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File: 86e646ff32e9a0c⋯.jpg (25.92 KB, 354x426, 59:71, when the kratom kicks in.jpg)


Fuarkin hell lads this job training programme is horrible as shit. Without based Kratom i would've likely inhaled the feelium already after only 3 days of this shit

>Fucking commute literally takes 3 hours or more depending on track conditions/closures and shit

>Have to get up at 6am and switch from bus to train and then to tram at three different points of the journey, so i basically go there when it's still dark and come back when it's dark still thanks to winter

>On the way of course you gotta deal with all kinds of shitskins, zoomers/loudass children, annoying boomers et al

>The whole thing's set up in some coorporate outpost in the middle of a giantass bussiness park area on the outermost outskirts of town

>On my first day i notice how there's just two other participants beside me that are just wrapping up their own course, one semi-breedable arab thot (one of those "liberal muslim" ones without headscarf) that keeps whining about her domestic shit with her own nMom (and whomst also flirted for a bit w/me today after we went to the cafeteria for lunch i think heh) and this one guy that dresses like a sperg and speaks only in barely audible mumbling utterances

>Whole thing's run by 1 or 2 actual staffers and 2 more interns whomst are both turkish aswell

>There's no lunch being served on my first day there for some reason either so they give each of us 4 bucks and send us on our way, the guy then spots out some shitty tinyass lunch shop where they served hot meals at least, i decide to share mine with him and we talk for a bit

>Later that day we go shopping in a supermarket because apparently cooking meals ourselves in the staff kitchen at least once a week is a highly relevant skill in regards to the job market aswell

>Also crafting random shit with lard stones and ceramics too for some weirdass reason on other days, with some elementary tier-grade lessons we have to solve each week sprinkled on top too

>Roughly six more weeks of this shit, oh boi.jpg

The *only* upside so far is that i've got some appointments next week where i'll be taking days off and can also use these track closures as an excuse to turn up later/pop some kratom earlier to be able to get thru the day heh - Apparently i am also elligible for the dole whilst i'm attending this shit so that's good too. The white kratom literally saved my ass though, it helps tremendously with focussing on whatevs you need to focus on right now whether it be talking to one of the staffers or doing any particular given task at that moment, like jesus this shit is awesome and i'll be sure to keep it in moderation so as to not build up tolerance or anything

But with everything else that's piled on top of this shit i really gotta say if it turns out that they won't include the trade skool recommendation in their final report after all (the staffer assigned to me was pretty weird about this the other day) i'll abort this shit prematurely because then it doesn't matter anyways and i sure as hell won't waste any more fucking time there and shit heh

Hopefully the Alfather will continue to grant me strength and luck


>The kratom meme.

How many times to I have to tell you? Take amphetamines!


File: 150193398fdbe17⋯.jpg (36.11 KB, 458x458, 1:1, 1546545539291.jpg)

LOL mfw just as i was boutta take the pizza out of the oven nGmom and eFMgdad stood there inna kitchen doorframe all of a sudden and almost gave me a heart attack w/their shittyass hoovering lel (apparently nmom's absent until tuesday so they're scouting the place unannounced and shit). They kept asking me questions about where i was and shit so i let it slip that i'm attending the job training programme since i didn't tell any of the NFOO narcs naturally lest they could sabotage it or stuff like that


Dude you realize this KIKEass shit's going to ruin ur body whereas Kratom on the other hand is the germanic man's legally obtainable aryan psychoactive substance of choice heh


op's finally sent off to retard daycare without his wrangler


File: 9b74ab8e57adee0⋯.jpg (107.47 KB, 440x428, 110:107, when de mitragyna speciosa….jpg)

Heh mfw today there was this nu morrocan lad with glasses that entered the group and generally brought some great bants with him once he had warmed up. The other lad also had his final day today which was sad but he gave me his steam also (or at least tried to remember it) oh and then there was this cunt that was supposed to also show up to the programme today but didn't so who knows what might await me once i return in 3 days since i'm taking two days off for now heh

Guy is like 4 years younger than me but apparently he robbed a convenience store with airsoft guns or something with some of his fellow shitskins so he has a trial coming up but might actually dodge jailtime since he's a first offender and shit

What's also REALLY funny to me (but which i did not directly tell him ofc) is the fact that he's literally heckin obsessed with watching anime and has a severe case of yellow fever. I'm not even kidding or making this shit up, guy even showed me some of his korean women pictures on his smartphone and shit. I tried to hold my shit together when he told me how he puked himself once in a gook restaurant with his crush due to being shitfaced and stuff

He was also constantly talking shit w/the both of us and kept whining about not having a gf right now/how he was dumped due to being unemployed and not getting any puccy at all since den

I also told the fella all about kratom and shit and how he should try it out and he found it absolutely hysterical for some reason that it acts on the same receptors that actual opiods do heh. Of course drugs are very haram in his religion but he seems to take it with great humour, basically none of these muslims in the west actually adhere to the stringent standards of mohammedanism anyways

Very funny guy overall though, at least now the whole thing doesn't seem to be that drab anymore which is always a plus of course


File: e68e77241cb2233⋯.jpg (162.24 KB, 904x711, 904:711, 54 (8).jpg)

Also i got a stiffy innatrain when this hawt fucking zoomer bish seated herself provocatively right in front of me heh

I think i'm gonna fap now laddos


What? Nice projection kys lmao


File: 302e5f70ac4217b⋯.jpg (91.97 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 1530603910869.jpg)

germany's manufacturing future is dependent on tards, turks and criminal arabs.




dats a pocket pussy, not a gas mask


foky are you on jew pills now fam? your posts are a lot more boring lmoa gottem



forget the last post heh, and enjoy the lightweight opiate addiction fren


File: f498cffbb1b1117⋯.png (111.99 KB, 390x390, 1:1, 1542842985088.png)

Heh mfw today we cooked again, normally this shit's only being done on thursday but apparently no other participant showed up besides that one morrocan lad so they went shopping yesterday and waited for me to return to do the cooking thing. Poor fella was all by himself the last 3 days over like i said so naturally he seemed a lot more reserved than on his first day/Monday. He already put to good use the info i slipped to him about the other intern thot being turkish ethnically speaking (god she smells so good and even though her arms are somewhat hairy whenever she wears one of these things where you can basically see her tits it makes me want to breed her right den and dere, she's one year younger than and also smaller than me heh)

Also at the train station at 7AM when it was still dark on the bench next to me there was this sandnigger-esque boomer guy whomst loudly played an Italo disco track i immediately recognized from my lurking sessions and just as the train was rolling in another eurodance track i knew aswell started playing on the guys's phone. Almost made me go up and go shake his hand or something for his superb musical tastes heh

Me and the morrocan yellow fever anime lad also talked fo a bit about assorted anime stuff again aswell, among other things i recommended him dat nu Goblin Hunter manga series aswell as the upcoming live action Alita Battle Angel remake which the chinks will hopefully rip again in time

During the lunch break i tried to funpost on my mobile roaming connection again but unfortunately some 2016era-ban of some pedo kike kicked in suddenly instead so now i'll have to reinstall the browser again i guess, luckily i still have the APK saved from earlier

When he kept whining about being tired i also half-jokingly offered him sum kratom pills of which he initially took all three but then later on he was liek nah i only need one and i was like lol ur call brah but you won't feel shit with only a single 500mg capsule. I myself threw in two more like an hour or so after my initial standard dose of 1.6mg, it was a very nice albeit somewhat numbing effect and i hadn't been this darng focussed since a long time for sure, the things really do work when kept in moderation. I reckon if i had taken that same dose again the whole thing would've switched into an opiod-like trance state quite easily so it was good that i kept it below 2.5g overall heh. Seven capsules on a single day (including the one i gave to the lad in my programme) isn't exactly frugal though so i'll keep a lid on my stash even tighter now i think

On the way back in the tram some VERY hawt zoomer bish scandily clad in only see-thru thighs (during freezing temps outside mind ya) seated herself right next to me aswell, we even touched shoulders at one point and i got the hardest stiffy for de rest of de ride thru dis heh

Also that fucking rain/snow storm thing went on completely uninterrupted since this morning at 6AM, shit's fucking cray smdh and then the other bus didn't arrive either in muh hometown so i quickly switched to the other line when that one drove up instead

Mfw my ersatz GPU also finally arrived which i will be putting into muh build later on so as to be able to play the nu GW2 Living World story release heh


File: 8f901f2c5cb9379⋯.jpg (145.38 KB, 552x795, 184:265, Eichenlaubträger_Karl_Lang….jpg)


Oh wow source


LOL anime tard


I only rarely post on 8ch let alone this here bort these days, if i would be lurking in a dedicated fashion and be putting effort into crafting sum quality posts you'd know it heh but it wouldn't hurt if you would point out what posts/which contents were offending to you


Kratom is white and redpilled though, it really is


File: 58fc5a9ae94b717⋯.png (316.02 KB, 500x571, 500:571, 58fc5a9ae94b7171e05681101d….png)

Also mfw when i get up and to pull myself thru specially in the mornings i find myself constantly thinkgen bout the apex magyaroid breeding specimen, literally all i can think of during the commutes is her name and face and holy fuck i need to breed this woman or some chick akin to her jeez



kratom and all opiates and opiate analogues are the drugs white men use to fuck over other races, don't get high on your own supply fam

>t. currently high on own supply


File: 2389c1a6c262790⋯.png (928.07 KB, 1234x714, 617:357, Screen Shot 2018-02-18 at ….png)

mfw i get out of bed tomorrow after dis here intoxicated state wears off


foky is still my favorite poster and i'd like to move to holland with him and abuse psycedelics whilst engaging in promiscuous sexual activity for the purpose of rampantly spreading our genetic material to as many THOTs as possible and expanding the noospheric potential of the white race

how bout we meet in the hague this february and eat psilocybin lmoa


File: 39f9f5ed017feec⋯.jpg (184.95 KB, 752x514, 376:257, 324.jpg)


This entire post lmao luckily i didn't have anything in mah mouf rite now - Butt are u really addicted to opium right now indigofriendo?

Jeez dat is terrible hope u cum clean soon and stuff


The hague? Jesus laddo that's like a 3+ hours train ride away methinks


File: 774ab20dac6f0bb⋯.png (25.2 KB, 836x288, 209:72, ds.PNG)

Afaik many kratom users successfully used it to come off actual ZOG-supplied enslavement opiods such as fentanyl and oxywhateveritsnameis

See pic heh

Now if you pop 15g or more once a day or moar den yeah ofc ur going to get urself hooked/physically addicted to the stuff but with responsible use you won't develop an addiction and only experience the non-opiod-like positive effects of said astrally connected plant

I like to think of it as an enhanced version of coffee myself heh


File: c546eabee95e9dc⋯.png (211.37 KB, 700x443, 700:443, 1547244333411.png)

Fuark only one moar day den i'll have to go back to the sheeple commute again laddos

I fucking hate those loudass zoomers especially, they're inconsiderate and cringy af in general


File: 13c9fce320fc575⋯.jpg (238.05 KB, 1014x1000, 507:500, 1522716001220.jpg)

Heh mfw today when i arrived there was this note written by the hotass breedable turkish intern thot qt adressing me by name and informing me about the fact that the session was taking place 500 away in the other building so i immediately went there instead and sure enough there were like 7 other participants from some other department and the morrocan lad enthusiastically greeted me and like immediately afterwards began telling me his experience with the Goblin Slayer anime which i had recommended to him earlier/last week heh, apparently he binge-watched almost thru the entire season all day yesterday and was just dying to tell me all about it

During the morning break at 10:30AM we also went into a nearby supermarket via tram where i got myself some new packacking for my kratom stash in the form of a mint chewing gum bottle and he got himself some sweets.

At the cafeteria there was this tard who recognized and greeted him (barely being able to form a coherent sentence) and the morrocan lad seemed to be really fucking embarassed by it, doing his best to ignore the tard whilst still answering his questions somehow in single-syllable responses. The funny thing is that you can pretty much tell about 90% of the stuff he keeps telling me bout his personal life is most likely either made-up bullcrap or incredibly exaggerated, such as his alleged "south korean popstar gf he met at an autograph session in Seoul and den asked out for dinner there only for her to decline and invite him to dinner instead after the session" (verbatim claim of his lel). We den went outside where he smoked and basically kept smalltalking thruout the day seeing as we were the only two participants (tomorrow for de cooking day there's this Gen Xer that's supposedly returning from his internship phase so that'll be interesting too mayhaps).

Also we were pretty much in agreement that the whole fucking thing was pretty much pointless if those fuckers at the end didn't give one the tradeskool recommendation so badly needed by us struggling adults without any formal completed job education on paper. I also told him some stuff about my uncle (father of my aryan two cousins) going NC with the n!Hive and quitting his job at the NFamily!business after being bullied and relentlessly made into another scapegoat by dem earlier last year and how i wanted to move away at some point and he was like i'm going to move to Seoul at some point too heh.

Also when he was searching in his wallet i saw his disability card aswell heh. What's also funny is the fact that the guy cannot for the life of him surpress his sandcoon racial instincts and kept trying to do deals with me regarding the amount of Kratom pills i'd be willing to give him and in exchange for what and so on. Today he asked me for 3 pills again and at the end of the day when both of us were heading home we settled on him bringing over some Maca root pills in exchange for the Kratom i had supplied him with earlier. In the tram to the main station we also kept talking about recreational legal high usage/effects much to the shock and dismay of the boomers sitting around us - It was super fuckin comfy though and it's amazing how quickly you can grow into these social settings again with proper exposure and support thru Kratom. I think i'm on a good path to regaining the kind of social skills i had back in 2010 and which had gotten me a 9/10 blonde and blue-eyed gf back den and stuff

Also mfw my white Kratom stash is almost drained and i really need to get sum new one strat heh


File: 21c978ad2723249⋯.png (148.92 KB, 987x651, 47:31, 1547575315890.png)

Oh yeah and i also met the cognitive psychologist in charge of IQ tests and shit within that department aswell today and was very surprised how breedable she looks. That woman's basically almost two heads smaller than me, has ash blonde hair and strikingly blue eyes, a very nordid skull shape and an *extremely* fucking dinarid nose with a huge roman bulge in it. Not a crooked jewish one mind you but really just a purely dinarid one which rapidly cuts off at the bottom unlike most dinarid noses (in a nutshell she was approaching the kind of features i'm looking for in a woman though not quite, and she's also too old obviously lel) - Very interesting phenotypical characteristics and the way she was looking at me when we shook hands she musta been quite wet heh. Anyways i just tried to think of the Apex magyaroid chick and generally kept my shit together so as to not get a stiffy. Also when the qt turkish intern thot was touching my hands and leaning over to me when we were practicing applications on the laptop she smelt very good and she was emanating heat from her semi-hairy turkish thot body aswell and shit

I really feel fucked up right now also due to the assorted continued Nsleepdeprival attempts when i'm trying to get some rest for de next day and the ncunt is slamming and stumbling thru the house at fuckin 3AM but what can you do heh



>she was emanating heat from her semi-hairy turkish thot body

I heh'd, keep us updated with any more happenings fella


Unironically and literally the best thread on the chon right now



>too old

No such thing.


File: 61e5d6609c38eb8⋯.jpg (42.47 KB, 451x501, 451:501, 1515593649223.jpg)

Heh mfw the morrocan IRL shitposter came to the programme completely stoned out as fuck today again, later in the day when we were about to wrap up the main part of de cooking and were letting the lasagna sit inna oven and chilling out in the other room he became pretty fucking unstable and his mood swings turned into a semi-frenzied state of impulsivity/unpredictability and i was then like bro chill the fuck out and slow down for a sec there and he was like dude i can't help it i smoked too much this morning befo turning up here and i was like heh - Guy also asked me for tons of Kratom again and i reluctantly gave him some yet again, depleting my stash even further in an unplanned-for manner. He then mused about driving back w/me to my hometown or something but i then convinced him to change his mind again bout dat.

The fucking train/track schedule on the wall was faulty aswell of course but 5 minutes before de train left i made it and ate my Müsli bar in there on my favorite seat again which was very comfy overall although i had to take one Ibuprofen so as to prevent the cluster attack from escalating further which worked aswell

Also during the commute (took the bus one hour later since i felt like it and there'd be tons of delays aswell again anyways) when the bus driver wanted to drive into the turning area at the elementary skool bus stop some fucking boomeress soccer mom was parking her shittyass car *right* in the fucking middle of the driveway on the sidewalk creating a giant mess and the bus driver just hit the horn for like 10 seconds straight. Then when he wanted to drive out again i shit you not there was standing yet another car the guy was about to have a small meltdown, opened the door directly and yelled to the driver like GET DA PHUQQ OUTTA MY WAY I GOTTA DRIVE HERE MOTHERFR*GGER in a turkish accent which was quite irritating but understandable to an extent of course. Luckily the demented old cat lady doesn't take that bus so that was nice too not having to hear her constant blabbering and tourette-type insults being flung around the carriage

The cooking itself together with the cognitive psychologist (who actually seems to be running most of the show in that department and is actually a bottle blonde also rather than an acual one as evidenced by her light brunette/brown hair) was pretty smooth aswell though and went by comparatively fast so we were able to go home at 12:40PM already right after lunch and doing de dishes dere heh

The commute back just now was very comfy too though. In the train there were those two gay turdpushers who literally were fumbling around and speaking to each other in gay voices which was disgusting and i was concerned due to my immunosupressive medication the fag that kept coughing wud infect me with his pozz bug or something

Then when the guy doing the ticket controls made his round some guy behind me apparently had an invalid ticket and was forced to pay 60 euros on the spot heh, much to the amusement of two zoomer thots on the other side. In the bus i got a stiffy again aswell due to some extremely breedable zoomer thot and her schoolmate seating themselves right next to/in front of me

Tomorrow i'll do some kind of massive two hour-long cognitive test which apparently will be added to my final report so i'll really have to get this one right and try to not screw anything up, i could even cut the whole thang short apparently under certain circumstances. I will likely ingest extra quantities of gluccose


File: 11d65634c6d47bb⋯.jpg (70.72 KB, 787x605, 787:605, 1547676723137.jpg)

>Mfw i l*ter*lly h*ckin don't know what's making me dumber faster, the morrocan lad's influence/uptalk sandnigger babble or nigh-daily use of kratom heh

Heh well at least i get to feel like an NPC for a couple hours/can LARP as one and experience what functioning in a society must be like; Comfortably numb so to speak


File: b765db86e6b99d1⋯.png (633.51 KB, 960x720, 4:3, 1496280697633.png)

Heh mfw today it was just the two of us again in the training workshop, the morrocan lad then faked having a doctor's appointment to leave the programme at 11AM already but he told me that in actuality he's going to venture innacity and get his TV fixed or something heh. Fucker also didn't bring neither my money nor the maca pills for me yet so until further notice this will be the last time that i've supplied him with shit from my kratom stash aswell and stuff. Hopefully the morrocan laddo will shut up about his drug usage and shit in the seminary room within earshot of the instructors, i told him to watch it today aswell lest they search our bags or something

The commute this morning at 6AM included the usual zoomer NPC babbling innabus on my way to the train station aswell as yet another tourettes-type spastic walking up to and seating himself right next to me on the opposing bank when i was waiting for my train to roll in, fucker made these weird sounds and noises the entire time over which was really fucking awkward but luckily i had ingested my morning Müsli bar already at that point so it wasn't too bad heh. Oh yeah also those fucking yehova's witnesses are on a recruitment drive again apparently, they keep building their bookstands in the morning right between the doors at the train station exits no matter which city i disembark the carriage in lel. In the train itself (which was running 5+ mins late for some reason) there were yet more (and slightly older zoomers), a flock of NPC thots speaking about vapid af topics in your typical westernized uptalk sociolect to be precise. I really ought to get muhself sum foldable travel headphones or something to cancel shit like this out in the future, goshdarn seriously.

Funnily enough i think the exact same horny cunt with the red jacket from the other day who kept crossing her legs and shit in front of me seated herself opposite to me today aswell, or at least i'm about 95% sure that it was her again due to the characteristic manner of moving about displayed by her. Then when i waited for the tram inna other city i saw some disgusting LGBTWTFBBQ trans propaganda by the regime with to men holding a baby which was really damn disgusting. Also the tram was replaced by a bus this time around for sum reason and that mothershaggin bus driver ignored our stop much to my dismay and that of the other commuters who missed showing up on time at work due to this asshole. At least there was a qt petite muslim thot sitting next to my during the drive to the programme and shit. It was like REALLY fucking cold too, i gotta wear an extra pair of underpants tomorrow methinks.

The cognitive!Psychologist cunt also ""forgot"" to enroll me in the cafeteria lunch list today so she ended up giving me 4 bucks again and i trudged to the hot dog stand during lunch break and got muhself sum french fries there which i then ingested within the seminary room waiting for the instructor to show up at 1PM.

Oh yeah and also a new program participant showed up today, the cunt appears to be russian and in her mid to late thirties or something and claimed to have been there already in the past among other stuff. We had a bit of smalltalk in the seminary room for 5-10 mins (which gave me an optimistic stiffy) but then the instructor came so i didn't get to ask her about her ancestry and whether she'd like to get bred by my BWC and stuff heh

During the backcommute the other tram didn't come again either so i used the other line which later filled up to the brim with zoomers aswell. At the main station i then basically went into the first train that drove thru to muh hometown rather than waiting another 40 mins for the other one to show up

Tomorrow should be interesting enough aswell, the cogPsych cunt will most likely review our final test results with each of us and it's going to be interesting seeing whether the other two nu participants show up and how if at all this will affect group dynamics in general. Overall though i've come a lot closer of my ultimate goal of being granted entry into the trade skool which i am glad for heh



how many weeks u got left tho heh


File: 3722707567279c7⋯.png (279.8 KB, 596x720, 149:180, 1520276722838.png)


File: 23a074d58984d9f⋯.png (307.1 KB, 478x478, 1:1, 1492581209846.png)

Heh mfw yesterday i feel asleep in front of the TV at around 8:30PM and slept thru all the way to 5:40AM basically, shit was brutal.

Fucking bus driver came one minute too early this morning too which resulted in muh colbe bottle overspilling into my cargo pant's lower pocket. I thought it wud freeze solid with these ungodly tems but it stayed that way well into noon basically, shit sucked. This time around innatrain the zoomer thots seated themselves behind me, this was the umpteenth time i heard them using unnecessary anglicism too, butchering my mother tongue in front of me and further strengthening my decision to go and buy some travel headphones ASAP so i don't have to listen to said NPC babble anymoar on future commutes.

Of course the other asshole also had to turn up completely stoned out of his addicted retard ass today (turns out he's one of those spoiled arab kids that get everything paid for by their daddy, he also remarked how afraid he is of his father finding out bout his habit and beating the shit outta him), at first we shared some great bantz/laffs and shit and he made for a decent conversational partner, then came his noon dropoff when the weed would stop acting on his system as powerful and afterwards he went completely off the rails again with the ""fun"" personal insults and became extremely unstable aswell as physically invasive and mentally distracting which was also why the other nu programme participant lass requested to be seated in the other room while i just kind of grinned and beared my way thru it (the fat sow even stole two of my Müslim bars and basically all my tissues, tho granted he did ask for permission with the first one heh.

Also when shit went political for a while it turned out that, like pretty much all mohammedans, he was semi-redpilled on the Hitler question and described him in an almost adoring and overly positive tone, i was wise enough to completely hide most of my power level for the most part though since i don't know the dunecoon *that* well yet and it could've very well been a red herring or something and you really cannot afford to fuck up in such a situation as a young straight white male. He also showed me another video of this south korean pop star gal which he claims to be his gf but i still ain't buying that tall tale of his of course


File: 432f09697d41b10⋯.png (197.45 KB, 402x364, 201:182, 1547312372039.png)

Like, when he's actually sober or in the middle of his high the guy can be quite alright but during those other phases (which he refers to as "going into instabile mode") he's the biggest nervous passive-agressive faggot you've ever seen and could do very well without, especially in such a setting where you're being assessed on a permanent basis. I've seen this kind of behaviour and even those exact same exaggeratedly euphoric reactions to more or less random or negligible shit from addicted stoners before though, especially with the schizophrenic and/or really dumb ones their behaviour can be akin to sum kind of rollercoaster on any given day they smoked as their brain chemistry gets all kinds of fucked up thruout it heh.

Some fucker also completely clogged the toilet up again and when i flushed it came back out in a fountain at the sink again, which was kind of really fucking disgusting).

It also turned out that hornyass cunt (she was wearing some kind of skin-tight leather pants today and when she looked at the recipe book fo thursday she literally said out loud 'Oh god this looks so gud i'm coming right now' kek) wasn't actually russian but from Serbia and Montenegro instead when i asked her bout it during cafeteria lunch smalltalk. She also told me that i look polish heh, which i've been told before of course. She's like really damn fucking inquisitve too and keeps asking people (such as in the cafteria when she came up and asked whether she could seat herself next to us) completely random shit in this fakeass innocent-sounding voice, gal's obviously not completely right in the head but her perfume smells gud and even though she's well above 30 already going from her looks alone i think i defo wouldn't decline if she went and outright offered me a piece of her sweet serbian cougar ass rite dere heh.

That being said we also got the cog!Test results back today and as expected i scored *well* above the average in all things pertaining to associative-lingual shit in general, which i'm very satisfied with. Overall my general IQ was assessed to be higher than in the last test i took, tho i'll be doing one of those Mensa things anyways at some point most likely.

Just now inna bus on the way home there was a ticket control by two public transportation clerks in civilian clothing, the way they started their control in sychronized fashion just as the bus was disembarking so that no one cud run away was operator af too and shit. Oh yeah and the other train didn't come again either so i had to stand there 30 mins in the fucking cold jeez

The rest of the week until the other programme managers return shud be easy enough, next week i will be more than halfway thru the first phase of the program and will then approach the planning for my upcoming internship. Earliest propgnosis for my trade skool recommendation will also be upcoman in early February aswell most likely from what i was told today.


File: 7cd76aef77fe932⋯.jpg (57.95 KB, 500x369, 500:369, 6b34b5a379193276a633a65873….jpg)


>when he's actually sober or in the middle of his high the guy can be quite alright but during those other phases (which he refers to as "going into instabile mode") he's the biggest nervous passive-agressive faggot you've ever seen and could do very well without

Yeah that's all potheads in my experience. My roommate is very relaxed when he's high and if he stays sober for a long term (when he doesn't have any money) he chills out as well. However when he runs out of weed, the first 48 hours of his sobriety he looks like he goes through absolute hell. Extreme despair, emotional outbursts, hitting his head on the wall, saying all sorts of terrible things.

I know countless people who are all terribly addicted to the devil's lettuce, and not a single one of them will admit it. I actually got high for the very first and only time about four months ago and quite literally my very first thought during the experience was- "I really hope I don't get stuck like this".

<skin and brain feel tingly

<static in my vision, along with a weak shadow of psychedelic patterns

<laughing easier

<mild euphoria

<perception altered, thinking in a new manner, as though I took half of a tab of acid

How the hell do people get addicted to this mediocre substance?


File: 9c3825986944779⋯.png (259.85 KB, 444x449, 444:449, 1547578254175.png)


Including today (i took the day off for some small doc's appointment again and because the cog!psych cunt merely wanted to do a randomass group trip which would have taken up much less time than the actual commute itself) i am now more or less exactly halfway thru the whole thing, or at least the "seminary" part of it where they just generally look how you act in general and whether you manage to show up on time on a daily basis even when there's longer commuting routes involved as is the case with me heh

The Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale test thing i did the other day was probably a big part of it too, i imagine it'll take up quite some space in their final report on my performance. As stated previously starting next week the internship preparations will begin and on my initiative they're going to confer with that other social worker who specialized in helping young adults with no formal job experience gain a foothold in the job market/gain an education and shit. Ideally i'd like to do a desk job internship in some comfy small company here or in the neighbouring city (which i always prefered over this one) which i can reach via train in less than 25 minutes but i'll just have to wait and see how shit develops.

Gotta keep closing out any and all distracting factors (including my autoimmune-mediated condition) which may be detrimental to that ultimate tradeskool recommendation goal of mine though. I actually didn't expect shit to go by this fast but the faster i get this phase over with so that the real stuff can begin the better i think heh


File: e7f43f2e2b6bf29⋯.jpg (46.41 KB, 369x446, 369:446, 1547900091159.jpg)


The funny thing is that the other stone dude i knew that got sent to the bin for his stoner schizophrenia acted almost exactly in the same manner. That shitskin lad of mine's almost certainly addicted though, keeps asking me questions about whether it's really possible 2 becum a skitzo thru weed usage and im always like yeh dude how many times do i have to tell u still. He also thought i was ""an undercover cop assigned to his case"" at one point lol

Luckily kratom isn't exactly that addictive when kept in moderation (i keep a very tight watch on how much and when i consume heh) and not used multiple times every day of the week like some ppl are doin

>devil's lettuce

Didn't know that one yet heh


File: 7780ba5e3435287⋯.jpg (40.57 KB, 720x892, 180:223, 1548551620023.jpg)

Heh mfw this morning i literally felt like bursting apart at the seams and thought i was gonna need antibiotics from the GP to get this shittyass infection under control thanks to muh immusuppresive meds, i really haven't felt this fucking awful and sick for quite some time and stuff. I took the bus an hour later and since it was at 7:40AM i thought there would barely be any school-commuting loudass annoying af zoomers in it which was way off though, the fucking thing was crammed like a sardine can once again all the way right up to the driver's seat with people standing and shit. Like fuarkin hell, that was exactly what i had needed of course.

I had initially actually thought there'd be like a 50% chance that i would collapse from sickness thruout the day or some shit like that but luckily muh trustyass Kratom aswell as sum moar ibuprofen and diarrhea medication helped me get thru the day relatively unscathed.

Then soon as i got off inna other city the fucking tram was standing there and drove away from right under my nose so i had to wait another 15 mins fo de next carriage to come round which was more or less fine by me though and stuff. Tomorrow i really gotta bring dose new travel headphones i bought the other day though just to cancel all that other shit out.

Also it turned out that the morrocan stonerlad skipped the bullshit on Friday aswell. Today he was absolutely full of it again and for the first time during the break even smoked right in front of me in the bushes, he was pissed af those other coppers that drove around that morning would come back and search his bags or something apparently heh. Fella then proceeded to talk bullshit thruout the day as usual and due to this some kinda interesting situations with the old serbia co-participant cunt arose also.

Fucker also begged me for Kratom again and kept trying to close nu deals with me regarding the supply and how much of my money he'd give me back and when lel. The other cunt then had apparently forgotten yet fucking again to register us at the cafeteria lunch list and gave each of us like 3,80 bucks once moar which was pretty fucken useless ofc, you can't even buy a full menu at Mc'D w/dat kinda pocket change but whatevs. Also the quietass guy from the beginning made a short appearance on the hallway from his internship for sum reason again, didn't come into the seminary room to greet us and ask how's it hangin or anything tho.

Then in the tram on the way back those exact same annoyingass zoomers were sitting right behind me again. In the train onna way back some boomer also seated himself to me and den again in de bus behind me and in front of me there were loudass annoying zoomers aswell. Really growing to hate those guyst tbqfh but hwut can ya do heh. Apparently tomorrow we have to do the grocery shopping fo Thursday all on our own again too and shit

Brb taking shit now heh


File: 15636e99056c120⋯.jpg (16.35 KB, 400x387, 400:387, 1546222182868.jpg)

Kek also forgot to mention how muh sandnigger stonerpal whined about his daddy monitoring all of his mail and how he threw the maca pills he ordered for me the other day into the trash after he saw the label. Fucker also refuses to buy himself sum kratom due to this despite me informing him multiple times of the fact that they send with the recipient being labeled only on their letters. Fucker kept asking me whether i would "order in his name" today and since i just saw there's a parcel shop not far at all from the job assessment programme's building complex i will likely actually go thru with it if he pays me a provision in advance and agrees to cut the contents of the parcel/give me some of those capsules as a backpayment for the ones i gave him thruout the last 2 weeks heh


File: 2b45277076983a9⋯.jpg (195.33 KB, 600x585, 40:39, 1511292845481.jpg)

LOL walloftexthurt!

*didn't read!*



GET heh and time palindrome GET heh!


File: b2e2372b4b7da09⋯.jpg (221.5 KB, 1478x1350, 739:675, 1513306752184.jpg)

Jesus i'm glad there wasn't yet another blizzard today like the two days befo, shit really fucks you up and stuff

Fucking diarrheic constipation (which is acting up once moar just as i'm typing this) was also literally killing me on the commute there and i had to take yet another crap there once more first thing when i arrived

Also my fucking headphones literally broke into two halves when i barely even touched them before even getting out of bed properly, luckily i still had another ersatz model of those same ones lying about so i didn't have to go to the electronic's store after all yet again. Also getting that Photoshop iso ready for the serbian couger cunt (whomst today revealed how she's actually in assisted living and shit heh) this morning turned out to be one trickyass clusterfuck aswell due to some dll missing and the fucking antivirus giving false positives/auto-deleting the thing time and again but maybe she will get it running on her own with the help of that little manual i wrote up fo her and stuff.

The fucking tram (which i had to wait 15 mins for as per usual) was later filling up and became crammed as shit again with two entire goddamn zoomer 1st grader classes filling up de entire carriage and generally being obnoxious yelling little shits. I also changed up my kratom dosage game a little and took the first 3 pills innatrain on the way to de other city around 7:40AM which made the commute and the nigger sweat stink contained within the train ciarriage overall somewhat more bearable (quite a lot actually) compared to a vanilla-tier sober commute and stuff

I also had to pay for the February ticket out my own fucking pocket because those fuckers at the programme (or at the least the cunt in charge of that particular branch) won't give out commute money in advance for some reason. I generally dislike that overweightass diabetic deformed cunt with her smug face and weirdass manner of speaking and the stonerlad shares this sentiment of mine fully. Like, the cunt actually had the balls to "scold"/berate me for "not putting all my doctor's appointments on a single day" last week i was like "Bitch i can't fucking plan out my health and the way my body reacts to shit in advance like ur suggestin here", pretty dazzled at the audacity of this woman actually. To be fair she did commend me for some other shit i had done well/according to the gameplan though so i'm sure it evened out in the end. I was den told that i can send out my first internship applications for the next phase starting next Wednesday, shit will be quite interesting i think.

The stonerlad was quite hyperactive aswell once moar today (to the point where the other turkish intern thot was like "Alright Mr. stonderlad that's enough now" lmao) and towards the end of the day kept begging me for kratom once moar. Made him literally swear on Allah though to return that shit to me back tenfold next week and shit. On the way back (we were allowed the rest of the day off as usual on Fridays) we rode de tram to de main station again together and kept IRL shitposting again, the guy was extremely talkative this time around thanks to the white capsules i had given him earlier. He also asked me about my number and whether he shud ride w/me to the city aswell

We had also watched some YTP's i brought w/me on my chink smartphone and he was completely taken by dose and was den like "I take my hat off to u for this epic stuff" at one point even heh.

At the central station i first thought that i had missed all de trains but then actually managed to catch the last one to my city for that hour which was awesome. Some fucking dirtyass fat sandnigger shitskin beggar clad completely in a green blanket also ran around the platform bothering commuters there (including me) for pocket change and the woman sitting next to me he kept asking about a "bottle of water" even after she declined multiple times, he stood there and tried to coerce her/kept asking the same question over and over, at one point i considered intervening and point out that there's shitloads of coppers standing on the platform above but den he pissed off again just in time heh. Innahomecity when i tried going the shortcut route to the bank there was also a massive fucking building project going on, the whole intersection and adjacent streets had literally been ripped open and shit generally looked like Verdun in 1916 over there.

Overall next week shud b interesting enough with the internship application along with the soc!Worker conference meeting later on. On paper i have almost three full weeks to go in the seminary phase but if i'm quite lucky i'll be able to cut it short aswell heh


File: fb742c382283db3⋯.jpg (14.32 KB, 361x358, 361:358, 391251_128271630648129_103….jpg)


LOL literally asshurt!

*slappy slapem slap!*

pic related, but it's not flowin thru u if u nomsayin heh



time GET heh!


File: 616a7551fd8213d⋯.png (45.18 KB, 256x254, 128:127, 1546315557088.png)





If your mother didn't drop you on the head back den as a child u'd prolly realize that this is a diary/blogposting thread and that i'm writing this for myself first and foremeost, butthurtspammerincelguy heh

*slap slap*


File: 8f901f2c5cb9379⋯.jpg (145.38 KB, 552x795, 184:265, Eichenlaubträger_Karl_Lang….jpg)

Heh mfw today i got up an hour later again around 6:30AM (the Ncunt had banged against the door nonstop thruout the whole night again starting at fucking 3AM) and den ventured 10 mins to de other bus stop right behind the zoomer skool hub so as to not be forced to experience another one of those sardine rides and shit since most of the zoomers get off before (there were shittons of zoomers on de way there ofc but what can you do, still better than riding with them on the same bus tbqfh). This plan of mine worked pretty damn well actually and i found myself a gud seat pretty darng quick too. It wasn't that cold either which was gud.

The bus itself came 5+ mins too late so i thought i'd miss de train altogether but when i got off and just as i was about to enter the central station's platform crossing over from the bigass bus terminal de train was rolling in and i seamlessly walked into it without even having to wait. Shit was pretty neat but also a really fucking close call, i could've easily missed that train had there been only one further red light or something along those lines. I only had to wait for the tram for like 8 mins too den which was neat aswell - Maybe i will actually keep this schedule so i don't have to wake up around fucking 5AM anymoar and stuff.

We were in de other building today aswell and as i entered the room it turned out that the hornyass smol arab cunt with the nnom from the very beginning had finished her own internship already, i wasn't even innaroom for a full 2 secs when she immediately complimented me for my "cool sun glasses" heh.

Shit was pretty refreshing though for a change. Turns out she's actually not arab but turkish and she also suffers from borderline personality disorder. Also instead of her nmom she now kept complaining about her abusive strongly religious afghan asshole boyfriend the whole time over for some reason. Then when it was time fo de cafeteria lunch de stonerlad was like i'm coming over in a minute but didn't actually/went onnatoilet to smoke there again so it was just me and the turkish cunt together for a second time. I still cannot fucking tell whether it was her BPD talking/making her do it or whether the lass was actually attempting to flirt with me and shit (she keeps complimenting me for random shit out of the blue and i'm like umm mkay wtf).


File: 271743f0cd0847c⋯.jpg (88.21 KB, 537x690, 179:230, Wilhelm_Weidenbrück_von_Pr….jpg)

We had a good talk over there though (you can rly tell how she only surrounds herself with orcish immature mohammedan manchildren and not white germanic men of character such as myself) and later on when we were both inna seminary room again she somehow kept asking me the entire time over whether i "liked her name" or something (i highly suspect this had something tha do w/her BPD aswell) and once i conceded and told her that "yeah, it's a handsome/wholesome name" (i wasn't actually trying 2 flirt there but then again kinda was too since i bet she sucks a mean dick) she finally shut up and became a bit moar reserved.

It was very funny to watch the hyperactive brainzapped MENA stonerlad and the hyper-vigilant/suspective BPD turkish eastern medoid cunt attempt to interact with each other in a bantsy manner. I later on slipped the stonerlad covertly some info about her having BPD and he was like thanks for that info bro. Oh yeah also when i redpilled the smol BPD turk thot about the stonerlad's ludicrous claims of a korean popstar gf and shit she very quickly picked up the bullshit and called him out as a liar (just in front of me though) aswell. In fact she even did so right after he showed her the picture/screen background of his supposed gf. I highly suspect this was what made the stonerlad turn around cold and fuck off right in front of the cafeteria all of a sudden, he supposedly got cold feet since the smol BPD thot was the first person to actually directly call him out and tell him that she doesn't believe his gf story/wants to see a picture of those two together (ofc i asked him bout dat befo though but i never outright accused him of lying to every1 like she just did back den lel). The serbian cougar cunt was apparently sick today tho so i neither have my kratom capsules, my commute money nor the USB stick i gave her.

Now i gotta do some other CV shit for de internship acquisition starting on Wednesday at the latest and stuff. It's quite funny though, at one point it was just me and the two turkish interns, the BPD turkish programme participant and the morrocan stonerlad in that room together meaning i was the only germanic with 4 foreign races that actually don't belong into central europe at all, but what can ya do heh.

The commute back was pretty comfy aswell, no zoomers this time round cuz we were allowed to go earlier. We then rode the tram together again and he got off like 3 stations befo de central station which was fine by me. Then when i entered the platform a train to my home city already stood there so i just walked right into that one too, if only shit was always this smooth w/de commutes heh


File: 28f7dcc8ee2bb78⋯.png (373.83 KB, 680x450, 68:45, butthurt-compilation.png)


LOL bloghurt!




69 GET heh!


File: ff5845311443470⋯.png (97.33 KB, 772x1228, 193:307, 1548621548911.png)

Oh yeah and i also totes forgot to mention how the smol BPD turkthot actually told me that she thinks i look polish aswell. The stonerlad and me then both broke out into laffter since this was the umpteenth time i was being told this from a completely different person of another race despite having no actual polish ancestry in the strict sense of the term. I'm just an extremely neudanubian/westbalto-fälid-norid specimen is all heh

The smol BPD thot also told me about how she once went to a tradeskool-type facility in my own home city to finish her apprenticeship in household arts there, apparently she seems to know her way around there well which doesn't surprise me since it seems to attract all sorts of dunecoon types for some reason despite being some shittyass regional mid-sized town only

Funnily enough like pretty much every other programme participant save for de clueless serbian cougar cunt she also hates the guts outta the fatass weird self-righteous diabetic cunt who unfortunately still seems to be my official person of contact within the programme itself.

Thinkgen bout catching a very l8 train tomorrow so as to skip the first half of that fucking wood workshop bullshit again too and stuff


File: 13bc1b9f177a486⋯.jpg (64.78 KB, 550x280, 55:28, lol trixie-hurt.jpg)


LOL polehurt!

*slap slap!*


File: db7726db584cc64⋯.png (90.99 KB, 478x497, 478:497, 213213212.png)

Heh mfw today as part of the programme they gave me a telephone and i could chose whether i'd already call up some of de businesses i had picked out earlier and ask around for internship positions already. Thing is of course that i'm in the 4th week of the seminary phase by this point so basically moving towards the finishing stretch in that regard. After i had to switch rooms cuz their other phone was defunt and two request rejections innaoffice i semi-spontaneously decided to call up some comfy little PC shop in muh hometown (which i had just remembered, had it not been for my trustyass chinkphone i wouldn't even have been able to get de phone number without using the turkish intern thot's PC heh) and basically they invited me to come so as to review some of my CV and shit on Friday right after i come from the consultation meeting with the social worker and programme person of contact innahomecity, should be interesting enough overall.

Luckily i could pretty much rule out that it was the Kratom capsules that had caused my earlier diarrhea (today was my highest dose yet at 4g with no actual side effects), it was most likely some kind of fucked up med-induced infection after all. Also since we gotta cook again tomorrow the three of us had to go to de supermarket 2 get dem ingredients and stuff. The turkish borderline thot (whomst kept asking me bout her apperance/what her phenotypical features were and i basically kept the redpills coming) was just as insufferable on her 3rd day too, i mean the woman is obviously batshit insane. She literally didn't even talk about any other single topic with him than her afghan gorilla shitskin bf that betrays her and which she's deeply obsessed with, along with her narcicisstic obsession with/constant questions about how she's being perceived by others and how she ""compares"" to other young attractive women especially.

I had warned de stonerlad about him being used as her personal friendzone omega orbiter/emotional trashbin and he then very quickly catched on to her manipulative antics thanks to my help, always feels good to help a bro out heh. He got really pissed off and then started insulting her too which was really funny. Also the little fuqqslut actually showed her body/slightly lifted her shirt and let him touch her boobs/pushup bra with a pencil (aswell as generally touching her) without even saying a word, the stuff you read online about those BPD thots being sexually fucked up is true actually. She keps asking us for "massages" aswell lel. Also when i tried to show the stonerlad an efukt video my unthrottled data contingency ran out unfortunately aswell heh

Fucking annoyingass zoomers and boomers innacommute were also getting on my nerves again, i really ought to pick out a good commute tracklist for the remaining time in case i can't do de internship shortcut after all heh. Also on the platform in the main central station in de other city there was some schizophrenic asian (?) shitskin woman in a thick jacket who kept loudly singing with a smartphone in her hand de entire time next to me, shit was creepy af.

When i got off de bus just now i also went into de bakery and bank afterwards aswell, fucking kratom really makes you want to go out and get random shit done like dis

Anyways i think right now there's a solid 50% chance the other IT store mite take me as an intern on Friday at noon, and from there on out i'm basically sailing straight towards the tradeskool recommendation and all that other good shit which i want and need badly. May de Alfather continue to grant me luck and strength



Good luck lad heh, sounds like things are going well for u


File: 5973e832b155b52⋯.jpg (18.82 KB, 640x404, 160:101, O2TZwhH_d.jpg)



LOL bloggintourselfschizohurt! take ur meds!!

*slaaaappy slaaaaaaapp!!*



n feedin your're degenerate opiate addiction doesn't count heh


File: 7e95c4abb1c3387⋯.png (73.86 KB, 446x435, 446:435, 1549477718658.png)


Welp i'm definitely still residing inna holding pattern is all i can say for certain at the moment. I gotta ask during the conference meeting on Friday which conditions have to be met for the tradeskool thing to actually go thru for sure without any hiccups. Afaik the job center who's financing this shit pretty much has to acquiesce legally speaking and offer me the financial assistance i need to pay tradeskool tuition fees and whatnot. And den the internship meeting inna IT store right afterwards not even an hour later kek... A lot of important shit gets decided on Friday, gotta be at my very sharpest den methinks.

In any case thanks for wishing me well laddo heh


File: 3c60043af428f66⋯.jpg (51.82 KB, 331x402, 331:402, annahurt-faggot.jpg)


Kys skitzo faggot i just replied to hdv

*slappity slapperoo*


File: 08c398d67609ea5⋯.jpg (59.46 KB, 331x402, 331:402, lol-elsahurt.jpg)


LOL talkingtohimselfandhidingbehinddaddyHDVhurt!

*slappity doo da, slappitydey! My oh my what a slappy day!!*



off by one dub digit dubs time GET heh!


File: 31743d8486072eb⋯.jpg (208.13 KB, 500x500, 1:1, kafkaesque despair.jpg)

Fuarkin hell gotta get up in less den 8 hours or something. I feel sick already, gonna need an extra dose of kratom tomorrow methinks


File: 25f9e872b9cc7ec⋯.png (999.52 KB, 1927x2717, 1927:2717, 1549149778355.png)

>Be me dis mornan

>Turn off alarm for 5+ min nap

>This somehow turns into a 50 min nap

>8:57AM and the fucking bus cums in less den 15 mins

>Quickly grab backpack, throw clothes on, print dat shit out and make it just in time

>Fucking zoomers filling it up again but manage to snag up one last seat the very back which i haven't sat on befo

>Person of contact is late/turns up 10 mins l8er so i go into de soc!Worker office at 10AM like arranged

>Sit down w/him and 5 mins later de person of contact rings the bell, sez she spoke on her smartphone innacar or something

>Have extensive talk/review bout my performance at the assessment programme and shit

>Person of contact basically teases the final report and sez dat regarding my mental and intellectual capacities i am cut out for de tradeskool recommendation fo sure

>Only thing that's still shaky somewhat is whether my autoimmune condition and shit will impair my performance inna workplace which is y de internship phase is so important also for inclusion in de final report and shit

>Basically the job center has to pay tuition and whatnot if they really include the tradeskool recommendation in de final report, which is likely from where things stand rn

>Get murderous headache right inna middle of it, luckily i packed an ibuprofen

>After de metting w/de local soc!worker we drive in her company car to the business so as to conduct de internship interview

>That IT store's basically just some small local outlet, not tiny but not exactly hugely professional either (Guy who owns the store has broken AVG advertisement posters hanging at the checkout and shit like that lel)

>Store owner sez they don't really do internships or something, doesn't fit into their work field and the shit they do with other customers

>Faggot didn't mention this onna phone on Wednesday at all

>As we step outside again de programme Person of contact is like she could have begged more if she wanted and claims she would have gotten him to give me de internship position but didn't feel like it or something, heh as if

>Say goodbye to Mrs. person of contact; Gonna continue the seminary phase and continue to try and get an internship position for now

>Try to make deposit inna bank coin machine on muh way back

>Some other cunt just finished as i'm entering; I put my card in and not even 5 secs later it gets spit out again/de machine screen suddenly turns blue and two protective heavy metal flaps suddenly come down; Some asshole faggot technician starts cleaning the machine from the back apparently

>Wait for like 5 mins; ask bank clerk when this shit will be finished. He says he can't make an accurate statement

>Buy myself a sandwhich with de pocket change instead den; Bus cums 15 mins later

Eh it coulda been worse overall. My migraine's also slowly but surely petering out now heh

Most important thing by far is dat info about de tradeskool recommendation being almost secured at this point, this shit really infused me with nu confidence and shit


File: d8c09a567143569⋯.jpg (44.31 KB, 424x362, 212:181, comfyasspain.jpg)


LOL sleepydruggurt!

*i sleep sleep!*


File: 032e602a216e471⋯.jpg (26.01 KB, 352x416, 11:13, literallyme.jpg)


LOL pallindromeautisthurt


File: 87aa8d5bf4ec5aa⋯.jpg (6.7 KB, 227x222, 227:222, 1549649581150.jpg)

So i think i still haven't had a chance to fully appreciate and/or process and reflect on the implications of the shit that took place on Friday.

Basically what this conference meeting amounts to is a de facto-greenlight to go ahead and get registered on the tradeskool rooster for upcoming nu apprentices, the job center guy doesn't have any other choice if it gets mentioned in the report. Yeah he could theoretically be an asshole and try to cockblock it but if my appeal to that would go thru his superiors wud shit on him and like all bureaucrats he'd like to avoid this and being labeled a troublemaker by dem most likely.

I mean yeah, they also only take nu applicants thru the job center exclusively either way afaik since they're the ones paying for all the fees in 99% of cases and they're going to put me through an initial assessment course anyways to discern whether or not i'm cut out for the field i wish to work in, but basically right now i'm already at a point in my life i barely could have dreamt of a mere 2-3 months ago. I did make this conscious choice though to get all this good shit on track before the 2020's hit of course, the opportunity to claim this all-in-one-package is just too obvious and good to pass up like that.

Basically the coming week over dere in the other city w/de seminary phase in that shitty coorporate area will be very likely my final one, i would be surprised if they make me attend it longer. Apparently i'm almost done with the full six weeks since weekends are included too which means i'm overstepping almost. It's possible i'll have to return for a short time like the silentass shy sperg and the other turkic borderline thot after their respective internships but overall i'm moving towards the finishing stretch. It's going to be interesting seeing how this all plays out with the preparations to enter the tradeskool and who pays for my health insurance and how i'm going to procure the shit i'm going to need over there in the condo and whatnot (since the nCunt doesn't give me any money and the dole is stuck in limbo due to her too i'll likely have to sell another one of my laptops and some other random shit again in preparation fo dis).

Overall i'm quite satisfied w/how things have gone so far though and will keep praying to de Alfather to give me strength and luck in de coming (most likely final) week of de seminary phase and shit



U can do it fella, we believe in u heh


File: 0f0177ee181ab9b⋯.gif (144.63 KB, 272x267, 272:267, 1447106248673.gif)


LOL GEThurt!!!

*checkem checkem!!!*



palindrome GET heh!


File: 5618125d3aa6519⋯.jpg (156.6 KB, 640x640, 1:1, 20e1755b1fb2078f98e6ec8aeb….jpg)


Appreciated laddo

Like i sed earlier i'm primarily doing this here kinda blogpostin fo myself but i always like muhself som outside input to the primarily kafkaesque situations i find myself in


are you interested in a particular apprenticeship?


File: 6fc9eb3d1f44f10⋯.jpg (39.05 KB, 326x682, 163:341, 1549746022712.jpg)


Eh the only thing i'm pretty sure about is that overly physical work is a no-no thanks to muh autoimmune condition and shit

Something in an office-like setting/your classic white collar-type stuff wud b nice tho

Also the creative or media-related field in general mayhaps but that seems a bit oversaturated. "To do something in the media field" has become something of a winged expression here for problem glass-wearing liberal hipster NPC catladies in their mid-20's fucking around in this particular work field snagging up all the available jobs there and generally being unproductive harpies hampering the work of their male colleagues so if i actually go into the media field i'd prefer something like archival or library/lingual-related work perhaps

I would love to turn that knack i had in the past for video editing in general into a profession too but again i'm afraid my condition will impair me/takes over my typing hands fully or something along those lines. Overall though i just gotta wait and see where all those reports see my strengths/work-related skills to be located in

Gonna scout out sum moar prospective internship positions until Monday for sure though heh


File: 1215d6866a7c11e⋯.jpg (117.57 KB, 502x640, 251:320, schizophrenia.jpg)


LOL talkintohimselfhurt!!! take ur meds!!

*slappy smack smack!!*


GET heh!


File: 719f19aeeee3c7d⋯.png (722.94 KB, 640x638, 320:319, 1510240094047.png)

Heh mfw today i arrived at around 9:20AM at de other building but dere was no one there so instead i ventured to de other building again and *just* as i was boutta step outta de elevator the person of contact cunt was standing there right in front of me. She wuz like yeah Mr. FoKy ur the only programme participant who's turned up so far and i'm like ok. Then as i enter de seminary room some other dude's sitting there and i'm like hello and shit. The fat cunt then pulls out those shitty 3rd grader math tasks again and around 10-15 mins later i ask whether i can continue with the internship applications which she affirms.

I keep doing 3 or so nu calls only one of which was truly positive, the cunt generally acts like a pain in the ass/faux-busy during that time and gives me like zero support aswell as usual, they really just want to get the job center money for hosting the participants and nothing else first and foremost. I'm at it for like 20 mins despite massive constant noise inna hallway from de other seminary group and at around 10:20AM the borderline turk thot (whomst was supposed to have finished her own programme already/massively overstepped and didn't begin her 2nd internship today for some reason, or "because they didn't let her in" as she claimed) suddenly breaks into de office just as i've finished another interview call/am preparing for de next one and then the programme cunt sends me to the seminary room again where i'm working w/de laptop or at least pretend to and set up a fresh nu list of businesses to call up fo later. During this time i also discover how the stonerfaggit dunecoon sent me an SMS the other day apparently asking me to cover for his absence today and i'm like nah fuck that after the shit you pulled last Thursday guy.

I also noticed on the commute dis mornan how the daylight hours have moved forward again, shit wasn't really that dark anymore at around 7:20 (as opposed to just over one month ago). I jumped innabank before that aswell and those fucking zoomers were fucking everywhere again even scooting around onna sidewalk an shit. Also when i went by the GP's office there was a literal herd of patients waiting outside, shit was brutal. Despite the bus being slightly l8 again i made the 8AM train in time, seating myself right next to an apparently half-blind guy who somehow cud still use a smartphone and shit.

Anyways the serbcunt has been sick for over a week now too. Then at around 11:33AM suddenly the stonerhaji cums in and the fat cunt pulls him inna office to scold him again or smth. Then when she cums out again she's like Woopsie forgot to put you guys into de cafeteria list for the umpteenth time and i'm liek fuk u bish. So yeah for lunch i went to the mobile fast food stand and had 2 get myself french fries for the 3rd time.

During the 2nd seminary w/de other cunt the stonerhaji was extremely distracting again aswell, then when he interrupted me again and i talked back once the SJW cunt doing de seminary immediately scolds me (!) for it refusing to even acknowledge all prior direct obvious provocations and interruptions by the shitskin. He also kept repeating and copying phrases and gestures i had thought him (also ever since i told him *once* early last week how he shouldn't get on my goshdarn nerves he keeps repeating/re-aiming that sentence at me too and is then like nah i'm just kiddin breh) which was almost adorable in a way, overall though he went completely off the rails once more. Wish i had been as lucky as the other nu guy (whomst has a depression diagnosis, a vegvisir tatooed on his arm and listens to metal) and came at a much more opportune and bantz-y time into the programme like him.

Fucker has it coming though, i doubt they're going to recommend him for a proper apprenticeship and pull him into their own workshop programme instead the way he's been acting. On the way back the turk thot squeezed up real tight to me aswell inna tram using those zoomer kids as a pretext for doing so heh. Then later on inna traim after the other boomers sitting opposite me pissed off i literally feel asleep again for a couple minutes.

Tomorrow i'll be catching the other train again for sure since i really don't feel like getting up at 5AM for de remaining couple days. If i'm really lucky i'll be able to go into the internship as soon as Thursday or Friday right and cut all that other senseless bullshit over there short right after the doc appointment since i'd be technically overstepping in case no one has an internship position for me starting this week or de next one heh


File: 59cd2533c200d41⋯.jpeg (50.99 KB, 474x711, 2:3, download (1).jpeg)


LOL tldrhurt!!

*bye bye!!!*


GET heh!


File: c63c505eb67426b⋯.png (39.99 KB, 650x650, 1:1, 1538584842433.png)

Heh mfw today when i was at the traffic light suddenly the borderline turk thot tipped me onna shoulder greeting me, apparently she took de same tram as me to de programme again (cunt sez she lives in dat one street not that far from the central station and shit). We then talked for a bit and shit/went to de wood workshop inna other building which was nice.

Also during de commute the bus itself was also late as shit again and there were generally too much zoomers and obnoxious loudly breathing/coughing fat people around but what can ya do heh.

The stonerfaggit was high as shit too and basically got BTFO by muh bantz again aswell, it was funny seeing the nu guy listen to all dat shit and even join in on bashing de stonerlad at one point. Also good to see him on the receiving end of this kinda fanneh rusing since usually he's the one getting on absolutely everyone's nerves behaving like a literal manchild and stuff. Overall though it was gud and we also cleared some 'misunderstandings' from de prior week/de other day and shit. Fucking hate that wood workshop bullshit too but based kratom made it bearable of course.

The cafeteria lunch l8er on wasn't exactly thrilling either and went almost to complete shit when a pack of random boomers (and a high-ranking emploder apparently) seated themselves right next to us on de table and shit. Then for some reason the other turkthot which had left earlier fo an appointment came aswell. Next up was the second module of tangentially workplace-related first aid basics where we also had to put each other into lateral positions and shit. Seeing the turkthot lying there onna rescue blanket was quite fapworthy, also for some reason during the lunch break she kept lifting her shirt up all the way beyond her goshdarn bra even asking the three of us whether we thought her to be fat and stuff - Shit was bizarre (and awesome also) but borderline thots gonna thot i guess heh

Later on after de programme ended de stonerladdo went into de bushes again to get high and shit and den we rode the tram back to the central station together and he was like really disoriented and shit heh. Fucker also keeps asking me whether i'd like to hang around w/him on weekends and shit and i'm like eh every time heh. Oh yeah and he also recce'd me dat prison school hentai shit too

Inna train on de way back there were shittons of zoomers too, they were literally yelling and shit and one of those hornyass cunts was standing with the back to/right in front of me. Also the fucking cyclists kept pouring in too, always hate those fuckers blocking the doors and shit.

Internship-wise i'll keep looking too ofc, the guy from the other day had a hard time rejecting me aswell since his store is so small but recce'd me to try w/one of his colleauges which i'll be sure to do. Tomorrow tho i gotta keep dat doc's appointment which also gives me a day off at de programme so that's nice too of course heh


File: cb9139d93205241⋯.jpg (11.52 KB, 208x147, 208:147, 1549908230576.jpg)


File: 37b96c2537bfb9a⋯.jpg (371.89 KB, 1000x1404, 250:351, lol duckhurt.jpg)



>*slap!* and >*slap!*



palindrome GET heh and time trips GET heh!!



no fam i don't have access to drugs heh


File: 7636cf563fcf3d7⋯.png (1.33 MB, 960x1333, 960:1333, 03dba3ffbcb414a6a44c28f187….png)


should spot sum hashish with the stonerlad


File: 891724fc3d0882a⋯.png (615.27 KB, 700x700, 1:1, 1549901914312.png)

Just woke up from 2-3 hour nap fellas heh

Fucking doc's appointment was exhausting as shit but i went to subway afterwards too which was nice


File: bb62d67dcc6de39⋯.jpg (241.02 KB, 716x768, 179:192, hehh.jpg)

VERY good nus fuckers, my internship will be starting next week most likely by the look of things right now. I am absolutely going to give it my all of course over there, i think in the overall scheme of things this is prolly going tha b a lot moar important den the seminary phase of the programme and stuff. When i checked de connection just now i saw how the commute to the business where i'm poised to get the internship position is actually a bit longer den de commute to the building where the programme is being hosted in. If i'm really goshdarn lucky i will be able to snag up a position here innahomecity aswell which would make the whole thing a whole lot less bothersome but i'm happy to take what i can get tbh, the sooner i get away from that seminary bullcrap de better tbh.

The bus this morning was very l8 again too but i made it again just in time w/de train and shit. Same thing w/de tram which also came just as i exited the station building, it's actually quite incredible how narrow yet smooth the last couple commutes went since i know the lines and their stopping times pretty much by heart at this point. Fucking unwashed spastics were stinking up de carriages again though which sucked.

Also today we cooked yet fucking again with leftover ingredients from yesterday despite it being Friday (apparently the whole cafeteria was closed today in a comfuckingletely unforeseen manner), the other cog!Psych cunt pulled me aside right at de beginning tho and was like i should be looking after my internship instead and confer w/de lardass person of contact rather than there being too many cooks inna staff kitchen and shit. The lardass took her time though and with a delay of about 30 mins after de lunch break she called me to de office and was like nah u don't have to look for internships after all since this other fella here is looking for interns right now. They prolly would've let us go even sooner if they had sticked to the original recipe which the depressive nu metalhead guy recommended (and which wud've taken only like 25 mins tops) but then went for some smorgasbort bullcrap with salad on the side instead which took way longer of course.

Oh yeah we also did another one of these concentration tests which the cog!Psych cunt moar or less completely spontaneously put us through dis mornan, i tried rly hard since the end result will be added to de final report acc to her too.

Overall though shit went by pretty smooth thanks to Kratom and shit. The mentally defective spoiled Lowlife manchild stonerfaggot (who pulled his usual transparent bait/switch game - at first acting innocent/complimenting on random shit and den throwing random insults around afterwards) also kept asking me the same exact fucking questions whether i'd be willing to hang around w/him on weekends and shit aswell again and generally behaved like an absolute lunatic retard once more, tirelessly hugging/touching and outright jumping on other participants, at one point the hyperactive retard loser virgin even spilled water all over himself which was funny and absolutely indicative of his general overall mental condition. He was scolded by the programme person of contact fo his manchild behaviour aswell

On the way back the other steps to the track were still blocked and some crazed lunatic boomer cat lady kept loudly yelling as the train rolled in, when i turned around due to her noise the other boomer waiting behind me was like "Jesus some people..." and i was like heh

Next Monday the other cunt's away so we're supposed to do de seminary w/de turk thot intern (who's been sick the past week) instead in de other building (the distracting lowlife loser junkie won't be there so that's gud too) which is pretty awesome. Had the other biz taken me on Monday it would've spared me dis week but i'm pretty content w/how shit has turned out either way.


File: cd1e9123dba3863⋯.jpeg (42.69 KB, 1000x750, 4:3, chubby_cucky.jpeg)

File: 1215d6866a7c11e⋯.jpg (117.57 KB, 502x640, 251:320, schizophrenia.jpg)



LOL sofathegetswindedwalkingoutsideandgetsfastfoodhurt!! shizotalkingtourselfhurt!! take ur meds!!

*suhlappy suhmacky!*



GET heh!



palindrome GET heh and time GET heh!!!


File: 6fdcab280bd70d7⋯.jpg (29.23 KB, 204x278, 102:139, 123 (3).jpg)




LOL hobbielesspermavirginincelhvschizospergspammerhurt!! get a life!!

*kill self kill self*


File: 3e63e3221d20212⋯.gif (1.76 MB, 2952x3047, 2952:3047, 1550315957913.gif)

Heh mfw today was most likely the penultimate day of de seminary phase if i'm really lucky and shit. Also when i entered the bus dis mornan it was filled to de brim with subhumans again, i wasn't even seated when i noticed some bosnian turk or something babbling with the other cunt in their shitskin dunecoonspeak, they were prolly sharing recipes or something from de sound of it. Managed to catch de other l8 train just in time again and just as i went up de stairs some zoomer thot came running behind me and then kept holding the door open until her thot companion showed up, the stinky af train itself was pretty goshdarn full and there was a whole rooster of approx 6-8 vain NPC zoomer thots sitting opposite me also, of course some more shitskins entered l8er on aswell, subjecting me to even moar dunecoonspeak in the mornan. One of them also ripped a massive fart which was disgusting and shit.

For sum weirdass reason the whole tram platform was out of order today aswell so i ventured to the platform specified on the LED display only to discover that i took the wrong tram so i got out after 1 station and walked back again heh. Oh yeah also the whole central station main building had been decorated festively by de city for carnival in just over 2 weeks aswell already heh.

In de tram itself some fat boomer cunt also seated herself next to me for 2-3 stations but ah well.

Just as i exited near the programme building the borderline turk thot suddenly slapped me onna shoulder again greeting me joyfully and i was like yo sup heh. We talked for a wee bit and she then was like i gotta pee and started running towards de building after me encouraging her to do so heh.

The turk intern thot took my late appearance in a very relaxed manner and shit too, the serbian cougar cunt was also there again and gave me the fucking USB stick back again finally too heh before setting off again fo an appointment of hers. We then for some reason took a little stroll and walked around the fields in front of the business park area, after the turk intern thot asked us participants whether we're up for it. Had some great bantz with the stonerhaji and metalhead lads whilst the borderline and intern thots kept to themselves in a woman-y fashion (de BPD thot l8er told us dat de turkintern told her how she's still a virgin and shit heh). After de break we had that shittyass "social skills seminary" again w/de other cunt which was almost bearable this time around though, stonerlad had a semi-breakdown again though and ran onna toilet to smoke again too.

On the way back the train was already standin on de tracks when i entered the platform and was filled to the fucking brim, nevertheless i managed to snag up one of dose foldable seats inna hallway and shit. Really gotta w8 fo de comfy regional express next tiem methinks. The bus on de commute back innacity was l8 again too and there was a bigass zoomer flock standin there at 4PM for sum reason, also a really thic fat-assed brown mystery meat kept waiting rite before me which almost gave me a semi-stiffy and shit. Fucking niggers were yelling around too once moar and the gen Z cunts inna bus also didn't shut up for even a minute which was kinda 2b expected tho, gotta use dem headphones next time around.

All in all it was a surprisingly pleasant/bearable day today. No idea what the internship appointment tomorrow will bring or how it will actually turn out but just gotta have to w8 and see i guess. All i know is dat i really look forward to de tradeSkool and stuff already heh


File: 1d4eb6091abfcd4⋯.jpg (29.78 KB, 600x457, 600:457, YouMad.jpg)



LOL tldrhurt!

*didn't read slap slap!*


File: 4d489612a8468e3⋯.png (91.24 KB, 400x333, 400:333, 1511626386640.png)

Heh mfw today i missed de other train due to the bus being late as fuck and overfilled again. There was also this one boomer cunt who caused me to lose one kratom capsule, fuckeress kept making noise right beside me just as i was boutta pop dat shit and then kept walking all of a sudden like nothing happened. Despite it being like 8AM there were fucktons of smoking zoomers at the bus stop again too and the bus was a fucking sardine can filled all the way to the driver once more aswell, shit sucked hard. Fucking boomers on there also kept invading your personal aural space with meaningless NPC convo drivel aswell once moar. Just as i entered de bus terminal/got off the bus i saw the train roll away too and had to wait another 30 mins fo de next one to roll in which was pretty empty in de beginning at least though. Oh yeah some drunken beggar also kept pestering commuters such as myself for pocket change in front of the stairs 2de platform and stuff. As de train ventured further north we entered a rain front area and everything became gray as fuck which was comfy.

Then there was some fucking kindergardener class in de tram (the whole other fucking platform was out of order still since the train track was defunct/blocked and had to get repaired for a second time within less than 2 months so i had to switch platforms for the 2nd day in a row) entering it at the square making a whole shitton of noise considering its small size but that's nu-Zoomers for ya. Thanks to all those pub!Transportation delays starting inna homecity and fucking defunct tracks all abound i came l8 like over an hour to the programme/wood workshop but ah well.

Tried to get a hold of this health insurance disaster confering w/muh social law advisor onna phone in the lunch break too but nothing really came of it yet, gotta put a lid on this shit real soon since these fuckers really are escalating things now w/de unfounded monetary demands. Anyways like half an hour l8er den originally scheduled i finally set off w/de person of contact to the internship biz which was located in yet another business park area in a neighbouring townlet a bit further south. The transport connection/reachability leaves much to be desired but i'll find a way to make it work somehow methinks.

In other nus the metalhead fagget had snitched on stonerlad apparently and told the wood workshop guy bout him smoking pot outside which almost got him his ass kicked heh. De Stonerlad also kept asking me once moar whether i'd want to hang around w/him on de weekends for the umpteenth time and i was like eh again.

Anyways i am REALLY fucking tired now since the train on the way back was running extremely l8 too and i missed the bus home aswell/saw it drive away just like de train this mornan which sucked ass, combined with the unfriendly clerkBish at the fast food parlor i decided to kill some time at spontaneously till the other bus wud turn up. Tomorrow i will take de earliest connektshun possible again for the last 3 days at the seminary phase so that the other cunt won't complain about me being l8 again and shit either. Also there's like a 50% chance i lost my wool cap at some point today heh


foky if i go to germany will you meet up with me and smoke hash?


File: fc3c98d48a489e0⋯.jpg (108.72 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, maxresdefault (2).jpg)


LOL trainhurt!

*spread em wide, heres comes the slap train! choo choo!*


File: f7cf1b14f7e43e5⋯.jpg (16.31 KB, 400x400, 1:1, 1547677772392.jpg)

>Be me today

>Almost took de day off due to the massiveass kratom hangover from yesterday and nausea which kept lingering all the way thru just now still 24 hours l8er even

>Just as i step outta the house this mornan there's boomers and shit leaving their houses everywhere/blocking the sidewalk

>One of those faggots is completely blocking the traffic light sidewalk aswell again (at least the other fat landwhale cunt monstrosity who always loiters there with the 50k brats she shat out and who pestered me the other day about being a "bad role model" for walking the crosswalk 1 sec before de ight turned green heh) and there's 3 zoomers standing onna bus stop too with a pair of boomers loudly conversing aswell

>Some of the remaining zoomers innabus keep babbling aswell for the entire remainder of de trip

>Missed the other train due to said bus being 15+ min late as usual on that route and there being a massive traffic jam on de way innacity centre

>Fucking train's also stinky af again when it rolls in and i seat muhself, whole pavement is sticky so i switch de seats

>Innatram there's another one of those crazed mid-aged catladies fidgeting around nonstop w/her stupidass Crochet sticks and shit

>Also some smelly student cunt or something with dreadlocks who smelled like unwashed fish and which made me hard a bit heh

>Fucking imbecile boomer cunt next to me keeps humming the entire route over aswell until i get off

>Forgot to turn off muh other chinkphone so i charge it soon as i enter de semninary room proper and stuff

>Still feelan nauseous as fuck

>Try to go onna toilet, fucking asshole janitor there locked the stalls again and the only unlocked one is occupied at that time of course

>2+ hours ino cookan and chill i pop another ibuprofen + Triptan capsule which helps immensely in regards to pain relief and stuff

>At around 11AM the other two cunts including de serbian cougar cunt suddenly arrive too

>Turkish intern thot sez we can do a 30min break but right when we're inna middle of the conversation she suddenly bursts in and calls us into de kitchen 15 min too early again

>Food's somewhat decent at least; Wraps with chicken meat and ice cream/brownies fo desert - Nausea keeps coming back fast though as de digestion kicks in properly

>Took less den 3g kratom today aswell as a precaution, dosed very weakly and wide apart

>Stonerlad's comparatively relaxed altho still hyperactive af; Turns out he goes to de internship tomorrow so this was his last day there. Also me and the turkish borderline thot (whomst already overstretched her 12 weeks several times kek) will be leaving de seminary phase aswell come Monday

>Onna way back in de tram it's very spaceous at first but two stops further there's some zoomers entering (i took de 1PM one so they all had skool out); one further stop a whole fucking herd appears outta nowhere banging against the windows and shit; One of the fuckers drops his bag on my shoes w/out noticing

>Inna train itself liek 5 mins before it's supposed to depart a whole flock of 2nd graders or something enters; keeping the ear-shattering volume of their inane NuZoomer babble up until they finally get off like 10 stops later in some shitty townlet

>As the train rolls into de hometown station and i wait before de door yet another crazed tourette spastic boomer in a green jacket keeps loudly talking random shit to himself

>As i seat myself onna bank in the bus terminal two zoomer cunts cum up and the one next to me lights up a cigarette of course so i get up after 1min or so

>Get subjected to yet more of this nonstop inane zoomer babble from 3-4 of those gen z NPC's onna way home aswell

Fucking christ this shit is gettin tiresome, really need to get muhself some noise-canceling travel earbuds once i have some mo' cash flowing in again methinks. Also tomorrow is basically my last day in de seminary phase and i'm going to keep it nice and safe once more most likely which shouldn't be hard considering how well i fared during de first two weeks dere on my own

Also yesterday i learned that i get like 130 bucks food allowance in cash after de approx. ~20 day internship's over so that's gud too heh


File: 0c8ef3004939559⋯.jpg (51.64 KB, 571x570, 571:570, 1106514.jpg)


File: 248f4fdeab6a837⋯.gif (271.2 KB, 350x350, 1:1, Clooney_tldr.gif)


*pages shuffling goin slap slap! on eachother*


File: 698b01ce6818ce6⋯.jpg (90.25 KB, 1024x1024, 1:1, 1516512667402.jpg)


Entrapment used to be an art, officer! heh






LOL faggot khv KIKE

c deez here posts rite der >>289736 >>290746


File: 8bcbb30ca3deb11⋯.jpg (96.09 KB, 800x800, 1:1, 1550789817039.jpg)

Heh mfw today was de last day at de seminary phase and shit. I got up as usual at around 6:30AM which i'm really going to miss starting next week when i will most likely have to catch some night train at 5AM or something so as to be able to reach de internship townlet and navigate my way to the business area in time before de internship biz opens and shit heh. At around 8AM i asked de guy in the travel center inna central station bout the ticket prices and realized i was like 7 bucks short on my account and couldn't purchase it yet which also means that i need to sell some more shit stat and stuff. At least i get like 150 bucks in food allowance cash after de internship too heh

Also there were shittons of boomers and zoomers up and about dis mornan again, at least i won't have to deal as much with that kinda shit when it cums to de upcoming internship!commutes and shit. Also if i'm *really* lucky de biz will have closed down during de holidays/carnival which would shorten my internship to around 2 weeks at most i think, which would also be more than ideal. The bus itself was too late again and some faggot (i think the driver himself actually) kept listening to loudass greek radio stations in de front and then below the tracks the exact same beggar from yesterday kept loitering and begging people for pocket change again too. Some faggot boomer kept talking between the train doors keeping them open for some time too but de conductor was having none of it and manually closed dem at one point heh. In de tram itself there were shittons of zoomeroid NPC's aswell gettin on mah nerves again.

When i entered de seminary room like 40 mins too late thanks to said delays there were the stonerlad, metalhead guy, serbian cougar cunt and the borderline turk thot all there - Turns out stonerlad wasn't going to de internship after all yet but on Monday instead just like me. We also talked about all sorts of fanny shit like the effects of salvia divinorum and did some great bantz again w/each other, it was a heckin fun time overall especially with those YTP's i brought w/me onna SD card which the stonerlad really loves and shit.

Apparently whilst i was absent/l8 yesterday the cougar cunt and the borderline thot had some serious beef w/each other too and today the ugly head of the BPD thot's illness reared its head giving "Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned" a completely nu meaning (among other stuff she called her a "barren childless old hag unable of loving others or getting a man" all because de cougar cunt apparently called the BPD thot's bf moar good-looking den her to which she apparently completely lost her shit and started throwing around random mugs and kept yelling in an extremely angry fashion) and shit, she really does see every other woman as a potential competitor/threat to her own self-image apparently. Luckily the cog!psych cunt and person of contact den came from de office and quickly intervened in that shit, which was really vicarously embarrasing to watch. Fucking women really need to be put on leashes lel.

The lunch inna fullass cafeteria was pretty grim again but edible to a certain extent as always too. After de lunch break (during which de stonerald huffed sum kush again inna bushes) we had to wait like 30-40 mins until de person of contact cunt finally discharged us but not before complaining about random meaningless shit again.

De stonerlad, me and the metalhead guy den went inna bushes/in front of dat small lake again where de stonerlad set the wool sweater on fire which he had forgot overnite in de seminary room and then threw it inna lake. I filmed the whole thang which was bantzy/funny af so now i even have some moving image memorabilia of that whole ordeal on my PC heh. Afterwards me and stonerlad went inna Mc'Donalds and shit and ate together outside. Den i catched the train home and had a pretty smooth ride home all things considered overall heh


File: 1215d6866a7c11e⋯.jpg (117.57 KB, 502x640, 251:320, schizophrenia.jpg)

File: ac9506d97937612⋯.jpg (146.39 KB, 1200x895, 240:179, DQTaxyhX4AIarhO.jpg)


LOL projectinghurt!! take ur medz and get laid!

*smacky doo smacky way, slappin dis here butt all the live-long day!*


File: 21f0c82502899ca⋯.png (243.89 KB, 400x397, 400:397, 1541313769144.png)

... With this post, i am concluding my blog regarding the seminary phase of the job training programme. I do not think i'll blog about the internship phase because it's a) probably much shorter/more straightforward in nature and b) extremely time-demanding compared to the first phase of de programme since the biz opens at around 8AM and closes at 5PM inna evening so until i get home again i will be most likely tired af and will have barely time to lurk if at all if i want to make the train inna morning. Shit is going to be hard, but what can ya do. I am convinced that with an iron regimen and the same kind of discipline to go along with it i will make it in the end. I've made it this fucking far already so quitting and/or not appearing on time will not be an option for me. May the Alfather keep providing me with both the strength and luck required to suceed and tear the demiurge a nu asspuccy in the process

Thanks for reading fellers. The nu!Chon is the only place i could even remotely imagine blogging/diaryposting like this, it's the most comfy and pro-white imgbort of dem all out dere heh.


File: 0fb9ca13159f15a⋯.gif (1.23 MB, 352x235, 352:235, Akira vs. Randy M Diaper M….gif)


LOL defeated hurt! I win!

*victory spank spank!*







palindrome GET heh!



Thanks for keeping us posted fella, if you'd like to keep us appraised of your riveting germanic adventures though by all means continue


File: 1215d6866a7c11e⋯.jpg (117.57 KB, 502x640, 251:320, schizophrenia.jpg)



LOL talkin2urselfhurt!

*take ur medz!*


File: 0a2fd2821803048⋯.jpg (77.18 KB, 736x1104, 2:3, 14 words (2).jpg)


Yeh well liek i said i think i won't have time or muse to do this shit during the internship but i'll just have to wait and see. Maybe one or two summarizations. The internship isn't even for that long, i already overstepped the 6 weeks by one weeks in de seminary phase and with the holidays i would be looking at maybe 2 or 3 weeks tops. I also have other more pressing shit to worry about such as de money and my health and whatnot heh. Also getting together enough money for the Trade!Skool preparations cum mid-2019 aswell of course


File: 5973e832b155b52⋯.jpg (18.82 KB, 640x404, 160:101, O2TZwhH_d.jpg)


LOL noresponsebutstillrespondintohimselfhurt!

*schizo schizo!*


File: 032e602a216e471⋯.jpg (26.01 KB, 352x416, 11:13, literallyme.jpg)

Mfw the stonerlad thought i was some russian bydlo at first or something (he told me de other day) and with muh buzzcut and goatee i looked brutal af and he thought i wanted to beat him up or something

Sometimes having significant and very noticeable eastern germanic admixture does have its perks heh


File: cd1e9123dba3863⋯.jpeg (42.69 KB, 1000x750, 4:3, chubby_cucky.jpeg)


he wuz intimudated by ur fatt buht heh


File: fa70ab1be81dadb⋯.jpg (68.39 KB, 628x904, 157:226, Ottomar_Carl_Joseph_Anton,….jpg)

The other day during the last seminary phase week inna cafeteria during lunch i had a good talk about narcs in general w/de stonerlad, de serbian cougar lass and the metalhead fella and how basically my own nEggDonor shouldn't expect me to care for her at all/drive her around in front of de retirement home and shit once she's older. I mean like, she's treated my like shit so why the fuck would i even reward the nmom for that. Nah fuck that i'm not going to get distracted and keep livin mah own life instead. It's very important to get outside validation and perspectives from non-toxic people like this too imo heh


File: c5c1e6538029026⋯.jpg (79.84 KB, 640x442, 320:221, femdomgalleriespic2.jpg)


LOL sememnannyhurt!



time GET heh!


File: eeb8e85518d68dc⋯.jpg (36.51 KB, 642x361, 642:361, John-Cena-Pointing-Out-On-….jpg)

GET heh!


File: ce792d9f0089822⋯.jpg (111.24 KB, 1103x1080, 1103:1080, 1542438758410.jpg)

Hella good nus fuckers, the first week of muh internship went by and it all went down slightly less worse den expected. The IT business where i'm at leaves much to be desired in terms of reachability though - Basically i have to get up at exactly 5AM, den take de bus and switch to de train, switch to another train at de other city and THEN also walk like 3+km right across that shittyass townlet and then over the field path right into the business area which isn't really accessible by bus on my schedule. So it takes like 3 hours (IF there's no delays or canceled trains on the way) at the least for me to get there and turn up just in time at 8AM lel. Fucking ridiculous mang but what can ya do, i've managed pretty good so far and thanks to joogle maps had the whole route down on the 2nd day already basically. There's shitloads i could write further too but right now i'm just content to have managed this good so far, although it already did take its toll with heavy eye bags and shit. Obviously this shit isn't exactly good for my autoimmune condition either but i only have roughly 2 more weeks to go including days off an de weekends so i'll likely just push thru w/de whole thing so as to obtain the TradeSkool recommendation for good finally by the time April cums around.

The IT biz itself is pretty comfy though, although most of the time i just sat around so far and randomly browsed imageboards and shit on muh goyphone. There's like slightly over half a dozen moar staffers including the janitor guy and cleaning lady which i didn't get to see yet though heh. The other guy is also being laid off/quit his job there and is poised to leave some time next week apparently. When no one was around during de smoke break he told me how the boss of de biz is perceived by him as an incompetent asshole or something. The guy (who also spots short hair and a goatee just like me but is almost twice muh age) didn't fare much better at his previous IT-related employer (where he got refered to by the job agency) either, apparently they ripped off costumers/insurance companies and openly took drugs there in the workplace kek. Guy also visited a trade skool around 30yo and did a re-training (he was a bank clerk befo and den learned the IT trade) which was partially refunded to him by the employer and took around 2 years apparently. There's also a syrian apprentice guy whomst i'm working with most of the time and seems quite alright, although his german is quite abysmal/non-existant to be frank - Somehow the guy still manages though which is admirable to an extent even with his affirmative action/refugee bonus he's getting (he also complained about de pay he receives when i asked as if 700+ euros per month weren't enough heh). Didn't really get to know the other employers yet but they're not there most of the time either, one of them was nice enough to pick me up from de train station de other day though when the train schedule was off again. In any case it's quite interesting to get a first glimpse of actual workplace dynamics like this and to get to experience how people primarily motivated by economic means interact with each other in an ordinary collegial fashion. Anyways the biz also has a systems house/storage room with a metric buttload of IT equipment which we spent a good part of my first week there sortin thru and labeling, just basic inventory stuff basically. We also did some shit in the server room/on the rack there, i highly suspect the boss is going to let us carry all those other servers from their old facility over there at some point while i'm there kek. Starting at 12AM they let you take a break for an hour or so where you're free to do what you like. I've studied the area by now and there's a couple fast food parlors and even a McD's there so that's been ideal aswell.

For de next week there's a bigass storm forecast and it's also carnival but every1 has to be present inna company/biz anyways so it's surely going to be interesting methinks. Then on Wed/Thu i get the ticket money back and the job training guys inna other city want to do some further testing w/me for de final report which i'm glad for since this shortens the time i have to be present inna company even further.

All in all i'm confident that i'm going to keep on pushing thru this shit so that i may get a slot in de tradeskool reserved by mid-2019 and get all that other shit like the health insurance and stuff in order aswell


File: 8a3ea694545610c⋯.gif (1.71 MB, 475x329, 475:329, ass-spanking-in-wrestling.gif)


LOL defeathurt!

*WWE RAW slapdown!*


File: 1b1728216b75dba⋯.png (26.32 KB, 500x370, 50:37, tumblr_m1gxwqhTfi1qa934fo1….png)


dub dubs GET heh and time trips GET heh!


File: ba9ecb0829cc003⋯.png (470.92 KB, 450x788, 225:394, 1551542858700.png)

Fucking hell i bet there's going to be shitloads of loud/obnoxious drunk af people onna commute tomorrow during fashing

Fuck it all lads


File: fc3c98d48a489e0⋯.jpg (108.72 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, maxresdefault (2).jpg)


LOL commutehurt!

*slap slap!*


File: 603e1ba76428dca⋯.jpg (53.96 KB, 387x329, 387:329, mern.jpg)

Heh mfw today my internship was interrupted for dat first batch of further testings the fellers from the programme wanted tha do w/me. I just looked the test name displayed on that coffer up and basically the thing's explicitly designed "to assess, analyze and develop trade-related practical and motor skills" so they're basically looking for further data points to include in the final report by the looks of it most likely which is good of course.

This mornan when i went up i had also noticed how my other pair of shoes was still moist af from the fucking hurricane-like storm on Monday despite having stood outside for 2 days in a row so i switched to the other shoes; other than that the commute wasn't all that spectacular and actually pretty predictable, even that one autistic zoomer kid was sitting there again when i went to de other bus stop at 6AM - Also when i tried to frequent the ticket center inna homecity it wasn't open yet despite it being 7AM already so i decided to try my luck w/de one in the other city; Of course the asshole boomer clerk there decided to be an utter fucking toxicass moron and sent me back across the hall to pull a queue ticket from the machine despite there being NO SINGLE FUCKING customer besides me lel. Fucker generally acted unprofessional af thruout aswell and instead of promptly serving me lagged the whole thing out so that i missed the other tram too, i then had to wait like 30 mins for de next one since there was another one that got cancelled for sum reason aswell (some fat bastard also asked me whether i knew which direction the tram was heading which i affirmed).

At the reception inna main programme building the two cunts scrambled to send me into the right direction when i asked where i had to go (ofc the retarded person of contact didn't provide me with any actual info in that shitty email of hers either; just a general vague description on where i'd might have to head towards), i then asked the other guy at the cafeteria reception who sent me to the neighbouring building where two stores up and like two hallways in another clerk lady sent me around yet another corner after which i had arrived in the correct hallway (some severely schizophrenic boomer cunt also paced around and loudly talked to herself before said hallway which was creepy af). There a note was hanging going like "Mr. FoKy pls go to the computer room so we can start right away", the pedagogic company-employed cunts in sed room then sent me to another adjoining room cramped with assorted workshop stuff and a bigass table and after like 5 mins the psychologist/trainer cunt came in and brought de test module w/her. For some reason the PC room was occupied thruout the day so i will be doing the 2nd batch there tomorrow i was told and l8er in March de last 2 batches will follow. At around 13AM i went to de seminary room building to get my fucking money back and just as i went in the turk!Intern thot was locking the office door; we den went in again but when she saw muh tickets she said the person of contact will have to approve that shit first which was the last thing i wanted to hear but what can you do heh, the cunt flat-out refused to hand me out de money i was owed but i couldn't force her or anything. The way back was very comfy though and the weather was pretty much almost perfect. Some hornyass middle-aged sandnigger cunt kept rubbing her ass against my left thigh which gave me a raging semi-stiffy, there was moar den enough space but she consciously decided to do it heh. I also saw some moar horny zoomers checking me out on the way back aswell again which was gud

Looking forward to de 2nd test batch tomorrow, after that i'll be pretty much finished w/de 2nd week of muh internship and will have two moar weeks to prove what i'm made/capable of inna internship biz. Hopefully the work volume will pick up pace somewhat too during that time heh


File: de3c73ea6046551⋯.jpg (209.67 KB, 996x1068, 83:89, me when a qt ZoomerSandnig….jpg)


It actually turned out to be slightly worse than i expected kek, shit almost gave me PTSD and i took a day off afterwards because i thought tuesday would be exactly like that aswell w/drunkards and asocials everywhere but apparently this wasn't the case


File: fd3a6c2fd869773⋯.png (332.72 KB, 500x628, 125:157, LOL-FEELHURT.png)


File: cda8160ded3c2d3⋯.jpg (592.82 KB, 2397x1386, 799:462, 1551814529394.jpg)

Heh mfw today started off slow again but den the person of contact came to visit the programme as promised yesterday when i got the commute money back inna other city, the boss also turned up an hour earlier than usual for said occasion even heh. Basically he commended me on my good performance in his IT business so far and especially commended me on how i performed during the support hotline call task which he spontaneously heaped on me. He was like "You did very well at this mr. foky, any other intern would have likely squirmed and not known what to do but u immediately got to it and solved de task in a fast and precise manner", which felt gud to hear. Of course without de based Kratom i would have likely aborted the internship after two days or so heh.

Anyways some short time after the person of contact left the boss came inna office and was like "Mr. FoKy why don't you pack ur bags we gonna visit a customer now" and i was like ok and then i drove with the boss in his company car inna frontseat the Autobahn further up north to a massiveass retirement area complex owned by one of those sprawling social work-focussed coorporations. When i arrived the chief executive of said coorporation (at least the boss told me he was one of the chairmen or something, they've known each other personally for decades apparently and developed a deep business relationshop from dat) was smoking outside with the other colleague from de IT biz. We basically just went inspectan the work he had done inna server room and then they fiddled around with the intranet and email system they set up for the tech-illiterate roasties and boomer secretaries/office workers there. Overall it was quite fun and interesting, although quite stressing too of course.

The chairman guy was even nice enough to treat us to a nice meal (potato salad w/baked fish) inna mess hall where all the old people were sitting and shit. L8er on during de day i helped the other guy carry the old discarded server parts upstairs and shit and then the boss guy gave me another task in the form of setting up a cutesy little NAS drive which i also found very interestan for a change. All in all this was by far one of the most active days so far and made for a good final day of the 2nd internship week heh

The commute this mornan was filled with annoying loud boomers aswell again of course which sucked but what can you do. Also when i tried to take muh first kratom dosage that alzheimers-tier boomer catwoman from ousside seated herself right nex to me and i had to postpone dat shit due to this, almost lost another capsule as a result too. The ncunt was also drunkenly stumbling around at 4AM but thanks to that polyphasic sleep shit i got just enough of dat sweetass shuteye after all. I also tried to take the bus to the business area in the IT biz townlet but turns out the schedule is all sorts of fucked up, de route merely takes 5 mins though and includes 3 stops which is gud. I also saw a fuckton of breedable qt brown araboid zoomer thots during de commutes (unfortunately in all de buses across different regions/cities there were the same exact kind of zoomer NPC's errywhere), love their rutting smellerinos. All those fucking delays/last minute track switches and faulty train schedule LED displays were fucking abysmal again aswell though but i find myself able to routinely deal w/dis at this point after 3 months of nonstop commutan on said route. Overall i gotta stop dosing the kratom this goshdarn far apart though since this shit causes the effects to layer on top of each other which fucks w/ur brain functions even more imo, or at least that's how the white strain acts on muh system. Despite all o' dis i am very much looking forward to de last two weeks of muh internship cum Monday heh


File: cd1e9123dba3863⋯.jpeg (42.69 KB, 1000x750, 4:3, chubby_cucky.jpeg)


ur fat lol

*slap slap! jiggle jiggle!*


File: d381f7cb4e939e7⋯.jpg (134.68 KB, 642x361, 642:361, John-Cena-Pointing-Out-On-….jpg)

palindrome GET heh!



Kratom literally does nothing for me, I'd rather have a benzo, and benzos aren't party drugs.


File: b7708a5d12bd350⋯.jpg (103.67 KB, 673x842, 673:842, 1549062737619.jpg)


Fuck you talm bout

Kratom's not a party drug at all, it's been known to increase work capacity+performance for hundreds of years in SE asia especially



Fuck that shit, what's the point of a drug except to party on. Miss me with that gay performance shit.


File: 8a3ea694545610c⋯.gif (1.71 MB, 475x329, 475:329, ass-spanking-in-wrestling.gif)


LOL sohurt he has no responsehurt!

*mega slap slap!*


GET heh!


File: d37c2f72d3232ea⋯.png (74.02 KB, 720x589, 720:589, 1552727865562.png)

Just came back from the 3rd testing session inna job training programme (the penultimate one befo tomorrow) laddos. The lady doin the testan this time round smelled very good despite being quite fat but she has clearly nordid-derived features so we were getting along quite dandy based on this alone heh

I ingested around 4 and a half grams of kratom today overall dosed thruout the day but as opposed to last time i didn't get sick, just a very mellow and gud feelan basically which was greatly aided by the comfyass train which was unusually empty aswell. Some zoomer thot also was horny af sittan rite next to me which was awesome

I then ate at subways/semi-purposefully missed de bus and came back just now and onna way back flirted with another hornyass alpinid landwhale cunt from mah hometown heh

Overall it was a guy day and i'm looking forward to everything else so much right now. Fuck i cannot wait to begin de apprenticeship and shit


File: 6b869967e972e47⋯.jpg (24.74 KB, 400x400, 1:1, 1497124416564.jpg)


>t. wants no future fo himself at all apparently


File: cd1e9123dba3863⋯.jpeg (42.69 KB, 1000x750, 4:3, chubby_cucky.jpeg)



LOL no responsehurt!!

*slap slap!*


GET heh!


File: 9f162bd344e3182⋯.jpg (16.8 KB, 198x255, 66:85, 1522597173509.jpg)

Heh mfw today was the very last test of de entire programme before they compile the final report later this month. That fatassed hairy-armed alpino-nordid test overseer/instructor cunt lead the whole thing again and the other faggot from yesterday wuz there aswell. The ncunt banged around again trying tha deprive me of muh precious sleep and banged around when i was boutta leave the house this mornan but to no avail, my greyrock game is way too strong at this point fo her.

Also at the bus stop the exact same autistic zoomer kid as usual was sittan there, i'm glad when i have de bus stop all fo myself again tomorrow mornan at 5AM and shit heh. Also that one alzheimers-ridden tourettes boomer mummy was sittan right next to me apparently and kept making zombie noises all thruout. Some sandnigger also blocked the bus stop so that 3 of them were dogpiled on top of each other but i managed to catch the train irregardless since a "police investigation" (at least dats wat de conducter sed thru de PSA system heh) caused it to depart 20+m later den initially planned. Ofc de fucking thing had to stay inna tunnel in front of de main station again for 5 mins cuz de other track wuz occupied and shit. On de escalator rite in front of me was a very breedable thicc-assed zoomer thot though which smelled really good and i saw lotsa thots inna completely overfilled tram again aswell, one of them kept spreading her ass right in front of my face and i almost jizzed from dat heh. When i left de tram the stonerlad came out of nowhere greeting and informing me dat he has to cum to de programme every Tuesday apparently now. Oh yeah also during the lunch inna emptyass cafeteria at 12PM the depressed metalhead guy came in too with some other nu participant (which was apparently a hormone-munching transfaggot or something kek - The stonerlad was already acquainted with him too and kept remarking on dis earlier) and amongst other things informed me dat he was boutta start his own IT internship innacity soon aswell.

When i had my lunch break i went from de test room into de other room to drink sum coffee there and there was a qt and very shy woman from some other programme section standing there unfurling her own backpack shit in a frenzied and fast manner, didn't greet me back but seated herself right next opposite me for some reason and den just kept staring out of the window until her person of contact came in.

Overall i am quite satisfied with how the testings have gone - The overseer cunt also remarked on my very good performance (especially compared tha other participants) and even cut the whole thing short because, and i quote, "It is abundantly clear that i am exceeding at all of these basic assessing tasks and it would be senseless/repetitive to do even more of them at this point". At the end when i filled out de questionnare she came over inna other room and we then had sum further smalltalk too about my future and shit. Funnily enuff she worked in a tradeSkool too inna past so she told me one or two things about the whole process too.

Starting tomorrow i will have exactly 1 week left inna internship too heh


File: 3cf98fa117c5acd⋯.jpg (51.76 KB, 331x402, 331:402, annahurt-faggot.jpg)


LOL still no response hurt!!!!! absolutely outwitted!!!!






File: adf9dd7835ef128⋯.png (391.09 KB, 460x480, 23:24, mirasun_pheno.png)


*cumts into u're miother throat puccy rly hard*

How's that for a response rite dere, bucko


File: 7834783645e7545⋯.jpg (59.78 KB, 548x365, 548:365, girl-laughing-fokys-dick.jpg)


LOL butthurt!

*slap slap!*


File: 011f4f519a5674a⋯.png (72.77 KB, 657x527, 657:527, 1463090895561.png)

Heh mfw today i went over to de other programme building again so as to talk w/de phatassed alpinonordid test overseer cunt and de person of contact about my 4 days of consecutive testing i did during March during de internship phase and shit.

Oh also when i went to de bus stop at 9AM this mornan and during de commute aswell there were a metric fuckton of boomers around aswell again (just as i was about to pop the first kratom dosage one of those fucking demented boomeress mummies talking to herself came along of course too lel and then the bus was 2 mins too early) and also tons of niggers and sandniggers too of course heh. I had a comfy lill time cushion of around 15 mins until de train arrived tho which was gud, apart from the raging storm/shittyass crazed weather of course heh. Inna train there were also two extremely spoiled NPC roastie zoomer thots loudly talking about all kinds of inane female shit and they only got off at the very end one station before i had to get off aswell and shit. The fucking tram drove away right in front of my nose once again aswell of course but 'twas alright since i had like 40 mins to go still so i took de one 20 mins l8er.

Also just as i was about to seat myself some (apparently estonian) faggot came up to me trying to sell me one of his metal band's CD's and once i grasped what he even wanted from me i waved him away w/a "No thanks" and shit. He said something to the effect of "me looking like i enjoy metal music, and we make such music" pulling the cover of said album right from his jacket. It's funny though because this wasn't even the 1st time some random estonian approached me in public and tried to sell me one of his metal CD's in english, last time this happened was a couple years back inna hometown with a qt westbaltid thot.

Anyways so overall the final test reports reconfirmed some basic shit about my own skillset/personal outlook and shit but turned out a lot better den expected in some areas. The test report even outright stated how i tend to underestimate myself constantly and shit aswell heh.

De person of contact lardass cunt came 10 mins 2 l8 aswell and cut the thing short, she basically had no plan on how to proceed with my schedule and also gave me not enough commute money because she counted de days wrong apparently much to my dismay.

The button on muh BDU cargo pants almost fell off again aswell which sucks because those fucking things are still semi-nu but what can ya do heh. Also onna way to the tram station the kratom capsule fell into muh 0,5litre cola bottle but i cudn't finish it out again so i just left it dere where it then proceeded to dissolve into an algae-colored disgustan foamy kratom shake heh.

Also onna commute back onna tram there was yet another slav woman loudly talking in russian onna phone, i prefer these racially related eastern germanic folk a thousand times over filthy dunecoons babbling in arabic moonspeak though heh. Then all of a sudden a pack of zoomeresses came up and seated themselves next to me. I immediately smelled the fine smell they (or the ginger lass w/de ripped open meme jeans sittan opposite me) emitted and immediately proceeded to get a stiffy from said hornyass rutting female odor entering my nostrils. I also saw a creatura mulatoo and a thicc aryan specimen among others which was gud too.

Then inna train opposite me sat another enormously fat landwhale breedsow zoomer with prominent perkyass tiddays whomst seemed quite wet upon seeing me heh. Fucking turkfaggot zoomer had to sit beside me for almost the entire journey aswell tho which sucked. At the central bus terminal i saw yet another zoomer thot with those ankle-exposing ripped open meme jeans and afterwards a bottle blonde thot in black skin-thight yoga pants and a black adidas jacket came along whose exposed asscheeks were bigger than her backpack came along aswell and stood right in front of me checking me out from the side heh. Then at the roundabout some faggot boomer also blocked the traffic for like 5 mins straight aswell and random boomers stank up de whole bus carriage with alcoholic smell again. Also two slavic siblings sat right opposite me aswell and kept switching from russian to german and back again mid-sentence creating a funny pidgin and shit

Anyways tomorrow at 11AM de person of contact will apparently be present inna internship biz for a final analysis performance talk which she will include in de final report. After the alpinonordid cunt left we also confered for a short time regarding my next steps and it's basically secured at this point that i will get refered to the tradeSkool to do the apprenticeship there and shit. Overall i am quite satisfied w/how today has turned out, rest of the internship shud b ez enuff n shit aswell going foward heh


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



time GET heh!



GET heh!



also palindrome GET heh, heh.


File: f3fbb760a81cdfc⋯.jpg (33.67 KB, 322x350, 23:25, 21312.jpg)


You subhuman baboon. You literal nigger.

How dare you speak, you swarthy jungle monkey. How dare you open your big lipped, rim encrusted, menthol cigarette smelling mouth?

You are human trash, Diego Tyrone LeShawn de Maradona. Universally despised, derided and mocked. Your nationality and skin tone offers no hope to the world that South America can ever prosper. Crawl back in to the Brazilian jungle you came out of, you literal orangutan.

I hope you decide to sail your grandfathers skip to the Falklands and rape some sheep, as is in the negroes nature. It would still be the whitest pussy you ever had. Give Nigel and Robert a chance for some target practice, your sole use to the world. Argentinians obsession with a few windswept islands in the Atlantic is hilarious but sad. Coincidentally its the only worthwhile contribution Argentina has made to the medical field. The MUH LAS MALVINAS sentiment in the average negro Argentinian is both an early warning sign of autism in children, and early on set Alzheimer's in adults.

Take your black hairy fingers off your keyboard, and never talk about the human species again, you mockery of our supposed shared ancestor.. No amount of olive oil and wheat flour slabbed on your face every morning will make you white. It's about as delusional of an idea as your daydreams of European heritage.

You nigger.

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Go fertilise the pampas with you and your families corpses, its the best you can hope for in life. For the first time in your life, nigger, you have a job making food for beings vastly superior to yourself. Uruguayan cattle. Coincidentally, it would be the first time an Argentinian "man" provided for a family.

Die, Diego. No one would miss you. Except for Australian Aboriginals, who now would have no one to make them look good.


File: 32c26d828d07616⋯.jpg (142.29 KB, 1080x1080, 1:1, 1512672606474.jpg)

Fuarkin hell laddos when i caem home yesterday and went to watch some TV i fell asleep almost right off the bat and slept right thru almost 3AM. Like an hour l8er the unemployed lowlife nCunt also came drunkenly stumbling upstairs again and banged around inna bathroom.

Darng boomer assholes were up and about again this mornan aswell on their bicycles/wrongly parked vehicles blocking the sidewalk. There was this other guy on a kid's scooter that came along again at 5AM which was super weird but eh. The same exact boomer roastie NPC's kept blabbering loudly inna bus once moar and some faggot boomer w/a Guido von List-type beard also kept meandering in an irritating fashion onna train platform. De train commute itself was very predictable again aswell, i know which stations have the highest volume of passengers joining de carriage by heart now after riding this route on a nigh-daily basis for those whole 3 months kek.

Those fucking zoomer NPC's also seem to always listen to the exact same track w/de same bpm setting, it's unsettling almost to a degree. When i switched to de other train there was also yet another drunkard boomer resting w/his head literally onna table there. Here it was the same exact thing; The station befo de one i had to get off was filled with skool-commutan zoomers once moar who den proceeded to make their usual noise. Behind and rite in front of me some jailbait zoomeresses were sittan aswell and one of them kept singing loudly which was cringe af. Onna way to de internship biz i saw how the useful bank in front of the Autobahn underpass bridge that was flipped over yesterday had been fixed up once moar and repositioned aswell.

Within the biz itself 2 of the other colleagues suddenly turned up again (it had just been me and the nu russian guy the previous 3 days befo dat) and the three of them kept doing their telephone helpdesk/remote maintenance thing again thruout the mornan and early noon w/every1 pacing around constantly again, so basically the office turned into a de facto-callcenter for the duration of my last day innabiz dere which was alrite by me though since i was allowed to go earlier den usual anyways.

Also when we bid each other farewell the boss also gave me a lill handy gadget as a "present" or something which was nice. He made some vague remarks about me having performed well and shit which will likely also reflect inna internship cert they're writing up and sending to me aswell.

Onna commute back when i checked the train schedule onna smartphone it sed the whole track was closed all of a sudden (on my last day of course after 3 months of it being flawlessly served without any major interruptions to speak of lmoa) and on that platform one train was canceled but the other one actually came bcuz the track reopened in time acc. to the PSA guy onna speaker. The train itself was stank up again aswell of course and some gay faggot sat himself rite next to me and kept loudly yawning and shit so i reseated muhself at de 1st possible opportunity. I ate out rly good at de local subways innahomecity and managed to catch de bus just in time but said bus turned out to be occupied by yet another crazed mentally retarded schizoid tourettes faggot that kept loudly giggling and talking to himself right behind me (!) once moar, i am just that fucking unlucky i guess when it comes to this. Also i wasn't even inna house for 10 full secs when the Ncunt repeatedly kept making noise inna bathroom right next to the door once again too.

I already have a nu appointment regarding my upcoman TradeSkool entry too though, which is going to be next week. I am not only looking forward to it but aso feel fully prepared for said next huge massive step in terms of personal advancement + development heh


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


LOL butthurt!

*slapem smackem!*


i ate at the restaurant that inspired araki to name johnathan and they had mid-tier breakfast options heh


File: 33ce17d2a9c3a5f⋯.jpg (198.02 KB, 841x623, 841:623, 1522988063737.jpg)

Heh mfw gonna have two more appointments w/de person of contact (one in her city and one innahomecity) and afterwards will be completely thru w/de social industry-related company doing de job training programme once and for all finally.

Here's hoping that i'll be able to join up the pre-apprenticeship preparation programme inna TradeSkool at the earlierst opportunity or mayhaps even during April still which wud b ideal more or less since i also have enough money now to get muhself a decent ultra-portable mAtx lurkan machine and shit should the need for that (or any other device that wud make staying there at least during de working days easier really) arise heh


File: 400b38c761e5cae⋯.png (26.88 KB, 1050x931, 150:133, 12321.png)


Well hwut exactly did ya eat dere feller



bacon and eggs famalam. pretty hard to fuck that up but it was worse than the notoriously mediocre place i used to eat in-between college classes in 2013.


File: 64e6e4308786d61⋯.jpg (38.46 KB, 490x454, 245:227, 1530121408776.jpg)

Jesus lads i just had this very weirdass final dream phase whereupon i dreamt that i returned to the old living group i was forced into by de Ncunt back den and which she also snagged me away from again ('tis the same livan group where i went together with that extremely smol aryan anorexic ex gf of mine back den).

Said living group kept reappearing in my dreams on and off for years now (the 10yr anniversary of me entering/being admitted into it is in a couple of weeks i think) but the timing of it appearing this clearly and vividly on the night after my last internship day is a bit too obvious kek. Inna dream itself i basically went to that other group house again (a very vague and jumbled approximation of the actual living group interior as it looked back den) and seated myself as some of those social workers suddenly came up, the funny thing was that they were visibly aged so it's clear that this scenario was meant to depict the present-day. Anyways my dream self sed somethang 2 da effect of "ya so im here again yadda yadda" and shit too and they all pretended to be busy den and afterwards the dream became somewhat incoherent again/ended with a wild dramatic and elaborate triple A production-tier cyberpunk/hacker chase sequence again somehow kek (but that is beside the point ofc).

Point being that a large part of my subconscious apparently seems to equal de upcoman TradeSkool entry to an extent w/de whole fucked up living group situation from 10 years ago, which might not be a problem in itself depending on the conditions i will find down there once i'm actually physically present for the 1st time. This despite the fact that the whole situation is compfuckingletely different from the ground up, and that i've decided to enter TradeSkool for completely different reasons (the sole "motivation" for the living group back den was finishing high school after the ncunt made sure i was kicked from de 1 innacity) which are primarily economic in nature 1st and foremost. Methinks i still have some self-reflective work tha do in terms of skooling my own subconscious in dat dere fact heh


File: 2e3fbbc00c25cd9⋯.jpg (103.9 KB, 866x1390, 433:695, obihiro-japan-16th-nov-201….jpg)


Ah i c heh

Hope it taested gud n shit fella


File: 46866193495b5ed⋯.png (286.29 KB, 500x519, 500:519, 1554332818860.png)

Three more hours tha go until my future entry inna tradeSkool gets decided

Fuck i am somewhat excited fellers


File: 411b6c8ce4a5745⋯.jpg (37.81 KB, 501x501, 1:1, 1554331843329.jpg)

>Be me

>Arrive like an hour early inna city this mornan

>Fucking miserable rain's pouring from de sky again so i'm wet as fuck

>Go for a stroll innacity to get dry and shit and do some other thangz

>Fucking boomers everywhere; Whole city center's in gridlock again due to heavy substantial construction work/street renewals going on in the very center

>Some fat boomer asks me for directions too out of the blue wtf

>Pop some more kratom; Shouldn't have fapped earlier heh

>Enter the premises at around 9:53AM

>Muh boomer social worker's sittan there at de waiting table but doesn't seem tha notice me

>Other person of contact from de programme's appparently not there either so we go to de guys office like 5 mins l8er

>When i knock and he opens it turns out she's sittan inside and was dere much earlier briefing him on my performance inna programme and shit

>Sez i should wait ousside 5 mins or something so i just stand there inna hallway

>Boomer social worker was chattin it up w/one of his female colleagues, just goes into de clerk guy's office seemingly w/out noticing me again

>Wait a couple more minutes, people rushing back and forth onna hallway as i w8 there further

>Clerk guy opens again when i knock fo de 2nd time and bids me welcome

>Short general review of my overall performance inna programme/internship in oral form follows

>Apprenticeship's basically greenlighted at this point

>Clerk guy makes the call and i'm now officially inna trade skool waiting rooster; Likely gonna get called up to move into the proving/testing phase proper in 2 months at the earlierst from what i've been told now

>I can try out up to three trades/professions i'm interested in (and for which apprenticeship courses are being offered there w/free remaining participant slots) during said testing phase apparently

>Clerk guy tries to print the whole shebang for me, my social worker, the person of contact and himself but fails miserably

>Ends up calling his coorporate support guy and spends like 15+ minutes sittan there and talking w/de guy trying to get his printer to work over the phone lmao

>Fucking awkward as shit but kratom makes it actually bearable, luckily i had popped another capsules shortly before enteran

>Anyway rest of the whole thing goes smoothly aswell

>Social worker takes over from there

>Will quite likely end up visiting/inspecting the facility with me aswell before i'm admitting myself into it

I still cannot fully fathom how i got all this shit done just like that starting last November - This will probably end up the most important time of my life up until this point and shit. And the ride is just gettin started too. I now have over 400 bucks to my name and these monetary resources will keep increasing going forward, especially as soon as the apprenticeship starts and shit

Also fuck that lunch i just had was heavy as fuck heh

Hopefully it will not rain again tomorrow when i have de next appointment/s innacity


File: 0f3050575bb5218⋯.jpg (62 KB, 600x448, 75:56, schizophrenic_person_by_Se….jpg)



GET heh!



time palindrome GET heh!



dub digit dubs/ quint digit palindrome GET heh!



time palindrome GET heh!



AGAIN heh!



time GET heh!


File: 3c60043af428f66⋯.jpg (51.82 KB, 331x402, 331:402, annahurt-faggot.jpg)

LOL skitzohert


File: 1215d6866a7c11e⋯.jpg (117.57 KB, 502x640, 251:320, schizophrenia.jpg)


I agree, foky is schizohurt heh


File: 3c60043af428f66⋯.jpg (51.82 KB, 331x402, 331:402, annahurt-faggot.jpg)

I know you are, butt what am i


File: c506ddd94f351ee⋯.png (18.17 KB, 650x650, 1:1, 1496954168002.png)



idk lol. You are correct that foky is chubby and has gay nigger aids tho, very tru


File: 71dd30d2fec167d⋯.png (88.95 KB, 500x500, 1:1, 1421417284537.png)

Gud nus fuckers i got the internship certificate inna mail today it was rly gud heh


File: f4298538f05e3ec⋯.jpg (904.57 KB, 900x1273, 900:1273, 12.jpg)


LOL nein u


File: 5d4dcf74498711c⋯.png (551.92 KB, 583x441, 583:441, when de kratom taste gud.png)

Got dem tradeskool admission papers inna mail today heh

Now on to acquiring a highly portable lurkan machine. This along with affordable aryan kratom will form the basis of my stay there basically i think, hopefully they'll let me move into a single room dorm after a couple weeks already heh


File: e54c071648c6a36⋯.jpg (34.84 KB, 392x331, 392:331, 1556170893834.jpg)

Finished de registrashun papers today and will mail dem out tomorrow

>Mfw when they ask me whether i've had run-ins with the law or contact with drugs before




what's your job?


File: 7a9ea78be7233df⋯.png (8.8 KB, 263x322, 263:322, 1555015788652.png)


>This whole fucking thread literally revolving from the get-go about me doing the job training programme and taking up an apprenticeship to learn a trade

>"Hurr wuts ur jerb"

The absolute state of this guy



i couldn't be bother reading

fuck off then i dont even care you skizo faggot low test freak





File: f3577d898657a4a⋯.jpg (272.55 KB, 768x960, 4:5, 1523253279085.jpg)


You obviously care enough to respond

>couldn't be bother

LOL learn to write

Also have sex incel khv permavirgin low attention span loser freak lol




hey careful your nmommy might be creeping around outside your door

fucking homo manchild faggot



Nice non sequitur ad hom pseudo-comeback you manchild faggot, you make fun of orphaned children who couldn't control their upbringing or the circumstances they were born into either aswell?

Thanks for confirming everything in the above post

Now kys



lmfao like i care faggot, gas yourself


File: 3c60043af428f66⋯.jpg (51.82 KB, 331x402, 331:402, annahurt-faggot.jpg)


LOL have sex


File: 2495ab8856b21d5⋯.jpg (124.78 KB, 693x960, 231:320, 1557455929249.jpg)

>Why yes of course i will threaten to evict you for no actual reason shortly before your apprenticeship's poised to begin




Why you finna be evicted fam wtf you're going out of your way to turn your loife around and this is how these daft cunts treat u smh just smh


File: 103a6c3e9c66870⋯.png (290.61 KB, 554x523, 554:523, 1557242079007.png)


That's the funny thing you see, because i'm actually not - All that these threats basically do is not only prove me and my perception of events right but also reinforce everything else i've been doing for myself this past year or so. The narcicisstic injury from being denied the narcicisstic supply and scapegoat's attention which they think they're entitled to has now actually lead to them formally lashing out against me aka said scapegoat.

Like, of course i could also complain about how the pampered favoured GC's don't face this kind of pressure at all or how they're even encouraged to permanently keep living in the house and get all the financial assistance they ask for in regards to personal belongings aswell as health insurance being paid off and whatnot (even if it's thousands of euros) while i've been paying for my own shit for years and am almost broke/don't see a penny from them, or how the whole basis of the N lawyers' ""case"" here is based on a gigantic lie/backstab and betrayal + purposeful sabotaging of an existing agreement, which probably results in them actually not having as solid of a case as they/he are claiming.

Like, to the outside she's maintaining the usual narcicisstic "perfect reasonable and infallible parent"/martyr facade but then behind closed doors you get this kind of blatant coercion and unhinged drunkard screaming fits for no reason and in a way this really is final bonafide black on white proof for the abusive and narcicisstic behaviour, along with the already existing proof for the domestic violence/physical abuse episodes which occured in the past (only reason i didn't press any charges back then was because i was still deeply in the FOG back then).

I could also complain about how cowardous it was to constantly lie to my face and sabotage me in general (such as the claim that they're going to sell the property this summer) or how they asked the lawyer in the email i uncovered today to tell me to leave on my fucking 26th birthday no less. What sick and twisted fucking cunts my egg and sperm donors are, seriously. This is the kind of stuff she's basically been setting me up for from the get-go, these threats of "throwing me out so i'm left alone and penniless" have begun in earnest when i was around 4yo mind you.

I've actually found some helpful topics on these kind of tenancy laws/situations too, you do have rights as a tenant after all.

Right now/during the last appointment on Thursday i've just started getting into consultation with my boomeroid social/case worker (who himself doesn't have much experience in this kind of legal area but told me he has colleagues and the social organization he's employed by also seems to specialize in this at least partially) and will see what can be done/how if at all i should react to this in any case.

I really doubt she's going to risk letting this thing go to court though, it would result in a whole lot of nasty narc stuff getting exposed more or less subsequently.


File: 059fc14cf6a9660⋯.jpg (268.17 KB, 540x786, 90:131, do what ye must for i have….jpg)

Also the only reason i've decided to stand fast for now (with or without the assistance of the social worker) is because i will NOT let this shit get in the way of my apprenticeship i've worked so hard for. I am just too close to this goal to let it get sabotaged by some petty narcicisstic textbook bullshit/scream for attention like this during the very last stretch/on the finishing line now.

Thing is also that i had wanted to move to a different state anyways after the apprenticship's done and i was about to land a job somewhere else. Moving after i finished the apprenticeship mind you, not before of course which would be uncalled-for and nonsensical. This would be a huge distraction and take a considerable toll on my strength + cause my narc-induced autoimmune illness to fully flare up again too, so fuck that.

If there's a valid eviction order signed by a judge after a fair trial at some point then i would comply with that of course, otherwise i see no reason to move out of my own accord. Of course i do have some of the NC protocols prepared in advance/in place already, albeit somewhat disorganized still.

I will not let the N!eggDonor destroy my future in any case, no matter how hard she may try.



LOL orphanednarcissistcircumstances hurt!


Mfw just one more fuckin month tha go


Save bump so the spammer doesn't kill this thread overnight


And another save rave befo de spammer KIKE destroys my thread


File: 63ba91d393a887d⋯.jpg (19.24 KB, 300x250, 6:5, 1559596706108.jpg)

Gonna do a thorough inventory of all de shit i need to pack that's not already present inside my room l8er on when i finally have the house for myself for 2 hours again

Basically i'm trying to tone it down to two luggage items; One for IT/EDC/room shit and the other one for sanitary/creature comfort/edible shit in general, the former will also include a fixed list of replenishables that can be re-bought locally in de tradeSkool's town as needed

I will also try to secure some financial assistance for the lawyer consultation regarding the baseless eviction threats and shit since it doesn't look like my boomeroid soc!CaseWorker has made any inroads in that regard at all since our last appointment which i half-way expected to happen anyways though and shit

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