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Let's catalog violence and casualties from the first day of the Christmas shopping season.

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There's actually a lot of stories out there already, but nothing showing the culprits yet.

File: 1869ac05ed4a879⋯.png (112.24 KB, 2000x1500, 4:3, teleports behind you.png)


What ever happened to Kummy Kenny?

Did he died?


File: 8dd8a43d05f5ddb⋯.jpg (98.72 KB, 1080x1089, 120:121, 8dd8a43d05f5ddbee21309e66d….jpg)

would you fuck his sister?

File: f578de5b9025be0⋯.jpg (10.17 KB, 225x225, 1:1, thinking.jpg)


should i play runescape classic


We should all be playing Runescape tbh, classic or otherwise. 4chon loyalist BLACKEDguard legion guild when?


made a new account here


(sold my old account from ~2007 back in the day)

anyone here actually down to eventually make a guild and do heh tier wildy sh*t


File: e9f8aab8b1aa11c⋯.png (88.39 KB, 365x608, 365:608, oldschool.png)


File: 8f5e001a72aa7a6⋯.png (392.36 KB, 624x446, 312:223, _98892311_datapic-mnangagw….png)


Zimbabwe's new president Mnangagwa vows to 're-engage' with world

In his inauguration speech, Mr Mnangagwa sought to reassure foreign investors to attract badly needed funds to revive Zimbabwe's failing economy.

And he also praised Mr Mugabe, calling him Zimbabwe's "founding father".

Mr Mnangagwa's dismissal as vice-president earlier this month led the ruling party and the army to intervene.

Mr Mugabe - who had wanted Grace Mugabe, the then-first lady, to take up the presidency - was forced to announce his resignation on Tuesday, ending 37 years of authoritarian rule.

Addressing Harare's packed 60,000-capacity National Sports Stadium, the new leader said Zimbabwe was now "ready and willing for a steady re-engagement with all the nations of the world".

He said "key choices will have to be made to attract foreign direct investment to tackle high-levels of unemployment while transforming our economy".

And pledging a "new destiny" for Zimbabwe, he added: "Let us humbly appeal to all of us that we let bygones be bygones."

Mr Mnangagwa - who had fled the country earlier this month only to return to a hero's welcome on Wednesday - also said that:

>Mr Mugabe's land reforms would not be reversed, but white farmers whose land was seized would be compensated

>"Acts of corruption must stop", warning of "swift justice"

>Elections scheduled for 2018 would go ahead as planned

>He would be "the president of all citizens, regardless of colour, creed, religion, tribe, totem or political affiliation"

Mr Mnangagwa has for decades been part of Zimbabwe's ruling elite. Despite his pledges, he is still associated by many with some of the worst atrPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

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it's white people who cares



you're mom



But will the world want to "reengage" with Zimbabwe?

Who cares about Zimbabwe tbqheh, famillions?



no she doesn't (i asked)


File: abcc67b0092c94f⋯.jpg (154.3 KB, 426x462, 71:77, Upset.jpg)


>get short haircut

>keep beard long

>hope it looks normal

>it almost looks mudslime-like


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Barbers need love, too.







>deeply personal question

That barber needs to st*p off!


is it autistic to have a braided beard like einar selvik



Yes, you big homo.

File: 276b734cd78295a⋯.jpg (40.63 KB, 600x600, 1:1, le hospital monkey face.jpg)


Nearly half of U.S. cancer deaths blamed on unhealthy behavior

A new look at cancer in the U.S. finds that nearly half of cancer deaths are caused by smoking, poor diet and other unhealthy behaviors.

That's less than commonly-cited estimates from more than 35 years ago, a result of new research methods and changes in American society. Smoking rates have plummeted, for example, while obesity rates have risen dramatically.

The study found that 45 percent of cancer deaths and 42 percent of diagnosed cancer cases could be attributed to what the authors call "modifiable" risk factors. These are risks that are not inherited, and mostly the result of behavior that can be changed, like exposure to sun, not eating enough fruits and vegetables, drinking alcohol and, most importantly, smoking.



Half of ur mom is explained by unhealthy behavior xD



By that I mean when shes sittin around the house shes sitting AROUND tha house if you nolmsayin

File: 748dc653964b0ef⋯.png (885.39 KB, 1000x750, 4:3, ClipboardImage.png)


i found a store that sells grillz today

should greenpurrp take the nigpill and get silver teeth?


do it


Don't do it you goofball. Or if you do at least post it here.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


u da corny goofball my n*gga

why are you tryna stop greenpurrp from shynin' on deez hoes wit dem fresh grillz on hiz teef

let a n*gga glow up doe sheeeit #swag


do it

File: 986465df389ffa2⋯.jpg (119.86 KB, 1000x791, 1000:791, DNurXknV4AAtfwJ.jpg)


>it's a designated shitposting board

>it still gets hotpocketed


literally all me

t. nick rochefort


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

me 14


File: 7cc4b38108e5473⋯.jpg (99.54 KB, 793x602, 793:602, 7a22b75c2ec132710e872748b6….jpg)

>flood detected

>for one single post

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normie yters cant into mres


*Awfully dull YouTube personalities do not know how to use Meal, Ready-to-Eat rations.


MREs are honestly terrible as a survival food, and among other things tend to cause constipation.

They are good for their intended use, which is having a convenient food that can be eaten out in the field with zero preparation, and that will last a gazillion years in a government warehouse.



>t. cuck

File: 65ab0200f9f8fd9⋯.jpg (59.96 KB, 390x640, 39:64, IMG_0727.JPG)


God is gender-neutral: Church of Sweden urges clergy to stop referring to 'the Lord' and 'He'

The Church of Sweden is urging its clergy to use gender-neutral language when referring to the supreme deity.

The national church, which is Evangelical Lutheran, asks priests and other staff to refrain from using terms like 'Lord' and 'He' in favor of the less specific 'God.'



they're right you know


File: d2e0577ea811b7f⋯.jpg (284.69 KB, 1500x970, 150:97, 1152340_460s.jpg)

Uh, I guess it's just too much work for these white cis-scum bigots to simply ask.


but why make such a big lesbo deal out of it tho



their gay


TECHNICALLY they're right.

But I know what these faggots are selling and I'm not buying it.

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


vaporwave/retrowave, 70s/80s/90s pop, lo-fi, vgm, & anime music thread

previous threads:


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YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


File: 7f20eb9403a20eb⋯.webm (13.51 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, Longboardin'.webm)


File: d01758795e4d659⋯.webm (4 MB, 500x216, 125:54, Perturbator - Death Squad.webm)



god i wish that were me



me the longboard

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>The progressive online news outlet the Young Turks abruptly cut ties with reporter Jordan Chariton, according to an email obtained by The Intercept, after initially placing him on administrative leave following allegations of sexual assault last week.

>Chariton was accused last week of sexual assault by a former employee at Truth Against the Machine, an organization he founded in addition to his work with the Young Turks. Chicago activist Christian Chiakulas first shared the allegations in a piece posted to HuffPost’s contributors section, a platform for self-publishing. HuffPost later took the piece down, according to Chiakulas.


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>2. Don't use company funds to prop up your own side project (in this case "Truth Against the Machine") without your boss's knowledge.

Honestly, we don't know if that was inappropriate or not from the standpoint of an outside observer. I don't trust Cenk's honesty, so what he might be doing here is giving himself an out in finding an additional reason to fire Chariton. Note that he also blamed poor communication from Chariton, again a problem not directly related to the merits of the case. He's being intentionally neutral on the allegations, but pointing out other things that will keep him & TYT from looking bad no matter which way this goes.



>That's not why he was fired.

Sure seems like that's exactly why he was fired.


But as always, what part of the accusations are true, and the speed by which people are ostracized and thrown on the sacrificial pyre, is it out of morality or, I dunno, might those doing the firing be responsible for even darker crimes? What is this fearmongering?


File: ad016368278959c⋯.jpg (4.62 MB, 2848x4288, 89:134, MET-ART_AF_332_0016.JPG)


>What is this fearmongering?

If you run an organization, particularly a political one, that has an individual accused of something like this, you are in a no-win situation. In fact, it may even be better for you if the person was clearly guilty, and then you fire him immediately, and then do everything you can to condemn and distance yourself from him.

This one is harder in a way, because the case looks really weak. If TYT throws a guy under the bus for complete bullshit, something that blows over in a couple of weeks because everyone sees that it's absolutely nothing, then they look pretty terrible as employers and as an organization, especially if Jordan was popular among their audience. Conversely, any type of loyalty at all to an employee can today be seen as condoning rape culture or whatever bullshit, so that is hard as well.


IMHO, Rebel Media fucked up in a big way when they fired Faith Goldy, as she was very popular among their core audience. The only reason they probably did it was backlash from Jewish donors. In some non-Rebel podcast, Faith said "the JQ."




When an employee is that much of a liability to your staff's morale and your investors, that is enough grounds to fire him. Especially if he admits on his blog to doing something that he shouldn't be doing.

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Speak of the devil, Lauren explains why she isn't married to you.

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1. All YouTube right-wing personalities are either current or "former" U.S. military, or come from military families, or have military Special-Ops boyfriends (if they're female, like Tomi Lahren and "Blonde in the Belly of the Beast").

2. Alex Jones hires current and "former" U.S. Special Ops agents and U.S. military intelligence officers to staff his company Infowars.



>btw regnery publishing publishes WN literature and zionist literature nearly exclusively,

Yes. White Zionism.



Henry Regnery founded Regnery Publishing (with CIA seed money). William Regnery II is Henry Regnery's nephew, not son.

And the main umbrella organization of the alt-right/white nationalism is the Charles Martel Society, not the NPI. Every WN leader/intellectual is a member of the CMS. The CMS is a secret society and every member has to sign a lifetime non-disclosure agreement in order to join.



CMS is connected to regnery by proxy of the occidental quarterly



>CIA seed money

Pill me on this.

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>I bought a new property to shoot primitive technology videos on. The new area is dense tropical rainforest with a permanent creek. Starting completely from scratch, my first project was to build a simple dome hut and make a fire. First, I took some wood, Abroma mollis, for fire sticks. I knapped a small stone blade and used it to strip the fire sicks. Palm fibre was then taken for the tinder. The fire stick kit was then placed under a palm leaf to keep it out of the rain.

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


weev on net neutrality

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YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

FCC chairman: Repealing net neutrality will benefit the market


File: 73eebc83fdc5751⋯.png (10.23 KB, 440x119, 440:119, ajit pai.png)



Aka "charge Americans huge costs to cover up the fact they embezzled money from government grants meant for infrastructure improvement and provide consumers with overpriced, yet utterly inferior, third-world grade internet service."


File: 2695fdc560b0fad⋯.webm (1.78 MB, 640x360, 16:9, boogie neutrality.webm)



He is pooing all over my Interloo.

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