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1e1987 No.10048[Reply]

4am thread, new BO edition because other BO was a tard and got removed

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d453d4 No.12708

File: 0cc14217307fe9d⋯.jpg (63.36 KB, 960x540, 16:9, f2e.jpg_large.jpg)


Nah, we should do it ironically tbh. He's probably gotten kidnapped by the yakuza or something anyway.

File: 32451deee29786e⋯.jpg (12.2 KB, 222x227, 222:227, thank god.jpg)

1d6e38 No.11316[Reply]

This whole board is a shit.


Bublic lugs :DDDD: https://sys.8ch.net/log.php?page=1&board=4am

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92967f No.12584

I want huey back

File: 303da0b7bcaca90⋯.webm (9.96 MB, 400x400, 1:1, Shit's Fucked Up.webm)

2a6a26 No.11322[Reply]


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b84412 No.12615

File: 0c2d2ee5d381021⋯.webm (481.59 KB, 640x360, 16:9, cinnamon and garlic.webm)

sleep is for faggots

have a webm

a618ee No.12624

File: 8ae89d553e344f8⋯.webm (7.11 MB, 640x480, 4:3, 8ae89d553e344f8839743573a….webm)

c7edc3 No.12640


What is this masterpiece and why i crave more of it

f65fcd No.12669

File: 6d95306b43e434a⋯.webm (1.26 MB, 480x320, 3:2, moon.webm)


It was a one off thing Yuru Yuri did for one episode.

47a90d No.12681

File: 4dc724f35074371⋯.webm (1.96 MB, 640x360, 16:9, 1501175714712.webm)

File: 884a77d7c78d580⋯.jpg (276.6 KB, 1024x713, 1024:713, 36b1682f196dc86e1fa04496c2….jpg)

3dc626 No.12581[Reply]

When I browse this board I keep seeing like the same 4 flags or something.

I think there are just a few posters who post repeatedly

Anyone else has that feel? I like this board I'd like it to be more active.

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811239 No.12583

File: 4d6da3ee9749545⋯.png (225.3 KB, 556x521, 556:521, 4d6da3ee97495452c8954e8710….png)

There are more posters. We're all just waiting for you to leave.

a0c44f No.12639


Germany get out and don't come back till you free the Fatherland

f8ab95 No.12664

Good anime

File: 54072ee72fe137d⋯.png (25.43 KB, 103x221, 103:221, Screenshot at 2017-08-18 0….png)

8b0e5b No.12474[Reply]

Who is qt peeking about the scroll bar of my display monitory?

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f5e268 No.12618

That's Ritsu from K-On, the best anime ever made.

She's my favorite.

010071 No.12620

That's our colective pet, she's forever worried about our taciturn ways and it's effect on our sanity.

b3fbf3 No.12631


delet this

929671 No.12632

literal worst girl

ff145b No.12643

File: bb233575de43461⋯.jpg (54.52 KB, 544x540, 136:135, lIZCU.jpg)

File: f8413716b56b3bf⋯.jpg (30.87 KB, 641x315, 641:315, pepsi.JPG)

9ef1b2 No.11872[Reply]

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a1a558 No.12180


Do not respond to coon runes,

ade182 No.12182


He's upset he's getting banned for avatarfagging.

e3cc61 No.12233


>november 2016

ade182 No.12235

File: 8c61f71b1d31d04⋯.gif (1.8 MB, 500x476, 125:119, 8c61f71b1d31d04926b940a8b2….gif)


Doesn't change he's complaining about mods while breaking the rules :^)

b72e1e No.12316

File: 930620faa7cfade⋯.jpg (70.82 KB, 730x768, 365:384, 23818b104fced484d099aeca28….jpg)


first off i dindu nuffin

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

81c772 No.12607[Reply]

I'm a pedofag, and this is my story.

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81c772 No.12608

wrong board

4881ac No.12609


It's ok, I got you

5759fc No.12619


I totally understand, anon.

I had a similar situation with thi girl called Akari who tricked me and seduced me into knocking her out and storing her in the back of my van.

Good times.

Just don't overdo it, or better yet, kill yourself.

File: d29e8c1e63c7ac9⋯.jpg (170.7 KB, 736x620, 184:155, b6e2b3f5b7db1ec2e15dad7842….jpg)

e0a2ce No.12436[Reply]

What vidya do you usually play?

I like to play League, but I dont play it at night because I have trouble focusing when I'm tired, I also like World of Warcraft and Doom.

Sorry for the blogpost, please dont ban me I'm lonely.

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ec7be5 No.12564

File: 4f1fc2d046af8b3⋯.jpg (131.52 KB, 630x420, 3:2, 1428227355280.jpg)

I'm still up for playing strike vector.

3cde6d No.12568


I like to play turn based strategy games, rpgs and sometimes TPSs.

72550c No.12596

File: 59829948bb71b96⋯.jpg (327.78 KB, 670x748, 335:374, 1498722678.jpg)

I played a dying game from 2007 recently.

be71ae No.12597


what game was it?

ede2c3 No.12599


Team Fortress 2

File: 0d6d32660e39718⋯.jpg (34.5 KB, 280x385, 8:11, Thisride.jpg)

725008 No.12537[Reply]

So where are you faggots going to go when cuckflare decides to drop 8chan?

6df726 No.12540

File: a0efb3e69dfa544⋯.png (841.7 KB, 1226x810, 613:405, 1447809518655.png)

I might see if tohnochan gets any pop, otherwise I'll just jump into random irc rooms and idle.

ef2aff No.12576

File: 42d6f2e072b235d⋯.gif (51.09 KB, 266x200, 133:100, 200_s.gif)

pay them a visit

795ac4 No.12579

File: 0a6c2df456df62f⋯.jpg (11.9 KB, 438x300, 73:50, 1424239899777-0.jpg)


Do it faggot.

File: 0ce6bdde12dc97e⋯.png (64.99 KB, 1200x900, 4:3, 0ce6bdde12dc97ebb2703d9520….png)

4d457a No.12234[Reply]

it's always 4 am somewhere

it's 4 am for me right now

fa6a4a No.12570

File: 6802e7c72e81139⋯.jpg (31.47 KB, 773x645, 773:645, 310f19a8fe91454fe8980d3028….jpg)

d0d122 No.12571

File: 831c2877ee233f3⋯.jpg (27.47 KB, 500x334, 250:167, 2e1bd847d14f6814d377df1707….jpg)

>got new job

>cooking breakfast at hotel

>shift starts at 4:45 in the goddamn morning

>it's my day off and I'm still waking up at 4

I-it's not like I want to be here or anything…

File: 13600b04132e94a⋯.png (392.48 KB, 498x750, 83:125, (facism moderate tone down….png)

60e337 No.12411[Reply]

What do you think of moderates?

d0ac58 No.12412

File: 05af08ff869824f⋯.jpg (186.7 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, 1463890660272.jpg)

Facism is cancer, lol.

80325e No.12415

File: d4a24315c9e1b7e⋯.png (580.21 KB, 588x766, 294:383, 1447820920978-2.png)

>not being a centrist

c6e3f1 No.12565


>What do you think of moderates?

no such thing


>being slave to the whims and ideology of 2 opposing parties

0f1d70 No.12569

File: 2ad6bfaf8cef701⋯.gif (1.98 MB, 430x530, 43:53, 2ad6bfaf8cef7014fe71474bd1….gif)

Strong beliefs are conducive to a strong person. The issue arises when those beliefs are dangerous to innocent people, like communist beliefs. But fence sitters are the worst imo. Just leaves being blown along by others, never attempting to care about anything important or trying to influence the world around them.

File: 2947d361e6379db⋯.gif (179.66 KB, 226x224, 113:112, eec49208fdda5a6f28864abdc6….gif)

959517 No.12418[Reply]

What keeps you awake a t night?

i have some sleeping issues. im always too warm when i go to sleep so it takes me 1 - 2 hours until i am asleep. when i get sleep its usually 5-6 hours

and i wake up sweat drenched. also i cant sleep when theres something i have to do

like last night i had like 2 hours of sleep because i had a broken sex tox and i wanted too throw it in a trashcan somewhere outside, so when i woke up at 2 am i took it and went outside when nobody was there and threw it away also i couldnt sleep afterwards just like now so im gonna browse 8chan and or watch anime/ play vidja

38a1f1 No.12422

File: b6c5fa21f81687c⋯.png (194.95 KB, 704x396, 16:9, 1501032800.png)

>What keeps you awake at night?

I have a bad habit of changing my sleep scheldule, this mostly happens by me staying up reading imageboards and watching anime.

>i had a broken sex toy

>owning sex toys

5e63bf No.12423

File: 51ad6896677735f⋯.jpg (61.42 KB, 403x873, 403:873, 1451748007678.jpg)

I end up spending too much time on 8chan, playing the one or two games I can even stomach, or skimming youtube. Granted I close usually have to be up before noon since I have to be getting ready for work at random times.



File: 2f8cc2617ba5f82⋯.jpg (48.32 KB, 776x661, 776:661, reggiediedforyourturds.jpg)

0f49a9 No.11589[Reply]

why is this board so dead?

some good bantz were had here

9 posts and 7 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

952780 No.11827

File: 9383aa1ca77057b⋯.jpg (181.58 KB, 985x865, 197:173, 9383aa1ca77057b5c3b53acd28….jpg)




1c77a0 No.11832

File: e4168587e4f7212⋯.webm (2.28 MB, 510x382, 255:191, venezuela.webm)

952780 No.11835

File: dd52ea8d91ba518⋯.jpg (41 KB, 600x450, 4:3, CiCUJd9U4AAU5WQ.jpg)


If it's not my specific sub-sub-subbrand of Socialism, it's not real Socialism.

1c77a0 No.11836

File: 862f7125eb1f9de⋯.jpg (74.76 KB, 445x827, 445:827, 1e5da39084f3c5f08f9a033a2f….jpg)


Clearly, we should try this new and inovative flavor of socalism sense it's obviously the real thing.

952780 No.11863

File: c598a0cbd73f3af⋯.jpg (35.17 KB, 750x557, 750:557, e92f565874da5e9eedc26f05bd….jpg)



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