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File: 1415763468027.jpg (252.06 KB, 599x570, 599:570, 40711171.jpg)


let's post our favorite fanart.
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oh my GOD is this even real??


File: 1417405425889.png (852.81 KB, 600x641, 600:641, 45558279_p9.png)

this one of kaneda and kai is pretty cute


File: 1418029897190.jpg (159.19 KB, 600x388, 150:97, 630c7a1770f4e5a138c7ede73a….jpg)

OH god the shoujo one
but also
thank you

I think this is one of my favourite


File: 1418449176662.jpg (262.82 KB, 800x513, 800:513, tumblr_n218kitmWi1r54diso1….jpg)


File: 1433512891213.jpg (226.4 KB, 478x600, 239:300, enhanced-buzz-17689-137874….jpg)

*sigh* Since the 2020 Olympics goes to Tokyo, I was expecting fanart of our favourite biker gang participating in the events…

i don't own this art

all art shall be owned by their rightful owners

Artist: Riko (that's how it's romajized) [pixiv]

File: 1430810843029.jpg (64.25 KB, 252x291, 84:97, tumblr_neq7xgaIkt1s2csjzo1….jpg)


manga/anime face thread


File: 1430810940777.jpg (158.41 KB, 1410x755, 282:151, h4NGS3s.jpg)

File: 1426447042084.png (103 KB, 629x444, 17:12, akirasmiling.PNG)


i was reading volume 4 and i have some questions:

1. it has already been asked but where the fuck was kaneda?
2. when tetsuo is with the girls and starts to "trip": he calls kaneda and at this moment we see kaneda appearing before kei, like tetsuo (or akira) serves as some kind of channel between them (page 113).
3. in the end of the book, when colonel shikishima activates the SOL… tetsuo goes really crazy?? and the espers sense something too? and then there's that big orb of light and a building comes out of it and kaneda was inside this building?? then akira smiles and it's the creepiest thing ever

am i the only one confused about this?

File: 1425671913760.jpg (461.45 KB, 1024x576, 16:9, 271523-vlcsnap_418322.jpg)


do you have any headcanons of what kind of music the guys (and girls) listen to?


i do! I feel like Kaneda's into electro/future funk style music- just anything he can dance to. I feel like Yamagata and Tetsuo would like rock music, Tetsuo leaning more towards alternative. Kai? I see him liking alternative rock like The Strokes. Kei I can see liking just about anything, but I can see her having a soft spot for R&B style songs. As for Kaori, I think she'd listen to soft acoustic music, like what you'd hear in a coffee house.


lol kaneda dancing would be so cute. tetsuo and yam definitely like rock. maybe yam is more towards punk? i can see him listening to dead kennedys and stuff like that.
i feel like kai likes the clash and the specials.
and chiyoko likes mom songs.

File: 1425367461517.png (509.61 KB, 1170x631, 1170:631, tumblr_n600vfNnvW1r83tkco7….png)


this board just gets more and more inactive the more i come on here.
anyways, there was a thread like this a little while back, but do you think there is any color symbolism in it?


yea definitely. tetsuo has an all blue outfit, and his bike is blue. kaneda's the same, but his clothes and bike are red.
when tetsuo is really absorbed by his powers, he chooses a red cape, and i think it's a very meaningful moment in the movie.
as you said, red is the color of intense feelings, passion and anger. blue can be seen as a calm color, but also as sad and quiet. and i think it says a lot about their personalities.


File: 1425521743238.jpg (55.41 KB, 517x640, 517:640, 95042.jpg)

also there's this picture on akira club, and a brief note by otomo right below it: "blue above and red below. what i wanted to express was the schism within tetsuo. which world will he go to?–that's the problem." it's not exactly my "theory", but it proves that yes, the choice of using blue and red sure mean something.


ps: kaneda's bike do i already follow you on tumblr?


I noticed that, too. When he finally gives up his old personality and adopts the brash, angry one

I think about how the characters are coded too, in their colors like that. Kai is green and brown, and those are thought to be natural, forest colors, right? He's probably one of the more normal characters in the cast, and youthful like green. Little things like that


You do, actually! I'm going to stay anonymous when posting, just for the sake of not having an identity attached to me here ^^ I'll send you a message if you'd like to know who I am, though

File: 1423333345619.jpg (7.03 KB, 300x168, 25:14, images.jpg)


what's your /least/ favorite scene in the movie?


seeing kaori get assaulted by the clowns. hell, every scene with kaori looking miserable. she got so much shit during the movie and none of it was her fault


yea any scene with her is just sad, the poor girl deserved better :( but my least favorite part is that one when the man who's taking takashi (right after de bike scene at the beginning) shoots a dog. idk that makes me really uncomfortable, i'm no animal rights activist (and i'm really afraid of dogs) but… don't shoot the dog, man

File: 1420085158606.jpg (12.63 KB, 480x360, 4:3, whyyyyyy.jpg)


I've been thinking about posting this story here for a few weeks. Mostly because I haven't told anyone this story, outside of a depraved friend of mine when I was tipsy. So hey, why not?

>Be me

>Be 16
>Come home from school with a raging fever
>No homework, nothing important to do
>Why not watch a movie
>Just got a blu-ray player, it's connected to a really nice flat screen, and I have the 25th anniversary edition of Akira on my shelf.
>Been meaning to experience the film like this for a while, so why not now?
>Feeling hazy, so I end up skipping around, rather than watching the whole movie
>Hot as hell, and home alone, so I strip down to my underwear
>Movie is nearing its ending climax
>Head feels like it's full of bees
>Bye-bye, underwear
>Suddenly kinda horny
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still guilty, anon


it's nice being 16-17 bc i feel less creepy thinking the characters are actually quite cute


*sigh* i miss my teenage years. i think ryu and tetsuo's aide are good loking men (would def be good looking if they were real), even if they're both assholes. but i'm probably the only one.


True, true. Tetsuo's aide is easy on the eyes


File: 1423356545557.jpg (8.05 KB, 130x181, 130:181, tetsuos_aide_32180.jpg)

i want his hair now

File: 1421994965335.jpg (118.21 KB, 960x710, 96:71, 1506542_869565453653_91443….jpg)


1st cover- Red (Kaneda) Japan (intense) [left]
2nd cover- Blue (Tetsuo) Western (calm) [centered]
3rd cover- (intense) China [right]
4th cover- calm [centered]
5th cover- (Tetsuo) [right] calm "cold"
6th cover- (Kaneda)[right] intense "hot"



File: 1418616574221.jpg (202.35 KB, 732x1113, 244:371, http://40.media.tumblr.com….jpg)


How did all of you guys find out about Akira? My friend told me about it and I got to watch it on YouTube right when I got home. Soon after that Toonami aired the movie.


i watched it a long long time ago and i was REALLY scared (i was 11 or 12 and i wasn't into gore and violence and blood). then something like 2 years ago i gathered the courage to watch it again and i thought "why i waited so much to watch this masterpiece??" and now i'm here.


the funny thing is that when i watched it again i was really nervous and kind of traumatized because of my childhood experience


i actually started watching it with my brother when i was 12
my parents's friend lended them the dvd and my parents were like "oh, cartoons, must be for kids then."

We got really scared and stopped the movie when Tetsuo's hallucinating with the toys.

Then I decided to re-watch it last summer, more than 10 years later, and I really got into it and then read the books.


I'm still trying to remember… if I remember correctly, I saw a few gifs of it, got curious, and watched a youtube video that had the entire movie. I think this was back in May… but I've loved it since!


I heard about it through Metropolis (2001); The fact that the creator of Akira (Otomo) had done work on the story and art direction was a huge selling point in the trailers. I'd never heard of it at the time, and asked around. A friend of mine pretty much pounced on me when I brought it up, and told me to watch it. After I saw that really ambiguous trailer Funimation made for the 25th anniversary edition, I was pretty much sucked in.

Watched it on youtube the same day, read the books a month later. I was never the same.

File: 1418882781139.jpg (574.07 KB, 1020x1521, 340:507, tumblr_n89mmw7hsa1s2csjzo1….jpg)


Characters in the manga you wish were in the movie? Chiyoko's a great character and it's a shame she didn't make it into the film, imo


i can't think of anyone except chiyoko… and lady miyako, but she appears (briefly).


Even though they were in the film, I do wish we got more time with the Espers. Their back story is really fascinating to me. Not to mention that it makes the comics all that much more dark. Otomo's got a fetish for putting children through hell.

Same goes for Lady Miyako, who was oh, so shamefully snubbed.

File: 1421390183320.png (129.11 KB, 215x262, 215:262, tumblr_n90cw7Z35k1rfxidlo5….png)


Can anyone help me source this? Not sure if it's from a doujin or what


File: 1421390244133.png (200.4 KB, 299x279, 299:279, tumblr_n90cw7Z35k1rfxidlo2….png)

another picture for reference(?) I saw this floating around and I want to know where I can find the rest of it


it's from a doujin! i think i have the link somewhere…


i think kaisukes posted it a while ago


if you ever figure it out, please let me know! i actually got these images from kaisuke's blog at some point

File: 1421390033401.png (43.81 KB, 183x195, 61:65, 1414466192082.png)


When does Kei end up telling Kaneda her name in the movie? Maybe I'm missing something, but I forget what comes between the scene where Kaneda first introduces himself and when he seems to know Kei's name when Ryu + co. finds the two after Kei shoots the policeman. maybe it happened off screen and i'm just overthinking this

File: 1421357353623.mp4 (854.3 KB, 640x360, 16:9, Snapchat-92229969906493492….mp4)


I wish this board was more active.
What's your favorite part in the movie?


i love the scene where kei's team of rebels and kaneda are in the sewer tunnel, and kaneda steals that hovercraft vehicle thing once he knocks the pilot off of it and takes kei with him.

File: 1418696351041.png (992.4 KB, 1265x693, 115:63, http://41.media.tumblr.com….png)


Which character you can relate to with the most in AKIRA? Mine is Tetsuo.


File: 1418882612031.png (523.32 KB, 471x750, 157:250, tumblr_n9gdelS9MR1srxd2qo1….png)

While Kaneda is my favorite character, I sympathized with Kai a lot for some reason. Could be that he's the least aggressive of the gang, appears to care deeply for others in the gang (he's really the only character shown openly crying+ crying over others, besides Tetsuo and his various flashbacks.) He's a member of a bike gang, sure. He's been in situations where he's hurt other members of gangs, sure. But his main group of people really mean a lot to him, and he's really just a big dork hahaha


tetsuo definitely.

File: 1416268248844.jpg (48.06 KB, 500x414, 250:207, AKIRA_Kaneda_and_Tetsuo_by….jpg)


what do you think about the dichotomy between kaneda/red and tetsuo/blue? i'm pretty sure it's on purpose, but i don't know if it's just for the aesthetics or if there is a deeper meaning behind it.


I think it's intended. When I think of red, I associate it with fire, confidence, anger, rebellion, and intense feelings. When I think of blue, I think of overall negativity, sadness, quiet, a subdued emotion, etc. I think both colors fit the characters well. Kaneda is red, the color of blood, a symbol of rebellion and passion- Tetsuo is blue, a color of sorrow, anxiety, silence. Maybe I'm reading waaaaaaay too far into this and Otomo chose their colors simply because they're opposites. eh


no, i totally agree with you! i thought about this 'cause it happens also on nge (rei/blue and asuka/red, and there's a lot of theories about it).


File: 1418759308099.png (1.11 MB, 822x774, 137:129, bikecolors.png)


Now that I think about it, when Tetsuo battles Kaneda in the movie (the scene where Tetsuo "releases" Akira's organs), he changes his colors to a reckless red color, matching Kaneda. huh


**Well, he wears a mostly monochrome outfit, save for the self-made red cape… symbolizing false ego hiding insecurity? damn, i feel like i'm in school hyper-analyzing a text

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