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File: 1433252172014.jpg (74.82 KB, 432x571, 432:571, vapingwelcomesign.jpg)


1. 8Vape is for the discussion of Vaping. That includes mods, juices, news, etc. If it involves an electronic cigarette, it's vaping.

2. NSFW is allowed so long as you keep it spoilered.

3. Global rules still apply here. No CP, Animal Cruelty, etc. Don't be a dick.

4. All posters must be of legal smoking age in their country.

5. No Cancerous threads. (That's why we quit smoking :^))

Comments allowed for discussion of how bad my hotpockets are. Please meta me

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Keep weed fiends >>>/out/

I fucking hate stoner fags. All they do is shitpost.

File: 1433288006305.jpg (22.9 KB, 267x249, 89:83, vaporizers.jpg)


This thread is for the discussion of Vape hardware related to Medical Marijuana. Be it for concentrates of flowers, if you vape on it this is the tread for it. Please keep discussion hardware related there are other boards for just discussing strains and methods.

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>>32 Tried the DAB esSENSIals ceramic disc coil that's pictured here….. fail. It worked really nice for 2 days then quit suddenly, dead. Used it at 20 watts. Sites says use 30 watt mod. Gravely disappointed. Meh.


File: 1439268202458.jpg (82.26 KB, 720x718, 360:359, divinetribeAd.jpg)



Just got temperature control and man what a difference. Divine tribe's v2.5 ceramic donut is THE ticket for concentrates, as long as you're using a temp control mod. Set it to ni200 and I've got mine on 20 Joules, 310F and it's giving great vapor nice clouds. Defintely worth the $20. Highyly recommended.



Forgot, check out review at http://j.mp/1IEBo3N .



Must use temp control mod on the v2.5, then u dont crack the donut.



That's really shitty to hear. I really thought I had found something there.

File: 1437635698880.jpg (63.42 KB, 814x603, 814:603, QQ图片20150520151036.jpg)


A damn good atomizer using 317L ss wire, otherwise known as 'gplat' (for a huge price). Order 317L ss wire by the spool. Anyone know where to get it in the US ?

File: 1437081855542.jpg (50.86 KB, 1000x425, 40:17, banner of Nixon.jpg)



File: 1433294016946.png (46.02 KB, 300x125, 12:5, shitbanner.png)


my shit OC


File: 1435427455443.jpg (126.41 KB, 567x720, 63:80, vape-game.jpg)

>>22 you mean like this one.

File: 1433474842499.jpg (76.47 KB, 1151x643, 1151:643, IMAG0078.jpg)


i miss you guys lol

File: 1433296491095.jpg (278.72 KB, 1536x1072, 96:67, 1234567898765432134er5t6y7….jpg)


How dangerous is vaping without nicotine for someone who hasn't smoked in the past?


Vaping a 0mg nic juice is the safest option in vaping, besides not doing it at all.

Basically you might experience Nirvana. Also since vaping hasn't been around very long, it's effects aren't completely understood. If you don't smoke, it's worse for you to start vaping.

Though a buddy of mine never smoked, but he picked up vaping/dripping 0mg nic juice. He seems to be completely fine.

Regarding my post in the rules thread. Our lungs were not designed to withstand vaping/smoking. The risk of doing damage is extremely low as long as you pay attention to the types of juice you use and the ingredients in them. Basically make sure your vendor is only using VG/PG/Flavoring. You don't want to end up finding out that your juice has fake butter flavoring and is scarring your lung.

Basically if you decide to start, make sure to buy from reputable vendors.




I was wondering due to having several friends who vape regularly and I was considering trying it out atleast once. without the nicotine, I wouldn't need it.



Yea if you have never been addicted to nic there is no sense in starting now just cuz you want to vape. That is one of the hugest things about vaping it is a hobby that anyone can enjoy just for the sake of itself without and substance addiction.



Well it's like >>26 said. Of course it's all your own choice to start vaping even on 0mg nic juice.

I recommend it though

File: 1433261443038.jpg (30.11 KB, 403x453, 403:453, banana.jpg)


Check out my sick >>14

We need banners fags. Lets go


Steal banners from the old board?



Good idea. Ill do it after work

File: 1433266451155.gif (38.09 KB, 472x478, 236:239, ohms_law_wheel.gif)


Ohhhmmmm…… meditate on Ohm's Law and BE SAFE…..


this is the digital age bro


File: 1433266877676.jpg (54.97 KB, 720x720, 1:1, vape-bad.jpg)


Read http://ecigarette-research.org and decide for yourself how dangerous these vape things really are….also a shameless plug to get you to visit http://thevapor.ninja/vape-links/ to get most of the important vape links you'll need to study. Vape On !

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