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May 2019 - 8chan Transparency Report
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File: dc5c4f4d22d52a9⋯.jpg (15.32 KB, 155x210, 31:42, 77241a44d416010c147f606064….jpg)

File: 31f9a8de767e7ab⋯.png (67.84 KB, 1492x530, 746:265, 31f9a8de767e7ab915fe9bd9f4….png)

File: c6711c276108024⋯.png (48.74 KB, 1754x404, 877:202, c6711c276108024ca270a74944….png)

0a4d38 No.172

Very strange things happening on 8chan regarding the "q" boards. Supposedly someone named Q has been dropping info on 8chan. What makes all of this very strange is that suddenly a new board is created and within hours has thousands of posts and 900-1500 unique ISPs.

People have posted about this on various 8chan boards but the threads are usually anchored.

I'm not sure what's going on. I personally think that the vast majority of "unique ISPs" on 8chan are fake, and that on any given board there are substantial numbers of bots posting. Who? Why? I don't know.

One possibility is that the site owners deliberately inflating board numbers to make the site more attractive to advertisers. But this is just a guess.

0a4d38 No.173

File: b947214d639c505⋯.png (23.29 KB, 997x247, 997:247, thestorm.png)

another q board, created in december, just popped up overnight with 1500 unique isps after a month of zero activity. it had 2pph when it first popped up on the boards list an hour ago.

0a4d38 No.175

File: 21f1f2f278217a9⋯.png (40.83 KB, 930x482, 465:241, monday.png)

how many posters on 8chan are actually bots?

i saw this on /leftpol/ and it REALLY makes me wonder…

b3b571 No.176


>ecember, just popped up overnight with 1500 unique isps after a month of zero activity. it had 2pph when it first popped up on the boards list an hour ago.

There was activity, I was watching it, it was just unlisted. I asked the same question in /sudo/ and that's what they told me.

d905ae No.177

Repost from /sudo/:

Any board that suddenly rises to being the 3rd most populous board and the oldest post on said board is 2 weeks old, then something isn't right. It smacks of someone proxy botting to juice up the numbers.

If they just wanted to share the information, then they wouldn't be switching IP with nearly every post. They would just post on their board what they have and then direct others to it in pertinent boards elsewhere. Sort of like what we do with /pdfs/.

Basically you're looking at a board less than a month old that suddenly rose to the top 5 out of nowhere. There's also the fact that nearly every post ends with some all-caps message like "FUCK YOU", which strongly implies a bot.

0a4d38 No.178

File: 2e67c3a4359d7a4⋯.png (355.12 KB, 956x639, 956:639, twatter.png)


you're right. in fact there was simultaneously loads of activity on /cbts/ and /thestorm/ which in itself is very odd, considering the general slowness of the top boards.

also 8chan has officially promoted this shit, although i don't know why or what the owners have to gain.

0a4d38 No.179

did a search and apparently Infowars & alex jones have mentioned "QAnon" since at least late december in connection with 4chan. so that could be where the extra traffic comes from.

however the listing/delisting of boards, sudden jumps in unique ISPs, and today's extremely low pph to visitor ratio seems to indicate that these aren't simply visitors from other sites. and even IF that were true, it makes one wonder why there isn't any spillover into other boards. it's as if the phenomena is completely isolated from 8chan as a whole.

0a4d38 No.180

File: 0008fd2cc83d049⋯.png (25.18 KB, 941x215, 941:215, threads.png)

example of same threads being posted on multiple boards. not really proof of anything, just something odd i noticed happening within the past few months.

0a4d38 No.182

File: d1bb47370e647d9⋯.png (28.11 KB, 990x274, 495:137, thestorm2.png)

9 hours later we still have very small pph to visitor ratio for /thestorm/ board. suspicious?

59f89f No.183


Lurk moar.

a9a2a5 No.185

I remember seeing this board ages ago when it wasn't on the first page and just thought it was a conspiracy theory "happening" board with an inside joke for edgy cryptic cult-like language. Turns out these are likely bots from some loon who thinks that the world is going to end.

f404b6 No.204

ITT: leftypol's garbage dump wonders how a boomer larp board is 100x more successful

762678 No.210

Did you ever try maybe fucking lurking more? Q (regardless of whether it's a LARP - I don't care) has been discussed since I think late October on 4chan and then moved to here and brought tons of people with it. Instead of just assuming it's UID inflation like a retard you could go to the board and read the threads to find out what it's about.

0a4d38 No.213

File: 4ff2693acdb71f1⋯.jpeg (147.32 KB, 1334x750, 667:375, q.jpeg)


the q boards are full of gibberish and schizophrenia.

pic related.

df8950 No.245


Isn't it well known that /leftpol/ uses bots and /pol/ is shill central?

0a4d38 No.246


most leftpol users seem legitimate. 8chan as a whole is kind of suspicious though.

269fa1 No.251

File: d500b815e3d072a⋯.gif (658.24 KB, 500x400, 5:4, 1502637467543.gif)


/leftypol/ might be using bots.

When the site went down last year for a day (and a bit?) they put the boards back in order of unique user ips. and leftypol was restored waaay down the list, further down than what the front page shows.

I don't think /leftpol/ is using bots.

pol is shilled to shit, by their own mods too. I think they are trying to clear house and rebuild. Maybe to sanitize it like reddit did to theirs a few years ago.

8ch in general is shady, you can read about sunshine in /sudo/ and find more details on other chans, but apparently they removed sunshine according to sudo, but they lied about it's existence in the first place so I think they probably just replaced/moved it.

269fa1 No.252

File: f3ba484a5e84d05⋯.jpg (47.96 KB, 650x488, 325:244, 42bdb596860bb56345ea0e6ea7….jpg)


Q has been successful in tricking retards who don't know how timestamps work on twitter and halfchan. The only proof/success has been pics of tweets with a later timestamp than the q halfchan post.

0a4d38 No.254


yeah, and the sunshine shit was put into place 6 days after Jim gave his press conference saying they would not be storing user data. plus there is some hidden banning/deletion occurring which Ron never bothered to explain.

aba694 No.257


I doubt it, /leftpol/ is mostly an anarkiddie split so I can believe a great majority of them are just plain old retarded.

9531a2 No.341


Both of those accusations have never been proven.

They both probably came from /pol/acks who want to believe such things.

e9b6ae No.344

There is a lot of propaganda all over these boards as well as most all social media these days.

The question to ask is this:

Who stands to make a profit from all of this bot posting?

In general who stands to benefit from sowing chaos and confusion?

Follow the Money, and find the Power.

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