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Don't push the edge pawn in Yagura Opening


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File: 1428618750223.jpg (47.83 KB, 480x329, 480:329, habu kasparov battle.jpg)



You are welcome to use this board to share games, puzzles, news and anything related to the Shogi world. Please keep comments polite and show respect for others.

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File: 1442733326603.png (580.08 KB, 526x524, 263:262, Board Necromancer.png)


If you are reading this, you have been visited by the Board Necromancer.

Good traffic and high PPH will come to you, but only if you post this message to 5 other dead boards to spread his reanimating magick.


You gave me an idea. What if one of the larger variants had a piece called a Necromancer? The ability to revive undead pieces might be cool, although the piece itself may not be able to move quickly nor have the ability to capture.



i've never played any of the 'big' shogi variants, but can't you revive/drop normally in them?



It's not possible to drop in any of the larger variants. At least the rules of Chu and greater say so.

If we did have drops in those variants, then we'd have more complicated situations, such as powerful Lion drops and early checkmates, due to all the powerful ranging pieces.

File: 1441301882310.jpg (46.13 KB, 660x371, 660:371, _84760312_game.jpg)


Wow, I have never seen anything as beautiful as this. Makes me wonder if there was a Chu or Dai Shogi board made to this level of elegance.

File: 1440010992372.png (320.47 KB, 1020x707, 1020:707, snapshot3.png)


I've spent some time studying this variation and thought I'd share what I know too.

In Shogi, there are many rapid attacks featuring Static Rook vs Swinging Rook (such as against central rook, 4th file rook, opposing rook, etc.). In this case, I'll be showing the joseki where Black is Static Rook and White is 3rd file Rook.

I'll be taking my time to go through each move in order, from start to finish, so bear with me.

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File: 1440183213794.png (278.58 KB, 877x611, 877:611, snapshot9.png)

So instead of saving the pawn, White offers a bishop exchange with 30. ☖P-4d, 31. ☗Bx. Taking with the Silver/Knight doesn't help, so he'll take it with the Rook, 32. ☖Rx, trying to stop the Silver from advancing to 3e. So Black will go 33. ☗S-4e.

Now White's Rook is left in the Bishop's diagonal and he has to worry about his opponent's Bishop drop threats. Trying to stop the Silver from advancing with 34. ☖S-4c doesn't work, because of 35. ☗B*7g. Blocking it with a pawn doesn't do any good, because the Silver can just take it and advance anyway, leaving White in an uncomfortable position.


File: 1440183729057.png (276.9 KB, 875x612, 875:612, snapshot10.png)

White has to defend with 34. ☖R-4c, then 35. ☗S-3d attacking the Rook, 36. ☖R-4d, 37. ☗Sx2c+. Now Black has succeeded in breaching White's camp.

White can try 38. ☖P*2g, 39. ☗Rx, then 40. ☖B*4e, forking the Rook and the Silver. So Black saves the Rook and gives up the Silver, 41. ☗R-2f, 42. ☖Bx2c.

But the thing is, White's Rook is not very mobile on 4d and is still susceptible to Black's bishop drops, so this time he'll go 43. ☗B*2b and White has to block it with 44. ☖N-3c.


File: 1440184320819.png (277.05 KB, 879x610, 879:610, snapshot11.png)

In this kind of position, you should simply take the Lance and promote the Bishop to 1a.

Don't try to chase the Bishop away with P-2d. It'll be met by B-1d, P-2c+, S*2e, R-2h, Bx2c, Rx2e, Nx2e and Bx4d. Exchanging the Rooks is not what Black wants, because his castle is weaker.


File: 1440184717013.png (278.18 KB, 874x607, 874:607, snapshot12.png)

So after taking the lance, Black is doing pretty good in this position. White doesn't have any pawn to block Black's future lance drop threat to 4f. If he tries to intervene with the knight to 4e, Black can simply take the Rook and win. White cannot take the 5f pawn to supply his stand, because it's protected by the rook.

And as mentioned, White's Rook is in an awful position. This is why he should not take the 3e pawn after Black makes the initial attack.


File: 1441052563329.png (219.79 KB, 575x458, 575:458, Untitled.png)

So White goes 28. ☖S-4c, protecting the d-rank and avoiding the trap already mentioned.

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