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New site now open - www.4phonestuff.co.uk/forum/
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If anyone believes that there is content of them posted within this board, please send an email with the link and info to phonestuff3@ymail.com

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Use this thread for general discussions
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Just to set the record straight, as I've had a few abusive emails/messages.

I have nothing to do with threephonestuff, apart from getting asked for my help to initially set the forums/sub-forums up for the new owner when he asked me to.

I had nothing to do with the supposed hack, as the new owner took away most of my permissions after he got what he wanted.

I've seen several messages on other boards/forums, from people saying that they are me (even using my avatars) and looks like they are just trying to cause trouble. I don't know exactly who they are, but have my suspicions.

I've set this board up, as I've had a few requests to do something, and I don't want to go to the effort of a full site yet, if it's just going to have trouble makers screw things up.
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Fair play mate - Ive been around since the early days when it was just an ftp site… such a shame its all gone a bit tong!


Hope people start using this, to go somewhere else would cost


what happened at the old (new) site? It was just getting momentum and then got closed? I saw the bitching/ moaning sign but never saw any on the site itself?


The owner got scared in the Kik thread when people started talking about illegal content, and closed the thread citing bitching and lact of content (despite content being posted earlier that day, and hardly any complaining). He closed the site later that day, likely after taking some VIP payments.


Oh I started the KIK thread but was always careful what I posted and what I viewed (as we all are on line) . I was a invited VIP on there and posted a 15 page thread ok good KIK vids.
I did notice a few days after payment VIPS were offered he'd shut it but thought that was a coincidence


I was using the site back when it was accessed from mobiles, and then was invited to be Admin when it got more popular and went onto a proper website.
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I haven't been a member on there since it had the supposed hack a few weeks back, so haven't actually seen what went on.

But, a few people have message me, saying that the new owner was being a bit of an arse with them, and a couple of people mentioned possible illegal content, but haven't had anyone say for certain.
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Heard this too, but only ever seen the page saying "due to the amount of bitching and shit I'm not willing to run this board anymore".

A couple of people have emailed me asking about the VIP payments, as apparently the new site was charging £7+ per month.

All I can do is pass on the email details that I have for the new owner. Please email me at phonestuff3@ymail.com or contact me on the twitter page #3phonestuffinfo and I'll give you the contact details that I have for him.


Please feel free to post anything that is 18+ you have, but please post a screenshot with any vids
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This seems like a much better idea than another forum.

…although it's gonna a take a while to re-up everything.


I'll start uploading stuff when I get time at the weekend


Yeah, and means people can either post anonymously, or post their name as well. Up to the user.

Looking forward to some content. I'll also be having a big push at weekend with a load of vids.


Third time lucky!


You have your suspicions…

Yea don't be assuming it's me you bell end.. i have better things to do than pretend i'm you, plus i'll just say what a cunt you are as me.

Nice VIP you have btw haha want me to share my 80GB and more of original content ? haha

Oh yea, what happened to that lie you told everyone you bought 3ps off the original owner.. more lies eh.


Wtf is that last post about? If your going to moan at least give us some background info or it just sounds mental



basically bri lied once again as he always does. he said he bought 3ps off itarang tut tut


On threephonestuff.co.uk there was a pic of a girl in check dress and stockings on a train. Can someone upload that please :)


JUSTME. I never mentioned you, as I don't think you're actually smart enough to have tried it.

What you going on about VIP. I had nothing to do with the new threephonestuff site, other than setting the layout and the forums/subforums for new owner.

When did I say I bought 3ps off itarang?
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File: 1426620788624.jpg (575.9 KB, 1160x1680, 29:42, Homework v2_edited-1.jpg)

how much to set up a new proper site


Well to be fair it looks like this place is not working, which is a shame


what exactly do you mean not working. please email me at phonestuff3@ymail.com

take a screenshot of any issues you have.


Sorry I didn't mean the site as in not working, I was talking more as in no one is really uploading any content or is slow gaining momentum at least


Can someone please set up a proper site again. I don't know how to or else I would. So much content is being missed out on :-(


Someone need to make a site this is really getting bad at the min


I can't make a site. I just don't have the time to set one up. Would it not be better to kind of hijack an existing forum. There must be 100's about the net . Simple spread the word that we are using a specific forum. Start a thread up called 3phonestuff and hey presto. Please not oneclickchicks tho I find it frustrating that u have to pay for their stuff.


would love to see a new site but quite understand it takes time and money to set up and i wouldnt know where to start.



It's fucked again


And again

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