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we illuminati now

File: 273a7558b8870f2⋯.png (41.82 KB, 578x212, 289:106, top gag.png)

628f8d No.1[Reply]

Okay, here's how things are going to work here.

First off, this will serve as a base of operations until I can establish one off-site. I was planning on using cloudflare for this, but unfortunately I know nothing about html. If anyone here does, feel free to contact me via the email field. What I'd like to get made is a password-protected "toolbox site" that houses a database of covers, dox, and various dossiers on groups we've infiltrated, as well as forums and IRC.

>What the fuck is this shit?

For those who don't know, NTO and /lulze/ are forming a kind of merger. As a board, /lulze/ itself is long dead, the board has been claimed by someone else and its content nuked, but I'm still around. I originally intended for it to be a group like /baphomet/, but for more comedic, myg0t style trolling. That's still sort of the case, but right now what we're after more than keks is influence. The long-term goal of this group is to create a network of sleeper agents in every potential trolling target across the internet. This includes subreddits, forums, and yes, 8chan itself. I'm not entirely clear on how familiar NTO is with imageboards since from what I'm told you mostly stick to google+, but make no mistake: you owe this site no loyalty. We're not /pol/, we're not GG, and we're sure as fuck not /intl/. Don't concern yourselves with internet arguments or free speech, all you need to concentrate on is the mission.

>What are we doing?

Our operations will be delivered in the form one Major Operation at a time, which will be a stickied thread about our primary task (usually a specific place we're trying to infiltrate), and numerous Side Ops, which will be threads made by non-moderation members about targets they want to hit that aren't related to our primary objective. These don't have to just be infiltration targets either, if you want to raid a camwhore or grief a server, go right ahead. Any trolling is fine with me. Off-Topic discussion will usually be discouraged so operations don't get derailed, but in some cases I'll allow it. Just keep on task and remember that we do have an IRC.

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628f8d No.2

IRC is here


We'll probably move to a better one eventually but this is fine for now.

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