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File: 17fbbd77bfd2b11⋯.png (694.93 KB, 838x458, 419:229, duckduckgo.com2.PNG)


Heh mfw i just watched this and it felt like some bad acit trip even whilst on sum kratom (pizza diminished the effect ofc)

Also the drunkard nCunt was banging against the wall (both the one in the bathroom right next to mine aswell as the thin as fuck other wall next to my PC) aswell while i was watching/not even 5 mins after de kino began and stuff


stop talking about kratom you faggot

god i hope that shit stops working and fucks up your liver


File: 88b72be29444847⋯.jpg (124.6 KB, 480x480, 1:1, 2b5d9109c1051776172da59a72….jpg)


Fuck i love how butthurt and angry you get every single time, it literally makes me cum dude fo reals

Also i've been taking it for over 3 weeks now and my liver can metabolize it or otherwise i would've started pissing brown urine already but i don't have any adverse reactions which means it flawlessly goes thru my system like it does with every other person heh



Schizophrenia is also risk with a psychotropic.





File: 7500da5b4e493dc⋯.jpg (81.13 KB, 1024x576, 16:9, 1484230366614.jpg)

wonder if there's another sub-reddit for mothers whose children are deranged skitzoids who think they're the subject of abuse

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