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File: 25e1541737c8058⋯.jpg (21.24 KB, 480x575, 96:115, nude20olsen20twins.jpg)


Newsmap.jp is a good site for news articles, check it out! Seriously

Also, is smiley doing alright? I feel kinda bad for bullying him a couple years back, hope him and you all are doing okay

Don't let the butthurt get to you lads and lasses and don't let your dreams be dreams


Smiley was legit v& old friend. Not sure when he's getting out, if ever.

<Does anyone have his final post handy?



>legit v&




Taken away by the white coats or the police?


File: 42c32e42c2a296b⋯.jpg (23.5 KB, 236x306, 118:153, 8d1c2c8b58f6a060ed92425b5e….jpg)


Hdv can you add 4 stickies

One for sjw shit

One for actual news

One meta thread

One porn thread

I think this will vastly improve the board, I'm sick of hiding umpteen threads it would be way easier if I could simply check the news sticky for updates or something

Also hope you are all doing okay, I haven't been here in a couple months because my mobile phone blocks adult websites

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make one sticky for the tripfags. any tripfag making a post outside the designated sticky will have his posts deleted from said thread(s), if he repeats his offence he should be banned for 3 months


and by tripfag I also mean namefags and flagfags


Cheers for the hospitality lads, glad you are doing good 👍


Or bring back /circle/





Wait nvm I get what you mean.



Generals are for gay retards.

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Some of those that post horse shit, are the same that post with trips

Some of those that post horse shit, are the same that post with trips


Killing all the tripfags

Killing all the tripfags

And now you read what they posted

And now you read what they posted

And now you read what they posted

And now you read what they posted

And now you read what they posted

And now you read what they posted

And now you read what they posted

And now you read what they posted

And now you read what they posted

And now you read what they posted

And now you read what they posted

But now you read what they posted

Well now you read what they posted

Those who died are justified, for posting dumb shit, they're not even h'white

You justify those that died by posting dumb shit, they're not even h'white

Those who died are justified, for posting dumb shit, they're not even h'white

You justify those that died by posting dumb shit, they're not even h'white

Some of those that post horse shit, are the same that post with trips

Some of those that post horse shit, are the same that post with trips

Some of those that post horse shit, are the same that post with trips

Some of those that post horse shit, are the same that post with trips


Killing all the tripfags

Killing all the tripfags

And now you read what they posted

And now you read what they posted

And now you read what they postedPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

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Me the 56%


Reply to this post if you are white





File: e7becdad7b47e34⋯.jpg (131.71 KB, 1080x1350, 4:5, 3zL64zm.jpg)


proud potato nigger representing. i tried the karaoke but i have a cold so the vocals are terribad, maybe try again in a few days.


File: 53f3791144a2bab⋯.jpg (6.66 KB, 220x266, 110:133, 7.27.08BrendanFraser.jpg)




Congrats on being white


File: e3a35ff50cfa382⋯.jpg (17.38 KB, 400x326, 200:163, KCmeme.jpg)


Which tripfags should stop posting?

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>you are a liar

lol I was right

>thirsty omega incel



>nobody's keeping them from doing so

sure, if someone wants to become a classical composer in Detroit, no one is keeping them from becoming one



n-no u


Sure. Shoot for the stars, anon.





>Doesn't help that the majority of anons bailed on 4chon and it was the tripfags and deepstate tripfags that stayed behind to keep the torch burning.

So what you're saying is that all of the people who created the content which made 4chon noteworthy and amusing to begin with were driven off when attention whores inevitably descended on what was until then an untarnished venue and that the attention whores killed all the fun and are now wearing the corpses skin like a fursuit and trying to act like they created something wonderful?

>It's all too late to bitch about it now.

No it isn't

>If certain anons want to make good posts, nobody's keeping them from doing so.

8ch/4chon has been around quite a while by now, what noteworthy content has it come up with so far? You're one of the people who posts here, whats preventing you from making good posts? Lack of talent? Are you too dumb? Why would anyone lend credence to commentary made by someone who is too dumb to make good posts? Why should they even bother to read a post that was guaranteed to be not good? If you're not willing or if you're not able to make these mythical good posts that you miss from the old glory days then that means that when you do post you're necessarily detracting from the board. Have you ever wondered if you could improve the board by not posting anymore? I think it seems like a good shot that you might be able to help us all out. You can demonstrate your agreeability in this respect by not replying to this post. Once you improve 4chon, you will become the chief beneficiary. The board will become more amusing and you'll still get to read all of the posts other, better posters are making and you won't have to do all that difficult typing and mouse clicking. Seems win win for everybody.

File: e050d43bbe93fc1⋯.jpg (45.81 KB, 236x236, 1:1, Das gangstalking face.jpg)


What if STI and HDV are actually the same person?


I've met STI irl, they're not



I have spoken to STI, unless HDV is good at faking an aussie accent, can confirm this.


File: af08c9444db88a8⋯.png (151.44 KB, 1116x673, 1116:673, australian dream.png)


What if whomst you met was m-...HDV tho and the bald guy was STI all along instead


Oy croikey m8 let's 'ave a shrimp on the barbie heh

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Lauren Southern quitting Youtube, going to do documentaries full-time.

Smart move.


she should do porn instead, fucking jew whore



She looks like my neighbour


File: acfaef5373c6847⋯.jpg (167.55 KB, 845x1200, 169:240, faith-goldy-tight-fitting-….jpg)

recent image of Faith Goldy

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Omarosa releases a tape confirming the story that Trump used the word nigger. It's not the recording itself, but Trump advisers discussing it in 2016.

7 posts and 2 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.


File: 9da59ec33a6f149⋯.jpg (33.92 KB, 640x360, 16:9, tubmanharriet[1].jpg)

Try to defend this one, racists!

>Manigault Newman writes in “Unhinged: An Insider's Account of the Trump White House" that she approached Trump about putting Tubman on the bill after Treasury secretary Steven Mnuchin said he wasn’t focused on doing so, Business Insider reported Tuesday.

>"You want me to put that face on the twenty-dollar bill?" Trump is said to have replied, according to Business Insider.




A whole continent they can leave to for stuff like this but they choose to live amongst dem white devils and expect some uppity bus commuter to replace a national leader on national currency.


it'll be p funny when this shit happens

can't wait




To be fair, Abe Lincoln wasn't a looker either. Still bae though.



Tubman embodies the principles of and represents the fighting spirit of the founders tho. She fought the chains of racism and oppression like they fought British rule.

File: c938bb0083002df⋯.jpg (204.98 KB, 1400x788, 350:197, catholic-church-pa.jpg)


>• In the Greensburg diocese, a priest impregnated a 17-year-old, forged a pastor's signature on a marriage certificate and divorced the girl months later. According to the grand jury, the priest was allowed to stay in ministry by finding a "benevolent bishop."

>• Another priest in Greensburg groomed middle-school students for sex, according to the grand jury, by telling them that Mary had to "bite off the cord" and "lick" Jesus clean after the Nativity.

>• In Harrisburg, a priest abused five sisters from the same family and collected samples of their urine, pubic hair and menstrual blood.

>• Also in Harrisburg, a priest raped a 7-year-old girl who was in the hospital after her tonsils were removed, according to the report.

>• In Pittsburgh, church officials said that a 15-year-old boy "pursued" and "literally seduced" a priest. A church report later acknowledged that the priest had admitted to "sado-masochistic" activities with several boys.

>• In the Allentown diocese, a priest admitted sexually molesting a boy and pleaded for help, according to documents, but was left in ministry for several more years.

>• Also in Allentown, a priest who had abused several boys, according to the grand jury, was given a recommendation to work at Disney World.

>• In Scranton, a priest who later served prison time for abusing children was found to have been HIV-positive for years.



>A new grand jury report says that internal documents from six Catholic dioceses in Pennsylvania show that more than 300 "predator priests" have been credibly accused of sexually abusing more than 1,000 child victims.

Hey, at least it wasn't 1000 priests abusing 300 children, right?


It could be worse, they could be Protestants

File: 86a45e4476ecc32⋯.jpg (54.67 KB, 932x470, 466:235, nigger.jpg)


Roundup’s $289M cancer verdict opens up floodgates for thousands of other lawsuits

Bayer shares plunged Monday after subsidiary Monsanto suffered a huge blow last week following a jury awarding a California groundskeeper $289.2 million in a landmark lawsuit claiming the company’s weed killer Roundup causes cancer.

A California jury concluded the Monsanto’s Roundup and Ranger Pro products presented a “substantial danger” to terminally ill 46-year-old Dewayne “Lee” Johnson, who became sick with non-Hodgkin lymphoma after using the spray for more than two years as a groundskeeper for a school district outside San Francisco. Jurors believed the company knew or should have known about the potential risks the products posed.


9 posts and 5 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.


Only thousands? You have multiple nations of millions of people and uncountable ecosystems which have been effected affected? english be wilin' by Monsanto's and other like-companies similar actions. That money is nothing. Monsanto should be shuttered, the same with other companies that produce such poisons. These people aren't accidentally doing anything and these millions of dollars mean nothing, they'll be able to replace that. They know what they're doing and they don't care.


Wasn't it the Monsanto employee who was offered to drink water from a locale related to an area fucked by them? Even if it wasn't, all the same. They know what they're doing.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Still another 5,000 cases against Monsanto.



>Bayer had previously announced that the Monsanto brand name would be nixed as soon as this month. In a call with reporters in June, president of Bayer’s Crop Science Division Liam Condon said the move to lose Monsanto’s name was part of a wider strategy to win back consumer trust. Separately, Bayer chief executive Werner Baumann said the company would “aim to deepen our dialogue with society” and “listen to our critics.”




>so what if we're still poisoning you

>we'll have a new name and you'll forget everything

>you stupid goyim will never stop buying our products, these lawsuits mean nothing


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>Wasn't it the Monsanto employee who was offered to drink water from a locale related to an area fucked by them?


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.




>destroys communism and the alt-right in the same video

Jordan Peterson does it again! If more Americans heard this message, we'd go back to the days of the Founding Fathers.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Inside the World of Incels

>hey is the vice bitch still there



>kid tries to explain why his life is fucked up

>kangaroo mocks him for having a fucked-up life

Odd message.



>This video has been removed for violating YouTube's policy on nudity or sexual content.


File: abc8e1b4b7cfb0a⋯.jpg (140.9 KB, 709x958, 709:958, DUj1Op-VMAIqMM3.jpg)

File: de0459654be0a5a⋯.jpg (143.24 KB, 709x947, 709:947, DTb0IUtV4AAKkV_.jpg)

File: b5a79daaa93108f⋯.jpg (118.94 KB, 709x947, 709:947, DQnPLYVUIAAOOmD.jpg)


How do you get a GF like this? I don't think I want any other kind of GF.

92 posts and 44 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.


File: 745d387db61dba2⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 891.14 KB, 1200x1707, 400:569, zoe-quinn.jpg)


>supporting patriarchal oppressive beauty standards


tfw no chronically depressed loli Goth gf who spends her time lurking inside a Victorian mansion only venturing into the woods when it's cloudy and gloomy outside



This is the ideal gf.


just bending one over a four poster bed, pulling down her silk lace panties and roughly fucking her in full costume

do the deed then re suspend my trousers make some dry english quip and retreat to my study not to be disturbed



delete this

File: 744be7d9f448911⋯.jpg (68.25 KB, 780x438, 130:73, 180805092125-children-resc….jpg)


New Mexico compound suspects were training children for school shootings, prosecutors say

The five suspects accused of abusing 11 children at a New Mexico compound were training them to commit school shootings, prosecutors said Wednesday.

If the defendants were to "be released from custody, there is a substantial likelihood defendant may commit new crimes due to his planning and preparation for future school shootings," the court documents said.

The filings did not provide further details about the alleged training. The makeshift compound appeared to have a shooting range on the property and loaded firearms were found on the property, authorities said.

A foster parent of one of the children also said, "The defendant had trained the child in the use of an assault rifle in preparation for future school shootings," according to the court filings.

Allegations against the suspects come in the wake of the discovery that 11 starving children had been living in a filthy compound in Amalia, New Mexico, that lacked electricity or plumbing.

Authorities raided the compound on Friday as part of their search for Abdul-Ghani Wahhaj, a child with severe medical problems who was allegedly abducted from Georgia by his father, Siraj Wahhaj, about nine months ago.


2 posts and 2 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.



Fucking towelheads


the school shooting allegation comes from a single fostet parent and no other details about it have been released


Totally not CIA



What the fuck? All the justified fear of Muslim terrorists, you find a few of them training kids for mass shootings, and they let them go?


Even if the shooting thing is false, they were still mistreating kids out in the middle of the desert for some reason that deserved more than release without bail.


>when you're preparing for the next falseflag but you forget to tell the local authorities to overlook a certain stretch of land



It does seem like a falseflag training camp doesn't it?

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


South Africa: Failed State INCOMING

The average person needs $30k to leave South Africa. They don't have it. These people are going to be genocided (they practically are, but I mean explicitly), and the West will look the other way.

Even now, Australia is being pressured to look the other way by the usual suspects:


Which I find quite interesting, as the idea of multiculturalism is sold to people like me with 'weren't your European wog brethren refugees?'. Interesting that white refugees were a thing post World War II, but now, the idea of white refugees is a heinous one.

11 posts and 3 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.



> Even after it became apparent what the nogs had in store, they kept hiring them as farm help

Interesting to know hiring policies pre-Apartheid. Probably like American slave owners, quick to save a little bit of money rather than hire whites.


File: b8cf7bc00549c8f⋯.mp4 (3.43 MB, 352x640, 11:20, johannesburg-2018.mp4)



celebrate diversity



Except that niggers hired after the war didn't murder their former masters, while the Boer spent decades never learning their lesson. ffs, that's how their big nationalist icon died, by nigger in his own farm.


File: 54747cf6cab8e97⋯.mp4 (6.27 MB, 426x244, 213:122, South Africa White studen….mp4)


What mentality lets you stand for this?

File: 363ac888bd56163⋯.png (203.08 KB, 1080x1920, 9:16, cringe.png)


"Twitching Tongues are a pretty good ba-"

This is so cringey, lmoa. It's a good tune but fuck me these lyrics. You can't be a NYHC tough guy and screech about blompf at the same time. It doesn't work. What's really funny is that they have referenced Carnivore songs and covered Type O Negative, and Peter Steele wasn't the most PC guy.

15 posts and 6 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.




File: f2607dd5f12d94d⋯.jpg (86.11 KB, 968x571, 968:571, blackfaggotinjuns.jpg)



what does this mean?



Niggers are the really Indians I guess.



While also having no genitalia, finding comfort in bleeding from their backs from finger holes they get from hugging their injun besties.

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