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File: 1461254317854.jpg (762.43 KB, 5000x4535, 1000:907, heightmap.jpg)


DL link: http://file.lunas.host/Public/Serbia.zip

Enjoy your custom map by Chien (tm) :^)

(viruses and spyware included)

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can i have a download for the real world map please? the one that was on the server 2 days ago?

File: 1460324730932.png (4.59 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, imgpsh_fullsize (1).png)


4CHAB – short for 4chan Autism Blox – is a minecraft server by people from 4chan, for people from 4chan. With a custom-made map that some ghoul made for us by slaving away for weeks, the focus of 4CHAB lies on building your own civilization in hardcore survival mode. Trade with others, raid them for their resources (or just for fun), go explore or do whatever you want to, really. The first time you join, or everytime you die without a set bed, you will be spawned randomly within the world.

Connect using the following address


Steam group: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/4chab

Since vanilla minecraft is pure, distilled and unadulterated shit, we have the following features;


Arguably our most unique feature is the map itself. It is built from scratch and completely custom. The map is earth-like, considering the warm biomes are near the equator and the further you go north/south the colder the biomes will get. There are several major continents, and a large amount of sea seperating each one. There are plenty of small islands aswell, each one being unique. Instead of having nether portals, the map has certain areas that works just like the nether. In these areas nether mobs will spawn just like in the regular nether. This map has been worked on for a while, which means it features lots of details while its also fairly large (Around 20k x 20k).

http://imgur.com/xp3se3b (Rough Map)


We are running the latest Minecraft 1.8.8 jars for best server efficiency, Any 1.8.x client can join without issue.


Lets you claim a certain area using power. You lose power once you die, making it pPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

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>nearly dead


A corpse isn't "nearly dead" just because it has a few maggots crawling inside.

File: 1460503637336.jpg (474.01 KB, 2000x1819, 2000:1819, c5JOXtc.jpg)


Any questions regarding the map go here.

Brief introduction to the map;


Climate is similar to earth, meaning there is hot biomes near the equator, and cold ones near the poles.

There are two independent nether biomes.

Note: everywhere where the terrain is over 45 degrees steep, there is 'plains' biome (in order to prevent snow from setting there)


The map is covered with a mix of vanilla and custom made trees and shrubs, according to the climate and elevation.

You can also find rocks laying on the ground, some of which may contain ores.


Reduced from vanilla on the whole map, however there are larger veins of ores added aswell


The map is roughly 20k x 20k big

Sea level is at 50

The ground cover is 15-20 blocks deep

More info to come

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File: 1461168218964.png (3.21 MB, 2000x1814, 1000:907, 1460765311422.png)

Claiming far south

My ingame name is MisterKopri, for the record

File: 1460822979898.jpg (1.56 MB, 5000x4535, 1000:907, 4chab_blank.jpg)


Mark out where you live on this map, or don't, if you wanna be secret about it.

—This is not a "claims" map, only mark out the areas you have actually claimed with factions—

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File: 1461018852574.jpg (3.08 MB, 5000x4535, 1000:907, 4chab_blank5.jpg)

File: 1458750367953.png (400.67 KB, 600x696, 25:29, 1453470621778.png)



If you want to write for the blog sign up for account on wordpress and give me your e-mail so I can invite you. My Skype id: n3light.

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File: 1462307756481.png (83.75 KB, 300x300, 1:1, jammku avatar.png)


Does anyone have a save of the old map?

Tried to log-in and it was an /int/craft server.

I just wanted to showcase my base is all.

File: 1462307739256.png (83.75 KB, 300x300, 1:1, jammku avatar.png)


Anyone got a save of the old map?

Tried to log-in and it was an /int/craft server.

I just wanted to showcase my base is all.

File: 1462002136456.jpg (70.81 KB, 600x600, 1:1, 1434206714632.jpg)



File: 1460871879315.png (108.33 KB, 400x381, 400:381, 1456070440145.png)





yeah fuck this

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Is that tard really making a vanilla Minecraft Server with no rules or plugins at all?

Tell me something, 2braindead2think, what's preventing me from surrounding Spawn with lavafalls and stone walls to prevent any new players from actually playing the game, as well as breaking every bed I see to force every one to spawn in the middle of said lava pit?

What's preventing me from going around blowing shit up and dumping every chest's content to the ground so it despawns after a while?

Because I don't really feel like having to give you a practical lesson on multiplayer games, but I can find 5 minutes for it, though.

And an even better question, why would anyone play on your shitty server when there's Rust, Dayz, Haven&Hearth, Salem and a ton of other crappy games focused around "no rulez, you can kill anyone!"?



>what's preventing me from surrounding Spawn with lavafalls and stone walls

spawn is a square kilometer, good luck

>as well as breaking every bed I see

people not making there shit 1 km from spawn

>What's preventing me from going around blowing shit up and dumping every chest's content to the ground so it despawns after a while?

nothing, and again, people not being fucktards like you

>And an even better question, why would anyone play on your shitty server

wow I don't know

It's over 5 years old btw and some swede owns it



>people not making there shit 1 km from spawn

So your entire defense against griefers is "If they don't know where your base is, they can't grief you!"

That sure sounds like the best aproach to foster a community and have people living together instead of everyone cowering in some hole far from everyone else's sight, afraid they'll steal everything when he is offline.

>nothing, and again, people not being fucktards like you

Oh, I get it. Your actual plan is to appeal to the good nature and conscious of your average minecraft player so that he doesn't grief everyone else.

Newsflash, you alcohol-syndrome, retardborn half-done abortion, I don't have a problem not being a dick to everyone else, you probably don't have a problem either not being a dick to everyone else, BUT there are people that literally can't have fun unless they are being dicks to everyone else. You get some form of plugin protection because of those, and if a player knows the server doesn't have such kind of protection, he is less likely to join since he knows someone is bound to be a dick to him.

>wow I don't know

>Hey, come plain on my server!


>lol idunno, maybe because I have braindamage?

If not even you have a good reason to join the server, why should anyone else join?

>It's over 5 years old btw and some swede owns it

You say that like it's a good thing. Having a server up for 5 years doesn't take players, just forgetting the monthly payments to your host being charged to you.




Just for reference, here: https://my.mixtape.moe/cogtme.mp4

This is just a fag that posts here and plays on intcraft. A fag that has nothing better to do than go grief other people's games for fun.

And he even uses cheats. In Minecraft.

Your server is just begging for people like that to join in and have "fun" their way.




damn nigger at least do a little bit of research on the server

here's a good place to start http://www.jamesrustles.com/

File: 1461127522617-0.png (2.97 MB, 2000x1284, 500:321, 4chab.png)

File: 1461127522618-1.jpg (115.55 KB, 908x540, 227:135, nice server faggot.jpg)



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>a minimap uses basically no resources

actually voxelmap uses a "lot" of resources

for toasters obviously


File: 1461407390817.jpg (39.41 KB, 657x527, 657:527, donutSTEEL.jpg)







just fuck OFF

every single one of your "arguments" has been refuted again and again by many people, yet still you stay, ghouling about "muh mods" "brogrammer dindu NUFFIN!" etc, etc, etc

and when people call you out on the pointlessness of your autism your only response is a rebbit tier "haha im ACTUALLY LAUGHING IRL RIGHT NOW AT YOU!!!!"

Once again: Brogrammer and his party of retards had their go, and they failed horrendously and was almost universally hated. Now its time to kill yourself



I wouldn't laugh at the rock, unless it kept trying to convince me about how sentient it really is when it clearly isn't.

Unless you are trying to tell me all intcraft servers fail on purpose, as if it's a feature, then I'll keep mocking everyone butthurt that their servers keep failing when no other outcome was even possible.


>historical server, historical server, historical server

When are you guys gonna implement permanent death then? That's a big historical thing too. When someone dies, he doesn't get to keep on making history. And this is even an option for Minecraft, you can turn a setting on or get a plugin that permabans people when they die. You could even have it for just a few hours, if you are too much of a pussy, I guess.

But you won't because that shit ain't fun. You aren't going to implement something that makes perfect sense from a "historical server" perspective because it's not fun.

And that's fine, that's a good reasoning. So tell me again why completely removing PvE or forcing PvP all the time where the only consequence is losing your city (since all fights are sieges only anyway) is considered a great idea when it's not fun, even if it's "historical server" correct?

Buildfagging is fucking retarded because while the creativity on the shit you can make is awesome, having to do it block by block can make it boring very fast.

And having to redo it everytime you lose at PvP (since all PvP is siege anyway) is not fun. You can give whatever memerecipes you want for 3456546 bricks, it doesn't matter. Players will still have to place them by hand one at a time. And this isn't even mentioning the mining and grinding, of course.

What you'd need is a plugin that allows for faster building of buildings provided you have the resources for them, not more resources. If there was a block where you could dump tons of wood and an houPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


File: 1461698436812.gif (129.58 KB, 344x472, 43:59, 1367169055868.gif)


>premade buldings takes away any originality

Hey Dave, guess what.

What if you could design your buildings first, then store them as a txt file and replicate them?

What if a faction could make a standard house for their cities and just replicate it everywhere, according to their culture?

What if people could share those files to give other factions a blueprint for great buildings, or even keep them from iteraction to iteraction?

Because that's what all of those mods support, not just a list of buildings they have already.

You could literally make a culture about sharing buildings and reusing them in your town for some great roman cities and the like.


Oi fuckface. I have a toaster as well, that I used to run Minecraft for a long time before. It's a piece of crap that shit's itself if I use more than 2GB for Minecraft and it manages to run a fairly large amount of mods.

The large amount of heavily modded servers out there with large communities also begs to differ with your "it can't handle too many players"

>95% of your players dont give enough of a fuck if they have to install a modpack

And those are the kind of people you want in your server? Because you gotta ask what exactly do they want and how much effort are they willing to put into it as well.

If they want to play with the intcraft community but aren't willing to spend 2-3 minutes installing a modpack given to them by the server OPs, then they aren't really THAT interested in playing here are they? Most likely they are the kind of players that leaves the server the moment the grace period ends anyway, so it's not like it's a big loss for you anyway…

>if you want a forge server fuck off to /vg/

And if I want a dead server I come to intcraft? lmao

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.



minecraft with mods LITERALLY runs well on a $200 thinkpad from ebay, or an even cheaper desktop.

No excuse fam

File: 1461296562582-0.gif (146 B, 16x11, 16:11, Antarctica.gif)

File: 1461296562582-1.gif (359 B, 16x11, 16:11, Bahrain.gif)

File: 1461296562583-2.gif (360 B, 16x11, 16:11, Barbados.gif)


It's time to admit that this little 4chan server "experiment" failed and that we were better off with /int/craft run by a staff not consisting of lebbit memeraiders. With that being said, when's the next /int/craft server coming up?



>when's the next time we are gonna do the same thing we've done before but with different results?


Although, I'm curious here. Who in the staff if a "lebbit memeraider"? Not saying they are or aren't that, but if you just keep invoking boogeymans without really attaching a person to it, that does nothing at all.

File: 1461556985185.png (215.15 KB, 854x480, 427:240, MINECRAFTW.png)


Just missed 2 days of 4chab and there's nobody on and people saying its dead, can someone tell me what the hell happened?



also on the off chance if there's a /k/ or /pol/ or /tg/ faction that needs someone my name is Bad_Voodoo and i need a faction. Fucking tired of playing alone.



everyone stopped playing because it's shit



Something something /pol/ or /a/ or both went on a rampage and as they outnumbered any other faction, it was a one sided massacre killing every faction and destroying their towns.

Everyone left and the "winners" followed after they realized they were playing on a server with no other faction.

It's like what happens in every single iteraction because it's the natural consequence to focusing on PvP and despite this being the 14th or so time it happened, nobody managed to learn their lesson yet.

Let's all make a new server where players are encouraged to join the biggest faction or be extinct when grace period ends.

Let's all make a new server that makes every faction just an extension of your Skype circlejerk unless you want to risk "spies".

Let's all make a server and advertize on 4chan to bring all the idiots that actually cheat in minecraft to this server.

Let's all make not give a fuck about how a faction is supposed to rebuild or just keep playing after it loses a war. And then when they quit the game, let's mock them and say "gitgud" as the server slowly dies.

File: 1461270280225.gif (561.02 KB, 500x581, 500:581, 1452750874838.gif)



Vote for the period you would like the new /int/craft to be set in. You can add your own answers.


Better poal, coming through:



File: 1461296840419.png (312.34 KB, 582x630, 97:105, 1460901217885.png)

>he didn't vote for cold war era /int/craft

File: 1461261580394.jpg (137.94 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 1447860279688.jpg)


Thanks lads, couldn't be more proud for killing the serb. Thank god this cancer has been removed in a quick, sudden blow. Love from the lads at /aco/,

SoulOfCinder & ILoovePuppies

Also props to the main qt, the star of the show, MVP, meido_

File: 1460933921983.png (1.49 MB, 1905x1005, 127:67, town.png)


Who /townwithonebuilding/ here?


>Architecture General




>on intcraft

Don't you know this server is 1337 pvp all day long? There's no place for that shit

Look at the awfull crap you made! There's no wall all around to deter invaders or water to stop TNT from blowing everything up.

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