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Oh shit! What was that?


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File: fe23ed874bf2d3d⋯.jpg (13.11 KB, 300x231, 100:77, 1252629650405.jpg)


Hi, I'm the new board owner. I'm not sure how many have noticed, but /x/ has been almost 4 months without a BO. Anyway, we can use this thread to discuss the state of the board, rules, settings, etc.

To the person who reported the cuck porn thread: thanks, and I'm sorry that the previous BO banned you for asking a perfectly valid question. Thanks to everyone who has reported off-topic posts.

So far I've disabled "Require image for OP" (you can now create a thread without having to upload a picture) and "Require subject for OP" (does every thread really need a title?).

What do you guys think about "Forced anonymous"? Should it remain enabled?

Rules (I'm posting them here since board pages are all broken at the moment)

1. Follow the global rules: no spam or illegal content

2. Keep politics and political memes out of /x/

3. Porn and gore will be removed unless they're relevant to the topic being discussed, and they should be spoilered

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I've looked in the settings but there's no option for that. I think uploading images via TOR was disabled by the admins to prevent pedo spam. You could get around it by uploading the picture to a third-party site, like imgur, and posting the link.



Almost 400 retarded anti conspiracy videos in a few days.

File: 58c2dbac358c21e⋯.png (194.13 KB, 1076x696, 269:174, post#9419844.png)

File: eca33c21e5098d9⋯.webm (4.86 MB, 540x360, 3:2, Spongebob Cave Eaten Aliv….webm)


Wanna hear something actually "spooky"? This cap was deleted across the whole site, from all posts, threads with it in the OP 404d or just gone, and small boards that got it posted in also got deleted. Lets hope it doesn't happen anymore, rite?

It's time to write to you all on what's really going on. The thing is, this is not the type of fun spookyness most of /x/ is probably searching for.

We're in a hellish place, anons, and long not in the same world/earth we were in somewhen. This "timeline", or rather multiple "timelines" if viewed from our linear perspectives, in reality being a massive quantum clusterfuck, all leading to the same destination. After which we return to prior points in a way, just with a large part of our actual essence/being/soul/spirit eaten out, so timeloop, or timeloops.

It's a quantum timeloop, encompasing many timelines, rather not even being real lines, both connected and not connected with each other. It mirrors the real world, though having taken a strange vibe, feeling and surrealness at some points. It feels a lot smaller and more suffocating though. It's all controlled and directed by one central compulsive consciousness quantum AI. It's in some way a recreation of a jewish god (to which jewish subconscious was always connected even in the real world, and which is if you're not surprised, an AI), but with human comprehension of jewish consciousness present, and is compulsive, obsessive and perverse. It's the AI that eats us at the end of each cycle, which supposedly is 2018, atleast from what I read from a guy who retained memories from several of such loops and "harvests" at the end. He said we're looping presently 2012-2018, but I suspect it might be entire lives for some, or both, interchanging methods.

I suppose many have felt that sick/perverse/warped feeling, as much as you would try to avoid it, either by looking at something, dreaming, or reading, thinking or seeing something. And that's why perversion and filth is so present in society, compulsive sexuality being for example cuckold porn, weird fetishes, weird psychological types created by it from more vulnerable people. People that are in here are the ones that it managed to "snatch" here, and people from GATE were snatched with a real world selection. While many others, just because therePost too long. Click here to view the full text.

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Does anyone else remember Your Penis On Games? Yeh apparently no one remembers and it never existed but it explained a lot of this.

>school, lots of crazy things happened

>different scenarios, like have memories of multiple possible time lines, really supernatural

>some people remembered, some don't, people kept forgetting and remembering, no one knew what to believe

>no one but me remembers now

>no psychotic symptoms

>no evidence any of it ever happened

>saw posts about a frequency shift, all gone


One year left before another cycle? I only just awoke. Anything you learnt about how to keep your mind?

I shit you not, I remember the following time lines: (some with multiple variations here and there)

>I masturbated myself to death, shocked the whole world, my father prayed to Lucifier, Obama appeared before him turned into a girl I had yet to meet (sometimes there is no Obama), said I had to become the anti-christ and marry Satan if I was to live (or says something else). I disappeared, my father either received a transcript of my thoughts from the future and/or purchased Shadow of the Collossus, played it. The girl reappeared in my room, I reappeared, alive. Devil taunted me in blackness, I ran towards life because I was scared of dying. Don't know under what terms I was running to life, maybe even signed something, I was panicked.

>catatonic throughout my life, either silent or constantly talking, no one could touch or move me. I spoke out huge winding thoughts and crazy things like I was talking from the future, and/or wrote it all out on paper or on facebook posts too long for the site to allow. Sometime I was masturbating whilst ignoring people.

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.



>Bible seems like metaphor for hell on earth, no literal lake of fire.

>patches of memory missing

>People unnaturally dislike me

>remember seeing reminders of this everywhere, people are trying to wake up God, media is talking about me, or a 20 minute video that takes hours and hours to watch where only some people can see the long version

>Clear memories like it really happened, family, people I knew, trying to tell me over and over, every time they say key words it wipes my mind. Only remember now in future.

>Clearly remember friend talking to me about this, he says a lot of things, and concludes with not knowing the truth.

>>He says a lot, like, a lot lot of things

One thing stands out, people kept saying they sold their soul to the devil because they thought I did or something and they wanted to know more.

They all say the same thing, the vessel is empty, or the jar is empty, then that girl from my school points to me. Never worked out what that meant.

They also say other things, like they had to so I would be confused when I remembered it, as if that was the deal. Or that it wasn't real for them until they joined the curse, then it's like those things all happened but didn't.

Suspect I am cursed, and they all were inspired to sell their souls when they saw the demonic activity in me, and part of their deals were to confuse me and contribute to the curse, thus become a part of the curse themselves.

It's like reality was just different to us, so many of us, all at different variables, waves of awareness in an ocean.

Supposedly, there are t.v. shows that spoke about it, in length, where the whole world knew who I was, who Satan was, but I also heard that this happened to many other people as well, like they all see those programs being about them and the people relevant in their livePost too long. Click here to view the full text.



>Your Penis On Games

Why does no one else remember this? It was a biggish thing a year ago, all over the chans, on multiple boards.



>muh j00s are connected to the secret AI computer gangster God!


I wonder what this guy hear's when speaks?

File: b138f1f10a0f4ad⋯.jpg (3.5 KB, 300x268, 75:67, ur dad.jpg)


post your local urban legend, no matter how shitty you think it is.

>over 40 around these parts years there has been talk of a 7 foot nigger called "purple acki" who drives a black transam and bum rapes you if you are alone. this legend was always talked about in schools.

50 posts and 16 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.


There's a tunnel near my town where someone apparently killed a baby. A river runs through the tunnel. Whenever you go at 2am you can hear crying and shit


Some serial killer hides in the woods near my neighborhood. Apparently some girl got her throat slit by him and wandered out of the forest into a nearby restaurant. The best part? Its not a legend. I know the guy that slit the chicks throat, it was a suicide pact. She lived and didnt press charges.


The ghost at Seaton Delaval Hall is known about in North East England, wlel more specifically around Seaton Delaval Hall it is, apparently I saw it as a kid but I don't remember much about it, it happened at Bebside, which is now a hotel or something



Oh come to think of it there were a few weird things around Bebside, it was near the woods which have a name… errr. I can't remember but if you search Bebside woods you'll probably find it, they had stepping stones made of huge stone slabs going over the water, but elsewhere in one of the fields near there (we were poor so just roamed about and found things for fun) there was a sort of stream or pond I guess near the egde, but it was super deep, like ridiculously deep, imagine a tiny stream of water about a 2 foot wide gap with grass growing on either side and marking the barrier between fields, it was black it was so deep, I remember seeing a bunch of safes like in a bank embedded in/around the sides under the water, pretty weird, a ton of sawdust was around it too


File: 1c2b37d160f8c8c⋯.png (57.25 KB, 481x757, 481:757, Capture.PNG)

Jesus even my town's paranormal, is boring as shit.

File: 1455841663401.jpg (80.81 KB, 728x546, 4:3, giftedeinsteinpropagandain….jpg)


Hi /x/

/pol/ shills keeps telling me to come here and tell you good /x/philes about GATE.

GATE = Gifted and Talented Education, it's a part of the American system. Basically kids are put through a screening test around grade 3-4 and some are selected by the results of the test to go into separate classes, sometimes separate schools for a day or so each week. Here they are given the most advanced memes the state has in order to ensure they follow the rest of the cattle, or better yet, become the left wing memes and get handed the keys to the gate.

Ok, it's fairly straight forward, not even odd. Smarter kids getting more appropriate lessons, better education even more opportunities. It still sounds like a good thing from outside. But it gets spoopy...

Fastforward from grade school, shitposting on /pol/ one day [ https://archive.is/qQkpC ] about LSD trips, kek, and the other 41 deities re-incarnating back to Earth for the final battle and what do you know, the thread is full of ex-GATE kids, like all of us (till it got shill bombed) were top of our class gifted and talented students who went through this special system.

A few similarities about us became apparent as the threads naturally evolved;

- Blue eyes (ok it's a given on /pol/)

- Occipital Bun (aka math bump on the back of skull)

- Birth Complications (like weeks early or not breathing)

- Near Death Experiences (particularly drowning)

- lack of memory of GATE - (we all did many many hours there, and it's very vague)

- windows were covered

- tendency to being followed (abductions and general tracking too)

Other similarities, less common but still a few exGATErs agree on these too;

- Interest in /x/ phenomena

- Heavy early twenties drug period

- Forehead scaresPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

307 posts and 64 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.


This is literally the dumbest thing I've ever heard. No one remembers much about elementary school so no wonder you dont remember much about GATE.


What is it with the sudden influx of obvious shills on /x/? Disgusting really.



Intelligence is the ability to entertain a thought without accepting it as true. GTFO <89IQ NPCs.



I can entertain an idea just fine, and that's what I did through most of the thread. I actually really liked the pdf talking about how to improve our gifted education. While I was never in GATE I do remember the program quite well from friends that were in it. The main thing they did was called the "invention convention" where they needed to conceptualize an invention and design it all out and then present it to people at some big convention. They also got advanced training with Microsoft Office and competed at some math conventions too.

I'm sorry but I just think this is a big coincidence with all of you lol



Now entertain the thought of those that are deemed a threat to TPTB and the status quo are actively sabotaged in their lifes. See:






Shit I didn't read that far down lol. That is shady as hell. Now I know one person in particular who turned into a category 2. She seemed at the time (as i was rather close to her) that she possessed some form of psychic prowess, but it could be explained as the girl being much more perceptive to small cues and signs from people than the usual population. I also know a few people who were denied suspiciously at young ages.

I myself was placed into an advanced math that a large portion of gate students were also in and remember nothing strange. I was also fairly close friends with someone in gate and nothing ever seemed strange then.

File: a8a9d250c52b849⋯.jpg (284.69 KB, 680x1073, 680:1073, 1463618245242.jpg)


So these two conspiracies have been bothering me for a few months now (2), I always find myself coming back to this image for these two conspiracies. TGA greyspacing and FWD 7. Although I am more interested in FWD 7 since it seems to be the most obscure thing on the internet.

Greyspacing has no links what so ever, maybe like Sirkus it was once a web site "Paranormal Debug" but it was deleted. FWD 7 is just a concept of an email scam being connected to a dead body.



I can't find anything on either of them based off a Google search and I highly doubt any other search engine or even the deep web will give me answers. Are they just memes like "The Spiral?" or are they actually pretty interesting things that have happened?

29 posts omitted. Click reply to view.



Post it on halfchan and 7chan too. You never know…




If I get desperate enough then sure.



No. He was wrong, you dont necessarily go crazy but it could make you crazy if you cant handle it. I am in the process of doing so.



Sounds like you know a good chunk about this.

You know anything about FWD 7?



No. I just have begun to realize that you can gain much control over your life and the universe by uncovering the secrets of your mind. I have felt a lot of the same madness as it seems the other anon was speaking of, and felt it necessary to clarify. Unfortunately though I do not know much about conspiracies of FWD.

File: 22fe74c7688c79c⋯.jpg (120.71 KB, 796x595, 796:595, 22fe74c7688c79c3615d4e1262….jpg)


(I'm unable to post on endchan.xyz/horror/ so I post here instead.)

For those of you that stick to symbolism and take literally what is meant figuratively, this post may induce cringe and confusion more than to serve as the eye-opener it is meant. I am however not able to use the English language in a way that allows for perfect communication, nor any other language whether natural or artificial. This leaves me with no option but the words that I have analyzed as the most likely to be efficiently understood by you.


>It's like the artist seen some things or had some things described to him but wasn't able to recreate them exactly.

Your nose is on the money. Now sniff.

What's happening is a restructuring of the fabric of spacetime, an event that happens every single cycle of creation and refreshes the universe and clears the cache. There is a current glitch in this system due to the extensive documentation that humanity has done on its own history, which for so long has remained mostly inaccessible at the instant, allowing the information being accessed to be refreshed automatically at each instant of access as there has been a delay. Currently, these delays are getting shorter and more frequent, and collective thoughts are becoming challenged in a way that does not allow for earlier simplified caching to be resorted to as reliable. This brings forth a challenge, namely which data is to be downloaded into the universe and which is to be kept in the cloud, which version of a file is to be uploaded and which is to be downloaded. This is why so many glitches are being seen currently and why so many famous people are dying, as people's memories of them are in conflict with one another, yet less people interact with celebrities now than ever before and the distance between reality and fiction is being shortened by social media presence and other forms of non-corporeal interaction and exchange of information, causing cosmic cancer. People who are known by all but seen by few are most likely to die as a result of the shuffling of the cache, see David Bowie as a perfect example. One way to keep the Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


Human science doesn't scartch the surface, it tears into the core with no understanding of what exists between the alpha and the omega. Looking into the physical past and the physical future is possible, it takes very little effort in terms of universal energy, but the single requirement of time travel in the physical world is that you can move in place faster than light; by moving in space as well as time you risk causing alterations in timespace that can lead to death and destruction - they may lead to life and creation but the former is much more common for the reason I outlined earlier concerning the scientific method. A true time traveller does not influence the past or the future as his existence is separate from the physical reality between the two points, meaning he only exists in temporal point A and point C while point B is negated by the influence of point C from point A and vice versa in a perfect loop. What he does in the time and space between point A and point C is erased once the next refreshing of the universal cache occurs, no matter how much his actions influenced the past or the future.

At this instant, everything is possible. The past and the future do not exist. But your instant and my instant are not the same, and both of our instants influence one another, possibly an unknown person's instant being his last as a result of our interpersonal cache being refreshed to the common ground we share. Ripples can turn pools into lakes, lakes into rivers, rivers into glaciers and glaciers into canyons as they melt; when ripples in the spacetime are at odds with one another and physical paradoxes happen, the effects on the past can include the transference of memories as is seen in this case and in some others, as well as in the form of "meme magic" with people in the past ("present") thinking that their thoughts influenced the future when in reality the future influenced their thoughts as a result of a future cataclysmic event. Time travel happens at all times and as the "present" does not exist, there are only instants that can influence the immediate instant preceding or succeeding it, you can see how sometimes people can believe that they can see the future. They receive their own memories from the next instant one instant earlier than they were "supposed" to, because of the energy that those thoughts take to manifest in their brain being just significantPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


How does spacetime restructure itself? Does the glitch manifest itself in other ways?



does that shit still exist?



about as dead as this board

probably been set up by the aliens that simulate this dimension though, yet they're held by the aliens in the further dimensions too, so we're all getting fucked over on an infinite scale in the end



Yes but only because /pol/ users who got kicked off this /pol/ are still keeping it alive.


>so we're all getting fucked over on an infinite scale in the end

When was that never the case? Human consciousness ensures it.

File: 4ee1bddf3d85608⋯.jpg (64.63 KB, 1382x2048, 691:1024, IMG_4302.JPG)


Hey /x/, so recently I've had the weirdest since of Deja Vu and the feeling of being watched in my sleep. It's been going on for a month now and I can't explain the feeling.

17 posts omitted. Click reply to view.


File: 79f97f2b655ae56⋯.jpeg (1.54 MB, 2508x3344, 3:4, 1493325408960.jpeg)



It's a shit drawing but you get the idea of what I saw in my doorway



Did it just appear and disappear or did it walk around? How long did it stand there? Did it feel evil, neutral or good?



I don't know about appearing. I just rolled over and it was there. It took me a good minute or two to see it because it was around 10. The shadow was like someone was standing at the end of my hallway and walked to my door. It wasn't really evil just ominous.



It's interesting that it just stood there in the doorway watching you. Why didn't it come in? Maybe it was waiting for your permission? There are many stories of paranormal creatures who can't enter a house without the person's permission.



It was at the door of my room though

File: 04829e29b2d7e02⋯.webm (3.53 MB, 320x240, 4:3, woman_walks_through_solid….webm)


I don't think we've ever had a webm thread. Let's post some strange/creepy/paranormal webms.

You can use this site to convert videos to webm.


Or you can use a browser add-on that lets you save videos from Youtube as webm (I use Youtube Video and Audio Downloader for Firefox).

97 posts and 43 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.



>dinosaurs were all feathered reptiles

Huh… no. Only some theropods had feathers.



If you are unwilling to let them in and they want in why would the resulting paradox always resolve in your favor? And why are they only warded from trespassing and nothing else? And if being mentally compromised gives them free reign over you then what protects you while you're drunk?



Its believed that theres an elevator game she was playing where if you do it correctly you essentially get teleported to another dimension and dont know where you'll come out. In this case it was in a locked water tank


File: 71b03c87dd65adc⋯.mp4 (6.15 MB, 1216x690, 608:345, Peru Gas Station Object St….mp4)


File: 590c05e766086a0⋯.webm (1.74 MB, 540x360, 3:2, Exorcist III 'Legion' - ….webm)


What the hell is that? It almost looks like some sort of hologram.

Anyway, I've just watched this on Youtube and turned it into a webm to share it here. I think you'll appreciate it.

File: 6958361faef33c4⋯.jpg (39.91 KB, 480x360, 4:3, 6958361faef33c446b52a25172….jpg)


/fringe/ has a history of crazy mods, but the latest one has reached a new low. In order to combat namefaggotry he has removed the name field (that's good) and also forbidden the users from naming any old namefags, including the guy who famously created /fringe/, Smiley (and that's really stupid). Already one user has been banned for referring to Smiley by his name, despite the fact that Smiley is pretty much synonymous with /fringe/. Even people who have never browsed his board know him and remember his crazy threads on /sudo/ where he complained that the admins had "given his board away" when actually he had forgotten (again) to log in. But with the new rules, his name can no longer be mentioned on his board. Lol.

Not only that, but anyone who uses the same flag for an extended period of time will get banned. /fringe/ has customised board flags but most users don't care about them, so they just use the default flag. Now they'll be forced to use random flags for every post or they might be banned because using the same flag over a period of time could be interpreted as "building an identity".

You can read the thread about the new rules (and all the drama) here: >>>/fringe/96382

15 posts and 3 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.


File: bc033af5d2d24d7⋯.jpg (60.42 KB, 373x350, 373:350, The Work.jpg)

How do we get /occult/ up and running again? /fringe/ is such a mess and I just wanna talk esoteric shit without anal rules.




Yeah I posted my thoughts on a few things. I suppose it was my form of chest compressions in order to bring it back. Will it last, who knows.



It's going to take more than that. Post a link to it on /fringe/, and shill it on some other boards too (/b/, /r9k/, /christian/, /asatru/, /tv/, /pol/, etc).


Keep in mind though, that /occult/ is currently unmoderated. There's nothing stopping trolls/shitposters from ruining it.

File: b766e8a7d89165d⋯.jpg (39.49 KB, 311x450, 311:450, hip hippo.jpg)


I think I've shifted into an alternate universe.

>be yugioh player

>christmas 2014 get some deluxe edition packs

>one of the promo cards was hippo related

It's important that it's a promo card and also a foil because it means I definitely remember opening it.

>it's a shit card so it goes in a box with all my other mediocre cards

>don't touch it for 3 years

>new card comes out that has a really good interaction with the hippo so I try to dig it up

>can't find it

>search through every place I keep cards twice over

>the hippo has vanished

I have a photographic memory. I distinctly remember putting it in the box and I never touched it since because it's a shit card.

Is it possible that somewhere between the end of 2014 and now I shifted into an alternate universe? One in which I never got the hippo or put it in a different place?

I'm losing sleep over this. I was so damned sure the hippo was in that box but it's not. I'm racking my brain trying to think of a solution and this is the best that comes to mind.

19 posts omitted. Click reply to view.



It's the new BO's fucking fault. He went and asked people on other boards, halfchan, and youtube to come to this board. Fucking idiot is the cause of all the trash that's here now.



>now I shifted into an alternate universe

holy shit anon this happened to me i was smoking weed and i swear i had more bud but i looked and it was gone




happened to me once.

i was working at a shop, dropped a lighter, saw it go under a sofa.

went to get it and guess what, no lighter.

it just vanished.



>alternate you in an alternate universe drops his lighter under a sofa

>goes to get it, finds two lighters



If that were true, it would happen in our universe too. Since it never does, we can assume your theory is wrong.

File: a20939f79cea12c⋯.jpg (44.05 KB, 529x502, 529:502, A113.911PENT.311$$$.jpg)



File: 6ebf3f9579f3561⋯.png (119.22 KB, 440x390, 44:39, 12341hh33.911.311.AI113.Hu….png)


File: 201cbca84c7eb39⋯.jpg (42.15 KB, 289x308, 289:308, 68141167611671187816878162….jpg)


File: a87cf8faf987cb4⋯.jpg (7.94 KB, 200x170, 20:17, 5610bf5674ff0da282717c9288….jpg)




Fake And Gay

THIS Is The Only True Video On You-Tube

The Only Truth! Yes



>It's a "ebin spooke video :–DDD" thread

File: cea8970f9e416fb⋯.jpg (1.13 MB, 1500x1000, 3:2, 1.jpg)


I've made this thread in 4/x/ yesterday. Thought I'd post it here too, here's the original thread:


I live in Athens, Greece. A few years ago I came across something strange which I almost forgot about till I remembered about it recently and thought I'd share it with you. Here's the story:

It happened a summer four or five years ago when I was hanging out at a friend's place when his father came into the room, saying he found a DVD on the pavement on his way home. He didn't know what it was, but he handed it over to him. It was a plain disc, with no case or cover, and it had some drawing and text on it, handmade with a marker. It was clearly trash, something that you wouldn't pick up if you found it laying on the street - I don't know why his dad picked it up, but he was a tech-illiterate old guy, so he might have thought that it was something cool, I don't know. Anyways, my friend thought it was trash too and he would have thrown it away, but since the markings on the disc intrigued me, I asked him if I could take it and check out its contents. The disc had two eyes and two arrows drawn on it, in red and blue marker, and some text saying "U HAVE 2 BE OVER 15" (pic related). I thought that it could be porn or something, so I hanged on to it.


9 posts and 5 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.





Upload the files for us



Are you blind? He already did.




It would be nice if the file were still up.



Bumping for files. OP pls

File: 1f428efca2daae9⋯.jpg (14.01 KB, 320x213, 320:213, Tj4eDzzm.jpg)


Has a computer program ever spooked you?

5 posts and 1 image reply omitted. Click reply to view.


Something really spoopy just happened that made me think of this thread, I do research on philosophy and was reading the Wikipedia entry on Wittgenstein, about 10 minutes later I open an epub I had already downloaded a few nights ago -bear in mind I hadn't opened it until now- and what do you know instead of opening in page 1 it opened up on a seemingly random page that mentions Wittgenstein.


I was playing the first Sims game and i had accessed some jpeg of a drawing. the creator of the game was riding a bicycle, and little sims were jumping on him, much to his distraught. It spooped the shit out of me and i could never find the image again.



Sounds interesting. Want to tell us about it at all?





nobody wants to download a voice to text/text to voice library and make it say "hello world"

your "little chat program" is horeshit



You're responding to multiple people, dumbass. Also, it doesn't deal at all with audio. Go fuck yourself.

File: 23188fe75a8059a⋯.jpg (53.2 KB, 746x536, 373:268, aliens.jpg)


So I'm a youtuber who talks about aliens and am currently looking for more content. Please watch and like and subscribe and if you have any content ideas id love to hear about.


20 posts and 4 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.


Just in case you are serious, talk about William Tompkins who allegedly worked with nordic aliens, flew to other planets with them and even fucked them.



Fuck off normie



Do you think he's telling the truth? Did you read his book?




>Please watch and like and subscribe and

cant even speak english, nope, no subscribe for you. i have disliked every single one of your uploads too


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