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File: a7cd7ed423483c8⋯.jpg (67.61 KB, 600x440, 15:11, game_steel.jpg)



This looks great cheers for sharing hopefully someone can get it working


Spicetools support this game? Also 31gb why


glad to see this hopefully this will be cracked soon also why wouldnt it be 31gb its an arcade hdd rip ?have you seen the size of reflect beat volzza 2 or even sinobuz among plenty of others there is planned support for this in spice tools yes not atm thogh as far as im aware .


Very excited to see very hopeful this one will get the attention it deserves. Many thanks to the landlord



I mean, I didn't think the game was too big. Thanks for sharing.


Its about 28GB my mistake.

The original game uses 2 analog sticks.

Needs I/O's.

And does not work offline.

I'm sure someone will hack it.


our group got this we'll be releasing soon




what is the datecode on this one?

is this KGG-20160616 that was floating around 2 months ago?





Any news on this release ?



what group are you referring to? Great title hopefully its sorted soon


Any chance for a reup to examine the dump?



whats your discords nik?




thank you good sir :)


Hi, I just downloaded the re-uploaded links but it doesn't allow me to unzip them.

I'm getting a CRC error and it just exists the unzip process. If someone else downloads them, could you pls let me know if you get the same error or if it unzips just fine for you?

Not sure what could have gone wrong…, or which one of the 7 files might be corrupt :S



No errors here, try to download again.


Was anything released yet ?


so did this ever happen?


This needs dongle to décrypte files…

It can be sorted out easily if sombody has one…



I have them both.

How can I help further ?



Having the dongles docent mean shit, its a dll game not an exe game, and it requires a shit ton of io fixes and network related stuff to make it work



upload both your HDD and Dongle for quicker progress please


Lets hope that someone is working on it.



My Hdd is the same as the one in the links.

How do i dump the dongles ?


Its a dll game, hell that doesnt mean anything….

Its not like we re patching io everyday huh ?

About dongle, contact dongle crackers on the discord.



A dll game means the game has no executable, and instead must be loaded with a konmai bootloader, akin to the newish music titles, the fact of the matter is you dont dump a konmai dongle, and its very doubtful you my freind have patched any ios everyday Lul

you can pull a master keychain out of the dongle, but this is not a dongle dump it may only be used to decypt the version of the game that the dongle was ment for.

this game specifically has alot of io issues on top of server requirements So it means to play at home isnt something that is easy or may ever be properly done

and back to the server requirement bit, see in older revisions of this game you can swap a few bytes and make it run in a local mode still requires 2 clients running

This specific version however is not that, and even then you are treated to a single map with no weapons bots or spawns. and to truely play it flags must be sent by a real outside network.

but hey what do i know, totally not like i have the game files or anything.


Well as you said files are public, mon told everything about konmai shit…

Tell some thing New please…

Lets see if anybody can help more


It seems the best arcade protection to have is to have an arcade game that works online only :(



So you made some progress.

Is it worth dumping data from the dongles ?

Also would having the main I/O help proceedings ?


Dongle bytes needed…

IO logs too of course…

Even net work lol




Io Logs are useless as the io is emulated, already basic gesit and only real way to control it is with 2 flight sticks that also have analog nubs on them as the game uses 4 analogs for camera and player movement

Out of all the control methods i used that was the a cool forum that was comparable and made the game at least playable

The problem that you blood gooks dont seem to grasp is the network. this game needs a real network to setup everything for it to play correctly. and thats simply not happening, theres tons of titles posted that require similar things and this is just one of those games on that fold.

There is no teeeheee patch it out, you would need to host and create a network for any type of play beyond the single default level you can boot into with litteraly nothing.


OK so files have been decrypted already and io patched and hooked….

Game is unplayable offline.

Does that game require centre monitor or serveur offline or everything is online ?



the older update not the one posted has a debug mode you can enable, it requires at least 2 copies of the game to be networked to boot, into a single mission mode with nothing really at all its basicly has no gameplay in it.

the one posted will not work at all with out an outside real network.



2 analog thumb sticks Dickhead & thats it.

+ 2 buttons on each thumb stick mount & 2 thumb stick push down buttons.

You use the Touch Screen a lot too by the looks of it.

End Of Story.


Well thats too bad cos it looked like a pretty cool game.


I got a cab.

Plays offline, no network features obviously.


Yeah Nice !

Could you send us a dump ?




Is this Steel Chronicle or one of the other games ?



I mean is it…

S.C Be or Xross Arms or just the first one S.C



Can you take a pic of it working.


Or share dump…


File: a08c4b0b592b713⋯.jpg (82.99 KB, 640x480, 4:3, 50788444_877635335919910_5….jpg)

File: a4534290f9a90e9⋯.jpg (178.14 KB, 960x720, 4:3, 50836361_299609600753615_4….jpg)

File: 812ba9f4f392502⋯.jpg (72.99 KB, 640x480, 4:3, 50754296_292562538129298_9….jpg)

File: 0ccafc0a881f465⋯.jpg (146.32 KB, 960x720, 4:3, 50786139_2075324745889614_….jpg)

Here are some pictures. I'll be the first to admit, I don't really know a lot about arcade stuff, so if I missed sending something obvious please let me know.


Mate come help us on discord…



Can you please take a pic of the game's PCB (and the specs also)

I want to confirm if it runs on FAB-e965 PC




I guess the earlier builds work offline :)

Could you post the dongle info too.



No dongles. Seller did enough to the drive so it would boot without them, sorry.



Thats fine but without the hdd dump my V.T unit is useless.

Lets hope he can get us some more info on it & dump the drive.



Oh shit, do you have a cab too?

I have an image of the drive I can share, I just gotta get it uploaded.

Sorry for the slowness, we got fucking DUMPED on and I've been shoveling 4-5 times a day.



Thank you very much :)



Yeah but i can't use mine.

No rush mate.



Hopefully we can still get this dump.

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