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File: 496b4a2e2a3a76a⋯.jpg (37.51 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, groove_ciaster_2.jpg)


Requesting GC Andoird all Songs APK/Data :)


u can use lucky patcher to unlock all songs



>u can use lucky patcher to unlock all songs

not anymore, latest pack isn't unlockable with that old acc

File: 676da39f45f51ae⋯.jpg (164.54 KB, 800x515, 160:103, am.jpg)


Does anyone have dumps of the Sangokushi Taisen arcade games? I know it's card-based so that makes things harder but I wonder if there's a way to emulate the cards as well.


That would be indeed very nice


Still no dumps for this?


Apparently no.

File: a7f6da131b5b2a8⋯.jpg (17.65 KB, 340x292, 85:73, info.jpg)



I hope this will be hacked soon.


Anyone had success launching it?


Nope & i can't get Winning Eleven 2008 to boot.


I wanna play this!!!!! Somebody pls hack!!!!

File: 9557dc4cc79bd7d⋯.jpg (375.16 KB, 704x1024, 11:16, Counter_strike_neo.jpg)


Uncracked, probably encrypted drive image? Not really sure, have at it maybe you can do something with it. Linux based game (the only instance of Goldsrc being compiled for Linux)


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Technically it should be possible just by replacing the models and maps since this is probably just a regular CS running on a linux machine. Unless the .pak files is encrypted, that is.


The entire game and OS are encrypted blobs. You can't just extract the assets.

I found one guy who has the specific N2 unit for this for sale, but when I asked them if they still had it, they raised the price significantly. Fuck that, I'll find one eventually.


Anyone had success launching it?


Launching what? The archive is damaged.


How is it damaged?

File: ad8a59ce88e691e⋯.jpg (30.47 KB, 499x231, 499:231, htrst.JPG)


how do you decompile the bin files downloaded by sdvx iii eamusement cloud


File: adc84f3f315701d⋯.jpg (231.33 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, maxresdefault.jpg)


I have been playing pop'n music eclale on my computer and troubled problems.

I can't enjoy because the game suddenly stops for a few seconds while playing.

If you know the solution please help me.



check that all your software is up to date. (use All in One Runtimes)

Or try Game Loader All Rh which helps me too.

sorry for my English



That might be throttling issues. Check to see if your GPU is dipping via Task Manager. If it is, I’d suggest installing ThrottleStop.

File: 07e6dc2d1a828c7⋯.jpg (125.97 KB, 1280x855, 256:171, 010btb.jpg)


Dengeki Bunko Fighting Climax dump????


RPCS3 emulates the game perfectly. Just play it on the emulator


Is also a P-Ras Multi game. TeknoParrot is not supporting that and as far as I know the protection on that machine is real shit, not like NESiCAxLive

File: 23001ee0e926e58⋯.jpg (11.67 KB, 250x250, 1:1, Stepstagc.jpg)


Any drive dumps out there for Stepping Stage? (The AC release of Stepping Selection)


This game will be a mame thing as it's a custom pcb

File: c711f5036ae840e⋯.jpg (30.31 KB, 254x259, 254:259, Oh-my-car[1].jpg)


I'm hearing a lot of stuff about how the developer steals other people's code to make it work - Well, where is that code? I'm at a loss as to why we're supposed to be against TeknoParrot when it works to launch these games. There doesn't seem to be any alternative - And if the 'alternative' is a secret to a few select elite people - Well, sorry but I'd rather have something that works for me (even for money) than the dream of some elusive trick to get these games working.


These ringedge games are still very good to sale as bootleg and even these guy(s) who earns still much Money with it are for sure against public Releases….there is really not more behind this!



I thought the hate for Reaver was because he has a past of being a scummy piece of shit bootlegger? He steals code too? Damn, and I thought my hate for him couldn't get stronger.



Thats the problem you thought.. find out for your self instead of being a SHEEP.. baaaahh.


And we find out what is really going on how? Because the scene is not some thing you can just google

File: d2fa6bda6cf2e92⋯.jpg (73.65 KB, 920x482, 460:241, metalgeararcade.jpg)


Same story as with Road Fighters 3D, Requires Spicetools to work, According to the forums it may also need a microphone connected to work

I36-2011012100 - mega://enc2?Ae4haAqj2ZS7m3lcUvjqoM9tN1j4yaaOweLntzNEYqjZwAPMnQNcxpUnctdG3lllr_47HUIkepKA6KexOFIU6Q

I36-2011092900 - mega://enc2?gAkqPptdTQhAbPEIW_NaSTC19ou0qODk1jZhsU-LhoJPPtWVW88Zwn_TzGN7WLBRy7fnspN3mMlSdS2KOqy7VQ

Spicetools - mega://enc2?LB_ImPKP_rBpe1Z2etFmBbUgZofFsxEL8JuVKtQ4Ecfa83Yki1b_fuFBj8VBlL4pKrIClcpqbQXXhJj9ABkhEw

Known Issues with it


Try using the other version. I36-2011012100 has been proven to work better.

A known issue of the current build of SpiceTools is that the start and top gun button are triggering at the same time, resulting in turning off 3D mode being non trivial.

Cursor lag

=> That's just the game's low polling rate, the original gun acts the same. Maybe someone can fix it with a hex edit.

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The new version of spice tool got it running finally.



Can someone please post the new version of spice tools? Thanks


Yeah any new version of SpiceTools? Thanks.


Just in case: this game was available in an arcade close to my house and as far as I know, if you can't read japanese this is almost unplayable


I doubt it.

File: 0dc50bbe0788923⋯.jpg (145.48 KB, 410x489, 410:489, pump-it-up-pro-2-cx-cabine….jpg)



Replace sausagebeast above with that well known sharing wesbite.

[Pump It Up PRO Megapack?]

If you have a Pump PRO itch which needs scratching, then you should probably download the Pump It Up PRO Megapack! It features many builds of Pump PRO pulled from many sources. Many things have been fixed, it's been thoroughly tested (although nobody is perfect!) and shoved together into one quick and easy release!

This release takes the best of everything; while remaining official!

- The Songs and builds have been ripped directly from official arcade drives.

- Progressives and Gauntlets all present and fully functional.

- Full complete song lists and novelty codes have been bundled.

- Extra tools and official arcade patches have been bundled.

- This pack offers many builds from different sources, with 3 PRO 1 Builds and 5 PRO 2 builds. You can use whichever you wish - Just drag and drop the Songs and RandomMovies folders into the build you wish to use.

[Is This Just the nagisa files from YouTube?]

These is NOT a straight re-release of the pack put together by nagisa which is featured on YouTube. Those songs packs have a lot unofficial charts, most of the progressive courses are broken, songs were missing charts and themes had many issues and missing speed mods. It was put together in a hurry with little testing. Some of the themes, however, have been modified slightly and bundled with this release.


This Pump It Up PRO Megapack includes various builds for both Pump It Up PRO and Pump It Up PRO 2. I would recommend using the 'nagisa' builds as these have been tested and many of the original AC bugs have been weeded out (All AC builds are based on a heavily mPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

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no problem!

You have a few options for pads:

Budget (Nail it to a wooden board though!)


There is also a semi-budget option here, but your mileage may vary. The brands changes all the time. But if you search ebay for 'metal arcade pad' there are a bunch on there. I used to own a TX2000+ but after spending £120 for it and £60 shipping, I actually preferred the budget solution above. The arrows worked just as well.

Arcade pad: (You can plug these into usb using GHETTO/BARR.io - cheaper than buying and sourcing a PIUIO card)


You can get an arcade machine with pads for around $400 at captains auction and other similar auction warehouses.


As you live in the UK, check ebay! I bought my first cab from Scotland. I paid a guy £120 to drive it to Leicester using shiply.com. I see MK3 era pump machines going for £400 now and then. The pads are worth that by themselves given the next option in this list….

StepmaniaX 9 panel: (Panels are configured by weight, no mercury sensors)


Hope it helps buddy!


Nice! Only left the Infinity reléase, i Guess this version could take more tome


Amazing info sausagebeast thanks for taking the time to do that mate you truly are a gent. Top stuff



what do you mean "no mercury sensors" ? are the official sensors mercury based?


we still don't have any post mk3 mixes on here except Fiesta 2. Would love to have Exceed and up.


I do not believe there is actually any mercury at all in official sensors, no. Maybe some aftermarket ones on alibaba haha, no idea.

That pad, you seem to be referencing, is based off load cells which the Wii Balance Board uses.

File: 4859b2020833965⋯.png (1.2 MB, 640x857, 640:857, Love_Live!_School_idol_fes….png)


Anyone got information about it? Did someone try to dump it already?

I can't find information anywhere


If it's just been released then it'll take a while before any real information about it. Provided any of the crew got their hands on the cab/box itself

Getting it dumped would depend on what arcade system it's on. Some are easier than others. Then you'd be at the mercy of whoever dumped it to do a scene release.


It was released in 2016.



Hmm… then probably it'll be a little while longer until the unit is no longer in production if any dumps emerge.

Failing that, it might even get a console port. Who knows.


Its has a mobile version that-the arcade game is based on, so its kinda already playable, super fuckin weeb tho


Its just a port of the mobile version. Only it has 3D models so i guess the arcade version is better than the mobile version

File: cda3c11be96d4cc⋯.jpg (102.97 KB, 500x500, 1:1, NEODAI-16595.jpg)


I just downloaded eclale from this torrent


It just finished downloading and i got some 7z.001,002,003,004,005,006,007,008 and 009, i cant open the first file, what do i do? how do i extract and make the game work, please help



So, after almost a day of redownloading, i can get to the conclussion that the files for the game arent the correct ones



















Use winrar or 7-zip to open and extract files.

File: ffa42e92821b8dc⋯.jpg (194.21 KB, 603x400, 603:400, dea002.jpg)


Did someone have the links for it? The latest version (dump), please!

Actually have the 2015 with omnimix patch and ea localserver, but only can play in hard, and not in a harder difficulty.

Thanks a lot for your help!

File: ba453d76d162602⋯.jpg (455.37 KB, 850x1093, 850:1093, TankTankTankNA.jpg)


Linux only arcade game, will work in any Ubuntu based distro. Requires Nvidia card to run

>Tank Tank Tank


>Update (Optional, apparently it replaces all the spiders in game with bees and other such enemies)


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the game opens fine but i can't get the io loader thingy to work so you can't get past the self test screen


Did anyone get this working guys


Is there anyone out there that has got this working guys, please let us know


Some help or info on this would be really appreciated guys. Be great if we could hear from the guys that cracked it


Guys Argonlefou has fixed this over on Emuline, check out the thread for his awesome repack and instructions. Big thanks to the original uploaders and crackers if you are reading this, very much appreciated! Input from you guys regarding possible xbox/gamepad support would be awesome maybe even network if poss

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