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File: ddba56a7a56c36c⋯.png (300.53 KB, 768x428, 192:107, wKCuI.png)


Maybe it got a little cold during the wait, but its been reheated for your pleasure.




Should work with spicetools or existing bemanitools, but theres also this hotfix bemanitools version that it came bundled with which may or may not work better: https://bin.jvnv.net/file/7DTwm/jb-08.zip



rip sows



Thank you so much for sharing ;)



at startup I have: NVRAM: BAD. what to do ?


I am doing tests to start it properly, I would post a tutorial if I get there


j'ai réussi :)

voici mon tuto :

décompresser l'archive

installer spicetools 32 bit , le 64 ne fonctione pas aevc se jeux

cree un dossier " dev "dans " content "

dans "dev" faire un dossier "nvram " et "raw"

crée un spice-ea.bat

lancé le jeux avec spice.exe ou le .bat, vous aller avoir un message d'erreur , appier sur la touche qui est ecrit ( TEST ) , un autre message apparaîtra, faite la meme chose .

fermer le jeux , et verifier que dans le dossier "dev/nvram" il y a le fichier ea-config.xml qui et a du appaitre .

si c'est le cas demarer le jeux avec spice-ea.bat

normalement vus aller tomber sur un autre message d'erreur ou le "main menu" ,dans selui ci aller dans "game option" / "shop setting" , puis changer "shop aera" et "shop name settings" en se que vous voulé , il doit etre rouge .

sauvgarde les modification est profiter du jeux ;)

pour debloque les music referer vous ici >>7206 music Full unlock



I managed :)

here is my tutorial:

unzip the archive

to install spicetools 32 bit, the 64 does not function aevc itself

create a folder "dev" in "content"

in "dev" make a folder "nvram" and "raw"

creates a spice-ea.bat

launched the game with spice.exe or the .bat, you will get an error message, call on the key that is written (TEST), another message will appear, do the same thing.

close the game, and check that in the folder "dev / nvram" there is the ea-config.xml file which has to be seen.

if it is the case start the game with spice-ea.bat

normally seen going to fall on another error message or the "main menu", in this case go into "game option" / "shop setting", then change "shop aera" and "shop name settings" in which you want he must be red.

save the change is enjoy the game;)

to unblock the music referer you here >>7206 music Full unlock





hex edits Jubeat Clan 2018070901
Song Select Timer Freeze:
A5A49: 75 -> EB

Disable Tutorial:
CFFC7: 75 4A 57 68 00 -> E9 90 00 00 00

Unlock All Songs:
music_db.dll - 1B8F: 74 09 -> 90 90

Or use mons patcher instead of that fucky link above me, https://mon.im/bemanipatcher/jubeatclan.html



I forgot, if you have a spicetools that does not start .

install >>8254

and start it the first time with the game start.bat, then start spicetools


download link doesm't work can you reupload it



Thank you OP


In JDownloader if it says bandwidth exceeded or connection error try right clicking the download and choose "Open in Browser", and use browser or MEGA to download


Can I change marker in offline mode?

I want use original marker!!


File: 18c28eb855139fd⋯.png (83.87 KB, 1353x517, 123:47, explorer_2018-11-23_21-37-….png)

Even with ealocalserver jubeat clan still gives me a connection error? Am I doing something wrong?



Use maint


^ I fixed it.


Where can I get a maint?



Cannonballers Thread


Is someone can reupload this? dang didnt make it, I can't download it. Thanks very much


Can not play with touch?



Hey buddy

The HEXCODE you taught me

It does not exist in JUBEAT.DLL.

In JUBEAT CLAN, HEXCODE is thought to have been changed unlike existing JUBEAT

If you have a DLL file that skips the tutorial skip, can you share it?


File: 546d6d2efa501d6⋯.png (357.58 KB, 2547x1357, 2547:1357, ClipboardImage.png)

what is this error



It's a server connection error.

I don't have the game so I don't know how to fix it exactly.

What I would do though if I had it, is to run it with SpiceTools using the -ea argument (spice -ea or spice64 -ea) and see if that works.

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