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File: c9b4a86c8d88bbe⋯.jpg (74.92 KB, 600x450, 4:3, IMG_3117-e1452927625135.jpg)


Does anybody have a dump of the original vanilla tekken 7 that was in arcades?

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1 the game, is es3 not system 357

2 lets see if your potato cant handle the pc version

how would you handle emulating a ps3 title asumming it was 357 like tekken 6



>playing the worst version of t7




Play it on PC!


Just because lol


File: 2b29a8b77b799f0⋯.jpg (147.55 KB, 800x531, 800:531, MV5BNmI3MDBhMzAtNjEyMS00Mm….jpg)

File: 28b2981e66007c7⋯.jpg (17.55 KB, 197x255, 197:255, download (1).jpg)


has this game been dumped and playable yet?


The install Disks have been uploaded just in need of the dongle :-(



is that the same with the batman arcade?


I think so mate



well i hope someone is able to get it working

File: 1b945dfcdd14f5f⋯.png (15.14 KB, 150x182, 75:91, RE.png)







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1080p with 3D version, better quality, no the game has no support at the moment


It's now supported in 1.52b, be great to get a transformers decrypted exe so that can be added next



Faster than Light lol





Emuline have all of this.

File: 896638966126219⋯.jpg (311.11 KB, 1100x621, 1100:621, cdl.jpg)


Cyberdiver 1.05 with most of the unused hl2 files stripped out

Reduces extracted size from 8.7GB to 3.8GB

Download: mega://enc2?GtjCcfKlFuryxT7IKWLcwlyVTqrxHKUZVnGl94RyjD0mobVhYW6TzXT8wmOIWihIST3mxfUQZfUxtd-bOG8wOA



This has Cyberdiver_1.20

How do I set up this key? I want to play with a joystick.

File: 6ca220bae75d773⋯.png (292.56 KB, 1150x1535, 230:307, Batman.png)

File: bb445d5b465063d⋯.jpg (24.96 KB, 198x255, 66:85, download.jpg)


has this game been dumped and playable yet?

File: e37be708bcd07ef⋯.png (480.32 KB, 1907x947, 1907:947, kjfkjfk.png)


When registering with ARCANA, what should I enter Card ID? . I do not think that putting ID of e-amusement pass will be included …


Why are you asking here? Go ask in an Arcana group

File: 93c51472909353f⋯.png (455.53 KB, 640x480, 4:3, 45636345.png)


I managed to get my hands on a dedicab but it's in real bad shape, does anyone have a fresh image of the HDD?

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The machine has the dongle still, yes. A cracked image doesn't need it though? At least that was what I have seen from my research.




Here's the old-ass cracked R16 image

Btw stock ITG drive partition layout has very limited space for custom songs, so you will need to use gparted to expand one of the partitions if you run out of space, then add a custom song directory and the appropriate line in the static.ini.

Out of curiousity did you buy the dedicab from the recent Captain's Auction?



Thank you so much, I've dug for this thing for weeks and never found it.

I purchased the machine a few months ago off ebay, I've been trying to fix the pads since then and that was a whole fiasco since it clearly seems like no one has EVER cared for this machine.

I'm not too worried about overloading with custom songs yet, I only put two relatively small packs on and bootup slowed to practically a halt. Whoever the previous owners were either botched the hack job on the machine or botched resetting it. A lot of normal shit just doesn't work, like I can't use the codes to unlock the "hidden" songs and unlocking them in stepmania/static.ini didn't change a damn thing either. Which is why I wanted just a working stock image for now, enjoy it as I did forever ago, then when I've got more money I can replace the internals and upgrade to SM5.

Seriously though, thank you.



No problem man I've owned a few of these in mixed condition. Most cracked music games stuff like this is locked behind a login on sows sadly hurting many who need to fix cabs.

In case you need it someone there remade all the ITG cabinet artwork too heres the link




You beautiful motherfucker, thank you. The previous owners apparently spilled water or something down the front panel and never bothered to clean it off until long after it had already ruined and rotted the button panel decal and rusted the panel itself. I had to peel it off and sand and repaint it to make it not look like hot garbage. After like two months of searching I had figured I'd never find those decals and took a bunch of pictures to try and recreate it myself when I'd find the time. You just saved me like 20+ hours of work, easily.

I cannot thank you enough for all your help, for real.

File: 9d5532fa13e6233⋯.jpg (173.26 KB, 2688x2688, 1:1, thonking emoji.jpg)



This is the same shit that's already on sows. It's not cracked, it doesn't run offline, it doesn't run without the dongles.


how to get that link to even work ?

File: 3399d3443b3bf6d⋯.jpg (12.4 KB, 276x183, 92:61, images.jpg)


I won't lie. I have no idea what the fuck I'm doing and this is my last hope. I really want to play Beatmania on my PC but I have found no luck at all. I thought that it would be a simple thing I could look up on Google or YouTube but nope. So please tell me or link me anything that can help. I downloaded the copy of IIDX 23 Copula that's on another thread here but it won't open. Idk what's up with that. If you guys could tell me on how to either deal with that or any other possible ways of playing on PC that would be wonderful.

P.S. I have always been a fan of Bemani soundtracks and when a Round 1 opened by me, I played Beatmania for the first time and fell in love.

P.P.S. I have found a couple of sites already but I could use some recommendations for Beatmania PC controllers


just go to round1 and play there lol


ask in 1cc discord


This torrent contains anything you want. IIDX 9 to 23, along with some Bemani games. Enjoy!


File: ee7d74ae0476f30⋯.png (5.66 KB, 688x143, 688:143, museca_logo.png)



Extract museca

Set your desktop to 1280x720 and rotate it 90 degree's flipped

Launch with spice64.exe

Alternatively create a custom resolution of 720x1280 in your graphics control panel for landscape play

Windowed mode doesn't seem to work properly (White screen of death)

Network errors

Download ea local server - https://nofile.io/f/JVm4CYOyqv5/Ea+local+server.7z

Extract ea local server.7z

Launch ea local server.exe

Click Start

If you still have network error on boot, go into device manager and disable microsoft adaptors (Make sure to 'Show hidden devices')

The control's can be set with spicecfg.exe

(Due to the analog requirments song selection is pretty much impossible with a keyboard)

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How do I force this into fullscreen mode?



can you reupload file museca.7z on mega ? i got 'invalid session' on thats link


how you use fullscreen, since spicetools here uses windowed by default?




Set screen resolution to 720x1280

File: d44919fbcb0db21⋯.jpg (17.87 KB, 320x245, 64:49, 320px-RingEdge2.jpg)



What do you think about this video? this guy claims, he has a sega rindege 1 emulator

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Yes we have it, and realease soon


Stellar news. Can't wait. Thanks for sharing



Other games i'd love to see dumped in the future (a guy can dream):

-Transformers Human Alliance

-Border Break

-Storm Racer G

-Tank Tank Tank

-Dark Escape 4D

-Star Wars Battle Pod

-Lost Adventure

-Time Crisis 5

-Lost Land Adventure



Yeah those are nice games, + Project Diva (ringedge) would be nice too.


File: ef0ea6b7960d225⋯.png (642.44 KB, 640x480, 4:3, ef0ea6b7960d2251f555257392….png)


Accidentally posted it as another post's comment, but I would like to have a try in this game on PC.


File: bfcadde29850a7b⋯.jpg (14.73 KB, 255x191, 255:191, GTDR.jpg)


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Is there anyone who uploads the complete data of this?



plz check out the previous post, there are the links for data download


File: 5e130b0c931006a⋯.png (89.52 KB, 918x747, 102:83, frozen gameplay.PNG)

Anybody know of a fix? I managed to get the game running but despite the audio fix, I'm not getting any sound. Everything appears to work fine until an actual song is selected or the demo is loaded after title screen inactivity, then the game freezes. The track doesn't move and the notes appear to be frozen. The only way to get out of it is to terminate the game or launch test mode.


bemanilauncher.exe has stopped working What does it mean?


Could anyone who has this working share their avs-config and eamuse-config files? Going crazy over here lol thank you

File: c980c6cfcb3eb73⋯.png (356.67 KB, 980x400, 49:20, copula nano.png)


So one of the biggest problems with downloading any IIDX game is that it's so damn big and it takes forever to download.

This is playable copula which has been stripped down to make the filesize below 2GB. It's based off the update disk version and will work with Ainsun completely fine

Please note that Copula Nano is intended for people who want to try out IIDX without downloading 50GB+ of data

Compressed Filesize - 1.09GB

Extracted Filesize - 1.91GB

ea3 config is already set up for ainsun, just put in a pcbid and you should be good to go!

What works:

All songs in the copula folder

Full Ainsun connectivity

Free mode

Premium free mode


What's been removed:

BGA's (Press OK/Alt+f4 at the error message)

"Step up" mode

All non copula songs

Download here : https://mega.nz/#!ZlJjSBIK!VPK_K9rwEDuMBEOP8wYpiaoIDtXfHnqNLzzVd3V55dY

Read "Copula Nano.nfo" for troubleshooting and stuff or join the chat

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Post last edited at


I don't even have a pcbid. What do?


how to play offline ? or pls someone give me the goddamn eaconfig file that can play offline



Use ealocalserver lol



yeah, i use ealocalsercer too, and i also added "localhost8080" inbetween <service> but why i still get error ?



Disable network adapters. u should have enabled only one.

File: 667651229437a53⋯.jpg (17.75 KB, 480x360, 4:3, hqdefault.jpg)


Taito Type X music game

load with jvs_loader

Right-click to bypass error 700

Mouse is touchscreen (cursor is hidden)

Download: https://mega.nz/#!96xjwYgA!6ch-Oyw8pUJDzML-2BJvypI6rCbzkmLnONCnkWJP9AM

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Post last edited at


Game is not responding (not working) when I opened jvs_loader. Does anyone know why?

It only happens when the "Capcom" logo appears first and immediately brings you to the game instead of the error.


Played for a while. There are really some issues that made the game "technically" unplayable for "Dance with music" part, mostly the configurable hit key (JVS) being poor and not knowing where the invisible mouse cursor is (If you select touchscreen (Circle) play mode).

Aside from that, scanning cards are missing (If you don't know that this game uses cards). I think this issue can be resolved by adding a barcode string reader input system. Well, we just have to wait for someone to take action. Would a loader be able to accomplish that? (Well, someone did. Take DEMUL as an example.)

I have a bunch of barcodes with me.


1. Poor hit key

2. Invisible mouse cursor (If you select touchscreen circle mode for "Dance with music" thing)

3. Scanning barcode strings (Not really the part of the main issue)

Don't take this as a criticize. I'm just expressing it out. No one is perfect.


Here's a complete list of barcodes (CODE128) I found:

http://nao-yoshi.seesaa.net/article/387082898.html (Part 1)

http://nao-yoshi.seesaa.net/article/387083708.html (Part 2)


"PU-K11G" Barcode is the same as "PU-K11" Barcode (Even though it is not filled up).



never going to be added cuz no one gives fuck bout super gay games.



Was that reply even necessary? There was no point of answering it.

And it's not even gay (Unless you meant the older times then it would make sense). It's for boys and girls.

We will just say that nobody gives a damn about this kids game. That's all right. I just left the links for barcodes there in case if someone gives a shit and code a string reader to make it enjoyable.

Whether you reply this and give an another insult, fine. Just lash it out all your insult wherever you want. You do not want someone to say to an arcade game you like that is so childish, freakin' immature, trash or whatsoever, right?

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