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Winner of the 75nd Attention-Hungry Games
/caco/ - Azarath Metrion Zinthos

March 2019 - 8chan Transparency Report
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File: 581ecab7915d9f9⋯.jpg (310.52 KB, 1200x1400, 6:7, f5b19f49be7330d7e8dd9c4dc5….jpg)

2073c0  No.2535

Hey everyone,

I'm the guy whos taking over from TNA for the next cup

The next cup, which will be held in Janurary next year, will be expanded to 32

These team in the wave of expansion at this stage are










Now if any of you boards listed or who were in this 8cup, for what ever reason, DO NOT want to enter into the next cup please let me know, and if you DO want to be in this next cup please let me know, as if we have ample interest I shall create a Baby/Bronze cup that will also act as qualification for 8cup 4 which if happening should happen around some period in October and or November

When I have finalised a roster then I shall make threads on the boards requesting a roster, we should try and have it finalised by at the latest the end of August though I'd like to get it done ASAP if possible

And at this point we shall be using PES 2017 though I shall admit I haven't found a working copy atm, though I suspect at this moment is the fault of a shitty LAN Cable unless if any major problems happen in which case I'd just use what ever game will actually work if I'm honest

b6b85f  No.2538

I propose >>>/gcf/

0a38db  No.2539


You never did give us mud wrestling videos for /gcf/

0a38db  No.2540

Ill make you a new thing and when it comes time for the cup, should you want me to do charcater character commenters again, ill take care of that while you take care of music and shit.

I would not start getting this together now though wait til about May of next year

dc8bbb  No.2541


Just please get the horns and formations working.

a08158  No.2542


We want to play again.

a08158  No.2543

Also were you one of the guys helping 8chanmania?

6dc6b1  No.2544

If you're going to seriously try PES 17 try it early. Don't commit to it just cause you want it to be as fancy as halfchans cup, there is no way we can do it with our lack of man power. I'm open to helping figure out how to do make the teams again.

36c127  No.2548

January is probably a bad time for hosting, as we'd basically need to do all of our planning starting right now, and that it'll be overlapping with the new Mania season. Also, don't jump the gun on adding new teams. There's still more teams that have history in the Cup but weren't in the last one. I would approach the boards who've previously had teams before looking to any new ones: http://infinitycup.shoutwiki.com/wiki/Category:Teams

d235da  No.2550


Nominating the good brothers, /wooo/

2073c0  No.2551


Thanks mate, I'll contact you sometime down the line


TNA needs a break some time and usually these things happen twice a year


Sorta, I honestly am doing this since I've got more free time in Jan than I know what to do with

b1c789  No.2552


That's why it's suggested 4 months of preparation. Actually, months of preparation should be a thing regardless of whether one gets PES 2017 for mods or and older modless one just to be sure the team is put together.

c5f2ab  No.2553

Nominating >>>/animu/


a08158  No.2555


January would be great with PES 2017 cause it gives boards time to rip and import models. A lot of 4cups teams simply rip the models and import them.

36c127  No.2558


So long as we don't end up eating our own tail and run this at the exact same time the Mania goes, then I guess it's alright. With more prep time and the workload spread across multiple people, we should be able to achieve our vision.

4db0cc  No.2559


The mania will start october 21st (im pretty sure) and run all the way until June 9th (im like 99% sure this is 33 weeks)

But the mania only tuns on Sundays so if you went on Fridays Saturdays we can in theory run it at the same tine. Unless you wanna go summer cup only which would ensure events happening all year long.

2073c0  No.2561




Btw you guys don't need to say you want to be in, in fact other than /wooo/ you guys have automatically qualified for the next 8cup

2073c0  No.2562


>unless you wanna go summer cup only

Well tbh if I run one in Jan and you run one in July then there are 2 summer cups I'm Australian

And yeah with that I can be really flexible with hours

6cd1e1  No.2564


>>>/ita/ here, we want in!

We'll grow stronger than this cup and hopefully make an even better looking team in whatever game you're going to use, no matter if it's PES 17, those NBA games or even Miis.

5d16d5  No.2566

We need to get you a pirated copy and see if you can even run/stream it.

0a38db  No.2567


Im sort of against the idea of two cups a year. Like i know thats how it usually is with actually football. But I dont know that I want run another 8cup of someone else is taking care of it.

6dc6b1  No.2569

Im still somewhat against using PES 17 just to try to get custom models. If we wanted custom models for players, that's 24 or maybe more teams each with at least a dozen players (more i think, I already forgot how many dudes were on each team) that's at least 288 models right there. I don't know if we can get that much done. It's worth a shot if you can get it working though I guess.

If the same guy who made the PES 18 team editor program has a 17 version I can help get the team stats ready to go and then people can just download the editor and save file and edit their teams themselves and export that team without having to get the full game. It would save a lot of time and let the people who are autistic about their boards skills do it themselves. I'll look into that.

1b51c7  No.2570


>>>/strek/ is always ready for a go at another cup, so you can count us in whenever you guys are done with the preparations.

05f37f  No.2577


Maybe if there were enough autists who were willing to make custom models it might be possible, but I don't think those all those custom models would be ready in time for the next cup.

6cd1e1  No.2580


>Im still somewhat against using PES 17 just to try to get custom models. If we wanted custom models for players, that's 24 or maybe more teams each with at least a dozen players (more i think, I already forgot how many dudes were on each team) that's at least 288 models right there. I don't know if we can get that much done.

You could enforce a rule that makes the team have at least one goalie jersey, one home jersey and a custom model or face for their captain, with everything else being non mandatory.

b97e0b  No.2582

Team /just/ here, we want to be part of it.

2073c0  No.2587


eh some teams don't even need custom models, like /unna/

And honestly at this point I'm going to see if photos are easy enough to implement, so then I could for example give us Dan Murphy from /ausneets/ or bane from /bane/

402062  No.2588

2073c0  No.2589


Nah I'm commiting to it because this site and what TNA has been doing has been great for me and I want to give back, though I do want to go a step above our last oner but ain't that just human nature

6dc6b1  No.2591

You may be jesting but i am willing to make a whole fucling team based on pannenkoek video jokes if i am allowed to.

6dc6b1  No.2592

6cb910  No.2593

File: 63d7e6d3066d5d5⋯.png (221.24 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, 1447728793839-0.png)

>>>/pone/ is up for another match!

9c75a0  No.2595

File: 1380d70f0dd85eb⋯.jpg (20.08 KB, 570x355, 114:71, 150b5bb1eeefcef6b5c8cf2246….jpg)

File: 40426d0f3bd4ca0⋯.jpg (48.29 KB, 900x477, 100:53, meiwes.jpg)

File: a7f56d208d0a4a2⋯.jpg (133 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, wolfgang-puCk.jpg)

File: 25a5b091b6d0340⋯.jpg (85.14 KB, 594x540, 11:10, 9480735.jpg)

File: ab57bd8ebb64504⋯.jpg (29.66 KB, 480x480, 1:1, 36085689_2059898420890722_….jpg)


Fan favorite /ck/ will be back!

d235da  No.2596

File: 4e5a97bdec0f5e3⋯.gif (1.86 MB, 345x237, 115:79, unintelligible.gif)


>in fact other than /wooo/ you guys have automatically qualified for the next 8cup

Fuck you too, buddy


f427bd  No.2597


Alright now that I got some time let me give you some tips

>Decide on a torrent or mega of the game and post it here

2018 was a bitch to install for at least one of us and during the attempts to get it working we found that different versions saves were incompatible. If you want people helping, post the torrent or at least the version.

>Decide on the rules

We never explicitly decided on the rules for abilities and heights and shit like that last time but that wasnt an issue as most of the teams were made by 2 people (well one guy with several days of spare time really). Just again, pick something why don’t ya!

>Don’t do shit democratically

We fascism. Don’t ask what people want too much or you’ll get people with a shit ton of ideas and no agency to help you do them. Just do stuff.

Once this shit is decided I can help out with some of the set up.

b1cd16  No.2598

Is there a space still? I propose >>>/Pedowood322/

3c060c  No.2599

And if spots for cup 4 are being added then /a/ will be back as well.

55b688  No.2600

File: d64b1287dfa2cb4⋯.png (485.14 KB, 720x552, 30:23, vlcsnap-2018-02-11-19h15m5….png)


>>>/bmn/ will gladly play another round of dive grass.

971cc5  No.2601


I nominate /pirate/

971cc5  No.2602


I nominate /ip/

2073c0  No.2604


sure, honestly as many teams that can be finsihed in time is what I'll have


the only people who aren't coming back for sure are the bottom 4 placed teams, who will have to go through qualifing

Which are /2hu/, /monster/, /argentina/ and /dose/

0d3690  No.2606

File: e2809398235eb89⋯.jpg (11.72 KB, 255x255, 1:1, Q.jpg)


d04704  No.2607

>>>/imperium/ wants to join

f676e5  No.2613

Is it possible for a board who already participated to change their team members and anthem?

c809ae  No.2618


So long as you run it by the board, it's possible. If your team has a bunch of past rosters, check the wiki to see who has been there before, but is inactive as of now.

b1c789  No.2619


Should anons have a "season 2" threads or do we keep using the same season 1 threads?

c809ae  No.2620


It's your call.

780821  No.2626

What version of PES are you going with?

I'm for the idea of using 2017, would make for a good spectacle.

5fdf2c  No.2628


specifically, can you pick a torrent so we can get it too?

2073c0  No.2629



At this point I've been trying to run PES 17 from a fitgirl repack, shit computer seems to fuck up the download so I'm looking at a new computer now

If you want to download said repack and test if its not just me that would be great

2073c0  No.2630


Season 1 threads were there so people could state when their team originated

Honestly also considering making an /8cup4/ too

25c343  No.2631


I would advise against splintering the board. Leave it here. People know to come here for the 8cup

2073c0  No.2632


Fair enough, might have to get TNA to make me a mod at some point, though the main concerns now are getting a computer, getting the game running and getting streaming running smoothly

c809ae  No.2634


Yeah, I've been wondering what TNA is gonna do regarding that kinda shit. I was consider getting a trip to go for here.

5fdf2c  No.2637



2073c0  No.2638


8cup 4u

a3c27d  No.2641

TNA here ill make you a mod. Best to not splinter the boards.

2073c0  No.2648


you got my email address don't you?

2073c0  No.2649

Ok everyone, I'm going to start placing the roster threads on each of the boards soon

If you want your board in for qualification you have 24 hours

1de85d  No.2650


>If you want your board in for qualification you have 24 hours

To do what exactly? Tell you "yeah mang"?

2073c0  No.2651


What I mean by this is that for this cup we're going to have a qualification round and if you want your team in that then please tell me if there is any board not listed that you want in

2a230a  No.2652

0a60b5  No.2666

Can we stick to the schedule of fourth months from now and make sure we can mode the game and insert models before we do anything else?

0a60b5  No.2667


mod the game*

fd3ff0  No.2669


I'd like for /monster/ to stay in, but what will the qualifying be like?

2073c0  No.2671


Ok the situation is that before the qualifications /ausneets/, /hisparefugio/ and /argentina/ will play each other in a best of 3 with last place going in to qualifying and the top 2 will auto qualify

Then the last place team, /2hu/, /monster/ and /dose/ will play against the qualification teams in two or more groups, depending on how many teams get ready in time with out of the qualifications a total of 11 teams will come out

An added caveat is that /v/ due to being a major board automatically qualifies, /pol/ and /b/ had that status too but due to deleting the thread they will instead as go to the qualifiers

And on that note the building of the /pol/ and /b/ teams will be done here since the mods made it clear they don't want them on their board

2073c0  No.2673


*7 teams not 11

fd3ff0  No.2677


Do the teams have to rebuild their teams for qualification if they want to, or can they only change them after qualification happens?

2073c0  No.2678


Teams who were in the last one will be asked if they want to make changes rather than a team overhaul

9242c8  No.2690


Well alright. But when? There are threads being made on the other boards already from what I can see.

2073c0  No.2692


Qualified teams I'll do once the Qualifying teams are done since they're playing in January rather than November

Tomorrow morning I'll do threads for the qualifying teams who were in the last one just to check if they want any changes, and who their bronzes should be

c809ae  No.2693

Since we still seem to be doing this on the fly, I'd like to make a big post that summarizes where we currently stand for 8cup4/2019 Winter Cup. Based on sifting through this thread, I can gather the following:

>This cup will have 32 teams, classic style: 8 groups, top two advance to knockouts

>There will be qualification for this cup.

>Of the teams that were in the last cup, /2hu/, /monster/, /argentina/, and /dose/ will be a part of this Qualification process

>/wooo/ was also mentioned to have to go through qualifying?

>big boards like /v/, /b/, and /pol/ will not have to go through qualifying because they're big boards

>The qualification round is actually expanded, /ausneets/, /hisparefugio/, and /argentina/ will do a mini-group to escape qualification, while the worst of those three will join /2hu/, /monster/, and /dose/ who will have to qualify against the new teams.

So it seems the qualification round has already gone through some conceptual changes, so that should be solidified ASAP. Personally, I would do it where the 24 from last cup auto-qualify (should they want to compete again), and we should only do a qualification round if we get more teams than we need to reach 32 participants. It just works better for the Cup to have the teams return, especially because a few felt they didn't get a fair kick at the can, so to speak. From here, I believe the next steps are to get explicit confirmation from the boards who want back in first, then start looking to former participants/new boards so we know how many slots need filling. Posting on those boards with their current logo, uniforms, and a link to their page on the wiki would be a good way to help them get started again.

c809ae  No.2694

And as a follow up, here's the current status of teams:

8cup Teams



Someone posted in this thread that they want in.


Someone posted in this thread that they want in.





BO posted in this thread that they want in.



Someone posted in this thread that they want in.





Someone posted in this thread that they want in.


Someone posted in this thread that they want in.




Someone posted in this thread that they want in.


Someone posted in this thread that they want in.





Someone posted in this thread that they want in.



Someone posted in this thread that they want in.

Inactive Teams

These teams have participated in a cup before but not in the 8cup





















Prospective Teams

These teams have not participated in a cup before but want in for Winter





Dead Teams

These teams are on the wiki but for varying reasons are kill




All GG boards, one doesn't even exist anymore, other two probably will never participate




Moved, I believe


Definitely moved elsewhere

05f37f  No.2695


I hope /co/ participates this time, if we don’t get a roster ready in time then use the team from the already existing /co/ thread on this board.

2073c0  No.2696


As Host I can add to that


They're probably going to have a few changes to the roster but they definantly want another go


I hope these guess will be able to come since Pastaniggers blocked 8chan


I have a fun idea here



Fuckers deleted the thread so there's a thread here for the teams



They have ready to go teams that didn't get used last cup


They don't want in


/genesis/ also wants in and gave me a team, it's going to be fucking amazing


Eh the boards are dead but if some GGfag wants a team let me know soon


Sportchan nigs let me know also

2073c0  No.2697


>big boards like /v/, /b/, and /pol/ will not have to go through qualifying because they're big boards

Sorta true

/b/ and /pol/ lost insta qualification for banning the thread

And honestly qualification can't really be fully solidlifed until the end of October when every team is in, if we only get 8 new teams which honestly at this rate is a real possibility then there is none

And also if there are less then 12 new teams qualifying then every team in the last 8chan cup auto qualifies

c809ae  No.2702



Do you think it'd be possible to get the rules for the cup down in writing? We'd have something concise to point to that way.

2073c0  No.2703

Organizational Rules

1. Each team will have a Team Rep who are tasked with sending in an export for their team and to always notify their board of /8cup/ events and current schedules. Team Reps are authenticated after the initial /8cup/ event by the commissioner and can be taken away if there is reasonable proof that shows the Team Rep not performing his duties to an acceptable standard (ex: sending in a bad export which seems to be made bad on purpose).

2. /8cup/ will have No Livemanaging. Team reps will send in presets to the event host, or streamer, and the host will setup games as shown in Match Rules below.

3. All kits, logos and other content will be 100% community made and decided on by the respective boards as to which designs will be used by their boards' team.

4. /8cup/ related OC creators and people who contribute directly to /8cup/ as a whole and recognized by the commissioner are known as "/8cup/ Volunteers" and do specific jobs for /8cup/ that contribute to the quality of the events.

5. All /8cup/ volunteers are solely volunteers in every form and do it ">for free" and should stay completely anonymous when possible and should only use tripcodes for role purposes only or for public announcements on the status of /8cup/ outside of /8cup/. Meta threads should have complete anonymity inside and be used for anonymous feedback by anyone in the 8chan community. Offenders will be warned and repeat offenders may face discipline from the commissioner. This rule is to discourage circlejerking inside /8cup/ and to promote working and increased creation of OC for /8cup/.

6. Any team where the board rep gives no export ,or fails to do their duties with no backup team rep able to replace the original, will have their team play under default settings listed below while tactics will be confirmed and authenticated by the Commissioner himself and the defaults will change automatically every 6 months.

7. The commissioner will sanction all prepared official Cup save files and only sanctioned save files are to be used by Official Cup Hosts when streaming games for /8cup/.

8. Commentation is done by text ala 8chanmania style

9. In the event of an accident with the handling of any match during the event or a stats issue unforseen by the Commissioner, rematches will be held outside of the main event days in order to correct the issue or neccessary actions will be taken in regards to all parties involved especially the audience.

Match Rules

1. Matches are all 10 minutes long and set to the highest difficulty.

2. Matches are run by "hosts" or streamers who deal with organizing and running official /i8up/ matches beforehand to a number as the host sees fit.

3. Again there is no livemanaging so hosts will be in charge of needed roster changed before and during matches. Hosts will do necessary subs at 65'' for low stamina non-medals and decide on opening lineups via conditions and readiness stats.

4. Conditions will be random while "heart" stats will be at maximum at the start of each match.

5. For player heights, each team can have 1 player of 200-205cm height, 1x(195-199cm), 2x(190-194cm), 6x(185-189cm), 7x(180-184cm), 3x(175-179cm), 2x(170-174cm) and 1x(165-169cm) players.

6. Players are described as either 99 gold, 92 silver, 85 brronze, 77 non-medals and 70 gks. Each team gets 2 gold players, 2 silver players 2 bronze players and the remainder non-medal all 77 ability stat players. Teams also must keep a minimum of 2 GKs on their squad.

7. Teams get unlimited cards (Player Skills and COM Playing Styles, 1 of either is 1 card), not counting position playing styles (Destroyer, Goal Poacher, etc.), GK long throw cards for GKs and a Captaincy card for your captain. However card limits exists for each player. Non-medals only get 2 cards max, bronzes 6 between the two players,silvers 8 between the two and golds 12 between the two max. GKs are allowed 0 cards aside from the complimentary GK long throw card.

8. Each player also gets the following stats: 4 weak foot accuracy, 4 weak foot usage, 3 injury resistance and 5 form stats in ability settings except medals which have 8 for form and the same stats as non-medals for weak foot stats and injury resistance, which should be the maximum.

2073c0  No.2704

Default Preset Rules:

If a board does not have a registered Team Rep the team's export will be structured as follows from the first /8cup/ for a course of 6 months after:

1. Team will consist of:

Starting XI: 1 CF, 1 SS, 3 CMFs, 1 DMF, 1 RB, 1 LB, 2 CBs and 1GK

Bench: 2 CMFs, 2 DMFs, 2GKs, 2 LBs, 2 RBs, 2 CBs

2. The following will be player types:

(a) CF player will have 1 Goal Poacher with First time shot, mazing run, sombrero and trickster and the SS will be a Creative Playmaker with Trickster, One touch pass, One time shot and Speeding bullet.

(b) CMF players will have 1 Hole Player with first time shot, speeding bullet and knuckle shot, 1 classic #10 with one touch pass, track back and fighting spirit, and 2 box to box players with low punt trajectory and long ranger and 1 Destroyer player with one touch pass and track back. All 3 DMF players will be Anchor Men with track back and low punt trajectory.

(c) All 6 LB/RB players will be offensive/defensive fullbacks with pinpoint crossing and early cross

(d) 2 CBs will be Build Ups with tack back and man marking and 2 will be extra frontmen with track back and low punt trajectory.

(e) 1 GK will be defensive GK and 2 will be offensive GKs, all with the complimentary GK Long Throw card.

3. For player heights they will be assigned be in priority of GOLDS>GKs>SILVERS>CBs>LB/RBs>MFs for the starting XI and GKs and CBs>LBs/RBs/MFs for the rest.


There will be 32 teams in the next 8chan cup

If the number of elaligble teams exceeds 32 then a qualification process shall occur between all of the new teams, except /v/ who has automatically qualified, until we get 36 teams in total at which point /dose/ /2hu/, /monster/ and a loser of a 3 round group of /ausneets/, /argentina/ and /hisparefugio/ will join the qualification

05f37f  No.2705



Well it's good to know the rules this early.

2073c0  No.2707

Just a bit of an update for you all

I've got a couple teams in my game already and have mostly worked out streaming so I'm pretty fucking happy, just need to work out text with others and we're fucking good on that front, with months to go

Really what needs to be worked out now is how to do special facial textures, that's my next goal here

05f37f  No.2708


>Special facial textures

Are you gonna be making custom models?

2073c0  No.2709


If I or someone else figures out what I need to do then yes

2073c0  No.2710

btw does anyone have the poll /v/ had for their team in their history

the thread fell off the board and was going to remake the thread but realized that I've lost the poll's link

c809ae  No.2711


>3. Again there is no livemanaging so hosts will be in charge of needed roster changed before and during matches. Hosts will do necessary subs at 65'' for low stamina non-medals and decide on opening lineups via conditions and readiness stats.

I can foresee this being a problem right away, just for the optics of it. The streamer can't be making management decisions for the teams, that is just asking for rigging controversies. Look at what happens when people with team affiliations become in charge of anything at 4cc. Rigging accusations are almost always done in jest, but when things go even remotely sideways, it ends up as a giant mess that goes on far longer than it should. Make managers include sub instructions as part of their presets for the match. Avoid this crap entirely.

05f37f  No.2713

5fc2f1  No.2714


Casted my vote.

2073c0  No.2715


Thank's mate

a58c70  No.2716


>Four Todd Howards

2073c0  No.2717


Well if I'm honest that's a copypasta, with the change to the medal and card systems, personally I want to change height requirements a bit so people can bring smaller and larger players as so to suit that player

>etc Todd Howard being the 153cm he is when it cuts off there at 165

2073c0  No.2718


Personally really like the song Sweet Little Lies so it'll be fun playing it on repeat

2073c0  No.2719

Hey who ever made that /v/ thread for me I appreciate the effort but plz leave the threads to me, don't mean to be a pain but it's easier that way

b6711e  No.2721


Too many fucking Todds now. It feels more like a prank than anons trying to get players on the roster.

0683b8  No.2722

File: a20edf6f0fb4d47⋯.png (1.25 MB, 1057x1207, 1057:1207, aaaaaaaaaaaaaa.png)

You need to update our mascot. /v/'s current mascot is /v/-todd.

0683b8  No.2723

Voted for Master Chef.

c295b7  No.2724


Well, anyone just gonna tally the results and get this over with?

2b9960  No.2725


I'd say the poll has been decided by now, only decision left to make is if we keep all the todds or not. But the poll regarding the todd question says to allow all of them so I'd say its up to whoever the manager is.

fd3ff0  No.2726

a37749  No.2727


Supposedly the deadline is in November. However /v/'s manager has yet to come forward or at least there isn't a manager.

5d1a0c  No.2728

File: b5f09911047ac21⋯.png (193.11 KB, 478x456, 239:228, Masahiro_Sakurai.png)


>Masahiro Sakurai


By the looks of the poll now, not all the Todds are going to make it.

5fc12e  No.2729


The thread on /v/ has already pruned. Whoever is in charge might as well make a new thread there or at least organize the team with the leading characters in the poll by the end of the month.

1d622b  No.2730

File: c4dc25d73e3fd93⋯.png (296.48 KB, 814x1326, 407:663, v roster.png)


I think that's it's been long enough. The organizer should make a thread asking for on /v/ to ask for a rep to step up.

7a05ec  No.2731





Team >>>/just/ here, Brendan deserves JUSTice!

05f37f  No.2732


Does /v/ even have an organizer?

2073c0  No.2733

Ok everyone, just a progress update, I've made about 7 teams in full with a few more partially done, though at this moment there is no face importation

If I can find a way to get that working soon I'll have an 8 team test invitational tourney to figure more shit out in November

b1c789  No.2734


Not to my knowledge.

02ce5d  No.2735


Which are the 7 teams?

2073c0  No.2736


I feel like this is a bait question /just/, /bane/, /tv/, /ausneets/, /genesis/, /unna/, /test/

2073c0  No.2737

btw Just so you know that the finishing point for brand new teams is coming up

12f5b1  No.2738

Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Masahiro Sakurai should be a fat nigger.


At least the new roster is determined by now. Just reuse the old logo and uniforms from /v/'s previous /icup/ games. Also, here's /v/ team's theme music.

12f5b1  No.2739

File: 10a0fe8c35e20ea⋯.jpg (274.56 KB, 643x960, 643:960, The Real Masahiro Sakurai.jpg)

7091e6  No.2741

Since /v/ doesn't seem to have an active manager, I guess you can put characters in positions based on their popularity in the poll.

cefb92  No.2748

What happens when a team has the same character as another team?

b3f307  No.2749


Does anyone still have /v/'s uniform kits?

5c8e0a  No.2753


The unform's been updated. Check the thread.

7c5465  No.2804

Hey I helped with the last cup and the original cup here with shit like making everyones stats equal with a batch fild and that sort of shit. Do you nigs need help? Havent been paying attention at all due to personal life.

2073c0  No.2816


Host fag here


I'm still trying to work out face importations so if you have some clue on how to do that it'd be fucking amazing as well as if you know how to import the 2018 pes kits into 2017 without using photoshop to make PS3 textures

899ae7  No.2818


So how do we transfer the data of the team to you?

2073c0  No.2820


if you've made a PES 17 team Not a PES18 team then in edit go to export team and then send it to me here https://volafile.org/r/q1ruaat4

2073c0  No.2821

Okay everyone it's November here so time is basically up

The 32 teams in the 8chan cup ARE






























In adition there will be an 8 team tournament on the 25th of November 24th American Time where more details will come soon

40fa59  No.2822


The 8 team tournament I'm guessing are for those that didn't make the cut.

899ae7  No.2823


/monster/ team uploaded hopefully some one gets the uniforms for you in time.

2073c0  No.2826


nope, it's rather a /test/ tournament to test my streaming and shit and to show shit

2073c0  No.2827


Wew matey the upload worked, I'm going to try them out to see if it's not again fucked also I'll make you guys one of the 8 since you guys fucked over last cup I'll make sure you can see your team before the cup

2073c0  No.2828

Btw now that I've got time

The /test/ cup will have the following 8 teams








and /monster/

Unless some other team really wants their team /test/ed before the cup

Kick off at 5pm Eastern Time/10PM GMT/9 am Australian Eastern Time on Saturday the 24th Sunday in Aus

This seems like the best time to do this in general but if there are randomly tonnes of Slav Anons or some shit then let me know

d0453a  No.2829


You've got mail mate, send me your contact info and we can talk about 17 aesthetics. No need to reinvent the wheel

ce149a  No.2830


Monouncer here

Awesome host fag let me know if anything is amiss and I can correct anything out of place of the team composition.

54b0d4  No.2831


Cool, though it would be nice if /v/ got tested.

1ef001  No.2833


Can /animu/ be part of the test too?

c809ae  No.2834


Check your inbox.

c809ae  No.2835

File: f82ac8d68f814e8⋯.png (168.33 KB, 706x1095, 706:1095, TestCupLogoTransparent.png)

I got bored, fucked around and made a logo for the /test/ cup. I just noticed as well, how are we going to not let in /b/ and /pol/ considering they've done work and got teams together, but we're letting in joke/filler boards like /dose/ or /unna/?

503c60  No.2836


There hasn't been activity on /dose/ for two months now and we already have a GG board here. At least /b/ could take its place.

c809ae  No.2839


/gg/ being there might be a typo considering I've seen /hgg/ brought up in here a couple of times, that's why I didn't mention it.

d52c47  No.2841



I wonder if the test will bump up to 10.


/dose/ is abandoned and is up on claims.


By GG I think he means /gamergatehq/ which does have a thread here.

2073c0  No.2842


by /gg/ I mean all the Gamergate boards because I have no clue what is autistic factionalism and not

2073c0  No.2843


/pol/ is in

If you want /b/ in you have three days to get a full roster in

1bf418  No.2849


Check the thread.

c809ae  No.2851

So the /test/ cup is just under a week away. Are we going to alert all participating boards? Where will it be streamed?

2073c0  No.2852


Shit's come up so I can't do it this weekend, but rather on the 1st of Demeber at 5pm American Eastern 2nd December 9am AEDT for me

I'll ask TNA to mildly shill it during the mania Ie mention it like once or so in the chat, you don't need to put it in the actual mania

c809ae  No.2853


I wasn't around for the mania, so I don't know if TNA shilled it. Nonetheless, it's about time we start shilling it on the boards who are participating in the /test/ cup at least. That way we get a semi-respectable crowd for it.

2073c0  No.2854


/ausneets/ knows and I was going to put a thread up tommorow on /v/, if I post it then on /tv/ and /monster/ all the basis are covered

c809ae  No.2857

Happy /test/ Cup day, fuckers. If I'm there for the kickoff, I'll likely be phone-posting through it, but I should return home before the end. My two cents on what needed to be improved from the last Cup, presentation-wise:


Show player conditions (Red, Orange, Green, Blue Purple) before the kickoff. Wasn't done last Cup, and is something that can be easily done when making sure formations are correct.

Make sure the team kits align. We had a couple matches where teams were dressed a little too similarly, and that can be avoided.


They save replays of goals during the 4cc, possibly to use as webms for later. I'm not sure if we necessarily would need to do that, could be a good idea to get in the habit of.


Run through the stats at the end. Hold the Team Stats screen up for a little so it's easier to record Shots, Saves, etc.

Show player ratings so we can record who received MotM.

Show the game timeline so we can record goals, assists, cards and subs properly.

Anything else you can think of, do it. We're dicking around this Cup to iron out the old problems.

2073c0  No.2858


Well in terms of kits there is a few GK kits I haven't put in, and /v/'s main kit and any of /monsters/ kits aren't implemented, though a few more teams have a home and an away kit now

I can do shit on showing conditions

And yeah post game is easy to do

And let me know if I fuck up I will, I have a good feeling I'll be on zero sleep on this one seeing as it's 4am and I have an hours worth of stuff at a minimum to do

2073c0  No.2860

Well I made a Mistake and just so you guys know, /furry/ is not in the next 8chan cup but I did do a mistake in calculations so if you one of you guys has a team you quickly want in get in fucking fast Or fuck, /furry/ make a damn team

c809ae  No.2862


So that last slot is actually open? Why not just slot /dose/ back in then? If you do end up wanting to petition one of the boards with team history to try and come back, we could ask /furry/, or one of the others, like baph or fit, mu, sw, etc.

With the /test/ Cup done (well done streaming by the way) I should also ask, what's the plan moving forward with the Winter Cup? Do we have set dates yet? Will it be played on PS3 again? I could do some of the heavy lifting when it comes to communicating/advertising it to other boards, once we pick a date. I could also do some modding once we decide what platform we're rigging this on

86d8e1  No.2863


I'm pretty sure /fur/'s thread is at the bottom of the catalog.

2073c0  No.2864


I knew I forgot to mention something

Kick off is on the 5th of January at the same time

And BTW I was using a PC but for 17 you use the ps3 textures since the PC version of 17 was based on the ps3 and not the PS4 which had fox engine

Pes 18 on PC is the ps4 version and with fox though

78f7f9  No.2867


Alright, if we're doing PC, I'll find a copy and start looking at the editing tools for rosters and such.

c809ae  No.2868



I've got an editor working so I'm able to start putting teams together if needed. I'll start preparing my giant copypaste thread to alert the 32 boards in the meantime as well. Considering how close we are to kickoff, I'll only accept minor changes from each board to their info, if any at all, with a deadline of January 1st to give you some time to input and /test/ things.

c809ae  No.2869


Oh and the draw. When's the draw happening?

2073c0  No.2870


Next week, I'll have some practice games as well

c809ae  No.2871


Great. I've managed to get kit imports working, I can send all the ones I've got as one packaged DLC, all I need are the team IDs from the 32 teams as they are in your edited copy of PES.

535753  No.2872

File: 0f96932950b4c66⋯.gif (1.9 MB, 350x350, 1:1, 0f96932950b4c664b005026be2….gif)

Just to be clear, what game version are you using? I wouldn't want to optimize my team just to get some horrible compatibility issues…

c809ae  No.2873


I'm using version 1.02. That being said, I'm pretty sure the aesthetics will work regardless, so long as the team IDs still line up. The only reason version should come into play is if I give you my save file, which I don't think I'll need to do. I'm also halfway to having the threads ready to post. Should I try and see if I can get the boards to give us things that are missing, like heights and cards? It might make things easier for you

535753  No.2874


>I'm using version 1.02.

I mean, for which PES? 2017?

c809ae  No.2875


Oh yeah, 2017. Thought we had established that PES 17 is what we're moving forward with.

2073c0  No.2876



2073c0  No.2877

File: 4b2fbac0237d7da⋯.png (26.47 KB, 1021x538, 1021:538, group 2.PNG)

File: fa6635264e68e7e⋯.png (24.44 KB, 1007x517, 1007:517, group 3.PNG)

File: fe0b04ec62d1a20⋯.png (25.05 KB, 1005x527, 1005:527, group 4.PNG)

File: ebf8a2d73713d85⋯.png (25.45 KB, 1007x534, 1007:534, group1.PNG)

8711d3  No.2878



Holy shit, these groups

c809ae  No.2879



Wew. I'm going to keep working on the kits, but these groups are excellent. Where's the thread for /hgg/? I haven't seen their kits yet.

2073c0  No.2880


fugg I realised /hgg/ doesn't have a thread, on the board, slackers ey

2073c0  No.2881

Fuck I'm looking through these and damn I'm going to have fun with dialog, I mean games like /hgg/ v /u/, /pol/ v /hisparefugio/ and /todd/ v /monster/ will be fantastic

a1cb9e  No.2884


I miss /hisparefugio/

2073c0  No.2885


never notice they left, I wonder where they are now

c809ae  No.2886



Fucking hell they left? Why?


Any chance you can shoot me those team IDs soon? Pretty much every kit is ready at this point. I didn't do the 8 teams from the /test/ Cup, considering you already have them done, but I've got the rest.

2073c0  No.2887


/hgg/ 105

/pone/ 104

/pol/ 107

/tg/ 176

/co/ 178

/bmn/ 179

/ck/ 201

/a/ 205

/christian/ 207

/argentina/ 377

/christian/ 379

/tv/ 382

/gts/ 383

/strek/ 386

/b/ 395

/v/ 396 was in the test cup but still needs the home and away kit, GK is done

/test/ 398

/hisparefugio/ 399

/wooo/ 1588

/animu/ 1760

/cow/ 1909

/ita/ 2610

/monster/ 2703

/u/ 4180

/2hu/ 5016

Also holy shit thank you and am I going to have to find a team.bin somewhere

c809ae  No.2888


You listed /christian/ twice under two different IDs.

2073c0  No.2889


/christian/ 207

/liberty/ 379

c809ae  No.2890


I had a feeling /liberty/ was the one missing. I'll prepare them then the aesthetics pack will be ready.

c809ae  No.2891



Alright, I dumped 3 files in the 8cup vola from earlier in the thread. Drop those in the "download" folder of your PES directory and fire up the game, see if they work.

2073c0  No.2892

ab2470  No.2893

What time on the 5th is the Cup supposed to start again?

2073c0  No.2894


Ok here is the schedule

Groups 12 games a day

3pm eastern on the 4th of Janurary

3pm eastern on the 5th of Janurary

3pm eastern on the 7th of Janurary

Knockouts 7 games a day

5pm eastern on the 11th of Janurary

5pm eastern on the 12th of Janurary

Finals, two main games and a few extras

5pm eastern on the 19th of Janurary

aa29f9  No.2895



They made a new Hispachan and left. /hisparefugio/ was meant to be a temporary abode until they get Hispachan back and running.

c809ae  No.2896


I thought it was that one. Well, I uploaded them again. Check and see if they're there now.


So do we go tell them about the Cup or are they done with it you think?

c809ae  No.2897


The math is off, three days of 12 matches isn't enough to get through the group stages. There's 48 Group Stage matches total, you'd need 4 days of 12, or 8 days of 6, which might end up being a bit more manageable.

2073c0  No.2898


Oh Fuck you're right

Groups 12 games a day

3pm eastern on the 4th of Janurary

3pm eastern on the 5th of Janurary

3pm eastern on the 11th of Janurary

3pm Eastern om the 12th of Janurary

Knockouts 12 games

3pm eastern on the 18th of Janurary

Semi Finals and Finals, four main games and a few extras

5pm eastern on the 19th of Janurary

c809ae  No.2899


Did the kits end up working right?

2073c0  No.2900


oh shit yeah they're sick, only thing is /bmn/ isn't there

c809ae  No.2901


Fuck, I didn't put in their uniform .bin files. Let me reupload the dlc. Once that's done, I'll alert the boards and start generating hype. Maybe post on /sudo/ to get a sitewide banner going as well.

2073c0  No.2902


Guess who else you fugged up /ita/

Also I emailed Codemonkey, we've got the go ahead

c809ae  No.2903


Done, both /bmn/ and /ita/ are fixed. Check the vola in about 5 minutes. I'll fire up hype-thrusters in the meantime.

2073c0  No.2904


seriously you're a fuckin life saver, I wont be as actively posting for the next few days but if you have any problems let me know

c809ae  No.2905


Nah, I'm just an anon who has too much time on his hands. If I get any changes from the boards, I'll post em in their respective threads here. I'm cutting off changes on the 1st, which should give you enough time to swap any names/numbers. Initial reception to hype has been icy in places, but I'm optimistic.

0683b8  No.2906


Would love to see these kits on the player models.

535753  No.2907

File: e66d566229bf3b5⋯.jpg (54.23 KB, 500x703, 500:703, d949328fd8df839eff529b44ae….jpg)

Hey host guy, /ita/ manager here

Didn't the rules specifically say 20 players max? Because, if we can have all our subs, we'd like to keep them, but if we can't, just let me know and I'll write who won't be participating.

c809ae  No.2911

>/pol/ deleted the thread again

6107df  No.2914


Sorry mate its 20 players

c809ae  No.2915


I thought we were doing it where 9 is just the minimum, not the max.

ab61ac  No.2916


Nah its 9 max, sorry, I'll look into increasing it next cup but for now its 9 subs

3887a9  No.2917


The current moderation there.

ab61ac  No.2918


Eh at least I understand /pol/ deleting it

/b/ I don't get

9267d1  No.2919


2073c0  No.2920

File: d79cacb6e9737bf⋯.png (1.34 MB, 1216x614, 608:307, itacow.PNG)

File: ab856583cc3f8c0⋯.png (1.45 MB, 1220x678, 610:339, animupol.PNG)


sorry for being unable to do it before I left but here is a few teams

535753  No.2923

File: a658675f7466b85⋯.jpg (641.31 KB, 1220x1600, 61:80, bennatomussolonitcg.jpg)




Oh well, if that's the case, just double posting it for /ita/:


Alright I was just checking in.

So if we can only have 9 subs, I'd like to retire from the formation the following players:

<13 GK Lupa Lucia

<19 AMF Gondola


You'll find them marked BLUE on the wiki page (I foresaw this happening like a few months ago and made preparations in advance but life happened)

2073c0  No.2924


Also a note to everyone progress is coming along really well, the data (Other than some finish touches like making players like Brendan Fraser not a nigger) will be finished this weekend and at somepoint next week I'm going to have a short stream to test a few more teams and the text program

4cb8f6  No.2925


can we get an update

did you get the data finished, is that test stream still happening this week

2073c0  No.2926


probably on Friday your Thursday at 9am my time 5pm east american

c809ae  No.2932



I put any last minute changes in each team's respective thread on the board. I'll leave /christian/'s changes to you because you had the dialogue going with them. I'll also alert every board of the test stream and the coming kickoff.

2073c0  No.2934


are you familiar with TNA's dialog tool, if so I need help

c809ae  No.2936


I am not, unfortuately. Trying hopping into the Mania thread on /v/ and see if you can get his help there.

2073c0  No.2937


It's all sorted, TNA told me what went wrong and now we're all cringing at me

2073c0  No.2939

Hey Kit guy I've checked once again and /a/ and /christian/ aren't on them and /bane/ who is 173 weirdly has /christian/'s kit

5eb3ca  No.2940

hey just so you know I forgot to add the sponsor to my initial /hgg/ kit but I've edited it

c809ae  No.2942


My fault. This is what happens when I try to mod my copy of PES along with modding yours. You'll find the DLC file with the corrections in the vola, including the update to /hgg/'s kit >>2940


2073c0  No.2943


can you re-uploaded seems like this one is also fucked and always crashed in the download

2073c0  No.2944

You there

2073c0  No.2945

shit nigger never mind, everything is working

c809ae  No.2946



Holy fuck that took way longer than I fucking thought it would. Glad to hear everything is working. If there is anything else that needs fixing, I can be in the 8cup Cytube for a few hours now.

2073c0  No.2947

Oh god everything is done, holy shit, now to get 5 hours sleep, ie more than the last two nights comined and then do this shit

535753  No.2950

File: 8068976d3b1c9a5⋯.png (241.51 KB, 538x392, 269:196, ClipboardImage.png)

And let's make it a double post, just to be on the safe side

watch us /ita/ fags lose despite micromanaging shit

535753  No.2951


(Ignore the subs this was like a mockup of last year's)

2073c0  No.2953


sorry mate for sperging

I was pissed off because I fixed it before

535753  No.2954


No worries, I believe you, PES a shit

one moment you got everything set up right, the next you're loading incorrect textures

c809ae  No.2957

so /u/ vs /hgg/, we played it twice even though the game was played to completion? Which result are we taking, and also where were the Group D matches? I can't find the VOD.

c691f0  No.2958


Group D matches were never played,

I think we are taking the game that was completed for /u/ v. /hgg/ (2-1 for /hgg/), But I am not the head rigger.

c809ae  No.2959


I saw one that ended 2-1 for /u/ and one that ended 2-1 for /hgg/. It's in the VODs on his twitch channel

4cb8f6  No.2960


the game that was going 3-1 for /u/ crashed before it finished so they replayed it again and /hgg/ won 2-1

2073c0  No.2961


I honestly forgot, after the mania I'll do them

2073c0  No.2965

Hey SKF, I've emailed you

3f816c  No.2966

Ox aaa.txt is save for streamtext

28bdaf  No.2971

A shame you never got Seiga Kaku to be /animu/'s commentator. Maybe next cup.

535753  No.2972

So we playin today?

c809ae  No.2973

Hoy NEET. Can't find the VOD from the monday broadcast.

2c47c2  No.2974


Look under Oxford's twitch

Its there

f20e2a  No.2975


put >>>/doomer/ on there

48d171  No.2977



anthony cumia

frasier crane

c809ae  No.2978


I thought it was wew's twitch it was under, my bad.

e7ceaf  No.2979

Is there still supposed to be a stream tonight?

be9803  No.2980


Sorry mate

Oxford is MIA atm and I've had to work

I'm doing the knockouts and the finals tomorrow/the saturday at 8pm gmt

c809ae  No.2981

8chan Cup Knockout Round


A1 >>>/christian/ vs >>>/tv/ B2

C1 >>>/genesis/ vs >>>/todd/ D2

E1 >>>/test/ vs >>>/liberty/ F2

G1 >>>/unna/ vs >>>/cow H2

B1 >>>/a/ vs >>>/bmn/ A2

D1 >>>/monster/ vs >>>/hgg/ C2

F1 >>>/co/ vs >>>/b/ E2

H1 >>>/strek/ vs >>>/ausneets/ G2

For the full bracket: http://infinitycup.shoutwiki.com/wiki/The_8chan_Cup_4#Bracket

After the First Round we'll play the Quarterfinals, Semifinals, Third Place Game, and Finals.

It all begins at 8:00 PM UTC, on https://cytu.be/r/8cup

c809ae  No.2989

File: 51801be2abe0cf6⋯.png (119.97 KB, 519x130, 519:130, blessu2.png)

File: 6dedf4d09e8c34a⋯.png (92.73 KB, 489x122, 489:122, swolecard.png)

File: ed3c3d6fb2b732b⋯.png (97.27 KB, 489x122, 489:122, enough.png)

File: ff0f7862c57bbbc⋯.png (64.08 KB, 489x122, 489:122, perfectly normal.png)

File: e411b8cc1e1aac2⋯.png (146.16 KB, 535x134, 535:134, lies.png)

Thought these might make for good banners. Considering we have none.

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