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ゆっくりしていってね! | Now appart of the >>>/thg/ World Order

File: 2d3c9b80b492f9e⋯.jpg (284 KB, 580x780, 29:39, __mizuhashi_parsee_touhou_….jpg)

File: f2ebd1f44ba7cc2⋯.jpg (771.17 KB, 1000x691, 1000:691, __mizuhashi_parsee_touhou_….jpg)

File: 302f3403895b42c⋯.jpg (369.56 KB, 650x920, 65:92, __mizuhashi_parsee_touhou_….jpg)

File: a12aa5dd8bad9ba⋯.png (1.38 MB, 848x1199, 848:1199, __mizuhashi_parsee_touhou_….png)

File: 9c42f008da5c91e⋯.jpg (3.08 MB, 3000x2121, 1000:707, Parsee is so fucking mad.jpg)


Are you jealous, fairy?

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Kill? I highly doubt it. Undo her curse/youkai transformation? I'd hope so. Purification is a beautiful thing.


File: 43d765017c8e2b7⋯.jpg (321.98 KB, 850x1196, 425:598, __fujiwara_no_mokou_kamish….jpg)


When I say I wanna love her too, I mean I wanna give her my "special" love. a love that no one else here is willing to give.



Would you ever be able to make Youmu a regular girl, if you were to fuck her enough?



Probably not, considering their nature. As far as I know, Youmu was born half-ghost. Parsee is based on a woman who was cheated on/abandoned by her lover for another woman, so she went under a bridge and cursed them so hard she turned into a youkai.


File: 6244f69b255febf⋯.png (219.14 KB, 442x442, 1:1, 6244f69b255febf809da836414….png)


You're breaking my balls anon.

File: f29cdd067119fd3⋯.png (244.84 KB, 560x560, 1:1, Marisa lost the precious h….png)

File: b6235823727d5dd⋯.png (95.08 KB, 400x396, 100:99, b6235823727d5dd02d4602daa7….png)

File: 1b4e995e1272fa4⋯.png (50.21 KB, 344x296, 43:37, 1b4e995e1272fa41bbb0e5b727….png)

File: 92dd6f63fe1af24⋯.png (144.07 KB, 400x396, 100:99, 92dd6f63fe1af2461c6be6c15e….png)

File: 9551f629d51b3df⋯.png (598.51 KB, 2064x1300, 516:325, 9551f629d51b3dfe36aa7ce440….png)


Post 2hus.

Put a hat on them.

Hat thread.

And Christmas in general, whatever.

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File: 763216d2b5249c4⋯.jpg (305.36 KB, 1024x1118, 512:559, 1507589236593.jpg)

File: ae98a2b59ed7ecb⋯.jpg (756.76 KB, 900x1440, 5:8, 1507727275239.jpg)

File: 16e1eb802120187⋯.jpg (883.97 KB, 1000x900, 10:9, Cheer_up.jpg)


File: 3f060ae28522870⋯.png (1.51 MB, 1024x1118, 512:559, One eyed Marisa.png)

File: 6865e2e1a02c8f1⋯.png (961.5 KB, 900x1600, 9:16, I prefer the fedora but di….png)

File: 3db6a7c412c4621⋯.png (1.27 MB, 1000x900, 10:9, I can't tell if she knows ….png)


File: cbce49c2d72f9db⋯.png (1.18 MB, 960x900, 16:15, ClipboardImage.png)


Let me fix that last one.


File: 513e54b85b2327d⋯.jpg (485.12 KB, 960x960, 1:1, 15444122_p0.jpg)

File: 1d520e75fa9a744⋯.png (7.11 MB, 2400x1697, 2400:1697, __clownpiece_colonel_sande….png)

File: 01b3d4f07b5d852⋯.png (971.33 KB, 1000x1297, 1000:1297, __kagiyama_hina_and_mizuha….png)


File: 179fb59680b7521⋯.png (1.19 MB, 960x960, 1:1, deer hat.png)

File: 3948ebd21402e9a⋯.png (9.28 MB, 2400x1697, 2400:1697, A third of the gang's here….png)

File: 9cdb00f852c659d⋯.png (1.16 MB, 1000x1297, 1000:1297, Getting ready.png)

File: 230ba1aecbf9e68⋯.jpg (183.17 KB, 1116x1578, 186:263, __himekaidou_hatate_touhou….jpg)


Because Hatate-chan is unpopular, nobody reads her newspaper.

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Hatate-chan has many "good" "friends".


File: 5558e56ad43a592⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 127.32 KB, 400x350, 8:7, 34318438_p0.png)





She sucked so much cock, that she is turning into one giant dick.


File: f7ee8efd81ebd0f⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 429.91 KB, 700x750, 14:15, 53505008_p0.png)



I'd steal it and play the pokey game with someone who isn't a sack of shit.


Why are Nue fanboys so obnoxious?

Because they're Nue-males!

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Here's one I cooked up in 5 seconds:

A blinding flash of light was seen from the Scarlet Devil Mansion. "Godsdamnit, Reiuji! I meant reheat the takeout!"


File: cb1c92196438147⋯.jpg (42.55 KB, 632x598, 316:299, __cirno_touhou_drawn_by_me….jpg)


Sakuya is for bully since she pads her chest.





Don't bully the cirno!


How many yokai does it take to change a lightbulb?

Trick question, they don't exist in gensokyo.


File: f60478c38b92c6b⋯.jpg (466.64 KB, 1536x2048, 3:4, __cirno_touhou_drawn_by_ha….jpg)


There are youkai in Gensokyo ⑨.





These are not good posts.

File: 16c5c2cabb5dcdc⋯.jpg (212.08 KB, 800x753, 800:753, 47768817_p9.jpg)

File: 8cc84ba968f36ca⋯.jpg (162.62 KB, 700x990, 70:99, 34433951_p0.jpg)

File: 35f7fea83020e63⋯.jpg (2.36 MB, 2510x1767, 2510:1767, 44042691_p0.jpg)


Another year comes and goes—it's time for the solstice. To celebrate, timeout one of these spell cards without bombing or dying.

Darkness Sign "Demarcation" (Lunatic)

Mystic Sign "Table Turning"

Night-Blindness "Song of the Night Sparrow" (Hard)

File: 1464376786933.jpg (242.67 KB, 450x598, 225:299, a242f5c4ca067cf459a9248dd9….jpg)


This is /2hu/'s very own suici­de thread. Please discuss your sui­cide related issues here.

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Gun is the most reliable method and should work if you aren't retarded. Jumping and Train are close second's and you could always jump at nighttime so people aren't around and most conducters will have already seen it before and see it as a free day off. Hanging is good if you aren't muscular and have a thin neck since the entire point is compressing the cartaroid arteries.



If you actually believe that will work, then you clearly haven't done any research on brb gensokyo.



> heroine overdose

Very easy to get saved from that and it wouldn't sound fun to me. If only weed was bad for your health, that would be perfect.


>Gun is the most reliable method

You'd be surprised how many survive that. Now shotgun...

>most conducters will have already seen it before

That doesn't sound true, do you have a single fact to back that up?


Perhaps, but it is possible for it to damage your cord instead of break it. Years ago this wasn't a problem during hangings cause the victim would suffocate or whatever but we're talking about avoiding pain of any kind.


File: f8052a2c9ae4248⋯.jpg (141.32 KB, 600x847, 600:847, 35650b815b09e679405cf8226e….jpg)

I'm no brb gensokyo expert but carbon monoxide poisoning seems like a relatively easy and painless way to go. At least that's what good old Dr. Kevorkian used on his patients and never got any complaints.


>>>/brb gensokyo/

We have a whole board for this. Personally I'd recommend insulin overdose, this is my favorite because you can do a dry run to get close to death so you can see if it's truly right for you. (Insulin imbalance can be easily fixed just by eating some carbs, no medical attention necessary)

And if you like it, you just dump that shit in an IV, get really sleepy then fall asleep and never wake up again. When people think of a calm, quiet, dignified death in peace they are thinking of insulin overdose.


>compressing the cartaroid arteries

Proper hanging snaps the neck and kills you instantly but if you fuck it up you'll either survive as a veggie or die slowly and painfully. Very risky!

File: 1922b11d357ff35⋯.jpg (289.96 KB, 742x746, 371:373, 064BAiJRTewi.jpg)


Another month comes and goes - it's time for another rabbit rabbit thread!

When you wake up on the first of the month, if the first thing you do is say out loud "rabbit rabbit rabbit", you'll be blessed with good luck for a month!

Just take it easy my dudes and never let anything take your smile away!

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File: bf9d664616240cd⋯.jpg (1.16 MB, 1023x1024, 1023:1024, bf9d664616240cda5a026693ad….jpg)


I am the real Tewiposter. Hope you have a Merry Christmas too.

>Also your Meiling christmas avatar is super cute

Thanks dude.


>I missed one game cause I slept in and forgot about it. Wanna try again sometime?

Sometime soon, sure.

>I'm sorry for just having fun ok?

It's fine to have fun, but please don't have it at other people's expense.


File: d80ca646aa5d391⋯.png (186.2 KB, 489x359, 489:359, ClipboardImage.png)


>I am the real Tewiposter.

It's pointless bun honey, he's just a sad little man.

>but please don't have it at other people's expense.

Lol, no. Besides, you've had fun at other people's expense you hipptyhoppityhypocuck.



>I am the real Tewiposter.


>Though I'd hope you wouldn't run the next thread ragged too. Why not friend me on steam?


>I don't know. I don't really like steam. Could I send you a mail instead?


> I'd hope you wouldn't run the next thread ragged too

I am completely innocent. The fault is yours for being a terrible mod and not banning that troublemaker.



You've said some of your worst shit while I was gone for 2 weeks. Maybe it's your turn to be banned?


I have no friends T_T

File: 28c4609acb42cf0⋯.jpg (33.75 KB, 512x384, 4:3, The fuck.jpg)


So what did cause the influx of souls in 9?

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I really shouldn't be laughing from this.

If India won't learn to use toilets and basic hygiene then it will repeat soon.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


<-- Reimu's ending lists a few possibilities, such as an earthquake, tsunami, or a war. The consensus between her and Eiki were that all these souls died very suddenly, so fast that they didn't even realize they were dead. The 2004 tsunami fits the bill in terms of swiftness and body count.



I think it was the end of world war 2. 2005-60=1945. So probably when Japan got nuked twice. That's if we're using Fate of 60 Years as a reference?

So basically, Komachi saw all these souls appear and was a lazy shit about it for 60 years.



Cirno said that something like this happens every 60 years, and WW2 is the obvious event that refers to. The souls in Touhou 9 aren't from that time, though. They were coming in very suddenly in 2005. It wouldn't be an incident if the souls had been around for 60 years.



It's more fun to imagine Komachi being a lazy shit for 60 years, though.

File: 773cc63babb9591⋯.jpg (1.14 MB, 2551x1080, 2551:1080, __chen_and_yakumo_ran_touh….jpg)

File: 6fbd5f7eea151c9⋯.jpg (58.28 KB, 390x450, 13:15, __konpaku_youmu_touhou_dra….jpg)

File: 866810a69cd43ec⋯.png (404.44 KB, 800x625, 32:25, __mystia_lorelei_touhou_dr….png)

File: a7f3203d968dc5c⋯.png (577.55 KB, 800x600, 4:3, __rumia_touhou_drawn_by_mi….png)


Suppose that, through whatever scenario, you get one 2hu to make you a home-made meal.

Which one would you choose?

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File: 59bed1c5001d000⋯.png (6.46 MB, 3507x2480, 3507:2480, reiuji utsuho (touhou) dra….png)


>Hard boiled aren't breakfast

Heck off!!

Also do you think utsuho knows the pleasure that is deviled eggs?



Lord knows. All that's confirmed is that soft-boiled are her specialty.



I sure hope so. There's nothing quite like spicy mustard contained within the cool body of a hard-boiled egg.


> All that's confirmed is that soft-boiled are her specialty.

Huh? Where does it say that? Aside from Youmo and Ran, I don't recall any descriptions about the cooking skills of the 2hus.



Curiosities of Lotus Asia and who makes food for Koumakan.



Utsuho says it at the end of her victory quote in Genso Rondo, and it's worth noting that characters in that game have only one victory quote.

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Want something you can watch with your family today? TRY THIS!


I've listened to this for about 30 seconds and I already think genocide is not that bad a thing.

File: 7eb4b24a2ae2ea9⋯.jpg (645.68 KB, 2048x2394, 1024:1197, __ibuki_suika_and_sukuna_s….jpg)


I hate youkai. I don't conisder myself a youkai, I'm actually an Oni for real, well almost. I will be when I live in Japan though. Right now I'm studying japanese, distillatiom and I'm following Onido, the way of the kishin. This is why I hate youkai that know 4 drinks and order them all the time, sake, shochuu, suntory, BEERU MOTHERFUCKER. I'm actually trying to become an Oni for real unlike all these faker youkai. FUCK YOU /2HU/

So my question is, how good are my chances of becoming an Oni for real?

7 posts and 3 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.


File: 1ad63ce1934f478⋯.png (78.08 KB, 563x721, 563:721, a839cb8927a6328815b6bd5860….png)

You can't avoid me forever fairy.



I don't anything about this.




File: 13dd7590dc7abac⋯.jpg (29.65 KB, 400x412, 100:103, __patchouli_knowledge_and_….jpg)


Scared it'll feel good?


File: d2ec25d7f9d6eff⋯.jpg (2.81 MB, 1328x3788, 332:947, Spirytus.jpg)

>Are you a big guy?

>Do you lift?

>Can you handle your hard liquor?

No to any? Well, you're shit out of luck, buddy.

>tfw no oni that can handle slav levels of booze.

Pic related



Not really.

I want to become wizard.


>Slav levels of booze

It's a meme.


File: d9e37f4ce21dd2a⋯.png (97.04 KB, 256x488, 32:61, Th08Reimu.png)


What's her name again?

75 posts and 7 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.


Reimu "One bomb per day, keeps youkai away." Hakurei

Reimu "Got to catch all spellcards." Hakurei


Reimu "bashin ⑨'s" Hakurei


Reimu "with good pay, go all the way" Hakurei

Reimu "the human lay" Hakurei

Reimu "full gay for singing jay" Hakurei

Reimu "rubbing the Phoenix, get the Kleenex" Hakurei

Reimu "bed hullabaloo with the awoo" Hakurei

Reimu "with devine she'll entwine" Hakurei

Reimu "gynecology with mythology" Hakurei

Reimu "Gensokyo gynecologist" Hakurei

Reimu "rough snogs with the gods" Hakurei

Reimu "a pinky inching in the inchling" Hakurei

Reimu "deflower the sunflower" Hakurei

Reimu "Shinto afterglow" Hakurei


Reimu "Daddy/daughter play with Flandre" Hakurei


File: 862e56c66e5e55b⋯.jpg (142.32 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, cirnog.jpg)


Ey yo das rayciss you mofugger n sheeeit bix nood strongez gnomesayn

File: 3f6f6c58385ac65⋯.png (127.8 KB, 200x434, 100:217, mitori.png)


*blocks your path*

26 posts and 13 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.


File: 145281eb59d1ec6⋯.png (244.79 KB, 900x851, 900:851, cirno_shrug__lol_youmu_edi….png)



Are you ⑨?




>This ass blasted 9 hours later because Mumei is someone's daughteru.

Holy shit, this is really fucking funny. I'm gonna screencap this.


But if he calms down then we can't milk him for some precious lols.




Came in here to post this, but was beaten to it.



>hats are a limitation

So you're telling me that the mad hatter would be an outright chaos god?



Only if he can use multiple powers from wearing different hats.

Vimeo embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Oh no.

22 posts and 15 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.


File: d841f0efa6ff2ce⋯.jpg (134.05 KB, 371x550, 371:550, __kazami_yuuka_jigoku_shou….jpg)


>Toohoo-obsessed friend

Has he ever come here?



He will, if he hasn't already. His fandom is why we got to know each other at all. And yelling at me over it.



Just post his reaction.

In text form.



And anime girls.



Truly the pinnacle of projection.

File: 023628b68dfd9ac⋯.jpg (252.54 KB, 735x980, 3:4, 1432191860765-3.jpg)


Eirin makes Udonge smell her farts.



File: a18c05d0af63c89⋯.png (398.92 KB, 1050x779, 1050:779, __reisen_udongein_inaba_to….png)

Does Reisen have scented gunpowder?



I bet Eirin tests a bounch of heat/ovulation-inducing medicine on Reisen and locks Tewi in the same room as her.



Is she aware that Tewi does not have a penis and the only result would be fruitless yuri rape?


File: 7ef53cc24388c53⋯.jpg (805.7 KB, 1380x1500, 23:25, 3686415af175583dd5ae1da21d….jpg)

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