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File: bb75cfec5b21f52⋯.jpg (98.63 KB, 500x667, 500:667, niglets.jpg)



I've been applying for internships left and right

finally got a call from one on friday but i missed it, guy left a voicemessage and asked me to call back

too scared to call back cause muhfuggin social anxiety, now its monday what do i do???? can i call back three days later? what do i say? fuck this gay earth


Take kratom and dial dat shizz nigga heh


Down 3 shots of vodka to calm your nerves and just call back. I worked 3 internships in college and trust me they WANT you to call back. They are not going to blacklist you from the industry for being awkward if that's what you're worried about.



i dont have access to kratom



i cant drink i have to go to work soon



Then do it sober and without kratom. They're not looking for a charismatic Chad the just need someone to do all the stuff they don't want to do. Just say that youll be their little beta bitch for the summer and WHAM! Your hired.



but im afraid >_<


Put a nigger dildo into ur asspucci it alleviates nervousness



nigger if you don't get the internship you won't be able to join the middle class with the rest of us bad goys and the Jews win. Call before some shitskin takes your spot.




lemme give you the number and my name and just call and pretend to be me ok?


its been three days tho since he first called, is he gonna shit on me for taking so long to call back?



Either you have lost your chance or you haven't. He won't shit on you either way. Just make the call, you have nothing to lose.



can i do it tomorrow?


I dont have a problem with social anxiety anymore but if you do one tip that can help is to think about the anxiety differently. Try and convince yourself that the physical sensations you feel as anxiety are actually the physical sensations of excitement. Think about how excited you are about the prospects of this job.This works because the physical symptoms of anxiety are basically the same thing as excitement. Btw if you need go to a doctor and get some benzos for the meantime. Just dont take them for long. I might be completely wrong about this but it worked for me in the past and my psych sister confirmed its a legitimate strategy.


File: 9e5244286c0b4cc⋯.jpg (17.54 KB, 450x356, 225:178, 542467438.jpg)

still never called but he just called again and i ignored the call cause im scared still but holy shit i still have a chance im gonna call back right now!


File: 7d019047b52d408⋯.png (221.36 KB, 459x524, 459:524, 7d019047b52d408750e6b6f58d….png)


ugh was not really expecting a phone interview... he immediately hit me with a bunch of intense questions and i got really nervous and probably sounded like a rambling dumbass, oh well, at least i did it and dont have to feel guilty about not calling back now




>wanting to work for free

You ignoring that call was probably smarter than you think. Get a real job, one that will pay you for your time.


>i cant drink i have to go to work soon

You already have a job.. and you want to intern on top of it.. fucking what?


File: 8b549bcf8cc850a⋯.jpg (54.48 KB, 736x1757, 736:1757, 164babc96951970d3b0bc945d0….jpg)


many internships nowadays are paid you silly, this one was one of them

my current job is a massive dead end, i will never grow by staying there. i need to move onwards and upwards



A nervous slave

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