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File: abfcd56340cdd31⋯.jpg (14.48 KB, 300x100, 3:1, BeatStream.jpg)





Thanks loads once again for the great upload Caroline, we owe you our thanks.


thanks for the upload, but i cant seem to get network ok. (I have other games working so it isnt obvious)


Thank you so much for the upload. :D


Use this version of spicetools instead:



Can't do much without a network q_q


It took awhile, but I managed to get this game running and it is so much fun.


To clarify this is for BeatStream アニムトライヴ (BS-NBT 2016111400) >>3896

This requires a network to function. ea local server doesn't work.


File: ff0338437db095b⋯.jpeg (95.11 KB, 850x637, 850:637, 089F146A-A9AD-4923-9292-A….jpeg)

Thank you. The tutorial will play normally, but it will be stopped after the tutorial. What should I do?


Does anyone have a way to ask the makers of spice tools if they could implement analogue controls for Konami Road Fighters 3d it would be truly appreciated. Unfortunately I dont know where to ask, if anyone here does please ask. Many thanks guys



File: b2e78f2e7b49b3e⋯.png (1.37 MB, 1334x750, 667:375, 7D5864D2-B3E2-48FC-9E90-A8….png)

I can’t play it! What Problem??



003 disappear

any new link?



File: 81c00cbee36bf58⋯.jpeg (842.95 KB, 4032x3024, 4:3, 33DDEE34-8BD0-4843-8577-7….jpeg)

Anyone who has the same problem as me? (This is just after the tutorial and I waited 10 minutes!!!!!)




@Caroline, is there any difference in the BeatStream links of both posts? ie, is it the same game or different games? Thank you!!



The one in the op is basically beatstream 2, and requires a network to function. The other one is original beatstream and works with a local server.



>beatstream 2, and requires a network to function.

I see, thanks. And how is that required network created to make it work? Is it not enough to run the ea local server for that one then?



same error here,can’t play it!



I Solved It!

It needs E:\ drive!

You need to Partitioning drive E


Great work thanks for sharing your discovery mate


silly question but how do i run it once i've extracted everything? there isn't an exe or anything sorry im new to this



I LOVE Beatstream and I'm so happy to know that the game will survive in some form now and the source won't be lost forever. Thank you so much OP for sharing the downloads! It's by far my favorite music game and I also love Touhou, so I play the game all the time when it's at a con or other event.

Like digibro asked though, can anyone help point us in the right direction for what things to learn or what things we'll need to set this up? Not asking for spoonfeed but a little pointer would be very appreciated!



Use the download of Spicetools that OP included.



Nevermind, found the setup info in the discord!



where did you find it?



Would you or anyone here mind share the group's invite link here?



you could try ask in the 1CC discord



It doesn't work for me.

Sometimes it works no matter what the location is.

Can it play with mouse or keyboard?



No, you need a touchscreen in order to play it.



Okay,thanks you.


Hello everyone, could you tell me what screen to buy, or what screen you use to play beatstream and reflec beats please.

thank you all for the job you do



Try dell st2240, best is jan 2017 revision.



Thank you for the quick reply

but how do I know if it's a 2017 revision ?


has anyone gotten beatstream 1 to work on windows 10 it crashes on launcher im using latest spice tools


Hello everyone . i just got my touch screen and i have a little problem with beatsream 2 it hangs after the tutorial like


how to solve problem, i try to put it on E: drive, local server nothing to do if a person can help me? thank you


>>3939 Even if the local server is started and started, a network error will occur


Is there a .dll file edit to play unlimited (instead of 3 music) as sound voltex 3 and 4 for beatstream 1 ? thank you


Execution will generate 0xc0000005 error


I was able to start but I can not go beyond the tutorial



How did you get to play?




if it can help you if you want to play beatstream use it's link, this is the beatstream version 1:


Beatstream (NBT-2015121600)








Here is beatstream 1 (Sorry for the confusion with the filenames)

Use 64-bit spicetools. You can use ea local server for the network.

in order for the game to work properly it must be local server + put it on E: or plugged a usb key E: it's like what I did and it works very well

beatstream 2 I can not pass the tutorial me either



Is not it all that songs are not displayed on beatstream 1? Is this a specification?



Please copy this modified file to data/sound. It should unlock all the songs.




Thank you very much. I really appreciate it.



Thank you! was this for Beat Stream 1 or Beat Stream in the main topic?


Link broken :(

Can someone please update the links, thanks in advance :)


Links are down would be very appreciative of someone can re-up thank you for taking the time to read this and taking the time to re up if possible


links are down :( could someone reup or post a working link?


also looking for a re-up, thanks if anyone can provide


Re-up would be appreciated! Thanks


Link does not working…























How do I use spicetools

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