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File: 08ff6877f33b3e0⋯.jpg (80.35 KB, 800x628, 200:157, 258beb42822cf98fa206800478….jpg)

0ab4b3  No.14143

Sexy Edition.

0ab4b3  No.14144

File: 46517052f4a0ad1⋯.png (12.38 KB, 255x255, 1:1, 6c65121777178828e27330a851….png)


>She doesn't reply but her face gets red. Funny that she can feel ashamed in such circumstances…

0ab4b3  No.14145


"Now now Dashie… no need to be embarrassed. I love you and except any of your odd feelings. You can tell me anything."

d122cb  No.14147


W-Well, i wouldn't be with You if i didn't…

>Such a lovely tsundere response…I hope that You'll always be my cute, tsundere girl, Dashie…

0ab4b3  No.14148


"Never change Dashie… your tsundereness is so cute."

d122cb  No.14149


>Rainbow blushes even more. In that case…let's embarrass her even more! My lovely sluttish, oral maid slave who soon will be a mother…

0ab4b3  No.14150


"All that extra protein you'll be getting from your oral service will be good for our baby… I can't wait to have you in my bedroom in your cute little maid outfit watching me fuck all of our friends and waiting to clean up afterwards…"

d122cb  No.14151



>That lovely sound again

You're so hopeless…

0ab4b3  No.14152


"Hopeless… Is that really anyway to talk to your master?"

>I rub her red butt cheek.

d122cb  No.14153


Just…take it as a compliment

0ab4b3  No.14154


"I don't know Dash… maybe if you let me do something dirty to you…"

d122cb  No.14155


L-Like what?

ac57f2  No.14156


"Hmm… let me spray my golden stream inside your butthole…"

d122cb  No.14157

What the…?!

>Or Your vagina…or mouth…See, i'm a very good master, giving You all those choices

ac57f2  No.14158

"Or I could spray it in your womanhood or your mouth… Three choices…"

d122cb  No.14159


W-What kind of choice is that?!

>Well, our yellow slut over there would happily make a choice…But i understand that You're nowhere near her level of…excellent behaviour. Still, i'd like You to decide…whether i'll respect Your choice or not…probably not

ac57f2  No.14160


"Well it's more than no choices… Better choose, and maybe I'll consider using your choice. Or would you rather be physically punished?"

d122cb  No.14161


Ugh…! F…Fine! Just…Just do it now!

>So You want me to pee inside Your baby hole, huh…?

ac57f2  No.14162


"Well I'm going to put it in your asshole so you can feel my hot gold liquid sloshing around in your rectum while I fuck your cunt."

>I pull out and stick it deep in her ass and loosen my bladder muscles to let out my hot golden stream.

Post last edited at

d122cb  No.14163

You can do it wherever You like, You know

ac57f2  No.14164



d122cb  No.14165


B-But that's not what i've choo…mmppphh!

>You interrupt her by shoving her face back into Shy's bottom. Rainbow seems to protest at first but when Your urine starts filling her up, she seems to give up and even loosens up her body as You start planting kisses on her neck

>Your free hand moves to her front and caress her belly. The lovely belly that will happily accept all the liquids that You're willing to give…With all the love for my dear Dashie…

>About a minute later You finish. Both of You are surprised by the amount of liquid that went inside her

>As You pull out, some of Your urine leaks out. Her ring immediately closes up tightly to avoid any unwanted squirt

Nmmm…! T-That's too much…! I need to poop…!

ac57f2  No.14166


"Well you can do it on my crotch…"

>I put my erection in between her cheek.

"Go ahead."

d122cb  No.14167


N-No way! I-I can't do something like that!

Well…If You don't want to poop then i guess i'll have to plug Your hole…

d122cb  No.14168

last like with > of course

d122cb  No.14169




ac57f2  No.14170


"Well then, allow me to help you keep it in…"

>I push my erection back through her sphincter.

"There… all pluged up."

d122cb  No.14171


Nhah! A-Anon…!

>Well then, Dashie, my dick is inside Your rectum…You know what happens next, don't You?

ac57f2  No.14172


"Sorry Dashie. I'm gonna have to add more liquid to your rectum…"

>I pull my erection back to the tip and thrust it in hard again and continue fucking her.

d122cb  No.14173


N-No, wait! I need to let it out!

Of course You do…That's what makes it so hot…

ac57f2  No.14174


"But that's what makes it so sexy… Think about how good it'll feel when you get to relieve yourself."

d122cb  No.14175


B-B-But Anon…mmmpphhh!

>Yes. Butt. You should be eating one out right now…

>Mmmm…so damn tight…! Sorry, Rainbow, this is not what You wanted at all…

>But then i have a feeling that if You were to choose between this and normal, vaginal sex, You'd take this

>And by the way, i bet Your womanhood is tingling right now…You were quite close to orgasm but i just denied You. How about…some extra teasing?

d122cb  No.14176

afk work

ac57f2  No.14177


>I run my finger along her slit.

"I bet you were close weren't you? You want it so bad…"

>I spread her lips in push a finger in slowly and leave it in, not moving it at all.

"Poor Dash… it's okay though. We both know you'll cum from taking it back here instead."

d122cb  No.14178


>Rainbow mumbles something in reply. One of her hands goes to her crotch and on top of Your hands

>She doesn't just try to move Your hand but merely suggests it by gently pushing it. Kinda looks like she's asking…

d122cb  No.14179


41a5c9  No.14180


"Oh you want it? Maybe I'll give it to you… but I want you to do all the work. You hump and I'll provide the dildo"

d122cb  No.14181


>Rainbow doesn't react for a few seconds and then, like a good girl, she starts impaling herself on You. Not without hesitation considering that she's full of Your urine and desperately needs to get rid of it

>Her ring squeezing You extra tightly and her careful movements just show how much she needs to "poop". Unfortunately for her the stimulation she provides is not as satisfying as You'd like it to be. Someone needs to try harder than that

7cb0c4  No.14182


"Dash my cock is staying inside your ass until I cum… better thrust a little faster if you want to be able to relieve your rectum…"

d122cb  No.14183

File: b94bf478745e1f3⋯.gif (1.17 MB, 800x450, 16:9, 1833041__explicit_artist-c….gif)


>Rainbow seems to take Your words to heart because her ass immediately speeds up. Now we're talking…Here…

>Her body twitches as You start moving Your finger. just barely to tickle her from the inside but that's still enough for her to shake in pleasure

>You really like that, don't You…? Or maybe it's just a sweet add-on to the main threat that You ride so eagerly…

>At some point You grab her hair and gently pull her face out of Shy's ass. You take a closer look at her and then at Shy's butthole and smirk lewdly at what You see

>I knew it! There's no trace of sperm left! You finished eating it all out a moment ago and now just enjoy licking her rear, You butthole loving slut!

>By all means keep Your tongue inside. Just look how happy Fluttershy is

>You shove her face where it belongs and let her continue. Rainbow quickly gets back to working on both ends

>Since she's such a good girl You decide to press on her front wall harder, delivering more stimulation to her inner parts of clitoris. Not too much of course to make sure that she focuses on the anal pleasure that she enjoys so much

>Her ring tightens and gives Your entire length a very pleasant massage. Each time she pulls out, Your dick gets wiped out by it, just to get wet again as Your cock dives into Your hot urine when she impales herself

>You can actually hear the yellow liquid sloshing inside her. Together with the slurping noises they make a wonderful symphony of a lustful slut

>Her mumbling gets a bit louder and her body starts shaking more violently. You decide to slow down with Your finger to make sure that she cums from anal

>Few extra moments and You hand gets showered with her bodily fluids. You hold her in place and let her enjoy her climax

>But once she's done, You take the initiative and start working on her ass. You're still about to orgasm after all…

>Having no other choice, RD just patiently waits for You to finish, trying her best to fight back the need of pooping and failing miserably. Some things are beyond our control

>But that doesn't change the fact that she can't release it so all she can do is to endure it. And You take Your sweet time to make the whole experience last for a bit longer

>You keep going for several more minutes and, once You decide that she has enough, speed up to reach the climax. Like You expected, You just shoot blanks. Not leaving even a single drop, what a naughty girl…Nevertheless it still feels amazing

>When You're done, You stop moving but keep Your dick inside. Dash stops the rimjob and turns her head to look at You

I-I really need to do it…!

7cb0c4  No.14184


"Okay, but if I take my dick out you'll spray it everywhere. Let's get you in a better position so you can squat against a tree or something."

d122cb  No.14185

File: a99aad40d54faaa⋯.png (838.05 KB, 810x1256, 405:628, 1822438__explicit_artist-c….png)



>You wrap Your arms around her and carefully pick her up, making sure that Your dick stays deep inside her. Then You slowly walk towards the nearest tree and, once there, position both of You safely

>Which means that Rainbow is bending over while standing. Not the best position to start but she can quickly squat like that

I-I'm ready

>Me too. Okay, here it comes…three…two…one…now!

>With one sharp pull, You remove Your entire length and step aside. Dash immediately explodes, not even having a time to squat like planned

>She lets out a moan as she shoots a steam of urine from her asshole. The pressure is high enough to spray it all over the tree

>You're not gonna lie, this view really turns You on. Rainbow quickly notices Your stare and her face turns her

S-Stop looking, it's embarrassing!

>Nuh uh. This is waaay too hot to not enjoy the view

>You just reply with a smirk and make her cover her face in shame. Her natural tsundereness just can't deal with such a shameful act right in front of someone

>Rainbow Dash "pees" out all the liquid and then keeps squatting there in silence for a moment, making sure that it was everything. Then she stands up and looks at You, her expression a mixture of everything

>Without a warning, she suddenly hits Your bicep. Not with full force but she makes sure that You feel it

This is for trying to whore me with the entire school

>She sells You another punch to the other bicep

And this is for not having normal sex at least this one last time

>Owww…But i deserved it

And this…

>You prepare for another hit but instead get kissed. Your body immediately relaxes and melts in Rainbow's lips

…This is for all the rest…

d122cb  No.14186

ehhh…and i had a whole day off…

84885a  No.14187


"I love you Dash…"

>I kiss her passionately.

"How do you expect me to work out with two bruised biceps?"

d122cb  No.14188


I hope this is not an excuse for our morning exercises


84885a  No.14189


"No, of course not… I actually really like working out with you."

d122cb  No.14190

File: a21c2fbf94d3800⋯.png (50.74 KB, 380x576, 95:144, 783320__suggestive_artist-….png)


Then pick her up and let's go back. You said that You need to find AJ

>Ah, yes, Applejack. Let's go then

>Both of You quickly dress up Fluttershy. Then You pick her up in Your arms and carry back to bungalow

>Fluttershy is humming happily as You carry her. Even Rainbow Dash can't hold back her smirk when looking at You two. Guess You just look that cute together…

>You get back to unit 16. Rainbow takes a look inside to see if Applejack is by any chance inside. She isn't


>Rainbow goes silent for a moment. She gets a bit nervous and her face gets decorated with a slight blush

…Thanks for today…I…really mean it…

>Her eyes look around until they meet Yours. From this point any words are unnecessary, You just see each other's thoughts and emotions reflecting in the depth of Your eyes

>As a farewell, Rainbow moves closer, gives You a quick kiss on the lips and then waves her hand as she closes the door

Good night, Anon

>Good night, Dashie…

>You just stand in front of the door for a few seconds, thinking about what happened today and why was it great. The purring kitty in Your arms gets You back to reality

>She looks so peaceful right now…Almost like she's sleeping…You would never think that this innocently looking girl is such a massive pervert if You haven't seen it…And felt it…

>Okay, let's take our lustful angel back to her bed and look for the cowgirl…

>Using Shy's key, You open unit 21. Nobody's around so You just gently place her in the bed

>But as You're about to move away, she wraps her arms around Your neck and pulls back into a hug

"No goodbye for me…?"

>Of course there is…Here…

>You lock lips with her. A loving one, to not turn her on too much…

>Your lips move away from each other and You stare into her eyes. Her smile is warm but quickly changes into a sly one

"Sooo…You have a date with Apple Bloom tomorrow…?"


"Such a lovely girl…And so…similar to her sister…"

>If You didn't know better, You'd take this comment as neutral. But the way she accented it and her partially lewd smile implies that she had her…sexual preferences in mind…

>Not that You haven't planned to eventually get to Apple Bloom's rear hole at some point…But thanks for a hint…

"You know what…? If i were You and she was ready for…little Apple Blooms, i would try to…inseminate her…"

>Wait, what do You…

"I'm sure that You'll figure this out…If that's okay with You…"

>Shy closes her eyes and…looks like she's fallen asleep. For real this time. You move back and think of what she said

>Inseminate her? Like, wit a syringe? But where will i get such thing? Maybe Sunset has something in her bag?

>And above all, do i want to do this in the first place? It does sound exciting…Will think about it later. For now, Applejack!

>You leave the 21 and start looking around, thinking where to look for her. Luckily for You, You can see her walking along the beach, towards the bungalow area

>You jog towards her and it doesn't take her long before she notices You. Guessing from her reaction, it's something important

^Anon! Finally found Ya!^

>She approaches You and suddenly grabs by the shirt. Her face moves close to Yours and she stares deeply into Your eyes

>What the…?!

^A-Anon, please…! Ah can't take it any more!^

>At first You're confused but a closer look at her and everything becomes clear. Her red face, heavy breath and her shimmering eyes full of desperation…This can mean one thing…

^P-Please…! At least remove the peehole thingie…! Ah can't stand it any more…!^

c63910  No.14191


"Haha… a little too much stimulation huh? Well, I suppose I could take it out… but it'll cost you…"

d122cb  No.14192


^W-WhaddYa want me ta do?^

c63910  No.14193


"Hmm… every night from now on you have to have anal sex with me…"

97052b  No.14194

I'm reading all of this with a solid snake voice

d122cb  No.14195


^W-Waht?! B-But…!^

>Yes, butt. Make Your choice

d122cb  No.14196


why would You do that? Morgan Freeman's voice is a much better choice

c63910  No.14197


"Well… that's the choice. Anal or catheter. You pick."

c63910  No.14199


Now that you said that I cant not hear Snake's voice while I'm reading and writing. It's pretty funny.

d122cb  No.14200


^B-B-But A-Ah…! Ah just…! Uhhh…F…Fahn…Ah'll do it…^

>You know, Analjack, Your eyes tell me that You don't consider it to be a bad deal at all…Also we pretty much have a night right now…

d122cb  No.14201

File: cd14cb843daf12e⋯.png (80.19 KB, 718x748, 359:374, SS202.png)

that was so long ago…

d122cb  No.14202

File: d536d27ee9c01e9⋯.png (55.45 KB, 1167x459, 389:153, SS203.png)


>500k words

so innocent…by the time i wrote this, we were at 131k words. more or less because as i turn it into one, i remove some but i also add some

d122cb  No.14203

and by the way: we've just passed a bunch of days in school and almost a month on Bora Bora. All this writing for less than 50 days of story

we don't think about it but A LOT happens every single day. you could write a book for each day of your life

d122cb  No.14204


c63910  No.14205


"Good, let's go find someplace private."

d122cb  No.14206



9f2605  No.14207


"Unless you're busy now…"

d122cb  No.14208


^N…No…Ah'm not…^

>Why not be honest and say "Just fuck my ass already"?

d122cb  No.14209


9f2605  No.14210


"Listen AJ… I know you like it in the ass. Just admit it and you'll get the relief you need."

d122cb  No.14211



>You smirk in reply and grab her ass. She lets out a silent moan and immediately feels embarrassed about it

^…F…Fahn…Ah like it in the ass…^

>Good girl…Though, i'd prefer to hear it when i'll be deep inside You

452c0f  No.14212


df6efa  No.14213


"Good girl… now let's go get that catheter out, and then I'll fuck your tight back door…"

d122cb  No.14214

File: fda03f0e7b57976⋯.png (8.19 MB, 3598x6500, 1799:3250, 1535825__explicit_artist-c….png)



>You take her hand and, with a big smile, pull her towards the beach and then have a walk to Your favourite lonely palm tree. It's such a romantic place for such kinky activity…

>As You slowly go together, You notice that Applejack has trouble walking. Her legs are soft and her steps look unstable

>Awww, poor girl…It must've been awful enduring that for all this time…But it's also so extremely sexy to think of and she's feeling very hot and horny…

>Soon You get to the palm tree. Applejack actually needs a moment to rest, breathing quite heavily for such a relaxing walk. Of course both of You know why

^Hah…hah…P-Please take it out…^

>You smile in reply and squat in front of her. You dive Your hand into Your pocket, pull out the key, put it into the keyhole and open the lock. Then You remove the padlock and proceed to removing the front plate

>Mmmmm…And here it is…Such a lewd view…and smell…

>Applejack sighs in relief as You remove the plate but then tenses up as You grab the catheter. You slowly pull it out and can see her legs shaking in the process, AJ barely able to hold back a moan

>You make sure to do it very slowly so she can feel it. You also have plenty of time to see each bead on the catheter stretching her tiny hole, which quickly closes up just to be stretched again

>One after one, the beads come out. You could swear that the last one made a "pop" sound. Or at least Your imagination put it there because of how sexy it would be

>When the last piece comes out, Applejack leaks a bit of urine. Too bad that she didn't come sooner. You would give her something to drink and fill her up

>You look up at those happy eyes of her and smirk lewdly. Her face turns red as You take the catheter to Your mouth and run Your tongue along it

>You know, Applejack…You're really happy for someone who still has her belt on…I merely removed the catheter so far…

>Anyway…Should i fuck You with the belt on or not…?

d122cb  No.14215

File: 7e17488c7091c84⋯.png (629.64 KB, 1260x3498, 210:583, SS200.png)

top saddest moment in this semi-CYOA

i don't even know what was it all about

df6efa  No.14216


"So AJ… belt on or off…? I'll let you choose."

df6efa  No.14217


Meh. Probably because I wasnt responding for a long time. Also I'm sorry if I dont respond often. I'm on the road working right now and federal courthouses have thick concrete walls and lots of steel so theres no internet while I'm at work. Not to mention the public court wifi blows ass…

d122cb  No.14218


^M-Me? Uhhh…Off…?^

>Okie dokie, like Pinkie Pie would say. Actually i was considering that as well

>But before that happens, would my sweet apple want to put the magnetic clamps on her nipples for extra fun?

d122cb  No.14219


You should consider working on the internet. i'm considering working on the internet

why? because there's one huge plus to it: you can work anywhere on the planet earth where there's internet. you can travel around the world and still earn money for further traveling as an example

df6efa  No.14220


"Alright… but as a trade, how about some magnetic nipple clamps?"

df6efa  No.14221


I've considered it. I might move to something more outdoorsy though. I've had enough of sitting in dark rooms staring at wires.

d122cb  No.14222

File: 9fa3bc45e47bb1e⋯.png (418.42 KB, 2823x3231, 941:1077, 1636327__explicit_artist-c….png)


^Those again…? Fahn…^

>You reply with a smirk and take her shirt off, along with bra. She covers her breasts but You grab her wrists and move her arms away just to make her feel all the embarrassment that she can feel right now

>Then You reach for the magnetic balls that are right where You left them. Yeah, magnets!

>You put one pair on one nipple and then the other one on the other nipple. She very silently squeaks as You do that, which only makes the entire thing even hotter

>Next comes the belt. You unlock and remove it completely, revealing her dripping wet peach

>Her scent spreads in the air around her crotch and hits Your nostrils hard. Your instinct partially takes control of You and now You actually consider sucking on that…

>…Damn…You might not pull out Your tongue out of there for a long time…but she was so excited to get some good anal sex…Oh, those hard decisions…

d122cb  No.14223


don't work outdoors unless You're in a decent climate region. cold/hot, rain, snow, insects, wind, thunderstorm, etc can quickly make any job a pain in the ass

d122cb  No.14224

and good night

df6efa  No.14225


>it probably tastes like apples…. a small taste couldn't hurt right.

>I bury my mouth in her hot wet sex.

d122cb  No.14226

File: 2e2b4f4200cb02d⋯.png (407.36 KB, 780x1002, 130:167, 1199629__explicit_artist-c….png)



>Applejack lets out a loud, surprised moan. A few seconds later she surprises You when Your mouth suddenly gets filled with her love juice

>You quickly get to sucking and swallowing the impressive amount of liquid. She bends down and wraps her arms around Your head, Your arms supporting her butt otherwise she would collapse because of how weak her legs suddenly became

>Awww, You poor thing…Holding it back all this time…Being constantly teased and not being able to relieve Yourself…

>…There, there, let it all out…Right into Master's mouth…Good girl…

>…You might be my Analjack but now i feel that i want to worship Your sweet apple once in a while…I might tie You up and worship her all day long…

>Applejack finishes climaxing but You have no intention to stop and continue licking her. Her reaction is just what You wanted to see and feel

^Mhah! N-No break!?^

>Just for You…

>You release her bottom and let her collapse. Once she's sitting on the ground, You spread her legs and bury Your face in her peach again

^Aah! A-Again…!? Mhah!^

>There…Master gave You a break, just like You wanted…I'm so generous, hehehe…

>You penetrate her baby hole, forcing out lots of lovely moans. She quickly wraps her body around Your head and hugs tightly

>Her womanhood is still very sensitive and gives this virgin-like kind of feel. The fact that her asshole is much more experienced with sex just makes the entire act even sexier

>Your tongue moves around, caressing all the sweet spots and wiping out all the delicious apple syrup that's seeping from her hot and soft inner walls. It almost feels like You're squeezing them out whenever You press on them with the tip of Your tongue

>The very strong taste and scent quickly hits Your brain and gets You high. You definitely want more of this love-filled drug that she leaks out so generously

^Nhah! Hah! Y-Yes! Aah! D-Don't stop! Oah! Ah needed…Iah! This! Hah!^

>You were a very good girl to endure it for all this time so i'll let You orgasm as many times as You want…Though not necessarily with this place…

^Oah! Hah! Ah! A-Ahm gettin…! Mhah! Close…! Oah! Hah! AH! AAAH!!

>Already? You must've been really horny…I almost feel bad for making You wear it since yesterday…almost…

>Applejack squeezes Your head tightly and a few seconds later squirts directly into Your mouth. You just calmly swallow everything, savouring the most delicious apple juice possible

>Well, her sister might just taste a bit better…We should have a sampling day so i can taste each one of You in turns so i can make a decision…Yep, that's a brilliant idea…

>You make sure to swallow loudly to let her know how much of lewdness she just made You drink. And her reaction tells You that this is one more thing for her to feel embarrassed about

>When she's done, You give her little girl a kiss on the forehead - or less romantically speaking: You kiss her love button - and move Your head back. Your eyes meet and You just exchange words without actually speaking

>Mmmm…"I am so happy right now", her eyes say…"Please fuck me in the ass now" as well..

>…Well, not really, You just made that up. Not that this will stop You from doing it…But if she would beg for it first, that would be lovely…

df6efa  No.14227


"Now it's my turn… but first I want you to beg for it."

d122cb  No.14228

File: 744af7c6abd1168⋯.png (351.87 KB, 1658x2000, 829:1000, 1668556__explicit_artist-c….png)


^Ehhh…C-Could Ya…fug me in the a-ass?^

>No, no, no, no…Not like that. Here, i'll show You…

>You grab her legs and push them up until her knees are almost touching her cheeks. Then You grab her wrists and more her hands behind the knees so she can keep her legs like that

>Her face turns red again but she cooperates and holds her legs in that position. Now that her butthole is nicely exposed, You wave Your hand, encouraging her to speak again

^…C-Could Ya…f-fug Yer…a…anal girl in 'er…f-favourite hole?^

>Almost there…You rise Your eyebrows, waiting for the cherry on the top

>She thinks for a moment and then makes an inviting smile. It's…it's perfect!

>You're such a good girl, Analjack. And good girls deserve all the rewards…

d122cb  No.14229

can i has a post?

61038a  No.14231


"Of course my lovely girl… Just to warn you though, I'm all out of love ammunition. Dash used it all…"

d122cb  No.14232



>Ohhh? That sounded like You're disappointed…Do You like the feeling of my seed deep inside Your ass that much…?

66468d  No.14233


"Hmm… you sounded a bit disappointed. Like the feeling of my hot seed in your rectum do you?"

d122cb  No.14234


>Applejack looks away from embarrassment and pretty much confirming what You already knew. She's really bad at hiding her feelings…

^…Just…fug mah ass…^

66468d  No.14235


"Hehe… okay."

>I press my hand against her glistening womanhood, getting it covered in Apple juice.

>I rub some of it on her rear entrance and stroke the rest onto my manhood, lining my pride up for penetration.

d122cb  No.14236

File: a7565e0d94ec238⋯.png (589 KB, 2600x4000, 13:20, 1733719__explicit_artist-c….png)


>Applejack bites her lower lip as You press the tip against her ring. It doesn't take much force to penetrate it

>Your length slowly disappears inside her. When You're all the way in, You move Your face closer to hers and stare deeply into her eyes

>They shimmer in excitement and are nicely accented by a nice shade of red all over her face. You just keep staring, making her feel more and more embarrassed

>You move Your hand up and caress her cheek. Your warm smile and gentle touch make her a bit nervous


>Just enjoying the view…You're so beautiful…

>Your face is so silky…Such a baby face for a tough girl…And Your eyes…You could get lost in them…And Your lips look so kissable…*kiss* ♥

>Applejack immediately accepts You and wraps her arms and legs around You as You kiss her. You haven't even started yet and she's already holding You so tightly…


>You know…It's just the two of us here…How about being a bit naughty and telling me how much You like anal…?

d122cb  No.14237


b83e08  No.14238

"How about you tell me about how much you like my manhood up your ass… Dont worry, no one will hear you. We're all alone."

d122cb  No.14239


^W-Waht?! B-But ah…!^

>Now, now, don't be shy…Fluttershy is for that…

b83e08  No.14240


"Now now… Fluttershy is supposed to be the shy one, Analjack…"

d122cb  No.14241

File: 1dfc58aa5828c82⋯.png (1.37 MB, 2000x2600, 10:13, 1636371__explicit_alternat….png)



>You give her a kiss to encourage her. Once she relaxes and melts in Your lips, You move Your head back slowly and stare deeply into her eyes, a warm smile all across Your face

>She intestates just for a moment before all her doubt and worries disappear. Once You touch her cheek, a similar warm smile is being returned to You


>Her eyes shimmer in excitement. It's a big moment for her

^Ah…Ah really like it in mah butt…and ah…ah'm happy taht we'll be doin' it every night frem now on…^

>You nod and boop her nose to relieve the atmosphere. She replies with a giggle and opens up even more

^…Ah can't wait fer mah anal trainin'…And ah don't mind if we'll only do anal frem now on…^

>She smirks lewdly and boops Your nose

^…And it turns me on when Ya call me Analjack…Now how 'bout ah show Ya waht a cowgirl can do…?^

d122cb  No.14242

that's all for tonight. sorry

2be2b5  No.14243


"Alright my lovely Analjack… show me."

d122cb  No.14244

i'll just make some food and then i'll get to writing

d122cb  No.14245

okay, that took a bit longer than intended…

459410  No.14246






d122cb  No.14247


>She smirks in reply and puts her hands on Your shoulders. With one, swift push, she makes You land on Your back and then just as quickly gets on top of You

>So much strength in her body…It really turns You on that she's stronger than You and can dominate You whenever she wants…

>…You kinda want to tell her about it…She confessed so nicely…

459410  No.14248


"You know… it kinda turns me on how strong you are…"

>I rub her abs.

"You could dominate me so easily…"

d122cb  No.14249


>Applejack rises her eyebrows

^Huh…? First Ya dominate me and now Yer suggestin' taht ah could dominate Ya?^

d122cb  No.14250

0ab4b3  No.14251


"I know… Sorry AJ… I'm a little bipolar with my sexual moods. Somedays I feel more dominant, others I feel submissive… Today I'm feeling submissive so if you want to take advantage of that I won't stop you."

d122cb  No.14252


^Yer so kinky, Ya know taht?^


>Applejack grabs Your wrists, moves Your arms up and pins them to the ground, Your hands at the height of Your head. Her face moves closer to Yours and she stares into Your eyes, smirking lewdly

^Ya better be ready cuz ah been walkin' horny since yesterday^

0ab4b3  No.14253


"Oh I'm ready… Ride me like the slut I am."

d122cb  No.14254


^Hmmm…How 'bout Ya beg me fer a change…?^

0ab4b3  No.14255


"Please AJ, I want you to fuck me so bad. I need it… I promise I'll be a good boy… Please dominate me like the filthy slut I am."

d122cb  No.14256

okay, let's get to work

d122cb  No.14257


^Yer not filthy. Not yet^

>Applejack rises her bottom and slowly impales herself onto Your manhood. She then releases Your wrists and leans back a bit, exposing her crotch to You so You can clearly see where Your dick is. She clearly wanted to show You even if You can tell that You're inside her tight ass

^Ya have sum nerve ta make me like it 'ere. D'Ya have anythin' ta say?^

0ab4b3  No.14258


"I-I… I'm sorry AJ. I j-just wanted to make you happy and show you something new."

d122cb  No.14259

File: a665fba51546423⋯.png (332.78 KB, 1280x530, 128:53, 815508__explicit_artist-co….png)


>Your apologetic tone surprises her but she smirks again

^Ah can't believe ah'm enjoyin' dis. If granny knew, she would've been mad^

>I have a feeling that Your granny was an anal slut as well. I think Apples have it in genes

>Applejack think for a moment and suddenly gets very serious, almost angry

^But don'tcha think Apple Bloom is the same! My Not mah sweet lil sister!^

>But…she is…

0ab4b3  No.14260


"B-but… she is. I already know she likes butt stuff."

d122cb  No.14261


^Yer still sayin' taht?! Ah can't believe Ya!^

>Ehhh…Looks like i need to prove it to You…

>…Tomorrow i have a date with Apple Bloom so if You would hide somewhere and observe us…Yeah, that'll work

0ab4b3  No.14262


"Well… I am going on a date with her tomorrow. If you want we can set up a time for you to hide somewhere and watch me give it to your little sister up the ass…"

d122cb  No.14263

now that i think of it, Applejack and You agreed on inviting Apple Bloom on the Applejack's date for the same purpose

this story is getting really inconsequential…

d122cb  No.14264


^Sure. Where and when?^

0ab4b3  No.14265


"My bungalow… probably at around 8 in the evening or something. I'll tell you a more precise time tomorrow… But just to warn you, its gonna happen… If you can handle seeing that then it's fine with me."

d122cb  No.14266


^Ah'd rather do it in the mornin'^

>Oh? Some plans for the evening? Well, it doesn't make much difference…

^How 'bout ah hide 'ere and wait fer Ya two ta be alone?^

>She points at the wardrobe

d122cb  No.14267

and good night

0ab4b3  No.14268


"I suppose we could do it that way. Got plans for the evening?"

d122cb  No.14269


^Yeah. Pinkie and Maud wanted ta hang out^

>More like Pinkie Pie wanted to hang out and Maud was indifferent…

0ab4b3  No.14270


"More like Pinkie wanted to hang out… I dont think Maud has a lot of opinions about stuff."

d122cb  No.14271


^Yeah. Anyway, we have a deal?^

>You show her a thumb up

^Ah'll prove ta Ya taht Apple Bloom is nuffin' like me^

>You mean that she's pure and innocent unlike You who's a massive anal slut, huh?

0ab4b3  No.14272


"You mean she's a completely innocent little girl who's not an anal slut… unlike you."

d122cb  No.14273


^Uhhh…A-Ah mean…Y-Yes^

>So lovely…I'd like You to say it proudly…

0ab4b3  No.14274


"Come now AJ… You should have more pride when you say it. Try it again…"

d122cb  No.14275


>Applejack rolls her eyes

^…Ah really like it in mah ass^

>You know what? I'd like You to say it…in front of Your sister tomorrow. That'd be lovely…

0ab4b3  No.14276


"Good… better rehearse that because I think I'm gonna have you say that in front of your slutty little sister."

d122cb  No.14277


^Mah sister is not slutty!^

>Maybe…Definitely not as slutty as You, miss "i have clamps on my nipples even though i'm on top"

0ab4b3  No.14278


"Well… not as slutty as you."

>I reach up and squeeze her nipple clamps.

"On top and still wearing the nipple clamps… that's pretty slutty."

d122cb  No.14279


^B-But taht's 'cause…!^

>Because You enjoy it…I think that You love wearing such accessories

>You shove the catheter up Your urethra, You put the chastity belt on and You like wearing the nipple clamps as well…Deep down You are really perverted, Analjack…

0ab4b3  No.14280


"Because you're really a dirty pervert… I know you don't want to admit it but deep down you know its true."

d122cb  No.14281


^Commin' frem the biggest pervert ah know^

>Touché, Analjack…Though the biggest pervert around is definitely Flutterslut

0ab4b3  No.14282


"Hmm… cant argue with that… but theres a bigger slut than me, and you already know her."

d122cb  No.14283


^Huh? Who?^

>You make Your eyebrows jump in reply. Applejack thinks for a moment



^Is she really taht slutty?^

f16159  No.14284


"Very… I'll show you sometime when we have a three way with her."

d122cb  No.14285


^Wait, Ya want ta do it tegether with 'er?^

>Mhm. Definitely

^Ah'm not sure if ah'm prepared ta show this side of me…^

>You mean when i give You a full anal nelson while whispering how much i love You into Your ear and while someone is watching and playing with Your feet? Even when i think about it, it sounds pretty naughty…

f16159  No.14286


"That's okay AJ. We can wait a little while until you're more comfortable…"

d122cb  No.14287


>Actually i'll just bring her to You and tell her to entertain You and before You'll be able to refuse, You'll be fully enjoying our little threesome. You can NOT defend Yourself from Fluttershy. But shush! It's a secret…

^Yer sayin' it like Ya want it ta happen sooner or later^

>You know me so well…

d122cb  No.14288

and good night. sorry for today

f16159  No.14289


"I mean… if you were a man you'd be thinking of hot threesomes with your girlfriends too."

d122cb  No.14290


^Mahbe, if ah had more than one…^

>Applejack thinks for a moment

^Why all of us in the first place?^

>Oh, this talk again…I'll probably get the very same question from all of them at some point

f16159  No.14291


"I-I don't know… I love all of you so much… I just couldn't pick especially not now after all the time I've spent with all of you."

d122cb  No.14292


^Ah understand now but 'bout a month ago waht were Ya thinkin'?^

>Actually lots of stuff beyond my control happened and i ended up kinda forced into this polyamory^

f16159  No.14293


"Well I was with Rainbow Dash originally… and then Pinkie came on to me very strongly. I said no the first time but I couldn't resist her the second time… and even if I had said no she was baking a cake with tranquilizers in it to drug me with so she could have her way with me. Sunset ended up eating it though… but don't tell her it was Pinkie. After that Rainbow Dash was really upset… I've never seen her cry but that one time must of made up for all the time she held back tears. After all that Sunset and Rarity forced me to be their play thing and it just kinda grew after that…"

d122cb  No.14294


^Wait, Pinkie wanted ta put drugs into Yer cake?!^


^Whoa! Okay, ah see where it would go. Waht 'bout other girls?^

>Someone's curious…I don't blame You, i neglected You for too long. Tho i still feel bad for how i treated Shy…

52e5f4  No.14295


"Well… I think Shy kinda liked me already… and Derpy was a special circumstance that I probably shouldn't talk about. Maud just kinda came packaged with Pinkie… You and I just kinda came about from your apple juice from the tap thing. That's pretty much it… That's why I have you all. Because I just cant help myself… I'm so horny all the time."

d122cb  No.14296


>Thus saying, Pinkie and Fluttershy would be more than enough to make all that horniness go away…But i still love all of You

^Ah see taht everyone forced 'emselves onta Ya. Ah hope Yer not angry 'bout this…^

d122cb  No.14297

Your slut is gonna work his ass off for the rest of this month. but after that i'll have lots of free time for You…hopefully

d122cb  No.14298

is it still ded?

d122cb  No.14299

ehhh…and i had a day off…

0ab4b3  No.14300


"Not at all… now I have eleven beautiful soon to be mommies as my girlfriends."

d122cb  No.14301


^Whoa! WhaddYa mean bah eleven mammas?^

>Oh, right…Yes, the little trio as well…Including Your sister. She's mature enough for that

0ab4b3  No.14302


"Well dont forget about Scootaloo, Sweetie Belle, and Apple Bloom…"

d122cb  No.14303


^Whoa 'ere, pardner. Apple Bloom is not ready fer taht yet. And ah think the other two as well…^

>I can't wait to have anal sex with Your sister right in front of Your unbelieving eyes…And then have anal sex with You in front of Bloom's excited eyes…

0ab4b3  No.14304


"I cant wait for tomorrow… You'll finally get to see just how grown up she really is…"

0ab4b3  No.14305

Sorry about the lack of posts I've been really busy lately with work.

d122cb  No.14306


^Ah can't wait ta see Yer face when she's nuffin' like Ya expect 'er ta be^

>Oh, Analjack…Speaking of anal, i'd appreciate some…movement…And those cute nipples seem to have enough…

d122cb  No.14307


that's fine, i've been busy as well

but if you're not gonna post more on november, i'm gonna rape your dick using my mouth

0ab4b3  No.14308


"You're awful still for a cowgirl… I would have knocked you off by now if I were a raging bull… of course I guess I am raging…"

>I bounce her on my erection.

d122cb  No.14309

i'm back but i'm fucking tired and don't feel like writing lewd. sorry

d122cb  No.14310

d122cb  No.14311

File: 827258694670bb1⋯.png (464.01 KB, 1863x1410, 621:470, 1466165__explicit_artist-c….png)


^Just wait 'till ah'm done with Ya^

>Applejack smirks, places her both hands on Your chest and starts riding You. Her strong arms keep You pinned to the ground while she jumps on top of You

>Her juicy ass slams hard against Your crotch. Her tight hole still feels like it's her very first time doing anal

>Her bottom moves in all directions, grinding and impaling itself on Your always hard friend. She is very serious about milking out anything that's left inside You

>Analjack has a very satisfied smile across her face. You can clearly tell that she's enjoying this a lot as well as giving herself some relief for all that time in chastity

^Ah! Hah! Tah! H-HowdYa…Nhah! Like dem…Ah! Apple, Anon?!^

d122cb  No.14312

still not much but hey, it's a start!

0ab4b3  No.14313


"I hah* like it a lot… oah*… Ride me harder…"

d122cb  No.14314


>Her smirk looks even more satisfied now. Analjack is obviously a good girl and makes sure that her man is satisfied as well

>I'm glad that You're so happy but it's unhealthy to keep nipple clamps on for too long…Here, let me take them off of You…

>Since Her both hands are on Your chest, Your both Your arms are free so You simply reach for her breasts and, with one swift move, remove the magnetic balls from both her nipples. Analjack responds with a surprised squeak

>Mmmm, they look so red and swollen…and suck-able…

0ab4b3  No.14315


>I put a hand on her back and pull her beasts down to my face.

>I put a nipple in my mouth and start sucking on it as hard as I can.

d122cb  No.14316


^Nhah! N-Not so hard…!^

>Too damn cute…

0ab4b3  No.14318


>I keep sucking hard and give her a quick love bite.

d122cb  No.14319


>Applejack squeaks again and then pays You back by grinding and gyrating her ass all over Your lap. This time You're the one who's forced to make a sound which makes her smirk in satisfaction

>You actually want to give up to her but not so easily. Let's put some extra resistance…

042d00  No.14320


>I grab her ass and push my erection deep inside her.

"You're such a dirty anal slut…"

d122cb  No.14321


^Hah! Comin' frem Ya!^


927d67  No.14322

ee is for…?

d122cb  No.14323

042d00  No.14324


"I hope you realize that you're going to be a dirty play thing for all of our friends… unless you do something about it…"

042d00  No.14325

Hey Roger. I'm sorry I haven't been posting often. I'm busy working and my phone cant connect to the mobile network because the sim slot is broken. So it kinda limits my post times to when I'm around wifi in the hotel. Not to mention I'm training two new guys.

3cbee9  No.14326

i'm going back home so i won't be around for the next day. i just hope that the weather will be good enough for a flight. i don't want any delays

79fb7e  No.14327

okay, back and fine

79fb7e  No.14328


>Applejack rises her eyebrow

^Like waht?^


0ab4b3  No.14329


"I don't know… What do you think would put you higher up in the harem…?

79fb7e  No.14330


^Uhhh…Be more dominant, ah guess?^

0ab4b3  No.14331


"So… maybe you could try it out and see if you like it…"

79fb7e  No.14332


^Ya want me ta be a domina?^

>Analjack, You can dominate me all You want…As long as You're faithful to Your new name…

79fb7e  No.14333


36de5c  No.14334


"Of course… but no matter what, I'm still going to call you Analjack… and you should still behave like an Analjack too."

79fb7e  No.14335


^Taht doesn't sound very dominatin' ta me…^

29a2c7  No.14336


"You can dominate people with your asshole… if it's what you want then you do it. Regardless of what I or anyone else thinks… and if I don't like it then punish me…"

79fb7e  No.14337


^Whoa, pardner. Taht is waht YA want^

>W-Well, yes…But Analjack, You love it as well…

29a2c7  No.14338


"Yeah but we both know you like up the butt."

79fb7e  No.14339


^Well, ah was fahn with normal sex but Ya had ta turn me into a pervert^

>That almost sounds like You would prefer it the normal way…Almost…

79fb7e  No.14340

your slut feels like writing a game. namely a visual novel based on EG verse

but i need someone to redact my spaghetti to check for writing errors and such and i need a story line. (i need a soundtrack as well but i'll worry about that later) perhaps You'd like to help?

feae2b  No.14341



>I grab her by the hips and pick her up off of my erection and put it in her womanhood.

"There, better? Its whatever you want… mistress. A-and if you don't want me to call you Analjack I wont."

feae2b  No.14342


Yeah I'll help if you want.

79fb7e  No.14343


>Applejack rises her eyebrow, surprised by that sudden turn of events but then smirks lewdly and moves her bottom up again. Her expression says that she's about to have some fun with You

^Well, pardner…Where would Ya like to put Yer friend in?^

feae2b  No.14344


"Uh… your pussy?"

79fb7e  No.14345


^Taht wasn't very convincin'^

>Teasing me like that…

feae2b  No.14346


"F-fine… Please mistress, let me put it in your hot womanhood."

79fb7e  No.14347


>She smirks even more and lowers herself a bit so her lower lips touch Your tip

^All this anal trainin' Ya put me thru' and now Ya want it 'ere?^

feae2b  No.14348


"I-I… I want whatever you want mistress."

79fb7e  No.14349


>Applejack grins even more. She moves her bottom around so her ower lips kiss Your tip

^Waht would Ya do in mah situation, ah wonder…^

feae2b  No.14350


>Basically asking for it.

>I concentrate on AJ and try to switch bodies with her.


>I grab his nuts and squeeze them a little.

"First Ah'd make him beg for what he wants, like a good little slut should."

Post last edited at

feae2b  No.14351


Have I done this with AJ yet? I don't think I have.

Post last edited at

e4cc71  No.14352


just checked and found nothing during the date so i guess not…

e4cc71  No.14353


just do an introduction. i'll fix it later if necessary

feae2b  No.14354



e4cc71  No.14355


>Applejack blinks a few times and then opens his eyes wide. He would jump in surprise if it weren't for You sitting on top of him

^WHAT THE HELL!?! W-Why do i see mahself!?!^

e4cc71  No.14356

going to cinema

feae2b  No.14357


"Well I'm you and you're me… that's why."

e4cc71  No.14358


^Waht the…! How can Ya do such thing?!^

e4cc71  No.14359

i just remembered that she saw maui invading Apple Bloom's body so she knows what happens. she just doesn't know that You can do it

feae2b  No.14360


"I don't know. It happened after that ghost possessed my body. Very weird… but now I can switch bodies. Pretty cool right?"

feae2b  No.14361


Now that I think about it, I wonder if AB also got that ability from that encounter.

b68082  No.14362


^B-But…How is taht even possible!?^

>Ehhh…Less talk, more sex

b68082  No.14363


if You remember, this was a present from Maui for releasing his spirit. You're the only one who has this super power

feae2b  No.14364


>I shove my fingers I his mouth.

"That's enough out of you for now slut… Suck my fingers. If you do a good job I might finger your slutty asshole."

b68082  No.14365


>He grabs Your wrist and pulls Your fingers out

/W-Wait! Ah'm not sure ah'm ready fer taht!/

feae2b  No.14366


"Trust me… I've taken bigger things than a finger up my butt…"

c7956c  No.14367


/Wha…N-No! Ah mean mahself!^

feae2b  No.14368


"Anon… you'll be fine."

c7956c  No.14369


>Applejack wants to reply but You silence him with a kiss. His nervousness quickly fades away

/…*fuah*…W-Waht now…?/

c7956c  No.14370

and good night

feae2b  No.14371


>I move my crotch up to his face and hover it over him.

"How about you suck on my peach… if you do a good job and behave like a good slut should, I'll reward you."

Post last edited at

c7956c  No.14372

File: 4b56c92e6184041⋯.png (79.53 KB, 500x500, 1:1, mayday-logo.png)

finally time for Mayday!

c7956c  No.14373

sorry, i won't have time to post tonight

0c0c53  No.14374


>Applejack replies with a raised eyebrow

/Ah thought taht Ah was supposed ta dominate Ya…/


0c0c53  No.14375

phew…that was amazing like always

feae2b  No.14376


"I'm just trying to show you how to do it… but if you think you can then go ahead."

80e204  No.14377


>Applejack smirks and grabs Your butt

/Ya really don't know waht Ya want rite now. Say it clearly/

80e204  No.14378

i just came back from a dentist and i don't feel too well. i'll write something later

feae2b  No.14379


>I grab his hands and pin him hard against the ground.

"Alright! There's only one way to deal with a smartass slut like you!"

>I turn him over on his face and bring my hand down hard on his lower cheeks.

"I think ten spankings should be enough to shut you up…"

80e204  No.14380


/Ow! Waht the hell?! Ow! Oh You…!/

>Applejack tries to swap Your positions but then realises that he's not in his own body right now so You're the stronger one

/Waht the…Gimmie back mah body!/

>Hah! You wish!

feae2b  No.14381


"Oh… I dont think so… You best behave or you'll get it even worse…"

>I bring my hand down again.

80e204  No.14382


/Ow! A-Anon…! Ow! Ow! F-Fahn! Just stahp…!/

feae2b  No.14383


"I dont think so AJ… You still have eight more to go."


80e204  No.14384


/W-Wait, Anon…! OW!/

>You slap his ass again. With a bit of sadistic satisfaction even if it's Your own body that You're spanking right now

>Applejack has no other choice but to endure all the remaining spankings. When You're done, Your palm feels a bit sore. That body has a lot of strength in it

>But to Your surprise, he's actually smiling. His reaction takes You off guard so You just freeze and let him talk

/…So taht's how Ya like it, huh…?/

>Wait, is that still a lesson…?

feae2b  No.14385


"Not that you need to know…"

>I grab his jewels and give them a fairly hard squeeze.

d95302  No.14386


>He still keeps smiling

/Careful with taht. Ya don't want ta damage these/

>Getting cocky, huh?

feae2b  No.14387


"I suppose you're right…"

>I move my hand to his rear entrance and shove three fingers up his ass.

"But I dont care about damaging this."

d95302  No.14388


>Your fingers quickly get to his prostate and make him react

/Whoa…So taht's how it feels/

d95302  No.14389

good night

a3f130  No.14390


"Mhm… pretty nice huh?"

>I start giving him a full prostate massage.

982848  No.14391


>Applejack's body responds with trembling and twitching. He also lets out an embarrassingly cute moan

/Nhah! I-Is so…Ah! Intense…! Hah! We don't have…Nah! Sumfin' like taht…Ah! B-Back 'ere…!/

982848  No.14392

ehhh…that was supposed to be posted hours ago

717bf6  No.14393

Noah, is everything okay?

0ab4b3  No.14394


"I know… look at all the fun you're missing out on."

>I shove the rest of my fingers inside and rub and massage his prostate.

0ab4b3  No.14395


Yeah. I was on planes all day today. I just got home

6eac20  No.14396

finally some time


We don't talk much lately…is everything fine?

6eac20  No.14397


Albania, huh?

and where's my name?

6eac20  No.14398

File: 9fa3bc45e47bb1e⋯.png (418.42 KB, 2823x3231, 941:1077, 1636327__explicit_artist-c….png)


/Nhah! I-Is so…Ah! Subtle fer us…Nhah! G-Girls…! B-But fer Ya…!~Oah! No wonder Ya…Mhah! like it so…Hah! Much 'ere…! Aah!/

>Sunset…and a few other girls taught me that i don't need my penis to be happy and sexually satisfied. I hated my cage at first but now i wouldn't mind wearing it all the time…even if i won't admit that loudly…

/Nhah! A-Ah guess ah'll…Nhah! Be focusin' on…Mhah! Taht part of Ya…Oah! Sum more frem…Aah! Now on…! Hah!/

>Good girl, Analjack…I mean, boy

0ab4b3  No.14399


"Good boy…"

>I move my other hand to his erection and slowly stroke it, barely stimulating him.

0ab4b3  No.14400


I'm doing fine. I've just been extra super busy with work ever since I became a lead technician.

22d24a  No.14401

File: af9724e0d947d1f⋯.jpeg (179.42 KB, 1200x1182, 200:197, 1862796__explicit_artist-….jpeg)


>Another lovely shiver runs through his entire body, forcing out a moan as the pleasant wave reaches his head

>One of his hands moves on its own and tries to speed up Yours but You grab his wrist and move it away. When You're sure that Applejack knows his place, You get back to slow stimulation

/Nhah! P-Please…Ah! Stroke harder…Mhah!/

22d24a  No.14402


at least one of us has his life sorted out…

0ab4b3  No.14403


"Hmm… I don't know… you've been a pretty naughty boy… Why should I?"

0ab4b3  No.14404


Meh. Just taking it one day at a time.

6fa576  No.14405



>Just "please", huh…?

0ab4b3  No.14406


"Kinda weak on the begging… you're gonna have to step it up, slut."

32bfc3  No.14407

File: c061f5b3746e2b3⋯.jpeg (128.98 KB, 1069x1127, 1069:1127, 759645__explicit_artist-c….jpeg)


/Nhah! Ah…Oah! Hah! Mhah! Ah'll promise ta…Nhah! Pay Ya back…Aah! Everythin' Ya do…Oah! Ta me rite now! Hah!

>Hmmm? Bargaining like that…Are You that desperate, Analjack? But then i totally understand You

0ab4b3  No.14408


"Hmm… a bargain eh? Alright but I get whatever I want from you… Deal?"

0ab4b3  No.14409

I'm glad you started posting pictures again Roger.

Makes the page more colorful.

Post last edited at

b1b564  No.14410

File: f431c2e6f96c4ee⋯.png (2.35 MB, 1267x1920, 1267:1920, 1369200__explicit_artist-c….png)


/Nhah! D-Deal!/

>Good gi…boy. Now…

b1b564  No.14411

File: d71e4ea512bd400⋯.png (185.84 KB, 1280x1344, 20:21, 1844423__explicit_artist-c….png)


Your slut is very happy to hear that

0ab4b3  No.14412



>I remove my hand and replace it with my mouth. Sucking him hard and deep.

eff02d  No.14413

File: 3ebe9016235c609⋯.png (2.02 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 1530230__explicit_alternat….png)


/Nhah! W-Wait! T-That's too…Oah! Ah!/

>Applejack grabs Your head and tries to stop You but there's no strength behind his arms. Clearly an invitation to continue

>You worship his dick, making sure to give extra love to all the sweet spots. And You know exactly where Your body loves it the most

>But You make sure to not give him too much penile pleasure. You want him to enjoy his soon-to-be-first prostate orgasm to it's fullest…Actually, maybe he'd like a pure one…?

eff02d  No.14414

dammit! that was supposed to be posted 3 hours ago

0ab4b3  No.14415


>I pull his dick out of my mouth and start fisting his asshole, hard.

"I think you'll like it this way better."

905cda  No.14416

File: 5e2092c670029d0⋯.jpeg (170.97 KB, 1197x1280, 1197:1280, 1881595__explicit_artist-….jpeg)


/Mhah! N-Not so…Haah! Hard! Mmmpphh…! ♥/

>Shut up and kiss me

>His entire body twitches violently each time Your fist delivers a thrust. You're almost punching his g-spot and it clearly is too much for him

>Your tongue enters his mouth and licks everything around. Soon his tongue gets more courageous and decides to poke Yours which quickly develops into hot licking session

>Applejack quickly wraps his arms around You like a good girl would. The fact that he's a boy now only makes it hotter

>Soon his entire body begins to shake and he hugs You harder. His voice gets louder and vibrates deep into Your mouth

>A few more thrusts and he reaches the climax. His dick happily jumps but all he lets out is a drop of two of precum

>Unimpressive orgasm down there but his body and mind sure are having fun right now. You hold him firmly in place as he experiences a brand new, blissful sensation

>You keep fisting him for a bit longer, extending the mind-blowing feeling so You can be sure that he can enjoy it to it's fullest. And guessing from his reaction, You're doing a fantastic job

>When his face tells You that he has enough, You slow down and then stop completely. You remove our hand from his ass and let him rest

>…Mmmm, he looks so overjoyed…I'd kiss You right now but i have something better for You…

>Without a warning You shove Your "filthy" fingers into his mouth. He quickly and eagerly starts sucking and licking them clean

>Such a sluttish behaviour…You will be a great anal slave…Or maybe i'll turn You into a fuck toy, who knows…

>…All this fun but i still feel very horny…Time to pleasure this wonderful body of Yours and right where it loves it the most…Do i still feel like doing the dominant part though…?

905cda  No.14417

now that i think of it, i could just post male version of Applejack instead of futa

oh, well…

0ab4b3  No.14418


"Alright… now it's your turn. Show me what you've learned."

>I get on my knees in a submissive position and wait for him to do something.

51d0d8  No.14419

File: 6b6dad124ba14d2⋯.png (883.63 KB, 666x1200, 111:200, 549614__explicit_artist-co….png)


/Uhhh…Ah'd prefer ta get back into mah body, please…/

0ab4b3  No.14420


"Oh yeah? One and done kinda night for you eh?"

51d0d8  No.14421

File: b30e51560b6c5f2⋯.jpeg (382.82 KB, 787x1300, 787:1300, 1039480__explicit_artist-….jpeg)


>Applejack smirks in reply

/Ah never said taht/


3e2f9b  No.14422


"Alright then."

>I concentrate on swapping bodies.

300947  No.14423

File: e78d0e0881c0561⋯.png (1.36 MB, 1729x935, 1729:935, 1882547__explicit_artist-c….png)



/…Whatcha doin'?/

>Oh…Oh, right, the necklace…

>You take off the necklace and try again. This time it's success

>When Applejack confirms that she's back in her body, she immediately pins You down and moves her face closer to Yours. Her grin almost intimidates You

^Now is mah turn…Ya won't be needin' dis fer now…^

>Saying that, she takes the necklace from You and puts in on her own neck. So she noticed…

>Now there's truly no escape for Me…I'm all Yours, Analjack…

>Without wasting time, she positions Your erection right under her asshole and then quickly impales herself. After then initial shiver, she positions herself properly and starts riding You

^Ah! Nhah! Ah needed taht! Hah! Oah!^

>She's riding You very vigorously and her body reacts just as intense. Her expression clearly indicates that she's been waiting for this

>Her eyes and smile tell, You that there's no stopping now until she's completely satisfied. You're stuck on this anal love ride

>I hope that You'll treasure this feeling, Analjack. I'd love if You would dominate me like that more often…ohhh, f-fuck…!

>But what You'd love right now is to hear how much of an anal slut You are

0ab4b3  No.14424


"You're such a dirty anal slut… Why don't you tell me about how much you love it? With lots of very vocal moans."

Post last edited at

300947  No.14425

File: ad47f1004651d02⋯.jpeg (260.9 KB, 951x1280, 951:1280, 1581324__explicit_artist-….jpeg)


You don't smack her ass because she pinned both Your arms to the ground

300947  No.14426

File: 6f1837e11099a93⋯.png (358.19 KB, 784x941, 784:941, 230855__explicit_artist-co….png)


/Nhah! A-Ah still can't…Mhah! Believe taht ah…Oah! Love it so much! Nhah! W-Why does it even…Ah! Feel so good, is…Mhah! The wrong hole! Oah! Hah!/

>Her eyes meet Yours and her grin grows even wider

/Nhah! W-Why wont'cha…Ah! Tell me how…Hah! Much Ya love it?!/

300947  No.14427

i fucked up and forgot to refresh. punish me

81bb1e  No.14428


"H-how much I like it or how much I like that you like it?"

300947  No.14429

^Nhah! Hah! Oh! B-Both! Oah!^

0ab4b3  No.14430


"Theres nothing I like more the a t-thick throbbing cock deep in my ass… but I also love that you love it. Now we can talk about it more t-together. Hah*… maybe sometime we can both be assfucked together in a foursome."

13a482  No.14431

File: 71b176f8a6bbf25⋯.jpg (227.17 KB, 844x900, 211:225, 353121__explicit_artist-co….jpg)


^Nhah! Y-Ya'd like…Oah! Sumfin' like taht?!^

0ab4b3  No.14432


"Hah*… Fuck yes I would. Both of us tied up and violated in the ass over and over again… Sounds like a dream to hmng* me… a wet dream."

2719fb  No.14433

File: 53f2e474107c7b2⋯.jpg (304.08 KB, 1528x2716, 382:679, 620099__questionable_artis….jpg)


^Nhah! Ah! B-But…^

>Applejack slows down and her face turns red. At first she avoids eye contact, being visibly embarrassed, but her gaze eventually meet Yours

^…Ah…Ah'd like if…if it was only Yer…member…^

f71b0f  No.14434

File: 636192932b0dc9b⋯.png (245.62 KB, 624x627, 208:209, 854146__safe_solo_rainbow ….png)

0ab4b3  No.14435


"Aww AJ… I love you too. But what if it was a strap on?"

f71b0f  No.14436

File: f7b7cc674e22088⋯.jpg (69.74 KB, 768x1024, 3:4, 706148__questionable_artis….jpg)


^Mhah! Ah! A-Ah guess…Oah! Is fine…! Hah!^

0ab4b3  No.14437


"If you dont want to then I'm more than happy to keep it between us, lovely."

cafd6a  No.14438

File: 5a718bbe3d90585⋯.png (128.35 KB, 373x534, 373:534, 788378__explicit_artist-co….png)


^Hah! Ah! A-Ah don't mind…Nhah! Sum extra…Oh! Butt fun…! Hah!^

>She says that as she smiles and winks at You

0ab4b3  No.14439


"G-good. Nothing better than getting a thick long prosthetic cock up your tight ass."

3a1f9c  No.14440

File: e814cb5a5ca3bf8⋯.png (586.08 KB, 976x1920, 61:120, 1455005__explicit_artist-c….png)


^Nhah! Y-Ya know…Ah! Better tahn me…! Oah!^

>You know, Analjack, one day i'd like You to use a strap-on on me as well…You're so strong and tough that You should be dominating me…

0ab4b3  No.14441


"I'm sure you'll get the opportunity to pound my slutty boy pussy with a strap on… Mistress…"

e8db20  No.14442

File: c5ba008742371e2⋯.jpg (140.73 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, 999058__questionable_artis….jpg)


^Mhah! A-Ah'll be…Oah! happy ta help…! Aah!^

>Good…Now release me because i need to hug and kiss You for being such a lovely girlfriend

0ab4b3  No.14443


"Hey A-Aj… How about a hug for your good boy?"

e8db20  No.14444

File: 3cf63b460d8ac24⋯.png (201.31 KB, 600x800, 3:4, 385085__artist needed_sour….png)


>Applejack slows down a bit and releases Your arms

^A hug…? Hah…Fahn…hah…^

0ab4b3  No.14445


>I grab her and pull her into a hug, kissing her passionately.

Post last edited at

46c2a3  No.14446

File: 489fc7f9411aa80⋯.png (2.36 MB, 2000x3000, 2:3, 1505532836011.png)


>Applejack replies with a lovely moan and her arms wrap around Your neck

>You quickly break the kiss and move Your lips lower. AJ leans back a bit to expose her front for You even more

>Her neck, then shoulders and then her breasts. You wrap Your lips around her nipple and suck on it like a newborn

>I can't wait to try the Apple family's breast milk…I have a feeling that it'll be even tastier than Your pee…

>Of course You'd let me milk You like a cow if i wanted, right? You're a naughty girl like that, right, Analjack?

0ab4b3  No.14447


"You should teach me how to milk… After you start lactating of course. I want to milk you like a cow."

46c2a3  No.14448

File: abeb9cd22233106⋯.jpeg (149.1 KB, 580x957, 20:33, 1046553__dead source_expl….jpeg)



0ab4b3  No.14449


"You know… milk you. If you dont mind that is…"

13b3a6  No.14450

File: 2350a399cabcc98⋯.png (4.43 MB, 2779x4000, 2779:4000, 1534135__explicit_artist-c….png)


^B-B-But taht's…^

>I know, i'm a pervert. That's why i'm…



>Applejack smiles warmly

^Ah'll let Ya do it…Ya naughty boy^

>Applejack, You…You're so…so…awesome!

0ab4b3  No.14451


"You're the most amazing girl ever AJ. I love you so much."

da6696  No.14452

File: f62ab9cfbb6a4f3⋯.jpg (135.78 KB, 1000x1104, 125:138, 103329__explicit_artist-co….jpg)


>You move Your mouth to her other nipple and start sucking. Your arms get her back into motion and she starts riding You again

^Nhah! A-Ah love Ya too…! Aah!^

>I'm so happy that You're my girlfriend…F-Fuck…! Your ass…!

>It keeps feeling better and better with each trust…Each time i go in, i crave for it and You more and more…

>I'm getting seriously addicted to You, Analjack, You better take responsibility…Anal sex every single night from now on just like promised…

>…F-Fuck, i'm getting close…! Same for You, guessing from Your face…Let's climax together…! Just a bit more…! Nnngghhh…! ♥

>You hug her tightly and shake violently as Your prostate tries to pump whatever is left inside You. As expected merely a few drops get out but the orgasm is just as intense as ever

>Unlike You, Applejack proudly squirts her love liquid all over Your belly as she climaxes just a few seconds later. Her squirt is accompanied with a loud and very satisfied moan

>Both of You embrace each other tightly as You share Your moment of bliss. When Your bodies calm down a bit, You fall back, pulling Applejack along with You

>You two rest like that for a longer bit. Applejack lying on top of You, still hugging You and smiling warmly as she listens to Your heartbeat

>You're not tired any more but none of You wants for this tender moment to end…You just lie there for a longer time, hugging and caressing each other before Applejack decides to break the silence

^…Next tahm leave sum…white stuff fer me…^

0ab4b3  No.14453


"Yeah sorry… that's Dash's fault. I left her alone in my body too long with Fluttershy…"

da6696  No.14454

File: 0d51a94df4005ec⋯.png (596.66 KB, 1000x870, 100:87, 1890716__explicit_artist-c….png)


^Rainbow Dash? Waht did she do?^

>Well…Something that i'm gonna do with You one day, hehehe…

0ab4b3  No.14455


"Fucked Fluttershy until she passed out from pleasure… Just like I'm gonna do to you…"

24e6d6  No.14456

File: f74f657d8aaabd5⋯.png (1.44 MB, 2893x4092, 263:372, 890442__explicit_artist-co….png)


^Rainbow did?! Wouldn't suspect 'er ta be such a wild beast^

>Me neither honestly…You girls can't deal with my superhuman sex drive

c1f366  No.14457

File: 1b2f2232e3e89aa⋯.jpg (94.89 KB, 1024x1024, 1:1, 1412306749334.jpg)

0ab4b3  No.14458


"Yeah I think it has something to do with my sex drive… Were you extra horny when you were in my body?"

0ab4b3  No.14459

File: 66dd8d75449eadf⋯.png (67.7 KB, 828x843, 276:281, 1418424334801.png)


Sorry Roger. I had a really busy day with girl yesterday.

39f505  No.14460

File: 0964e5019d31de8⋯.jpg (489.05 KB, 1200x1338, 200:223, 707132__safe_solo_flutters….jpg)


meanwhile i'm unloveable and will die all alone

39f505  No.14461

File: 5694a441987dc33⋯.jpg (106.6 KB, 857x1280, 857:1280, 992205__questionable_artis….jpg)


^Ah don't know…^

>Guess the time was too short…Fluttershy And Rainbow Dash spent some time in my body before the effects kicked in. Will remember that for any future events…

0ab4b3  No.14462


"Probably didnt spend enough time in my body… Anyways… what now lovely?"

0ab4b3  No.14463


That's not true Roger. You'll find someone.

6e7b18  No.14464

File: 16fa5db3eee23c0⋯.jpg (49.35 KB, 945x708, 315:236, 1180638__safe_solo_flutter….jpg)


how can anyone ever love a miserable internet child such as me?

6e7b18  No.14465

File: 798a2aafe4e139a⋯.png (717.03 KB, 1540x2000, 77:100, 1507770__explicit_artist-c….png)


^Is pretty late so ah guess is time ta go back…^

>She pauses for a moment and her expresson gets more serious

^…And prove ta Ya taht mah sister is innocent^

>Just like her big sis…

^Ya'll see tomorrow. Just Ya wait^

>You better get plenty of rest because i expect some hot incest tomorrow…after i spend some time alone with Apple Bloom. She deserves a proper date…Anyway, let's go

>Both of You get up. Applejack picks up her clothes. You pick up Yours and reach for chasity belt

>She notices the device in Your hand and looks at You. Her cheeks get a bit red and her expression get a bit shy

^…D…Do ah hafta wear it…? Ah mean…We'll be doin' it every nite frem now on…^

>I don't know, Analjack…Should You wear it…?

87e2aa  No.14466

File: 706fd58a350c2aa⋯.png (267.07 KB, 720x720, 1:1, 002691.png)

lemme guess…busy day with a girl

b65e43  No.14467


"A good girl would wear it…"

b65e43  No.14468


Yeah sorry Roger. If I have the opportunity I gotta fuck her.

07f618  No.14469

File: 0228f433cad54f3⋯.png (2.07 MB, 3200x3300, 32:33, 1895839__explicit_artist-c….png)


^W-Wasn't ah a good girl…?^

>You were fantastic, Analjack…But i still kinda want to torment You…But then You're not Fluttershy so it's not that entertaining…

>Applejack notices that You're unsure and decides to act. With a naughty smile on her face, she moves right in front of You, turns around, grabs Your wrists and wraps Your arms around her neck while making sure that her butt cheeks hug Your penis

^…Ya wouldn't put taht on me after all the dirty things ah did…and will do ta Ya, would Ya…?^

>U-Unf…Using Your sexuality like that…Where did You even learn that?

07f618  No.14470

File: 9731a028a646463⋯.png (256.86 KB, 427x655, 427:655, 1464665666490.png)


yeah, sure, i can wait…i'm the obvious second option here…*sniff*

0ab4b3  No.14471


"Fine… but I want a drink. I'm a bit thirsty after all the fucking and I think you have just the thing to help me out."

0ab4b3  No.14472


You're not Roger… I love you. But I also love having sex.

4267e7  No.14473

File: 663187f59f79c68⋯.png (1.89 MB, 787x1102, 787:1102, 822188__questionable_artis….png)


^S-Sure…Ya dirty boy^

>You unwrap Your arms and get on Your knees right in front of her. She moves closer and positions herself

^Open wide en'enjoy the fresh Apple family cider…^

>You stick Your mouth and wait. She bites her lower lip and a second later Your mouth gets filled with her delicious juice

>You wrap Your arms around her hips and drink everything she had inside. And her bladder is very generous tonight

>About a minute later, there's not a single drop left to offer but that doesn't stop You. You start licking and sucking, forcing out a moan

^W-Whoa 'ere…Ahhh…Ya want sum extra…?^

4267e7  No.14474

File: 16fa5db3eee23c0⋯.jpg (49.35 KB, 945x708, 315:236, 1180638__safe_solo_flutter….jpg)


well, at least one of us can enjoy it…

4267e7  No.14475

File: 31f68f86403102a⋯.png (2.59 MB, 2000x2300, 20:23, 1462241105421.png)

good night

going to sleep…alone…forever…

0ab4b3  No.14476



>I say with a mouthful of Applejack.

62c789  No.14477

File: 9503cc6c385e447⋯.jpeg (360.12 KB, 1135x1920, 227:384, 957020__explicit_artist-c….jpeg)


^F-Fahn…Oh…A-Ah don't mind…Ah! At all…Nhah! ♥^

>…*lick* *lick* Mmmm…Such a delicious, juicy apple…*slurp *suck*…She must've been tingling so much after all this time in chastity…*kiss* *slurp*…

>…So much leakage…*slurp* *gulp* *suck*…You're more generous than Rarity…*lick* *lick*…Though i haven't got many occasions for a French kiss with Rarity's little girl so i can't really compare…

>…Maybe i should…*lick* *kiss*…Or maybe You should…*kiss* *suck*…What do You say about some more lesbian fun, Analjack?^

533b42  No.14478


"Mmmm…. have you ever thought about doing naughty things with Rarity? I bet you'd like it…"

62c789  No.14479

File: fc12e7d4687be42⋯.png (351.1 KB, 740x604, 185:151, 1131499__questionable_edit….png)


^R-Rarity…? Mhah! W-Why 'er? Hah!^

0ab4b3  No.14480


"I dont know. She could learn something about generosity with how much juice you leak…"

cd094f  No.14481

File: e2497b466ca60bd⋯.png (2.03 MB, 2000x2600, 10:13, 1503657__questionable_arti….png)


^B-But Rarity is…! Mhah!^

>You stop licking to let her speak. She takes a deep breath

^W-Well…Rarity is…Ah mean…We're good friends but…W-Would she even want ta do sumfin' like taht with me?^

>Oh, Analjack…The real question is: Would YOU do something like that with her…

0ab4b3  No.14482


"Well… would you want to do that with Rarity?"

aea25b  No.14483


^Ah don't know…A-Ah don't see why not…^

>Sounds more courageous…You're improving, Analjack

0ab4b3  No.14484


"Good… so do it. Sometimes, AJ, you just have to take what you want."

6b4bfd  No.14485

File: df44760f3ea70ed⋯.jpeg (406.85 KB, 1138x1608, 569:804, 1890484__explicit_artist-….jpeg)


^B-But ah'm not sure 'bout thiiiah!^

>Shhh…*kiss* *lick* *gulp*…I get it, You're a bit shy about it…*lick* *lick* *slurp*…I'll arrange something for You, don't worry…*kiss* *lick* *suck*…Meanwhile i'll take what i want…

>Her legs become weak. Applejack survives Your tongue entering her baby hole but when You shove the tip of Your tongue into her pee hole while Your upper lip rubs her clit, she collapses

>You simply let her kneel and then gently push her back, pick up and spread her legs and dig Your face into her crotch again. Your arms wrap around her legs tightly so there's no escape now

>Your tongue goes back to her love love and goes as deep as it cans. Then it goes wild, jumping, swirling and twisting in every direction possible

>Applejack's body synchronises perfectly, jumping and twitching whenever Your muscle makes a sharp move. All of this accompanied with her ecstatic voice

>Her shaking legs wrap around You tightly, letting You know that You're not keeping her captive but she keeps You. It's a clear "i'm not letting You go until You finish", not that You planned otherwise

>Nhah! Ah! Oah! A-Ah'm gettin'…Nhah! Close…! Aah! Nhah! AH!! AAAH!!^

>*Lick* *kiss* *suck*Good girl, let it all out…*suck* *gulp* *gulp* *gulp*…Mmmm, delicious…*gulp* *gulp* *gulp*…

>Applejack gives Your thirsty mouth another generous amount of her love juices. You just calmly drink until the flow stops, then give her love button a "thank You" kiss and move Your head back

>You lie next to her and hug her with one arm. Both of You stay like that for several minutes, enjoying each other's warmth until she completely calms down and rests. She has a wide, joyful smile and You smile back just as happily

^…Ah love Ya…^

b65e43  No.14486


>I give her a quick kiss on the lips.

"I love you too, sweetheart."

6b4bfd  No.14487

File: 5dfc0f84e0ddb19⋯.png (1.34 MB, 1122x1518, 17:23, 1343628__explicit_artist-c….png)


^…Ah think is tahm ta go back^

>Let's go then

>Both of You get up and put Your clothes on. You pick up the chastity belt again but this time it doesn't make Applejack react

>Not afraid of it any more, huh…? That's fine, soon You won't feel the difference…My lovely anal loving cowgirl…

>Both of You walk back and soon are in front of unit 16. Applejack, a bit shyly, decides to kiss You again

^Well…See Ya tomorrow, pardner…^

>she pauses for a moment

^…Come ta see me in the mornin' so ah can hide in Yer closet and see fer mahself how mah sis really is. Unless Ya have sum other plan^

0ab4b3  No.14488


"Okay lovely… I will. But are you sure you want see it?"

264960  No.14489

File: 900f24514348f58⋯.png (212.6 KB, 636x923, 636:923, 1255387__questionable_arti….png)


^Well, we have a deal^

>Ah, yes…If You're right, i won't say such things about Bloom. But if i'm right, You will have sex with her whenever i want…something like that…

0ab4b3  No.14490


"If you're right I cant say naughty things about her, if I'm right you have to have sex with her…"

264960  No.14491


^Yep. Taht was the deal^

>So not only You will pleasure me with Your ass every single night but also i will now be able to order You to have sex with her whenever i feel like it…Oh, Analjack, You're so screwed…both literally and figuratively…

>But i'll be a nice guy and ask for Your sister's permission first before i unleash You on her…Maybe even at least listen to what You have to say…

>Applejack moves her had up for a handshake. You accept the "deal" and almost feel bad for her because of how confident she smirks at You

^Well, good nite, pardner^

>When she turns around, You gently slap her ass. She turns her head at You, replies with a smirk and then disappears behind the door. Such a lovely girl…

>You quietly go back into Your own unit. It's a full night now and the little trio is already sleeping peacefully, reminding You of how bad of a babysitter You are

>But that changes in the next three days, i promise. You'll get all the love and care that You deserve…Oooaaah…Let's go to sleep…

>You quietly slip into the bed and get comfy. It's been a looong and tiring day, and Rainbow Dash used up most of all the remaining stamina, so You fall asleep in like 10 seconds flat…

>You open up Your eyes. It's late morning

>Girls are still sleeping but when You leave the bed, they wake up. They look so cute when they sleep but their morning faces are also a pleasure to watch

"Nnnmmm…Mornin' Anon…"

*…Good morning*


>It takes a moment for Apple Bloom but she eventually figures out what day it is today. Her sleepy expression turns into an excited one

"'Ey! Taday is de day!"


"Taday ah spend tahm with Anon!"

*Oh, right…*

>Sweetie Belle grins and the "teasing" starts. She gently elbows Bloom

*…So today is finally the day when You'll lose Your virginity. You will look so cute with a pregnant belly*

"S-Sweetie Belle…!"

Not this again

*This applies to You as well. And Your breasts will finally start growing*

What the hell?

"At least Ya will stay virgin. Ya know, because Ya love it in the ass"

*Hah! I will be the one to put a bag of ice on Your sore butt when Your date is over*

>Maybe You would interrupt this conversation but they seem to be having a good time…And they're telling the truth…Anyway, lemme just sit there and You can continue

>Apple Bloom and Sweetie Belle continue for a bit longer, with Scootaloo not being happy about it, but Sweetie eventually decides to finish

*Okay, Scoot, let's give those two some privacy*

>She looks at You before You have a chance to talk

*We'll ask Fluttershy to look after us*

>When You act so responsibly, i don't think that You need a guardian any more…

0ab4b3  No.14492


"I mean… you're responsible young girls… I suppose you don't really need a babysitter. Just if you decide not to get a babysitter please make good decisions."

264960  No.14493

File: f0963733f9ec163⋯.png (688.12 KB, 892x766, 446:383, CMC_dancing_at_Fall_Formal….png)


>All three of them suddenly look at You. Their stares makes You think that You just said something bad

*Wow, Anon. That was…*

"…Very kind of Ya"


*I'm glad to hear that You trust us so much. We'll make sure that You won't lose that trust in us, right?*



>Awww, how nice…I mean, soon all of You will become…mature so You can have more freedom, right?

>They grow up so fast…While still having delicious loli bodies…This is heaven…

*Okay, Scootaloo, let's go*

>Both SB and Scoot leave the bungalow. Apple Bloom look at You, smiling and blushing a bit

"So…Waht now?"

0ab4b3  No.14494


>I lean in an give her a passionate kiss.

"Well, how about breakfast first lovely?"

5624a7  No.14495

File: e0da89ac12abc98⋯.jpg (113.28 KB, 414x700, 207:350, 9345__safe_solo_humanized_….jpg)



>Both of You leave the bungalow and go towards the hotel. On Your way there You notice that Apple Bloom hasn't say a word and in general looks a bit shy

>Could it be that my little Apple feels a bit nervous because of her very first date…? I understand, it's a big thing for You. I'll make sure that everything will be perfect…

>You two get to the hotel restaurant and take a look at the menu. You decide to go for a French toast with avocado and Bloom takes apple pancakes. Her choice doesn't surprise You in the slightest

>While You're eating, You think about the plan once again. You have to let Applejack know so she can hide somewhere and then do the…naughty part with Apple Bloom

>But the question is when and where? Is it better to wait with it or maybe do it straight away?

>Apple Bloom is kinda like Applejack says but then she's also a little kinky devil. You're not sure if she would mind if You went straight to the business

>Gotta think about it…And like right now…

0ab4b3  No.14496


>Well… I suppose we'll see where we can take it. Not sure how I'll get away for long enough to tell AJ though…

"So Apple Bloom, have you enjoyed your vacation?"

Post last edited at

2d5266  No.14497

File: 904790ab55c937a⋯.png (230.31 KB, 407x732, 407:732, 933970__safe_solo_humanize….png)


"Ah definitely did. Dis place is amazin'!"

>And it's still not over yet. I'll do my best to make sure that You will enjoy this date

"Thank Ya fer takin' me 'ere"

0ab4b3  No.14498


"No problem lovely. I'm happy you're here with me."

>I lean over and give her a smooch.

2d5266  No.14499

File: f413d50772f2c09⋯.png (421.21 KB, 684x896, 171:224, 682571__safe_solo_humanize….png)


>She blushes again, making You want to pull her into a tight hug and squeeze all the air out of her

"A-Anon…Not 'ere…"

>Too damn cute!

0ab4b3  No.14500


"You're so cute Apple Bloom… I could kiss you forever."

>I give her four more quick kisses all over her face, ending on her lips.

2d5266  No.14501

File: b260c8557f10433⋯.png (193.96 KB, 600x900, 2:3, 934245__safe_solo_humanize….png)


"A-Anon, stahp…Is embarassin'…"

>She blushes even more but her smile remains

0ab4b3  No.14502


"I love you, Apple Bloom."

18eba2  No.14503

File: 6036bfdb2a55a26⋯.png (1.47 MB, 1024x1228, 256:307, 872832__safe_solo_humanize….png)


>She looks around, feeling even more embarrassed by Your words but can't hide the fact that she likes what she hears

"D…Do Ya always start Yer dates like dis?"

0ab4b3  No.14504


"Mmm… Kinda. Depends on the girl."

18eba2  No.14505

File: cadb9b4b1991925⋯.png (401.1 KB, 531x782, 531:782, 808407__solo_humanized_sug….png)


"Ah see…And waht kind of girl ah look like ta Ya…?"

b65e43  No.14506


"An amazingly smart girl with good tastes and a hot body…"

>I give her a wink.

18eba2  No.14507

File: 215571c07d11fb7⋯.jpg (69.34 KB, 652x1152, 163:288, 796044__safe_solo_humanize….jpg)


"Awww, shucks, Anon"

>She looks around, even more embarrassed than before. You would gladly tease her even more if it wasn't for your food that just came

>Both of You dig in and quickly finish Your meals, then go outside. Apple Bloom looks at You, curiously

"So, where now?"

0ab4b3  No.14508


"Well… it's a secret."

>I grab her hand.

"But here, follow me."

>I head towards the dock to rent us some jet skis.

>Time to find a remote area that we can explore.

c906f5  No.14509

File: a3ef5e230312026⋯.jpg (93.23 KB, 600x450, 4:3, 42.jpg)


>Apple Bloom looks at You questioningly as You drag her to the dock but when You approach the jet skis, she explodes with enthusiasm

"Awww, taht's cool! Never tried one of these!"

>I knew You'd like it. Let's ride them together

>You rent two jet skis, put on the swim vests and soon are cutting the water surface at high speed as You move away from the land. The lagoon looks amazing and is big enough to have lots of nice places to see

>It doesn't take long to find a few tiny and uninhabited islands. Perfect place to set a foot onto

b65e43  No.14510


>I look over at her and point to the largest of the islands.

"Let's go to that one!"

>I shout to her.

c906f5  No.14511

File: 99d629f1643b713⋯.jpg (311.11 KB, 1476x1181, 1476:1181, Bora-Bora_2012010-1.jpg)


>She waves at You as a confirmation and then follows You as You approach the island. A few moments later both of You hit the shore and get off the jet skis

>A pretty small island with a miniature jungle and not a single human being around. Makes You feel like a castaway, which You wouldn't mind with such a good company

>Apple Bloom looks around, enjoying the view but also being curious as to why You brought her here

0ab4b3  No.14512


"Come on. Let's walk around and check it out. Maybe we'll find something cool."

535cf6  No.14513

File: a9564527d822d1a⋯.png (1.23 MB, 1200x1230, 40:41, 809419__safe_solo_humanize….png)



>You take a trip around the island that now looks even smaller than before, yet has a nice patch of jungle where You could hide easily

>As expected, nobody has ever tried to build anything here. It's completely natural, making You feel like an intruder but You don't plan to interfere with environment here so it should be fine

>Just a minute of walk and You end up on the other side of the island. There's a nice view of the ocean that surrounds the island

"Hey, look! A seashell!"

>Apple Bloom picks up one small seashell and shows it to You. Pretty small and intact, perfect to make a necklace or something…Which might not be a bad idea to make, even if You can just simply buy them

>…Which reminds You that You should think about buying some souvenirs. Gotta take everyone on the departure day to the local shops and buy some mementos…

>As You think about all the things You saw for sale, You realise that Apple Bloom just disappeared from in front of You. You turn around and see her gathering the shells along the beach. Obviously You join her

>Both of You spend the next half an hour on picking up seashells, showing them to each other, comparing and rating and finally keeping the nicest ones. At some point Apple Bloom asks for a moment of rest and takes a seat on the beach

"Phew! Is pretty hot teday…"

>Indeed temperature today is higher than usual. Plus walking on the beach in full sun plus bending and squatting fro the shells not to mention that walking on the sand is tiring enough…You also could use a break

>You sit next to the Apple Bloom and both of You just stare at the horizon. The darker blue of the ocean fades into a lighter tone of the sky at the line where they touch, making it look like someone painted it

>Not a single cloud is to be seen and wind keeps the water calm, which only adds to the effect. Hard to believe that it's a natural view

>But Your eyes quickly turn to look at another natural beauty. Silky amaranth hair, smooth, pale yellow skin, two, big, beautiful gamboge eyes and she's sitting right next to You

>It doesn't take her long to feel Your stare. Her head turns at You and her eyes meet Yours


0ab4b3  No.14514


"Nothing… I guess I never realized how pretty you are. I'm glad I'm out here with you."

>I lean over and give her a long, passionate kiss.

535cf6  No.14515

File: 543726b59724e4b⋯.jpg (790.59 KB, 1500x1660, 75:83, 779171__safe_solo_humanize….jpg)


>A bit shy at first, Bloom quickly accepts You. She doesn't mind when Your tongue goes into her mouth and greets it with her own

>Both of You lose Yourselves in the kiss…You even a bit too much

>Before You realise, You're already above her and one of Your hands is invading her shirt. You seriously need to learn to control Your urges…

>You break the kiss and stare deeply into her now shimmering eyes. Her cheerful smile is replaced with a lewdly open mouth that just enjoyed a pleasurable kiss and wouldn't mind a bit more of it

>Her face is red and her expression is a mix of insecurity, arousal and shyness. She's a bit nervous but also looks ready for anything

>I…Isn't it too soon for that…?

0ab4b3  No.14516


"I love you Apple Bloom. But I um… didnt mean to take it this far yet."

>I get off of her.


535cf6  No.14517

File: 425d01c459ffc70⋯.png (38.34 KB, 133x318, 133:318, 382942__safe_solo_apple+bl….png)


"T-Taht's fahn…Ah mean…We're gonna do dis eventually"

>Now You make it sound like i'm forcing You into this

>You look away, a bit ashamed of Yourself. Apple Bloom notices the bad aura around You and decides to cheer You up somehow. She gently elbows You and smirks

"…Yer quite a beast, aren't Ya?"

b65e43  No.14518


"Yeah… I should probably learn more self control."

a70609  No.14519

File: b153c2c90c92b18⋯.jpg (170.31 KB, 1200x1600, 3:4, 797__safe_solo_humanized_c….jpg)


"Fer a second ah thought taht Yer gonna hafe Yer way with me…Taht would explain dis deserted ahland"

>What, You thought that i brought You here so i would fuck You all day long, with no chance for anyone to find us and intervene? Because…Well, that idea does turn me on to be honest…

>Anyway, You don't sound very opposed to that idea…Could it be that i'm the only on who's holding back?

>Ehhh…Let's have a proper date first…Besides i need to show Applejack…

b65e43  No.14520


"Not a bad idea but maybe we should wait for a little while. Don't want to rush into it."

a70609  No.14521

File: 50252a77d96a49d⋯.png (65.96 KB, 756x756, 1:1, 21495__safe_solo_monochrom….png)


>Apple Bloom decides to tease You a bit

"Huh? And i thout taht dis is waht Ya do on Yer dates. Straite to de business"

0ab4b3  No.14522

"Haha very funny. That's not entirely false though…"

>I pull my underwear, shorts, and shirt off getting completely nude.

"Anyways, wanna go skinny dipping?"

Post last edited at

a70609  No.14523

File: be27cc19b5dee57⋯.jpg (120.22 KB, 525x700, 3:4, 757277__safe_solo_humanize….jpg)


"A-Anon! R-Rite now?! Here?!"

0ab4b3  No.14524


"Well yeah, duh. We're far away from prying eyes. Besides it feels nice to swim nude. You feel so much freer. Of course you dont have to if you're self conscious or something then I totally understand."

a70609  No.14525

File: 1740082dfb4fceb⋯.jpeg (213.53 KB, 1500x1660, 75:83, 03a6fbb434918c9433b511e88….jpeg)


"W-Well, ah guess is fahn…"

>Any doubt she had disappears when she sees You naked. She quickly removes her clothes and stands in front of You in all her naked glory

>A bit shy at first, her reaction quickly does a 180 and a smirk shows up on her face once again. And You even know why

"Yer gonna swim with taht?"

>She points her finger at Your twitching erection

7de1b1  No.14526


"Of course… unless you want to help me with it."

>I give her a wink.

1c233f  No.14527

File: 6475b63a8fd1f8a⋯.png (644.85 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 3d903d8830a916b2e26002bc42….png)



>She crosses her arms and smiles wider

"Ya said ta wait fer a lil' while"

>Defeated by my own words…

7de1b1  No.14528


"Well… I mean if you want to blow me that's different than just full on sex."

1c233f  No.14529

File: 5d975de77661af2⋯.png (330.64 KB, 900x1266, 150:211, 53f2c72e6d340fac29a2b671ad….png)


"Lookin' fer excuses?"

>W-Well, i wouldn't put it like that…

>To Your surprise AB gets very close to You and looks up, staring right into Your eyes. And You like the way she looks at You

"Ah don't really mind…Ah've done dis before already…"

>That moment when part of Your brain still feels like waiting but the rest of it, Your dick and that delicious, seductive girl doesn't…

7de1b1  No.14530


"Show me. Let's see if you're any better at it. And then I'll do you after."

1c233f  No.14531

File: 632234f7b5dcaad⋯.png (342.34 KB, 806x1100, 403:550, 0b6d7bacc5fa978d32d9be3b5b….png)


>Bloom replies with a nod and goes down on her knees. Oh boy, so we're doing it too soon after all…

>She stares at Your manhood from different angles, like she's not sure how to approach him. Finally her mouth opens and she puts the tip into her mouth

>Your dick twitches as You feel her tongue giving Your slit a first lick. Then another, and another and at this point You just relax and enjoy

>After her tongue her lips get to work. Then shortly after her entire head and the "proper" fellatio begins

>She's…well, amateurish at this but this is Your first pleasure today plus her age and size make this super hot. Soon Your hand end up on top of her head which seems to make her pleased

>You pet her head as she slowly takes more and more of Your length. Her eyes look up at You, waiting for Your reaction…Or more precisely opinion

7de1b1  No.14532


"Not bad… You could use a little polishing but overall I like what I feel, you dirty loli slut."

>I pet her head some more and gesture for her to continue.

1c233f  No.14533

File: f8641e522e1d286⋯.png (327.04 KB, 806x1100, 403:550, bf3329d70a03ca0a3a1c9a48f6….png)


>She seems to take Your words as a challenge because her eyes fire up. She stops for a moment, takes a deep breath through her nose and takes Your pole deeper into her mouth

>Gag reflexes make her pull back but she slowly covers more and more of Your length with her saliva. You just observe her with a bit of amazement and pride since she's deep throating herself for You

>What she doesn't realise is that while she's busy getting all the way to Your balls, her tongue and throat muscles do a fantastic job at pleasuring You. When she finally reaches her goal, You're already pretty close to cumming

>As her next gag reflex makes her pull out, You grab her head so the tip still stays in her mouth and fill it up with Your big load. You take her by surprise but she swallows most if it, leaving the last bit in her mouth

>When You pull out, she savours Your sperm for a bit before swallowing it in one, loud gulp. Then she looks up at You again

"Did i do good?"

1c233f  No.14534



these pictures should be swapped. oh, well…

7de1b1  No.14535


"Hah*… yeah, very. Thank you Apple Bloom."

>I get on my knees and give her a quick smooch.

"Now it's your turn."

1c233f  No.14536

File: 6ce05f4918f3767⋯.png (113.98 KB, 303x649, 303:649, 743246__humanized_question….png)


>As You finish Your sentence, You suddenly feel that something is odd. It takes You a moment to realise what

>Wait a minute…Did she just said "I"? Her usual accent was a bit off. What the…

"Wha…Is somethin' rong?"

>There! Again!

1c233f  No.14537

File: d6a790b98400e82⋯.png (124.54 KB, 768x934, 384:467, 1412534594656.png)

i expected you to just compliment her but i can work with that. important stuff happening

7de1b1  No.14538


"Apple Bloom… what's up with your accent? I*? Don't you normally say Ah*?"

>I say putting a country accent on the last word.

1c233f  No.14539

File: b153c2c90c92b18⋯.jpg (170.31 KB, 1200x1600, 3:4, 797__safe_solo_humanized_c….jpg)


"I…Ah don't know. D-Did it changed?"

>Y-Yeah…That's…great! Applejack was worried about You feeling alienated because of Your strong accent but this is an improvement

>But…That was so suddenly…What could cause that? All we did was…Wait a fucking minute…!

1c233f  No.14540

File: ea922ef55ab0a93⋯.jpg (356.51 KB, 582x555, 194:185, 1463928728736.jpg)

this is so naughty and devious…i'm ashamed of myself

1c233f  No.14541

File: 31f68f86403102a⋯.png (2.59 MB, 2000x2300, 20:23, 1462241105421.png)

good night

7de1b1  No.14542


"I wonder if it has something to do with the throat fucking you gave me… We should experiment more.:

1c233f  No.14543

File: 30aee9b494c656a⋯.png (907.32 KB, 1328x1980, 332:495, a40007f4171d185e965c439336….png)


"Ya think so?"

>Well, there's one way to check…You wave Your hand at her in a welcoming manner


>Apple Bloom goes down again, positions herself and swallows Your cock again. A bit of adjusting then a deep breath and she deep throats herself

>You can feel Your crown sliding down her gulp. Her throat muscles twitch and squeeze, trying to push back the intruder but she takes it like a champion

>Everything around Your rod moves around, squeezing and massaging Your entire length as she fights with the reflex. Maybe that's why her accent was different…

>You pet her head and stare into her eyes to calm her down. She might not feel the best right now but she wants to do her best

>And holy shit, this feels great…This childish mouth feels fantastic…She has potential…Mmmm…F-Fuck…!

>Apple Bloom continues the "test" while You cheer her up. She's salivating a lot and making lots of loud, wet noises

>At some point tears start rolling down, making You feel like she's overdoing it but she insists on continuing so You just wipe her eyes and cheeks. This continues for a few minutes until You just can't hold back any more and shoot Your load again, this time directly into her gulp

>Bloom waits for You to finish and then pulls Your dick out. She swallows whatever was left in her mouth and…

"…I think i did better than before…"

>Apple Bloom, Your accent! It sounds much better!

>Holy shit! I can not believe that this works!

>This sounds like a silly plot from some hentai dōjin! But it somehow works!

>Damn…The problem solved itself before i even attempted to do anything…

>I was thinking of some spelling exercises or something but this…This is sooo much better

"W-Well? How do ah sound like?"

>You lost it a bit…Guess that You just need more training…

1c233f  No.14544

File: b3557229bd4b422⋯.png (138.69 KB, 901x1395, 901:1395, 486024__safe_artist-colon-….png)

this is so bad and perverted…i bet that You're disappointed in Your writeslut

0ab4b3  No.14545


"Well well well… looks like I found a solution. I was supposed to teach you to speak more properly… and now I have a way. So our daily lessons start today."

>I get on my knees.

"But for now, how about I repay you for letting me deepthroat you twice now."

0ab4b3  No.14546


I know Roger… you're such a pervert. I should punish you for being such a slut.

e649d4  No.14547

File: 7a07d1768630b24⋯.png (424.02 KB, 761x846, 761:846, bccb46a709d69fc5805bbecf46….png)


>She just replies with a lewd smirk

"We've done dis before too"

e649d4  No.14548


how about some "accent lessons"?

0ab4b3  No.14549


"Well then lets make it a second time…"

e649d4  No.14550

File: f3106de267bd70a⋯.jpeg (24.44 KB, 410x530, 41:53, 6e9e3ebd6dcb76318f951182c….jpeg)


"Is it to help me with mah accent or Ya just can't hold back any more?"

>You little, naughty girl…

0ab4b3  No.14551


"I'm just trying to return the favor. If you dont want it then we'll just go swimming."

>I give her a hard smack on the ass.

"Make your choice slut."

e649d4  No.14552

File: 425d01c459ffc70⋯.png (38.34 KB, 133x318, 133:318, 382942__safe_solo_apple+bl….png)


"Is taht also how Ya treat girls on dates?"

>She smirks slyly like she knows the answer already. You're not gonna deny that in some cases this does happen…

0ab4b3  No.14553


"Eh… sometimes. Depends on the person. But anyway I'm not going to sit here on my knees all day with my mouth open waiting for you to make up your mind… Do you want it or not?"

>I say with an unamused look.

e649d4  No.14554

File: 7a07d1768630b24⋯.png (424.02 KB, 761x846, 761:846, bccb46a709d69fc5805bbecf46….png)


>One more smirk from her

"Ah should be askin' Ya taht. Ah said ah don't mind…"

>She pushes her butt a tiny bit further, moving her crotch even closer to Your face

0ab4b3  No.14555


>I grab her by the hips and pull her crotch into my mouth. I start to lick her as deep and hard as I can, paying extra attention to her love button.

9e2eeb  No.14556

File: e9fd36c4dc5c82d⋯.png (2.04 MB, 2000x2600, 10:13, 751efb5cfa048b9f8468cd859c….png)


>Apple Bloom replies with a loud, naughty moan and wraps her upper body around Your head. Her entire body starts twitching and begging for more

>When her legs lose all strength, You decide to pick her up and put her on Your shoulders, her crotch right in Your face. Then, using gravity, You impale her delicious girlhood onto Your tongue, drilling it deep into her baby hole and licking her hymen

>Her petite girl is just as generous with love juice production as Applejack's. You fill the air around You with lots of slurping and gulping noises as You drink her special apple juice

>Bloom holds Your head tightly with both her arms and legs and tries not to lose balance but Your tongue makes it extra hard for her as it drills into her love hole. You want to taste and caress every little bit inside her little virgin

>It's so tight and so lively as it convulses around Your muscle and so not ready for all Your experience and love. Maybe it's too much for her and You would hold back a bit but she's so tasty that You just want to give her everything and take everything so You keep tongue fucking her as fast and hard as You can

"Mhah! Nhah! Aah! W-Wait! Oah! Hah! N-Not so…Mhah! H-Hard! Ah! Hah! Hah! AH! OH!! AAAH!!!"

>You don't go easy on her even a tiny bit so she ends up climaxing. A gush of warm urine shoots right into Your thirsty mouth just to be quickly swallowed

>You continue Your oral assault on her until she squeezes out the very last drop and then decide to slow down. When You completely stop, her arms give up and she falls back

>You catch her in Your arms and then take to back to the beach. You place her on the sand, get on top of her and start planting kisses all over her body, starting from her love button and working Your way up

>When You finally reach her head, You back off a bit and stare deeply into her shimmering eyes. Her eyes focus on You as well and a bit, warm smile shows up on her cute face, her mouth still open wide as she tries to catch her breath

"Hah…hah…hah…Is taht…hah…Waht Ya call…hah…skinny dipping…? Hah…"

9e2eeb  No.14557

File: 97dd6452078855b⋯.gif (1.76 MB, 1280x1311, 1280:1311, a79f4f42e648599e0ed18e22d4….gif)

merry xxx-mas, Noah

i hope that at least You're enjoying it

0ab4b3  No.14558


"Hehe… maybe. But perhaps we should actually go skinny dipping… before I decide to take it further."

0ab4b3  No.14559


Meh still Christmas Eve for me. It's been mostly uneventful.

0ab4b3  No.14560

File: 1aa014b18755677⋯.jpg (238.76 KB, 999x799, 999:799, 5674e84d2136c2bd64ee3139c2….jpg)

Merry Christmas Roger!!!

84818a  No.14561

File: f3106de267bd70a⋯.jpeg (24.44 KB, 410x530, 41:53, 6e9e3ebd6dcb76318f951182c….jpeg)


"Hokay…But first…"

>Her arms wraps around Your head and she pulls You into a kiss. You give her one extra minute of tender, oral love before moving away

>Apple Bloom slowly gets up and then You both get back into the water. When You're knees deep into the water, You suddenly get splashed. So that's how it is…!

84818a  No.14562


this time it was meh for me

0ab4b3  No.14563


>I splash her back trying to outdo her spash with a bigger one.

"You're gonna lose this war Apple Bloom!"

f34358  No.14564

File: d58837850662cfb⋯.png (451.88 KB, 542x735, 542:735, 645010__humanized_suggesti….png)


>She giggles and splashes You again

"Ah'll show Ya waht an Apple can do!"

>Is that a challenge?

0ab4b3  No.14565


"Ha! Alright… show me because I dont see anything yet!"

>I spash her back harder

642c86  No.14566

File: 6475b63a8fd1f8a⋯.png (644.85 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 3d903d8830a916b2e26002bc42….png)


>She splashes You once again and the splashing fight starts to its fullest. Apple Bloom is doing her best but You're taller, have bigger hands and more stamina so just a few minutes later she begins to lose. It doesn't take long before…

"…Hokay, hokay! Ah give ap!"

>Do i in something?

0ab4b3  No.14567


"Victory! Do I win anything?"

642c86  No.14568

File: a48ac7049384243⋯.jpg (256.08 KB, 850x702, 425:351, 919048__solo_nudity_humani….jpg)


"Huh? Ah didn' 'now taht we were competin'…"

>You cross Your arms and rise Your eyebrow, making it look like a prize was the most obvious outcome. She thinks about it for a moment

"…Ah guess You deserve a prize…Waht would Ya want tho?"

0ab4b3  No.14569


"Hmm… I want you to eat my asshole, and then I want you to shove your foot up my ass as far as it'll go."

642c86  No.14570

File: 50252a77d96a49d⋯.png (65.96 KB, 756x756, 1:1, 21495__safe_solo_monochrom….png)



>AB almost jumps in shock

0ab4b3  No.14571


"You heard me… lets get to shore…"

642c86  No.14572


"Yer kiddin' rite?!"

>Who knows…

"Sumfin' like taht…!"

>Obviously this sounds like too much for You…for now

b65e43  No.14573


"Yep… I mean it."

642c86  No.14574

File: 1e41abcce8c6588⋯.jpg (61.33 KB, 375x529, 375:529, 816__safe_applejack_humani….jpg)


"W-Waht de hay?! I-Is taht also part of Yer dates?!"

642c86  No.14575

File: a0cd9b96593842c⋯.png (154.17 KB, 561x743, 561:743, 1338676719216.png)

it's a tad bit early for this kind of kinkiness with her

unless this is Your plan for something else

0ab4b3  No.14576


"No not all of them. Just come with me up onto the beach. It's fun, I promise."

0ab4b3  No.14577


Yeah I'm gonna fake it right till the last second before her mouth makes contact with my ass and then I'm gonna flip around and throat fuck her.

642c86  No.14578

File: d044b875ffec905⋯.png (1.18 MB, 3000x6000, 1:2, 670217__safe_solo_humanize….png)


"A-A-Ah don't 'now…"

>You move closer to her and make one of those irresistible smiles that Flutershy taught You so many times. Not even nearly as good as her but it makes the girl confused enough that she allows You to take her hand and walk her to the beach

"A-Anon…! Ah can understand the lickin' part but…mah foot…!?"

0ab4b3  No.14579


"I guess we'll find out how much you like it after today."

>I get on my knees and display my ass for her, spreading my cheeks to give her a good view.

"So let's get to it… I need my slutty boyhole lubed for your foot."

e21d6f  No.14580

File: 684c142bb71548a⋯.png (2.03 MB, 2000x2600, 10:13, bbfe3e1a2e42df9a6ca67dda52….png)



>Bloom gets closer and stares at Your butthole. She sighs deeply as she moves closer

"Yer really kinky, Ya know taht, rite?"

>Kinky and proud of it

0ab4b3  No.14581


>I spin around and pin her down on her back.

"Very kinky… but you won't get to see that yet."

>I mount her face and shove my manhood down her throat, face fucking her.

Post last edited at

e21d6f  No.14582

File: 6a8f7bd75953617⋯.png (219.45 KB, 1146x802, 573:401, 1478351920149.png)

well, at this point i usually just continue the plot as it is so i guess that it's up to You to do a plot twist. she has already moved her face closer

0ab4b3  No.14583


There fixed

e21d6f  No.14584

File: bc1cf53c09a65bc⋯.png (1.3 MB, 3174x2267, 3174:2267, a40007f4171d185e965c439336….png)


>She starts mumbling and her body resisting but You continue nonetheless. Her initial shock quickly fades away and she calms down a bit

>But before You go all out on her, You decide to pull out and hear what she has to say right now. Your dick leaves her throat, forming dozens of saliva strands connecting You two, which all break as she coughs

"…Waht 'bout lickin' Yer butt?"

0ab4b3  No.14585


"I mean if you really want to you can…"

>I move my butt over her face and spread my cheeks for her.

"You want a taste?"

e21d6f  No.14586

File: 675f18c215e37ba⋯.png (2.87 MB, 1080x1920, 9:16, 1423093921691.png)

now that You decided to fuck her throat, You should continue this path, don'tcha think?

and Applejack will be glad with all the progress on Apple Bloom's accent…

0ab4b3  No.14587


Well I was only going to give her a taste. I'm still gonna throat fuck her

574c97  No.14588

File: 7f90ed8f769a9a7⋯.png (3.74 MB, 2501x2400, 2501:2400, 58ea208fc7108cd2457184c90d….png)


"A-A-Ah don't 'now…Y-Ya wanted all dis…"

0ab4b3  No.14589


"Sounds like a lot of uncertainty."

>I wink my asshole at her a couple times.

"You should give it a small taste… maybe you'll like it. After that I'll fuck your mouth."

574c97  No.14590

File: b1fe9b2e0434f49⋯.png (726.38 KB, 750x1125, 2:3, 7aa16016aa6e6f9d966cfa0cef….png)


>She looks unsure about all this but then a sly smirk shows up on her face

"…Well, ah dunno if ah want ta…Mahbe if Ya ask me very nicely…"

>Hooo? Trying to take the initiative?

574c97  No.14591

File: 463a2a1e00f2fc5⋯.jpg (131.55 KB, 894x894, 1:1, 1468809040451.jpg)

good night

0ab4b3  No.14592


"How about this."

>I sit down on her face putting my asshole on her mouth.

"I smother you and force you to taste my ass."

574c97  No.14593

File: b3484fa1cbccfdf⋯.jpeg (233.89 KB, 1377x1700, 81:100, 1cd3eb2e7ea9540be9c744518….jpeg)


>She mumbles and resists again and You don't pay attention again. After a bit of struggling she seems to give up and a few seconds later something warm, wet and soft touches Your butthole

>Mmmm…Good thing that we're all alone here…I don't plan on hurting You but the very idea that no one will "rescue" You from me makes me feel so horny…

>But i wouldn't do such things if i didn't knew that deep inside You're a little pervert…Despite all this struggling and fighting back Your little girl is all wet…I think that she might want to play as well…

0ab4b3  No.14594


>I reach my hand down and slowly rub it. Paying lots of attention to her love button.

"Someone looks horny…"

Post last edited at

574c97  No.14595

File: 0579bee229c9d4c⋯.gif (1.1 MB, 1375x756, 1375:756, 8fd6e23433f556ac007588ffd5….gif)


>Her body twitches and she mumbles something again. That definitely meant "more", right…?

>You slide Your fingers into her slit and gather some of her love juices. Then You rub her clit in between Your now well lubricated fingers while also massaging her lower lips

>Her legs squeeze together and rub against each other as Your hand moves up and down. This is a lovely sight but You feel like You want to make her squirm a bit more so You change the type of stimulation

>You get her love button in between Your thumb and pointing finger, squeeze it like You want to pinch it and then start rubbing it, making sure to put a decent but not too much pressure. The stimulation should be a bit harsh but not painful and guessing from her reaction, You're doing a great job

>Mmmm…Feeling a bit uncomfortable, Apple Bloom…? It's not exactly pleasant but the feeling is in Your tolerance level so You can't really complain…

>You're just like Your big sister. I bet that You two will be rivalling over which one of You will be pleasuring me with her asshole. I'll turn You two into a pair of horny sisterly sluts and watch You lose Your sanity as You drown in the ocean of incest love

>Aaahhnnn…I-I should be the one tonguing Y-Your asshole…Hah…Giving You lots of a-anal orgasms as i…Ahhh…P-Perfect my special French kiss…But i-instead You're licking my lower mouth…Hah…W-Which makes it even hotter…

>Nnnnhah…I-I…I don't know any more…I planned to dominate You but…The idea of a little girl like You…Ohhh…Doing whatever naughty things she wants to do to me…

>I know that i'll dominate Scootaloo…And Sweetie Belle will dominate me…but what should i do with You…? F-Fuck, hah…!

574c97  No.14596

File: d570e3b4d31aa8e⋯.jpeg (182.47 KB, 1280x955, 256:191, 874984__semi-dash-grimdar….jpeg)

don't think that You actually have a choice. either she dominates You now or she dominates You later with the help of the other two. You WILL be tied up to the bed and be their sex toy anyway

0ab4b3  No.14597


"I'm going to make you my dirty play thing. We can do fun stuff like this all the time… You'll always have your face in my crotch."

Post last edited at

e8b947  No.14598

well, it's about time here so afk

happy new year

0ab4b3  No.14599


Happy New Year!

04e16e  No.14600

File: 3403ac38ca50fd4⋯.png (691.88 KB, 750x1125, 2:3, 7f9b8afafd03f6c76b6dce056f….png)


>Her tongue stops moving for a few seconds before drilling back into Your hole. Looks like she isn't against this idea

>Good girl…Here, i'll make You squirm some more…There You go…My little masochist…

>Her legs jump around as You torment her love button. It would look like she's in pain if it weren't for all that leakage down there and how eagerly she tongues Your ass hole

>But Apple Bloom isn't completely on Your mercy. She quickly finds all the spots that make You react the most and tickles them mercilessly

>Her lower half of body is completely out of control, jumping and shaking from Your little "torture" but her go around Your legs and hold firmly in place. Such a little girl and such strength in those arms…Yet another reason for her dominance…

>If she ends up dominating me, that's fine. But for now i'll be the one in charge and i'll make You feel so good that by the moment You'll have an opportunity to dominate me, You'll chose to be the bottom…Don't let that stop You from resisting though…

>…Nmmmm…I must've been really hungry for some…b-butt fun because i'm already getting close…Ahhh…Just a bit more…

>You move Your free hand to Your mouth and keep it there to fight the urge to stroke Your manhood. You want to stroke him so much but even more than that You want that small tongue to make You cum

>Your ring tightens up around her tongue, which in reply gets faster and rougher. A few extra licks and Your body bends forward as You shoot Your load, spraying Your seed all over both Your bellies as Your dick jumps happily

>Hah…hah…T-That was…hah…lovely…

0ab4b3  No.14601


>I move myself backwards and rub the tip of my erection on her mouth, smearing some of the cum on her lips.

"Now lick it all off of me and then I'll clean you."

04e16e  No.14602

File: 6262c429bd85b5b⋯.jpeg (128.85 KB, 711x867, 237:289, 167766e6732f9088442d9e669….jpeg)


>Apple Bloom opens her mouth and starts caressing Your tip with her tongue. In the meantime she wipes off the sperm that You smeared all over her mouth, a small bit at a time

>Good girl…But…Your mouth is wide open and my pole is right in front of it…I think that it's about time for another lesson…

0ab4b3  No.14603


>I slowly push my manhood down her throat.

"I think its time for another lesson in proper speaking. Sound good?"

04e16e  No.14604

File: 83a923e3ff7c73f⋯.png (2.44 MB, 2000x2500, 4:5, 3bbc703b82735dc036740a552a….png)


>Her mumbling sounds unsure but a firm grip on her head and a cock shoved all the way in into mouth convinces her to participate…Not that she has a choice right now…

>You keep her head facing upwards and pound her freshly made fuck hole. Gently and carefully of course, she's not Slutters

>When she calms down a bit, You don't forget to caress her cheeks as well. She's taking Your length so nicely and bravely that You would kiss her right now if her mouth wasn't busy

>You slowly slide Your dick in and out, exploring the shape of her throat, appreciating how it's tighter than what You're used to. What You also appreciate is how her tongue works around Your shaft, done partially by herself and partially by her gag reflex

>Her body shakes and twitches as her throat gets tickled in such an unpleasant way. She never had something like that shoved into her gulp and reacts quite violently

>You make a bunch of thrusts and then stop and pull out most of Your length, giving her time to take a breath and calm down before You repeat the cycle. Her throat quickly gets used to the new sensation so You start thrusting more and waiting less

>…F-Fuck…I-I can clearly see my dick moving…This is so damn hot…Nnnghh…I-I just came but…D-Damn…Here it comes…!

>Few extra thrusts and You shot another massive load, filling her gulp with Your thick seed. Your cock is pushed all the way in so no swallowing is necessary. You're welcome

>When You're done, You release her head and pull out, sitting on the ground behind You. She quickly sits up and coughs a few times before turning around and looking at You, a lewd smirk again present on her cute face

"…Am i doing good, teacher…?"

0ab4b3  No.14605


"Very, I wonder how many of these sessions it'll take to make it permanent…"

919c08  No.14606


>She gathers some of Your sperm, sticking to her belly, on her fingers and puts them into her mouth to lick them clean. Her expression says that it's tasty

"…Probably a lot…"

>I like Your enthusiasm

04e16e  No.14607


>She gathers some of Your sperm, sticking to her belly, on her fingers

i don't think that this is grammaticaly correct. i think it should be

>She gathers some of Your sperm, that's sticking to her belly, on her fingers

0ab4b3  No.14608


"I like that way you think. Anyway, lets get you cleaned up."

>I stick my tongue out and run it over her belly, gathering up all of my seed into my mouth.

>I move my lips up to hers and spit some of it into her mouth, while making out with her.

0ab4b3  No.14609


Yeah the second one is correct.

04e16e  No.14610

File: ad46ab8c1380a04⋯.png (1.47 MB, 1240x1753, 1240:1753, e6428da1c16ecfb8c17d75af57….png)


>Apple Bloom accepts Your little present and kisses You back just as eagerly. Both of You keep snowballing for a longer bit while thinking how perverted it is and how much You enjoy it

>A minute later, when You can no longer feel the thickness of Your sperm, You decide to slowly break the kiss. You carefully move back, trying to make a long, lewd strand of liquid naughtiness that connects both Your tongues

>When the said strand finally breaks, You take a look at the mixture filling her mouth. Bloom keeps her mouth open for a few seconds before swallowing everything in one big and loud gulp. She lets You take another peek inside to show that she swallowed everything

>Mmmm…You're much more adventurous and open-minded than Your sister…i almost feel bad for making You do all those perverted things…Almost because You seem to enjoy it

04e16e  No.14611


wrong picture. oh well…

and just in case: i advise keeping her virgin for now so later big sis can see it being taken away

0ab4b3  No.14612


"You're a little pervert aren't you? Your sister is a lot more reserved… it took a lot to get her out of her shell. I wasn't sure if you'd be open to all this pervy stuff but you seem to like it…"

0ab4b3  No.14613


I was planning on it

04e16e  No.14614

File: 20a30d9593f25ee⋯.jpeg (295.21 KB, 2195x3368, 2195:3368, 8a796695ef86ff6ae7ff1aa34….jpeg)


"Is that a bad thing?"

>She says as she licks her lips

04e16e  No.14615

File: bb01fd9aa7c9b71⋯.png (252.02 KB, 846x565, 846:565, 774906__safe_solo_flutters….png)


0ab4b3  No.14616


"Not at all. Maybe one day you'll be as perverted as me."

>I wrap my arms around her and cuddle her.

"So I have a favor to ask of you."

834aa1  No.14617

File: 1dbeb66d2c17362⋯.png (68.15 KB, 500x500, 1:1, apple_bloom_eqg_emote_by_s….png)


"A favour?"

0ab4b3  No.14618


"Yeah… so it might be a bad idea to tell you this but, your sister thinks you're an innocent little girl. She says you're too little to be doing things like having sex and that you wouldn't know anything about it. I'm going to prove her wrong today. We made plans for her to hide in the closet and watch… Will you help me out?"

Post last edited at

834aa1  No.14619

File: afe51fa67b92055⋯.jpeg (352.13 KB, 2362x3472, 1181:1736, 281826b8d1a745a231636c362….jpeg)


"M-Mah sis?! Y-You mean like…Make 'er watch!?"

a77fed  No.14620

File: 6ca3d027fbe2d2a⋯.png (571.49 KB, 1366x2000, 683:1000, 1885140__questionable_arti….png)

i took some MDMA so i might be absent tonight

a77fed  No.14621

oh shit! i want to hug someone

503465  No.14622


"Well not make her. She wants to."

a77fed  No.14623

File: e4120583fb9cc9a⋯.jpg (78.44 KB, 538x1000, 269:500, 793351__solo_humanized_mon….jpg)


"But she still weill be watchin'?"


"I-I-I don't know…I-I don't think i can…in front of 'her…"

a77fed  No.14624

File: 858f26201360f86⋯.png (202.95 KB, 1280x1280, 1:1, 1338450913238.png)

huh…this lasted shorter than i expected. i hope that the hangover also last shorter than i expect…

…You're not gonna tell me anything? like "don't do drugs, Roger" so i can reply "depressed people often try drugs and i'm no different" and reassure You that it's for testing purposes only?

and then You get into the nearest plane, ram into my room, spank my ass and then make sure that sex will be my one and only drug. multiple dosages every day

also tried cocaine a few days ago but was not amused. like a strong coffe shot that quickly kicks in and fades away just as quickly. not worth 100 euros per gram at least i wasn't the one paying for it :3

503465  No.14625


"Come on Apple Bloom. Don't you want to prove that you're not just a little kid? Maybe she'll start treating you more like an adult."

a77fed  No.14626

File: f32a2dced9c45d7⋯.jpg (599.63 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, 881090__safe_humanized_cut….jpg)


"A-Ah want but…She might get angry…"

a77fed  No.14627

File: 443a570139348f7⋯.png (458.57 KB, 1280x1237, 1280:1237, 90111__fluttershy_nudity_a….png)

good night

0ab4b3  No.14628


"No way, she wouldn't be angry. If anything she might actually see you as the blossoming young woman you are."

a77fed  No.14629

File: b153c2c90c92b18⋯.jpg (170.31 KB, 1200x1600, 3:4, 797__safe_solo_humanized_c….jpg)


"Taht doesn't sound like my sister. She doesn't like to be 'rong…"

>Well, we'll just have to see then…But do You agree?

0ab4b3  No.14630


"We'll just have to see then… Dont worry, I'll protect you."

a77fed  No.14631

File: be27cc19b5dee57⋯.jpg (120.22 KB, 525x700, 3:4, 757277__safe_solo_humanize….jpg)



a77fed  No.14632

File: 9f5c89c7e4ba0ae⋯.png (241.17 KB, 640x480, 4:3, 00316.png)

yep…You're definitely angry at me…

0ab4b3  No.14633


"Who knows. Maybe she'll get so horny from watching us she'll join in…"

>I give her a lewd smirk.

0ab4b3  No.14634


Mhm… you should be ashamed of yourself. Trying to replace cock with drugs.

a77fed  No.14635

File: e4120583fb9cc9a⋯.jpg (78.44 KB, 538x1000, 269:500, 793351__solo_humanized_mon….jpg)


"Taht doesn't sound like 'er…"

>Well, we'll see…But for now, let's continue our date, shall we?

a77fed  No.14636


would like to try both tbh. unless i would get so much sex i wouldn't even have time to think about anything else

a77fed  No.14637

hey! You know what we forgot again? The story's birthday! 4 years, woohoo!

0ab4b3  No.14638


"Well anyways, we should get dressed and return the jet skis before I get charged for additional hours."

99de94  No.14639

File: c18afb1c032b59c⋯.jpeg (199.26 KB, 750x1000, 3:4, af8d1577bb0b46ef9516ef5c4….jpeg)


>Not that i really mind, being so stupidly rich…


>Yeah, we definitely need more lessons…

>Apple Bloom wraps her arms around Your neck and pulls You into another kiss. This time a loving one

"…Mmmm…*fuah*…Ah wonder if mah sister got the same treatment on 'er date?"

0ab4b3  No.14640


"Not exactly… there was a lot more butt related stuff."

99de94  No.14641


"Butt stuff? With mah sister?"

0ab4b3  No.14642


"Oh yeah. She really likes it back there."

bb2270  No.14643

File: 65bccf239efc2ab⋯.png (402.69 KB, 1100x374, 50:17, 778635__safe_solo_humanize….png)



>Mhm…Well, not at first but she quickly learned to love it…

"Taht's…sumfin ah wouldn't expect frem 'er"

>We're all full of surprises…Maybe that's why we're friends

b65e43  No.14644


"Well everyone has their surprises… I'm sure we'll figure out yours. Also have you noticed that Sweetie Belle gets up in the middle of the night?"

bb2270  No.14645


"Ah didn't. She does?"

0ab4b3  No.14646


"Yeah… not sure why though. She spends a while in the bathroom and then comes back to bed."

>Deception level: 100

476a12  No.14647

File: 904790ab55c937a⋯.png (230.31 KB, 407x732, 407:732, 933970__safe_solo_humanize….png)


"Huh…Ya think she's playin' with 'erself?"

476a12  No.14648

File: 5605cf340182b2b⋯.png (107.68 KB, 600x670, 60:67, 318222__suggestive_vector_….png)

but You remember that Apple Bloom knows about Sweetie Belle's urethral fetish, right? You haven't forgotten about it, have You?

0ab4b3  No.14649


"Probably sticking her finger up her pee hole… I kinda wanna catch her in the act."

0ab4b3  No.14650


Yeah but she doesn't know about the bathroom.

c4b9d5  No.14651

File: 28a72e3710cf451⋯.jpg (114.2 KB, 600x800, 3:4, 732751__safe_solo_humanize….jpg)


>Apple Bloom crosses her arms and smirks

"Ah'm surprised Ya haven't yet"

>You know me so well

Post last edited at

0ab4b3  No.14652


"Okay maybe I have… no use lying to you. You're too smart. But we should both follow her in… Do some double fingering action on her pee hole."

c4b9d5  No.14653

File: c2bfba310a2f692⋯.png (616.76 KB, 1015x1386, 145:198, bec559625e4d9c2898bb2e1aa4….png)


>She rises her eyebrow but then smirks again

"…Ya wanna asault a lil girl in de toilet in the mid of de nite?"

0ab4b3  No.14654


"Yep… I'll hole her down and you can violate her… Or we'll tie her up and violate her together."

c4b9d5  No.14655

File: f32a2dced9c45d7⋯.jpg (599.63 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, 881090__safe_humanized_cut….jpg)


"Taht doesn't sound very nice…"


"…Why d'Ya think she won't agree if we just ask 'er?"

>I wish that one day i will know all of You as well as You know each other

0ab4b3  No.14656


"Hmm… well we could ask her. I'm pretty sure she'd say yes."

ff7f14  No.14657

File: fa60ec54f83418b⋯.jpg (286.78 KB, 1890x1264, 945:632, Bo3raBora.jpg)


"Ah'm sure as well"

>We'll see how it turns out…Well then, let's return those jet skis because i'm a cheapskate…

>One quick ride back and one payment and both of You are standing at the dock, wondering what to do next. Or more precisely: Apple Bloom looks at You, waiting for Your decision

0ab4b3  No.14658


"Follow me!"

> I say, as I lead her to the waterpark.

ff7f14  No.14659

File: 24857d73f4387e7⋯.jpg (251.89 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 6841476-bora-bora-wallpape….jpg)


>Another quick ride and both of You stand in front of the entrance to the water park. Once again Apple Bloom reacts enthusiastically but then cools down instantly

"But…Ah forgot mah swimmin' suit…"

ff7f14  No.14660

File: f1f0ca5a55739f1⋯.jpg (106.28 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, 1381088363182.jpg)

good night

0ab4b3  No.14661


"Oh, well I guess you can just watch me swim…"

>I say, walking towards a ride.

"Just kidding! Let's go buy you a new one."

ff7f14  No.14662

File: b62387cb859b4ef⋯.jpg (117.4 KB, 1000x678, 500:339, 14557.jpg)


>Both of You go the the nearby shop and look around for swimming suits. When You reach the children section, You start looking around

>This is Your chance to be naughty again! Let's see what kind of bikinis they have…

0ab4b3  No.14663


"Lets find you a sexy small bikini."

ff7f14  No.14664

File: d17330796f264ec⋯.jpg (158.39 KB, 800x537, 800:537, bora_bora_CZKOT_009413-0_2….jpg)


>She rises her eyebrow and decides to tease You a bit

"Waht if ah chose a completely not sexy one instead?"

b65e43  No.14665

File: 7d3bf29d0dc5266⋯.jpg (21.4 KB, 300x300, 1:1, s-l300.jpg)


"Hmm… well then I'll have to spank you. Of course we could get you a one piece thats high cut on the hips."

ff7f14  No.14666

File: 46687bba936ba7c⋯.jpg (57.56 KB, 493x199, 493:199, aytbora_0.jpg)


"Ah'd like mah butt ta be not spanked…"

>She winks at You. Well then, where do they keep micro bikinis for girls Your age…?

0ab4b3  No.14667


"Now we just have to find a micro bikini for a girl your age… So we'll make a game out of it. Whoever finds the smallest, sexiest one first, wins and gets a free favor. Sexual or not… and there's no limit to the favor but it can't last for more than a day."

5a5c14  No.14668

File: 4524171ed821859⋯.jpg (398.35 KB, 768x1024, 3:4, 1536254122350.jpg)


>Apple Bloom rises her eyebrow again and thinks for a moment. She grins and accepts Your challenge but before You can even turn around…

"Found it"


>You look at her. She slyly pulls her arms up in the air, holding…nothing. What the…

"Taht's de smallest 'n' sexiest one, no doubt 'bout it"

>What a cunning, naughty angel…Hmmm…Accept it or not…?

0ab4b3  No.14669


"Good one. But no that doesn't count. It has to be something you can wear. Can't have you naked in rhe waterpark… unfortunately."

5a5c14  No.14670

File: 5f75eaad2734a80⋯.jpg (549.36 KB, 750x1200, 5:8, imgrc0067321451.jpg)


"Just kiddin'"

>Good because technically You can wear nothing…Like, literally…

>You boop her nose. She replies by showing You a tongue and then walks away, looking for something to wear

>You quickly start looking as well. Can't have her win…that easily

>Both of You scan each and every shelf in the kids section. Apple Bloom does her best but Your pervert sense tingles You in the right direction

>There! Oh, my…this is so obscene looking…It's just…perfect!

>You pick up the bikini of Your choice and think about the person who decided to make a micro for little kids. What if there's a nano version somewhere? If so, can i have three?

>When Apple Bloom sees what You've picked for her, her eyes open wide and she blushes. Guess that we have a winner…


>Of course. And look! It has pretty, easy to pull ribbons for quick "accidental" removal…

0ab4b3  No.14671


"Mhm… this. It's perfect. Also unless you find something smaller in the next minute I win."

5a5c14  No.14672

File: 6ce05f4918f3767⋯.png (113.98 KB, 303x649, 303:649, 743246__humanized_question….png)



>Apple Bloom doesn't even try to look around. She knows very well that the game is about finding the smallest and sexiest bikini set so even if there is one here, it will look even more improper that the one in Your hands

"…C-Can we discuss dis?"

>So our lil girl feels to shy to show her body in front of everyone…It's a nice feel to be considered a special someone who is allowed to see her naked…

0ab4b3  No.14673


"Feeling shy? Sure, we can discuss it."

>I grab her hand and lead her into one of the changing rooms

"Listen Apple Bloom… you're a beautiful girl and you would look stunning in this bikini. But if you want we can get you something more modest. I'd never want you to feel uncomfortable… of course you'll owe me a second favor."

Post last edited at

9f7e62  No.14674

File: cadb9b4b1991925⋯.png (401.1 KB, 531x782, 531:782, 808407__solo_humanized_sug….png)


>She crosses her arms

"A second favour, huh? So much fer kind words…"

>W-Well, i don't insist on…

"…Hokay. Sounds like a fair deal ta me"

>She smiles like she knows that she's going to be asked for something perverted but she's still okay with it. Such a brave, little girl…

Post last edited at

0ab4b3  No.14675


"Such a good girl… Alright first favor. Take off your clothes and put on this swim suit turn around and lean forward. I'm gonna do stuff to your butt…"

Post last edited at

9f7e62  No.14676

File: b260c8557f10433⋯.png (193.96 KB, 600x900, 2:3, 934245__safe_solo_humanize….png)


"W-Waht stuff?"

6962fe  No.14677


"Stuff with my tongue and mouth… and maybe some more."

>I give her a lewd grin.

"Don't worry. It'll be fun… besides, doing it somewhere naughty like a changing room is kinda exciting."

9f7e62  No.14678

File: e4120583fb9cc9a⋯.jpg (78.44 KB, 538x1000, 269:500, 793351__solo_humanized_mon….jpg)


>Apple Bloom rises her eyebrows again and crosses her arms

"Ya're only thinkin' bout dirty stuff, aren't Ya?"

>Whoa there. Your butt hole isn't dirty

6962fe  No.14679


"I hope your butthole isn't dirty… but if it is I'll clean it up for you."

9f7e62  No.14680

File: 1855a19a9b180be⋯.jpeg (238.41 KB, 695x900, 139:180, bf2a0e774485b9ebfe872ab44….jpeg)


>She rolls her eyes and smirks

"…Make sure is spotless…"

>Aye aye!

>Apple Bloom removes her clothes. She takes the bikini and is about to try it on but when she bends down to put the panties on, You can't hold back any longer and grab her ass

>Before she can say anything, You spread her butt cheeks and shove Your mouth in between them. AB lets out a squeak as Your tongue makes contact but You quickly put Your hand over her mouth to silence her

>Can't have You be loud in such place…Now let's do all the things that make girls go loud…

>Mmmm…*lick* *slurp*…Such a cute, little, pink and innocent hole…*lick* *suck*…But then there's a bit of dark tone showing up…*slurp* *gulp* *kiss*…

>…It's gonna look as naughty as Your big sis' one in no time…*lick* *gulp*…Tho i probably won't notice the change in colour since i'm gonna see it so often…*slurp* *lick*…

>…*lick* *gulp* *lick*…But i'm definitely gonna notice the change in taste…*kiss* *kiss*…With such a lewd taste, expect my tongue to be there pretty often…*kiss* *lick* *slurp*…

>…*slurp* *lick*…And for the record, it's not dirty at all…*slurp* *gulp* *kiss*…But i'll lick it clean anyway…*lick* *lick* *kiss*…

>She leans against the wall, standing only with the help of Your other arm otherwise her weak legs would make her collapse. But her arms are left completely on their own so she's leaning on her elbows and head

>When she gets a bit in control of her voice, You take Your hand away and caress her firm and juicy for a girl her age butt. You hope that she'll help her siblings with farm work some more so she'll develop an ass that will dominate You in bed…

"Ahhnnn…Nmmmm…Ohhh…W…Waht didYa mean bah…sum more?"

6962fe  No.14681


>I take my mouth away from her rear entrance.

"I dunno… maybe a finger or two… or my erection… or both."

>I shove my face back into her rear.

9f7e62  No.14682

File: 426c2771abab349⋯.png (1.64 MB, 2000x2000, 1:1, 1e0ca8caa1a67006f1f2a6d121….png)


"Nmmmm…Ahhh…A-Ah have a feelin' taht…Mmmnnn…all Yer dates look…l-like dis…"

6962fe  No.14683


"Well… they all involve sex. But not everyone rides jetskis or goes to the waterpark."

>I stick my middle finger in my mouth and then shove my now lubed finger in her butt. Slowly pushing it deeper.

9f7e62  No.14684

File: dc46471ed84bcce⋯.png (791.7 KB, 750x750, 1:1, c4485fbbb7a74d325767d15d83….png)


"Ahhhnn…! B-But ah bet Ya do…Hahhh…dirty stuff on every occasion…"

6962fe  No.14685


"Well duh… of course I do. I'm a horny pervert."

>I start finger fucking her asshole harder and faster.

9f7e62  No.14686

File: f5c9617542a9679⋯.png (442.97 KB, 691x1350, 691:1350, cc30476d757c91507adff88876….png)


"D-Does mah…Ahhh…Age has sumfin' ta do…Nngghh…! With dis? Nhah…!"

>Mhm…Also You're getting too loud…

6962fe  No.14687


>I take her panties and stuff them in her mouth.

"Well yeah kinda. Little girls turn me on. Also you should quiet down… people will hear us."

>I put both my index fingers up her butt and spread it apart, sticking my mouth as far into her hole as it can go.

Post last edited at

9f7e62  No.14688

File: 2fe00b44a38cb10⋯.png (135.36 KB, 543x600, 181:200, 1456435048986.png)

i…expected You to silence her with a kiss or by putting Your fingers into her mouth or shoving her panties there…

9f7e62  No.14689

also afk for a bit

6962fe  No.14690



9f7e62  No.14691

File: 79efddf42466f13⋯.jpeg (1.12 MB, 2000x2588, 500:647, 9daad2db1c6648f064f862028….jpeg)


>She replies with a muted moan. Doesn't look like she would keep talking for long but stuffing her mouth with her own panties turns You on

>Her tight ring is twitching and pulsating, hopelessly trying to overpower Your fingers and squeeze Your muscle. You in reply drill deep inside her, making her butt hole even more desperate to hug Your tongue

>What a delicious, inexperienced hole You have, Apple Bloom…If You weren't an Apple, i maybe could consider keeping it innocent…

>That's right, i'm gonna make You an anal…princess…I'll make this hole Your primary one, just like i did with Your sister…

>let's see how You'll react once i tell You what i plan for You…

23fb2d  No.14692


"I can't wait to make you my sweet anal princess. You'll love the hot aching pleasure of anal… just like your sister."

6c104b  No.14693

File: ab501e6d1d7a483⋯.png (647.67 KB, 895x1760, 179:352, 7837b8e07807e34d04a2ac1b99….png)


>She replies with a few but even lovelier moans. Her ass hole squeezes You a bit tighter and You notice that her front is getting visibly wet

>Someone likes hearing the dirty talk…In that case, let me whisper even more dirty stuff and fire up Your imagination…

23fb2d  No.14694


"Everyday we can do dirty things back here… Soon you'll be begging for more of it, like an itch you can't scratch."

>I stand up and remove my pants and underwear. Spreading her cheeks, I gently prod her sphincter with the tip of my erect manhood.

"You're going to take it and orgasm from my thick rod in your tight little girl ass, like a good anal princess. Isn't that right?"

6c104b  No.14695

File: 5131e100bad763b⋯.png (508.21 KB, 1000x1478, 500:739, fd04ac2f1f9a0609b3f626c219….png)



>Good girl…You're behaving much better than Your big sis…

6c104b  No.14696

File: 71af9a98205970c⋯.gif (923.47 KB, 574x540, 287:270, 430621__safe_solo_animated….gif)

whoa there! wait with it for Applejack

23fb2d  No.14697



I was going to take her vaginal virginity in front of AJ

6c104b  No.14698

File: 6e369401be6ff42⋯.png (196.98 KB, 500x500, 1:1, 00317.png)


but…i wanted her to give You her anal virginity in front of AJ…

i-i- just wanted to…w-well…i'm sorry…

23fb2d  No.14699


But then ill show AJ that AB is a mature girl by both having sex and impregnating her thus showing how mature she is because she feels ready for a baby.

6c104b  No.14700

File: 9f5c89c7e4ba0ae⋯.png (241.17 KB, 640x480, 4:3, 00316.png)


b-but…i wanted AB to hesitate, AJ to jump out of the wardrobe with a satisfied smirk on her face, AB getting all pouty and annoyed at that reaction, jumping on top of You to show her big sis that not only she is having sex but it's in the ass…

f-fine…i'll just…do it however You want to…i-i-i didn't mean to offend You…please don't be angry…

You know that i plan far into the future…

23fb2d  No.14701


>I press my erection a little harder into her butt getting just the tip in.

"Good… I can't wait to put it all the way up there… but we'll save that for later."

>I pull it out and then get back to licking her tight asshole.

23fb2d  No.14702


Fine but you owe me you dirty slut

6c104b  No.14703

File: 210d86c0451f969⋯.png (234.33 KB, 1155x1200, 77:80, 1492702451180.png)



6c104b  No.14704

File: 8520a927005e651⋯.png (278.4 KB, 695x900, 139:180, 8a6d4f0533fbfb2e33bbdaee73….png)


>Apple Bloom sighs somewhat in relief. Both of You were ready to do it but it'll be funnier to do it in front of Applejack. To show her how her little sister will react to a dick in her ass

>Anyway Your tongue quickly warms her up again and she continues her silent moans. A fresh trickle of her love juices runs down her legs, running straight to the floor and being stopped by Your tongue

>You run Your tongue up her legs, wiping out all the love juices You can lick off. Of course she keeps leaking more, making Your whole work Sisyphean

>You decide to change Your tactic so You turn her around so she's facing You, grab her butt and thighs and pick up, pulling her upwards along the wall

>When her crotch is a bit higher than Your mouth, You push her legs even further up, folding her against the wall and exposing her butt. You move Your face closer and dig Your tongue back into her lovely ass hole

>Now all her leakage must pass next to her rear entrance to go further down, pulled by gravity. Of course You wipe it all so nothing goes further

>Like that, not only You can feast on this delicious Applesshole but You get an extra flavoured love juice that her girlhood leaks so generously

>Being stuck in mid air, bent in half with her legs straight up and pressed against the wall, Apple Bloom has no other choice but to accept Your tongue happily moving inside her butt hole. And You do Your best to give her the most passionate and pleasant French kiss

>…Anything for my lovely angel who i adore so much…*lick* *suck* *gulp*…Here, take all of my love that i have for You…*lick* *slurp* *kiss*…

>Bloom keeps moaning through her panties which she holds tightly in her teeth. Her arms just dangle limply, having no strength in them, but soon start twitching and shaking just like the rest of her body

>Is my little girl getting close to climax…? *lick* *suck* *slurp* Just from a French kiss…? *suck* *gulp* *lick* So naughty…*lick* *kiss*…

>The kiss continues for a bit longer and when she's about to cum, Your mouth moves up to her girlhood. We don't want to make a mess here

>One extra nibble on her clit to encourage her and she squirts right into Your thirsty mouth. You just calmly gulp down everything and when she's done, You pull her into a hug and pet her head

>Good girl…You came so much…And from anal stimulation…

>She finally opens her jaw and let the panties fall down. With her mouth free now, she starts breathing deeply

"Hah…hah…hah…A-Ah hope…hah…is spotless now…"

23fb2d  No.14705


"Of course. Squeaky clean… You ready for your next language lesson?"

Post last edited at

6c104b  No.14706

File: 3f230b5b713b013⋯.png (230.17 KB, 1280x921, 1280:921, 1416002335864.png)


w-what about the next lesson…? i-i mean…with that rock hard erection of Yours…

23fb2d  No.14707



6c104b  No.14708

File: 0989a2eaae4b14a⋯.png (626.44 KB, 750x750, 1:1, 806951e7ade6427514bc2c573e….png)


"…Hah…Another lesson…?"

>Just look how painful this erection looks like…I need to calm him down and You need more "education" so…Just c'mere

>You put her down, grab her head and shove Your pole right into her still open mouth. Whether she doesn't mind or just doesn't have strength to, there's no resistance so You start throat-fucking her. Like always, gently

>Ahhh…f-fuck…This will be a short lesson…Those lolis…Making me cum so easily…Nnngghhh…!

>The irrumatio continues for another minute until You finally can't hold it back much longer. You shove Your friend balls deep and coat her gulp with Your hot, sticky sperm

>Apple Bloom accepts everything and coughs after You pull out completely. Then her head looks up and her shimmering eyes meet Yours

"…I have a feeling that my mouth is gonna be used the most…"

23fb2d  No.14709


"Well you're gonna have really strong throat muscles from all the cock swallowing."

99d77f  No.14710


"I'm sure Applejack will be happy…And You even more…"

>Definitely. We need all the lessons…And then let's repeat all the content just to be sure that it sinked in…I hope that You don't mind being my throat slut…

99d77f  No.14711


i meant "oral slut"

23fb2d  No.14712


"So you don't mind being my oral slut then?"

99d77f  No.14713

File: 1d1d99ea26c66a1⋯.png (781.39 KB, 1200x1944, 50:81, dad044ceffd14b28bf5141d8cd….png)


"Well, i'm one already"

23fb2d  No.14714


"Good girl… I like the way you think."

>I start putting my clothes back on.

"Shall we go get you a swimsuit?"

99d77f  No.14715

File: c2bfba310a2f692⋯.png (616.76 KB, 1015x1386, 145:198, bec559625e4d9c2898bb2e1aa4….png)


"I found one i like"

>Okay, let's go and see it…Please be something sexy…

>Both of You leave the changing room, pretending that nothing happened inside. You leave the curtain open, hoping that nobody will smell anything before the air inside changes

>Apple Bloom does a slalom between the shelves and picks up the swimming suit of her choice. You take a look at it and sigh in relief…Not a micro but still sexy…Will look great on You once You'll get a suntanned copy of it

>Now that the swimming suit problem is solved, You pay for it and the two of You go straight to the aqua park. A minute later You two meet in front of the main swimming pool

>You stand at the edge of the pool and wait for it. About 4 seconds later she pushes You into the water and once You resurface, stands there with a triumphant smile

dc8ef8  No.14716

File: 0b2a4c2dba2daac⋯.png (285.88 KB, 2300x1380, 5:3, 519560__safe_solo_flutters….png)


23fb2d  No.14717


"Pretty weak move Apple Bloom. Pushing me while my back was turned… You're gonna regret that when you get in this pool."

dc8ef8  No.14718

File: d044b875ffec905⋯.png (1.18 MB, 3000x6000, 1:2, 670217__safe_solo_humanize….png)


>She replies with a sly smirk

"Ah feel like sunbathin' now…But Ya go ahead 'n' 'njoy Yerself"

>Mandatory tickles. Lots of them

23fb2d  No.14719


"You can hide all you want little girl but you know I'll get you sometime… It'll work out better if you jump in and get it over with right now."

854d7a  No.14720

File: d58837850662cfb⋯.png (451.88 KB, 542x735, 542:735, 645010__humanized_suggesti….png)


>She crosses her arms and rises her eyebrow

"And waht kind of punishment awaits me?"

23fb2d  No.14721


"You'll have to find out when you get in… there's no escaping it. If you don't do it then I'll get you later when you're not paying attention."

854d7a  No.14722


>Bloom keeps her unamused smirk

"Yer awful serious 'bout taht…"

23fb2d  No.14723


"Only because you think I won't do it…"

854d7a  No.14724

File: f3106de267bd70a⋯.jpeg (24.44 KB, 410x530, 41:53, 6e9e3ebd6dcb76318f951182c….jpeg)



>Apple Bloom contemplates for a bit, thinking whether she should comply to Your words or just ignore You. Her adventurousness wins and she decides to jump into the pool and approach You with a trusting expression

23fb2d  No.14725


"Good choice."

>I immediately start tickling her all over her body.

9bc41b  No.14726


"Ahahaha! S-Stahp! P-Please!"

23fb2d  No.14727


"I dont think so Apple Bloom. You're in for a world of tickling after you betrayed me!"

>I continue my tickling onslaught

9bc41b  No.14728

File: c3378b314aafe9f⋯.jpg (3.51 MB, 1943x3229, 1943:3229, 806866__safe_solo_humanize….jpg)


"AHAHAHAHA! P-Please! HAHAHA! A-Ah be good! HAHAHA! S-Stahp!"

23fb2d  No.14729


>I stop tickling her and hold her by her sides.

"Hmm… I dunno… I think you deserve to be tickled till you pee yourself. You're such a naughty little girl… pushing me in the pool."

9bc41b  No.14730

File: 904790ab55c937a⋯.png (230.31 KB, 407x732, 407:732, 933970__safe_solo_humanize….png)


"N-No, anythin' but taht! Ah'll be a good girl!"

>Anything, huh…?

eabe48  No.14732


"Anything…? Okay, come with me then."

>I lead her out of the pool and to a more secluded area where no one will see us.

"Okay, I'm a bit thirsty… take off your panties and give me something to drink."

9bc41b  No.14733

File: 74538a0fe3b3f4c⋯.png (166.08 KB, 900x711, 100:79, 1415599799712.png)



which one is it?

9e82e2  No.14734


Whoops! The second one

Post last edited at

b0e924  No.14735

File: a831e3403d7411a⋯.jpeg (695.76 KB, 2400x3326, 1200:1663, c2202a976b9c3b5995b76bbb3….jpeg)


>She rises her eyebrow and smirks

"Phew! Fer a second 'ere ah though is gonna be sumfin' weird…"

>This is normal stuff for me, huh? I guess it is…Your panties are still up

9e82e2  No.14736


>I grab her panties anf pull them down, then put my mouth over her girlhood and look up at her waiting.

5bf03a  No.14737



>She makes a troubled expression. You figure out the problem before she speaks

"…Ah'm afraid ah don't have much there at the moment"

>Ehhh…Should have taken her for a drink…Well, at least You always pee after some time in the swimming pool

d51383  No.14738


"Oh… well then… looks like we're doing something else."

>I turn around, pull down my shorts and bend over.

"Lick me…"

>I push my erection back between my thighs and then squeeze my legs together.

"All of me… from the tip of my manhood to my asshole."

57faa3  No.14739

File: c18afb1c032b59c⋯.jpeg (199.26 KB, 750x1000, 3:4, af8d1577bb0b46ef9516ef5c4….jpeg)




"…Can we do all taht later? Ah'd like ta play fer now"


"Ah promise ah'll milk Ya properly…With mah tongue up Yer butt…"

d51383  No.14740


"Hmm… okay."

>I pull my shorts up.

"Let's go do something fun! What ride should we go on first?"

94ee77  No.14741

File: d044b875ffec905⋯.png (1.18 MB, 3000x6000, 1:2, 670217__safe_solo_humanize….png)


"Which one's de best?"

d51383  No.14742


"Hmm… well what do you like more? Speed or adventure?"

94ee77  No.14743



94ee77  No.14744

sorry for the lack of replies. been playing like crazy lately. not enough food or sleep and too much time passing between breaks

d51383  No.14745

File: 907e4eadf9d3d73⋯.jpg (307.64 KB, 940x624, 235:156, lifebuzz-b1b4f262b416799c3….jpg)


"Okay, then how about that one?"

>I point to a large tower with long winding tubes coming off of it.

d51383  No.14746



I went on the Bahamas version of this slide. The one in the pic is in Dubai as part of a larger resort called Atlantis.

94ee77  No.14747

File: f17110bca43234c⋯.jpg (169.97 KB, 928x522, 16:9, WaterPark_Aquaventure_main.jpg)


>Her reaction is a definitive "yes" so without any hesitation, both of You go towards it

>It looks like a pyramid with lots of tubes on every side, each tube curling like a snake. It will take a while to ride every single one of them

>The two of You climb up to the first level of slides and stand in the queue line. While waiting, You notice the sign saying "one person at a time"

>Hmmm…Be a good boy and comply or be a bad boy and go together with Apple Bloom, risking another accidental wardrobe removal…?

94ee77  No.14748


i need a vacation…

d51383  No.14749


"Hey, lets both go at the same time!"

94ee77  No.14750

File: 9f94f4472465e16⋯.png (132.39 KB, 333x405, 37:45, Apple_Bloom_ID_EG.png)


>Apple Bloom rises her eyebrow in confusion but a few seconds later she grins and crosses her arms

"It says "One person at a time" up 'ere…"

>Obviously she saw the sign too…

d51383  No.14751


"I though you wanted adventure… Is breaking the rules too much for *wittle Appo Bwoom*"

>I say with a baby tone.

94ee77  No.14752

File: 1dbeb66d2c17362⋯.png (68.15 KB, 500x500, 1:1, apple_bloom_eqg_emote_by_s….png)


>She pouts in reply

"Ah'm sittin' in front"

>Too easy…

94ee77  No.14753

File: cea544486ef9eab⋯.png (467.57 KB, 960x720, 4:3, 00268.png)

i suck i know

please don't hate me…

d51383  No.14754


"Sounds good to me. Let's go!

0cc8ee  No.14755

File: e0da89ac12abc98⋯.jpg (113.28 KB, 414x700, 207:350, 9345__safe_solo_humanized_….jpg)


>Few extra minutes in the queue line and You're ready to go. Other tourists look at both of You suspiciously but decide to stay quiet and mind their own businesses

>When the green light shows up, You push hard and enjoy the ride. You hold onto her tightly to make sure that You won't split and them slam into each other

>A longer moment of joy and You're at the end of the "snake". Of course You go up again and try every single one of them and after that, You go again

>Both of You keep sliding together over and over again. Somehow You manage to NOT remove her clothes even once. Good but deep down You feel a little disappointed

>Anyway You two had a lot of fun. Apple Bloom seems to be overjoyed and her optimism pours out of her through her mouth as she keeps talking how funny it is

>You mostly listen and are happy for her happiness. Of course You enjoy Yourself as well but the biggest joy is standing right next to You, staring at You with two beautiful eyes and smiling from ear to ear

>You look so cute and innocent, Apple Bloom…If i didn't know You better, i would think that You are like that…My little, naughty angel…

"…Phew…How bout a lil break?"

d51383  No.14756


"Heh… you said it… How about some ice cream?"

5308ab  No.14757

File: 65bccf239efc2ab⋯.png (402.69 KB, 1100x374, 50:17, 778635__safe_solo_humanize….png)


"Sounds good ta me"

>Both of You go to the near food stall and ask for ice cream. It's pretty hot today so water ice is Your choice

>There's a nice table with a pair of deck chairs and a giant umbrella shielding it all from the sun rays. Perfect spot to take a seat

>You two sit there and eat without a word. Apple Bloom seems to be busy devouring her water ice…In a really lewd way. And looks like she's not doing it on purpose…

>You imagine how would it feel if she was doing all that to Your penis…Dammit, and now You have an erection…

>Okay, let's have some small talk…

5308ab  No.14758

sorry for that break. i forgot to tell You that i won't be around for the weekend

d51383  No.14759


"Wow… I guess some girls are just born with natural talent."

5308ab  No.14760

File: 254ea5262c1ec65⋯.jpg (296.7 KB, 1000x2014, 500:1007, 766473__safe_solo_humanize….jpg)


"Huh? WhaddYa mean?"

d51383  No.14761


"I mean you're sucking that cone harder than you suck my dick. You have natural cock sucking skills."

d51383  No.14762

File: c09071c5280451b⋯.jpg (2.16 MB, 1920x1314, 320:219, 1920.jpg)

Happy Martin Luther King Jr. Day…

18cac6  No.14763

File: b260c8557f10433⋯.png (193.96 KB, 600x900, 2:3, 934245__safe_solo_humanize….png)



>She looks at You then at her water ice and then back at You. She stares at You for a few seconds before she starts to laugh

"Hahahahaha! Oh, Anon! Does everyfin' remind Ya of sex?"

18cac6  No.14764


A pedo activist like him when?

d51383  No.14765


"Hmm… pretty much. Like 90 percent of stuff reminds me of sex."

d51383  No.14766


The 21st of January. The third monday of every January. About the time of his birthday…

18cac6  No.14767


today (at leasy in my country) is the grandma's day. 22th is grandpa's day

18cac6  No.14768

File: 2d201b5157fd65e⋯.png (544.25 KB, 750x750, 1:1, 4d2e40e0741c09cf8af90c7f1d….png)


>Apple Bloom replies with a lewd smirk before she starts to eat her water ice in a completely different way. And by "different" You mean like she's worshipping a manhood

>She runs her tongue all over it and plants lots of kisses. All this while observing Your reaction

>Doesn;t take her long before her eyes go down Your body. Your erection only makes it more entertaining for her

>Naughty, very naughty angel You are, Apple Bloom…

d51383  No.14769


"You're such a naughty girl… I wish your sister could see this. She's gonna be really surprised and how sexually active you are."

d51383  No.14770


Our grandparents day is September 8th. It's for both granpas and grandmas though.

e963b8  No.14771

File: 904790ab55c937a⋯.png (230.31 KB, 407x732, 407:732, 933970__safe_solo_humanize….png)


"…'n' angry"

d51383  No.14772


"No… she'll probably be more shocked than anything."

e963b8  No.14773

File: cadb9b4b1991925⋯.png (401.1 KB, 531x782, 531:782, 808407__solo_humanized_sug….png)


"She's gunna be angry…taht her lil sis is not a baby any more"

>She replies and giver her ice another lewd lick. You're surprised that her ice hasn't melted yet considering how hot this looks…

d51383  No.14774


"You're probably right. But you're not a baby anymore. You're growing into a beautiful young woman."

2a1740  No.14775

File: e4120583fb9cc9a⋯.jpg (78.44 KB, 538x1000, 269:500, 793351__solo_humanized_mon….jpg)


"Yeah. Tell taht ta mah sis…"

>Maybe she's overprotective but You're very important to her…

d51383  No.14776


"She only babies you because she's trying to protect you. She cares about you a lot."

2a1740  No.14777

File: 28a72e3710cf451⋯.jpg (114.2 KB, 600x800, 3:4, 732751__safe_solo_humanize….jpg)


"Ah 'now but…she's overdoin' it sumtimes…"

>She pauses for a moment

"…Hey, ah been wonderin'…How is mah sis actin' like on a date?"

>Besides begging to be fucked in the ass?

4d3faa  No.14778


"Well she mostly just begs for a rough butt-fucking… but I feel like she really just wants to spend time with me. No matter what we do together."

1b08e4  No.14779

File: 42d7571df50b47d⋯.png (536.86 KB, 1000x1214, 500:607, 804381__safe_solo_humanize….png)