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File: 1455307500289.jpg (39.24 KB, 312x308, 78:77, fascism1.jpg)


Guten Tag.

NOTE: This board is just for everyone who are curious about far right views or accepts them as their own. We are ready to discuss with everyone who wants to, but remember that we will not tolerate insulting, trolling etc. and if so, we will reward it with a ban. Enjoy.

We made this board to spread a fresh view to far-right ideologies. World is changing, and we care about it. We don't want to stay in one place, sigh about past and insult "independent thinkers" in our ranks. But still, we base on our legacy and cultivate it, because we know that one day it will arise again.

Something about us? We live in Silesia, which belongs now to Polish Republic, but before 1945 AD belonged to Germany. History of two of us is a bit different, but we are both resettlers. My family was German, and lived in Eastern Prussia, near Konigsberg. Resettled in 1946. His family was Ukrainian, and was from Ivano-Frankivsk. Resettled in 1947. Usurper communist government in Poland (we don't blame Poles for communist crimes, at most they aren't responsible for it) controlled from Moscow repressed everyone who were enemies of red decay. 4 'D's programme* almost annihilated remains of the Third Reich and it's allies, but not at all. In many families traditions of love to his own people and master race survived, and slowly they are going to rise again.

It is natural that people are suspicious about such terms as freedom, tolerance, brotherhood and equality. Communists and their heirs- modern European leftists distorted these terms so much, so that current meaning of them are different than it was before. They want to simply destroy European culture and its achievements, especially the greatest one: National Identity. We don't know if they are only led by their arrogance, or maybe they are just a tool in someone's hand. One thing is sure- we must stop it. Now.

Immigrants crysis woke up patriotism in idle people's hearts. Mad leftists are trying to destroy European culture by flooding it with ourPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


Gentlemen, gathered in this Ye Old Thread,

I am not very sociable therefore my manners while speaking to others is limited and lately Iǜe felt the need to express my political thoughts properly and for this matter, I ask people who might have more experience than than me to help me express arguments favouring my political thoughts (in this case alt-right). I come from a mix race between aryan and southwestern Europe (Spain)

File: 1455294502820.jpg (30.5 KB, 336x493, 336:493, 01_00086687.jpg)


Now we start

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