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beyond left and right but against the center


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File: f19a85876668218⋯.jpg (307.97 KB, 1152x768, 3:2, 15559035577_b1f437200d_o.jpg)



>Nonetheless, after World War II Marxism experienced a resurgence in Western Europe, not only among intellectuals and politicians but also in mainstream culture. But Del Noce noticed that at the same time society was moving in a very different direction from what Marx had predicted: capitalism kept expanding, people were eagerly embracing consumerism, and the prospect of a Communist revolution seemed more and more remote. To Del Noce, this simultaneous success and defeat of Marxism pointed to a deep contradiction. On the one hand, Marx had taught historical materialism, the doctrine that metaphysical and ethical ideas are just ideological covers for economic and political interests. On the other hand, he had prophesied that the expansion of capitalism would inevitably lead to revolution, followed by the “new man,” the “classless society,” the “reign of freedom.” But what if the revolution did not arrive, if the “new man” never materialized?

>In that case, Del Noce realized, Marxist historical materialism would degenerate into a form of radical relativism—into the idea that philosophical and moral concepts are just reflections of historical and economic circumstances and have no permanent validity. This would have to include the concept of injustice, without which a critique of capitalism would be hard, if not impossible, to uphold. A post-Marxist culture—one that kept Marx’s radical materialism and denial of religious transcendence, while dispensing with his confident predictions about the self-destruction of capitalism—would naturally tend to be radically bourgeois. By that, Del Noce meant a society that views “everything as an object of trade” and “as an instrument” to be used in the pursuit of individualized “well-being.” Such bourgeois society would be highly individualistic, because it could not recognize any cultural or religious “common good.” In the Communist Manifesto, Marx and Engels described the power of the bourgeois worldview to dissolve all cultural and religious allegiances into a universal market. Now, ironically, Marxist ideas (which Del Noce viewed as a much larger and more influential phenomenon than political Marxism in a strict sensePost too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: d77f55d385c4bf1⋯.jpg (66.42 KB, 1048x1320, 131:165, culling2.jpg)






File: d0fd8e9f68ffe4e⋯.jpg (33.68 KB, 882x568, 441:284, Amuse2.jpg)


File: b2317c8252eb1ca⋯.jpg (50.13 KB, 910x610, 91:61, Coming2.jpg)

File: 48f1195cdc449c3⋯.png (7.98 MB, 4152x3060, 346:255, 9562227593.png)


image + thread link from mewch.


happy to make a good contribution to a seemingly cool new board.


/christian/ deleted my thread 3 times for posting this

they couldn't handle the questions and ideas being presented so instead of having a good discussion with me they simply deleted my thread outright in fear because they didn't want their foundations questioned. I'm guessing they refused to talk because their foundtations were already too shaky. You should always question everything and you will always find out what you are not allowed to question and who seeks to be your master.

File: 7b03db16b3db523⋯.png (25.95 KB, 500x385, 100:77, palestinians violate the N….png)


In order to fight neoliberal globalization, we need a postmodern form of Social-Nationalism. National Bolshevism, Strasserism, and Ba'athism are examples of collectivist ideologies that don't fall into the same traps as Communism and Fascism, and should be considered when discussing the fourth political theory here.

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Class distinctions and contradictions do not dissolve by having everyone fight for the "tribe". Collective sacrifice rings hollow when the primary beneficiaries are entrenched kleptocrats who own everything, and make all the decisions.

>If there is worldwide self-determination, consisting of nations dedicated to protecting ethnopluralism via their nationalism

That is just idealist nonsense. None of that deals with the material conditions that ultimately led to the current status quo.

Most countries and ethnic groups are incapable of being self-sufficient. This necessitates trade, and by extension globalism, specialization, the concentration of wealth, and ultimately imperial relations.

Nationalism itself has it's origins in in development of capitalism, as it not only provides a vessel for the new bourgeoisie to overtake the landed aristocracy (Through wealth rather than birth and titles), but it also serves as a way to negate class conflict by obscuring it through false unity.

If nations were self-sufficient, nationalism would be obsolete.


I do have my own board for this but I'll bite


File: 372c64c41e117ad⋯.jpg (27.4 KB, 400x400, 1:1, 44e.jpg)


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