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File: 1435590882630.png (360.17 KB, 753x870, 251:290, 1411758588080.png)


So the thing I talked about is close to being ready. I just need to do some additional config stuff done over the week and then see about getting the database dump for this board from copypaste on the weekend. I talked with someone close to him on IRC and he said we could get one. Depending on level of interest we should be able to move off by early next week.

Though if you guys want to stick around here for now that's fine. I can put it away and save the new board for a rainy day. After the downtime this weekend and because of the 8ch's longer term issues I thought I might as well get something together now.

Let me know what you think and if there is anything in particular you'd like to have in /38/ Next.








I feel pretty comfortable here so far, unless HW fucks up big time I don't see any reason to move.

Getting used to a new chan again would suck.


File: 1435624849890.png (54.15 KB, 579x235, 579:235, Screenshot from 2015-06-29….png)


Some things are much easy to do server side. Image related.


vichan is what infinity is from. czaks (main vichan dev) and copypaste work pretty closely together and major new features introduced in infinity were backported to vichan.



I'll believe it when I'll see it.



Knock yourself out.


The command is fortune in the email field.



Just as expected.

Sorry, I just can't deal with no inline and no image hover/expand.



All that shit is in there, I'm just turning it on one thing at a time so I can learn how they work.

$ ls js/
ajax.js gallery-view.js mod strftime.min.js
ajax-post-controls.js hide-images.js multi-image.js style-select.js
auto-reload.js hide-threads.js no-animated-gif.js threadscroll.js
catalog.js id_colors.js options thread-stats.js
catalog-link.js id_highlighter.js options.js thread-watcher.js
catalog-search.js infinite-scroll.js own-board.js titlebar-notifications.js
compact-boardlist.js inline-expanding-filename.js post-hover.js toggle-images.js
download-original.js inline-expanding.js quick-post-controls.js toggle-locked-threads.js
expand-all-images.js inline.js quick-reply.js treeview.js
expand.js jquery.min.js quote-selection.js upload-selection.js
expand-too-long.js jquery.mixitup.min.js save-user_flag.js watch.js
expand-video.js jquery-ui.custom.min.js settings.js webm
favorites.js live-index.js show-backlinks.js webm-settings.js
file-selector.js local-time.js show-op.js wPaint
fix-report-delete-submit.js longtable show-own-posts.js wpaint.js
forced-anon.js mobile-style.js smartphone-spoiler.js youtube.js


tfw out of the loop



I'll believe it when I'll see it.



Disregard that, I was blocking the script. Looking good, now just add image hover and I'll be fully satisfied. Too bad that's not an actual 8chan feature though.



I cannot check since I'm on overchan right now but I am 90% sure image hover is in 8ch's options. The js is there in infinity's repo but doesn't look like it has been officially backported to vichan yet.


Yeah, bend over that table, you dirty slut. You need a good spanking.



I want to cum inside Akari's grade school pussy.




>fapping to pictures of desks


You're a faggot.


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