like it" with her squirrelly smile. i did quite like it.

File: 9c92dd906ceeabf⋯.jpg (114.94 KB, 450x360, 5:4, 1316900836050.jpg)


It's really sad when you think about how she sang a beautiful song for that geezer but wouldn't give a shit if one of us died. :(

4 posts omitted. Click reply to view.



That. For her videos have been entertainment and way to express herself. I'm op and like I said, I bet my kidney she wouldn't give a single fuck. There's not reason to care for a random person on the internet that you don't know. In that case, even a person that may be part of group of people actually harassing her. We are fed too much bullshit and false love from youtubers whose only real goal is making easy money of stupid people and making them believe they actually care about them.

At least Rose is real about it and has always been. Even in her older videos before all the shit happened she has stated that feels no affection towards the viewers.




yeah maybe i have exaggerated a little there i can understand that.

when i meant feel bad i would expect a reaction like "oh well", it's pretty obvious that she doesnt give a fuck about "us" not that i want her attention or anything, sorry if i came off like that, i am not on that stage of despair.

i really didnt want to come off as the guy who thinks she cares about me and one day she'll come back and hold my hopes up until that day comes.

i am just a fan of hers



>Even in her older videos before all the shit happened she has stated that feels no affection towards the viewers.

what videos would those be?



I think its the "rose vs rose" video if im not mistaken.>>3737



she's obviously joking?


if this is your only evidence well good luck with that

File: 68925fa356a676a⋯.png (95.7 KB, 352x264, 4:3, rose.png)


I just found this torrent, and I'm wondering if you guys think it has files that aren't in the rar V3 file?


I did Control+F on "Rozegutz" (the name of her travel blog) and got 207 results, which seems to be more travel blog related files than are in the Rar V3 file

I tried to download it, but the shitty Mac I'm using won't download usenet.nl even though I tried to download the OS X version, and I used the magnet link just now, but it hasn't done anything in terms of downloading yet. Maybe it's just taking a really long time.

Maybe someone else could try downloading it? Website seems kind of dodgy though.


How many files do you think there should be? there's 207 files total in my copy of the rosegutz folder so I doubt this has anything new.

File: 57e65134eff7966⋯.png (64.74 KB, 169x220, 169:220, Picture 4.png)



File: 77d477133a5fd80⋯.jpg (129.79 KB, 666x499, 666:499, koty.jpg)


fucking finally we're back


how does it feel to be an addict?



stop posting


File: 84f87fda4753317⋯.gif (8.82 MB, 800x332, 200:83, so.gif)




It's nice to be back al hamdulillah.

File: cd27a938e329d2a⋯.jpg (204.72 KB, 1500x1052, 375:263, spirited away.jpg)


ITT we post our Rose related feels

>tfw you will never cuddle up with Rose while watching Spirited Away

Why even live?

13 posts and 1 image reply omitted. Click reply to view.



You should probably just neck yourself then.



funny how there are some people across the world who used to listen to drive soundtrack and think of her just like i did ^^

it warms me up

also, dont you think that carey also has that special something? at least partially



She does. Body, face and all.



Yeah I know what you mean. She's very beautiful and there's this sense of warmth to her especially in Drive.


File: 8df24738c9831ee⋯.jpg (5.14 KB, 177x250, 177:250, face.jpg)

File: d3f23892ee64786⋯.jpg (83.43 KB, 960x639, 320:213, roseshow.jpg)


Does anyone have a picture of the message Rose's brother sent her on Facebook?

3 posts omitted. Click reply to view.


File: 0608277b5baa6cd⋯.png (414.46 KB, 1438x1166, 719:583, fake2.png)


You mean this?









I think it's funny how she's literally the only girl there, she's such a tomboy


Which one is Nate?



who is this guy?

File: 883da80ac2f9837⋯.jpg (92.73 KB, 450x360, 5:4, rose1.jpg)


>Hey anon, I've noticed you seem down a lot

>I have a question, and you can be honest, are you a bit…lonely? You don't seem to have too many friends

>You can always talk to me anon. I don't want you to feel alone, I think you're a great guy and I like it when you're around

14 posts omitted. Click reply to view.



>pathetic=r9k pathetic

>Not the same person retard.

Couldn't tell, fuckwit.



>your father isn't coming back, and neither is she.

not my proudest chuckle.



it's an o-k-a-y reference



you're retarded if you think this is unusual for her. anyways it's not like it matters, we'll still be here even if she doesn't come back.


File: 27b6914e89392bd⋯.mp4 (728.75 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, dad touching rose.mp4)

this is >tfw no gf on steroids. meaning this board is /r9k/ on steroids

to reply to OP: fuck off roze im fine, you're just projecting

File: 128c7dd5ad4d8b7⋯.jpg (178.5 KB, 800x499, 800:499, ROSE (14).jpg)


Anyone have any good pictures of when she was 18-20 that are less obscured by "artsy" filters and lighting and stuff?


Everything that is available to you is in the archive.


you mean like the candid shots on the streets?

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