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File: df74de42354f1e2⋯.png (203.04 KB, 1232x2974, 616:1487, 1528294765316.png)


It's funny because it's kind of true


Now give us the Turkish version.


How will the krauts and nazi larpers ever recover?


>martin luther to the pope

Catholicism needed to die, it was a weapon that destroyed Europe's diverse and unique cultures leaving us with bland variations of dead kike worship with all the religious knowledge and power left in the hands of a small few. Interesting though that martin luther was heavily influenced by commie illuminism


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.




>kind of true

except for the fact that none of it is even close to truth in the least, then, yeah, its kind of true


>worshipping the whore of babylon

>a nice religion

>making nationalism a fringe belief wasn't (((their))) fault



lol krauthurt

*slap slap*


nationalism is stupid



>globalism is stupid




all christcuckoldry and its offspring leftism needs to die tbh




Globalism has brought peace and prosperity to all corners of the Earth tho.



that's because all the wars the globalists start to takeover the world wouldn't be necessary anymore



lol earth isn't a peaceful place.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



krauts truly are the niggers of europe



fucking retard, idiot piece of shit



this has to be bait


except for the fact that Germans are productive, disciplined, intelligent, hard-working, social & law-abiding, yeah they're just like niggers... so, basically not like niggers at all






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