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the Chonstitution® of the United Borts of 4chon / 4chon on 8ch.pl / 4chon on Endchan

File: 995f96a5bc1a883⋯.jpg (255.19 KB, 1435x1080, 287:216, the new me.jpg)


Since white people are at the bottom of the victim hierarchy, and black people are on top, I've decided to become a trans-nigger.

White people are constantly being oppressed in society despite everyone telling us otherwise. I can see through it though, and I've decided to take advantage of this leftist narrative by becoming black and reaping all the benefits of a nigger without any effort. They've got affirmative action and diversity quotas to ensure they're never out of work, even if they underperform. But that's not all, supposing they don't want to work, they can easily apply for welfare and get housing without any hassle. Black people are the elite class in our society. We have the media pandering to us, we've got leftist cucks laying down as stepping stones in puddles for us, and we've got the government on our side completely.

Being black is so great, I'm surprised nobody thought of this sooner. I've only started the process with my face so far, but before long my whole body will be black, and my hair will be short and frizzled. This is the dream. This is the goal. The future belongs to me and my brothers, not to you crackers. The sooner you realize this, the more we'll consider sparing you in the upcoming racewar.






dude are you for real?


Have you forgot that Trump is president impostorspergy? Muh victim complex is now useless. You can't cash out those good goy points anymore.



Yes I now identify as transblack. Hopefully they'll let me out of this asylum soon.



He's not president of Canada..



Prime Minister* you impostor tard.



I am the REAL Kenneth Shueler and I live in Waterloo at the mental institution.


Worship me mundanes

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