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File: d77a4ff83731d40⋯.gif (31.12 KB, 252x455, 36:65, rerave.gif)


I downloaded the ReRave 1.1.2 dump, this is a great game! I want to know if there is an update of other songs for this dump?



>this is a great game!

Hey Kyle.


This is a dump with all available tracks. There's no other tracks AFAIR.



Thanks for the answer. This is what I wanted to know!


File: 0733be3b1f3754d⋯.jpg (20.43 KB, 500x192, 125:48, rerave.jpg.1183b2d81463bbc….jpg)


I tried to run RERAVE arcade. It works fine, except that video's don't play back during the game as background. I got a scrambled pic as background instead of the video's (see image). The VIDEO folder is available and my system can play them. They are mpg video's. I tried to run the game on Windows XP, Windows 7 and Windows 10. all same results. I tried to rename the VIDEOs folder, and than I have a black screen as background instead of the scrambled image. I think it's a codec issue within the game or something. Does anyone else tried this game? Do video's play ? Any ideas?

Many thanks



Have you tried to install any kind of video codec? Also is rerave any good?



I have installed K-Lite Codec Pack Full



Try installing cccp



I installed the codecs of the cccp. It did not help ((I do not know what to do … Maybe someone will try to start the game and check the video?!. Here is the link to the game: https: https://cloud.mail.ru/public/7XaV/7A3MUxkjk

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