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Oh shit! What was that?


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File: fe23ed874bf2d3d⋯.jpg (13.11 KB, 300x231, 100:77, 1252629650405.jpg)


Hi, I'm the new board owner. I'm not sure how many have noticed, but /x/ has been almost 4 months without a BO. Anyway, we can use this thread to discuss the state of the board, rules, settings, etc.

To the person who reported the cuck porn thread: thanks, and I'm sorry that the previous BO banned you for asking a perfectly valid question. Thanks to everyone who has reported off-topic posts.

So far I've disabled "Require image for OP" (you can now create a thread without having to upload a picture) and "Require subject for OP" (does every thread really need a title?).

What do you guys think about "Forced anonymous"? Should it remain enabled?

Rules (I'm posting them here since board pages are all broken at the moment)

1. Follow the global rules: no spam or illegal content

2. Keep politics and political memes out of /x/

3. Porn and gore will be removed unless they're relevant to the topic being discussed, and they should be spoilered

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File: f56cda4b25e194e⋯.jpg (54.03 KB, 640x640, 1:1, 1499782053838.jpg)


Hi /x/

So this is what's been going on for the last five years.

I was extremely sensitive to the paranormal when I was a Catholic. I left the church about five years ago because I didn't really agree with the lifestyle and much of the doctrines. Plus, I stopped believing in God (understanding God as a benevolent being who intervenes in the history of man and whatnot).

Thing is, ever since I stopped believing in Christianity, I can't feel any of that weird stuff. Is it because I was biased before and now I'm not? Or maybe there's something more to it?

File: c8fc06da8a31bad⋯.jpg (115.32 KB, 634x662, 317:331, 289AFD3F00000578-3079037-D….jpg)



File: 7cf46e91aa79d57⋯.png (60.78 KB, 1252x682, 626:341, dontkillmeheartattackgun.png)

Someone found a code in one of these Monarch-type videos on Youtube. I overlayed it on Zener cards for a giggle, but it may be no laughing matter for GATEfags Dunno what to make of it, but I think I might say my prayers tonight ;__; fucking satanists



these are just the flashcards from "Ghostbusters"


What type of code, please elaborate.

Is it the colors?



The cards in that scene were based on a real ESP test card system, invented in the early 30s by Karl Zener. They're not made up for the movie.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

>trigger given over the phone

H-hotline miami?

File: 9c0cea4fb794dd6⋯.jpg (281.7 KB, 630x871, 630:871, Aleister_Crowley.jpg)



Please like, share and subscribe for more occult content.



File: 5aa7db6c306d383⋯.jpg (7.87 KB, 360x360, 1:1, 18882067_613103355550567_7….jpg)


Can anyone help find this video?

I'll go darkweb if I have to.

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There's no videos on his channel.

Also I've said this before:

If this is an arg get the fuck out and go market this on Reddit because no one here cares.


>Reverse search



File: 497fa5066a78f7e⋯.jpg (39.44 KB, 720x520, 18:13, cap600.jpg)


ITT: Freddy Fazbear's Pizza. Seperating Fact from fiction.

Maybe it is. I don't know. I promise you though… I'm really not trying to market anything okay? I'm just trying to find a video. That's all. It was on that channel and now it's gone but if was there in the first place it's probably still out there. It was posted as Found Footage of a Spring Bonnie suit a Fazbear Character? I thought I'd it might be worth a shot that some one might have turned something up before I'd have to say what it was but I guess there just isn't any getting around is there?

It posted as preFnaf Fazbear footage. I'm really really not trying to sell anything. I'm just a fnaf fan who's trying to get the facts. I'm trying to compile enough factual information draw a solid conclusion one way or the other.

Scott claims there is no Pre Fnaf Fazbear's & one time I believe it. But literally it was like every time I went in to research the matter that became hardy and hardy for me to believe. I've seen the debunking I know the fake evidence surfaces everday that

>>33265 4chan is antifurmetic & this subject matter has heavy Furry elements.


There is a lot of fake stuff out there & I've personally debunked quite a bit of it myself. It's sort of a hobby of mine actually. I however made a commitment to get the truth. Some facts… I can't exactly turn a blind eye to. I've… kinda seen some things. Because fnaf is has such a large preteen demographic I try be careful with the information I release. One thing I feel certain of at this point though. Uhhhmmm yeah…

There's was DEFINITELY something out there & something that happened that resembles Freddy Fazbear's Pizza a lot closer than Chuck E cheese & the shooting that… before Fnaf … that isn't exactly public knowledge…

When something comes along that drags a huge smear between fantasy & reality, you have to go some where. /x/ is usually one of those stops.


File: 98f4f07ca4d7e11⋯.webm (955.99 KB, 960x540, 16:9, ooOOooOOOoo.webm)



File: b8a08283f33ab3e⋯.jpg (14.69 KB, 650x365, 130:73, sleepp.jpg)


>be me browsing /x/ trying to think of the spookiest thing that's happened to me

>remember the time i saw dark figure in my room


>this happened when I was 10 or 11

>no experience with night terrors or sleep paralysis

>slept with lights off like normal kid

>one night, wake up early in the AM for no reason

>i think i heard a noise and got scared

>fall back asleep

>wake up again, this time bundled up under covers

>stick head out, not expecting to see anything

>a fucking figure silhouetted in the moonlight shining through my bedroom window


>not paralyzed or half asleep so try to sneak back under the covers as sneaky as possible

>i can't stress enough how awake i was, there was no paralysis or dream involved, my heart was beating at full speed and i was very fucking awake

>the figure appears to possibly be looking out the window for the moment

>it's about 5 feet tall, and is definitely a human outline

>terrified, i cower under my blankets for what seems like an eternity

>peek out again, but don't stick head out

>it's still fucking there

>now it's fucking facing me

>it doesn't see me/ doesn't react

>try to convince my eyes that it's the outline of a hoodie or someting on a chair

>can't see it

>peek out several other times and it's still there

>somehow fall back asleep

>when i wake up, i try to find a possible source of the shadowy figure

>find none

>think that it had to have been a person, probaPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

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Shadow beings are not beings just straight reptillians or insectoids cloaking themselves in some higher dimensional camo. It's ment to scare us so they absorb energy or something we can't understand.


I had shit like this happen as a kid

>one night the house alarm keeps going off

>lived in a rough neighbourhood so we had these little buttons in every room that must have been panic buttons

>(now I think of it, I've never seen these anywhere else)

>my mum keeps coming into my room to look at the button which is setting off the alarm

>it goes off again when she's downstairs

>memory is kinda blurry

>all i remember is not liking the noise as its fucking loud and im about 11

>so im under my covers

>look out of my covers

>see part of a head

>someone is stood, their back toward me in my fucking room

>skin is blue/grey and rotting like a zombie

>wtaf nigger

>go back under my covers

I used to see shit like this until I started psyching myself up and murderously jumping out of my bed at night, ready to tear whatever the fuck it was with my bare hands and teeth. Stopped seeing shit after that.



Interesting, I'd never heard of a ghost/zombie type creature. This world is more mysterious than we can imagine.


I've been straight up abducted by greys since I was 8 around 5 clear times I remember inwhich I got memory snapshots of the greys. They can get you anywhere. The last big one was 2014. It's ruined my life, I don't ever sleep until sunrise. I'm definitely not a schizo.



Do you remember what they did/say to you?

File: 52126a817c618d0⋯.webm (992.64 KB, 540x360, 3:2, deep sea critter.webm)

File: a3852275d78f475⋯.webm (2.94 MB, 640x360, 16:9, martian war.webm)

File: 086c6b4dab8d635⋯.webm (3.87 MB, 590x330, 59:33, tornado.webm)


We haven't had one in a while, so let's rev up those spooks. Anything goes, extra points for more subtle spooks.

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File: c1a9ac5fd85478a⋯.jpg (29.3 KB, 640x264, 80:33, med_1465244303_00009.jpg)


>last pic

That's not scary at all


File: c7cda06a9054638⋯.jpg (23.36 KB, 242x480, 121:240, IMG_0642.JPG)



YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


It looks like this guy



Looks like my gf


So there's some particularly weird things that happen to me. Nothing 100% like seeing a ghost or anything like that. (cept as a child but I wouldn't really say it's a ghost, I was young and it was naptime, but I did that think that kids to if they have a bunk bed and tucked the sheet under the top bunk to have a little fort. I remember a black, cartoony circle face smiling at me in one of the inside corners. I was brave enough to pull it down after a bit, but it was in my closet, but instead of being a circle face, it was one of those halloween flashlights with the jack-o-lantern as the top. Only It was pitch black instead of orange and the face just stared at me. I forced myself to go back to sleep.) But more things that happen too often or just that they occur in general that makes me think it's no mere coincidence.

1. So I have this weird talent of being able guess or influence reality or whatever super slightly. It's never anything I do on purpose, it's like getting something you halfheartedly wanted, but not as much as you'd like something full heartedly. Like for instance, I really wanted some chinese food, so I made some fried rice. My mother brought home chinese food at the end of the day, without anyone in the house suggesting it to her. What makes it so weird is we don't eat takeout too often, it's somewhat expensive to us. That's just one of them. It's hard to remember them except more recent ones. Sometimes when listening to shuffled playlists I'll think about I song that'd I like to hear and shuffle will play it. They never happen on purpose, but one time as a middle schooler after telling my cousin about it, I tried to prove it by saying what type of commercial will show up next. "I said something about football" which, if I'm being honest is kind of a broad guess, but a brighthouse commercial played and in the middle of it they referenced a sports package or something and showed a little clip of some football players. So just little things like that. Sometimes slightly bigger but, it's hard to remember any compelling ones.

2. I have regular zombie dreams. Like mostly every night. Usually they take place after the apocalypse and I'm just trying to survive. Recently I haven't been myself in my dreams. Last night I think I was a woman. Most times I wake up normally and just think that was weird. EvePost too long. Click here to view the full text.



3. So this one is the most concrete example of I have of something being up. So a month ago, my mother, my sister, and I left town to see my brother, who is in the pen. as I've stated before, we're kinda a poor family so this is the closest thing we get towards a family vacation, we stay in a hotel, eat out and such, it's somewhat nice considering what we're there for. We never leave town for anything else.

So we saw him on the second day we got there, which was a saturday. Normally on saturdays, me and my mother sit in the living room and watch hulu. I like to spend time with her, because she's my mother and with one son a convict and another a NEET, I like to show her that she didn't quite fail with her youngest son. Anywho, we see my brother in the pen and go back to the hotel. Me and my sis are about to go get some hardee's ( don't even get me started on this shit. Fucking, part of the reason I even bare with this trip is because we don't have a goddamn hardee's in my town. I mean I also go because it makes my mom happy, but honestly I hate my brothers, they are awful people. We always get some it's my favorite. And something keeps fucking with me and something has always been happening preventing me from getting it.) Right before we leave my mother get a voicemail from the NEET brother who stayed home that a fucking SUV went through our apartment's living room. Mind you, if we had just happened to stay home me and my mother would have been sitting right where they came through, especially at that time of day. There would have been low chance of survival as the car would have went completely over us and stopped in our kitchen like it did without us there. But we weren't home, we took the only trip we take ever, and by some chance, some idiot drives through our apartment. Maybe it was luck, but maybe it was something else.

I got one more but I'm not even going to number it. A year ago, I lived with my best friend and his girlfriend. A couple weeks into my stay, like the scumbag I am, I started having sex with her. I was there for 4 months and eventually I left, he never found out and he's still my best friend, but I know what I did and there's some serious guilt issues I have, which is fPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


File: c1737d4e9b92696⋯.png (217.59 KB, 576x432, 4:3, thanksforsharingdear.png)


Maybe your just noticing coincidences because you're unconsciously looking for them.



>I remember a black, cartoony circle face smiling at me in one of the inside corners. I was brave enough to pull it down after a bit, but it was in my closet, but instead of being a circle face, it was one of those halloween flashlights with the jack-o-lantern as the top. Only It was pitch black instead of orange and the face just stared at me.

Are you sure it wasn't your brother? :^)

Anyway… We all have the ability to influence reality and 'see' the future, but it's more developed in some people. I've always wondered if it's possible to train that ability and make it stronger, but I've never been able to find a reliable source of information on the subject.

That girl you fucked has probably been checking your profile more often lately, and Facebook's algorithm interprets that as interest.


You're stumbling into synchronicities and to your benefit and safety it seems.

You can develop those skills. Visualize scenarios and objects if you like overlay that visualization with reality if you can.

This opens the center where you're gathering possible futures and viewing them. Instead of feeling and having super strong intuition you can view those possible futures.

I'm sure you know to be careful what you're putting energy and focus into visualizing. Keep it simple if you like a quiet mind.

You're on a path and it wouldn't be available so naturally if it weren't something important for your life.

File: 1452249560953.gif (35.91 KB, 200x210, 20:21, Glowing.gif)


http://www.scp-wiki.net/scp- plus the last three digits you roll is what you will encounter.

Let's hope this board moves fast enough for this to be interesting.

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roll, fuck it.



cool but too safe, re-roll


File: d18678ea0141717⋯.jpg (56.15 KB, 824x720, 103:90, 1456818140974.jpg)


>not raping it





>endless nos can be heard, trailing off into the distance.

File: a24abf97a660f16⋯.jpg (174.16 KB, 2000x1000, 2:1, img.jpg)


It is possible to connect and communicate (even telepathically) with other people during your dreams/while sleeping. You could even coordinate certain activities like building a company or changing a country with other people who don't communicate with you via any other means than through telepathic discussions and knowledge sharing during dreams.

4 posts and 1 image reply omitted. Click reply to view.



you're always communicating with the universe



your thread theme is some real nigger shit.


In your dreams it is not possible to differentiate yourself as you if you have no other beings to distinct yourself from. Your consciousness cannot exist in a vacuum alone because your internal and external identity require a reference point for comparison to separate and make you "you". The catalyst for an instance of consciousness comes of disharmony brought about by many identities/consciousnesses inhabiting a single plane; your identity helps you differentiate and organize yourself from other entities.

Relying on verbal messages during a dream often wakes the dreamer because it kicks the dreamer back into a mental state that makes them aware of linear time, so they begin to question how long they've been asleep or they try to organize things outside of their control. The ideal method for communication would be symbols. Verbal and written communication is constrained by time and space, whereas images are imprinted every time they are seen.



If your messages are bound by time or space in any way your message goes nowhere.



Is this why I have sex dreams about my coworker?

File: 1438747615526.gif (995.29 KB, 500x278, 250:139, 1417329444130.gif)


so how did we lost ancient knowledge? why are we disconnected from our origins?

80 posts and 16 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.



Imperial eradication. Look at what colonialism did to the native Americans. They came and disease destroyed them. This was not intended but it happened. Then they were conquered militarily. Those which remain were assimilated by force in reeducation programs to convert them to christianity. These cultures always resist and are usually very attractive. There are endless stories of European settlers FOing out of western society to go live like a filthy indian hippie.

The same thing was done to my ancestors by Rome. They conquered Germanic Europe by force. Many cultures willingly became christian post-Justinian to avoid being conquered militarily. The culture fought back but you just cannot win when the purpose is to enforce a religion who's purpose is to act as a control mechanism. Their culture was not just conquered, it was erased. This pattern repeats all throughout history where Abrahamic violence religions show up. Judaism, Islam and Christianity are venerable religions in their homeland which were perverted and used as mechanisms for control.

Paganism is stirring again, trying to rouse form its sleep. But westerners don't understand that they cannot swap out Abrahamic religious names for Pagan religious names. These are not personal gods like Yahweh. It is not an individualist religious order that teaches a strong separation between soul and body, between spirt realm and Earth, between men. One has to understand animism before one can understand what pagan religions actually are. Sadly very few ever recognize this because the educational foundations for these religions were mostly part of an oral tradition that died when the ancestors where murdered or assimilated.



It's not the Romans' or the Christians' fault that your ancestors were savages. Unlike the Sumerians, the Egyptians or the Greeks, the Germanic tribes had no literature and still relied on oral traditions like cavemen. They refused to write books or have cultural exchanges with other people because all they could think about was war, and what little knowledge they had, they kept it a secret. Same with the Gauls. Even when it was obvious that Caesar was going to genocide them, they did nothing to make sure that their culture would survive.




Both your empires were shit that had no knowledge and both never got good until the 1400's.




You're an historical illiterate.


>the 1400s

Right around when the Renaissance happened, thanks to the translation of ancient Pagan texts held in Moorish universities and thus spared the illiterate degeneracy of the first thousand years of Christian rule.



GTFO, idiot.

File: 1455841663401.jpg (80.81 KB, 728x546, 4:3, giftedeinsteinpropagandain….jpg)


Hi /x/

/pol/ shills keeps telling me to come here and tell you good /x/philes about GATE.

GATE = Gifted and Talented Education, it's a part of the American system. Basically kids are put through a screening test around grade 3-4 and some are selected by the results of the test to go into separate classes, sometimes separate schools for a day or so each week. Here they are given the most advanced memes the state has in order to ensure they follow the rest of the cattle, or better yet, become the left wing memes and get handed the keys to the gate.

Ok, it's fairly straight forward, not even odd. Smarter kids getting more appropriate lessons, better education even more opportunities. It still sounds like a good thing from outside. But it gets spoopy...

Fastforward from grade school, shitposting on /pol/ one day [ https://archive.is/qQkpC ] about LSD trips, kek, and the other 41 deities re-incarnating back to Earth for the final battle and what do you know, the thread is full of ex-GATE kids, like all of us (till it got shill bombed) were top of our class gifted and talented students who went through this special system.

A few similarities about us became apparent as the threads naturally evolved;

- Blue eyes (ok it's a given on /pol/)

- Occipital Bun (aka math bump on the back of skull)

- Birth Complications (like weeks early or not breathing)

- Near Death Experiences (particularly drowning)

- lack of memory of GATE - (we all did many many hours there, and it's very vague)

- windows were covered

- tendency to being followed (abductions and general tracking too)

Other similarities, less common but still a few exGATErs agree on these too;

- Interest in /x/ phenomena

- Heavy early twenties drug period

- Forehead scaresPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

350 posts and 64 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.



>Tfw blue eyes

>Multiple near death experiences

>Kept testing me for a program of some sort for "gifted kids"

>Failed the tests literally every time because I'd autistically derail to pokemon within about 30 seconds

H-Holy shit, did I escape?



You don't fail the tests, if you derail the prescreening you can't be selected as a candidate. They give you a crash course in late elementary to middle school math right before the test and do half of it for you so you can't fail.


They take advantage of every facet of your school life they can pull strings in, namely through the same individualized education system used for special ed kids, in order to micromanage students' experiences. I found out after saying my experience seemed normal that the special ed all the GATE students were in was *actually part of the program.* All that far left and new age shilling? GATE. The career wheel test I took that matched me with software design, computer repair, and cybersecurity? GATE. The alternative phys ed that played card games and video games on some days and agility courses on others? GATE. All the special ed and IEP meetings that never brought up why I was there? When I got my paperwork for an employment program I was put in after college my disability was simply listed as "Gifted/Talented" and the packet was full of notes on planning out my college education. Definitely GATE. That packet has everything noteworthy about my high school years on it, with my remote shutdown/desktop and administrator password resets noted on it, as well as anything "suspicious" like a malfunctioning graphing calculator that got me banned from using school calculators and the fact I was in detention for a week over a suspicious cmd box that turned out to be the IT guy's startup batch script. And I turned in a copy of that thing for work long before I actually started reading it. So now the state department of labor, Goodwill's employment program (Yes, the same one under investigation for government fraud), and the restaurant where I work have my GATE permanent record and it's full of notes that make me look like a rampant hacker.

How many of you guys have also been placed in special ed with your disability labeled as GATE or funneled into Goodwill/AbilityOne after college and dumped into minimum wage work with the company notified of your backgPost too long. Click here to view the full text.



the career wheel test! I actually still have mine, but I can't remember what's on it. I wasn't sure of what I was "good at" at the time so it's probably incorrect…

I was in special ed(for a half-hour each day)

but it was supposed to be for "help with my schoolwork" so i don't actually think i was listed as having a disability(hopefully not, who knows though).

No experience with jobs(yet) out of high school.



OK, so, it's called the "world at work map"(may not be exact) and is connected with the ACT. I don't have anything about interests(it says i didn't "answer enough questions", i think I just didn't answer enough questions positively enough.)

It also says i "chose" distribution (as in warehouses.) The results are wildly inaccurate to my actual abilities(just reflective of my environment at the time.)



If your school did paperwork like mine then you should have gifted on your record in place of a disability. They just use IEPs for student management and keep a GATE-side record of you.

If you still have home-copy papers it should have some GATE notes on it, or if you're in a job or employment program that runs a mental health background check they'll send you on the inevitable "disability record" run where you call up all three of your old schools, elementary, middle, and high, and get as much IEP and GATE paperwork as they still have on file. This nets you the motherlode of GATE info, including copies of your disciplinary records, everything they used special ed paperwork to get approved, and behavioral notes detailing things from the benign (does not socialize with other students) to the potentially job-killing (multiple administrator account breaches and suspected hardware sabotage, see disciplinary referrals).

You may not be given a real disability label but the fact they use individualized education will flag you as disabled on most mental health checks, resulting in employers who use such checks getting everything the GATE program has on file, including disciplinary and behavioral records that they wouldn't see otherwise. In GATE, everything really is on your permanent record.

File: b13dd5e1f59c105⋯.jpg (57.04 KB, 433x650, 433:650, freyja.jpg)


I'm not entirely sure this should be on /x/ but since some of my problem/story originates from it I guess this would be a good place as any.

Around 3 Years ago I was about 16 I wasn't very religious but I still believed in (And tried to talk to) the christian god. I frequented /b/, /v/ and of course /x/ so of course I am a social outcast, and very lonely

>tfeelw no gf.

So one day I was browsing /x/, not posting because of course

>Lurk moar, under age ban, etc

and I come across a thread that talks about the Pagan Gods and Goddesses specifically Freyja. The OP advertises Freyja as a way to get laid, so like any young teen I'm interested.

I check out the thread and they talk about how to contact, and pray to Freyja, they specify the nordic runes, that you should have cats in the room, etc. So being skeptical of any faith at all mostly due to the emptiness that is the response of the Christian God, I ask some questions in the thread and eventually decide that I will do a ritual that is supposed to get a girl to like me, now this is where the spoopy shit comes in.

I set up everything, I have two candles in the room lit, I write the rune down on paper with red ink (To symbolize blood) I have my cats in the room, etc. I start the prayer/ritual and as soon as I start speaking my cats look behind me in the corner of the room and start going nuts, and run around upstairs, I look and see nothing so I keep going. So I end up finishing and I offered some chocolate because the Goddesses love that shit, and I bury it in my backyard. Everything seems chill till the night.

I am chilling downstairs (I was upstairs in the ritual) watching TV when suddenly the stairwell door opens on its own and a white mist slowly comes down from the steps into the living room hallway and into the living room and disappears, leaving only a strong scent of mint in the air which is my favorite smell. I didn't feel any sense of dread or fear like someone would get from a ghost more of a welcoming one so I was like: "Holy Shit Freyja is real"

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

More and more people in Greece are starting to worship the old Gods.


File: 159d03ad3335a22⋯.png (80.18 KB, 500x421, 500:421, fSSh7df.png)

>you will never sacrifice your children to Odin in exchange for a good harvest

>you will never be part of Varg's army of autistic blue-eyed neanderthals

>you will never march on Rome and burn the Vatican down

It's not fair, pagans have all the fun.



Yeah Pagans do have pretty good parties.

We only have five holidays every year, and we celebrate them all in the exact same way:

Big bonfire, drink lots of wine, dance nude around the fire, have sex with every woman in the village until sunrise.

Has Christmas beaten by a mile.

So go mourn your God every week. We celebrate ours.



You wouldn't sacrifice your children to Odin for anything. Are you simple?





Odin wasn't a fertility deity unless you go back into deep Germanic history, so far that you're not really talking about Germanic people, but proto-indo-europeans. In those times it was probably Tewaz/Tyr who was the chief deity anyway.

File: c1fdfe3bad078fd⋯.jpeg (32.03 KB, 325x324, 325:324, CerN.jpeg)



"The wolf will live with the lamb, the leopard will lie down with the goat, the calf and the lion and the yearling together; and a little child will lead them."

Isaiah 11:6

CERN-induced timeline shifting is a hellava drug.

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Why would you bump such a banal, shitty thread?



i remember it being dilemma as far back as four years ago



occult,paranormal,theological,political, philosophical discord


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