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File: 581ecab7915d9f9⋯.jpg (310.52 KB, 1200x1400, 6:7, f5b19f49be7330d7e8dd9c4dc5….jpg)

2073c0 No.2535

Hey everyone,

I'm the guy whos taking over from TNA for the next cup

The next cup, which will be held in Janurary next year, will be expanded to 32

These team in the wave of expansion at this stage are










Now if any of you boards listed or who were in this 8cup, for what ever reason, DO NOT want to enter into the next cup please let me know, and if you DO want to be in this next cup please let me know, as if we have ample interest I shall create a Baby/Bronze cup that will also act as qualification for 8cup 4 which if happening should happen around some period in October and or November

When I have finalised a roster then I shall make threads on the boards requesting a roster, we should try and have it finalised by at the latest the end of August though I'd like to get it done ASAP if possible

And at this point we shall be using PES 2017 though I shall admit I haven't found a working copy atm, though I suspect at this moment is the fault of a shitty LAN Cable unless if any major problems happen in which case I'd just use what ever game will actually work if I'm honest

b6b85f No.2538

I propose >>>/gcf/

0a38db No.2539


You never did give us mud wrestling videos for /gcf/

0a38db No.2540

Ill make you a new thing and when it comes time for the cup, should you want me to do charcater character commenters again, ill take care of that while you take care of music and shit.

I would not start getting this together now though wait til about May of next year

dc8bbb No.2541


Just please get the horns and formations working.

a08158 No.2542


We want to play again.

a08158 No.2543

Also were you one of the guys helping 8chanmania?

6dc6b1 No.2544

If you're going to seriously try PES 17 try it early. Don't commit to it just cause you want it to be as fancy as halfchans cup, there is no way we can do it with our lack of man power. I'm open to helping figure out how to do make the teams again.

36c127 No.2548

January is probably a bad time for hosting, as we'd basically need to do all of our planning starting right now, and that it'll be overlapping with the new Mania season. Also, don't jump the gun on adding new teams. There's still more teams that have history in the Cup but weren't in the last one. I would approach the boards who've previously had teams before looking to any new ones: http://infinitycup.shoutwiki.com/wiki/Category:Teams

d235da No.2550


Nominating the good brothers, /wooo/

2073c0 No.2551


Thanks mate, I'll contact you sometime down the line


TNA needs a break some time and usually these things happen twice a year


Sorta, I honestly am doing this since I've got more free time in Jan than I know what to do with

b1c789 No.2552


That's why it's suggested 4 months of preparation. Actually, months of preparation should be a thing regardless of whether one gets PES 2017 for mods or and older modless one just to be sure the team is put together.

c5f2ab No.2553

Nominating >>>/animu/


a08158 No.2555


January would be great with PES 2017 cause it gives boards time to rip and import models. A lot of 4cups teams simply rip the models and import them.

36c127 No.2558


So long as we don't end up eating our own tail and run this at the exact same time the Mania goes, then I guess it's alright. With more prep time and the workload spread across multiple people, we should be able to achieve our vision.

4db0cc No.2559


The mania will start october 21st (im pretty sure) and run all the way until June 9th (im like 99% sure this is 33 weeks)

But the mania only tuns on Sundays so if you went on Fridays Saturdays we can in theory run it at the same tine. Unless you wanna go summer cup only which would ensure events happening all year long.

2073c0 No.2561




Btw you guys don't need to say you want to be in, in fact other than /wooo/ you guys have automatically qualified for the next 8cup

2073c0 No.2562


>unless you wanna go summer cup only

Well tbh if I run one in Jan and you run one in July then there are 2 summer cups I'm Australian

And yeah with that I can be really flexible with hours

6cd1e1 No.2564


>>>/ita/ here, we want in!

We'll grow stronger than this cup and hopefully make an even better looking team in whatever game you're going to use, no matter if it's PES 17, those NBA games or even Miis.

5d16d5 No.2566

We need to get you a pirated copy and see if you can even run/stream it.

0a38db No.2567


Im sort of against the idea of two cups a year. Like i know thats how it usually is with actually football. But I dont know that I want run another 8cup of someone else is taking care of it.

6dc6b1 No.2569

Im still somewhat against using PES 17 just to try to get custom models. If we wanted custom models for players, that's 24 or maybe more teams each with at least a dozen players (more i think, I already forgot how many dudes were on each team) that's at least 288 models right there. I don't know if we can get that much done. It's worth a shot if you can get it working though I guess.

If the same guy who made the PES 18 team editor program has a 17 version I can help get the team stats ready to go and then people can just download the editor and save file and edit their teams themselves and export that team without having to get the full game. It would save a lot of time and let the people who are autistic about their boards skills do it themselves. I'll look into that.

1b51c7 No.2570


>>>/strek/ is always ready for a go at another cup, so you can count us in whenever you guys are done with the preparations.

05f37f No.2577


Maybe if there were enough autists who were willing to make custom models it might be possible, but I don't think those all those custom models would be ready in time for the next cup.

6cd1e1 No.2580


>Im still somewhat against using PES 17 just to try to get custom models. If we wanted custom models for players, that's 24 or maybe more teams each with at least a dozen players (more i think, I already forgot how many dudes were on each team) that's at least 288 models right there. I don't know if we can get that much done.

You could enforce a rule that makes the team have at least one goalie jersey, one home jersey and a custom model or face for their captain, with everything else being non mandatory.

b97e0b No.2582

Team /just/ here, we want to be part of it.

2073c0 No.2587


eh some teams don't even need custom models, like /unna/

And honestly at this point I'm going to see if photos are easy enough to implement, so then I could for example give us Dan Murphy from /ausneets/ or bane from /bane/

402062 No.2588

2073c0 No.2589


Nah I'm commiting to it because this site and what TNA has been doing has been great for me and I want to give back, though I do want to go a step above our last oner but ain't that just human nature

6dc6b1 No.2591

You may be jesting but i am willing to make a whole fucling team based on pannenkoek video jokes if i am allowed to.

6dc6b1 No.2592

6cb910 No.2593

File: 63d7e6d3066d5d5⋯.png (221.24 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, 1447728793839-0.png)

>>>/pone/ is up for another match!

9c75a0 No.2595

File: 1380d70f0dd85eb⋯.jpg (20.08 KB, 570x355, 114:71, 150b5bb1eeefcef6b5c8cf2246….jpg)

File: 40426d0f3bd4ca0⋯.jpg (48.29 KB, 900x477, 100:53, meiwes.jpg)

File: a7f56d208d0a4a2⋯.jpg (133 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, wolfgang-puCk.jpg)

File: 25a5b091b6d0340⋯.jpg (85.14 KB, 594x540, 11:10, 9480735.jpg)

File: ab57bd8ebb64504⋯.jpg (29.66 KB, 480x480, 1:1, 36085689_2059898420890722_….jpg)


Fan favorite /ck/ will be back!

d235da No.2596

File: 4e5a97bdec0f5e3⋯.gif (1.86 MB, 345x237, 115:79, unintelligible.gif)


>in fact other than /wooo/ you guys have automatically qualified for the next 8cup

Fuck you too, buddy


f427bd No.2597


Alright now that I got some time let me give you some tips

>Decide on a torrent or mega of the game and post it here

2018 was a bitch to install for at least one of us and during the attempts to get it working we found that different versions saves were incompatible. If you want people helping, post the torrent or at least the version.

>Decide on the rules

We never explicitly decided on the rules for abilities and heights and shit like that last time but that wasnt an issue as most of the teams were made by 2 people (well one guy with several days of spare time really). Just again, pick something why don’t ya!

>Don’t do shit democratically

We fascism. Don’t ask what people want too much or you’ll get people with a shit ton of ideas and no agency to help you do them. Just do stuff.

Once this shit is decided I can help out with some of the set up.

b1cd16 No.2598

Is there a space still? I propose >>>/Pedowood322/

3c060c No.2599

And if spots for cup 4 are being added then /a/ will be back as well.

55b688 No.2600

File: d64b1287dfa2cb4⋯.png (485.14 KB, 720x552, 30:23, vlcsnap-2018-02-11-19h15m5….png)


>>>/bmn/ will gladly play another round of dive grass.

971cc5 No.2601


I nominate /pirate/

971cc5 No.2602


I nominate /ip/

2073c0 No.2604


sure, honestly as many teams that can be finsihed in time is what I'll have


the only people who aren't coming back for sure are the bottom 4 placed teams, who will have to go through qualifing

Which are /2hu/, /monster/, /argentina/ and /dose/

0d3690 No.2606

File: e2809398235eb89⋯.jpg (11.72 KB, 255x255, 1:1, Q.jpg)


d04704 No.2607

>>>/imperium/ wants to join

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