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File: 1457548340018.jpg (391.04 KB, 850x1200, 17:24, FastandFuriousArcade.jpg)


Fast and Furious Arcade Game


Put "rawart" in C:/ or else it won't launch

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File: 1457548604301.png (455.17 KB, 640x480, 4:3, sdaemon 2016-03-02 19-15-1….png)


File: 1457590379975.png (453.51 KB, 640x480, 4:3, sdaemon 2016-03-10 01-05-2….png)


File: 1457590406708.png (457.61 KB, 640x480, 4:3, sdaemon 2016-03-10 01-09-3….png)


File: 1457798988437.png (418.08 KB, 640x480, 4:3, sdaemon 2016-03-10 01-07-3….png)

Make sure to read this:

The game by default supports keyboard and joysticks apart from the JAMMA board, I just enabled it (sounds easy eh).

The keys are a bit weird, since they change in every screen, but basically they are (in my keyboard, it can differ):
- In menu
-- space bar -> Select
-- left and right arrows -> move around
-- F1 A -> 1 (change car, more cars)
-- B -> 2 (car color)
-- E -> 3 (neon color)
-- End -> skip upgrade

- In game
-- space bar -> back to attract mode
-- A -> Gas
-- S Z -> Brake
-- N -> Nitrous
-- Numpad 4 -> Left
-- Numpad 6 -> Right
-- W -> Wheelie
-- F1 F2 F3 -> Change camera

- Anywhere
-- F11 -> Crash
-- Esc -> Camera menu
-- V -> Show build version
-- O P -> Volume -/+
-- Alt+F4 -> Quit

The rest of keys (operator menu, etc) are unknown for me, you can try and tell us your results.

Useful Switches:
-res1 160x120 -res3 320x240
-res5 512x384 -res6 640x480
-res8 800x600 -res10 1024x768
-res12 1280x1024 -res16 1600x1200
-joy to use a joystick/wheel
-fsaa2 -fsaa4 -fsaa8
-nocountdown -noracers -notraffic -nomusic
-parts -pimp

Make sure to use D3DWindower if you want to run this game in a window


I replaced the ingame music with OST from Wangan midnight maximum tune 3. the only thing i haven't replaced is the continue music

Video - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jYc9OZDVCzE

DL - https://mega.nz/#!0goiDBSQ!H-qaenrwPFjN04WRueJHWDsYnumMYSezsu5A8w4vNoI

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>>128 >>167

Hello I need this game with a key to Coin and Operator Menu, without freeplay, to put this game in an Arcade to work.

Which key changes the song ?

Any help I'm very grateful for.



Somebody discovered some time ago how to put it in the operator menu, unfortunately I do not remember how but I know it's possible if you look. From there you can set it to accept credits (or set it in japanese to change the title to wild speed) although i'm not sure if it's mapped to anything.



To get to the operator menu you need to force it to do a file check then after the check it goes into the operator menu but i can't remember how you make it do a file check

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Anybody able to fix the joystick controls for this? Looks like gas is up on the left analog stick and break is down, be nice if we could figure out how to move gas an break to the triggers like a real racing game…



IIRC it was Shift + Caps Lock or something silly like that


just delete some CRC files from the exe folder


se puede modificar para que se linkea trabaje bien los dos sistemas o en su defecto desabilitar la opcion de net (linkeo)


guys is there an easier way to run this and superbikes on the same pc without creating isos. The issue is all of the fast and furious games want to run from the root of C drive and in the rawart folder. Any help greatly appreciated


I get texture issues on both this game and FnF Superbikes 1. But here is the odd thing, I did NOT get texture bugs when I first got this card, this means one of the later Nvidia drivers actually breaks compatibility with this game, it's a driver issue, not a hardware issue. Supposedly AMD users are safe from such texture bugs. Intel Skylake graphics also produce texture bugs. Very odd



Nvidia drivers past 306.97 dropped support for dx8 so any dx8 program will have texture glitching issues



Aah, thank you, isn't the DXWindower program supposed to emulate DX8?


I found a (slight) fix for the texture bugs on newer drivers!

First I downloaded Wine3DOnWindows here;


It's a dirextx -> Wine directx wrapper for dealing with compatibility with older programs. Just copy the appropriate .dll files

Now it WILL crash when trying to load with Intel Integrated graphics, so you will need to force it to use the Nvidia GPU (either via Nvidia control panel or context menus)

Now the map has normal textures!


File: 64ed1c500e9a9c2⋯.png (553.07 KB, 640x480, 4:3, FnFBikesScreenshot.png)


Hmm, I may have spoken too soon. The bike textures are broken now and some maps are buggier than before. The game is a lot more playable now, however. It's progress, the issue I now suspect is with Wines Directx implementation that the wrapper uses




Also the fix seems to only work for FnF Superbikes 1. On the original FnF Arcade it will crash after selecting a map on the Nvidia GPU, oddly enough it will boot with the Intel GPU this time but the graphics will be significantly worse and unplayable




Do you even reshade bro? https://reshade.me

(Use it on the sdaemons of fnf and super bikes)



Nice, for some reason using the -res16 and the -fsaa8 switches on sdaemon just crashes it. I'll try this to see if I can at least get AA working though


>> Useful Switches:

-res1 160x120 -res3 320x240

-res5 512x384 -res6 640x480

-res8 800x600 -res10 1024x768

-res12 1280x1024 -res16 1600x1200

-joy to use a joystick/wheel

-fsaa2 -fsaa4 -fsaa8

-nocountdown -noracers -notraffic -nomusic

-parts -pimp

I read that above, do you guys know how I can use those switches? from where?



I would say as parameters for exe ? example : "game.exe -res1 160x120"


does this game support networked play?



Yes it does


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Sequel to >>167

Mod that replaces the BGM with maximum tune 6 music

Download: https://nofile.io/f/r8tKZRGJGKj/

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How I Go To The Operator Menu





Hello You Need Something For Deleting CRC


FYI to access Operator MENU just press left Shift and Num Lock


Hey i tried the dump in an arcade cabinet from the original game the game starts fine and it's amasing that there is no hardware restriction but unfortunatelly JAMMA wont work (?) no steering wheel.. no pedals…

Any suggestions ?


See page 40 of the manual here


There is a custom interface board that inputs USB data to the PC. Perhaps if you by the board the arcade dump will work fully?



I got the original arcade with the hasp key and all boards. I just want to use this dump as a measure against the silly hardware restrictions of the original image. I plug in the LPT interface and the usb to a windows xp pc and controls are not working. The usb gets recognized as JAMMAUSB.. i bet there is something in the sdaemon.exe that bypasses the i/o board initialisation ?

Thanks in advance



nice one mate, cheers



Didn't this get a Wii port as "Cruis'n"?



it did, the wii port didn't have the fnf licence

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