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File: ff86cff614be702⋯.png (1.73 MB, 2469x2745, 823:915, mlp-porn-r34--mlp-gay-porn….png)

05bf68 No.9537

I like butt stuff.

05bf68 No.9538

File: ccd5fe1d00e3bbc⋯.jpg (11.93 KB, 158x255, 158:255, 2b7f3f755e83029673105d3523….jpg)


>>9534 (You)

"Hah! In a few…Mhah! Days!"

05bf68 No.9539



"Oh… shit. Okay well I'll tell you an exact time when we get closer."

ef8eee No.9540

File: c0383ae2bea473c⋯.jpg (180.46 KB, 796x1000, 199:250, 338611__solo_nudity_flutte….jpg)


"Mhah! A-Also…Ah! Tommorow You have…Oh! A date with…Nhah! Applejack! Hah! Not Rainbow! Aah!"


ef8eee No.9541

File: 6acc28b0e1761f6⋯.png (193.4 KB, 640x480, 4:3, 00308.png)

Rarity & Fluttershy, Applejack, Rainbow Dash, Apple Bloom, Sweetie Belle, Scootaloo, Sunset Shimmer, home

ef8eee No.9542

a fresh thread works/loads so fast

05bf68 No.9543


"Good girl… you make a great secretary. I don't think I'm paying you enough for your services."

df5d0d No.9544

File: a4ee43aa1597f18⋯.png (629.43 KB, 1280x1056, 40:33, 906048__explicit_artist-co….png)


"Ah! Y-You're paying me…Mhah! Enough…Hah! Master!"

>Of course…slutty slaves accept sex as the currency…Still, a very good slutty slaves deserve other kinds of things as well. Like lots of hugs, kisses, petting and even worshipping…

df5d0d No.9545

File: 64a4b80d8c51e00⋯.jpg (86.86 KB, 960x529, 960:529, 15186__safe_solo_fluttersh….jpg)

aaand good night

05bf68 No.9546


"I don't know, you've been a very good girl for me… I think you deserve more…"

df5d0d No.9547

File: 1ae33e94c6ef2d1⋯.png (446.1 KB, 785x1061, 785:1061, 1245543__explicit_edit_edi….png)


"Nhah! I-I'll happily…Hah! Accept anything…Ah! From my Master! Aah!"

05bf68 No.9548


"Alright, I'll think of something later…"

>I look back up at Rarity.

"So four days from now… You're sure you want to watch? She really is very promiscuous… If you do watch then under no circumstances do I want you to interupt us. If it makes you uncomfortable then I want you to leave. Got it?"

df5d0d No.9549

File: ce7e6cb5a06c42f⋯.png (317.72 KB, 982x924, 491:462, 623493__solo_nudity_rarity….png)


*I'll try but i can't guarantee that i won't if…something happens*

>Funny how she went from "not possible" to "just in case"…

05bf68 No.9550


"Something like what?"

df5d0d No.9551

File: bcbf551decec019⋯.png (332.11 KB, 599x660, 599:660, SS1635.png)


*W-Well…Something like…You mentioned before*

05bf68 No.9552


"You're gonna interrupt if we do anything sexual? You're going to ruin Sweetie Belle's first time?"

df5d0d No.9553

File: 546332bf4f5302c⋯.png (288.39 KB, 503x715, 503:715, SS1657.png)


*I-I, uhhh….certainly wouldn't want to ruin it, but…Why are You saying it like it will surely happen?*

05bf68 No.9554


"Because it IS going to happen… I've spend the last 3 weeks with Sweetie Belle and she's very similar to you."

df5d0d No.9555

File: 35a305824ae85dc⋯.png (243.35 KB, 453x621, 151:207, SS1645.png)


>Fluttershy looks at You weirdly and You already know what she means. You barely spend any time with the girls…Perhaps You don't know them as well as You think…

*Are You implying that i would have sex on the frist date?*

05bf68 No.9556


"Well… not exactly. We also probably aren't going to have vaginal sex. I wouldn't want to throw Sweetie Belle into motherhood at such a young age. That is a decision she'll have to make herself… but we've already done… more intimate things while we were alone together."

df5d0d No.9557

File: 32c13b987a3c833⋯.png (321.99 KB, 567x665, 81:95, SS1662.png)


*W-W-What kind of things?*

05bf68 No.9558


"Hmm… that's private. But… you know… Touching, kissing… sucking… stuff like that."

df5d0d No.9559

File: f01bdca98f2f9fb⋯.png (167.14 KB, 354x456, 59:76, SS1642.png)


*Anon! As her sister i demand You to give me the details. What kinds of things You've done with my sister*

05bf68 No.9560


"I helped her… buff her muffin once… except she told me she wanted it in the urethra. She's given me a blowjob before… and I returned the favor."

a0d2ba No.9561

File: 858db63c8fb1fbf⋯.png (305.55 KB, 548x717, 548:717, SS1658.png)


*Anon. I do not believe You*

>Putting so much faith in her young sister is really noble of her…Perhaps You could use it to have some fun…

>You and Sweetie would pretend to be a normal, vanilla couple in front of Rarity and turn into sex maniacs once she's not around…

*In 4 days You'll see for Yourself*

>This makes You wonder what Applejack will say about her sister. She's even more crazily overprotective

05bf68 No.9562


"Okay… you caught me… Sweetie Belle is the most well behaved girl ever. It's Apple Bloom that's the naughty one…"

Post last edited at

a0d2ba No.9563

File: caab4b167d493e2⋯.png (235.7 KB, 397x667, 397:667, SS1654.png)


*Oh, no, no! After all that talk, i won't be satisfied with Your words. In 4 days come pick me up*

>Well…Either way is fine so…

a0d2ba No.9564

File: 761a9f77d79a18a⋯.jpg (76.96 KB, 1280x1024, 5:4, 19131__safe_solo_applejack….jpg)

aaand good night

05bf68 No.9565


"I see I've sowed in some doubt about your perfect little sister… Okay, four days and you'll see how she really behaves."

a0d2ba No.9566

File: f18c6c7adb5098f⋯.png (3.97 MB, 3840x2160, 16:9, 1430870__explicit_artist-c….png)


*Be it that way*

>You stare at each other in silence when a loud moan makes both of You look at Fluttershy again

*Oh, i'm sorry, sweetie, we've been ignoring You. Is everything okay?*

"Nhah! Y-Yes…Mhah! M-More….Aah!"

*…Good girl…Hey, Anon, i say that we should make our girl feel even better…There's one more hole You can play with…*

05bf68 No.9567


"Oh right… her favorite hole."

>I say, moving my hand down to her backdoor.

a0d2ba No.9568

aaand back from dentist

gimmie some time, i feel like crap right now

05bf68 No.9569


No way! I just went to the dentist yesterday!

a0d2ba No.9570

i'm sorry but i don't feel like writing tonight and lewd takes a bit of effort to make

a0d2ba No.9571


yeah, ithink i'll just go to sleep

but i'll be free in the next 3 days

05bf68 No.9572


Three days?

3379d9 No.9573



for the next 3 days

3379d9 No.9574

File: 2870a2016a10357⋯.png (1.14 MB, 1100x1100, 1:1, 377076__explicit_artist-co….png)


>A bit of rubbing and then You slowly slide Your finger inside Shy's butt. It goes in easily from all the fun and because of Your now watery sperm working as a lubricant

>Rarity gets back to kissing the neck and shoulder and shoves her fingers back into Shy's mouth. Fluttershy opens her mouth wide and Rarity begins to massage her tongue

*…*kiss* *kiss*…How's that, Fluttershy…? *lick* *lick* *kiss*…We're playing with Your every hole right now…*kiss* *suck*…*

"♥ Mmpphhaahh…! ♥"

*I'll take that as "yes"…*kiss* *kiss*…*

>Fluttershy's body jumps and twitches violently. Her eyes roll up and her face is a perfect example of an ahegao

>This is too much stimulation, even for a sex addict like her. She might go crazy and even break from it

>But she takes it like a champ. Every bit of her body begs for more so of course You and Rarity give it to her all

>It's okay if she breaks…You'll take good care of her and make sure that she'll always be happy…

>Fluttershy is in heaven right now but Rarity is plotting something devious…Both of You keep going for a few minutes when suddenly…

*Hey, anon…*kiss*…How about we stop right now…?*

>Fluttershy mumbles in surprise and makes Rarity smirk evilly. After all this pleasure she wants to stop and leave Shy all horny and frustrated…Hmmm…

05bf68 No.9575


"Sounds good to me, mistress."

>I say, pulling my hand out and licking the lewd fluids off of my finger.

3379d9 No.9576

File: 1e19cbb956970a9⋯.png (2.15 MB, 1850x2000, 37:40, 349244__safe_humanized_upv….png)


>Flutteshy's moans unhappily but it's all in vain. You slowly pull out the other finger as well, even though she squeezes You like she doesn't want You to stop

>Rarity waits to the last moment and then slowly pulls out her finger from the peehole. A trickle of yellow liquid flows outside when the tiny tube gets uncorked

>Finally Rarity takes her finger away from Shy's mouth and starts to gently caress Shy's belly and underbelly. You do the same thing to her thighs, making Shy hum but not in a very happy tone

*Mmmm…*kiss*…I want to keep You horny until tonight…*kiss*…*


>Rarity giver her neck a long, lewd lick

*Pretty please…Mistress…*


*You're such a lovely girl, You know…*

"Ah…T-Thank You…"

>Rarity grabs Shy's both breasts and gently fondle them. She gives her neck a few more kisses and looks at You

*I think that we've been here for a bit too long…*

>Right…Time to leave…

>You get up and help Fluttershy get up as well. Rarity also gets up and all three of You leave the bathtub

>Towels on and You leave the room. Like expected, all spa girls are suspiciously near the door to the bathroom. Little perverts…

>The three of You quickly put Your clothes on. Not that there were many of them to begin with…

>Plus Fluttershy is still not wearing any panties since You took that pair. But she seems to get used to it so You'll keep them for a bit longer

>Just before You're about to leave, Vera stops You and whispers

~Don't forget to visit us alone, Mister Anon…Unless You want to bring one of Your…naughty girlfriends with You…~

b9f27b No.9577


"No it'll probably just be me… but maybe the pink haired one, if she isn't too tied up."

c46ae7 No.9578

File: b2cb2acbb3185e1⋯.jpg (258.16 KB, 1166x901, 22:17, 145799__humanized_suggesti….jpg)


~If she comes, we can teach her how to give a massage…~


dd481d No.9579

aaand good night

01dfbb No.9580


"Sounds good… really good."

dd481d No.9581

File: 8c108cdf94668f1⋯.png (313.09 KB, 532x665, 4:5, SS439.png)


~Then don't forget to come~

>Vera winks at You and You reply with a smile. Then You join Your girlfriends and all three leave the the spa, waving the spa girls good-bye

*So, Anon, now that we've left the spa, it's time for us to focus on You. I've planned a few…attractions for You but it's still a while until the evening so we have some free time for ourselves. Would You like to go somewhere?*

dd481d No.9582

File: 706fd58a350c2aa⋯.png (267.07 KB, 720x720, 1:1, 002691.png)

01dfbb No.9583


"Maybe the beach? Or how about a waterpark?"

7f7aaa No.9584

File: 9fdfe3b0583bcf2⋯.jpg (61.78 KB, 634x423, 634:423, 248409F800000578-0-image-a….jpg)


"Waterpark sounds nice"

*Then waterpark it is*

>And it's not even far away. A bit of walking and soon You're at the entrance

>All three of You get inside, quickly change clothes and approach the pool. Rarity quickly finds an unoccupied sunbed, near the pool, and relaxes

>You on the other hand get into the water as quickly as possible. Fluttershy joins You not so quickly and moves around in the water

>…Hmmm…Boooring…Gotta do something about it…Let's see…

7f7aaa No.9585

da fuc?

it said "posted"

7f7aaa No.9586

File: 93ecc1f5d862c82⋯.png (389.42 KB, 1000x544, 125:68, 88890__safe_fluttershy_sle….png)


01dfbb No.9587


>I splash water at Fluttershy quickly while she isn't looking and look away pretending like I didn't do it.

7f7aaa No.9588

File: ebd494c168e23d5⋯.jpg (32.33 KB, 500x331, 500:331, 85447985_1_644x461_turcja-….jpg)


>A few seconds later You hear Rarity's voice

*Hey! Anon, what was that for?*

>You turn around and see that Rarity is all wet. Meanwhile Fluttershy is busy slowly moving in the water and she would look completely oblivious to what just happened if it wasn't for her sly smirk

>That little…

01dfbb No.9590


"Oh… sorry! Wrong person."

2874ac No.9592

File: 50de268ef4facdb⋯.jpg (186.34 KB, 473x340, 473:340, 443_foto.jpg)


*i'm all the way up here. How could You splash me by accident?*

2874ac No.9593

lil test

01dfbb No.9594


"Fluttershy did it! She just made it look like it was me!"

2874ac No.9595

File: 3bce2a858f7d82f⋯.jpg (34 KB, 350x300, 7:6, 3405186_3_b.jpg)


>Rarity rises her eyebrow and looks at Fluttershy

*…Anon, don't try to blame Fluttershy for it. This is definitely Your style*

01dfbb No.9596



>I look over at Fluttershy and say,

"I'll get you for that…"

>as I start running towards her.

2874ac No.9597

File: cf2d15c4fa484ef⋯.png (234.04 KB, 360x576, 5:8, SS1496.png)


>Fluttershy makes a defensive pose and prepares for impact. You charge at her, grab her and then shove her under the water

>She quickly frees herself and runs away, resurfacing slightly away from You. Now giggling, she makes a defensive pose once again

"Ohhh…? What are You doing all of a sudden…?"

0ea0bd No.9598


"Being playful…"

>I say, charging again.

e75479 No.9599


>This time Fluttershy manages to dodge. You chase her for a bit and then…

*What are You two even doing?*

>Both of You stop and look at Rarity, then at each other

"…I think that Rarity should join us. What do You think?*

e75479 No.9600

finally i can post again

0ea0bd No.9601


"I think she should."

>I say, starting to get out of the water

"Quick get her!"

0ea0bd No.9602


don't you make excuses slut…

e75479 No.9604

File: db95dbd91b60d63⋯.png (321.15 KB, 563x659, 563:659, SS1663.png)


*W-W-Wait! What are You…KYAAA!*

>When Shy joins You, both of You grab Rarity, pull her up and then jump into the water. Now Rarity can enjoy the water as well

*Why You…I'm in the water. Happy?*

e75479 No.9605

File: 443a570139348f7⋯.png (458.57 KB, 1280x1237, 1280:1237, 90111__fluttershy_nudity_a….png)

aaand good night

05bf68 No.9606



>I splash water at her.

e75479 No.9607

File: 79c2b2f717848dd⋯.jpg (49.12 KB, 550x427, 550:427, aquaventure-waterpark.jpg)


*Wha…Why You…!*

>Rarity splashes some water back and the fight begins. Rarity quickly gets overwhelmed so Fluttershy decides to join her and now girls are winning

>They pretty quickly force You to retreat and hide. Fortunately the waterpark is pretty big and there's plenty of nice places to hide

>Phew…Now what…?

e8788c No.9608

05bf68 No.9609


>Gotta set up an ambush… take them by surprise.

>I'll wait here until they come to attack and then spring on them at the last second.

05bf68 No.9610

Happy America Day!

e8788c No.9611

File: c80b86331fb03bc⋯.png (384.57 KB, 692x699, 692:699, SS720.png)


>Time slowly passes by, which is good because it gives You "more time" to regenerate. While sitting patiently in Your hideout, You hear their voices in the distance. They're splitting up

>Soon You can hear one of them approaching. You carefully peep out and see familiar pink hair. Revenge time!

>When the said person gets close enough, You suddenly jump at her. Fluttershy squeaks and tries to shield herself but You're too fast and a massive splash of water hits her right in the face

>Shy decides to retreat but You know that she's just planning to get back to Rarity so You grab her and make her dive before she runs away. She manages to slip away but leaves her bra in Your hands and when she realizes that, she squeaks again and quickly covers herself

"A-Anon! Could You give me back my bra, please?!"

e8788c No.9612


well, i got my salary today…aaand it's gone

05bf68 No.9613


"You want it? Come get it…"

>I say, shoving it in the front of my suit and running away.

e8788c No.9614

File: 947225b61ab69f1⋯.png (283.48 KB, 724x524, 181:131, SS735.png)



>Fluttershy runs after You with her arms covering her breasts and a blush painted all over her face. She wouldn't mind if it were only her friends but this place is too public

>You keep running away when sudden;y You bump into Rarity

*Anon! What do You think You're doing?! Give that back!*

e8788c No.9615

File: 91e951f522743a0⋯.png (156.55 KB, 1280x676, 320:169, 99012__fluttershy_suggesti….png)


05bf68 No.9616


"Y-yes ma'am."

>I say, turning around and giving Fluttershy her bra.

e8788c No.9617


>You give Shy her bra. She makes sure that nobody watches her and puts it on

*Oh, for the love of…! Taking brassiere in such a place…!*

"It was an accident. Anon didn't mean to do that"

*Oh really…?*

>Rarity gives You a suspicious look

*Admit it. You were aiming there"

05bf68 No.9618


"I did not. It's not my fault her bra is so skimpy that it comes off with almost no effort."

e8788c No.9619

File: 5d8d265b39a0336⋯.png (229.03 KB, 335x702, 335:702, SS1821.png)


>…Not that it's something bad…


>Rarity keeps looking suspiciously at You and adds a risen eyebrow and crossed arms. You look around, not sure how to react

*Well then, try to make sure that none of our clothes comes off again*

>She didn't believe You but You nod anyway. Rarity sighs, smirks and suddenly splashes water at You

>You instantly counter-attack but Shy joins her a moment later and You're once again overpowered. And this time no puling under the water to prevent any accidents

>You're forced to retreat once again so You run away. But this time they don't give You an opportunity to hide and soon You end up cornered

*Ready to admit defeat, darling?*

05bf68 No.9620



7c8e08 No.9621

File: 818d32ca923db82⋯.png (213.75 KB, 380x638, 190:319, SS1651.png)


>Both girls smile evilly

*Fu-fu-fu! If You give up now, we might go easy on You! And You better accept it after what You've done to poor Fluttershy*

"Awww, that was so embarrassing…!"

>Shy places her hands on cheeks and makes herself look troubled. It's so obviously fake…

2806f8 No.9622


"I-I… okay… Sorry mistress."

7c8e08 No.9623

File: 80c88b1ddd63f10⋯.png (233.47 KB, 429x612, 143:204, SS1856.png)


*Oh…You haven't forgotten that i'm still Your mistress…But You should say sorry to Fluttershy*

>Fluttershy is clearly not even a bit angry but she stares at You and awaits for those magic words to leave Your mouth

7c8e08 No.9624

aaand good night

2806f8 No.9625


"I'm sorry Fluttershy… I didn't mean to splash your bra off."

52b5a0 No.9626

File: b06feaaf1623df4⋯.png (491.64 KB, 573x701, 573:701, SS2264.png)


>Your words make Fluttershy smile warmly

"It's okay, i'm not angry…"

>She moves closer and whispers

"I'm Master's property after all…Right…?"

>That sudden sexy voice…

2806f8 No.9627


"That's right… we have to make all the other men jealous."

52b5a0 No.9628

File: df7182038c8487c⋯.png (354.63 KB, 778x541, 778:541, SS1031.png)


"Oh, i'm sure they are…And they would be even more if they saw my…naughty side…You like my naughty side, right…?"

2806f8 No.9629


"Of course I do, slutty."

52b5a0 No.9630

File: 6b03c81cc31866d⋯.png (324.11 KB, 558x621, 62:69, SS1077.png)


"…Or maybe You'd prefer if i was a shy, introverted, quiet, stammering girl that enjoys as much calmness as possible, hmmm…?"

2806f8 No.9631


"I'll love you no matter what Fluttershy."

52b5a0 No.9632

File: 263110c37d2f46c⋯.png (490.54 KB, 580x700, 29:35, SS2263.png)



>A lewd smirk shows up on her face

"Admit it…You'd pick current me over that shy one any day"

52b5a0 No.9633

File: d3f5eec63947958⋯.jpeg (73.56 KB, 924x865, 924:865, 340408__safe_solo_flutter….jpeg)

aaand good night

c1d0dd No.9634

File: 5938cce0c9be273⋯.gif (242.33 KB, 640x358, 320:179, 448580__safe_solo_animated….gif)

2ad4c4 No.9635

File: 52502b0aae2963f⋯.gif (413.82 KB, 402x360, 67:60, 184262__safe_pinkie pie_an….gif)

2806f8 No.9636


"I do like that you're a bit of a nympho… Makes it easy to get into your panties… if you ever wore panties."

2806f8 No.9637


Sorry I was at my cousin's wedding.

83a2bd No.9638

File: ff1b5247d20540d⋯.png (300.38 KB, 556x641, 556:641, SS706.png)


"You still have them, right? Will i ever get them back?"

0a1d29 No.9639


"After I jerk off with them a few more times…"

13ff26 No.9640

File: 05d218f2b53f358⋯.png (385.02 KB, 839x707, 839:707, SS698.png)


"Ohhh…? Isn't this for naughty boys who don't have a girl to play with…?"

f90908 No.9641


"Well I am naughty…"

2006ba No.9642

File: 0a89050c45441fd⋯.png (282.33 KB, 502x622, 251:311, SS707.png)


"But You have a girl to play with…And more than one…"

15cda4 No.9643


"Well if I'm honest I haven't jerked off once since I started dating you girls… so your panties are safe for now. Maybe Sweetie Belle and I will do something naughty to them when we go on our date."

639e6f No.9644

File: 36d93f958a8bb96⋯.png (222.37 KB, 452x625, 452:625, SS675.png)


"And what kind of naughty things would You to to a pair of panties…?"

15cda4 No.9645


"I could finger her through them, creampie her through them, use them as a mouth gag, shove them in her butt… lots of fun stuff."

be8330 No.9646

By the way, I'm back in Sacramento California.

93f1cd No.9647


e9d483 No.9648


627dec No.9649


they're building an apartment building right on the other side of the street and decided to rebuild the street as well. and some morons damaged the main communication line

627dec No.9650

File: 7951d91059f4725⋯.png (330.76 KB, 568x716, 142:179, SS700.png)


"I see…Will You give them back when You're done doing all these things…?"

e9d483 No.9651


"Sure… what will you do with them when you get them back?"

c5cc01 No.9652

File: 4bea39bd603a008⋯.png (325.02 KB, 616x717, 616:717, SS678.png)


"Well, i was planning to put them on"

e9d483 No.9653


"While they're all dirty?"

>I ask, lewdly.

c5cc01 No.9654

File: 352662e9554d819⋯.png (227.72 KB, 459x566, 459:566, SS730.png)


"Maaaybe…But…i might do something else if…they'll have an intense scent of Sweetie Belle…"

*What are You two whispering about?*

>You and Shy look at puzzled Rarity

Post last edited at

6585eb No.9655


"Private stuff…"

c5cc01 No.9656

File: 49a04fb8d1fe4fc⋯.png (422.84 KB, 722x658, 361:329, SS420.png)

>Rarity crosses her arms and rises her eyebrows

*I'm pretty sure that i heard "Sweetie Belle"*

6585eb No.9657


"Noooo…. we were just talking about Fluttershy's underwear."

c5cc01 No.9658

File: be5c04420a9d2fc⋯.png (479.78 KB, 854x712, 427:356, SS421.png)


*Talking about underwear, huh…?*

>Both You and Shy nod. Rarity stares at You two for a bit longer and shrugs

*If i didn't know You so well, i might actually believe You…*

c5cc01 No.9659

dunno about "might". is this paste tense?

pehaps a pharase with "could" would be better, tho it doesn't graps the meaning of our "mógłbym"

6a2ce4 No.9660


When she says "If I didn't know you better I might actually believe you." implies that she doesn't believe me and is looking for the real answer. Assuming that's how you mean it then it's correct.

6a2ce4 No.9661


"Well not in a normal way of course… Fluttershy wants me to do dirty things to them and then give them back…"

c5cc01 No.9662


it's something like "I might have thought"

c5cc01 No.9663


but more wondering, like "i could"

c5cc01 No.9664

File: e0c207eccefdbce⋯.png (305.1 KB, 568x686, 284:343, SS1489.png)

"When You put it that way, i feel like leaving them to You…Besides, i don't think i'll wear them…"

>Her voice gets even quieter

"…I like the cool breeze down there…"

c5cc01 No.9665

File: eb256d83350d9e7⋯.png (281.94 KB, 1000x646, 500:323, 407855__safe_solo_flutters….png)


6a2ce4 No.9666


"Yeah, and with no underwear we can try to have sex in public…"

c5cc01 No.9667

File: 52508ff2245de9d⋯.png (265.45 KB, 285x615, 19:41, SS2762.png)


"Ohhh…? Would You like to try that…?"

>Oh, don't play innocent, You child rapist…You're the one who broke Sweetie Belle's innocent mind…

143b45 No.9668


"We've sorta already done it… Just not in this body."

c5cc01 No.9669

File: 7f679b976e21c5e⋯.png (759.97 KB, 629x1022, 629:1022, SS2792.png)


"Ohhh…Back then…That was very kinky…"


"…But…I really enjoyed it…"

>Fluttershy touches Your chest with her pointing finger and runs is down Your skin

"I'd like to do it again some day and be Your onee-chan once more…"

c5cc01 No.9670


and nite again

143b45 No.9671


"I'm sure it'll happen again sometime soon.. You're such a naughty girl."

9eb6de No.9672

File: 53c858361ce3dc0⋯.png (1.19 MB, 1130x1045, 226:209, SS2802.png)


"I am…I hope that You're not disappointed…"

>She always mentions it…Perhaps she wants You to act a bit disappointed…Gonna try it on the nearest occasion and see what happens…

*You're still whispering…*

"Oh, i was telling Master about what kind of things are awaiting him soon…"


*Just don't spoil the surprise, darling*

>Oh? They're planning something special for You…Shy just gave You a tiny hint…

*Anyway, what would You two like to do now?*

143b45 No.9673


"Sunbathe on the beach?"

9eb6de No.9674

File: 1fc34620d70f987⋯.png (147.73 KB, 270x379, 270:379, SS937.png)


*But we just came here, darling*

143b45 No.9675


"Oh… right… Sorry I'm just a little far from sanity today. Let's go down some slides!"

16adab No.9676

File: 6317ce73b9e9bac⋯.png (370.27 KB, 640x712, 80:89, SS424.png)


*Might as well. Pick one*

>The biggest one of course! This way

>The three of You get to the biggest slide in the aquapark. You slowly go up the looong stairs and soon are standing at the top platform

"It's…really high…"

*Fluttershy, dear, are You okay?*

"Y-yes, i'm fine…"

>She might say so but she's still a little bit scared. You decide to side-hug her and she quickly calms down

>You wait in the queue for a bit and then Rarity goes first. Two people at once is not allowed but You don't want to make Shy go alone so You decide to go with her

>Fluttershy goes in front of You and sits between Your legs. You wait for the green light and push forward

>Weighting twice as much, or let's say 50% more when comparing Shy's weight to Yours, You accelerate to a pretty high speed. You even manage to do a few barrel rolls on the bends. Needless to say that it's pretty extreme for Flutters

>Even with Your high speed, it still takes You a while but You finally get to the end and do a massive water splash as You leave the tube. You let Shy go at the last moment to not remove any clothes as You once did before

>As You resurface, You see that Rarity took that massive splash in the face. And she isn't very happy about it

>Rarity decided to splash some water back at You and the battle begins once again. But this time Shy decides to join You and Rarity quickly gets overpowered

*Stop! Stop! I give up!*

>You do as requested. Rarity sighs deeply

*You two against me. This isn't very fair*

"Oh, we just want to see You all wet, right?"

90f1a3 No.9677


"Mhm… all wet."

>I say, winking at her.

61e2bd No.9678

File: cdae292a9aaf2f6⋯.png (246.85 KB, 440x630, 44:63, SS1644.png)


*Oh, right. You two only think of one thing all the time*

90f1a3 No.9679


"Yepp… I think it's a disorder."

61e2bd No.9680

File: 35a305824ae85dc⋯.png (243.35 KB, 453x621, 151:207, SS1645.png)


*I don't think that it's very healthy for You two…*

d9ba8d No.9681


"What?! Wadda ya mean not healthy for us?"

cad08e No.9682

File: e6f60193389f5c3⋯.png (384.06 KB, 906x719, 906:719, SS1809.png)


*Thinking about sex all the time can't be good for Your mind, darling*

60aebb No.9683

File: 53405985749e74b⋯.png (94.17 KB, 550x557, 550:557, 567324__safe_solo_reaction….png)

913cd0 No.9684


"Maybe… but I can't stop."

439b91 No.9685

File: 8548750c33fa983⋯.png (299.6 KB, 488x682, 244:341, SS1815.png)


*Perhaps You should find a hobby?*

262308 No.9686


"Like what?"

439b91 No.9687

File: 53ed3808ddf6224⋯.png (402.01 KB, 641x675, 641:675, SS1834.png)


*Like…I don't know. What do You like to do?*

>…Besides sex…

3a35ea No.9688


"Pound women in their tight… I-I mean… I like soccer and… videogames. Not really much else… I don't do a lot besides spend time with you girls."

caf0e9 No.9689

File: dfb974efa42eeb0⋯.png (418.43 KB, 675x680, 135:136, SS1656.png)


"Well ,i don't think that it's bad…"

>Rarity stares suspiciously at Shy. Flutters hugs Your arm and smiles in reply

*Fluttershy, dear, i think You might have some negative impact on Anon's sexual drive…And by some i mean a lot*

>Rarity's eyes go to You, waiting for Your word

caf0e9 No.9690

finally can post again

caf0e9 No.9691

i feel bad and tired so i'll just go to sleep

3a35ea No.9692


"What do you mean?"

3a35ea No.9693


night my love

caf0e9 No.9694

File: bcbf551decec019⋯.png (332.11 KB, 599x660, 599:660, SS1635.png)


*Well…Isn't she like a…sucubus?*

3a35ea No.9695


"Well… sorta… but if she's a succubus then I'm an incubus."

caf0e9 No.9696

File: 8a2ba62f1538a68⋯.png (766.26 KB, 700x986, 350:493, SS2775.png)


*Anyway, Just look at her, hugging You like that…*

>Indeed, Your arm is in between Shy's breasts and if You straightened Your fingers, You could easily touch her crotch

"Well…I'm Master's beloved slave and i want to satisfy all of my Master's needs…"

>Shy thinks for a moment and then looks at You

"Will i always be by Your side, Master? You won't get bored of me, right?"

774da6 No.9697


"Of course not. I'll always love you."

>I say, giving her a quick kiss.

fe5ba0 No.9698

File: 10c6dc11609a10c⋯.png (777.64 KB, 709x1005, 709:1005, SS2774.png)


"Mmmm…Sooo…Do You need anything, Master…?"

>Ohhh, she's doing it on purpose…

774da6 No.9699



>I say, rubbing her womanhood through her bikini.

"But I don't know if that's appropriate given the conversation we just had."

fe5ba0 No.9700

File: db95dbd91b60d63⋯.png (321.15 KB, 563x659, 563:659, SS1663.png)


"Hmmm? Have You regained Your stamina, Master?"

>Not really…but my tongue is ready!

*This is what i'm talking about. You have no sense of moderation*

774da6 No.9701


"I can't help it… Maybe you're right. I mean look…"

>I say gesturing to her crotch and my finger.

"I can't help but touch it… I just want to lick it… and smell it… and stick my cock inside it…"

fe5ba0 No.9702

File: f01bdca98f2f9fb⋯.png (167.14 KB, 354x456, 59:76, SS1642.png)


"Mmmm…I want it as well…"

>Rarity crosses her arms and frowns her eyebrows

*You just had lots of sex and You will have even more in a few hours. Can't You two stop thinking about it for a longer while?*

fe5ba0 No.9703

i will now take a nap and try to not sleep for the rest of the night

774da6 No.9704


"I'll try…"

>I say, taking my finger away

fe5ba0 No.9705


aaand i failed

fe5ba0 No.9706

File: 04c5760c15bfd04⋯.png (148.02 KB, 265x496, 265:496, SS1643.png)


"Awww…What's wrong with that?"

>Fluttershy stares at Rarity a moment and suddenly a sly smirk shows up on her face

"Or maybe…You're jealous?"

>Rarity does her multiple gasps

*Me?! Jealous of what?!*

>Flutters seems to be satisfied with her reaction. She hugs Your arm tightly once again and Your hand ends up in the same spot

"It feels so nice to be close to Master and be of use to him whenever he needs…To be in the centre of his attention and accept all his love…"

*N-No, way. I am not jealous*

"Hmmmm…? I think she wants to be on Your mercy…Or maybe…she wants You to be on her mercy…"

>….Or maybe…it's not about You…

774da6 No.9707


"I think she's jealous of me…"

fe5ba0 No.9708

File: e891daa907dacd7⋯.png (208.72 KB, 395x602, 395:602, SS1632.png)


*W-What?! I'm not jealous!*

"Ohhh…? You think so, Master?*

774da6 No.9709


"Oh yeah… She's definitely jealous of me… Mmm, look at me Rarity… Touching her, especially in such an inappropriate place… I get to hug her, and kiss her, and play with her fun parts whenever I want. Don't you wish you could be me right now?"

>I say, fingering Fluttershy more vigorously.

ae9308 No.9710

File: 5b57de8474941fc⋯.png (270.42 KB, 462x558, 77:93, SS1648.png)


*W-Wha-What do You two think You're doing in public?!*

>Rarity turns around, visibly angry, but a few seconds later turns to look at You again

*Besides, i do all of this every night*


>Shy looks surprised with her sudden confession. Rarity thinks for a moment and suddenly covers her mouth when realizes what just left her mouth

*I-I-I…W-What i meant was…W-Well…*

>And suddenly awkward silence…And Rarity's face turning red…

7f4211 No.9711


ae9308 No.9712


this shit doesn't work anymore

ca7645 No.9713


"I figured… You in love with Fluttershy too?"

0ccef9 No.9714

File: 01a7d8f520adb7f⋯.png (255.29 KB, 455x626, 455:626, SS1647.png)


*W-Wha…?! M-Me?! What are You talking about?*

>Rarity turns around again. Her reaction makes Fluttershy smile

"Well of course…A slave should love her mistress…"

>Hmmm? Changing the subject…?

ca7645 No.9715


"Anyway… let's go ha e some fun."

bc1e67 No.9716

File: cdae292a9aaf2f6⋯.png (246.85 KB, 440x630, 44:63, SS1644.png)


"Where would You like to go?"

>Rarity looks at You once again

ca7645 No.9717


"It's always what I want to do… Don't you two want to do anything besides do the stuff I want to do?"

bc1e67 No.9718

File: 3308144ab058529⋯.jpg (21.21 KB, 360x241, 360:241, bora-bora-apartments.jpg)


"Well, that's what a slave should do…"


"But if Master asks for my opinion then…how about a nice walk around the mountain?"

*I wouldn't mind going to the beach…*

>Ehhh…You asked and now You have to choice…

bc1e67 No.9719

File: 0b2a4c2dba2daac⋯.png (285.88 KB, 2300x1380, 5:3, 519560__safe_solo_flutters….png)


ca7645 No.9720


"Mhm… how about the beach first?"

bc1e67 No.9721

File: 2ea1028453e90a3⋯.jpg (93.29 KB, 947x439, 947:439, 2.jpg)


"Sounds nice…"

*So we're done with the waterpark already?*

>You and Shy nod. Rarity shrugs and follows You to the exit

>The usual combo: taxi + boat, and soon You're at the beach

>A lazy walk, which seems to satitsfy Shy as well, to Your favourite place and You're ready to get into the water

>But Rarity prepares herself to sunbathe and Fluttershy sits next to her and observes the waves in the distance. You wonder if You should join, get into the water by Yourself or get them into the water somehow

Post last edited at

ca7645 No.9722


"I suppose I could use a tan…"

>I say, walking over to Rarity.

bc1e67 No.9723


sorry, i forgot to copypaste everything

bc1e67 No.9724

yes, it's fixed now

tho it might not change your choice

ca7645 No.9725


still works for me

bc1e67 No.9726

File: 1c7a76fa8c02846⋯.jpg (15.42 KB, 350x233, 350:233, 350px-Bora_Bora_Mount_Otem….jpg)


>You sit next to her as well and do what Fluttershy does

*Hmmm? I expected You to jump into the water the moment we came here*

ca7645 No.9727


"Nah, I want to spend some time with you… maybe get a tan."

7ee4fd No.9728

File: 5dee7f6662a2a03⋯.png (245.33 KB, 619x509, 619:509, 766133__nudity_rarity_ship….png)


*Well then…Let's prepare ourselves…*

>Rarity passes You a suntan cream and lies on the towel. You like where this is going…

*Oh, of course…Let's remove these first…*

>Rarity quickly removes both her bikini and is now lying on the towel in all her naked glory. And this is already a great choice of Yours

7ee4fd No.9729

finally…i'm gonna report that damn captcha for some fix

ca7645 No.9730


"Oooh… I'm happy with my choice already."

>I say, sqeezing a hand full of cream into my hand.

7ee4fd No.9731

File: 167b5b4f6ce5741⋯.png (1.92 MB, 3617x2440, 3617:2440, 828788__solo_explicit_nudi….png)


"Hmmm…Allow me to join…"

>Fluttershy slowly takes of her bikini, making sure to it slowly and in a way to entertain You as much as possible. Then she lies nudely on the towel as well. Breasts up

*Start with whoever You want, darling…*

>Oh, this is just too good…

7ee4fd No.9732

File: aaa7f0e08ace60f⋯.png (164.65 KB, 1000x522, 500:261, 541193__safe_solo_flutters….png)


ca7645 No.9733



>I start massaging the cream into Rarity's back.

7ee4fd No.9734

File: fb016f1458d4ac2⋯.png (564.46 KB, 1000x722, 500:361, 1000654__solo_explicit_nud….png)


*Make sure to reach every spot…*

>Oh yes, i will…

>Rarity relaxes as You gently rub her back. Her skin is silky and the cream makes it even softer

>You do it slowly and carefully, giving her a massage as well. Her muscles quickly relax under Your fingertips

>When You're done with her back, You go for her legs. First both her calves, then thighs and finally butt. You love playing with girls bottoms but this time You try to stay neutral. It's not like You can't ask her to sit on Your face or something…

>You finish down there with a gentle butt slap and go up to her shoulders and neck. They feel a bit stiff so You give the an extra rub and soon she melts in Your hands

*…Oh yes…Just like that…*

"Anon also seems to be pleased…"

>Fluttershy points at Your erection. You roll Your eyes and continue with the massage

*…Mmmm…Now the front please…*

>Rarity turns on her back. You stop for a moment and take a good look at her glorious front. You swear, these girls get sexier each time You look at them…

*…Enjoying the view, darling…?*

2bc32d No.9735


"As always… How'd I get so lucky?"

8349f0 No.9736

File: 0e5fd18d9debedf⋯.png (2.08 MB, 1440x2080, 9:13, 1061694__questionable_arti….png)


*Oh, we could ask You the same…*

"I still remember You from when Pinkie Pie first introduced You to us…Lonely…insecure…shy…"

*Hah! You were so desperate for attention that You did whatever we told You to. We pretty much made You act like a girl and participate in all our activities

>Yeah…Not manly at all…But what to expect if all Your friends are girls…?

"Awww, poor Anon…I bet You didn't like doing any of it…"

>Well, i didn't hate it but…make-up…clothes…cosmetics…hair styles…eating habits…fashion…even talking about boys…Not really what a man is interested in…

"Hmmm…Do You think he's so submissive because we broke his delicate psyche?"

*Oh my, i hope we didn't…Anon, You were never…a type of macho, right?*

>Why, thanks a lot…

b7bf28 No.9737


"Meh… I'm not really into some of the girly things we do. Massages are nice though… Besides, I don't really have any guy friends and the ones I meet I try to have sex with."

8349f0 No.9738

File: 5372583315756b6⋯.jpg (689.31 KB, 1256x1254, 628:627, 732233__questionable_artis….jpg)


*Anon…! But that's even worse! I really hope that it's not our talk that made You interested in boys*

b7bf28 No.9739


"I don't know… Maybe I wouldn't be if I didn't spend so much time doing girly things. I've always been a pervert though… I wanted to try having sex with Principal Celestia and Vice Principal Luna. Not sure that will happen though, I already have enough girls to keep me happy."


8349f0 No.9740

File: bd2e4825bf7c280⋯.png (403.19 KB, 500x573, 500:573, 1402330__questionable_arti….png)


"Ohhh…? They're both very nice, aren't they…?"


"There's nothing perverted in that. They're fully grown women…And they're both virgins…"

>How do You kno…

*Anon! You make me worried righ now! Are You sure that You're happy being like that? Be honest*

b7bf28 No.9741


"Yeah I'm fine being bisexual…"

8349f0 No.9742

File: 6cecd29e43c2db3⋯.jpg (97.76 KB, 637x730, 637:730, 16019__questionable_artist….jpg)


*But that sounds like You accepted it. Being bisexual isn't a bad thing but we might forced You into it by making You think like a girl…*

b7bf28 No.9743


"Hmm… could be. Either way nothing we can do now. Now, relax and let me massage your lovely body."

8349f0 No.9744

File: 1ae33e94c6ef2d1⋯.png (446.1 KB, 785x1061, 785:1061, 1245543__explicit_edit_edi….png)



"It's okay, Rarity…We love Anon the way he is…If he likes to do it with other boys then i'm fine with that.."

>Shy's gaze goes at You and she smirks

"…Unless he decides that he prefers doing it with boys…"

8349f0 No.9745

File: dbbb404e0d8c0c9⋯.png (52.51 KB, 850x450, 17:9, 568591__safe_fluttershy_eq….png)

aaand good night

b7bf28 No.9746


"Well I don't hate the idea of a big thick cock slamming my… I-I mean… I like vagina more."

8349f0 No.9747

File: bde3afc3efc52de⋯.png (2.59 MB, 1700x3264, 25:48, 1450321__explicit_artist-c….png)


>Fluttershy's smirk gets lewder

"What about the bum hole…?"

>Nothing less to expect from an anal slut…

"…Do You prefer boy's rear or girl's rear?"

>Hard question…

8349f0 No.9748

File: 6b7fac0f9b68753⋯.png (932.82 KB, 984x984, 1:1, tumblr_omzfjkGN6P1uoa85jo1….png)

File: 3135b12c8b35e58⋯.png (1.13 MB, 1280x1280, 1:1, tumblr_omzfjkGN6P1uoa85jo2….png)

well, i don't know either

b7bf28 No.9749


"Never given it to a boy in the butt."

b7bf28 No.9750


would apply penis to hole.

8349f0 No.9751

File: d83b0fed20d56e1⋯.png (1.6 MB, 1600x1200, 4:3, 733175__solo_fluttershy_ex….png)


"Well then, i hope that You won't prefer boys once You try it"

*What if he does?*

"In that case…"

>Fluttershy makes bedroom eyes

"…I'll just have to convince him that girls are better…"

>Now You want to do it just to see what kind of things she'll do to convince You…

"Anyway…You'll be happy to hear that You'll soon get both things You've mentioned…"

*Fluttershy, i told You to not spoil the surprise*

"It's okay, let's tell him…I want to see his reaction…"

*Well, okay…*

>A dozen of theories run through Your mind but Fluttershy keeps looking at You like she expects You to simply ask so there's only one solution to this…"

8349f0 No.9752


i wouldn't pull out my tongue from there

16ceee No.9753


"Alright… what's the surprise?"

8349f0 No.9754

File: 1e2b44a69b87f13⋯.jpeg (182.15 KB, 721x1097, 721:1097, 286785__questionable_arti….jpeg)


*Hmmm…Like i said before, we're going to completely focus on You. And we're going to…use some tools…*

>This plus what Shy said before can only mean one thing: lots of anal fun. With You in the centre

682557 No.9755


"Sounds like some fun butt-stuff."

c2e473 No.9756

File: f297666422d58d7⋯.png (56.66 KB, 900x900, 1:1, 1148380__explicit_artist-c….png)


*Well…yes. We'll give You all the details when we get back to our bungalow*

"Is my Master happy to hear that?"

682557 No.9757


"Yeah, sounds like it's gonna be dirty and a lot of fun."

c2e473 No.9758

File: 91f75527a941423⋯.jpg (188.05 KB, 1280x1707, 1280:1707, 165504__questionable_artis….jpg)


"I'm glad to hear that…"

*Well, You know now so…*

>Rarity lies comfily again

*…continue, please*

682557 No.9759


"Of course mistress."

>I say, continuing to massage her front.

c2e473 No.9760

File: 39187f52d8c0ceb⋯.png (459.94 KB, 750x1050, 5:7, 1408155__explicit_artist-c….png)


>This time You start from the top. Her neck, shoulders, collar bones. Then comes her chest

>You make sure to give both her breasts a good massage. Your hands run in circles, squeeze then from two sides and lift them

>You think about all the benefits from massaging breasts but deep down You know that You just like to fondle them. And guessing from their smiles, they know it too

>They seem to be having fun, watching You fight Your primal urges. Especially Fluttershy looks at You like she expects You to get on top of Rarity and relief Yourself

>It kinda makes You feel like their pet. Like this is what they expect of You. Oh well…Maybe You're primitive when it comes to these things…At least they won't say that You're not romantic…

>You spend more time on the breast massage than You planned but finally proceed further down. Her slim belly, with a slight but visible line of her abdominal muscles shows how much attention she pays to her looks

>Soon it's going to change its shape into something even more beautiful. You can't wait for it to grow up

>Rarity seems to be the type of girl that will probably feel bad with her new figure so You'll make sure to give her plenty of hugs, kisses and compliments to make her feel attractive and beautiful at all times. It's a lot of work but totally worth both her warm smile and Your newborn happiness

>This time You can't hold back and give it a loving kiss. Rarity replies with a hum

>You spread the cream on her sides and discover that she's a bit ticklish there. You rub her there with Your fingertips until her entire body twitches

>When You reach her crotch, you notice a drop of her leakage shyly peeking outside her slit. Good to knowthat You're not the only one turned on

>Shy looks more sharply, expecting You to finally make a move but You decide to disappoint her and give Rarity's womanhood the bare minimum rubbing, just to spread the cream. Then You move to the thighs, with a satisfied smile

>You slowly move down and finally reach her feet. Rarity seems to react when Your hands make contact with them

>As expected from her, she loves when someone touches her feet. Of course You'll give them a good massage

>Your hands start at her top and then move to the more sensitive bottom side. You use Your knuckles to give her soles an extra rub, making her feet twitch

>You squeeze each of her toes, using three fingers, and make all her joints work. You also don't forget to slide Your fingers in between each of her toe, which se seems to enjoy the most

>Finally a kiss to each foot and Your lovely girl is now fully protected from the UV. Rarity seems to be very satisfied with Your help and Fluttershy can't wait for her turn

*Mmmm…Thank You, sweetheart*

>The pleasure was all mine…wwhoooaa…!

>You feel a finger gently sliding under Your chin. You look at the side and see Fluttershy welcoming You to her towel as she lays down

"My turn…"

>Time for the biggest slut…

Post last edited at

682557 No.9761


"Couldn't wait any longer huh? Alright…"

>I say, squeezing out more of the cream into my hands.

0440fe No.9762

File: 26f89fcd787132d⋯.png (1.34 KB, 31x84, 31:84, SS3150.png)

Noah, are You willing to help Your slut defend his work? i'm trying to build Maud but some guy keeps drawing over it and ignores me completely. help me push him back (boots area)

here's the template and coordinates:


96e8a1 No.9763


Sure but I'll have to do it later. I'm working trying to do inventory.

0440fe No.9764


okay, i think i won

0440fe No.9765

File: e5833c55834001d⋯.png (6.49 MB, 4237x3029, 4237:3029, 1486243__explicit_artist-c….png)


>You take a look at Shy's body and once again confirm that they look more beautiful with each time You look a them. And especially that succubi shines more brightly and doesn't allow You to look away

"…You can stare as much as You like but…touching is better…"

>That pervert…Okay then…

96e8a1 No.9766


"You're such a naughty girl…"

>I say, massaging the cream into her skin.

0440fe No.9767

File: 47a2eb506a5b535⋯.png (650.98 KB, 1280x960, 4:3, 528013__solo_fluttershy_ex….png)


>Of course her pose doesn't say "rub me with cream". It says "fuck me now"

>Hers legs are slightly bent in knees and spread a bit. Perfect position to get in between them, grab her ass, shove Your boner and fuck her silly but You're not falling for it

>You want to fuck her badly but…not right now. You take a deep breath and continue rubbing the cream as calmly as possible

>But the pink haired devil decided to tease You some more. A few seconds later You feel her hand touching Your erection

"Oh, my, it looks so painful…"

0440fe No.9768

File: d215747998ea10d⋯.gif (193.59 KB, 652x600, 163:150, 617812__safe_solo_flutters….gif)

aaand good night

620cc0 No.9769


"No… I-its fine."

0440fe No.9770

File: 1a178f73c440a9d⋯.png (309.95 KB, 1280x771, 1280:771, 1401817__explicit_artist-c….png)


"Are You sure, Master? Your little slave will gladly take care of it for You…"

620cc0 No.9771


"I know… but I'm fine. We'll wait till later."

202cad No.9772

File: a4ee43aa1597f18⋯.png (629.43 KB, 1280x1056, 40:33, 906048__explicit_artist-co….png)


>She smiles lewdly

"You might not get a chance later…"

>Ohhh…So they're planning some Sunset style fun…They're so lovely…

Post last edited at

620cc0 No.9773


"Sigh… You're such a slut… Maybe I should punish you to keep you in your place… What do you think Rarity? Is Sluttershy a bad girl?"

Post last edited at

202cad No.9774

well, i actually expected You to give her a good spanking…

202cad No.9775

File: d6a790b98400e82⋯.png (124.54 KB, 768x934, 384:467, 1412534594656.png)


but Your way is fine too. the choice is Yours

252008 No.9776

202cad No.9777

File: 8679163acdc45c0⋯.png (612.97 KB, 1592x1600, 199:200, 246401__explicit_fluttersh….png)


*Hmmm…Most definitely*

>You grab surprised Shy and quickly turn her around while also pulling her bottom over Your lap


252008 No.9778


"How many spankings do you think she should get?"

202cad No.9779

File: 0395a4ad7365a9c⋯.jpg (1.05 MB, 2625x3375, 7:9, 1101481__solo_explicit_nud….jpg)


>You as, as You gently rub Shy's butt. Rarity makes a loud "Hmmm" and then…

*Twenty…at least…*

"B-But…! I just want to serve my Master…!"

202cad No.9780

File: d9fbca8c1ece5df⋯.png (808.06 KB, 909x1024, 909:1024, 1460274967476.png)




and good night

f6602a No.9781


"Oh… I think you were trying to tease me… Is that not the case?"

202cad No.9782

File: e441eff640ec7fc⋯.png (741.92 KB, 1041x1347, 347:449, 78950__fluttershy_nudity_h….png)



>I see…A bit of both…

f6602a No.9783


"You can't even give me an answer… Thirty spankings it is…"

>I bring my hand down on her cheeks, hard.

202cad No.9784

File: c0383ae2bea473c⋯.jpg (180.46 KB, 796x1000, 199:250, 338611__solo_nudity_flutte….jpg)


>Fluttershy squeaks loudly as You leave the first hand mark on her butt. Rarity observes as You slowly deliver blow after blow

>You get up to ten and pause. You give her a moment to hear what she has to say before You decide to continue. Oh, and she's wet

"…Hah…I-I'm sorry…I just want to…see Master happy…"

f6602a No.9785


"I'm very happy right now… and it looks like you are too."

>I say, running my fingers along her vulva and then showing her the leakage.

"You like it?"

202cad No.9786

File: fb884bc4d37a2cd⋯.jpeg (169.96 KB, 631x966, 631:966, 844854__explicit_artist-c….jpeg)



>A blush shows up on her face as she keeps staring at Your wet fingers. Nothing better than make this mega slut embarrassed…

>You move Your fingers close to her mouth. When they touch her lips, she noms them and You can feel her tongue as sucks on them

>…So eager…She must really like her own taste…You should make her cum, gather her squirt in a cup and then make her drink it…

*…You two are doing it again…*

6eecf2 No.9787


"She likes to keep me horny… She's such a naughty girl."

202cad No.9788

File: 031ca06e9ddfd94⋯.png (393 KB, 1280x1749, 1280:1749, 846902__explicit_artist-co….png)


*She's going to get sunburns if You don't do it properly…Same for You*

>But…she's sucking so eagerly…

09d468 No.9789


"Sunburn is nothing compared to the burning she's going to have on her butt when I'm done with her…"

202cad No.9790

File: d4ca46fd8cc92ce⋯.jpg (928.57 KB, 2000x1414, 1000:707, 827634__explicit_artist-co….jpg)


"P-please, have mercy, Master…"

e5e357 No.9791


"Why should I?"

047aba No.9792

File: 0310766dfadf166⋯.jpg (766.2 KB, 1800x2326, 900:1163, 964125__questionable_artis….jpg)


"W-W-Well, i…ummm…uhhh…B…Because…i-i'm Your…cute, little slave…?"

e5e357 No.9793



>I stick two fingers back into her vagina and start gently fingering her while I talk.

"Not sure if that's a very good answer… Just because you're cute doesn't mean you can't be punished."

fc5517 No.9794


047aba No.9795

oh…there's a reply…

047aba No.9796

File: a745956b5d76815⋯.jpeg (757.7 KB, 3000x3916, 750:979, 843205__questionable_arti….jpeg)


"Ah…B-Because…I was a…hah…good girl today…?

fc5517 No.9797


"Until now… You were doing so well. Tell you what, if you stay quiet during the rest of the tanning cream application I'll forget about the punishment AND let you relieve me however you want. No moans, sqeaks, or groans… Deal?"

047aba No.9798

File: aba1aea92258462⋯.png (544.05 KB, 1280x1224, 160:153, 924158__explicit_artist-co….png)



>Great…Now, my dear slut…

fc5517 No.9799


"Good girl."

>I lay her back down on the blanket and put more cream on my hands.

>Time to make this massage a bit more sensual… err… sexual.

047aba No.9800

File: 398086fa976e276⋯.png (1.14 MB, 1092x1818, 182:303, 941785__questionable_artis….png)


>For a warm up You start with her neck and shoulders. Your fingertips dig deeply into her skin and give her muscles a good rub but still press gently

>When she's "warmed up", You move lower and the fun begins. Her beautiful breasts definitely need a good massage

>You begin to fondle them and a very silent moan escapes her mouth. She looks at You, expecting punishment but You reply with a smile and continue. You'll let that one pass this time…Besides You just started…

>Your both hands move them in circles up, down and to sides. You give them a good, but not hard squeeze as You pull and push them

>Fluttershy looks like she wants to let You know how good she feels. But she does her best to hold back her voice so…let's give her erect nipples some fun as well…

>You pinch them and rub between Your thumb and pointing finger. Soon they will be squirting with breast milk after doing this

>Time slowly passes by and You make it very hard for Fluttershy. But despite Your best efforts, she stays quiet. Time to change the tactic…

fc5517 No.9801


>I move one hand down to her crotch and start "applying cream" to her nethers while I massage her breasts at the same time.

Post last edited at

047aba No.9802

File: e117032e5617f0c⋯.jpeg (716.81 KB, 1837x1300, 1837:1300, 948404__explicit_artist-c….jpeg)


>Your fingers quickly locate her clit and give the same treatment as her nipples. Her entire body twitches and she even covers her mouth. How cute…

>You leave her breast and continue rubbing her belly. Your fingertips gently slide on her silky skin, making her belly jump from the ticklish sensation

>But the real fun is a bit lower. You have no mercy for her little love button

>You pull it, squeeze it and rub it pretty hard. Normally You would hold back more but it's Fluttershy so You can be a bit rougher

>More time passes by but, to Your surprise, she somehow manages to hold back. Even Rarity observes You two, visibly interested

>Well, Shy can do it if she wants…But wait…There's one more place to try…

fc5517 No.9803


>I turn her over and start to rub more cream on her butt cheeks getting progressively closer to her rear entrance.

047aba No.9804

File: 9f170f0c6a4958e⋯.png (1.24 MB, 1280x1422, 640:711, 965641__questionable_artis….png)


>Fluttershy keeps her mouth covered as Your fingers slowly reach her hole. You run Your fingertip in circles around her ring and then suddenly shove it inside. And this time Fluttershy lets out a silent but clearly audible squeak

>Aha! What an anal slut…

>You stop the "massage". Shy slowly turns her head to look at You

"I-I'm sorry, Master…P-Please punish me…"

>Asking for it now, huh…?

fc5517 No.9805


"Hmm… no excuses? Well maybe I could let it slide…"

>I move my mouth close to her ear and whisper:

"Slide into your butt because I'm so horny… You're a good girl. Mind if I took you up on your previous offer to relieve me?"

047aba No.9806

File: 4b506f66c3b5db1⋯.png (2.83 MB, 1972x3712, 17:32, 1076164__explicit_artist-c….png)


>She seems surprised in a positive sense from hearing Your words

"…I'll be more than happy if You use my body to relieve Yourself, Master…"

fc5517 No.9807


"Which hole do you want?"

047aba No.9808

File: 23d815407360dbc⋯.jpeg (214.62 KB, 850x1100, 17:22, 286815__solo_nudity_flutt….jpeg)


"In my bottom…I-If that's okay with You, Master…"

047aba No.9809

File: bb01fd9aa7c9b71⋯.png (252.02 KB, 846x565, 846:565, 774906__safe_solo_flutters….png)

aaand good night. gotta wake up early

fc5517 No.9810


"Of course lovely. Lay on your stomach and spread your cheeks. Try to be a bit discrete about it… we don't want Rarity saying anything until it's too late."

047aba No.9811

File: ad842912ac438a5⋯.png (878.96 KB, 2200x3200, 11:16, 1072623__questionable_arti….png)


"Yes, Master…"

>She smiles lewdly and does as requested. Rarity, that is still observing You two, has some suspicions but You don't give her time to think and quickly shove Your erection, making the yellow girl squeak

*Wha…Anon! Fluttershy! What did i tell You about having some moderation?!*

>Oops…She's angry now…

>But it's not my fault. Look how fast she convinced me to have sex with her. She really is a succubi…

2f7c4c No.9812


>I lay all the way down on top of Fluttershy and start gently thrusting.

"Sorry, I can't help it. It was getting uncomfortable having an erection and not doing anything about it. It's like an itch you can't scratch."

>I rest my head next to Fluttershy's and whisper in her ear:

"But you can scratch my itch anytime you want, lovely."

2f7c4c No.9813






047aba No.9814


i'm helping renovating the kitchen so i'll be getting back later than usual for a few days

2f7c4c No.9815


I'll renovate your kitchen… slut.

047aba No.9816

File: cb4fe40f2c9ad55⋯.png (77.72 KB, 600x600, 1:1, 416251__safe_solo_twilight….png)

renovate the insides of my ass. the walls need to be painted white

2f7c4c No.9817

File: 3965190fea8fd4f⋯.jpg (17.98 KB, 352x198, 16:9, dfe50d6935fc22ae1f8692aaa0….jpg)


First we'll have to do some demo work on your prostate!

047aba No.9818

File: c7a1fca7b80a737⋯.png (4.97 MB, 2220x3342, 370:557, 1251332__explicit_artist-c….png)


"Y-Yes…hah…I'm so happy to…help…"

>My beloved slut…*kiss*…Here…Right where You love it…

>Show Your master how happy You are…Seeing You overjoyed is master's greatest happiness…

>You give her blushing cheek another kiss, then move Your upper half back, pin her down and continue slowly sliding Your dick in and out. Shy rests her head on the side so You can see half of her satisfied face

*Anon! Could You at least try to hold back?!*

047aba No.9819


make sure to try all kinds of possibilities to find out which one works the best

maybe Your finger? or Your tongue? or Your manhood?

2f7c4c No.9820


"N-no… I-its too late now. I need this…"

2f7c4c No.9821


I'll be sure to try everything out. I want you to be satisfied with the work I do.

047aba No.9822

File: b355082c0d25520⋯.jpg (1.62 MB, 1501x3035, 1501:3035, 950424__questionable_artis….jpg)


"I'm sorry, Rarity…Ah…i'm a terrible friend…Hah…You must hate me right now…"

*I don't hate You, Fluttershy, it's just that…we had a plan…*

>Rarity bites her lower lip and keeps observing You two. Fluttershy is still extremely happy but there's guilt on her face as well



"C-Could You, p-please…hah…do it for Rarity and…hah…finish without c-cumming…?"

047aba No.9823

File: 4b1828df111e4ef⋯.png (85.83 KB, 385x377, 385:377, 665177__solo_pinkie pie_nu….png)


if You won't know which one, make sure to keep trying everything over and over again until You decide

2f7c4c No.9824


"How can I f-finish without c-cumming? That's a pretty d-difficult task…"

2f7c4c No.9825


Don't worry. I'm known for trying one thing out for hours and then moving to the next thing for another few hours… I'll try out every possibility before I apply the paint and even then I might clean out the paint and start again.

047aba No.9826

File: 398086fa976e276⋯.png (1.14 MB, 1092x1818, 182:303, 941785__questionable_artis….png)


"I-I know that i'm…ah…asking for much but…nhah…if You could…pull out before You finish..?"

2f7c4c No.9827


"Hah… O-okay. I'll pull out when I get close."

047aba No.9828


looks like You'll never finish the renovation this way…please don't

2f7c4c No.9829


I won't finish the renovation for at least a few days.

047aba No.9830

File: c852edf35cee130⋯.jpg (363.38 KB, 900x1082, 450:541, 929151__explicit_artist-co….jpg)


"T-Thank You, Master…Hah…"

>Sure…You will end up even hornier than before but…anything for my precious slave…

>You keep slowly fucking her and her silent moans don't make it any easier for You. Plus You started all horny, plus it's Fluttershy's ass so just a few minutes later You're ready to climax

>How can You not possibly cum inside this?! Her hole is begging You to fill it up. Her walls are desperately trying to milk You

>You want to cum inside so much…It feels so natural to do it here and she wants it so much as well…

>But…You don't want to see her sad. You never want to see any of Your girlfriends sad…Dash made You sure of it…

>A few more thrusts and when You feel that You're getting close, You slowly stop and then pull out Your burning hot and twitching erection. Just looking at her gaping wide hole almost makes You cross the edge but You do Your best to calm down and manage to control it

>Fluttershy sits up and looks at You, worried. She hugs You tightly in an apologetic way

"I'm so sorry…I requested something that my Master doesn't enjoy…I'm a very bad slave and i'll gladly accept my punishment"

047aba No.9831


>few days

You of course mean the initial work, right?

few days is not enough to break me

2f7c4c No.9832


"N-no… It's okay."

>I say laying down between the two girls.

"Here, put some tanning cream on me so I don't burn… Try not to make it too sexual or I might explode."

>I pass Fluttershy the cream.

2f7c4c No.9833


Of course lovely. By the time I apply the final coat it will have taken at least 8 months.

047aba No.9834

File: c48328dcaddce36⋯.png (765.72 KB, 3000x2082, 500:347, 1045102__solo_explicit_nud….png)




"W-Well…You haven't finished spreading it on me…"


047aba No.9835

File: b6a5e06999d9f74⋯.png (114.6 KB, 700x478, 350:239, 1457675477567.png)


i want to witness how You will slowly break me and make me beg You to do things to me…

2f7c4c No.9836


"Oh… right…"

>I put more cream in my hand and continue the massage.

2f7c4c No.9837


Oh it'll be very perverted…

047aba No.9838

File: d2cadbe2a03ab23⋯.png (2.24 MB, 3500x3500, 1:1, 1141157__explicit_artist-c….png)


>Once again You try to be as neutral as possible. Which doesn't work because You feel like You're going to shoot just from touching her

>At least Fluttershy calmed down…except her completely wet crotch…Dammit, don't think about it…

*Well…*cough*…Thank You, You two. I promise that You won't regret it*

047aba No.9839


record me and make me watch it so i can see how much i've changed. first make me feel ashamed of myself and then make me feel good of who i've become

2f7c4c No.9840


"I better not regret it…"

2f7c4c No.9841


Any s lut should be ashamed if the don't have a butt full of cum.

047aba No.9842

File: ea458bd60a546ec⋯.gif (2.15 MB, 300x400, 3:4, 1025690__questionable_arti….gif)




>Shy gestures at You to move closer. You lean towards her and she speaks quietly

"Don't worry, Master…If You won't be satisfied, we'll continue doing it…Just the two of us…"

>It's so nice to have a slave that's always ready to serve You…

047aba No.9843

i wonder why it sometimes doesn't update posts

047aba No.9844


will You keep Your slut's butt clean and empty? because if i filled You, i wouldn't resist sucking it all out

047aba No.9845

File: 73d0001a8c8d56e⋯.jpeg (359.72 KB, 1275x878, 1275:878, 778860__safe_solo_rainbow….jpeg)


anyway, i'm glad that we had some real time posting/talk

good night. love You

2f7c4c No.9846


"Thanks lovely… You're such a good girl."

047aba No.9847

File: c00df40588a201d⋯.jpeg (664.8 KB, 1275x1650, 17:22, 1185535__questionable_art….jpeg)


"Anything for my Master…"

>You give her a peck on the cheek and continue smearing the cream. Both of You are smiling happily so it's just a matter of time before…

*You two are plotting something dirty again*

"…She sounds jealous again…Let's both give her a proper apology…"

2f7c4c No.9848



>I lay down on one side of Rarity and start "massaging" her kitty.

"I'm sorry mistress… I didn't mean to make you jealous."

047aba No.9849

File: b0566a10739281a⋯.png (1.49 MB, 2165x1653, 2165:1653, 1476471__questionable_arti….png)


>Her pierced womanhood is still wet and Your fingers quickly get covered in her leakage

*A-Anon…! I'm not jealous…!*

"It's okay…Just relax and let us do all the work…"


>Shy lays down on the other side of Rarity and fondles her breast while planting kisses all over her neck and shoulder

*Y-You're supposed to…ah…have a break…!*

"That's right…*kiss*…I shouldn't do it and Anon shouldn't do it…*kiss*…But nobody said that You shouldn't…*kiss* *kiss*…"

*Hah…Y-You're both…ah…sex addicts, You know that…?!*

"I know…*kiss*…I'm sorry…"

*W-What are You…hah…apologizing for…?!*

"*kiss*…What should we do about it, Master…? *kiss*"

Post last edited at

67ebf6 No.9850


"Well maybe we should just let it go unchecked and fuck everyone to death…"

>I move my head down between her legs and pushing her butt up to get a good angle on her rear enterance.

"I'm hungry for some marshmallow butt…"

047aba No.9851

File: f9ea61d2402c388⋯.png (253.42 KB, 900x1200, 3:4, 1153242__explicit_artist-c….png)


*We're supposed to sunbathe! You two sto…mmmpphhh…!*

>Fluttershy suddenly locks lips with Rarity and moves even more on top of her


>Oh…That's the sound of giving up…Her body quickly relaxes and she seems to melt in Shy's kiss

3bcffb No.9852


"That's my cue."

>I shove my mouth into her butt to start some analingus.

Post last edited at

047aba No.9853

Rarity is of course laying on her back right now

bafc06 No.9854



Yes but if you read what I said before:

>I move my head down between her legs and push her butt up to get a good angle on her rear enterance.

047aba No.9855

File: bf7a8554105f81a⋯.png (9.06 MB, 4542x6521, 4542:6521, 1114595__explicit_artist-c….png)


>Her body twitches in surprise and she mumbles something right into Fluttershy's mouth. But this only makes Shy kiss her even more passionately

>It's such a nice position…You can ryb Rarity's belly and play with her chastised jewel. And her legs are hanging mid air, twitching in reaction to every move of Your tongue

>And You have such an easy access to her gorgeous asshole…And she can't run away so You can play with it however long You want and she has to accept all of it

>But of course it doesn't mean that You're forcing her. Her legs, that quickly wrap around You and squeeze tightly, are the best proof that she doesn't want You to stop

>Like always, her butthole is extra tasty because it's the hole she uses to pleasure herself. She had some fun with her pink, now it's time to forget it and sink once again in anal only pleasure

>You give her lovely hole an extra romantic and passionate French kiss. This is also Your apology for disappointing Your mistress but seems that she forgave You already, which makes You feel extra good about it

>There's lots of her love juices leaking from her slit. They slowly flow down to her other hole where You can suck them up. There's some taste of Your sperm mixed in

>Rarity keeps moaning but all her voice disappears in Fluttershy's throat. Shy wraps her arms around Rarity's head and kisses her like a lover, which must be as hot for her as it is for You, watching them kiss so eagerly

>From time to time their mouths separate and then You can clearly see their tongues licking each other. Rarity gets French kissed from both sides and seems to love it

>You and Shy quickly make Rarity get close to climaxing. Her body begins to spasm and her breath gets faster and louder

>Both of You hold her firmly in place and continue pleasuring her. Following Shy's example, You slow down considerably to delay her orgasm as much as possible

>Rarity might go crazy from it but it's okay. If she does, You're ready to take care of her needs

>A few extra minutes pass and Rarity finally cums. Her orgasm is very strong and she would probably jump away if You two weren't holding her so tightly

>Fluttershy breaks the kiss and allows You to hear Rarity's love song. It's very rewarding to hear all these lovely moans after making Your beloved girl feel blissful…

>Of course both of You keep stimulating the light-grey girl during her climax. You feel like cumming just from her moans, pheromones and love juices but You, barely, manage to resist

>When Rarity is done, You and Shy slowly slow down until You stop. Then You hug her from both sides and let her rest in Your arms for a bit

*Hah…hah…hah…You two…hah…really are…hah…made for…hah…each other…*

Post last edited at

047aba No.9856

File: f60f0fe9d58df85⋯.jpg (121.35 KB, 687x757, 687:757, 1418768646657.jpg)


yes but You mix it up quite often

silly Noah

bafc06 No.9857


"We know… We fuck more than a pair of rabbits."

bafc06 No.9858

File: f7ae8b614c3272a⋯.png (363.73 KB, 1280x714, 640:357, Rainbow_angry_EG2.png)


I'm doing the best I can, Roger…

047aba No.9859

File: c544c2c749357d9⋯.png (205.33 KB, 900x1200, 3:4, 1146267__explicit_artist-c….png)


*Hah…There's no…hah…helping You two…*

"We're sorry…"

*It's okay…No need to…apologise…"

>Fluttershy smiles warmly and kisses Rarity on the cheek. You quickly do the same and then both of You give her a tighter hug

"Rarity is such a lovely girl, right Master?"


"I think that she deserves even more love…"

>Rarity frees her arm from Your double hug and boops Flutters on the nose

*Ah, ah, ah…Enough love for now…*

>Fluttershy smiles and nods. Rarity smirks lewdly

*Instead, invite me to Your…love making from time to time. I don't mind being Your plaything*

Post last edited at

047aba No.9860

File: 1c9b40499f83590⋯.gif (116.57 KB, 310x267, 310:267, 1418395808754.gif)


awww, i didn't mean to offend You, sweetheart…i find it really cute when You mix up things. i love that moe part of You

Post last edited at

8ea4e3 No.9861


"Ooooh…. a new plaything we can use during our private time. We should go get more of that aphrodisiac from Zecora and make her take it next time we decide to have fun. What do you say Flutterslut?"

Post last edited at

8ea4e3 No.9862

File: c8a019b13733af8⋯.jpg (133.06 KB, 800x900, 8:9, 13952__safe_artist-colon-s….jpg)


Fine I guess I could be the goofy one that forgets stuff.

047aba No.9863

File: fec44eb54f7fbec⋯.png (498.18 KB, 617x1100, 617:1100, 1329577__questionable_arti….png)


"Yes, that would be nice…"

*Aphrodisiac? W-What kind of aphrodisiac?*

8ea4e3 No.9864


"Don't know… the kind that makes the juices flow like a waterfall."

8ea4e3 No.9865

Roger, I want to fuck a butthole. It's been a while. I love-hate my job because I'm always travelling and I'm never home to romance the ladies anymore…

b091e5 No.9866

File: 1ae33e94c6ef2d1⋯.png (446.1 KB, 785x1061, 785:1061, 1245543__explicit_edit_edi….png)


>Actually…You should give it to Sunset after she locks You up…This would be really entertaining…

"When i took it i felt incredibly hot. It was both burning and itching down there and there was no way i could resist"

"We ended up making intense love for many hours, without a single break…It was so amazing…"


>Fluttershy thinks for a moment and a perverted smile shows up on her face

"You know, Master…If we would give it to Rarity, she would definitely beg us to pleasure her flower…"

>Ohhh…Her locked up flower…

>I see where this is going…How mischievous…

"What would You do, Master…?"

b091e5 No.9867

File: 5fd4ad5881f3958⋯.jpg (129.22 KB, 945x945, 1:1, 88931__safe_fluttershy_cry….jpg)


at least you know how it feels like

b091e5 No.9868

File: ca951625b554bc5⋯.gif (315.27 KB, 550x400, 11:8, 780510__safe_solo_flutters….gif)

good night

i'll be alone for the rest of my life

8ea4e3 No.9869


"FLUTTERSHY! You're a genius!"

>A very evil smile crosses my face.

"Hahaha…. We'll feed her the aphrodisiac and continually deny her till… well… till whenever we feel like I suppose. I love you Fluttershy, your such a twisted pervert… like me."

8ea4e3 No.9870



It's pretty amazing if I'm honest. I like sticking my penis in vaginas.

I'm sure you won't be alone forever Roger. You have me, even if I'm just a guy on the internet, I still love you and enjoy your (online) company.

b091e5 No.9871

File: 16fa5db3eee23c0⋯.jpg (49.35 KB, 945x708, 315:236, 1180638__safe_solo_flutter….jpg)


i just…want to hug…to kiss..to feel someone's warmth…

i don't even need sex, i just…don't want to be alone…

being alone is scary…

b091e5 No.9872

File: d9eb91e14690b3b⋯.png (3.29 MB, 2211x2000, 2211:2000, 1155506__questionable_arti….png)


"I'm happy to hear that…"

>Fluttershy smiles warmly from being complimented. You're definitely gonna reward her for that…And maybe do the same to her after putting a belt on her, because You love her and…You love doing things to her…

>Rarity on the other hand gets pretty nervous. Her gaze jumps between You and Shy multiple times

*W-W-Wait a minute! I don't think i want to be a part of it!*

>Fluttershy caress Rarity's cheek, making her blush, and does her "trust me" kind of smile

"Won't You do it for me, Rarity…?"

>Another kiss on the cheek from Shy

*B-B-But i…!*

"…It would make me really happy if You did…*kiss*…"

*But…! But…!*

"*kiss*…Pretty please…*kiss*"




"Good girl…*kiss*…I'm so proud of You…*kiss*"

*Y…Yes…Thank You, Mistress…*

>Fluttershy keeps kissing her cheek and even starts to lick it. Rarity keeps staring at the sky and sighs deeply after realizing what she just agreed to

*…You two are sex addicts…*

>Hah! Your sister said the same thing

>You and Shy hug her tightly once again. Rarity sounds a bit annoyed but looks like she's happy being in between You two

*Well then…Are we still sunbathing?*

8ea4e3 No.9873


"Yes… but I still need someone to rub some tanning cream on me before I get sunburnt."

Post last edited at

8ea4e3 No.9874


I'm sure you'll find someone, Roger.

b091e5 No.9875

File: 10d5684bbafd87c⋯.png (5.12 MB, 3000x3000, 1:1, 1102172__safe_artist-colon….png)


You know what really sucks?

to realize, at the age of 21, how pathetic your life will be from now on. that you'll spend the next years locked up in your house like a complete outcast

and then witness how all of this becomes true as you grow older and older. like a prophecy that gets fulfiled. a fate that can't be changed because you're a prisoner of your own mind

b091e5 No.9876

File: 1f183debbc6abac⋯.jpg (1.6 MB, 1350x904, 675:452, 10Bora-Bora-Lagoon.jpg)


>You quickly give Shy all the finishing touches and now that she's protected, You give her the bottle and lay on the towel. Fluttershy squeezes out the cream on her hand and then starts Your "massage"

*Allow me to join…*

>Rarity covers her hand in cream and now You get a massage from two wonderful girls. All that's left for You is to relax and think about Your luck that made this happen

>They're doing it slowly, making sure to rub it properly but also to loosen up every single tension in Your muscles. You quickly melt under their silky hands

"Mmmm…Do You feel good, Master…?"

4b42d0 No.9877


"I dooo… thank you… I love you girls."

b091e5 No.9878


"Mmmm…How about i do it a bit different…?"

>Like expected…Your boner is still rock hard and twitching so…

4b42d0 No.9879

"Rub me however you want…"

b091e5 No.9880

File: 2b7f3f755e83029⋯.jpg (521.38 KB, 792x1282, 396:641, 556236__solo_nudity_flutte….jpg)


"In that case…"

>Fluttershy takes the bottle again and open it. Your eyes open wide as You see her spreading the cream all over her breasts. Then she leans over You with her chest pointing forward and a lewd smile from ear to ear

"Is that okay, Master?"

4b42d0 No.9881


"U-uhhh… uhuh… T-that is… fine."

b091e5 No.9882

File: 6bdaf035f00e331⋯.gif (1.79 MB, 800x450, 16:9, 643812__solo_fluttershy_ex….gif)


>Fluttershy lowers herself and presses her breasts against Your chest. Then she starts to move around, using them as a tool to spread the cream

>D-Damn…! She's actually doing it with her breasts! Even Rarity looks surprised!

>They're so soft…And You can clearly feel her erect nipples…You feel like cumming any moment now…

"…Mmmm…Am i doing good, Master…?"

4b42d0 No.9883


"Mmmmm… mhm… very good. I like this… You aren't going to help her Rarity?"

b091e5 No.9884

File: 7ebf47f9188501a⋯.png (465.42 KB, 1440x810, 16:9, 626480__solo_nudity_rarity….png)


*You want me to do…that as well?*


*Aren't You satisfied with her already, darling…?*

4b42d0 No.9885


>I reach up and fondle Fluttershy's breasts.

"But why have only two when I could have four…? Four boobs all over my body… especially you and Fluttershy's boobs. The biggest boobs."

b091e5 No.9886

File: 82ae2acbec37d6f⋯.png (1.43 MB, 1200x1600, 3:4, 885794__solo_fluttershy_ex….png)


>Fluttershy passes Rarity the bottle. Rarity shrugs and applies the cream over her breasts as well, then joins Shy

>And what an entrance it is! Right in Your face!

*Having fun, darling?*

>You can only mumble but it seems to satisfy her. Now both girls are running their beautiful chests all over Your front



"Has any girl ever gave You…paizuri…?"

>Paizuri…paizuri…Oh, right. Breast fucking

4b42d0 No.9887


"Nnnnope… Somehow that hasn't happened yet."

b091e5 No.9888

File: d83b0fed20d56e1⋯.png (1.6 MB, 1600x1200, 4:3, 733175__solo_fluttershy_ex….png)


"Awww, that's not good…We should try it…"

>Fluttershy winks at You

4b42d0 No.9889


"Oh we will. I'm gonna fuck the milk out of your amazing breasts."

b091e5 No.9890

File: 943baa2571d9a70⋯.jpg (325.3 KB, 1610x1984, 805:992, 209104__solo_explicit_flut….jpg)


"You can drink all You want, Master. Just leave enough for the baby…Or babies…"

>Oh boy…

>Both girls quickly finish with Your upper front and move lower. Shy makes sure to make contact with Your manhood but not actually tease You

>It feels amazing when they rub their bodies against Yours…And so good…You once again feel like cumming…

>Minutes pass slowly and pleasantly. You have plenty of time to relax and enjoy the feeling on both sides of Your body

>When they finally finish, You're so relaxed and overjoyed that You impulsively grab their hands to pull them close again

"Ohhh…? Was it that nice…?"


>Fluttershy grabs Your arm and pulls You up. Then she keeps pulling You closer until Your face ends up in between her breasts


>F-Fuck…This is Your new pillow!

*Allow me to join…*

>Suddenly You feel another pair of breasts pressing the back of Your head. They both squeeze Your head and jiggle them for maximum hotness

"…My cute Master…"

>G-Girls…p-please…I'm about to cum…

"I'll give You a paizuri once we're done playing with You…Sounds nice?"

Post last edited at

b091e5 No.9891

File: 244023d8a45dc08⋯.jpeg (145.13 KB, 1280x960, 4:3, 781189__safe_solo_pinkie ….jpeg)

good night

4b42d0 No.9892



>I say, from between her breasts.

6a2e85 No.9893

File: 86823fa028440f1⋯.jpg (1.16 MB, 2880x1800, 8:5, 180591_bora-bora-morze-res….jpg)


"…Let's sunbathe for a bit…"


"You can sleep there later if You want…"


>Girls release You from their pillow heaven and all three of You lay on the towels. Finally something that will calm down Your erection

>Rarity seems to be very relaxed. That's to be expected from someone who just had a lovely orgasm

>…Unlike You and shy. The pink haired girl looks hungry for sex and, it it wasn't for Rarity, she would be on top of You already

>You want to fuck her ass so much…And snuggle into her breasts…Wait, no. bad Anon. Stop thinking about it. Just relax and enjoy the warmth

>Now that You think about it, it's pretty late afternoon and the sun will keep doing its tanning magic for max two hours. Still, it's plenty of time to enjoy the silence…

>…The sun slowly goes down and paints the sky orange. It's too weak for tanning so it's time to go

>Your suddenly growling stomach reveals Your next station. And makes both girls giggle

*I'm hungry as well. Let's eat something*

"Whare would You like to go?"

4b42d0 No.9894


"Uh… how about we have some island food? You know, fish?"

6a2e85 No.9895

finally back

6a2e85 No.9896

File: 0bd35420b67edee⋯.jpg (602.2 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Bora-Bora-Beach-37-Wallpap….jpg)


*Oh! How about that fancy, underwater restaurant?!*

f0d74a No.9897



>RIP wallet.

6a2e85 No.9898

File: d2ecd847c9ad505⋯.jpg (36.96 KB, 460x289, 460:289, Nurkowanie-Na-Bora-Bora-86….jpg)


*Brilliant. Let's go*

>Rarity quickly gets up and dresses herself. You and Shy do the same

>Then after a not so quick travel, You end up in front of the said restaurant. You go down the stairs and once again can enjoy the place in al it's glory

>You get lead to Your seats and the waiter gives You a menu. Once again the names of dishes don;t make sense but there's a description under each one

>Saffron fish stew, black olive tortellini, Parmesan risotto, diver scallops, swordfish steak, spaghetti carbonara…

>And for dessert: Chocolate cheese cake, strawberry tart, four berry smoothie and tiramisu…

>Yep…Nothing changed…

6a2e85 No.9899


and again

ac7eae No.9900

we're getting close to GET

72db8d No.9901


"Swordfish steak and chocolate cheese cake… What about you two?"

ac7eae No.9902

File: b126ffd9a41f41f⋯.png (229.1 KB, 808x593, 808:593, 787357__safe_fluttershy_sl….png)

wel, i'm back but i'm dead tired and can barely think straight so…

sorry, sweetie. i love You

8ff51e No.9903


You're a little butt-slut

6b8b5e No.9904

aand back

6b8b5e No.9905

File: 455d032c28c86ba⋯.png (365.5 KB, 672x711, 224:237, SS425.png)


*I'll take the saffron fish stew and tiramisu*

"Ummm…parmesan risotto and strawberry tart, please"

*Hey, You ordered exactly what i had last time i was here*

"When was it?"

*Well…How many days ago that was…?*

>Don't look at me, i don't remember

*But i remember what we were talking about. You said that You had upset Rainbow Dash*


>Fluttershy makes a sour expression as You look at the table. A faux pas but Rarity doesn't know anything so can't blame her for that, nor You want to tell her

*…Uhhh…Is something wrong, darling?*

6b8b5e No.9906



72db8d No.9907


"No… I'm fine…"

77ba8c No.9908


*Are You sure? You look sad all of a sudden…*

72db8d No.9909


"No everything is fine… I'll be okay."

77ba8c No.9910

File: 00dec2d9f7c6d87⋯.png (385.24 KB, 814x712, 407:356, SS428.png)


*Ohhh, something definitely is wrong*

>Rarity tilts her head but You avoid any eye contact

*…You know…i'm Your girlfriend. You can trust me*

>I know but…can't tell You about this…

7684eb No.9911

you're not very active lately…

btw: can you feel it? we're getting close to GET

a2b1d5 No.9912


"I know… but it's between Rainbow Dash and I. She doesn't want anyone to know and I don't want anyone to know."

7684eb No.9913

File: 5dd00158b52fbbc⋯.png (354.99 KB, 560x619, 560:619, SS1114.png)


>Rarity rises her eyebrow but shrugs a moment later

*As You wish…*

"…Did You have fun on Your date?…"

a2b1d5 No.9915


"Mhm… a lot of fun. I'm glad we went."

4732f2 No.9916


I can taste the get… also it would appear that you are not so active either…

b472b3 No.9917

shit happened. but i'm back now

b472b3 No.9918

File: d54b4c3dec7f7fb⋯.png (300.65 KB, 493x584, 493:584, SS1119.png)


"More than now…?"

3dc535 No.9919


"Wait what do you mean? Did I have fun on our date or fun on a different date?"

800083 No.9920

File: 6b03c81cc31866d⋯.png (324.11 KB, 558x621, 62:69, SS1077.png)


"What i mean is, which one did You enjoy more…"

3dc535 No.9921


"I don't know. I guess I like this one more. Two girls, twice the fun."

800083 No.9922

File: ccd4923066a3891⋯.jpg (104.4 KB, 1000x664, 125:83, 560666_166_z.jpg)


"That's good to hear…And the date isn't over yet…"

*Yes, we still have some…attractions prepared for You*

>Oh boy…

>Both of them smile and look at You weirdly. You can feel their hunger and You're not talking about the one that brought all of You here

>You keep thinking whether to ask about more details or not. You want to know more but then it feels more exciting to not know

>Before You notice, the waiter brings You Your meals. You grab Your fork and forget about future for now

>You already tried the swordfish steak so You know how it tastes. You really felt like tasting it once again just to make sure that You memorized all the ingredients added to it

>After this comes the chocolate cheese cake. A very simple cake and yet tastes exceptional. It gives Your tongue a really hard time to analyse it and You finish it before figuring out the exact recipe and way of preparing. Next time You'll take Pinkie Pie here…

>Girls also quickly finish their meals. Like they're speeding up things to get faster to the main event

>You pay the enormous bill and leave the restaurant thinking about how many people You could feed with it. Well You have shitload of money now so You can feel like a rich bastard from time to time…

*Well, Anon do You have any other plans for now?*

>No…Not really…

>You shake Your head and make Rarity smirk

*In that case let's get back to our bungalow…*

>So the time has come…Let's go…

>For a change, the trip feels very slow. Or maybe You just can't wait for it as well. Anyway You finally get back and get inside unit 21

>Girls seem to have an exact plan because their behaviour immediately changes. Fluttershy slowly leads You to the bed while Rarity searches for something in Sunset's magical bag of toys

*…Now…Are You ready, darling?*


*Then close Your eyes and lets up prepare You, please…*


>You do as requested and wait patiently with a bit of nervousness. You hear them walking around You, then spreading Yoyr legs and then taking both of Your hands

>Your arms move behind You and suddenly You hear a click and, a second later, another click. You clearly feel something fluffy around Your wrists and ankles and You

*Open Your eyes…*

>You have a general idea of what happened already but You look anyway. Your wrists are behind You and locked together with a leather cuffs, with fluff inside them for extra comfort. Your legs are locked in the same cuffs but with a spreader bar in between

>You see Rarity attaching the belt to herself and then suddenly get gently pushed on the bed by Flutters, making You sit on the edge of it

*Like we said before, we'll focus purely on You. And we're not taking "No" for an answer…*

>Oh boy…You're gonna get raped…Wait, is that a…

>Rarity smirks from seeing Your reaction as she attaches the last element of the belt

*You recognise that, don't You? Sunset told us a few things about You…Like, this is Your favourite toy…*

>Rarity pushes the toy against Your cheek. Indeed this is Your favourite strap-on

*How about You start by showing us how much You like it…?*

3dc535 No.9923


"O-okay mistress…"

>I say, as I start licking it from base to tip and then back again.

ee27e5 No.9924

File: 2a4cb50d469d376⋯.jpg (42.76 KB, 380x300, 19:15, borabora_hotel_001p.jpg)


*Make sure to lubricate it well, sweetie…*

>Fluttershy moves closer and observes how You fellate the toy. The way You suck it and move Your tongue all over it seems to make her horny

*My, my, so eager…You must really like this toy*

>Y-Yes… *lick* *slurp* I love it…*kiss* *lick*

*You'd love if this was a real penis, wouldn't You?*


*I thought so…Are You sure that You're not gay? Maybe we forced You into straight sex*

3dc535 No.9925


"I guess we'll figure it out after I fuck a man and dump all of you."

82693e No.9926

File: fd9d372a433500e⋯.jpg (109.01 KB, 621x975, 207:325, 103063__nudity_fluttershy_….jpg)


*Oh, You would do something like that, wouldn't You?*

>Suddenly You feel two squishy, warm thingies wrapping around Your arm as Shy hugs Your arm. You look at her and get hit by her puppy eyes

"Would You really pick up a boy over me, Master…?"

82693e No.9927

i'm back and…i'm dead tired. gonna sleep now, sorry

3dc535 No.9928


"Hmmm… if there were a boy version of you I might. Only problem is I can't get a boy pregnant."

82693e No.9929

File: 51378d40b7ff041⋯.jpeg (129.97 KB, 800x800, 1:1, 596881__solo_fluttershy_e….jpeg)


"Ohhh…? Then allow me to prove to You that girls are the best…"

>Fluttershy places her hand on Your torso and slowly pushes You away from the strap-on and makes You lay on Your back. Then she gets on top of You, with Your head between her legs, and presents You her womanhood

"Isn't she cute, Master…?"

82693e No.9930

this was a looong day

b0580a No.9931


"It does…"

>I say, giving it a quick kiss.

"But penises are more fun to play with."

40a9b1 No.9932

File: 1cf883ca879cb74⋯.png (525.11 KB, 700x906, 350:453, 812661__explicit_artist-co….png)


>Shy makes a pouty face…

"In that case…"

>…And sits on Your face, locking her lower lips with Yours

"…i'll have to convince You that vaginas are better…"

>You open Your mouth and a first few drops of her leakage drip on Your tongue. The smell and taste hit Your head like a drug and make Your dick twitch

"I'll make You play with her until You admit that You love her more than any penis"

>It really turns You on when they personify their lady parts using "she" or "her"…

40a9b1 No.9933

File: de601a4c2680ffd⋯.png (156.74 KB, 537x640, 537:640, mlfw2538_medium.png)

say…who is Your favourite and lest favourite character out of all the girls? both canon and my OOC please

2df0b0 No.9934

File: e45c42601f06596⋯.gif (101.03 KB, 400x475, 16:19, 1412894062695.gif)

2df0b0 No.9935

File: 19f295d26663414⋯.jpg (138.18 KB, 864x872, 108:109, 180853_biffthetimid_pico-v….jpg)

8f37ab No.9999


8f37ab No.10000

File: 06512a29535c969⋯.png (182.42 KB, 1024x740, 256:185, request____chen__touhou_pr….png)

2df0b0 No.10001


meh…you could wait 50 more posts

2df0b0 No.10002


also GET should be self-referential

3dc535 No.10003


>I lock lips with her nethers for a moment to get the full taste of Flutter-pussy.

"Well… can't they play together? I bet they'd have more fun that way."

3dc535 No.10004


Favorite: Derpy is a cutie.

Least Favorite: Applejack (because I've never done anything with her at all.)

3dc535 No.10005

Sorry was busy on Friday.

2df0b0 No.10006

File: d2cadbe2a03ab23⋯.png (2.24 MB, 3500x3500, 1:1, 1141157__explicit_artist-c….png)


"Actually…They're made to play together…"

>Fluttershy moves her bottom down Your body, positions herself right above Your cock and uses her lower lips to give Your tip a few kisses. Then she slowly impales herself until Your entire pole disappears inside

>But instead of moving, she leans forward and kisses You. Then she stares deeply into Your eyes and smiles lewdly

"…You can't do that with a penis, Master…"


>She touches Your lips with her pointing finger

"If You'll admit her superiority now, You won't be removing Your big boy from inside her for the next hour or two…"

2df0b0 No.10007


what about canon?

3dc535 No.10008


"Does that include over my own penis too or just over other men?"

3dc535 No.10009


Vinyl Scratch is my favorite (Or Rainbow)

Don't really have a least favorite but, Applejack or any background pony.

2df0b0 No.10010

File: a1d64d41588970f⋯.jpeg (160.34 KB, 1024x1331, 1024:1331, 1461066__questionable_art….jpeg)


"Hmmm…A bit of both…"

>Another kiss and another gaze

"…I want her to be Your favourite…Just like he is my favourite…"

>Awww…That's a bit weird but cute…

2df0b0 No.10011



i'm a bit surpised with Derpy but i guessed AJ right

but don't worry, you'll have your sweet time with her and will unlock an option if you turn her into a sex addict

3dc535 No.10012


"Alright… I like vagina more than penis…"

3dc535 No.10013



Oh I'll turn her into a sex addict…

ca9f1c No.10014

File: d399fd217d4ea2f⋯.png (1.5 MB, 3535x3064, 3535:3064, 1494638__explicit_artist-c….png)


"Hmmm…That didn't sound very convincing…"

>Shy looks serious for a moment but then smiles warmly and gives You another quick kiss

"…Let's turn it into a honest answer…"

>Her both hands move to TYour chest and her bottom begins to move up and down. She keeps staring at You and her smile only gets bigger as Your expression starts to show more and more pleasure

"…I know that…hah…this isn't the hole that…mhah…i should be using but…ah…i just had to…mhah…I hope that You will teach me some manners later, Master…"

ca9f1c No.10015

File: e8b92e4cb48d771⋯.png (941.62 KB, 4000x7487, 4000:7487, 522117__safe_solo_applejac….png)


protip: You can be a bit more pushy with AJ and make her agree to things that she (initially) doesn't agree to

ca9f1c No.10016

File: 8189e99872a7a21⋯.png (1.75 MB, 2480x1699, 2480:1699, 1423863093145.png)

what'cha doin'?

3af239 No.10017


"Oh… hah… don't worry. I'll be sure to… discipline you. Mmmn… You're such a naughty slut."

3af239 No.10018


Sorry. Just got back to Sacramento.

fa4d0c No.10019

File: fe9f74fa15f4aca⋯.png (374.12 KB, 688x1077, 688:1077, 952807__nudity_rarity_ship….png)


*Aren't You two having too much fun all by Yourselves…?*

>You suddenly feel something pushing against Your butthole but not hard enough to actually go inside

*I don't hear any begging…*

Post last edited at

fa4d0c No.10020



there's a beautiful town in Italia called Sacramento

3af239 No.10021


"Please mistress, just a little more and you'll be inside… I need your thick cock deep in my boy pussy."

fa4d0c No.10022

File: 6fc80f028eee7c8⋯.jpg (1.22 MB, 1496x3035, 1496:3035, 955308__solo_explicit_nudi….jpg)


>Rarity smirks and slowly penetrates You. You can feel they toy going deep inside Your hole and stopping when there's no more length to put in

>…And that's all…She's not moving…

*I did what You asked*

>Ohhh…More begging to move it now…

ee34ad No.10023


"M-maybe my mistress would be kind enough to… f-fuck me with the strap on?"

bc6a55 No.10024

File: c544c2c749357d9⋯.png (205.33 KB, 900x1200, 3:4, 1146267__explicit_artist-c….png)


*That's better but be a bit more…vulgar about it*

bc6a55 No.10025

File: 2c280f3cef0ca5a⋯.png (484.41 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 671470__safe_pinkie pie_ap….png)


63dfae No.10026


"Mmm… Please mistress, f-fuck me hard up my ass like the dirty slut I am!"

2836ec No.10027

File: 318e736c648d4a8⋯.png (1.18 MB, 1269x1045, 1269:1045, 1203396__explicit_artist-c….png)



>Rarity removes the toy out, moves in between Your legs, grabs Your legs like handles and shoves the toy back inside. Then she starts to move and Your moans fill the room

>F-Fuck…! This is…too much…pleasure…! Oh shit…! N-Not so…hard…!

>But girls don't even think about going easy on You. They both see that You're over-stimulated and they plan to keep You that way

>Your entire body is violently shaking so they both hold You firmly. Rarity wraps her arms around Your legs and Shy holds You pinned down to the bed

>Fluttershy's love hole squeezes You tightly and gives Your length an amazing, milking massage. You can feel all her love caressing Your entire shaft and begging for Your sperm

>You're still exhausted from earlier but You feel like doing it for the first time today. Shy is just that good at taking care of Your manhood, even with her less experienced hole

>Your anal slut should be using the other hole but You feel like forgiving her. You feel like forgiving her anything right now

>She slams that juicy ass against Your hips so nicely…And You can't look away from those beautiful eyes, that keep staring at You and taking pleasure in the way You react to all this

>She's happy and proud that she's such a precious slave and that she can make You feel so overjoyed. If she didn't hold You down so firmly, You'd pull her into a hug and kiss all over her face

>Back there Rarity does her best to make You feel even better. She fucks You like a pro: fast, hard and very pleasantly

>You can feel the toy bumping and rubbing Your g-spot with each move. And witch each move, You feel a tiny amount of Your hot precum being pumped through Your urethra

>The plastic dick is reaching parts that only an anal slut like You would love and forces many shameless moans out of You. But You feel waaay too good to be embarrassed right now

>If it wasn't for the spreading bar, You would wrap Your legs around Rarity to show her how much You love it. Your slutty, feminine side is in ecstasy and doesn't want her to ever stop

"Master, are You…Nhah! Okay?! You look like…Mhah! You're going to…Ah! Break any minute!"

>So You look that bad…But that's exactly how You feel right now

2836ec No.10028

sorry for this a bit forced break but i have things to do and i didn't want to make You wait any longer

63dfae No.10029


"Nnnm… mnnnhmmn."

>I moan, in agreement.

63dfae No.10030


You dirty dirty slut.

2836ec No.10031

File: bc4de806c863403⋯.png (4.87 MB, 2761x3750, 2761:3750, 1399831__questionable_arti….png)


"But Master…Ah!"

>A smile shows up on her face as she leans closer to You

"We just…Mhah! Started…!"


"Ah! But it's okay! Oh! If You break…Hah! I'll take good…Mhah! Good care of You…Ah! Master…!"

2836ec No.10032

File: d35290bb569dca1⋯.jpg (53.5 KB, 600x600, 1:1, 1412301264999.jpg)


but Your slut

63dfae No.10033


"Mmmhmm… th-th… hnnm… thank… mnn… y-you."

63dfae No.10034


I suppose. You're a good girl. Also I need to find Purple-Smart when I get home.

2836ec No.10035

File: c0a5c2ba06c2b49⋯.png (164.01 KB, 700x592, 175:148, 140882__artist needed_expl….png)



"Good master…! Ah!"

>Now that's she closer to You, You can finally grab her and do what You wanted to: pull her into a hug and shower with kisses

>You suddenly reach for her and make her squeak in surprise as You pull her close to You. Then Your mouth and tongue go to work, kissing and licking her all over her face

>Fluttershy quickly submits but makes sure that she can still ride You. Also Your affection make her both moan and giggle

"Ahahah! M-Master is so…Mhah! Sincere…! Oh!"

>You love kissing and licking Your slave. You love her so much that it makes You reach the climax and shoot the small amount of fresh seed inside her

>Fluttershy let's out a lovely moan and hugs You tightly as well as You keep filling her up. But then You realize that You're now stuck in a never-ending chain of orgasms, thanks to Rarity

*You haven't forget about me, have You?*

>N-No…Of course…not…

>You moan a few times and suddenly get silenced with Shy's lips. She gives You a quick but romantic kiss and then stares deep into Your eyes once again

"We're not…hah…done yet…hah…I promised You…hah…an hour or two…"


>You pull her once again and end up with Your face between her breasts. Fluttershy kindly moves one of her nipples into Your mouth so You can suck on it

>Her bottom starts to move again and the fun continues. The feeling of her hole giving You another massage makes You leak even more of whatever is left inside You

>Your mind went blank a while ago and all You can think of is that blissful state You're in right now. And the best part is that You're tied up so all You can do is accept all this

>Both girls keep "tormenting You for…You have no idea how long. You lost any track of time the moment You've drowned in the ocean of pleasure

>Is this heaven…? It feels like heaven…There's even an angel on top of You right now, making You feel so happy…

>You want this to continue…You want to stay tied up and feel it for all eternity…Though it already feels like eternity…

>Just by some fluke, You don't go to the other side and stay sane enough to get back to reality. When You finally get back to Your senses, You feel a very warm and soft pillow wrapped around Your face…Or maybe it's not a pillow

>On further inspection You realize that it's Your lovely girlfriends sandwiching Your head between her breasts as all three of You lie on the bed and rest. Your moth is still enjoying the taste of Shy's nipple but Your bottom part has a break

*Oh? Someone got back to us…*

"Awww…I kinda wanted Master to break…"

>…I wished the same thing…

>Shy caress Your cheek

"Mmmm…Do You feel fine, Master…?"

2836ec No.10036


a plushie?

63dfae No.10037



No I mean in the story.

2836ec No.10038


ah, i see. You definitely should for dickgirl action

protip: you can convnce her to use magic to do some things

86ac8e No.10039


>I quickly pull them, one in each arm, into a hug.

fd6d26 No.10040

File: 39187f52d8c0ceb⋯.png (459.94 KB, 750x1050, 5:7, 1408155__explicit_artist-c….png)


"Hmmm…I'll take that as a yes…"

*He's so lovely when he's sucking Your breast…*

>They both look at You like You're a baby. But if that means being able to suck their boobs then You can play an infant

"Good Master…You'll get plenty of breast milk soon…"

>Fluttershy keeps caressing Your cheek as You gently suck on her nipple. You can't wait for the milk as well

"Are You happy, Master…?"


"…In that case…how about i do…what Rarity did…?"

352a04 No.10041


"O-okay… I-if she's fucking me then will you ride me mistress?"

fd6d26 No.10042

File: 4e82fb89ec05d34⋯.png (803.54 KB, 1200x2000, 3:5, 1337070__explicit_artist-c….png)


"Wait. Actually…i want to do You from behind…"

*Oh well, You heard her…*

"But You can pleasure Your mistress with Your mouth if You want…"

352a04 No.10043


"Hmm… no… I think I'm gonna be despondent and talk back and misbehave…"

>I stick my tongue out at Rarity

"You can't make me do anything, mistress."

Post last edited at

352a04 No.10044


Wait… did you say dickgirl action? Yes please!

fd6d26 No.10045

File: f5f13ecc51c4d0b⋯.png (226.81 KB, 1244x1016, 311:254, 732875__safe_solo_vector_e….png)


oh, Noah…your arms and legs are cuffed. You're at their mercy

besides Rarity is chasted

silly Noah…

352a04 No.10046


Oh right…

352a04 No.10047

There, fixed it.

fd6d26 No.10048

File: 0b16b41fa368806⋯.png (128.11 KB, 800x1300, 8:13, 1286268__questionable_arti….png)


"Awww…Won't You do it for Your little slut, Master…? Pretty please…"

>Fluttershy presses her breasts against Your face as she hugs You tightly

"I want You to be my slutty slave for tonight…"

fd6d26 No.10049


yep. it has to do with portal not working correctly

352a04 No.10050


"Hmmm… no."

>I say, like a disobedient eight-year-old.

fd6d26 No.10051

File: c0f50abaa0f240d⋯.jpeg (40.13 KB, 640x640, 1:1, 1443388__explicit_artist-….jpeg)


>Fluttershy pouts a little but then smirks again

"Well…I'm afraid that You don't have any choice, Master…"

>Shy grabs You, turns You on Your front and then pulls Your rear up. Your cuffed hands slide past Your butt and end up behind Your knees so now You're lying on Your face and with Your butt mooning at both girls

"Rarity, could You please pass me the strap-on?"

*Of course, darling*

>Oh my…You're gonna get fucked in the ass and You can't stop her. You feel completely vulnerable and helpless…and turned on

>Few seconds later You feel her both hands grabbing Your butt cheeks and a moment later Your favourite toy prodding Your asshole

"I'm going to do it, Master…Am i a bad slave?"

352a04 No.10052


"Yes… You're a very bad girl, Fluttershy! M-mistress, you aren't going to let her do it… right?"

fd6d26 No.10053

File: 4b506f66c3b5db1⋯.png (2.83 MB, 1972x3712, 17:32, 1076164__explicit_artist-c….png)


*Well, You're her master, not me*


"I'm going to get so much punishment for this…"

>Her hands gently rub Your butt and she slowly pushes the toy in. You can feel it sliding inside You bit by bit until it's all the way in

>But instead of thrusting, she lays on Your back, wraps her arms around You and hugs tightly

"But it's okay…If i can make Master happy, i'll gladly take punishment…"

>She's finally showing her yandere side…

>Shy kisses You on the neck and rubs Your belly using both hands

"Master…*kiss* Your slutty slave is going to fuck You in the ass…*kiss* How do You feel about it…?"

fd6d26 No.10054

File: f619279158176d7⋯.png (117.75 KB, 1732x1316, 433:329, 805285__safe_fluttershy_pl….png)

sleep time i guess. good night

352a04 No.10055


"F-fluttershy…! I-I'm warning you! Do not fuck me up the butt… I'll go easy on you if you stop right now."

352a04 No.10056


night my love.

07c4fa No.10057

File: 3828ff8b29178f3⋯.jpeg (121.2 KB, 1077x2000, 1077:2000, 1031688__source needed_us….jpeg)


"I'm sorry…*kiss* I saw how much You like it and i can't stop myself…"

>W-W-Wait!Y-You caaaahhh…And she's moving…

"…I love You, Master…*kiss*"

>F-Fluttershy, You…Oh, who am i kidding…I'll be loving this in a minute…

>Shy slowly speeds up her thrusts but keeps them gentle. Her arms hold You tightly and her lips plant kiss after kiss on Your neck and shoulders. Exactly what You've been doing

>The way she holds and penetrates You quickly makes You feel relaxed. Usually you feel a bit more tension when doing these things but Shy has some strange power to make You drift into the open sea of pleasure

*Awww, what a lovely couple You are…You should think about becoming a mistress, Fluttershy…*



>She's very loving and caring…and makes You feel safe…and makes sure that You're happy…

>That would be…nice…

"*kiss* Would You be okay if i *kiss* became Your mistress, Master? *kiss*"

07c4fa No.10058

You can agree or not. it won't change the relationship between You two (just like she dominates Rarity)

352a04 No.10059


"I-I… hah… I guess I… could let you be my mistress."

07c4fa No.10060

File: 24b8d1b53e309d0⋯.png (359.48 KB, 600x630, 20:21, Img-2129031-1-318252_safe_….png)


"I'm happy to hear that…*kiss*…but i'm okay with the way things are…*kiss*"

"…But if ever want to swap roles, i can be Your temporary mistress…*kiss*…or permanent…"

>Oh boy…She really makes You feel like doing it permanently…

>Fluttershy gives You the last kiss and releases You from the hug. Then she straightens up, grabs Your butt again and speeds up again while still keeping it gentle

>You have no other option but to relax and enjoy. And, honestly, You wouldn't choose anything else right now…

>It's okay if she dominates You from time to time. She's such a lovely girl that You'd agree to anything she wants…

>Fluttershy keeps pegging You for a longer while and makes You enjoy every phase of a pre-orgasmic state slowly and clearly. Like usual, she makes sure to keep You close to the edge but not let You reach the climax until she wants

>You've been leaking precum all the time but now there's nothing more left so now it's just a drop every once in a while. You most likely don't have anything left in Your balls either so only a dry orgasm is left for You

>But You keep drooling all the time. You must have a very silly looking, ahegao face right now, guessing from the way Rarity looks at You

>The fun continues to the fullest when suddenly You hear the door slamming. All three of You feeze and look in the direction of the door just to see a familiar face

>…Fuck…Not her…

"R…Rainbow Dash?!"

*What are You doing here?!*

>Said girl is slowly approaching You three without a word. And guessing from her expression, she's pissed off

So that's how You look for the key…!

>Fluttershy quickly pulls the toy out of You and stops Rainbow Dash before she can charge at You. She could beat You hard and You wouldn't be able to do anything about that because You're tied up

>You fucking bastard! You don't even feel sorry for what You've done! I can bet that the first thing You did after that was to fuck with someone!

>W-Wait! I left You alone and bumped into Derpy and…we had sex…You really are a piece of trash…

I'm gonna kick Your ass, You son of a bitch!

>Flutters holds her back but suddenly changes her attitude

"You're right, Rainbow! You should beat him up good!"


>F-Fluttershy?! What are You…?! Now she's even more fired up!

"Beat him up and forget about him! Never ever see him and talk to him! Never see his face and hear his voice again! Make him disappear from Your life!"


>Rainbow Dash quickly analyses Shy's words and suddenly doesn't seem as enthusiastic as she was a few seconds ago. Her killing intent seems to disappear completely

>Her fists are still clenched but they're shaking. And she looks mad but not exactly at You

"Well? Aren't You going to do it?"

>Dash's anger keeps rising until it explodes. But she explodes not like You'd expect her to

F…Fuck it! I'm leaving!

>Rainbow turns around and walks towards the door when suddenly they open and another character walks…jumps in. Pinkie Pie

^Oh, hey Nonny! Rainbow! Rarity! Fluttershy…^

>She quickly analyses what You three are doing and seems to get jealous but then quickly reverts to her usual self

^Hey! I found the key!^

>Pinkie Pie pulls out the key and shakes it. Rainbow quickly approaches her, takes the key and leaves the bungalow without a word

>Pinkie follows her with her gaze, until Dash disappears behind the door, and then looks at You. But her look changes completely from before, giving You a slight chill

>The way she looks is bit scarry but…not scarry at the same time. It might look like a bad idea but You feel like trusting her…

^Hey, Nonny…Would You like if everything was fine between You and her again…?^

352a04 No.10061


"Uh… I would… but how would you be able to help with that? Also could someone unlock me? I feel weird having conversations in this position."

07c4fa No.10062

File: d037b2f6f189cd4⋯.jpg (112.17 KB, 650x1229, 650:1229, pinkamena___the_girl_with_….jpg)


>Pinkie Pie smiles without a word. You've never seen her smiling like that before

^You'll see…Bye, Nonny, girls^

>And then she quickly leaves. You three stay still for a bit, trying to understand what just happened. Then Rarity helps You get off the cuffs

*What in the world just happened?*

"It's a long story…"

With the cuffs off, You sit up and rub Your wrists. Shy approaches You from behind and hugs, resting her head on Your shoulder

"I guess that the fun time is over…But we'll finish it next time, right…? *kiss*"

352a04 No.10063


"I guess so… I can't help but feel like I should have said no when Pinkie asked that question. Did you see that face she made?"

>Scary… speaking of scary; did I get someone to watch the girls?

352a04 No.10064

Building the suspense?

b89cc6 No.10065


>…No, You didn't…again…Ehhh…

"Yes, i saw her…She's plotting something for sure…"

>Shy pauses for a moment, making You feel even more uneasy. But then she suddenly smiles

"Don't worry…I'll protect You…*kiss*"

>You turn around and snuggle into her chest. She moves her arms up and hugs Your head, making sure to squeeze Your face between her breasts

"…My slutty Master…"

>My slutty guardian angel…

*…I have no idea what is going on here…*

"Like i said…It's a long story…"


>Rarity rises her eyebrow but then shrugs again

*…So…what now?*

>Rarity suddenly yawns and answers her own question

"Hmmm…? Do You feel tired as well, Master?"

b89cc6 No.10066


nope. trying to move my system to a new disk

352a04 No.10067


"After a day of fucking with two gorgeous girls? Yes I'm exhausted."

b89cc6 No.10068


"How about You'll sleep with us tonight…?"

>And You have a perfect pillow already!

352a04 No.10069


"Sounds great… but I can't… I have to get back to the girls."

b89cc6 No.10070


"It's okay. Girls will be fine…"

*Yes. It's not like You left them unattended or anything*

>Oh boy…You actually did…

b89cc6 No.10071

>wasted 12h trying to move the system

wow…who would have thought that i'd be so fucking hard

especially since i did this before and without any problems

b89cc6 No.10072


352a04 No.10073


"Yeah but I said I would come back…"


b89cc6 No.10074

File: 78d98c9d4416056⋯.jpg (498.31 KB, 775x582, 775:582, 53da3d60dcd5888e145a8da0_b….jpg)


"Oh well…If You need to…"

>You're not sure if Shy noticed or not but she's letting You go so nobody will know the truth

"Let's have some more fun like that soon…*kiss*"

>You really feel like not leaving, especially with this heavenly pillow, but You feel that You have to

>Shy lets You go and You get up. Then You quickly put Your clothes on and prepare to leave

>Meanwhile both girls prepare to go to sleep. It's not really late but everyone feels tired

*Sweet dreams, Anon*

"Dream of me…"


>You give both of them a peck on the cheek and leave the bungalow. Then You go straight to Your bungalow and enter

>…Phew…All three girls are here…In one piece…


'Where have Ya been all day?!'

On a date with someone. where else?

352a04 No.10075


"Yes Scootaloo… on a date with Rarity and Fluttershy. But I'm back now. How was you three's day?"

9c1a3b No.10076

File: 5c97d6b0c36484c⋯.jpg (893.64 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, bora-bora-25741-26423-hd-w….jpg)


Hmpf…Why do You even care?

352a04 No.10077


"Because I love you and care about you… even if I haven't been around."

9c1a3b No.10078

File: 933def7ee73914a⋯.jpg (4.49 MB, 5425x3652, 5425:3652, bora-bora-sunset.jpg)


Oh yeah? You apparently don't care enough to know what we do all day

>Scootaloo scrosses her arms and takes a step closer towards You, staring even harder than before

Well let me tell You that we've been on the main island today

352a04 No.10079


"Uh-huh… and what did you do there?"

9c1a3b No.10080

File: 37519ca94da0fdd⋯.jpg (93.05 KB, 500x325, 20:13, BoraBoraPearlGardenS_pA_me….jpg)

Well, first we had a walk around the island…


…Then we tried some diving…

>Oh…Not good…

…Then we went to have some parachute jumping…

>Not good at all…

…And then we decided to go to the jungle…

>This is totally not good…

>Scoot observes as the worry spreads on Your entire face and then smirks

Hah! Just kidding. We went to the amusement park


9c1a3b No.10081

File: c362c2df232aba7⋯.png (316.24 KB, 3559x2021, 3559:2021, 811740__safe_solo_flutters….png)

aaand good night. it's been a stresful day, trying to make the damn disk work and i'm mentally tired

352a04 No.10082


"I knew I could trust you three to be alone. I don't care if you go to the island and have fun just don't do anything dangerous. You know, no candy from creepy pedophiles in vans… no drinking, no smoking, no jumping out of planes. Amusement parks are fine though. Did you three have fun?"

9c1a3b No.10083

File: 947ff075c5eaded⋯.jpg (81.94 KB, 799x533, 799:533, pf-0220.jpg)


Again: Why do You care?

*Scootaloo, don't be like that. We're old enough to have fun by ourselves*

>Hold on…I wouldn't go that far with that "old enough" part…

Then why are we treated like little kids? I'm old enough to go to the jungle but not old enough to jump with a parachute? That's bullshit!

>Scootaloo points her finger at You

He doesn't even pay attention to us!

*But he promised us all a date*

Yeah? So what?

*That's not good enough for You?*

One date and just by accident on top of that. It's like he's doing us a favour

*He's just a very busy person*

Yeah. Too busy to pay attention to us

*He has many girls to take care of*

And we're not part of them

*But he promised us individual dates*

Again: So what?

>Oh, girls…

'Wait…No drinkin'?'

>Oh…Another one joined…

352a04 No.10084


"Yeah… n-no drinking. You know alcohol. I suppose it's okay if you're with me in the bungalow."

9c1a3b No.10085

File: 115f6b5e6d6862f⋯.jpg (32.6 KB, 550x412, 275:206, south-pacific-sunset.jpg)


'But Applejack lets me drink cider when we're makin' it'

>Guessed so…Someone has to take care of the Apple family cider production…

dff02f No.10086


"Yeah that's kinda different. You can't just go out and drink by yourselves though. With me it's okay."

9c1a3b No.10087

File: b56df238868c102⋯.png (1.16 MB, 1024x1405, 1024:1405, 060ac96801b98604ae0a291923….png)


>Now Sweetie Belle crosses her arms and smirks

*Oh? Do You want to fuck a drunk loli that much, Anon?*

>S-Sweetie Belle…!

dff02f No.10088


"Yes… but that's not why I said you could drink. I was just being nice. If you want I can say no alcohol ever…"

9c1a3b No.10089

File: 2edaad8139f216c⋯.png (459.07 KB, 1270x1270, 1:1, b75e74bb7f7db36917984b6a87….png)


*I don't care much about alcohol…But would You really skip such an opportunity?*

>That little slut…

dff02f No.10090


"I'm gonna get you drunk and then I'm gonna fuck you till you're more cross-eyed than Derpy."

>I grab her butt and pull her up onto my chest so her legs are spread on my stomach and lock lips with her.

Post last edited at

dff02f No.10091

fixed wanted it a bit lewder

9c1a3b No.10092

File: 110468de2163401⋯.jpeg (117.85 KB, 984x1638, 164:273, 907e07d7c11ba5fb21b3d19ab….jpeg)


>Surprised at first, she wraps her arms around Your neck and joins the kissing. And a second later a familiar voice fills the room

What do You two think You're doing!?

>Sweetie ignores her for a bit more and continues kissing. Then her lips slowly move away and her eyes go at Scoot


Wha…! I-I'm not jealous!

*Then why raise Your voice?*


>Scootaloo pauses for a moment

…Oh, forget it! I'm leaving!

>She goes on the balcony and shuts the door behind her. You didn't even know that You can slam the sliding doors

*Oh, she is so very jealous…I think that she wants to be Your girl as well, Anon*

*To be held in Your arms and get hugged and kissed, maybe even something more. Even for no reason*

>Maybe…But first You need to convince her to Yourself. Don't want to risk getting kicked in the balls with her all grumpy like that…

*Anyway, where were we…? Oh, right…*

>Sweetie locks lips with You again

9c1a3b No.10093

File: 1f05faecbfd872e⋯.png (66.5 KB, 400x400, 1:1, shy71.png)


Now make me a lot lewder

dff02f No.10094


>I walk Sweetie Belle over to the bed and lay her down, breaking our kiss.

"I wonder if Applebloom wants to join us… We shouldn't just leave her there, all awkward while we have all the fun."

9c1a3b No.10095

File: 5812fa7f6f6e15c⋯.png (837.33 KB, 1600x2000, 4:5, just_sweetie_belle_2_by_gr….png)


*Just look at her. She's ready to join any moment*


>Sweetie places her hand on Your cheek and turns Your eyes back on herself

*Anon, i'm not even drunk yet…Besides, are You sure You have any strength left?*

>Not really…It was a looong day…

dff02f No.10096


Don't worry lovely. I'd get you drunk and fuck you till you were more cross-eyed than Derpy aswell.

dff02f No.10097


"No… but I don't need that much strength for heavy kissing. I'm not going to fuck you tonight. Maybe tomorrow night lovely."

9c1a3b No.10098


drug me as well. i want to feel lots of weird and lovely things

9c1a3b No.10099

File: 64e1bed8669d25c⋯.png (200.39 KB, 270x404, 135:202, equestria_girls_sweetie_be….png)


*And what if i don't want to do it…?*

>Ohhh…Teasing me, huh…?

dff02f No.10100


"Don't want to do it? Yeah right… no chance YOU don't want to do it… Besides, you couldn't stop me. I'll make you my little slut."

9c1a3b No.10101


*What's that? Are You going to rape me?*

>Sweetie makes a sly expression

dff02f No.10102


"Trust me, it'd only be rape for the first ten seconds…"

9c1a3b No.10103

File: a424e6a8de1af2b⋯.png (306.32 KB, 498x853, 498:853, d299b0ad8badd2cf543cfc376d….png)


*Aaaaah…! Someone help me, please…! I'm going to get raped…!*

>Oh, looks like You're having fun

dff02f No.10104


>I grab her waist band and forcibly pull off her skirt and underwear.

"No one can hear you you filthy slut. Scream all you want."

9c1a3b No.10105

File: 479cb8a84845cbf⋯.jpeg (194.09 KB, 1150x2212, 575:1106, 7d6b923461ee1e797e5818cac….jpeg)


*No, please…! Don't do it…!*

>She even puts her hands on Your chest and pushes You away. Of course with a minimal force

dff02f No.10106


>I unzip my pants with one hand while holding her down with the other, pulling out my now hard cock.

"Oh you're going to take it, you dirty little slut… all of it right up your butt. But first I'm gonna eat your tight little muffin."

>I say, moving down to her nethers and locking lips with her underaged girlhood.

133c1a No.10107

File: 47caf633a53b1fe⋯.jpg (193.58 KB, 962x1130, 481:565, 60748db80ec64a92f593f7ace0….jpg)


*Ah! Y-You said that…Hah! You're not going to…Mhah! Fuck me tonight!*

dff02f No.10108


"I'm probably not going to… but I didn't say I wasn't gonna eat you out."

>I go back to eating, paying special attention to her peehole.

Post last edited at

133c1a No.10109

You always post more often when it's about the little trio

is there something You'd like to tell me, Noah?

133c1a No.10110

File: 8939c84fe162e18⋯.jpg (92.27 KB, 500x283, 500:283, fluttershy_confused.jpg)



>but I didn't say I was gonna eat you out

but here you said

>'m gonna eat your tight little muffin

dff02f No.10111



dff02f No.10112


Love lolis but that's not why. I have some downtime

133c1a No.10113

File: a9564527d822d1a⋯.png (1.23 MB, 1200x1230, 40:41, 809419__safe_solo_humanize….png)


*Nhah! T-That's my…Ah!*

>Oh yes it is…Your new favourite hole…

>You've been playing with it every night since that day…You probably haven't even touched the lower hole all this time…What a naughty little girl You are…

>Mmmm…So tasty and perverted…Can't wait to finally penetrate that tiny hole…

>Not only she's so young but she's also very kinky. You might not have any strength or sperm left to fuck her but You at least want to make her cum using Your tongue

>You prod her peehole with the tip of Your tongue, trying to push it in as far as You can. Only the tip goes in but it's enough to lick thoroughly the opening and make her let out some cute moans

>Her legs squeeze Your head tightly and her both hands end up on Your hair as well. She digs her fingertips in Your scalp and shakes from pleasure

>It doesn't take long before her bladder loosens up and releases its contents. Of course You happily drink everything she gives You even if there's not much of it

>Fortunately there's plenty of love juices for You to drink. From time to time You move Your tongue down to wipe her pink from all the leakage and then get back to her tiny love hole

>Yo keep the eye contact with her and smile from seeing her expressions. She can see lust in Your eyes which makes her smile as well

>She's no longer just a kid. You accepted her as a woman, even if as a young one, and do adult things with her

>But then You want them to stay small forever. And since it's impossible, You at least want to have fun with them while they're small and Young…

*Ah! Nhah! A-Anon! Oh! I'm getting…Hah! Close! Aah!*

>That's right…! I barely licked anything else. It was almost only Your peehole and yet You're ready to cum, You slutty girl!

>You start sucking as well and a few seconds lates her body shakes violently as she climaxes. You hold her firmly in place and continue during her climax, slowing down after she's done

>It's really satisfying to make a little girl orgasm. To see her tiny body twitch…And her little chest jump as she breaths deeply…And of course her orgasmic expression with a big, satisfied smile

>You lick Your lips, give her girlhood a kiss and move back. Then You notice that the other girl was watching You two closely and got turned on enough to lay on the bed, right next to the urethral slut, and lift her shirt a bit in a seductive way

'Oh no…! Ah'm gonna get raped as well…!'

>These little girls are just too damn cute…

133c1a No.10114

expect a bit longer breaks now. watching animu

d9b5bc No.10115


>I quickly get on top of her and pull off her shirt and pull down her panties.

"That's right. You're next…"

>I roll her on to her stomach and push her butt up into the air.

"I said I wasn't gonna fuck her but I might have just enough stamina left to fuck you."

>I spit into her anal opening and then slowly insert my erection into her tight virgin butt.

d9b5bc No.10116



133c1a No.10117

File: 7a07d1768630b24⋯.png (424.02 KB, 761x846, 761:846, bccb46a709d69fc5805bbecf46….png)


'W-Wait, Anoooaaaah!'

>Too late, i'm in…

*Awww, not fair…*

'Ah! P-Please, wait!'

>You do as requested and don't move

'Hah…Ah'm not sure ah'm prepared fer this!'

133c1a No.10118


but Your slut

d9b5bc No.10119


"I'll be gentle I promise."

>I move a hand to her crotch and start massaging her love button.

"I'll go slow."

133c1a No.10120

File: 28a72e3710cf451⋯.jpg (114.2 KB, 600x800, 3:4, 732751__safe_solo_humanize….jpg)



>You keep rubbing her girlhood. She's already all wet from watching You and SB so there's plenty of lubricant to play with her delicate clit

>You don't move Your penis and just keep playing with her. She slowly relaxes and after a few minutes…

'H-H-Hokay…Ya can do it…'

>Good girl…Here we go…

>..W…Wow…Her butthole feels unbelievably good…She has such a nice ass for a girl her age and it's mostly muscles that squeeze You very tightly

*Aww, i'll punish You for this…!*

>You look at Sweetie Belle. She pouts at You, probably from being jealous that You didn't fuck her. But maybe we can solve this somehow…Like join…

d9b5bc No.10121


"Well how about you come over here and kneel so I can play with your favorite hole…"

>I reach down and collect some 'Apple juice' on my fingers and then show her the wet lewd strands between my fingers.

133c1a No.10122

File: b4a64e7cfe3f4dc⋯.jpg (54.08 KB, 345x787, 345:787, c9104e17ebfcf50805c20b0c11….jpg)


>Sweetie rises her eyebrow and then moves closer. But instead of following Your plan, she just licks all the juices off Your fingers until there's no more left

*I'd rather punish You properly…Don't You want to be punished, Anon…?*

d9b5bc No.10123


"I've had enough punishment for one day… Your sister is pretty good at that. By the way you should hear how she talks about you. You're a perfect little angel… you'd never lick Applebloom's leakage off my fingers or anything lewd like that. I like it though. She thinks you're a good girl and we misbehave behind her back. She even asked me to keep you from doing anything sexual…"

133c1a No.10124

File: 586d5f00df44ef4⋯.jpeg (148.16 KB, 1078x1700, 539:850, aa7c86c00f49928ecfd2535d9….jpeg)


*Really? Rarity said that?*


*She seriously thinks that i'm still here little baby sister*

>Sweetie giggles but then looks at You half jokingly, half seriously

*Wait…Does that mean that You don't consider me a good girl?*

d9b5bc No.10125


"You're well mannered and nice… but you're a very naughty, sexually promiscuous little girl."

133c1a No.10126

File: 11a82448889c34e⋯.jpeg (43.39 KB, 597x664, 597:664, efa52bf0d53892acc9905ccba….jpeg)


*Is that a bad thing?*

d9b5bc No.10127


"Not for me… Rarity might have a problem with it. But don't worry, soon I'll have you two tribbing and doing all sorts for incestuous lesbian stuff… You too Applebutt…"

>I say, smacking Applebloom's butt.

133c1a No.10128

File: f32a2dced9c45d7⋯.jpg (599.63 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, 881090__safe_humanized_cut….jpg)


'Ah! Y-Ya mean…Mhah! M-Me and…Ah! A-Applejack?! Nhah!'

d9b5bc No.10129


"Mhm… you and your sister."

133c1a No.10130

File: c3378b314aafe9f⋯.jpg (3.51 MB, 1943x3229, 1943:3229, 806866__safe_solo_humanize….jpg)


'Ah! B-But sisters shouldn't…Oh! Be doin'…Mhah! Such things!'

d9b5bc No.10131


"Tell Maud and Pinkie that…"

133c1a No.10132

File: e6f7033f0eb4659⋯.jpg (345.55 KB, 1012x1374, 506:687, 737664__humanized_apple bl….jpg)


"W-What?! Ah! Pinkie Pie and Maud…Ah! Do that?'


'Taht's so…Hah!'

*Was it You who convinced them to do that, Anon?*

d9b5bc No.10133


"Yep… it was me, and I'm gonna convince you to do it too."

133c1a No.10134

File: aa129d104569e5d⋯.png (525.04 KB, 750x750, 1:1, b8574e509e6bc1fea70b3951d1….png)


*You must really like incest…Does it turn You on so much to watch sisters do it…?*

d9b5bc No.10135


"My favorite kind of porn to watch on the internet… even if it isn't real. But watching Maud and Pinkie is real."

133c1a No.10136

File: 41ef20c3cf82c1e⋯.jpeg (243.81 KB, 2160x2880, 3:4, 003ec56ab2324a35fb02892a3….jpeg)


*Anon, we're not some porn on the internet…You have to take into account the feelings between us sisters…It's a big thing to move from sisterly love to…a bit different kind of love*

d9b5bc No.10137


"I know… still my favorite porn though. Besides I convinced Maud and Pinkie to do it and they love it. I'd never make you do something you didn't want to do."

133c1a No.10138

File: b2b240b68d6877b⋯.png (201.29 KB, 1270x1270, 1:1, e64ff0cc2cb8cca329362c2dac….png)


*Well, i never thought about it…*

>Sweetie thinks for a moment

*…Sounds like fun*

d9b5bc No.10139


"Well first we're going to have to break your sister's image of you being a good girl…"

133c1a No.10140

File: b260c8557f10433⋯.png (193.96 KB, 600x900, 2:3, 934245__safe_solo_humanize….png)


'Hah! Ah'm not sure if…Nhah! Applejack will agree…Hah! Ta this!'

d9b5bc No.10141


"Well I'll see what I can do… We have a date tomorrow."

133c1a No.10142

File: 42d7571df50b47d⋯.png (536.86 KB, 1000x1214, 500:607, 804381__safe_solo_humanize….png)


'Hah! T-Take care of…Ah! Mah sister! Oh! She's been waitin'…Nhah! Fer this date…Aah! Fer a long time! Mhah!


133c1a No.10143

File: 1e2fe1f9c063e89⋯.png (119.93 KB, 1305x837, 145:93, 859588__safe_solo_flutters….png)

and unfortunately i have to do things tomorrow

good night

d9b5bc No.10144


"Really? A date with me?"

d9b5bc No.10145

File: 71442d901b2f387⋯.jpg (3.4 MB, 5312x2988, 16:9, 15031203106231053628310.jpg)


Drunk in a hot tub… I like beer Roger.

133c1a No.10146

File: 6475b63a8fd1f8a⋯.png (644.85 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 3d903d8830a916b2e26002bc42….png)


'Y-Yeah! Mhah! She thinks taht…Ah! Ya don't like er! Hah!'

>That's true! You never paid much attention to her nor considered how she feels!

>On top of that she's the only ignored one out of Your group! It's like You're giving her a clear message!

>Fuck, even Applebloom got more interest! She has a full right to feel down from all this

d9b5bc No.10147


"Wow… I feel so bad. I'm gonna fix that tomorrow. I'll take her on the best date ever."

4b1175 No.10148

File: cadb9b4b1991925⋯.png (401.1 KB, 531x782, 531:782, 808407__solo_humanized_sug….png)


'Ah! P-Please do…! Mhah!'

*…And then invite Apple Bloom and make them do naughty things to each ohter…*

d9b5bc No.10149


"Oh I will… You want to misbehave with your sister, Applebloom?"

238b9c No.10150

File: be27cc19b5dee57⋯.jpg (120.22 KB, 525x700, 3:4, 757277__safe_solo_humanize….jpg)


'Hah! A-Ah don't…Oh! Know!'

238b9c No.10151


so many posts…can you believe it?

d9b5bc No.10152


"It'll be fun… but if you don't want to try it just say so and I won't."

fd366a No.10153


*Oh, she wants to try, she's just being modest*

Post last edited at

8691be No.10154


"Maybe, but there's nothing wrong with having reservations about doing stuff with your sister… and it's not like doing it will make me like you more."

fd366a No.10155


that was actually sb talking

8691be No.10156


I know

fd366a No.10157


ok but you're adressing AB:

>make me like you more

8691be No.10158


I sorta ment it in general to both of them… you know because maybe Sweetie Belle is covering up that she really doesn't want to do it.

fd366a No.10159


*But Anon…You're the one who wants us to do such things…*

>W-Well, yeah but…

8691be No.10160


"I know, but that doesn't mean it has to happen. I love you no matter what…"

fd366a No.10161

File: 58d14758a83909b⋯.jpg (332.35 KB, 2000x3000, 2:3, eb7878bdc788193a9d6ce325c3….jpg)


*Now You sounds likeYou don't actually want us to do it…*

>Sweetie moves closer and hugs You from behind

*Don't you want to watch me and Rarity tribbing and doing all sorts of incestuous lesbian stuff…?*

>Hey, You're quoting me…

8691be No.10162


"Definitely… but it's a big thing to make love to your sister. If you don't want to i understand."

fd366a No.10163

File: 2d527d6e10f0534⋯.png (720.82 KB, 1600x1200, 4:3, 783c6024da4a643bbae2db567a….png)


*Huh? You say that like You have experience…*

>Sweetie belle gasps

*Don't tell me that You have a sister!*

8691be No.10164


"Nope… no siblings, no mom, no dad."

fd366a No.10165

File: 56ee61a34676e96⋯.png (241.56 KB, 483x587, 483:587, latest1.png)



>Girls seem surprised. Even Applebloom who's pretty busy, seems to be focused on You

>Sweetie Belle hugs You in a different, more caring way and rests her head on Your shoulder

*Now that i think of it, i don't really know much about You…Would You like to tell us more about Yourself?*

8691be No.10166


"Hmm… like what? My full name? Where I live? What I do to have fun? Well… you already know what I do for fun…"

>I say, lightly spanking Applebloom.

"But sure ask away and I'll tell."

fd366a No.10167


do You remember Anon's full name, Noah?

fd366a No.10168

File: e750d1bd29cf10f⋯.jpg (323.67 KB, 855x855, 1:1, post-9228-0-27716900-13943….jpg)


*Well, i'm interested in Your past. What were You doing before You moved to our school?*

>Oh…Those times…

8691be No.10169


"Hmm… well I used to go to Crystal Prep. I didn't have any friends there… That's why I moved here."

8691be No.10170


Anon Edward Moose?


I can make this part up right? EQG doesn't have a lot of other landmarks besides Canterlot High and Crystal Prep so I can't really do much with locations… Does the city Canterlot High is in even have a name?

fd366a No.10171

File: eb8b508fd0f8e95⋯.png (271.59 KB, 720x720, 1:1, 00305.png)


Alexander Nathanael Octavian Nebuchadnezzar

how could you forgot?

and yes, you can make things up. actually that's where i wanted You to be from. You're reading my mind

>Canterlot High

so it's Canterlot

8691be No.10172


Right… Alexander Nathanael Octavian Nebuchadnezzar. That's a long name.

fd366a No.10173

File: 9597b1347f89660⋯.png (277.39 KB, 1024x1448, 128:181, vector___eqg_show_stopper_….png)


*Crystal Prep?! But that's an elite school for the smartest students. What were You doing there?*

>Why, thank You for implying that i'm an idiot…

fd366a No.10174


I wouldn't mind having a name like that

i mean, Roger is a cool name but that one is just wow

8691be No.10175


"Hey, I'm smart… ish… But you know, learning. I think I was born there but who knows. That would explain why I attended Crystal Prep."

8691be No.10176


Has a lot of famous names in it.

fd366a No.10177

File: e4120583fb9cc9a⋯.jpg (78.44 KB, 538x1000, 269:500, 793351__solo_humanized_mon….jpg)


'Ah! And where are…Mhah! Yer parents?! Nhah!'

>Ouch…A sore point…

8691be No.10178


"…Uh-ummm… My mother died giving birth to me… and my father was never in the picture. I don't even know who he is…"

fd366a No.10179


that's pretty dark. we're making it official?

8691be No.10180


Yep. Now I have something in common with the Apples. Besides, why else would I be living alone?

fd366a No.10181


well, they could die a bit later…

the problem is how you would possibly survive on your own as an infant? i can imagine a 6+yo surviving on his/her own but not a 1 day old

otherwise You're implying some guardians

8691be No.10182


I was thinking orphanage, wardship, or foster care.

fd366a No.10183


fostering is not dark enough but could explain the Crystal Prep. orphanage is darker but doesn't work with Crystal Prep. and wardhsip…who could be the guardian?

8691be No.10184


How about I'm the ward of principal Abacus Cinch? That would explain why I dont live with her anymore and no longer attend Crystal Prep.

fd366a No.10185


are You sure You don't have telepathic powers? i was thinking about the same thing

8691be No.10186


You can't prove it!

fd366a No.10187

File: f7af312bdf925c6⋯.png (312.36 KB, 1600x1653, 1600:1653, 41448__solo_pinkie pie_sug….png)


i can also have telepatic powers at times. like, if i pinned You down to the bed and kissed passionately, i'd know Your thoughts exactly

fd366a No.10188


'Hah! A-Ah see…Mhah!'

>You heard that Apple Bloom parents also died soon after she was born so You both have similar experiences

*Awww…And what happened with You later?*

Post last edited at

8691be No.10189

File: 143a67f071d7550⋯.jpg (42.48 KB, 736x524, 184:131, 2fcdede68a8e797adccf40b46a….jpg)


Well pinning me to the bed means you were already reading my thoughts…

8691be No.10190


"I was 'adopted' by… principal Cinch… Which is why I attended Crystal Prep."

fd366a No.10191

File: 9597b1347f89660⋯.png (277.39 KB, 1024x1448, 128:181, vector___eqg_show_stopper_….png)


*I see…How was she?*


8691be No.10192


"Not nice… I wasn't allowed to call her mom, I had to call her principal Cinch or Ms. Cinch… I got punished a lot. Maybe that's why it's part of my sex life now."

fd366a No.10193

File: 9597b1347f89660⋯.png (277.39 KB, 1024x1448, 128:181, vector___eqg_show_stopper_….png)


*Poor Anon…Don't worry, we all love You…*

>Her mouth moves close to Your ear and whispers

*…And if You want some "punishment", i'm ready to give You one…*

>Oh…For not fucking her…

fd366a No.10194

File: aaaaaba1c4bc022⋯.jpg (142.97 KB, 1000x544, 125:68, 862285__safe_fluttershy_sl….jpg)

well, i bravely avoided falling asleep but i can't keep myself up any more. it was a long day

8691be No.10195


"Oh please do… I'm a bad boy. Fucking your friend while you have to watch…"

fd366a No.10196



i even posted the same pic twice…yep, time to sleep

good night

8691be No.10197


night slutty

fd366a No.10199

File: c186bfbb3007c19⋯.jpeg (467.24 KB, 1602x2266, 801:1133, d563f4aa1aeec29313c947c81….jpeg)


*Oh, it's even worse…You child rapist…*

'Aaaah…! Somebody, please…!'

>If only Scoot wanted to be like this as well…Or maybe she is and You just have to become good friends with her

>…Maybe she's like Rainbow Dash and expects some more serious love…You can't fix Your relationship with Dash but maybe it's not too late for Scootaloo…at least until she finds out what You've done to her idol

>First an apology and then some date with proper talking and it might work like a charm…

*…And on top of that You're raping multiple girls at once…*

>I'm not doing it with multiple girls at oooaaah!

>Sweetie suddenly pushes You on Your back, forcing You to pull Your pole out of now surprised Apple Bloom. Before You can say anything, she gets on top of You, facing Your lower body, and moves her butt right above Your head


>Her butt slowly moves closer and "spills" all over Your lower half of face. Sweetie makes sure to sit comfily and spread her butt cheeks

*No…! Don't lick me there…! That place is dirty…!*

>Hint hint…

8691be No.10201


"I'm gonna eat your tight little brown hole till you beg me not to stop. Then I'm gonna make your friend eat your butt while I pound her tight little ass until my cum shoots out her mouth…"

>I grab her hips and force her butt down on to my mouth and start digging my mouth into her rear occasionally biting at her ring for some rough stimulation.

Post last edited at

b9f8fb No.10202


nah, that won't do, Noah. You need to be more…rapish. get into the role

8691be No.10203



b9f8fb No.10204

File: 78943d08f9cdf8c⋯.png (265.78 KB, 1024x1507, 1024:1507, 1469234347797.png)


uhh…i meant Your dialogue…

8691be No.10205

File: 5e096e3a339030d⋯.png (314.22 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, Rainbow_Dash_annoyed_\-alm….png)


Is it better now?

8691be No.10206

File: 05f7fd82fe58920⋯.png (192.7 KB, 1600x960, 5:3, another_twilight__s_seduct….png)


also you're a slut

8691be No.10207

File: 922b5343949d0d2⋯.jpg (80.34 KB, 846x179, 846:179, 119757.jpg)


But so am I…

b9f8fb No.10208

File: b3484fa1cbccfdf⋯.jpeg (233.89 KB, 1377x1700, 81:100, 1cd3eb2e7ea9540be9c744518….jpeg)


*Oah! N-No! Aah! I-I don't want to…Ah! Be raped…! Nhah!*

>You suck and kiss her lower mouth with all Your might. Your tongue twists and swirls inside her like crazy, forcing out incredibly cute moans out of her

>Then suddenly You feel something soft and warm pressing against the tip of Your dick. You quickly realize that it's the amaranth haired girl teasing You

'Don't put it there…! Taht's the wrong hole…!'

b9f8fb No.10209

File: a882d1befa697ea⋯.png (200.79 KB, 812x630, 58:45, 1457164514978.png)


yes. You almost sound like a child rapist



i know…isn't that lovely…?

8691be No.10210


"Get that little ass on my cock before I force it down your throat…"

>I stretch my arms and put my hands on her hips.

"Stick it in… now, you little slut. I'm gonna fuck you till you pass out."

Post last edited at

8691be No.10211

File: 127efd0673f457c⋯.png (4.25 MB, 3000x2605, 600:521, 1048029ec5d870a9e8174684ae….png)


That we're both sluts? It is lovely.

Post last edited at

b9f8fb No.10212

File: 2c35fde43707922⋯.png (632.04 KB, 720x666, 40:37, SS1944.png)


Noah…Noah…Noah…what do You think that "wrong hole" means?

silly, silly Noah…

and don't tell me that You won't impregnate the little trio when the time comes

8691be No.10213


Well seeing as how I was just screwing her up the butt I assume it meant her kitty… and yes I would impregnate them.

8691be No.10214

b9f8fb No.10215

File: bb44472ebc4d24c⋯.jpeg (354.64 KB, 1002x1050, 167:175, 62a55bcda694ef11684347d65….jpeg)


'Ah, no…! Not my butt…! Mmmmhah!'

>You slowly impale her onto Your pole. Her both hands end on Your belly and she begins to ride You like a pro cowgirl

>Your arms get back to SB and wrap around her legs. Then Your tongue and mouth get back to work

*Mhah! My innocence…! Ah!*

>Your what, You little slut? Just wait to hear what kind of perverted things i have planned for You…

b9f8fb No.10216

Your time to shine!

make it so perverted that Apple Bloom won't believe You

8691be No.10217


"Oh I'm gonna shatter what little innocence you have left… I'm gonna shove my fist up your little twat till you scream… tie you up and use you as my personal cum slut. Spank you everyday and night to make you obedient… Oh and I won't forget to stretch out your new favorite hole so I can ram my cock up your urethra and cum in your bladder so you pee my spunk whenever you use the bathroom."

8691be No.10218


That's sorta pervy… the most perverted part is the urethral sex. Little does Applebloom know it's actually her favorite hole…

8691be No.10219

File: cf5c83fa313c8fe⋯.gif (90.85 KB, 493x358, 493:358, 962257.gif)

Almost forgot that I have a "meeting" to attend tonight…

b9f8fb No.10220

File: 5d975de77661af2⋯.png (330.64 KB, 900x1266, 150:211, 53f2c72e6d340fac29a2b671ad….png)


*Aaaah…! No! Mhah! Have mercy…! Hah!*

'W-Waht? Oh! H-Her peehole?! Mhah!'

>Oh right…Apple Bloom doesn't know yet…

b9f8fb No.10221


meanwhile i'll keep being a pathetic, forever alone, outcast…

8691be No.10222


"Yeah… she loves shoving her finger deep in her urethra. Did you know this little slut gets up in the middle of the night and fingers herself in her peehole?"

b9f8fb No.10223

File: 34ec00ad4b56d7f⋯.jpeg (53.17 KB, 944x956, 236:239, 4b022ea46eabbaeea7e5952f9….jpeg)


*Ah! A-Anon…! Mhah! My secret! Oh!*

>Finally some shame from that little slut! Show us Your vulnerable side!

*Nhah! This is so…Hah! Embarrassing! Aah!*

8691be No.10224


"Well maybe if you beg Applebloom she'll finger your little sluthole… you might even be able to convince her not to tell Scoot what a pervert you are."

b9f8fb No.10225

File: 4ed77e6ec962ad0⋯.jpeg (31.37 KB, 753x742, 753:742, 4c8b6c1724a4a5e17f8f4b3a5….jpeg)


'Ah! M-Me?!'

>Yep…Actualy, why not do it like…right now…You're too tired to cum and even if, there's nothing left inside You anyway so…

>Just gotta position the urethral slut welcomingly…

8691be No.10226


"Yeah you."

>I grab Sweetie Belle's legs and spread them wide so her kitty is pointed towards Applebloom.

"Go ahead, push your pinkie in… she likes it. Also a quick note there's no way I'm gonna cum. I'm completely spent so when you girls have had enough we can stop."

8691be No.10227


b9f8fb No.10228

and back. sorry for that

b9f8fb No.10229

File: 04c1ca17bc363dd⋯.jpeg (427.84 KB, 1300x1837, 1300:1837, b712c656cb97f05d2d5071dd9….jpeg)


>Apple Bloom turns around without gettion off of Your penis. Then she moves closer, visibly interested

*Ah! W-Wait…Nhah!*

>Shhh…You'll love this in a minute…

'Can ah really…?'

>You reach for AB's hand and pull closer to Sweetie's girlhood to encourage her. Bloom gulps loudly and then moves her finger closer to SB's crotch

>Belle tries to resist a bit but Your tongue deep in her ass makes her body weak so there's nothing she can do…Or maybe she can but doesn't want to…

'A-Ah'm gonna put it in…'

*Hah! A-A-Apple Bloom…!*

>Apple decides tio go in and suddenly a very lovely moan fills the entire room. Even Apple Bloom is surprised with how her lady friend reacts


>Bloom is ready to move but You suddenly stop her hand and Your tongue as well. Sweetie notices that but it takes her a few seconds before she figures out Your intentions

*A-Anon…! You really want me to beg?!*


*F…Fine! I can't hold back any more!*

>Her eyes focus on the girl in front of her and her entire face turns red…Or at least that's what You believe since You can't see her face well…

*A-Apple Bloom…P-Please f-finger my u…urethra!*

'Sweetie Belle, Ya…'

>A lewd smirk shows up on Bloom's face

'…Ya're very cute, Ya know…'

>You can feel Apple's hand moving and a second later hear a confirmatory moan. The girl on top of Your face begins to shake so…of course more tonguing her anus

*Oah! Y-You two…! Iah!*

>Yes, we two…Too much for You, little slut? Well, glad to hear that. You need to train to accept even more love…

>Sweetie Belle is in ecstasy. Her body is completely out of control so both You and AB decide to hold her firmly in place

>But Belle seems to misunderstand the intentions behind Bloom's hug and suddenly locks lips with her. Or maybe she just feels like kissing someone right now

>Surprised at first, Apple quickly melts in Sweetie's romantic and loving kiss. She decides to finger the peehole a bit faster and harder and gets rewarded with even more passionate kiss

>Apple Bloom barely rides You any more but that's okay. The taste, smell and feel of Sweetie's constantly winking butthole and the thought of them having lesbian fun is rewarding enough

'….Nmmmm…*fuah*…Hey, Sweetie Belle…Playin' all by Yerself is no fun…Why not let me help Ya from now on…?'

*Nhah!♥ Y-Yes! Oah! ♥*

'Good girl…*kiss*'

>Yes…Nothing better than spreading more and more love between friends…They're such a lovely couple…and, maybe in the soon future, will be a lovely trio…

>With all the stimulation, Sweetie Belle quickly gets close to the edge. Her breathing becomes fast and her entire body shakes

>She can't keep kissing so the last few seconds are spent in the tight hug with Apple Bloom. Her ring becomes very tight and squeezes Your tongue like it wants to milk it

>Few more extra loud moans and she climaxes. Neither You nor AB slow down and keep going even after her orgasm, giving her some extra fun before You slow down and then stop completely

>Apple Bloom slowly removes her finger and You notice that she was actually using the middle one. Such a naughty girl…

>You remove Your tongue as well and loosen up Your grip. Without support, Sweetie falls on the side and tries to catch her breath. She's exhausted

>You decide to move behind her and spoon her from behind. Apple Bloom lays down and moves in front of her

'…Taht was fun…Thanks fer lettin' me know, Anon. Ah'll be sure ta use it'

b9f8fb No.10230

lemme guess…You're at the "meeting"

8691be No.10231


"Hehe… funny story, I'm the one who made her like it in the first place. I borrowed her body for the day and then I went and did stuff with Fluttershy… Probably shouldn't have had her finger the urethra, especially because she was so rough that I passed out and then she had to carry me because I couldn't walk. But yeah I'm the real pervert, it just rubbed off on her."

8691be No.10232


I wish. No I had dinner.

b9f8fb No.10233

File: de0a5fd226e6d53⋯.png (4.64 MB, 3000x3507, 1000:1169, 80bef917d2f6f519a618e1a9de….png)