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File: 1426285461428.jpg (584.43 KB, 1053x1600, 1053:1600, 1358147186810.jpg)


Post your dreams and at laugh or analyze those of others here.

I was just taking a nap and had one.

>dream is in the NGE universe

>Misato is driving Shinji and 5 original character donut steal Eva pilots around in a white van with a (´・ω・`) painted on top
>they've driving down a highway and get ambushed by UN military forces and get into a crazy chase because of it
>eventually they get surrounded by the military on a highway with one side bordering the shores of a lake
>a an angel attack begins
>both of the angels are giant little girls
>one is simply extremely huge, like 4-5 times the size of an Eva
>the other is the size of an Eva but resistant to any kind of attack they can throw at it
>Shinji and the other pilots don't have Evas and are still surrounded so they can't go fight
>suddenly out of the lake a traditional japanese house rises up
>sitting on the porch is Gendo drinking tea
>a bridge extends out across the lake from the house and Misato drives the van over to it
>there are Eva hangars under the lake too
>Shinji and the OCs beat the giant girls by lifting up the bigger one together and throwing her on top of the smaller one that had turn out to be her one weakness


>Watching video of jazz fusion band at the tauranga jazz festival a year or two ago
>have a picture of a musician in the band
>know the musician and think "hey he was pretty cool wasn't he"
>watch the video intently to find the player
>can't find him
>get confused
>eventually realise he's the bassist
>turn to mother and say "he's the bassist i found him"


Bassists. Important only in dreams.


Last night I dreamed I was a detective investigating the megucas. This was also a few hundred years in the future but megucas don't age and also humanity had a moonbase. Eventually I ended up pursuing Homura and Mami to the moon. My pursuit had clouded Mami's grief seed for some reason and she became a with. Homura fought and destroyed her but the explosion destroyed the moon. Homura, myself, an incubator and civilians inside a sealed facility ended being ejected away from earth on a large piece of it. Homura tried to get QB to make a contract with one of the girls at the facility so they could be wished home but QB said he could only make contracts on earth for some reason. After that it became a slow and sad tale with everyone died as supplies ran out and life support started failing. Homura couldn't die and I was the last alive. The last thing I saw was Homura holding my hand as she became a witch. Also Homura had spire for herself on the moon chunk that was kinda like the one blue penis man made on Mars in The Watchmen.



She became a with what?



Wrote that right when I woke up so I wouldn't forget it. That's why it is a ramble with shit spelling.



Using your own board as a dream diary is pretty ingenious, actually. I'd do it too if I went to bed with my computer.



Typed that on my phone in Exodus actually since I keep it on my nightstand.



I can't type on phones for shit, especially not after just waking up.


I barely remember any dreams nowadays, and when I do it's not much, but a while ago I dreamt I was in some warehouse or something and mein waifu was there and I was really excited and wouldn't stop hugging her. When I woke up my heart was dokidoki for days.


New dream!

>taking a tour of a giant factory that makes robots for domestic service

>get separated from the tour group with another person

>we end up in chamber where a giant squid/bug monster with machine parts attached to it is

>it's talking with its subordinate, smaller cyborg squid monsters about the secret robot army production lines the factory also has

>me and the other guy get spotted by the giant leader squid

>we escape the factory into the woods

>the squids sent out the military robots after us and also have laser artillery they use to set the woods on fire and flatten them

>spot one of the subordinate squids leading the robots in the woods

>pick up a gun from a robot destroyed by friendly artillery fire

>snipe the squid

>continue fleeing from the woods into the city

>the guy I'm with gets killed by a collapsing building that was hit by laser fire

>hiding in a building while robot tropps pass on the street below

I woke up at that point.


I had some weird dream tonight but I can barely remember or piece it together. All I do remember is I went to school with Coppola and tg230. How did I know who they were? Simple, their nicknames simply hovered next to their faces.

There was also some conversation I had with teegee in the toilet but I don't remember what the fuck that was.



Were they faceless old men?



Faces in my dreams are a bit 'fleeting' in nature, I guess. I remember teegee was dark haired and had glasses tho.


i had a dream about a tengu…but i don't remember anything else


File: 1431906451974.png (154.26 KB, 400x600, 2:3, tengu-dimensions.png)


Tengu, eh?


File: 1431906562909.png (368.75 KB, 800x800, 1:1, aya_boob_poke.png)




I dreamt about playing soccer last night. Usually I have no balance or coordination in these sorts of dreams but this time I was fine. Instead I kept getting my boots caught in the net. Also my friend from primary school was there.


I had a dream last night but didn't write it down when I woke up and now I can't remember what it was.


I had a dream



My one dream is a world without jews.


Just had the latest in my car accident themed nightmares that I've been having since my wreck last September.

>about turn out of the parking a local high school (not my alma mater)

>while I'm stopped I see a blue sports car speeding along and in the opposite direction a large truck is coming

>when the car and truck are both approximately in the front of the drive out from the high school the truck swerves into the oncoming lane and hits the sports car

>the sports car gets the worst of it and is twisted and the back is on fire

>I see the car's driving struggling to get out through the window since the door can't open

>I rush out of my car to help pull the guy out

>I put on my back and carry him away from the burning car

>while handling him I feel the back of his head and touch an identation that's wet with blood and mushy

>I ignore that and put him down and look at this face

>he has my face

Was so spooked I woke up.


>at some kind of a party in a natural park

>It's extremely dark and there are bugs every where

>someone tells me to light the bug bond fires

>I grope around in the dark until I find a stone hearth labeled BBF #4

>I drop a match into do it and it begins roaring

>It someone how makes 2 of the other bondfires turn on

>the fires scare away the bugs and provide so much light it seems like day

>the last fire is unlit and the largest

>the chain reaction that started the other two isn't enough to start it

>someone suggests we gather kindling to put in its pit

>I gather armful of twigs and stuff and throw it in the pit

>after I do this a few times the fire comes on and scares away the remaining bugs

>things work well for a while

>but then a fire tornado escapes from the big bug fire

>it burns up a fat lady that was lying on a bench

>there is a department store in the park for some reason

>asian man that is somehow controlling the fire tornado uses it to break in and distract people while he steals things

>I was the only person that realized the asian guy was controlling it

>he sneaks out of the store and dissipates the fire tornado

>I confront him

>he gives me some of what he stole in exchange for not ratting him out


I dreamt of a Twain world.


I was playing a 40k VR FPS in multiplayer mode. It was my first time playing and the match was imperial guard vs eldar, I was on the eldar team. I did not see much of my teammates at all so I stuck around and defended ohr base from the enemy team. The ig players were all clones of the same fat and dumb women so it was easy. I was about to get in one of the eldar tanks and blast a large group of them.

Before this I was in another VR mecha game that vaguely resembled BF2142.


File: 1432326531907.jpg (65.87 KB, 659x710, 659:710, 1376426163989.jpg)

i had a dream about watchind kiniro mosaic and the girls all was acting lewd as fuck, like alice was talking talking about paizuri and ayaya being even gayer


File: 1432326820988.jpg (159.61 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, ayaya_getting_laid_tonight.jpg)


Sounds like a good dream my man.


I cannot remember any details from my dream last night except that it contained a giant spider that was talking to me telepathically and had tricked me into thinking the voice was coming from a women.


I forgot to remember last night's dream ;_;



If you forget your dream and it was a bad one it's guaranteed to come true. If it was good it never will.


I had one of my weirdest dreams, it was about trying to ask a date to Sonico and i was like fapping with her panties


File: 1433892100486.jpg (101.39 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, Sonico_10.jpg)


Cute and lewd.


Unfortunately I only remember a few parts from last night's dream.

>I am trapped on a plane with one other man

>the plane is being used to contain some kind of memetic monster that feeds on and corrupts human thoughts

>me and the other guy are in contact with some outside agency that is quarantining the plane

>I convince them the monster ate my thoughts and died somehow so we can get off the plane

>things I don't remember

>I need to get information from a female werewolf and her daughter

>they're both out grilling in their backyard while wearing short jean shorts and tanktops (in normal human forms, not as wolves)

>milfwolf smells that I'm getting horny from seeing them that like that

>she and her daughter fuck me while feeding me meat from off the grill

>milfwolf's little boy comes out the backdoor to see what's going on and she snaps at him to go back inside and hide in the basement

>other things I don't remember

>I am on the run from the same agency from earlier with the other man from the airplane

>the agency thinks we'll come peacefully though

>fuck that we're setting up an ambush on the convoy pursuing us

>this consists of rocket batteries pointed at the road from like 10 meters away

>the convoy drivers do not find this suspicious and park in the middle of them while the blond short agency representative gets out to talk to us

>we shoot the rockets


Then I woke up.


I was picking up my little brother from gradeschool but when I went inside to get him someone smashed up my car and stole parts from it. Also the roads around the school were thin looking metal plates suspended over pits.

Earlier in the dream I was showing Macross DYRL to my dad and cousin.


The only thing I remember is saying "I don't like dreams like these" after waking up.



>shoplifting from a convenience store Nepgear works at

>two girls making out and humping each other a bench I walk past

>getting caught stealing cake from a restaurant by a big black man


File: 1436635602974.jpg (1.16 MB, 3000x2111, 3000:2111, 1365385018876.jpg)

I had an SS13 related one.

Obviously everything was broken by the end.



What horror


Had a dream where several animu grills were straddling me and trying to have sex. It didn't work because somehow I got phimosis so strong it made peeling the dick back impossible.

Armchair psychology this one for me, Freudfags.



Subconsciously you know you're completely impotent.



Could be worse. Nice digits.


I don't remember anything except that I had this really sweet netbook running XFCE. It was styled like an old Thinkpad but had a modern processor and graphics card somehow.



You're a damn nerd



I dreamed my pc got taken over by skiddies and they were reading my IRC logs. Scary.


I worked at a 3D CGI animation studio. I had chosen to break in to it at night with a coworker so that we could do extra work on a big project. We were caught and I put under house arrest. I decided I was going to break out so I caught one of the deer that go through my backyard and hid myself in it. Like in its chest cavity somehow. Inside the deer I used it to sneak past the police guarding my house. I got to the backyard of a house few houses away and "got out of" the deer. It scampered along but I had gotten out too early. The police spotted me and dragged me back to the house.


I worked at the hotel in a very large city. There was a cute girl working there who was Mikoto from GGG. She had the special power that when she predicted the winner of a bet that person would win. For a while just kind of standard slice of life hijinks but then the people who were in the post office next door turned out to be evil.The started launching flying post office trucks with bombs on them towards us. First I got in a plane and shot them down but then I had to infiltrate the base because they were going to launch a truck with a nuke on it. After some very violent escapades I got a magical piece of paper with diagrams of eyes on it. When I touched the diagrams of eyes it would be like touching the eyes of the pilots of the nuke trucks. So I stopped the nuke truck drivers by basically blinding them and saved the day. I did it all Mikoto had bet I would win so fate compelled me.




Why are you always working in your dreams?





File: 1443008219799.jpg (75.94 KB, 1024x600, 128:75, Tsukuyomi_scolding_meiya_&….jpg)

Here's my dream.

I was moving out or something, when i got to my new place i went in and there was a lot of people and some ojou-sama generic blonde slut, it looked more like a library actually, then she started talking to me about how to actually do something and how i just have to DO IT.

I-Is my brain trying to tell me something?



justdo it


File: 1443035160812.png (332.08 KB, 600x600, 1:1, 1415562941146.png)


Quit chans, quit IRC, quit anime, quit porn, quit the internet. Quit computers and anything IT related. Quit your family. Quit america. Quit everything you ever knew or were familiar with. Become a hermit or normalfag because there's nothing left for your to do.

This is the only way for you to escape. Do it. It's the only way. No one but you can do it. Do it now or stay a slave to yourself forever. Do it. Do it or leave it.

Only this way can your dream of a slutty blonde ojou-sama gf become reality.



Okay, Miss Internet Psychologist.


I was in a wet cave with a ladder at one end. I climbed the ladder it came out inside a dark hallway of some big sci-fi type installation. I looked one and I saw a wolfman poking his head out from the corner. This spooked me so I ran in the other direction towards a convenience store looking room that was lit up. There I found a crowbar and climbed into some pipes along the wall to try to defend myself from the approaching wolfman. The wolfman entered the room but couldn't reach me. After that an even bigger full werewolf and a pack of rabid dogs entered the room. The werewolf directed the dogs to jump up and attack me and one was biting my leg when I woke up into another dream. I was in my bedroom at my parents house. I went downstairs to get a glass of water and I saw a ghost girl outside the window. This spooked me so much I woke up for real maybe.



Werewolves hunt in packs?



Well there was only one werewolf. He just ran a pack of lesser canines.



Most games that had werewolves in them (excluding the Witcher) had them hunt in packs and/or control lesser canines like in teegee's dream. Don't know what mythological werewolves are supposed to be like though, generally I stay away from vampire/werewolf books.


I lived on the halo installation in Halo 1. Except it was mostly a human civilian installation before the Covenant/Flood arrived. I was an intelligence analyst for the UN forces. Nothing much happened except for the town I worked in becoming depopulated and a few of the Flood forms walking around.



At least you weren't Jenkins.


My dad got laid off so I moved back home to take care of my parents. For some reason the house had a nuclear missile silo in the basement. A neighbor convinced me to help to steal one of the warheads from the basement. We were loading it into his truck in the driveway when I realized it was a dream and woke up.


I don't remember what exactly happened but it had something to do with kissing two girls and them fighting each other over me.


I was riding a motorbike then I realized I don't know how to ride one and freaked out, then I ran out of fuel.


I woke up and my older brother and his wife were at my apartment. I woke up again and they were there and this time my brother was going through my games. After that I woke up again and I was in a tatami apartment with shiba. One of the walls of the apartment fell away and we were in a spirit world. A giant 18 wheeler truck passed by and its two driver were a nice older couple. They got out and we had bbq with them and a nice ghost. After that the truckers gave me and the dog a trip back to the human world and they dropped us off outside of a highway tunnel.


File: 1445107606504.jpg (53.2 KB, 960x720, 4:3, 1443656876159.jpg)

I almost finally had a lewd dream but I woke up before the lewd really started. ;_;


I had a dream I woke up a couple of hours earlier and was actually productive.


I had a nightmare where I ran away from ghosts and bought a WiiU,



>Bought a WiiU

Yeah, I can see how this would be a nightmare.



The worst part is that in the dream I bought TWO limited special amiboo editions of Splatoon so I could give one to my sister.


Dreamed I was conscripted into a boot camp of some sorts and ended up liking it. At the end I was having breakfast when some drill sarge came up to me and asked me to put down my identification number on a sheet of paper. I remember thinking "Oh shit, am I getting promoted?" and then I woke up.

I always wake up when the fun's about to start ;_;


Dreamed I was some high ranking knight charged with protecting a princess. She looked like Ange but with blue eyes. I saw her and her servant off with a carriage and proceeded to the town inn where I got drunk outside (cause I'm secretly in love with the princess). I'm sitting outside on a bench alone, having my drink when I see the princess and her servant walking down the street, their clothes wet and in shambles. I approached them, offered the princess my coat and asked them what happened. Their carriage was attacked by some kinda monster and they barely made it out alive. I gave my woolen shirt to the servant and he's off to the castle to inform them what happened.

Princess went with me to my house, to dry off lest she get a cold. Inside my room she strips to her undies and just stands there looking at me, I'm just baffled like some dumb anime MC when she suddenly hugs me out of nowhere and keeps looking into my eyes pleadingly. She was about to say something, I woke up.

Every time ;_;



Remember this dream pretty vividly cause I couldn't get the image of the almost naked princess pressing up against my chest all day at uni.



I must say you fail as a knight.



I never asked for this. Anyway, I'd have boned that hime-sama if I didn't wake up then.


I dreamed that I married one of my older sister's friends. But on the first night we realized that neither of us really wanted to be together. In order to save face we resolved to wait several months before publicly getting divorced. In this dream I worked at an Italian restaurant as chef and I ended up falling in love with and dating a waitress there. I told the waitress about my situation and she was willing to wait for me to get divorced so that I could marry her after. Unfortunately I woke up before this story could come to a conclusion.


File: 1449497573176.jpg (59.14 KB, 445x488, 445:488, 1373025748724.jpg)

Dreamed me and Coppola were doing reps but our places were reversed. I was 2 weeks ahead and he behind. And they weren't Nip reps, they were Java reps.

I was teaching Coppola how to code Java Enterprise applications (TM). He kept asking me questions and showing me programming problems like we do with Kanji on IRC.

Weird ass dream.


I dreamt I was trying to go to sleep but there was a party going on outside. Someone yelled so loudly I woke up in real life.



naSSic: ok i just remembered a seriously stupid dream from last night

Mir: No….

naSSic: i was at grandma's place

naSSic: and there was this cool cat that was around a lot

naSSic: and it was really smart and bounced and jumped a lot

naSSic: and i was doing some cooking of like a big lasagne or cake or something

naSSic: and i put this cat on the food in the oven and its like "yay! yay!"

naSSic: and i turned it on and it starts going round and round

naSSic: then i start talking to someone else

naSSic: and i realise "oh shit the cat's been in there too long!"

naSSic: and i open the oven and its fucking deep fried and dead

Mir: You are fucked up

Mir: Don't talk to me



While planning my schedule for 2016 I realised I was late for some classes and that they were going to run from 3.30pm to 11.30pm on one day. I arrived at 4.30 with Lutfi and Sophie in a big class that had nothing to do with Chinese, and realised I had no paper or pen and was out of battery on my phone. I asked for paper but I got headshot and had to start again, this happened a few times and some big name people in forward rows (incl. justus rozemond) were clearly getting sick of the delay. Obama came in and starting scolding us but he revealed himself to be an impostor playing a joke on us.



Was going through a long shopping district / hallway late at night and I saw Tekken 6 and Go

By Train 3 arcade machines. I found Adam Miller sitting at a table and asked what time it was,

he told me it was 6am. It got very quiet as I realised it was early and people had been

sleeping here overnight.

Was sitting next to a white Rainbow Dash at a dining table. She was moving around a whole lot.

A new CSGO operation was out, bringing back Black Gold and Mist and introducing 12-13 brand

new maps including four Hostage ones and a Ruins clone.


Had a weird dream where a girl snuck behind me in the toilet stall and tried to make me piss on her vagoo.


I had a dream when i traslate the novels of monogatari and meet NisioIsiN


This time I dreamed with... a Illya route


File: 1458761398766.jpg (106.82 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, [UTW]_Fate_Kaleid_Liner_Pr….jpg)


The route got made.

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