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File: 44f1084626b4e8d⋯.jpg (132.95 KB, 1033x688, 1033:688, 170515-porn-addiction-1.jpg)


New Study Shows Watching Pornography Causes Impotence In Men


The proliferation of online pornography is a matter that has been subjected to few scientific studies. The Jews who dominate our academic and scientific institutions have built a wall around the eternal “truth” of Freudian psychology – a philosophical ideology that to this day has never been proven in a clinical trial, but which intellectuals are discouraged from questioning.

Freud did not defeat Jung in an academic debate, but rather through the brutal imposition of Jewish will via American carpet bombings and military occupation following the Second World War. No progress in the sciences or arts can be made until we defeat the Jew. 90% of everything that comes out of our elite universities is pseudo-science.

Hopefully, renegade scientists will choose ethics and begin looking into this matter to a greater extent. Brain scans, long term follow-ups, testosterone tests. Anyone who says watching graphic sexual images every day since you’re 11-years-old does nothing to your mind or sexual life is a liar who wants to hurt you.

Is it crazy to suggest our elites would be pushing us starting in Middle School sex-ed towards habits that pacify us? Without healthy sexual energy, how can you be jealous and dominant over your women and your country? It’s hard to fight if you’re only using one hand.

Try to quit porn for six months. What your body and inner voice will tell you will conflict with the “expert opinion” of the Jew. As more awaken to their slow death, the conflict will erupt on even more fronts.

Ultimately, the Jew is the habit the West needs to quit.


File: 6e24ebbf25605dc⋯.jpg (54.59 KB, 320x178, 160:89, condition-320x178.JPG)

Evolution has not prepared your brain for today's porn


It's evident that today's porn is easy to access, available 24/7, free and private. It affords unlimited novelty. The way it's used commonly keeps dopamine elevated for abnormally long periods, making internet porn uniquely compelling, and potentially addictive. Those who agree that porn addiction exists often compare internet porn to addictive drugs or video-games. While behavioral and substance addictions share certain brain changes, such analogies fail to address the elephant in the room: we posses brain circuits for sex, and these circuits are particularly vulnerable during adolescence (and somewhat vulnerable for as long as we live).

To say it another way, there are no innate circuits for alcohol, cocaine, or first-person shooter. While all can elevate reward center dopamine (requisite for addiction-related brain changes), none has the power to shape our sexual arousal template. Internet porn can alter or sculpt our extensive brain circuitry for sexuality and reproduction.

Since orgasm is our most powerful natural reinforcer, and reproduction our genes' top job, our brain tries to remember everything associated with this powerful experience. It does this by linking associations to The Big Event (climax), which in the case of porn use would include: voyeurism, searching/seeking, endless novelty, fetishes, multiple porn stars, multiple tabs, strange acts, shock, surprise, anxiety, etc.

(Note: We don't address the psychological impact on young people of escalating to hardcore porn of every type imaginable and unimaginable, while highly aroused - something our ancestors couldn't do.)

Many ask the obvious question: "How much is too much?" This question presumes that porn's effects are binary. That is, you either have no problem, or you are a porn addict. However, porn-induced brain changes occur on a spectrum and cannot be classified as black and white, either/or. Asking where one crosses the line ignores the principle of neuroplasticity: the brain is always learning, changing and adapting in response to the environment.

Studies reveal that even a small amount of supernormal stimulation can rapidly alter the brain and change behavior.


File: 71e3034ceba06bd⋯.jpg (54.97 KB, 150x156, 25:26, hamster.wh.150.jpg)

>>197468 (cont.)

Developing tolerance (numbed pleasure response) means an addict needs more of his/her "drug" to get the same effect. Heavy porn users sometimes notice that as tolerance builds for their earlier tastes, they move in new directions in their search for intense arousal. Many seek out what shocks them—perhaps because "forbidden" and "fear-producing," plus sexual arousal, offer a bigger brain-chemical kick...at least for a time.

So, it's not unusual to start out your porn career with an image of a famous hottie's fine butt—and months later find you have "progressed" to girls with goats or violent rape scenes. Keep in mind that that when an addict escalates to new genres or logs more hours of use in search of satisfaction, he is driven by desensitization. His fundamental sexual orientation has not changed.

At last scientists are beginning to catch up with the experience of today's porn users. This 2016 Belgian study found that half of the men surveyed had escalated to material they previous found "uninteresting or disgusting." What changes in the brain underlie such widespread escalation? Last year, a Cambridge team using brain scans reported that problematic porn users habituated to images more quickly than controls and were more attentive to novelty. Interestingly, they were no more prone to sensation-seeking than controls, which suggests their porn use may have been the key variable.

Bottom line: the more intense the associated events (orgasm + video), or the more they are repeated, the stronger the wiring. Each experience wires the new tastes into the brain. If your sexual tastes have changed so has your brain. About 17 studies have reported findings consistent with escalation (tolerance) or habituation to current porn.


i jerk off to audio only


I kicked a dog because of porn. I was looking at ballbusting videos for a few weeks and a man was agitated at me so i kicked his dog because i had come to emulate the woman. he got mad of course. i hate myself.



Why do they call them ballbusting videos when I've never seen an example of a womanACTUALLY crushing the gonads to the point they explode like watermelons.



why would you want to see that


because that's the intent. a bit like how criminals go to jail for intended murder even though their not successful.

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