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File: 2ce6e8c7b4811a8⋯.png (43.85 KB, 750x500, 3:2, test_logo_for_8chan_by_and….png)

62ca07 No.1[Reply]

This board is to discuss or complain about the moderation of any board on 8chan

Too often, complaints against moderation get ignored and don't get discussed. Other than /pol/ and /v/, most other boards do not have a /metaboard/ to discuss moderation. Users only go to /polmeta/ and /metav/ when they are banned, leaving most users unaware of the actions of the board staff. Meta generals on boards themselves are useless if you are banned.

Here users can freely discuss meta issues and see the actions of volunteers.

If you have any ideas for the board let me know in this thread.

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62ca07 No.75

File: bcc64e157927cae⋯.jpg (42.9 KB, 385x422, 385:422, 1321001932072.jpg)

lotta good this board did

File: 2f8e07aecdca2ca⋯.jpg (13.88 KB, 200x200, 1:1, down_with_this_sort.jpg)

c40c5f No.2[Reply]

Has /v/ become so bad we need to splinter and get rid of Mark? In the past any time someone has set up an alternative to /v/ he's pushed the userbase to spam it to death but there's so few people left I don't think that's an issue.

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c40c5f No.67


>unless there are some changes in rules and/or moderation because can't really change anything else

I remember bitching about a lack of moderation to Mark once and he said that he didn't want to be as bad as the cuckchan moderation.

c40c5f No.68


I once pointed out to the kike that he had become even worse than the 4chan mods he hates so much.

He was rather quick to ban me for "rule 8".

c40c5f No.69


Hell, I told him in a thread a week or two ago that he made 8/v/ worse that what I've heard 4/v/ is like and he told me to go back. He didn't actually ban me, but he was probably looking through my post history to see if he could come up with a reason to. Rule 8 exists to ban wrongthink and other "shitposting" at this point. Too bad it doesn't actually cover it.

c40c5f No.70



Rule 8 does seem to be the most common excuse for a ban.

c40c5f No.76

Rule 8 is just about as fucking pointless as the old 4chan 'Global Rule #3', which was either:

>200% neglected, leaving 50+ threads of "[X] BTFO, [Y]-FAGS ON SUICIDE WATCH" and "wat gamer headset iz gud?" and "[subject], prove me wrong"

>used to ban selective threads, with the bonus of letting other garbage threads fly on by (ex. old 4/mu/)

File: 67d9379c47c2ed8⋯.jpg (95.04 KB, 757x878, 757:878, 1466727125589.jpg)

49b4a4 No.74[Reply]

what happened to /mandela/? it was a active board just before the election and it disappeared ?

File: 0925eaef34d6ef1⋯.png (1.08 MB, 1280x577, 1280:577, the-face-when-still-permab….png)

fc477a No.63[Reply]

Not that anyone really cares, but I was permabanned from /kind/ for standing up for someone who got banned for posting cute pics.

Its been like 6 months now and I'm still banned. Just thought someone might like to know people have been getting banned left and right from it for no reason (in case they didn't know).

I would've liked to reply to some friends but can't because inconsiderate bully badmin.

There. I'm done.

fc477a No.71


The hell is /kind/?

fc477a No.72


Some sort of hugbox

fc477a No.73


Instead of calling each other faggots, you call each other nice names.

884a15 No.25[Reply]

if you're not codemonkey and if you can't remove/promote volunteers and board owners then fuck off

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884a15 No.34

So this is a useless board for people to bitch about things they don't like? Okay.

884a15 No.35


thats literally what every meta board is

884a15 No.47


No; various boards had their owners changed in the past (/b/ /fringe/ /sp/ /newsplus/ was created to replace /n/ due to the shitty BO and other boards maybe, I know /pol/ BO was replaced and imkampfy was nearly kicked off the vol team)

Also: 1 guy on polmeta once got unbanned (recently) after complaining in an "innocent newfag" fashion, so some metas are useful


Thanks for answering.


The /r9k/ userbase is pissed.

Nevermind that but the /pol/ vols broke the rules. I'm still waiting for lazymonkey to actually respond to the threads exposing this.

My suspicions are that

>he is in on this with the mods, they are all shills

>the rules are jokes, he put them there but wont enforce them (because above)

884a15 No.49

File: 5b32d9895dae1a4⋯.png (237.23 KB, 1272x825, 424:275, codemonkey ignores site ru….png)

884a15 No.61


>he doesn't even know how to BO trip

File: 6172f3a8d45a215⋯.png (388.79 KB, 694x836, 347:418, 18080337d55930843ae527081a….png)

e9229f No.58[Reply]

jew jew jew jew jew jew jew jew

just go to new meta board

criticize boards on new meta

watch as nothing happens

zero results

jew jew jew jew jew jew jew jew

File: ee8123b3f96d428⋯.jpg (36.42 KB, 1106x161, 158:23, Cu2mhsdWcAEXH_s.jpg-orig.jpg)

bf8596 No.7[Reply]

anita won

bf8596 No.23

File: b105aea577a801b⋯.jpg (70.41 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, 8c1e74de4640b856daee3106f5….jpg)


Didn't she run out of easy cash and fail to get her other kickstarter? I know GG still has a thread on /v/ too though frankly it's not something I follow.

bf8596 No.37


Gamergate met most of its goals, and still manages to meet goals with endless internal drama and not being a very active board here. It was always an awareness campaign, that still gets done. The major heat of gamergate ended, it was bound to. But at the least it stuck to its goals. A lot of anon got sick of the internal drama and said fuck it to it.I say this because? I'm one of them, I used to dig for gamergate stuff all the time. And there's still a place for a bit of that, but gamergates main movement ended in enough time. All things considered I'm glad it turned out okay. Still does a decent amount for what amounts to a done movement at this point too. Not bad, but those gamergate boards after the first one turned to shit.I got banned by acidman numerous times, accussed of being a shill for disagreeing with shit by users. Its not all acids fault though, internal drama ate away a lot. But it was quite a time all things considered.

bf8596 No.39


Such is the way with all political movements I'm afraid anon. Once the main goal(s) are achieved people splinter into factions since there's nothing to tie them together any more.

File: 52bcd592af75aa4⋯.jpg (559.18 KB, 672x7030, 336:3515, newsplus_more_than_30_repl….jpg)

a3600b No.15[Reply]

/newsplus/ is clearly not a success. Frankly at this point it's a waste of bandwidth. How should it be fixed? /n/ was also flawed though nowhere near this badly.

>Here's /newsplus/ without election threads. This is also pretending that threads about Russia, Syria and Obama aren't just election threads in disguise which they often are.

>The largest post count in an election thread is 80 but this seems to be a fluke: next largest is 70s, a few hit the 30s and 40s and the vast, vast majority are 0-15 replies (half of which are normally the reporter tripfagging). /n/ regularly had threads go into 200+ posts with actual fucking discussion, /newsplus/ only has two threads with more than 100 posts in them: one at 101 and one at 211, neither of which are about the election. Fucktons of the election threads are duplicates or near duplicates too. Why have reporters if the reporter system achieves nothing? I can't wait until the election is over and /newsplus/ dies even more than it already has…

>It's no surprise non-American users don't care about /newsplus/. If I'd removed UK news too there'd be fucking nothing.

a3600b No.24

File: 550db890af38df6⋯.jpg (2.86 MB, 672x7030, 336:3515, newsplus.jpg)

File: dcc85bd40fb947f⋯.jpg (1.67 MB, 672x7030, 336:3515, newsplus_without_trump.jpg)

File: b5d2938382a3d23⋯.jpg (915.94 KB, 672x7030, 336:3515, newsplus_without_USA.jpg)

File: 8fd1d25132f6a6a⋯.jpg (1.37 MB, 672x7030, 336:3515, newsplus_more_than_10_repl….jpg)


Other images.

a3600b No.28

an idea, all election news must have a [election] tag

a3600b No.36


For the purposes of filtering? It could work but it does result in somewhat of a binary system (all the election spam or nothing). With hindsight the creation of an election-specific containment board would have worked. The biggest news (debates, big swings, radical changes in polls) could still have gone on /n/, of course, but the day to day shit would have been compartmentalised.

File: df5951f7d00eecb⋯.png (4.64 KB, 500x250, 2:1, 1476074978208.png)

349ed3 No.4[Reply]

First for meta. I love being meta. Meta is my life. I come to boards in large part to talk meta. And I will always be meta. Meta of this site is my life and you will never take it form me. KAZAA

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