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File: 1454087413361.jpg (46.65 KB, 300x543, 100:181, BigTrophy05copy.jpg)

60f689 No.478[Reply]

As it turned out this monday, Larachan, soon formerly Infinity Next will never ever see the light of the day on 8chan or anything that is owned by Jim Watkins. This dream is over. The technological reality still looks grim. The next best thing is Haruko that is maybe not available to Hotwheels and most importantly not ready yet for various reasons people give a fuck about.

Now bear with me. Format will be the usual one.Janiteam logs will also come out regularly on the site

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60f689 No.890

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Good Afternoon!

I have decided to close this thread. First, because it has been sitting here for almost four months and nobody had anything to say about its content here, even though I have linked to it on /tech/, /v/ and /cow/. I therefor assume that there is no interest for it anymore.

Second, Hotwheels, who is clearly responsible for all decisions concerning Larachan that weren't Josh's stepped back as administrator. CodemonkeyZ is now our administrator and effectively has been for a month, since he did most of the user interaction.

Codemonkey's first transperency report


Simply open it in a real text editor like GNU nano, or something

the log quotes about what I have just fucking said:









This board is now solely a backup board and test bed for >>>/irc/ again. All comments concerning this are now offtopic, please go to >>>/operate/ or its recent alternative from the transparency report. This thread will remain stickied here as historical source until we have a inline archive.

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File: 1435168030928.jpg (85.41 KB, 566x800, 283:400, yotsuba1.jpg)

5b47f7 No.82[Reply]


1. Global rules apply.

2. Spoiler NSFW/porn. This isn't a porn board, so try to keep it SFW.

3. Keep active doxing and any threats/actions against janitors in real life to /baphomet/. This board is for the discussion of the moderation of 4chan and to poke fun at the stupid shit they got up to - it is NOT a raid board.

4. Keep it related to the logs.

5. Board sliding leads to a 3 month long ban. No argument allowed!

6. Ebin /intl/ memes lead to a 3 month long ban. No argument allowed!

Make an effort to self-moderate. Use the report button and just ignore shills or trolls that try to drag the discussion off topic. Other than that, have fun ripping into the logs!

And make your own generals if there's a board you want to discuss which hasn't got one yet! It makes it easier for everyone to navigate.

Notice: Forum sliding has been made as dull as possible

Additional stipulation:

Have you heard about this board from some insane ramblings on /tech/ or /pol/? Please read this then:


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File: 1435167760554.gif (477.8 KB, 500x667, 500:667, 1420329154417.gif)

7595dd No.81[Reply]


4chan janitor logs from 2011 through to early 2015 have been leaked. Lots of juicy shit about every board with moderation problems, plenty of hotpocketeering and laughs to be had.


Link is outdated. Take these instead!



All the previous uploads have been removed. So I upload them to a bunch of pomf clones during the next few days. You can't stop the signal cuckchan! More links will follow

Archived threads:

/meta/ threads*

https://archive.today/zN5Di - http://8archive.moe/meta/thread/52622/

https://archive.today/UNNEN - http://8archive.moe/meta/thread/53783/

https://archive.today/45VX6 - http://8archive.moe/meta/thread/55186/

/irc/ /a/ threads

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

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File: 1ce78661e97d5a3⋯.jpg (91.18 KB, 353x438, 353:438, 1ce78661e97d5a31958d5593e8….jpg)

File: 6ae97d6b4ce94f7⋯.png (70.94 KB, 500x454, 250:227, 6ae97d6b4ce94f7ac70ef7b925….png)

b2eeb5 No.1631[Reply]

Welcome to the last backup thread for all Janiteam logs concerning /v/. The real board is on >>>/irc/

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a1ce0b No.1801

Hotwheels got wind of it

[19:53:25] <FnFy> [03:53:23] 25<copypaste25> Hello

[19:53:25] <FnFy> [03:53:28] 25<copypaste25> <FnFy> >inb4 everything leaks tomorrow

[19:53:25] <FnFy> [03:53:36] 25<copypaste25> Do you know how to get in contact with moot? :^)

[19:53:25] <FnFy> [03:53:55] 31<2522FnFy31> I'm sorry, who are you?

[19:53:25] <FnFy> [03:54:16] 25<copypaste25> I am the administrator of 8ch.net. That is a line written in #janiteam (I assume) and is part of a leak I have.

[19:53:28] <FnFy> It's happening

[19:53:55] <Destati> Shieeeeeeeet


[19:54:37] <FnFy> MVB, ALTERNATIVE moots Zephro buttly help I don't know what to do

[19:54:39] <Inf> its not like moots nick is a secret why doesnt he just pm

[19:54:43] <buttly> ignore him

[19:56:13] <buttly> I dunno why 8chan folks want to start internet fights

[19:56:38] <Kobayashi> what else but attention, traffic and "muh relevance"

[19:56:50] <buttly> they're perfectally capable of running a website without throwing a fit

[19:57:21] <Destati> Internet fights is how they get attention

[19:57:28] <DOTDOTDOT> do roll threads count as dubs/get

[19:57:32] <buttly> yes

[19:57:55] <Destati> Without that their site would wither into nothing

[19:58:03] <Destati> Like most all 4chan spinoffs

[19:59:10] <buttly> the world will finally see

[19:59:16] <buttly> how boring it is to be a janitor

[19:59:34] <buttly> that 4chan, and its RULES, will PAY for existing

[19:59:38] <DOTDOTDOT> ugh shit

[19:59:56] <buttly> anyway I think it is silly nonsense

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7dd4ee No.1802

Who's the leaker?

[20:17:24] <FnFy> He has /j/ pics now

[20:17:29] <Troid> it's an old /j/ pic

[20:17:42] <Troid> ancient actually

[20:18:31] <Destati> From when /g/ hacked /j/

[20:18:33] <Destati> I think

[20:19:08] <Aliens> Troid, how do I into +G

[20:19:10] <FnFy> The leaker could've just screencapped and sent him the entirety of /j/ for all we know

[20:19:13] <Aliens> I don't think I have it on.

[20:19:17] <Troid> /mode Aliens +G

[20:19:34] <Destati> There's barely anything of value on /j/

[20:19:42] <Aliens> Thanks, Troid

[20:21:12] <FnFy> Well, there's going to be a massive shitstorm when all the crap floating around hits the fans

[20:21:27] <FnFy> I just wish people would stop being retarded over the internet


[20:22:39] <Axism> don't worry about it FnFy

[20:22:46] <buttly> you know, 8chan would be fine if what's his name didn't engage in targeted harassment campaigns

But we didn't do anything

[20:24:11] <buttly> we've managed to get by for 10 years without attacking anyone

[20:24:11] <Troid> it's like you said

[20:24:14] <FnFy> scrubadour_mobile, hotwheelz contacted me saying that he got leaks of this chat

[20:24:16] <Troid> 4chan and its rules must pay

[20:24:18] <Troid> pay for existing

[20:24:24] <buttly> ah yes I did say that

[20:24:44] <Troid> my thread got deleted the other day

[20:24:44] <CuChulainn> how do you know it was hotwheels himself?

[20:24:48] <scrubadour_mobile> Wow what is he going to dPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

7dd4ee No.1803

If you post on 8chan, you serve the Evil One!

[20:27:46] <Kobayashi> It all boils down to nihilism, buttly

[20:27:46] <buttly> like his fictional 500 post limit


[20:28:02] <Kobayashi> they have to do something in order to offset their self hatred, so they hate others.

[20:28:06] <buttly> I dunno, nihilists don't care enough to do things do they

[20:28:18] <Kobayashi> Narcissism, then

[20:28:42] <buttly> well, attention-grabbing explains what a lot of people do

[20:29:02] <buttly> but I dunno, I just don't see being so angry over a website

[20:29:48] <FnFy> there are people so angry with us that they spend hours every day to tell us how terrible we are, for free

[20:30:14] <buttly> oh well

[20:30:20] <buttly> the bulk of people still just want to have fun

[20:30:23] <buttly> on internet

[20:30:33] <Troid> serious business

[20:30:43] <buttly> indeed


[20:31:29] <Aliens> Well, at least you're not a wheelchair-bound dwarf with a chan riding the coattails of 4chan.

[20:31:35] <Aliens> So life isn't all that bad.

[20:31:52] <buttly> point of order

[20:31:56] <buttly> they're not called "chans"

[20:32:02] <buttly> they are called "imageboards" :tmyk:

[20:32:11] <Axism> don't forget the boneitis aliens

[20:32:23] <Axism> nigga as glass bones

[20:32:38] <Aliens> Chinese animation discussion forum, buttly

[20:32:48] <buttly> bacon burrito sandwich, aliens

[20:32:54] <Aliens> That sounds delicious


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4cee4a No.1804



I just want to see the reactions they got when it was revealed everything was legit. Also want to see how Troid reacted when he got doxed

1ed91f No.1805


Hello. I came in to tell you, that first the logs don't cover that as you could have concluded from few of the headlines in the last posts and second to use >>>/irc/ until it goes belly up due to neglect or transfer to new BO who doesn't want it to be about the janileaks anymore.

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File: 1461760795476-0.png (12.16 KB, 487x363, 487:363, 1421220313803.png)

File: 1461760795476-1.gif (164.21 KB, 255x192, 85:64, 1415746618677.gif)

6ff5dd No.868[Reply]

A weird bug prevents these from showing up inside the last thread itself.



I spare you a summary of the findings in this one and also recommend you visiting >>>/irc/ instead. This board is just a backup board after all.

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6ff5dd No.1626

8chan's /ic/ is taboo

[20:12:15] <Axism> who is deleting posts that mention 8chan on /ic/


[20:12:33] <Axism> stop touching those posts they're on topic


[20:13:31] <Troid> axism: I did that

[20:13:32] <KusKus> >Will any anime ever top Hunter x Hunter 2011?

[20:13:37] <KusKus> 2 threads like that

[20:13:38] <Troid> you know there's a global filter on the phrase "8chan" itself, right

[20:13:44] <Troid> and a filter on "eightchan"


[20:13:48] <Troid> and a filter on "8chin"

[20:13:49] <Axism> Yeah, it's still related

[20:14:02] <Axism> They're having a discussion about art forums

[20:14:23] <Axism> if 8chan has a productive art forum it's related

[20:14:24] <Troid> well I deleted one single post

[20:14:29] <Troid> hardly massacred their discussion

[20:14:32] <Axism> https://warosu.org/ic/thread/S1843166

[20:14:37] <Axism> I'm seeing them all removed

[20:14:39] <Troid> and evading spam filters is evading spam filters

[20:14:50] <Axism> That's a bullshit excuse

[20:14:50] <Jeepers88> 8chan has a sports board too, but I don't allow it

[20:15:05] <Aliens> Thank you, based Kobayashi

[20:15:07] <Axism> Asinine reason to delete posts that are on topic

[20:19:18] <Kobayashi> >but I've been going to 8-chan to post recently. It's like old 4chan before the mods ruined it and surprisingly their art communities are pretty active.

[20:19:34] <Kobayashi> That's like, advertising, and complaining about moderation on 4chan

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6ff5dd No.1627

27th September 2014

More Bui spam on /v/

[02:54:47] <CuChulainn> Bui is back on /v/

[02:55:05] <CuChulainn> HD-DVD, https://foolz.fireden.net/v/thread/265524475/im-looking-at-this-pic-right-now-and-i-see

[02:55:09] <CuChulainn> he's spammin now

[02:55:41] <CuChulainn> I count 6 threads BEAM KusKus kdel

[03:07:29] <CuChulainn> WalterWhite, I_AM_ABIB HotShot errorname457 e7711. Good amount of Bui Spam on /v/


[03:22:19] <kusanagi> What a shit night at work


[05:05:47] <CuChulainn> night


[17:52:36] <FnFyZpXv> http://www.twitch.tv/whompronnie huh, ronnie is streaming himself playing video games

[17:52:57] <FnFyZpXv> >I'm kinda disappointed. I expected Ronnie's voice to be fatter….

[17:53:28] <Inf> hes playing a GOOD game

[17:53:34] <Inf> is this real life


[17:53:48] <Aliens> ronnie, my man!


[17:54:31] <CuChulainn> https://foolz.fireden.net/v/thread/265596582/guys-ronnie-is-playing-vidya-games-on-twitch-lets heres' the thread

[17:54:32] <FnFyZpXv> >he actually replies to the comments

[17:54:37] <FnFyZpXv> Why is he so based

[17:54:39] <Aliens> The savior of webcomics


Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

6ff5dd No.1628

Let's hurt Hotwheels

[18:42:54] <Kobayashi> http://vimeo.com/91583460

[18:42:57] <Kobayashi> >trusting this man

[18:43:03] <Jeepers88> God, people will believe any stupid shit

[18:43:07] <FnFyZpXv> These are the moments where it feels really difficult not to be able to tell you're on the 4chan staff

[18:43:17] <FnFyZpXv> Because you know a word would be enough to make these idiots shut the hell up

[18:43:35] <Aliens> Eh, anyone can say they're a former mod or whatever.

[18:43:39] <Kobayashi> I know it's not my place to say, but I reall wish Moot would shut them down

[18:44:04] <Jeepers88> Aliens: And they'll believe it with absolutely no proof whatsoever

[18:44:33] <Jeepers88> >I'm the /sp/ mod! I did it all for free and moot is a SJW!!!!one111!!

[18:44:42] <FnFyZpXv> It really bothers me that people are so goddamn stupid

[18:44:50] <FnFyZpXv> FUCK. How the hell do they fall for this bullshit?

[18:45:42] <Aliens> Because anyone regardless of IQ can use the internet.

[18:46:13] <FnFyZpXv> I have a friend who's relatively smart and he believes hotweels

[18:46:59] <FnFyZpXv> Though maybe he's not that smart


[18:47:25] <Jeepers88> The first person who events the thing that will let us punch another person over the internet will make billions

[18:47:28] <FnFyZpXv> Anyway the sooner this whole 8chan shit ends the better

[18:47:44] <FnFyZpXv> Jeepers88, I'm for IRL punches instead of bans

[18:47:56] <Kobayashi> I'm afraid that if Moot doesn't intervene soon, It might not end


[18:47:59] <Jeepers88> *invents

[18:48:05] <Jeepers88> Goddamn it

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

6ff5dd No.1629

6ff5dd No.1630

28th September 2014

Star Citizen Genral drama

[05:33:15] <Kobayashi> There's a guy that keeps reposting his images over and over, and now he's made a general thread with it.

[05:33:32] <Kobayashi> https://foolz.fireden.net/vg/thread/81706035

[05:33:44] <Kobayashi> You can check his post history, I doubt it's anything nice to look at.

[05:34:32] <BEAM> stealth ban?

[05:35:38] <Kobayashi> Banning without having the thread die, because he's in the OP

[05:37:04] <BEAM> oh, yeah

[05:37:30] <Kobayashi> Not sure if we're allowed to delete the OP image, since it's a shitpost.

[05:37:42] <Kobayashi> But uh, that's the last item on my bucket list

Daily Dose

[11:43:40] <Starfrog> http://foolz.fireden.net/v/thread/265707576/the-janitor-is-out-the-doctor-is-in

[11:44:08] <Aliens> thnks mr piccolo

[11:44:14] <LingeringParticles> that's my favorite dbz episode

[11:44:20] <Starfrog> hahah

[11:44:52] <LingeringParticles> his dick is ribbed too. nice

[11:45:14] <Starfrog> super nice

[11:45:20] <Aliens> niceme.me


[11:59:27] <Starfrog> http://foolz.fireden.net/v/thread/265708417/an-extra-dose-for-the-sjw-faggots

[11:59:30] <Meadowlark> Just letting you know.

[11:59:31] <Starfrog> hit it /v/ janis

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: 1435157098040-0.png (91.32 KB, 1024x748, 256:187, holy shit.png)

File: 1435157098041-1.png (941.13 KB, 1344x2492, 48:89, 4chan v.png)

50dfa1 No.1[Reply]

This thread concerns /v/ and Gamergate.

The logs are featuring highlights as these:

Featuring highlights such as:

[09:19:00] <Liryui> ALTERNATIVE, RapeApe, there are 7 zoe threads on /v/ right now, which one do i not delete?

[09:19:25] <RapeApe> i'll take care of it


[20:42:00] <ThinMint> What's with the new YOU GOTTA BE IN IRC warning? Did someone go lone wolf rogue janitor on the edge with nothing left to lose?

[20:42:15] <AnimeDad> Nah, we just want to keep everyone coordinated.

[20:42:45] <RapeApe> shitstorms like this zoe quinn bullshit require coordination in order to minimize the anon outrage


[20:48:57] <yetsturdy> RapeApe: how to tell when to delete a zoe quinn thread vs not? sometimes it feels like throwing gas on the fire when they yell censorship later


[20:49:32] <BEAM> yetsturdy try to see if there are other threads open about it first

[20:49:55] <RapeApe> yetsturdy, i've largely been ignoring them.

[20:50:14] <RapeApe> the momentum is gone. there's only a few diehard left.

8/19/14 [03:02:05] <ashpain> Sometimes I think i'm missing out on life amongst human beings and common society by never leaving the house… then I'm reminded that I'm better off here >.>

[07:45:06] <RapeApe> #### GamerGate threads on /v/ are now over ####

[07:45:31] <RapeApe> They've started spamming the report system and have become a burden to moderation.

[07:45:46] <Hotpockets#1> I just realized a thread was deleted.

[07:45:54] <Hotpockets#1> When I was about to check it out.


[08:05:04] <Hotpockets#1> RapeApe, could you make a sticky?

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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50dfa1 No.858

30th June 2013

other Highlights

(00:26:09) +McNuggets: See … not with a bang, but a whisper

(00:26:53) +McNuggets: I always imagined 4chan would end with moot just quietly sighing, gathering up his toys, and shuffling out of the room … remembering to hit the light switch on his way.

(00:26:59) +Axism: and when moot is on his knees, crying over the pile of ash that was once shekels, /pol/ will bring down his glisteningly white hand and say "you're welcome"

(00:27:11) +McNuggets: I don't think there will be rhyme or reason or ceremony … just … one day … "404"

(00:45:42) +duanemoody: https://boards.4chan.org/v/res/197560985#p197564025

(00:45:53) +duanemoody: when moot's vacation is over gief me /v/

(00:45:57) +McNuggets: I think Troid may be taking things to seriously

(00:45:58) +duanemoody: i hunger

(00:46:18) +McNuggets: And … that's not good on me …

(00:46:26) +duanemoody: why, is he your underling

(00:46:33) +duanemoody: UNDERSTUDY

(00:46:35) +duanemoody: UNDERSTUDY

(00:46:39) +duanemoody: that's what i meant

(07:11:28) +Kazisho: https://loveisover.me/v/search/text/indisputably%20the%20greatest%20game%20ever%20made/

(07:12:06) +VCR_Working: pfft

(07:13:37) +Bloom: this guy keeps posting these bullshit threads, im not even sure what to BR him for https://boards.4chan.org/v/res/197617283

(07:14:30) +Bloom: thanks whoever did that

(07:14:52) +Kazisho: Just BR'd hiPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

50dfa1 No.859

1st July 2013

Soundthreads again

(12:42:39) +Kazisho: Are 4chan[sound] threads/posts acceptable?

(12:44:11) +Troid: no

(12:44:18) +Troid: embedded files of any kind are not allowed

(12:44:30) +Troid: although I guess there's no actual rule against them


(12:45:32) +Kazisho: I see. Makes sense, thanks Troid.

(12:49:01) +BluRay: buncha faggotry

(13:02:05) @RapeApe: Kazisho, the reasoning is that such files can be used for embedded viruses.

(13:02:30) +Kazisho: Yes, given 4chan's history…

(13:02:37) +Kazisho: Especially on /b/ and /v/.

(13:02:57) @RapeApe: moreover, it is a drain on bandwidth to have an entire thread of hundreds of images all at the 3MB mark

(13:03:50) +Kazisho: Do you still try to break said script?

(13:05:13) @RapeApe: that's beyond my knowledge or power.

(13:05:34) @RapeApe: i'm not a dev

(13:06:05) +Troid: 4chan is meant to host text, JPG, GIF, PNG, and in a few cases PDF

(13:06:14) +Troid: if you want to share anything else, there are other websites out there

other Highlights


50dfa1 No.860

2nd July 2013

Intermission: 4chan T-Shirts

(18:09:05) @ALTERNATIVE: I have taken a taxi maybe three times in my life

(18:09:18) @ALTERNATIVE: one time it was to take all the 4chan shirts to the convention center

(18:09:22) @ALTERNATIVE: and I really pissed off the cabbie

(18:09:26) @ALTERNATIVE: makin' him wait

(18:09:36) +Bloom: there are 4chan shirts?

(18:09:50) @ALTERNATIVE: there were in 2006 when I had a fuckton made and sold them at otakon

(18:09:55) +Bloom: oh i see

(18:09:57) @ALTERNATIVE: I actually still have some extras

(18:10:05) +Bloom: i'd buy a shirt with moots face saying MORNING RESCUE

(18:10:10) @ALTERNATIVE: lol

(18:10:15) BluRay: lol

(18:10:18) @ALTERNATIVE: it just says 4chan on the front and has the 4 leaves logo

(18:10:24) @ALTERNATIVE: on the back it has Anonymous and a postdate/time

(18:10:29) @ALTERNATIVE: in the correct font/color

(18:10:36) BluRay: heh

(18:10:38) +Bloom: classy

(18:10:57) » Quit: relare (~relare@Rizon-25DB1BC1.washdc.fios.verizon.net) (Quit: relare)

(18:10:58) @ALTERNATIVE: then I have a couple team shirts

(18:11:11) @ALTERNATIVE: I still wanna do polos


(18:13:15) +Axism: You still have them?

(18:14:09) @ALTERNATIVE: yeah

(18:14:21) @ALTERNATIVE: I have some 'new' regular shirts that never sold too

(18:14:33) @ALTERNATIVE: I sell one every so often when someone wants one

(18:14:49) @ALTERNATIVE: thats not true actually I've only given one away in the past 5 years

(18:15:01) @ALTERNATIVE: because who would want a 4chan shirt anymore

(18:15:02) BluRay: lol

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

50dfa1 No.864

3rd July 2013

other Highlights

(00:04:07) +Scrubadour: https://images.4chan.org/tg/src/1372819106671.png viral's game is publihed now

(00:04:13) +Scrubadour: that's a proof copy

(00:04:26) +Scrubadour: soon in stores! thank you based viral and /tg/

(00:15:59) +Volphied370: >This might not fit particularly well here, but /v/ is kind of shit, and /vg/ wouldn't care.

(00:16:11) +Volphied370: too bad, /vr/ is for retro games only

(04:20:16) +Cadfael: I don't want to destory your little dream world OP. But nobody outside of /sp/ cares about /sp/.

(04:20:16) +Cadfael: You people shit up every other board, you deserve to die.

(04:20:40) +Cadfael: harsh, but fair

(10:55:26) @RapeApe: http://au.businessinsider.com/scott-pleasants-skype-testimony-pranked-2013-7

(10:55:32) @RapeApe: this was hilarious

(10:55:48) @RapeApe: made the prosecution seem like complete tools

(11:06:01) +Volphied370: apparently this was done by /b/

(11:06:11) +Volphied370: http://boards.4chan.org/b/res/490855074 specifically

(11:06:22) +Volphied370: it's 404 long ago

(11:06:36) +Volphied370: but this article is still linking to it http://deadspin.com/george-zimmerman-trial-interrupted-by-trolls-who-use-sk-658025291

(11:08:55) +Volphied370: RapeApe, even thought this was a hilarious stunt, it's still a huge violation of global rule #4. And I'm sure that nPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

50dfa1 No.865

4th July 2013

tumblr noses

(20:31:08) SenatorBufordFunkmuscle: https://boards.4chan.org/v/res/198379283

(20:31:14) SenatorBufordFunkmuscle: How… how… h…

(20:31:23) SenatorBufordFunkmuscle: how did /v/ associate red noses with Tumblr?

(20:31:28) SenatorBufordFunkmuscle: Or find it a thing to rage about at all?

(20:32:22) +Troid: mental retardation?

(20:34:00) %Aerolite: oh i remember hearing about cube world

(20:34:34) +JamesIha: >$60 bucks

(20:34:38) +JamesIha: fuck..

(20:36:12) +Axish: it's all because of that one artist, phobs

(20:36:29) +Axish: red noses, elbows, shoulders, and knees ARE a tumblr thing

(20:36:50) +Axish: stupid novices adopting the idea into their work en masse

(20:39:00) +Axish: thus making their characters look like they are all suffering from sunburn, having elbow rashes, being sickly, and having recently finished giving a blowjob on their knees

(20:40:31) SenatorBufordFunkmuscle: Oh my god chill out, it's just a stylistic decision.

(20:40:42) SenatorBufordFunkmuscle: One which has been around for like a bajillion years, too.

(20:41:29) SenatorBufordFunkmuscle: If it's enjoyed a small revival, then so fucking what?

(20:41:51) +Axish: i am calm lol

(20:42:04) +Axish: i'm just explaining the rationale behind it

(20:42:14) +Axish: don't get tussled man lol

(20:43:27) +Troid: I believe "chill out" is directed at the people in the /v/ thread


(20:43:58) +Axish: oh

(20:44:00) +Axish: well yeah


(20:44:08) +Axish: >expecting /v/ to be rational

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: 1435413914914.png (777 KB, 777x777, 1:1, 1357003381038.png)

00d6fb No.99[Reply]

A thread for any logs relevant to /a/

55 posts and 1 image reply omitted. Click reply to view.

00d6fb No.185

Lonely faggots on /a/

(16:55:47) ‹+fsdfdsf› The thing about /a/ is, they are lonely faggots. And I know there's a lot of people that hate the off topic that happens in /a/ but sometimes those threads (like the meta ones) are needed in my opinion. maybe I'm wrong though, like I know threads like the gf shit will never be welcomed but when anons talk about themselves and shit with other anons it forms something like a bond in my opinion,

(16:55:47) ‹+fsdfdsf› don't know if that's good or bad or really how to view thoese off topic threads because I've had some great conversations with people in them. So maybe I can't be objective with those.

(16:55:53) ‹+Bloom› there was literally 24/7 discussion about it for like 2 or 3 weeks and then eventually it just turned into "take anything any woman who has anything to do with video games event tangentially, blow it out of porportion and talk about how much women suck and ruin everything xD"

(16:56:36) ‹+Azatsu› yeah fsdfdsf that happens very often on new year usually

(16:56:37) ‹+AoC› I agree, some off-topic is needed to keep a board healthy and interesting

(16:56:41) ‹+duanemoody› the first "get out of our treehouse" was when MLP announced

(16:56:47) ‹+duanemoody› before the show even aired

(16:56:50) ‹AstronautBear› anita really is dumb though

(16:56:51) ‹+Azatsu› people get very lonely and sad on every new year

(16:57:02) ‹+duanemoody› tropes v women is like arkhproject

(16:57:03) ‹+AoC› the problem is when it becomes too much, or it becomes a troublesome presence

(16:57:06) ‹+duanemoody› the worst of the worst

(16:57:14) ‹+duanemoody› idiots representing people

(16:57:24) ‹+duanemoody› anons assuming idiots = groups

(16:57:29) ‹+fsdfdsf› I agree AoC

(16:57:35) ‹+fsdfdsf› and it's finding the balence that's hard

No ban for light NSFW

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

00d6fb No.186

5th July 2012

Slow night on /a/


Recommendation threads on on /a/

(06:21:15) ‹+ATIWAB› But they have a point about recc threads not being illegal even if frowned on

(06:21:20) ‹+fsdfdsf› Indeed, it falls under meta for sure. and the culture hates recs.

(06:21:36) ‹+fsdfdsf› Well I mean the board

(06:21:46) ‹+nikka› whnever you say rec ithought you mean anime

(06:21:51) ‹+fsdfdsf› Threads get recs many times before I can even delete them

(06:21:53) ‹+nikka› called that way

(06:22:05) ‹+ATIWAB› honestly, there are enough images floating around of recommendation charts (I have like four myself) to not need threads for it

(06:22:08) ‹+ATIWAB› a sticky might help

(06:22:50) ‹+fsdfdsf› There's a wiki link that gets posted in almost every rec thraed

(06:22:57) ‹+fsdfdsf› That has every image /a/ has made

(06:25:52) ‹+ATIWAB› http://imgur.com/AAF8c,tW8FY,gCMaG,DonqB are the four I have

(06:26:42) ‹+fsdfdsf› this is the /a/ wiki http://animu-mango.wikia.com/wiki/Anime_Recommendations

(06:27:05) ‹+andonuts› Still zero QL games up.

(06:27:09) ‹+andonuts› This is disappointing.

(06:27:11) ‹+ATIWAB› dongfix or another mod awake?

(06:27:27) » Quit: %dongfix ‹~wanglord@look.at.all.these.dongs› ‹Quit: wopr›

(06:27:30) ‹+ATIWAB› GUESSNOT

(06:27:32) ‹+fsdfdsf› I doubt a sticky would improve anything and it might just make /a/ upset

(06:27:33) ‹+andonuPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

00d6fb No.187

6th July 2012

/jp/ gets a few pages wiped

(16:10:59) ‹+nikka› look lik jp is having fun

(16:11:06) ‹+nikka› wo did it?

(16:11:24) ‹+AoC› still on my break, so probably azatsu

(16:11:29) ‹+AoC› what happened?

(16:11:42) ‹+nikka› daily cleaning time

(16:12:09) ‹Raybrandt› >put in CD >PC does not recognize it

(16:12:26) ‹Raybrandt› k

(16:12:51) * +nikka slaps Azatsu around a bit with a large trout

(16:13:03) ‹+Azatsu› /jp/ was fucking horrible and I got tired

(16:13:14) ‹+Azatsu› anyway I just wiped out 3 or 4 pages

(16:13:15) ‹+Azatsu› that's nothing

7th July 2012

AoC on his treatment options

(01:29:26) ‹+AoC› I wonder how much more messed up I'd be if I went with ECT wish is actually being considered as an option now

(01:29:56) ‹+AoC› s/wish/which

(01:30:48) ‹+AlBorland› ect is super effective

(01:31:29) ‹+Beam› ?

(01:31:38) ‹+AlBorland› no joke

(01:31:46) ‹+AlBorland› its one of the most powerful and successful treatment options

(01:32:11) ‹+AoC› so I've heard, but the potential for cognitive change and memory loss is scary

(01:32:12) ‹+Kyoubro› ECT?

(01:32:25) ‹+AoC› ElectroConvulsive Therapy

(01:32:45) ‹+Aerolite› AoC: don't do it

(01:32:49) ‹+AoC› literally inducing a quick seizure by shocking your head and hoping for the best

(01:32:51) ‹+Aerolite› i've read a lot of shit

(01:33:08) ‹+Aerolite› horror stories

(01:33:19) ‹+Aerolite› people who canPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

00d6fb No.188

9th July 2012

Threads missing from the archives

(16:25:48) ‹+fsdfdsf› Can I get a ban on this guy kami` for shit posting https://boards.4chan.org/a/res/68315080#p68315508 and this guy https://boards.4chan.org/a/res/68316947#p68316947 and maybe this guy https://boards.4chan.org/a/res/68314482#p68314482

(16:31:07) ‹%kami`› k

(16:31:53) ‹+fsdfdsf› Thanks man

Janitor gets fired

(20:22:36) ‹@ALTERNATIVE› Hello

(20:22:43) ‹@ALTERNATIVE› this is a friendly reminder

(20:22:59) ‹@ALTERNATIVE› please do not discuss or reveal your janitor-ship to anyone outside of this team

(20:23:09) ‹+nikka› we know

(20:23:12) ‹@ALTERNATIVE› doing so will cause your immediate removal from the program

(20:23:22) ‹@ALTERNATIVE› its cool that you know that nikka but it just happened again so you get to be reminded

(20:23:26) » Join: Raybrandt ‹~raybrandt@7A4EE900.51119790.C6EE03C3.IP›

(20:23:33) ‹%kami`› speaking of which

(20:23:45) ‹+nikka› and hi

(20:24:02) ‹Raybrandt› Weird, can't login to jan management

(20:24:02) » ALTERNATIVE ‹+b› *!*@7A4EE900.51119790.C6EE03C3.IP

(20:24:02) » Raybrandt was kicked by ALTERNATIVE ‹Raybrandt›

(20:24:33) ‹+Beam› oh was it him

What it means to be a janitor and an explaination on the 4chan mod system

http:/Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

00d6fb No.189

10th July 2012

First mention of SHiN

(00:08:38) ‹+andonuts› 60% of my queue is "I hate you, SHiN. I hate you.".

(00:08:42) ‹Sange› sure

(00:08:49) ‹%kami`› ok time 4 bed

(00:08:57) ‹Sange› good night man

(00:09:08) ‹%kami`› night

(00:09:22) ‹+Azatsu› lol

(00:09:31) ‹+Azatsu› damn SHiN

(21:30:04) ‹+Kyoubro› Mmkay.

I remember that spam in Yuru Yuri threads.

11th July 2012

Janitors spy on IRC channels

(14:02:08) ‹+i7MUSHROOM› I used to have a bot sitting in #not4chan that I used to spy on them

(14:02:19) ‹+i7MUSHROOM› it was fun to delete their shit threads and watch them complain in the channel

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