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File: ea691c2978e85d8⋯.jpg (44.36 KB, 480x360, 4:3, hqdefault.jpg)


Does anyone have the rom for this game? I can't find it anywhere. Thanks in advance

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…..Are you serious?



bro im fucking losing it lmao you're blackmailing until someone dumps PD:AC, shittt me too




lol so now yoll got nothing to black mail with…. also a video game girl wont love you…. if you want a real girlfriend find a dating site….. if not the project diva game is one play station… have fun with what ever you decide lol



chd from mame?


This is included mame .191 grab it in usual places..

File: 42315bb6109933a⋯.png (15.42 KB, 440x145, 88:29, 440px-Sega_Chihiro_Logo.sv….png)



You need wayback machine to get them.

A few doesn´t work.

Please Save only Chihiro.

Good Luck.

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Can any one tell us how to run Naomi 2 bin Roms on Makaron or nullDC? Naomi 1 bin roms fully working on Makaron or nullDC.




>how to run Naomi 2 bin Roms

Hi, do you guys know how to run those BIN roms? I didn't know what emulator to use for them either…



with Demul http://demul.emulation64.com (file -> run naomi\naomi2 -> load decrypted rom)



i know that bro but we want to play on NulDC as bin roms. any idea about Bin roms on NulDC for Nomai2 games????



Why do you guys wanna use an old and dead emulator?

File: c15e4caa50b1da8⋯.jpg (276.17 KB, 850x1202, 425:601, ffdriftflyer1.jpg)


So after seeing super bikes cracked i thought it would be a convenient time to upload these

These are restore disks for Tokyo drift, needs dongle checks removed and input to be playable.

To get the data out of them, install them in a vm as usual then open the vm image with 7zip and pull the game files out of it

Download: mega://fenc2?3D7tMSUgz3ByC9WrIIguItINLnM_dyhUGO4QqRWkYvIePxDyUU90RPXQQQrtuub3

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The status of the crack is have patience and fucking wait for it. It will release when it releases.


File: 6ed05bc295d2d97⋯.jpg (76.39 KB, 600x614, 300:307, 6ed05bc295d2d9792f956c9b07….jpg)

Just wanted to say, mad respect for the guys out there doing all the cracking and shit. I wouldn't even know where to begin


Is it time to crack


Can somebofy give me a link.


File: 736f4be58d70ea6⋯.jpg (29.57 KB, 630x480, 21:16, 71789967.jpg)

File: 926e54e98bd6d4f⋯.jpg (116.29 KB, 604x800, 151:200, eadpmge.jpg)


1# Another fun arcade game from Taito. I like this Game so Much!. Someone is just dumped for this game. in MAMEWorld I'm wanted to play on the Windows PC.

File: 1707ef8c25525de⋯.jpg (25.21 KB, 320x240, 4:3, tgm3.jpg)


>Windows 10 OS

>CPU: AMD Athlon II X 3.40Ghz

>GPU: ATI Radeon 5450


>2 HDD drives with over 1TB memory

>still can't run this motherfucker

I know my computer is garbage, but my specs are fairly superior to the TTX ones. What's wrong and why in the fuck can't I run TGM3?


Te tira algún error o directamente no pasa nada cuando intentas ejecutarlo?


I was able to play using All RH game loader. If that helps

File: 8da80e928cbac3a⋯.jpg (63.03 KB, 495x233, 495:233, IMG_5034.JPG)



This is not related PC-based arcade games and since Nik came back from a 4 year hiatus and all the graphic glitches that had around for the past 6 years were fixed, this is now the time for Supermodel emulator to implement network emulation to play a linked up Scud Race and Daytona USA 2 at home.



If they release a new version.


I loved Scud in the arcade back in the day. Haven't kept up on the emu scene in a while. Is there a good working emulator?

File: 1e21891a375144d⋯.jpg (91.01 KB, 458x458, 1:1, Grid DLX Cabinet [PROTOTYP….jpg)


Hello, is it possible to play the arcade version of GRID on pc?

info about the arcade game here: http://www.segaarcade.com/games/grid.html


we would both love that, sir. I haven't heard anything, but it's Europa-R just like SR3. We'd need a dump…

File: 8b2e7c548d5ee78⋯.png (338.35 KB, 570x637, 570:637, arctic-thunder-570x637.png)

File: c8b16e495f9d6bf⋯.png (23.49 KB, 509x415, 509:415, crash.PNG)


Extracted this from a mame chd, windows based and seems to run on a 3dfx card

Game exe is located in /midway games/arctic thunder/snow.exe, if you don't have nglide installed it will give you a glide error however if you do have it installed then will open for a second before crashing

Download: mega://enc2?fmiE6qR-F3uKKKsSBQ3yWvR_kU5qdVSZ4cLH8BeswYtajxf1i-ngxJO2n77qktZKnB5TRBSdVKcs1J4FJCUv8w

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Hi Harry! Would it be possible for you to do the same magic with Cruis'n Exotica/USA/World? I'm curious since these games run poorly in MAME. But being able to run them from an executable would surely make them run much faster, right? Thanks for Arctic Thunder! Awesome game!




they run on proprietary midway hardware which isn't a PC. if mame is running the cruis'n ports poorly then play the N64 ports on project64


Any updates on this game?


Yeah, any updates for this?

I've only started going through Midway's arcade stuff recently (love Wrestlemania Arcade) and this looked really good.

Ended up settling for Hydro Thunder Hurricane (not Midway, I know) and it was pretty shit. It would be awesome if Arctic Thunder was ever made playable.

Would PCem possibly be worthwhile for this?


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


The port on PS2 is actually flawless if you want to play that on PCSX2. What's preventing this game from working is video card fuckery, it's expecting a very particular card with a very particular BIOS - exact same problem as Hydro Thunder. It's not impossible it's just incredibly irritating and for no benefit for two games that were perfectly ported to other platforms (Hydro Thunder on Windows and Arctic Thunder on PS2)

File: cb9d804114b3867⋯.jpg (83.34 KB, 360x287, 360:287, Tank_Tank_Tank_cabinet_web.jpg)


I heard there might be a PC dump floating around out there. Not sure if that's accurate????

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I downloaded the crack and update but am stuck. You need to use VM with Linusx Mint 17.3 (Rosa) x64 (read ReadMe file) but I am struggling to figure out how to share files between Windows and VM Linux Mint 17.3. If anyone has time to take a look and give it a try please do and please let us know if you are able to get this game running. Thanks


Post last edited at


Anyone have any progress with this? I tried but failed miserably. Linux VM is a bit complicated for me :(


Can you able to run it on Windows 10 by using the Linux Shell that Microsoft added it?


Anyone make any progress on getting this game to work in Linux VM? Would be sweet






Game won't work in VM, unless someone (re)implements glXGetVideoSyncSGI in MESA (game hardware uses Nvidia card, so Im sure there are more stuff that would need to be done)

File: 78db99d9b1de99e⋯.png (938.2 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, h2overdrive_cabinet_large.png)


Heres the restore disc to H20verdrive!


The game uses HASP for the security system,and runs on XP Embedded

It runs on a GeForce 9800 GT with an AMD processor on the A75 chipset

Once installed,the game's executable can be found in the folder called TRITON

This is version 1.04

Post last edited at


Great share! But is this game playable? Or do we need to wait for a crack as usual?


Yes,this does require a crack

Probably should have specified



Too bad! Guess we we'll never be able to play this awesome game then, same goes for F&F Drift. =(


I'm sure someone will figure it out soon. A lot of sabby folk in this community:)


Any updates on a crack for this game?

File: 16ee1e0abf7af5d⋯.png (99.1 KB, 1080x1920, 9:16, Screenshot_20171001-115329.png)


Ahora resulta que hay que seguir pagando a huevo por un emulador que medio funciona y que si pides soporte te tratan como si te hicieran un favor.

Por mi te puedes ir a chingar a tu madre reaver y teknoparrot en general.


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no hay mucho punto en quejarse de reaver en 1cc, los administradores dijeron que no lo apoyan y la mayoría de la gente lo apoyará independientemente


Patreon is subscribtion based, you pay as long as you're subscribed. (and not just Reaver's patreon is like that, every patreon is like that, thats how the site works.)

Also I don't understand all the drama here, they will release the patreon version as free after a time (just like Cemu, the WiiU emulator), and ofc he need money, arcade boards, cabinets, IO stuff isn't free. (and he can't reverse engineer stuff by via guessing)

Also I don't understand ppl. who doesn't wanna share games here, its for their own good too, because if a game gets public shared = it gets supported by emulators = even if your arcade machine dies you can still play the game



yo nunca me queje del pago, simplemente de el correo de reaver y su manera tan ridicula de hacer drama, aporté a patreon mientras fue de mi interes, la gente a la que no le gusta el maltrato entendera mi post. es todo por mi parte. tema cerrado


yo deje de pagar porque no me enviaba el password a pesar de que lo pedi infinidad de veces.Y es verdad,parece que encima te hagan un favor si pides ayuda.



>Also I do not understand all the drama here, they will release the patreon version as free after a time (just like Cemu, the WiiU emulator), and ofc he need money, arcade boards, cabinets, IO stuff is not free. (and he can not reverse engineer stuff by way of guessing)

that would be good and well if he brought the stuff him self the stuff reaver is release is all someone else that spent money on it.

also the point of reverse engineering is to guess everything. otherwise its just logging and repeating.

for the people FOR reavers work before posting know your shit. to the people AGAINST reaver also know your fucking shit before posting. all yous do is make a shit storm of the situation.

PS the only reason reaver is pushing patreon so hard is he got his contacts cut off again because he tried to be greedy AGAIN. so he is using this as another money grab.

here is reavers mind set for yas do five mins of work on something that was worked on by someone else to get it to a state he could do the work on and then try and charge 1000 euros for it.

PPS becuase he is to stupid and only know who to VM protect shit with a cracked copy.

his work was quite easy to workout.

VMprotect did work on his last project so the people in the know found out quick smart and dogged him right back

File: 522cf98a74ee9c5⋯.jpg (195.42 KB, 768x1024, 3:4, beatmania_copula_poster.jpg)


I have Copula Omnimix and offline server setup and running well

however the movies folder is huge, can i delete this folder to save space and have the game just run without BGA? can this be done?

also sometimes the offline server i am using ("copulaofflineserver" from leggendaria) doesn't save scores on all songs, some song's scores are erased after each session. is this normal when using Omnimix, or can i fix this somehow?

finally, what is the key to hit to scan 2P's card? i know backspace scans the 1p card. but i pressed every key on my keyboard and cannot get 2P card to scan

(if its inappropriate to post a thread just for questions, let me know and i will delete)

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The songs that aren't saved are the ones that are added to the omnimix. I'm guessing the extra song data has to be added to the server files somewhere. If we find an actual copula omnimix server file it would probably work. I'm downloading Spada Omnimix now to see if the server I have works with it. Slow as hell downloading though.



merci, with your suggestion, i did delete the movies folder. like you said, it did work. however, it gave an error every time i transitioned screens, so i found it better to only remove the numbered xxxx.wmv files, and leave the mode_sel_bg.wmv, song_sel_bg.wmv, etc files. i also left the "dummy.wmv" file, and this results in the game playing flawlessly, saving tons of gigabytes, and giving no errors during playback. it also seems that if you overwrite "dummy.wmv" with whatever video you would like, you would have said video play as the BGA on all songs.

so again, thanks, and if anyone else has a similiar issue, my findings are above.

i still have not been able to scan the 2p card. numlock+ is what i had read elsewhere as well, so merci for confirming this… but it doesnt work for me. i dont know what the deal is.

the reason its important isnt so much as saving songs, as being able to use a certain noteskin on 2p side. without scanning the card im stuck with default noteskin.


makes sense, i figured as much that the scores not saving are the ones added to the songlist by those who made omnimix. i have a bunch of copies of the various omnimixes so if it turns out your idea of testing on the prior versions results in the scores saving, that would be good to know. unfortunately like its not easy for you to DL them, its not easy for me to install them because of limited disc space and how huge they are.



Okay so Spada finished and it does work perfectly with the Spada Omnimix Server in the bemani tools torrent. Every song saves, you can customize your avatar, have different user accounts, it's pretty fully featured. So my current inelegant solution is to play Spada if I want to play anything up to and including iidx21 songs, and Copula if i want to play 22 or 23 stuff.


Great info mate this will help out people a lot


Anybody know how to unlock the non-default songs in Sinobuz?

Or are they not present in the copy of the data that is floating around?

Ideally i just want to be able to play the BUZRA ARTS songs, since its not possible to access extra stage and play them.

File: 963d539d1ea8dba⋯.jpg (55.82 KB, 645x767, 645:767, rambo-arcade-shooting.jpg)


Any updates on a dump for this game? Would be a sweet.

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WOW thankyou very much Harry is there any info with this that we need to know. Thanks again mate!



It runs on Lindbergh so the chances of it ever being playable are slim


Oh thats a real shame :-(


What makes Lindbergh so difficult to emulate



Runs a weird version of Linux and its Sega so there's a ton of Sega crap that the games require


This is the furthest someone got but 3d isn't rendering

File: 1b58bc6a6ab614c⋯.png (8.2 KB, 1049x37, 1049:37, nMYmg7y.png)


do we even have a dump????

3 posts omitted. Click reply to view.



niceeee, thanks

(fuckonami, now ill never get a beatstream ost with higher quality than youtube 192kbps…)


If only Konami would change their mind sometimes… i really wanted HQ rips of BGAs from the songs so bad


according to /jp it seems that there is now a dump for this. anyone have it?



Leave your emails ITT to sign up for the tracker it's on


can someone provide a mega link?

File: 89e74bc66eb7238⋯.png (303.98 KB, 720x720, 1:1, Aliens.png)


Hi all, I'm hoping I might be able to call upon all your expertise, because you know your stuff. I have a real Aliens Extermination arcade cabinet from Global VR and unfortunately the PC inside the cabinet took a power surge and has damaged the motherboard and killed the hard drive :(

By some miracle I had a spare PC kicking around which pretty much matches the system spec of the old PC besides having a slightly faster processor and more ram but other than that like for like.

I have both the service disks that came with the cabinet, the OS recovery disc and then the game install disc.

The problem I am having is you pop in the OS recovery disc which sets up the hard drive and copies a ghost image (via Norton ghost) which has Windows XPE and some other bits with it. What happens is you pop in the disc and it starts up saying about loading CD-ROM drivers, it then says it can't find the CD drive or is not connected? Which is very weird considering its read the information of the disc in the first place. I'm aware that you need to load the drivers for the CD-ROM in DOS first before anything else but kinda stuck on how to find the right driver for the CD-ROM drive.

I have managed to bypass this using freedos (via a USB stick) and after a few commands to get the hard drive ready I was able to fire up Norton Ghost ans got it to start copying the image to the hard drive but in a short time I get a decompression error and it bails out.

I'm kinda stumped to be honest I could get Win XPE on the machine by myself but the moment you use the game install disc it has a stupid version check built into it so it won't install unless you have the specific version it wants i.e the one on the OS restore disc :(

Any ideas or info would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you ;)


In my initial aliens extermination post I posted a vm image which had the globalvr XPe on it, try restoring that to a HDD using ghost and it should work if the new PC is similar enough to the dead one https://8ch.net/1cc/res/1879.html

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