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File: c473cfea7fc842e⋯.jpeg (257.71 KB, 1038x1468, 519:734, Dti0Bi9UUAAULgE.jpeg)




File: 6c19b0aac4cb28b⋯.jpeg (239.21 KB, 1232x1378, 616:689, Dti3wgKVYAABDOm.jpeg)



I'd unironically rather be around normie women than normie men.

At least the girls are happy and cute. The dudes are just FUCK FUCK FUCK SPORTSBALL LEAGUE XBOX FUCK.



is this an epic new meme?


>:d x3 -_- T_T me bottom xd ^__^ :_3 >.< o.o anime



no way ppl talk about anigay that much



all me



hey chad


File: 965e70afc3b1995⋯.png (85.73 KB, 302x302, 1:1, 1520868303024.png)


It's unironically exactly like the diagram there at my job. All of the males only ever talk about sports and the new Red Dead Redemption game. The only ones I hang out with are the female I'm sporking and her female friends from the store.




That's entirely because you're effeminate and, more imporantly, simple.



Worshiping sportsball niggers is effeminate though.


File: 3b6728c8e37f834⋯.png (26.72 KB, 248x236, 62:59, 1519319300940.png)


No, it's because I'm an adult and I don't care about toys. There's literally no difference between knowing who has the best starting quarterback and who has the best stats for flying type in Pokemon.




Also a toy

Keep playing with your Pokemans kiddo.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>has the best stats for flying type in Pokemon.

Probably Thundurus


File: 455ea30f7d55570⋯.jpg (84.87 KB, 376x401, 376:401, i am the only conscious hu….jpg)


Two can play that game lad





>Normie tinder sluts


>Ancient philosophy from thousands of miles away and years ago that has no utility in anyone's day to day life other than to sound more learned and worldly than the next guy by quoting its supposed universal truisms or name dropping its significant figures when convenient


We all have toys. Toys are GOOD, redart!


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


I mean, when we say that kind of thing the logical conclusion to the discussion becomes an argument over whose toys are better and why even as we speed together towards our inevitable doom. Some self-important and image-obsessed people like (((Guy Debord))) even made a career out of this kind of talk. It's kind of silly IMHO.



A computer has a wide variety of functions, ranging from an essential tool, to yes, toys (video games). In the manner we're both using it right now it's merely a communication device as opposed to a toy.

Tinder sluts being toys or not is debatable. If you're merely using them as a device to place your penis into, like an onahole, then I think it's fine to call them toys. However any other purpose, such as seeking a relationship, or a vessel in which to sew one's Aryan seed, makes them far more than mere toys.

Meanwhile Xboxs and footballs are literally sold in Toys R Us, unlike texts on philosophy.


I think the manner in which you're using the word toy here might be better phrased as escapism. All nonessential pursuits that distract one from actual reality could be dubbed escapism, and which form of escapism is superior to another is purely subjective.



god you're an annoying faggot


File: 83bf2a23b29c88b⋯.png (610.37 KB, 802x630, 401:315, 1520289898348.png)



Escapism and play are to me essentially the same thing, and the seemingly endless option of things we might use to cultivate that sense of escape are toys by any other name. That's just how I see it I guess, which is why I'm generally careful about indulging in "stop liking what I don't like" talk as tempting as it very often is.

>However any other purpose, such as seeking a relationship, or a vessel in which to sew one's Aryan seed, makes them far more than mere toys.

Come on now, be honest, what percentage of the girls have you dated before did you think that "this is the one" from their picture and paragraph blurb on Tinder?


Rude heh



he writes like he's on fucking reddit lmao



>muh utility in day to life




>if ur cynical about what other ppl do that means ur better than them

edgy npc



internet anime manga pokemon final fantasy computer

xd ^_^






Literally me.

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