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the Chonstitution® of the United Borts of 4chon / 4chon on vichan / 4chon on Steam /

File: c813e3f6288deb3⋯.png (26.9 KB, 377x384, 377:384, soylent_conclusion.png)

File: ebc1343efb1ceb8⋯.jpg (1.15 MB, 2718x2128, 1359:1064, soylent_effects.jpg)

File: b043c5b5950f6d4⋯.jpg (806.67 KB, 2260x1547, 2260:1547, Soylent-bottles-close.jpg)



>be record breaking speed runner, start bringing in lots of twitch and kiketube money after previous 5 years of various successes

>early 2015

>be one of 15 to get invited to Nintendo World Championships

>after event, be approached by (((makers))) of Soylent to promote their product on your streams and videos, in return for more money and lifetime subscription of Soylent

>start drinking Soylent all of the time instead of eating regular meals

>late 2015

>announce you're transgender, start taking HRT, chop off your dick, and legally change your name to Narcissa


>completely batshit mentally ill

>no longer good at gaming because your lack of testosterone has ruined your spatio-temporal cognitive abilities

>can't speed run anymore, all of your old records have been broken by others

>body is completely wrecked from estrogens, look like a corpse

>announce to the world you're going to kill yourself


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.




did it dead?


File: b16a2ca348fa53b⋯.webm (2.93 MB, 640x360, 16:9, drink_your_soylent_goyim.webm)


being vegan doesn't help either.


File: 3e5e32fa7fbaeaa⋯.png (623.5 KB, 966x621, 14:9, 695e867ee424209c71e5a8dc6e….png)


it used to be that these lunatics were put in mental hospitals, then reagan as part of his privatization campaign shut them all down in order to fund the military



t. common filth

thought you were dead, faggot


File: 3eb8bc98f08d907⋯.webm (6.77 MB, 768x432, 16:9, soylent.webm)

Soylent is good retard


"Father figures aren't needed" - some feminist


nothing of value was lost



idk why this vid triggers me as much as it does but it does. fucking shit.



Wait why would it trigger you? Just some harmless vrfun



>feed soy to baby

>in vr

>for attention

heh. glad they banned medical experiments on most animals as "unethical", but you can still experiment on your kid at home


I'm going to throw up tbheh


Streamable embed. Click thumbnail to play.


What about feeding them corn dogs instead?


>>255788 (heil'd)

are they holding her down and force-feeding her corndogs and cookies?



it's the imagery, forcefeeding soylent to a 3d model of a 2d.



while the vrchat community manager watches from the side


It has been agreed upon that vr is part of the 2d realm.



even worse fuck

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