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File: 3a4fcee8ce604bb⋯.png (1.51 KB, 160x160, 1:1, Psy.png)


Anyone else notice that threads disappear when you get a good conversation going that causes "Redpills" to question their stance.

One second we are posting facts that tear apart your white supremacist fake news. Suddenly Thread does not exist.

Go ahead with your antisemitic insults. (I am not Jewish and I think you are fooling to yourselves if you consider Jewish people as anything other than white.)

I imagine this entire board will disappear as soon as the Admins get wind of it.

Keep them drinking the hate kool-aid. Don't let them get exposed to rational conversation!


For real! I come here to have open conversations with the other side from my opinion on the world.

Ignoring all the hate speech and antisemitism, there can be interesting thoughts from people I am trying to understand. Then "poof" thread is gone.






Ah homophobia. Another 8chan classic. And yes these are all the same person as clearly labeled. I was continuing my thought. Anyways carry on with your hate.


Prove it for 8chan's own good. Archive and screenshot these threads while you have them going, and when a mod interferes, archive and screenshot the mod log too.

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