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File: 366d36fcfeb40c5⋯.jpg (33.67 KB, 679x248, 679:248, couv_bemfr_iidx25-loctest-….jpg)


hello, anyone knows if beatmania 25 cannon ballers has a dump that was shared because i saw that there is a dll edit for the game


Check sows



It's not on sows.


Buy the hdd

Decrypt it





Bemanitools 5.20 has stuff for iidx25

Also, dll hex edits usually are made after a game is decrypted and made available. So the question is genuine.

My guess is that "The powers that be" already are testing stuff because I believe the hardware for iidx25 is diferent from sinobuz, so they have everything ready to release it when iidx26 Rootage gets released.


Why do hackers run out old versions as new versions come out, like sinobuz version?



thank you for your answer I told myself that if there are dll edit the game should already be decrypt :) it's super cool more case wait then :) would you beamani tool 5.20 please or how can I find it ?

and I also want to thank the comunity 1cc and beamani for the sharing, because thanks to that people like me who lives in countries where there are no such games, can play it thanks to you



Those with arcades will be encouraged to visit and play the latest games.

Those without arcades can have access to iidx.

Fine iidx25 here when iidx26 is released.>>8127



Sure, you can find bemanitools 5.20 here:


I can totally gratefull too! there is zero chances of any Bemani arcade machine beeing imported in my country, if it wasn't for the community, I would never be able to try them :)



thank you :)



The game is out about a month I think(to play at home).

They are playing in arena and stuff.>>8106


There's a dump of it on a cool forum



it was just released on sows so it should (hopefully) be uploaded soon




Post last edited at



damn that was fast, thanks


Can anyone upload it to nofile?



What about using Mipony? Links can be downloaded by detection



do you have offline server?



why is part 2 so slow? I don't understand.

this was an issue with sinobuz as well


Line congestion error help


Did anyone figure out how to get e-amuse running, because eaLocalserver isint working, even after changing the ea3 xml file in prop to the local host URL (<services __type="str">http://localhost:8080/</services>)



From my knowledge CB will not work with eaLocalServer.


Looks like there is no offline server now



join a private server duh



use maint

1. Add these lines to ea3-config.xml.
<url_slash __type="bool">1</url_slash>

2. Run the exe.
3. Boot the game.
4. ?



Is it only me that very long loading time? Please help me if someone can solve this problem…



If you go to https://mon.im/bemanipatcher/ then you can disable the camera check, which shaves a decent chunk of time off the startup.



Thank you for your reply.

However, my problem is not loading at startup, but loading of the whole game is slow.

Loading the game screen, loading the game finish, etc., all the loads are getting late.

But, the game can play normally.


File: 68264fda4110ead⋯.png (35.8 KB, 753x350, 753:350, unknown (1).png)

i keep getting a weird eamuse error, any idea what im doing? i tried ealocalserver and maint to no avail. pic related



ealocal no longer works for IIDX25.


[2018/11/09 12:22:06] W:ea3-pos: read_opt_file: failed to read /dev/nvram/coin.xml.

but, the file is put in the folder

Does anyone know the solution?

or Can someone give me files of nvram and prop?



Set up test and service buttons.

Backup error: Hit the Test button

Clock error: Go to service menus, set time


I saw a screen similar to that when in game, I had to go to service menu, set freeplay on


when I run the gamestart.bat it looks like it wants to load but gives me closehandle something and then just closes the command window. any ideas?



A network error also appears in maint



maint works for me. Make sure ssl is set to 0.

replace <network>…</network> with:


<timeout __type="u32">60000</timeout>

<sz_xrpc_buf __type="u32">102400</sz_xrpc_buf>

<ssl __type="bool">0</ssl>

<url_slash __type="bool">1</url_slash>




Anyone have omnimix?


File: 09c7422babe1197⋯.png (1.71 MB, 1282x722, 641:361, CB-AAA-04.png)

I think always, how to make omnimix?


Anyone knows how to run it with spicetools. I get USB I/O error at the launch "Re-check power input"



Seems like I didn't use latest release - it works now. I wish someone uploaded omnimix aswell…


File: dd00646a5095bb3⋯.png (223.98 KB, 1577x313, 1577:313, Capture.PNG)

This is what I get when I use maint. and double click gamestart.bat


File: 931080780706060⋯.png (14.19 KB, 969x114, 17:2, Capture.PNG)


i receive this error when running maint


File: 9b62fbbef8e682e⋯.jpg (270.91 KB, 979x268, 979:268, sdad.jpg)



Hi Folks,

I've been trying to get this working for while, to no avail unfortunately. I have all the previous versions of IIDX working, but am struggling with this one, both with spicetools and Bemanitools.

Bemanitools does not load and ends with:

I:iidxhook5: — End iidchook dll_entry_init —

I:Launcher: >>> k_bt0002

Spicetools ends with:

bm2dx.dll couldn't be loaded: %1 is not a valid Win32 application.

Appologies if this is a stupid question but I would really appreciate it, if anyone has any idea how to resolve this.


File: 7afabec5d1ef239⋯.jpg (63.86 KB, 496x332, 124:83, Spice64.jpg)


I got a touch further with Spice64.exe but only get this far… Is there an issue with the bm2dx.dll? I have tried the version for the Mage file listed above and the Nyaa torrent. They look the be identical in any event. Am I missing something obvious please?



With spice, use 64-bit .exe and .dll files. Also make sure it's latest version, any older than 11/4 won't work, with mon.im/bemanipatcher be sure to include ignore camera error and use maint file linked in >>8508 following steps described. Also from what I experienced also manually choose keypad 1 as your keyboard, because setting both to none didn't let me input card. That's all I think.



Oh, and after passing through tests it will ask you to set up clock and shop name, so press test button and set it (though you made it though with other dumps you most likely already know this).



Thanks so much for the response! Yes I have tried all of that, using 64-bit spice, dated 11/04, tried both patched and unpatched bm2dx.dll and tried with maint.

the boot doesn't actually get far enough for a lot of those to be afactor though - whatever I try the process ends on:

I:bm2dx: dll_entry_init called

Does anyone know what it means that the process stops at this point? I have tried everything I can think of, and as I say I have all previous HD versions of IIDX working fine.

Many thanks!



Check if dll isn't read only, also remove security block in properties if it's present, run as administrator. I run from batch with @spice64 bm2dx.dll -io -iidx Maybe that will help. Other than that there is nothing different than when running sinobuz or older. For BemaniTools I only know you should use 5.20 version. Also nothing happens after dll_entry_init called. Like is game window already open by then or stil only command line.



I ran my dump and confirmed log. Definitely you have some issues with program accessing .dll file. It should call exit dll_entry_init instantly after, so check .dll file access (any locks as I said before, also name - bm2dx.dll and that it's in root, .exes with admin access). Everything else you showed in a screenshots goes exactly as mine, so there is that. When you download updated version of .dll from bemanipatcher browsers tend to automatically security lock file - that's like the only thing I can think of (under read-only and hidden checkboxes).



Yeah, thanks for the response. I think it is an issue with it accessing the bm2dx.dll but I can't figure what the problem is. I have checked everything you have mentioned, and it still doesn't get any further. I've tried the dame setting with Sinobuz and that still works finer, so I don't know what the issue is.

The only think i can think is that there is a ram issue as I only have 4GB. But i think that would come up with a different error message. I really can't think what else it might be. I have been through every security option I can think of! Any other ideas would be much appreciated!




The CMD window just closes, no other windows open. I'm pretty sure the CMD window need to remain open and further entries follow…

Think this is going to beat me… I have no idea what's going wrong..



The main thing that changed since xinobuz is switching to windows 7 architecture and i think 64 bits, but that should give you crush or unexpected behavior. Only thing I can advice you for now is trying to ask around in discord of 1cc at most populated hours so like 8 p.m utc or something. If I remember something later I'll post it here, but for now if it just closes like that I have nothing else in mind. Okay, last most silly advice, but antivirus/windows defender running in background or something that could interfere with unknown .dll files (yeah, I know you most likely already thought of that). Sorry, I can't think of anything better for now. Good luck!



Yes, I'm at a loss at the moment. Thanks so much for trying. I really appreciate it!



It's probably beacuse your cpu. You need one with sse4.2 instruction set.




attrib /S +r dev\nvram\_NVRAM_\*.*

before launcher line on gamestart.bat to fix coin.xml error



this game consumes cpu very hard

you need a powerful cpu and an ssd


In my machine (Ryzen 7 1700 + GTX 1080 Ti) the frame rate is slightly unstable.

It might be better to prepare an Intel machine if possible.


Got this and don't have the launcher, .bat or config files with it.. Where do I find them? Unless I'm blind.


Where is gamestart.bat file? I can't find it.


>>8567 try running the game with absolutely

nothing running on your computer



Same here.



Use bemanitools 5. All links to get the game running is in this thread


File: 29c34cf855df1f2⋯.png (18.84 KB, 639x478, 639:478, error.png)

Now getting this error after setting shop, definition etc.


This might seem strange, but the game runs fine up until song selection, where the song refuses to load when selected. Any suggestions as to the cause?


When started with the spice tool

Fatal error: C \ iidx_25 \ bm2dx.dll could not be loaded.

I get an error saying that I can not start it. (Spice tool uses 64 bit one.)

Even when started with bemanitools

F: launcher: bm2dx.dll: Failed to load game DLL

I get an error and I can not start it. (I am using bemanitools 5.2)

Please let me know if anyone knows the solution.


How can I adjust the screen size? When I run gamestart.bat, a few seconds later, It doesn't work…


can someone upload it again? i can't download any files…


how do i make the game run in fullscreen?


I applied bemanitools 5.20 for iidx25, edit ea3-config.xml as >>8524, run maint.exe and excuted gamestart.bat, but I only got error screen same as >>8579. I already set time, type definition at first booting. How can I resolve this BAD situation?


File: 19aa5e4a6063b17⋯.png (13.87 KB, 979x512, 979:512, 제목 없음.png)

And here is the log of maint.exe:



Yeah im having the same issue, can't figure it out for the life of me


File: 5f1a97717d39a27⋯.jpg (118.2 KB, 979x512, 979:512, bm.jpg)

It seems that bm2dx.dll can not be loaded.

What should I do now? Please let me know. Please.




Listen to what it says and check if you disabled other network adapters, also try disabling firewall/making rules for beatmania if you know how to.

Also, I wonder - if you don't have router to begin with (like modem or something) will it work - maybe that's your problem. Though even then there is tutorial showing how to set up network loop without any internet connection at all for sdvx iii I think, but should work regardless, so you can always try that if you have nothing better to do, though as I said I don't know if it matters.

What matters though are your network settings/router settings, but if you already ran other dumps with local server and it worked, then I don't think that's a problem as maint connects through same DNS routing.



Not sure if your still having the song select issue, but try using an unmodified bm2dx.dll bc that was my issue.



I already firewall setting, etc., so I can run and play DDR A, Pop'n music Usaneko, SDVX 3 season 2 and SDVX 4 in my computer. Only could't run IIDX cannon ballers. But trying to spicesool instead of bemanitools, I can run and play normally. Thanks your reply anyway :)



Could you upload iidx25 again?




Post last edited at



Thanks :)



Works for you? Says 'invalid magnet uri' here.



look it up on nyaa.si



I want omnimix

someone upload plz


iidx sounds look like slow motions. How can i fix it?






check your refresh rate, it should be around 60fps during monitor check>>8674




The issue was the bm2dx.dll file. I guess a couple of the edits cause the game to glitch when turned on at the same time.



I can run it fine with 4gb


this is a network error, check if you are setting maint correctly, you can try using the built-in local server in spice using the command line

"spice64.exe -ea" but I never tested this with CB


I've set up offline with maint and everything seems to be working as intended until I get to song selection, I cannot select a song, it doesn't give me any sort of error message or even a sound to indicate that I can't select a song, only the maintenance error window at the beginning menu.

At first I thought something was wrong with my white buttons but they work just fine except when selecting a song



Oh nevermind I just noticed this was already answered


I guess I'll just play around and see which hex edits I can't use.


how do i open game option



>Pop'n music Usaneko

gib usaneko plz



it was in freeleech some days ago on sows


Says that my backup files are missing, and is also displaying in 480p o.o


nevermind. test menu spamming saved it


Can someone re-upload? Thanks.


File: b6b483d6bdeb7ae⋯.png (29.71 KB, 977x491, 977:491, ddfdfsf.png)

can someone help me? i got this error after just pasted bemanitools to directory and launched


Everytime I run Gamestart.bat for IIDX25 it gives an error saying avs2-ea3.dll and avs2-core.dll is either not designed to run on windows or contains an error, has anybody had this issue before?



I'm having the same issue, any help would be appreciated.


File: 7a845871092f91c⋯.png (24.03 KB, 955x507, 955:507, failed to load dll.png)

Like a lot of other people, I am having a problem loading bm2dx.dll for CB. Fresh/latest Windows 10 Install 64 bit. Single network adapter, including hidden devices. All files marked as not read-only. Running as administrator. Bemanitools 5.21. Maint running with lines added to ea3-config.xml. ffdshow installed. Added folder exception to Windows Defender and disabled real-time monitoring. dll's are not marked as "blocked from another computer". The PC I'm using is a Mini HP Prodesk 600 G1 i3 http://amazon.com/dp/B07DKNPPHZ/

Right after the bat file is loaded this window pops up for a split second and then the whole program closes. Anyone know what I could try? Thank you so much.





Do not use BemaniTools, it will not work.

Use SpiceTools instead


File: a535151afc78b40⋯.png (40.71 KB, 1136x514, 568:257, failed to load dll spiceto….png)


Thank you for the suggestion. Unfortunately spicetools fails to load the dll as well.


File: 840989a2712d97d⋯.png (372.07 KB, 1281x712, 1281:712, ClipboardImage.png)

Got it working once, shut it down. Come back and no matter what I get this screen and can only go into test mode. Using Maint.exe, which I can see getting called, so I at least know its working. Any ideas?



I am the same symptom.

It will not be loaded.



Turns out the game didn't like the button I had set up for start (doesn't work in IO test despite working in windows). Once I got my start button working I can skip past this while on free play.


File: 24b71fda8b1e3ba⋯.jpg (3.57 MB, 4032x3024, 4:3, IMG_4370.JPG)


It does not enter the game mode. Can someone help? (Line congestion error in japanese)



Are you using Maint? because ive tried omnimix and editing an xrpcd and both of those gave me the same error.



same here, i've checked the prop folder and that file is missing. Can someone upload it on nofile?




Here is the fix for the following two errors:


F:launcher: bm2dx.dll: Failed to load game DLL


F:detour: C:\[GameDirectory]\bm2dx.dll couldn't be loaded: The specified module could not be found.

Install the Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 SP1 Redistributable Package (x64)




nevermind, found it.


if someone needs it.



thanks a lot!!

now i passed that error message


How can I save the score?


Whenever I try booting, my screen goes black then it exits out. Everything was in the folder so it looked like a simple extract and play but having no luck so far. My log.txt does show this if it helps at all

Previous writer to the first source register of lrp instruction should apply the saturate destination modifier. This ensures consistent behaviour across different hardware. Affected components(*) of first source register: r/0 g/1 b/2 *a/3



I'm also having this issue as well. I can't get the game to open at all.



So I found out you'll have to change your resolution to 1280x720 and it should run. I got mine working doing that. Now I'm just having this issue


Which google translate just says, "Line is busy now. Please wait…"


File: 104563ef07921d1⋯.png (5.04 KB, 515x172, 515:172, error.png)

Tried some of the things above including change resolution and I can't get game running.

I try with spice tool and get this error all the time.


File: 375d7a76af82425⋯.png (94.62 KB, 2326x696, 1163:348, 456564.png)

How to slove this problem ?



Make sure you have started maint and use SpiceTools

It will not work if you use BemaniTools


File: 93b173c1ddfb8a7⋯.png (54.22 KB, 980x514, 490:257, 캡처.PNG)

I can't run this game. How to fix it?


File: e79b203a2f02db7⋯.png (26.97 KB, 497x332, 497:332, Capture.PNG)

I did my effort to solve this error, but nothing solved it.

Also the game restarts when I select SP/DP mode like No. 8921's error. How can I fix it?

I have executed the gamestart.bat as an administrator already.

+ Network works well with ea local server. maint.exe shuts down just a few seconds later..


Where do I get spicetools?



From a cool forum. Also bt5 works fine with iidx25 people here are just too stupid to breathe.


i dont know how to get cannonballers working. i think ill just stick with sinobuz


Got CB running from the advice written here. Thanks all.


Has anyone ran into problems with the sound sounding fucked up? The first time I was able to get the game running, everything was fine, but now the sound is all messed up for reason, and I haven't tinkered with anything.



Nevermind. I figured it out.

It seems CB is really picky with what sound device you are using. I switched to my onboard soundcard and it resolved the problem. Just a heads up for whoever else is having the same problem.


anyone know how to change the resolution?


https://gyazo.com/6b32cb20720eba5752dcbc0f7e2cc66c anyone know how to fix this? i can play the game but im unable to use a card even though im on arcana


Could it be that links are dead?

Megadownloader is stuck at downloading at 0 KB/s and since the link are encrypted, I can't check them on Mega website.



Select HD in the display options


Are you using maint?


Try nyaa



did you make your card0 text file and folder and make the text file have a properly formatted NFC indent? Thats probably why you arent getting to the account creation screen in game



Thanks for the tip. Found it there.


Has not xrpcd which can be preserved locally like sinobuz been developed?



no, you need to either get on a network or use maint


File: cf60b4c0fae2288⋯.jpg (4.48 MB, 4160x3120, 4:3, ErrorBallers.jpg)

can somebody help to resolve this error?



"Network connection error, It is not possible to play with eamusement pass"

are u using maint or are you on a network



I'm on Network (using Arcana)



okay, how did you go about making your card ID file? If you didint format the NFC indent (the numbers in the card file) correctly it gives that error.



Sorry for my ignorance, but how I format the NFC indent?



dont sweat it!

i made this one, its E0040100DF0D87BC ,its formatted properly for you. just plop it in the card0 text file, save it, have your spice tools or config thingy in the network settings go to the file in the card0 folder, and try again, if your on arcana it should prompt you to make an iidx id and all that right there. If not let me know and ill link my ea3-config file because im on arcana as well.



I tried your formatted line and it gaves me the same error, I only can play with the new registered card but I can't access the next times.



can you show a pic of your ea3 config file?


File: 1b71c4796b34030⋯.png (101.36 KB, 1920x1042, 960:521, ea3config.PNG)


yes, this is my ea3config



Are BOTH those pcbids from arcana?, did you create them and replace the existing pcbids?




sorry pcbid AND the hardid, both of those should be the same value, and should be the value arcana gave you for pcbid



Yes, I created and picked them from arcana and I replaced the existing pcbid and hardid



oh, if it worked the first time, did you write down the card number and link your player data on arcana? If it let make you an account at all, its working, you just need to write down the card number and put in the information in the login screen of arcana!



I didn't link the card number with arcana.

How I can recover the card number? I have to remeber and write it on registration?



yeah, when you log into iidx, and you make a profile, you need to write down the card number it gives you. after you FINISH making the profile, close iidx and go to arcana, log out, log back in, and go to link player data (something along that lines, i dont remember the exact box) and enter in all the info, and then it will remember your card when u use it in game!



linked with Arcana, same error



Brooo alla grande fra


Thanks to everyone here I got the game up and running! I wanted to know though if it's possible to remove the e-amusement error on the title screen for aesthetic purposes? Or is that a permanent effect of running with maint?



Mo' boi, l'FPS che ho qua sotto la sedia sta per rompersi a causa di 'sta cosa lol



hai comprato il controller prima di far partire il gioco o cosa?



E' di un mio amico il controller lol


File: 75d176e59fc05a2⋯.png (38.9 KB, 809x285, 809:285, F0eFWTv.png)

Can't get this to work at all.. been trying for a few days… zzzz



ah ok


spicetools please




Thank you


So I got it working with maint and everything technically works, but as soon as I get to the main screen the game is so slow it's unplayable (feels like 5 fps) after trying it on windowed mode, as soon as the game gets to the main screen the whole PC feels as if it's running on 5 hz, anyone know what could be the cause?

i5 2500k

AMD HD 7950

Windows 10



The GPU usage also spikes up to 99% when it's lagging..




Odd, your GPU (HD 7950) should be more powerful than the GPU in the PC used in IIDX 25 arcade cabinet (R7 Graphics), so it shouldn't be an issue here.

For reference, the PC specs for IIDX 25 are as follows:

Ennoconn ADE-6291


Radeon R7 integrated graphics

4 GB DDR4-2400 (single channel)

Windows Embedded 7 Standard


The IIDX PC seems to use NVMe SSD for data hence it's the reason why it's lagging, especially if you use it on a hard drive. Using a SATA SSD seems to make a little difference at all, at least on my i5-7200U laptop (with GeForce 940MX).

Do you use a SSD for the game?



I run the game on a regular mechanical HDD I bought in 2011 and Cannon Ballers works fine. I don't think the HDD is the problem.

However, I see >>9444 says he is using windows 10. On my pc, which is more powerful than his (I5 4690, 12GB DDR3, GeForce GTX 970), Windows 10 worked like crap, taking up to 5 minutes to start. Not only that, everything else ran poorly too.

I would suggest trying the game on windows 7/8.1 (I use 8.1) and see how it works there.




Running it off an SSD didn't change anything, so maybe it's a compatibility issue with W10. Sinobuz works perfectly fine. Would it be possible to run it off a virtual machine to see if the OS is the issue?


How do I Download maint.exe?


Everytime I start the game, select single play, And game is going back to title screen. It repeats again, again, And again.

First time was okay… but close the game and restart… Repeat…

god….. help me…


does anyone have libavs-win64.dll?? getting an error with spice64 since i don't have it, and i cant really find it anywhere..



or just playing the austism game the way it is clearly to much



Also experiencing this problem


Hello, Anyone have a dump of WES7 C:¥ GHOST data? (WES7_LDJ3.GHO)



Late update, I'm on W7 right now and the problem persists. A hardware incompatibility perhaps? (GPU)

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