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File: b5375ce7a700edd⋯.webm (3.22 MB, 640x360, 16:9, turututu Robert J Wals….webm)

5357b3  No.330

This is the post for Team /bmn/ who is currently a stand in team. Attached is the goal theme. The rest will come shortly.


Captain: Pres-E-Dent

Goalie: Steven Seagal

Chin Man

Khalil the Vampire King

General George

Disco Godfather

Satan's Little Helper

The Chinaman



David Decoteau



Larry Gigli

Jean-Claude van Damme

Uwe Boll


Grandpa Cratcher

Atomic Blue

Dolph Lundgren

The Marine

5357b3  No.332

File: 817ff7164925299⋯.png (196.8 KB, 822x1345, 822:1345, Team emblem run 2.png)

All this proves is that I am mediocre at graphical design.

5357b3  No.895

File: 035ae17adb2c925⋯.png (151.19 KB, 2048x2048, 1:1, uniform2.png)

Christ, I'm too late, aren't I? I thought the post went through last night.

9c30e7  No.910

/bmn/ You're good enough.

I'll just apply a skill template we have made for your team.

5357b3  No.916


Thank you mate; Apologies if I inconvenienced you.

5357b3  No.2689

Just an update for the new host. /bmn/, if we're cleared for Cup 4, will not be changing its roster.

d5019f  No.2698


who are your bronzes

5357b3  No.2701


For this post, I am changing the roster. I shouldn't have said there were going to be no changes. "Chin Man" will be replaced with "Haiku". If I decide to make any more roster changes, I'll post them here before the deadline.

Bronzes will be Kazaam and Khalil.

Silvers will be General George and The Chinaman.

Golds will be Disco Godfather, and Pres-E-Dent.

Goal Keepers will be Steven Seagal and Grandpa Cratchet.

We're working with PES 2017 correct? Is there aversion I need to look for in a magnet?

d5019f  No.2706


Not so much a version but I downloaded the fitgirl repack

3964c2  No.2910

minor corrections:

Grandpa's last name is actually Cratchet. This was my fault.


In line with a tradition of BMN, the positions of each substitute can be completely randomized. Use them however you wish.


-Jacinto the Great

-Chuck E. Cheese

-Di'ablo (note: That is the correct spelling)

-Time Traveling Hebrew

-Ford F-150

-Chin Man

-"The Gigli Retard"

-Gloria Tesch

Goal Horn


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